On Saturday the Reds guaranteed themselves a series split as a worst case scenario with a 9-4 win. This afternoon Cincinnati will look to pick up a third win in St. Louis and take a series victory over the Cardinals. This afternoon’s first pitch is scheduled for 2:15pm ET.

Starting Lineup

Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals

Jonathan India – 2B Masyn Winn – SS
Elly De La Cruz – SS Alec Burleson – RF
Jeimer Candelario – DH Willson Contreras – DH
Spencer Steer – 1B Paul Goldschmidt – 1B
Jake Fraley – RF Brendan Donovan – LF
Noelvi Marte – 3B Nolan Arenado – 3B
Stuart Fairchild – CF Nolan Gorman – 2B
Will Benson – LF Pedro Pages – C
Luke Maile – C Michael Siani – CF
Hunter Greene – RHP Lance Lynn – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 92.2 3.79 1.17 39 103
Lance Lynn 81.2 3.86 1.36 30 78
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Lance Lynn’s Stats

Hunter Greene

When the Cardinals were in Cincinnati  at the end of May they missed Greene. The Reds righty will be looking to rebound after his last outing where he gave up six runs in 4.0 innings to Pittsburgh.

Greene has been much better this season, and in his career, against left-handed hitters. They aren’t hitting for any average or power, but they are drawing a solid amount of walks. Right-handed hitters aren’t doing a ton this year, but they’ve been better across the board against Greene and hold a 115 point advantage in OPS. Not shown below are Greene’s road numbers and he’s been significantly better on the road where he has a 2.59 ERA and hitters are hitting just .153/.270/.278 against him this season.


RHH 185 36 7 2 5 20 43 .228 .326 .392
LHH 204 33 9 1 4 19 60 .191 .291 .324

Pitch Usage

4-seam Curve Slider Split
Velo 98.0 80.6 86.7 87.0
Usage 56% 2% 33% 9%

Lance Lynn

A little over a month ago Lynn faced the Reds in Cincinnati and allowed one earned run (and two unearned runs) in 6.0 innings as the Cardinals lost 3-1. The last time out he allowed one run in 6.2 innings against Atlanta.

The splits against Lynn are sizable. Right-handed hitters don’t do a lot against him. They don’t hit for average, don’t walk much, and they don’t hit for power. Lefties, though, hit for a solid average, walk more often, and they hit for some power while also making more contact. His home/road splits are a bit weird. At home his OPS against is much lower than it is on the road, but his ERA is 70 points higher at home than it is on the road.


RHH 161 34 6 0 4 11 38 .233 .294 .356
LHH 198 47 9 1 6 19 40 .267 .338 .432

Pitch Usage

4-sm 2-sm Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.5 91.5 88.5 80.5 82.3 85.1
Usage 42% 19% 25% 7% 2% 5%

When and Where

  • Game time: 2:15pm ET
  • Where: Busch Stadium
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, MLB.tv
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 79°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Reds add Triple-A pitching depth

Cincinnati signed Grant Gavin out of the American Association and assigned him to Triple-A. Gavin has had two 13-strikeout performances this year with the Kansas City Monarch.

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 49 34
St. Louis 42 40 6.5
Pittsburgh 39 43 9.5
Cincinnati 39 44 10.0
Chicago 39 45 10.5

146 Responses

  1. Dennis Westrick

    We are due to win a series! Nothing could be sweeter than to clip the wings of the Dirty Birds in their home park!

    Hoping HG rebounds from his less than stellar last outing!

    Let’s score some runs early and let HG be great!

    • Oldtimer

      Greene pitched 6 IP well. Bullpen OK too.

      Reds scored 0 runs.

      STL has superior all-time results (32 playoff appearances, 23 NL pennants, 11 WS titles) to Reds (16, 10, 5 respectively). So if you’re going to mock an opponent, choose one other than STL. The Cardinals are better than the Reds, period.

      May I suggest Redbirds as a better word choice.

  2. RedsgettingBetter

    Doug, I think the Reds and Cubs have 39 wins each, instead of 38 as you wrote….

    • Doug Gray

      You are right.

      Baseball Reference apparently has not updated the standings on their front page. That’s where I go to get that every day since I’m already there to get the pitcher stats and all of that.

  3. Ted Alfred

    Like I said in yesterdays postgame…no way Bell would go with Austin Wynns catching today….it goes against his nature. Maile has been terrible at the plate all year…but playing Wynns today…even after a great game yesterday… is way outside his comfort zone

    • Melvin

      Momentum and staying hot is not a term our manager seemingly understands very well unfortunately.

  4. VaRedsFan

    Lynn throws fastballs, fastballs, and more fastballs.
    No reason to expect anything else.

  5. Mark A Verticchio

    Only chance today is if Greene is really on, I don’t see reds scoring much.

  6. Mark A Verticchio

    Where are all the comments on the game? Freidls needs to get back ASAP Fairchild is a 4th outfielder at best.

  7. RedAlert

    Whitman K’s again – pure pathetic that he gets the amount of playing time he does … only the no accountability Reds organization would keep him on roster

    • Melvin

      I wander if Benson has ever thought about not swinging as hard as he can on every pitch. It doesn’t seem like it.

  8. Melvin

    India with another double. They’re going to have to check his breakfast cereal. 😉

    • Ted Alfred

      Don’t worry…as soon as Friedl is back Bell will move India out of hitting leadoff…and that should end his hot hitting.

  9. Kevin H

    So what should of been a strike 3 swinging if ump calls ball 2 a strike. It was bottom of zone.

    Instead a 8 pitch ab that ends in a walk.

    • VaRedsFan

      Yup…and Lynn betting getting pitches 2 inches off the outside.

  10. VaRedsFan

    Contreras started all 4 games in the series.
    Cardinals must think these games are important.

    • Melvin

      haha 🙂 I KNOW what you’re getting at.

  11. RedsgettingBetter

    Greene shows some control issues again….But have kept the game 0-0 so far

  12. JB

    Just checking in. India doubles and Benson strikes out. It’s as common as death and taxes.

  13. RedsgettingBetter

    The offense apparently works fine one game and the next doesn’t, although we also have to give credit to Lynn

  14. VaRedsFan

    85% fastballs at 92-94.
    The boys can’t seem to square him up.

  15. Old-school

    Reds need HUnter Greene today to go deep and they need 1-9 in the batting order to hit. Reds have been carried at times by Elly, Candy, and now India. Without Stephenson, someone has to step up and give quality at bats. Looking at Marte, Fairchild, Benson, and Maile. This is a team sport after all.

  16. Mark A Verticchio

    Greene throwing way too many pitches, going to need the bull pen and the offense needs to pick it up.

    • Kevin H

      I wonder on average how many more pitches one throws after the ump misses a strike call. I ask as now 2 times a missed strike call that would of resulted in a strike out has cost Greene 18 pitches at least.

  17. RedlegScott

    C’mon, guys. Give Greene some run support.

  18. Melvin

    Greene getting the job done today. 🙂

  19. Indy Red Man

    Marte had 3 fastballs out over the plate and did nothing. Hitting Mikolas means nothing because he’s garbage now.

  20. Indy Red Man

    Whole Maile K set up by the lard donkey calling strike 1 on a ball about 3-4 inches outside

  21. DaveCT

    How umpires impact the game, volume 996.

    First strike v. Maile with risp was very wide, batter starts in a hole. Second pitch, second strike, batter is buried.

    No score.

    • Mark Moore

      Saw a little bit sitting in a coffee shop. Caught that same garbage act. Inconsistency with zero accountability. When will MLB wake up and take some action.

    • Erik the Red

      Best part of the game Greene hitting Contreras. This offense can not hit 92 mile fastballs. Of course as noted several times the umpire is helping Lance a few times today.

  22. Mark Moore

    Sorry, folks. This inning’s on me. I just sat down and opened the laptop to comment and THAT happened. K-R-A-P!!!

    OK, Hunter. Bear down and get the outs. And we really need the boyz to back him. He’s throwing a decent game overall.

  23. Mark Moore

    Just take your base and shut up, Wilson. Or maybe you need Benson to come smack you around a bit?

  24. RedAlert

    Greene is one of the most inefficient pitchers in MLB – very disappointing . He’s just not ace material and shows no signs of being so .

    • Mark Moore

      He’s a bit Jekyll and Hyde … sometimes he’s been a lot better. Often, he starts nibbling when he clearly has the stuff to put guys away. You have to hope Johnson is working on that, but I know my faith in our coaching staff is pretty low for the most part.

  25. VaRedsFan

    Contreras a punk….take your base.
    He stuck his elbow out there a few pitches earlier, hoping to get hit.

    • Kevin H

      I disagree he is very solid pitcher and leaps and bounds better than years past.

      • RedAlert

        I don’t see it yet … sorry Kevin – dude throws way too many pitches and not enough strikes …. Just my opinion

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Second Coming of The Neck Tattoo.

  26. Rob

    Low scoring game. Reds falling behind. Hasn’t been our forte to come back in these type games. Think it is part of a weak offense and “this is who we are.” Game is real important. 2.5 back of the wildcard vs 4.5 back.

  27. Mark A Verticchio

    Contreras is a punk and Greene just isn’t getting the job done of course it doesn’t matter with the Reds every other game offense.

  28. Old-school

    Now we got an escalation to the importance of this game.

    Do the Reds respond?

  29. Mike W

    OMG Bell you stink!
    Hunter deserves to try and get the final out at 4.2 innings, so he still has a chance to get a W!!
    This is a perfect example showing how you can’t manage PEOPLE!
    The pitchers hate you for stuff like this.
    Regardless of how Moll does, this was Horrible managing!

  30. Randoxu1

    Contreras is a tool. Dude you are standing on top of the plate, who wouldn’t throw inside. Just walk to first and shut your mouth.

  31. VaRedsFan

    Totally against pulling Greene there.
    He was hyped up, after that Contreras BS.
    It could have given the team a lift.

    He gave up 3 soft singles…big deal.

    • Mike W

      Once again VaRedsFan you are 100% on the mark!

  32. Old-school

    Where’s Amir Garrett when you need him?

      • Melvin

        It would be fun to see Puig take on the whole Cardinal team. 🙂 Just let him go. Don’t try to stop him.

  33. Kevin H

    India or De La Cruz gets hit here. I bet

    • Mark Moore

      Elly tried. Just not enough on it oppo to carry.

  34. Indy Red Man

    I’ll take 4.2 for 1 run every time out. Good move by Bell to get Moll in there too!
    HG threw nice split to get up 0-1 on Burleson. Why give him a heater out over the plate? Ump is giving room on the corners too. Oh well. Only 1-0

  35. RedlegScott

    Escaped with one run. Will the Reds score this game?

    • Mark Moore

      We scored yesterday and in the first game. You telling me that’s not sufficient?

      • Melvin

        They’re in the process of trying to transfer some of the runs from those games to this game. Unfortunately MLB isn’t going for it. 😉

      • RedlegScott

        With these guys? Apparently it’s 9 or 0.

  36. RedsgettingBetter

    I’m getting upset just thinking about Reds being shut out again … The last four games they scored 1, 11, 0, 9 and 0 today so far…what a inconsistency

    • Mark Moore

      Right … but coaching doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t drive approach. Especially when the #75 of 30 keeps telling us it won’t change who the team is.

  37. Dennis Westrick

    Hate to harp on the same old topic but, once again, HG was done in by his habit of nibbling once he got ahead in the count! The three (3) walks by HG accounted for 25 of the 90+ pitches he threw!

    HG will struggle to be an elite pitcher if he continually takes 90+ pitches to make it thru 5 innings!

    For once, I agree with Bell’s decision to remove HG before disaster struck!

    • Melvin

      I do think the challenge system will help both hitters AND pitchers…..if it ever gets here.

    • Kevin H

      But two of those walks happend after a missed strike call, and called a ball.

      As the next swing or swing would of resulted in strike 3. That’s not on greene when the strike zone is unpredictable.

  38. Mark Moore

    Moll isn’t allowed to come out for another inning after doing the LOOGY thing … that is most definitely NOT in “the book”.

  39. Kevin H

    India has said it last few days. We score alot then next game we don’t. The guys seem to know they gotta string together some wins. Stating the obvious, however gotta get some wins in a row. Series win

  40. Old-school

    Nolan Gorman tells Will benson… Hold my beer.

    I can catch you.

  41. Tom Reeves

    I really think the umpires need digital signal for pitches in the zone and outside the zone. They should be able to still make the final call but they should get digital help. It’s time.

    I don’t like challenge system because so many of the calls are bad it would be easy for an up to totally wreck a team after a successful challenge.

    • Melvin

      I believe as long as the challenge is successful the team/player retains the challenge.

      • Tom Reeves

        And I’m sure the umps won’t mind making the team use it over and over.

  42. Melvin

    That was probably an error on Fairchild in letting the runner advance.

  43. Mark Moore

    Yeah … kind of looks like we’re thinking ahead to the off day and the trip to NYC. Stewie just didn’t seem to take an efficient route before he muffed it.

    Score this inning or we’re complete toast for the day. Wonder if we have a back-up catcher who hit the cover off the ball yesterday sitting on the bench … 😮

  44. Indy Red Man

    Well look at it this way Cruz….1 was enough

  45. Dennis Westrick

    So, the Reds score 11 runs in Game 1 of this 4-game series, then NO runs in Game 2, followed by 9 runs in Game 3.

    And, today we can’t score a single run off of an old, overweight, recycled pitcher?

    This team is like a punch line from a Mel Brooks movie! “I am schizophrenic and so am I”!

  46. Mark Moore

    Hunter Wendelstadt needs to retire along with several other of the “more veteran” Chumpires. They can’t keep up with the pace of today’s game and should walk away.

  47. VaRedsFan

    A bunch of weak contact, dink and dunk shots for Cardinal hits today.

    • Tom Diesman

      Reds have 7 hard hit balls 95+for outs. Five of those were 100+.

  48. Mike W

    Bell just cant leave well enough alone!
    Moll was hot having struck out two batters, including teh last one he faced, but our Micro Managing Bell pulls him for Cruz. I know Cruz is great, but pulling a guy after striking out a player, just says I dont think you can get this lefty out cuz you’re a lefty. Let’s go with another pitcher fresh out of the bullpen instead of you that’s ina groove.
    I’d get it if our P couldn’t find the plate. Another run your “managing” has cost us, and that matters a lot in a (previously) 1-0 game!

    • Dennis Westrick

      That’s why I call him Tinker(ing) Bell

    • Ted Alfred

      He literally has no feel for the intracacies of the game. He puts no stock in guys being hot or cold. He just has his set ideas and completely ignores what’s ACTUALLY happening on the field and how it affects a players’s confidence… and therefore performance…good or bad. He just sticks with his pre-conceptions about the lineup, batting orders, bullpen use and doesn’t let the play on the field impact these7 decisions, which is why he’s very AVERAGE AT BEST as a manager. He’s the kind of manager who could probably make out his lineup card exactly the same whether he watched the team play for a week or didn’t.

  49. Kevin H

    Anyone else get tired of Fraley swinging at first pitch all the time, or so it seems.

    • Mark Moore

      More evidence of the lack of discipline as I see it.

      • Kevin H

        How much is that on the players and how much on coaching or strategy?

        I agree with you, I just wonder what goes into thinking sure let’s swing at first pitch all the darn time by Fraley

    • Tom Diesman

      No and nobody else should be tired of it either since he’s hitting . 378 .378 .511 .889 On the first pitch this year

  50. Old-school

    Cards bullpen walks leadoff hitter Steer up 2. Fraley swings first pitch again.

    Now the .190 brigade is up.

  51. dimondfvr

    Has Fraley ever seen a first pitch he hasn’t liked?

  52. Old-school

    Marte swings at FB 3 inches above the zone.

    No ….he was not ready to play MLB level baseball on June 27th.

    • Indy Red Man

      I’m not a big fan of working the rust off or getting up to speed in the bigs. Manny Ramirez ok, but not a kid like Marte

    • Mark Moore

      Yeah … I think his first game was adrenaline driven. Now we’re seeing his “last Spring Training” at the MLB level. That’s rarely a great plan.

  53. dimondfvr

    Marte now with a BA of .176. He’s learned well from the bottom half of the lineup. Not sure he needed any instruction though.

  54. Erik the Red

    The Marte call up is fitting in with the most of team batting around .200.

  55. Kevin H

    How do you explain Marte first game of series to now? Dude looks lost these last 3 games.

  56. VaRedsFan

    Wendlestat living up to his reputation

    Worst MLB umpires of 2024

    A handful of umpires ranked worse than Hernandez in all three of the most notable umpiring categories. Below is a breakdown of the bottom 10 umpires by each key stat:


    Rank Umpire Total
    85 Manny Gonzalez 91.6
    84 CB Bucknor 91.7
    83 Alfonso Marquez 92.5
    82 Mike Estabrook 92.6
    81 Hunter Wendelstedt 92.7
    80 Marvin Hudson 92.8
    79 Chad Whitson 92.8
    78 Doug Eddings 92.8
    77 Larry Vanover 92.9
    76 Charlie Ramos 92.9

  57. Indy Red Man

    Espinal sucks too. They just the OF way in every time because he has no juice. Easy can of corn

    • Melvin

      Our outfield platoon situation bites us again.

  58. Hanawi

    Why pinch hit for Fairchild who has been good this series?

    • Jim Walker

      Yep. Off the top of my head, my count is that Fairchild has at least 3 hits off RH pitching in this series, one a double and 1 of the Reds 2 hits today.

      But Bell burned his LH bench bat, Martini, to get Espinal to the plate vs LHP with 2 outs in the 7th.

      He also weakened his OF outfield defense at 1 and most probably 2 spots in the process.

      • Jim Walker

        Oh, and that game tying potential HR Fairchild was robbed of on Friday was vs a RHP.

    • VaRedsFan

      This series is Exhibit A as why run deferential is the dumbest stat in the sport.

  59. Kevin H

    So just forget Jordan. Okay Bell, dude was hot and now sits the bench upon call up.

    Let’s hope Espinal doesn’t get burned. Okay he shags fly balls in outfield during practice. Makes me feel better.

  60. LarkinPhillips

    Does anyone know the reds record in the last game of series this year?

  61. Mike W

    If the Candyman gets up in the 8th, I bet we win this game.

    I hate the Cardinals and Contreras, and I’m generally a lover.

    Time for the Rally Reds of last year to show up!

    • Mark Moore

      I like Goldy. I respect Nolan. I’m amused with Nootbaar’s name. The rest of the position guys are “meh” until you get to Contreras. He’s just The Neck Tattoo all over again to me.

  62. RedsGettingBetter

    I’m tired of Luke Maile offensively

    • Mark Moore

      If only we had a back-up catcher who tore the cover off the ball 24 hours ago …

  63. Mark Moore

    And that 2-2 to Jon was actually a strike that the Chumpire missed. Complete tool out there. An arrogant tool who won’t learn and improve because he’s effectively “tenured” at this point.

  64. Dennis Westrick

    Maile and Benson are pretty much automatic outs! Might as well send the Bat Boy up to the plate!

  65. Kevin H

    I truly don’t get this team. I could say well they don’t have depth or talent. Yet they score 20 runs in two games. So that theory seems wrong.

    Pitching isn’t good, well again starting pitching has been good this season and bullpen for most part. So what is it? Bell?

    A combo? Truly a jekyll/Hyde type of team.

    • Mark Moore

      No single thing … but I’m still of the opinion that #75 of 30 and his leadership bear a LOT of responsibility for what we see on the field. They “work for him” and it’s part of his job to manage all aspects of it. They are not independent entities (though it often appears they perform that way). It’s a team and he is supposed to be the leader at the top of the pyramid. It’s quite literally his primary job.

      • Kevin H

        Mark, I have watched alot more games this year than previously. I am of the conclusion a manager change is of necessity. Games they should win have lost because his decision making. List goes on. So I agree with u

  66. Indy Red Man

    This one was big because they’re not winning a series in Yankee Stadium. I think one is being a little optimistic

  67. RedsGettingBetter

    Diaz throwing the 8th but if the Reds would turn the game on his favor in the top of the ninth who would pitch the bottom for the Reds?

  68. Mike W

    Can Elly hit a 3 run home run with no one on?

  69. Mark Moore

    1 down feels like a lot. 2 down seems a bridge too far.

    • Mark Moore

      Anticipating nothing from Steer here … I’m done commenting for the day.

      Catch y’all Tuesday in some way, shape, or form. As noted, if we can pull off our 1st game scheme in NYC, that will be quite the miracle.

  70. VaRedsFan

    This series is Exhibit A as why run deferential is the dumbest stat in the sport.

    • LDS

      When it comes to “analytics”, many are garbage. But, yes the Reds out scored the Cards 20-11 and only split, losing ground to Milwaukee

  71. Melvin

    Well if we played a four game series EVERY time we’d be playing .500. Otherwise we’d be at .333 winning the first and losing the next two.

  72. Mark A Verticchio

    A split was acceptable when the series started but 1. they had a chance to take 3 of 4 with Greene on the mound and 2. they were shut out in the two losses. So even the split leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  73. RedsGettingBetter

    This Reds team is frustrating … Scored 11 runs and later is shut out, after that scored 9 runs just before to be shut out again….annoying

    • CI3J

      The word you’re looking for is “inconsistent”.

      That’s partly due to this being a young team… And partly due to inept management.

  74. Doc

    Same manager made out the lineup card all four games.

  75. Mark A Verticchio

    Can’t imagine Ashcraft vs the Yankees. Hopefully they win one in the series. wanted 50 and 50 after 100. I don’t see 11 and 5 run.

  76. Melvin

    I usually don’t listen to David Bell interviews. However he just said he always manages every game like a playoff game. I never knew that. 😀 Learn something new every day. 🙂

    • Kevin H

      What the heck??? Thanks for the laugh Melvin!!!

      • Melvin

        That’s what he said unless I heard it wrong. 🙂

    • LDS

      No, that’s true. Remember Atlanta shut them out as well

  77. TJ

    Was listening to the St. Louis broadcast the last 3 games. Jim Edmonds kept commenting that Fairchild was playing too deep in centerfield most of the series. The cameras didn’t show Fairchild much, but it seems like his first step is always backwards. Maybe Bell and the defensive coaches are telling him to play deeper because Elly has such great range. It might have made a difference in Friday’s game. If Fairchild makes some of these plays the outcome of Friday’s game could possibly have been different. He could help the pitchers throw less pitches