The Cincinnati Reds had an opportunity to pick up a series win on Sunday afternoon, but instead they managed to pickup two hits and got shutout by St. Louis. The Cardinals win gave them a split, with both of their wins being of the shutout variety.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (39-45)
0 2 0
St. Louis Cardinals (43-40)
2 7 0
W: Lynn (4-3) L: Greene (5-4) SV: Helsley (30)
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Hunter Greene got himself into a jam early on after walking Brendan Donovan to begin the 2nd inning, giving up a single to Pedro Pages, and then throwing a wild pitch to put two men in scoring position with two outs. Michael Siani then laced a fly ball into the left field corner, but Will Benson tracked it down on the run right before hitting the wall to end the inning.

With two outs in the top of the 3rd, Jonathan India doubled into left field. That was the Reds first hit and it was the eighth game in a row that India had doubled, setting a new franchise record. He wouldn’t get any further that inning and was stranded at second.

Two innings later the Reds would get a single from Stuart Fairchild and then see him steal second to put himself into scoring position. Will Benson hit the ball about as hard as he can, but his 108 MPH line drive was caught by right fielder Alec Burleson. A strikeout would follow to strand Fairchild.

In the bottom of the 5th inning St. Louis was able to break through against Hunter Greene and the Reds. They would put together three singles, with the final one from Alex Burleson bringing in the go-ahead run to put the Cardinals up 1-0. After Greene hit Willson Contreras, the two exchanged some words as the St. Louis catcher walked to first base, but ultimately that’s all that happened. Greene got Paul Goldschmidt to fly out to shallow right field before Cincinnati called on Sam Moll to face Brendan Donovan with two outs and the bases loaded. The move paid off as Moll won the lefty-on-lefty matchup by getting a groundout to first base to strand all three runners.

Moll returned for the 6th inning and gave up two singles and struck out two batters before Fernando Cruz entered the game with runners on first and second. On the second pitch he threw, Masyn Winn doubled into shallow right-center to bring in the Cardinals second run of the day. Cruz would get a ground out two pitches later to end the inning.

Buck Farmer and Alexis Diaz would each throw a perfect inning to keep it a 2-0 game entering the 9th. St. Louis brought in closer Ryan Helsley and he made easy work of the Reds 2-3-4 hitters, retiring them in order on 10 pitches to seal the win for the Cardinals and get the home team a split of the 4-game series.

Key Moment of the Game

Masyn Winn’s RBI double in the 6th inning. On a day when Cincinnati’s offense couldn’t do anything, a 2-run lead felt like a 10-run lead.

Notes Worth Noting

Buck Farmer’s perfect inning lowered his ERA to 2.82 on the season. He’s thrown 38.1 innings and given up just three home runs.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs New York Yankees

Tuesday July 2nd, 7:05pm ET

Graham Ashcraft (4-4, 5.45 ERA) vs Luis Gil (9-3, 3.15 ERA)

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  1. Jeff morris

    Reds have always had trouble with Lance Lynn. He has their number. Always pitches well against them.

  2. CI3J

    84 games into the season, and the Reds sit 6 games under .500.

    That projects to them finishing about 12 games under .500, or about 75-87.

    I feel like that’s a number a lot of people expected the Reds to finish at. So they look like they’re right on target.

    However, if there’s another classic Bell August Swoon, things could get ugly fast.

    This team is too talented to be putting up such a poor record.

    • Kevin H

      If their is a silver lining this season. It’s been the starting pitching.

      • Pat

        In my opinion, there is no silver lining, they are frustratingly, frustrating. I would love to see some fire in David Bell’s eyes. What will it take to LIGHT HIM UP???

      • James Bz

        Rushing the guy to the bench who had 3 doubles the night before is vintage Bell.

    • Votto4life

      “This team is too talented to be putting up such a poor record.”

      Based on what?

      • jon

        I know right? Most of them have been hurt.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Reds are 20-23 at home! That kind of record will not lead to a playoff spot!

    • doofus

      One could also argue: that if they were a talented team they would not have produced so poorly.

      • Indy Red Man

        They did win the season series vs Philly and LA. They’re impossible to define really? How good could they be if they were healthy and did the small things to not beat themselves?

      • CI3J

        Many games this season have been lost due to poor fundamentals (such as baserunning, lack of situational awareness, etc), not lack of talent.

        It’s up to the coaches to clean those up, especially with a young team, but the Reds keep making the same mistakes.

        To say nothing of the poor bullpen management.

        This Reds team, with more disciplined players and a proactive management of their bullpen, would be in a much better place. This team is talented, but the talent is being mis-managed.

  3. Dennis Westrick

    Hard to win with 2 hits! Avoided last place in the NL Central Division thanks to the Brewers win over the Stupid Cubs! Now 11 games out of 1st place in our division!

    Also, 4-1/2 games out of the 3rd WC spot (5 games out in the loss column) for now!

    In the words of Simon & Garfunkel, “Slip Slidin’ Away”!

    I have no words to describe this Dumpster Fire! Not all Bell’s fault, although he is guilty by association!

  4. Ted Alfred

    Bell has no feel for the nuances of the game. He puts little stock in guys being hot or cold…relaxed or pressing. He just has his set ideas and essentially ignores what’s ACTUALLY happening on the field and how it affects a players’s confidence and therefore performance…good or bad. He just sticks with his pre-conceptions about the lineup, batting orders, bullpen rotation and doesn’t let the play on the field impact his decisions, which is why he’s very AVERAGE AT BEST as a manager. He’s the kind of manager who could probably make out his lineup card exactly the same whether he watched the team play for a week or didn’t.

    • DataDumpster

      Bingo! I can’t say Bell is the worst manager but I think below average and not able to take a team to a winning attitude in tough circumstances largely for the reasons you just stated. The next game will be the 15th in which the team has not had a winning streak of two and just look how all the blunders and mindless play have led to a run here and there that contribute to the horrid one run game record. This team is not disciplined or fundamentally sound. If the manager is not primarily responsible for this, then who is?

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    It is frustrating. The Reds offense was on a roller coaster. They crushed the Cards pitching one day and the next were shut out. I feel the Reds didn’t make progress splitting this series especially after they won yesterday against Cards ace Sonny Gray to have a nice chance to take this fourth game.
    Now, they are going to NY to play a tough 3-game series expecting to leave town at least 1-2, so they will be heading to the “easy stretch” of the schedule in July and trying to gain some ground…

  6. Brian

    I don’t have anything to say about this team.

  7. Mark A Verticchio

    There is no easy part of the schedule for this team. They just aren’t very good, no consistency and very poorly coached. Bell has his way of managing and he won’t change until he is gone, soon I hope. There is no way Maile should have started today.

    • RedsFanInFL

      Absolutely agree. Stephenson’s replacement gets 3 hits yesterday then sits today. Will be back in the minors when Stephenson is back from paternity leave. Why not give him a chance and see if he can ride the hot bat. Unfortunately that’s not Bell’s way. This current rebuild will not succeed as long as Bell is at the helm

      • Longtimefan

        Marte got 3 hits his first game and has started every game that he has been available. Don’t think he has a hit since. It’s pretty easy to second the manager after the fact. The Reds biggest problem is a lack of available talent.

      • Melvin

        I have to say Marte hasn’t hit well after his three hit game but it sure would have been wrong to sit him after it. Often times players get hot and continue it. Sometimes not but you’ll never know until you try. Seeing the ball well and gaining momentum is a REAL for players. I dare say you can ask virtually any player that’s ever played and they will tell you that. Do you think India would want a game off right now? You have to ride a player until he cools down himself. You certainly DON’T want to do it as a manager especially when your team has trouble hitting consistently. So yes I agree with RedsFanInFL. Wynns should have been given a chance to continue his hot hitting especially since Maile hasn’t exactly been tearing the cover off the ball just like Jordan should have been able to continue (uninterrupted) after his good first game especially when Benson has been doing so poorly. Momentum for players often carries over to momentum for teams. It would seem David Bell does not understand that very much at all.

      • Tony Cloninger

        The guy who has never been in the majors and was hitting 190 in AAA.

        A lot of people are taking a weird stick into this guy who I am rooting for of course but just saying he’s hot after 1 game and shouid be played automatically. It’s just baffling.

        He’s a catcher. With no track record of hitting in the minors really in 100 degree heat. You rotate your catchers more than any other position.

    • Ted Alfred

      Bingo… what possible reason would you have for not playing Wynns who was awesome yesterday and Maile has basically been terrible at the plate all year. On top of that, your Sunday lineups this entire year have had dreadful results, so why not change it up a little and take a chance? But noooo…because that’s not what Bell ever does.

    • CI3J

      The lack of consistency also comes down to coaching.

      I would say this team COULD be very good, if they had better coaching. How many games have the Reds lost this year due to either poor fundamentals by the players and/or poor bullpen management?

  8. Roger Garrett

    Just checked and saw the score and to be honest wasn’t surprised.Reds are 8-18 in final games of a series and 6-15 in one run games with only two of those one run losses coming in the final game of the series.Now make of this what you may and we know its what people do with numbers for the most part so here’s my take.One run losses and most of them have been low scoring games.Usually a play here or there comes back to haunt due to poor fundamentals,giving away outs on the bases or on defense are things we are guilty of and the data proves it.As far as losing the last game of a series or what I call the get away throw away game it comes from sometimes just a really bad lineup with no chance to score and we have seen a lot of that but it also can come from a lack of focus on the game at hand with a player already on the bus or plane and looking toward the next city.It happens cause players are people to.The person who is responsible for the fundamentals of the player and the focus needed to play this game is the manager.Its entirely on him and his coaches.This is a young team and from what India has said more then once is that Bell doesn’t ask them to do much other then just go out and have fun.Bell refuses to fix the poor fundamentals or the lack of focus that will be required for this team to be all they can be.Want to blame it on injuries then ok,want to blame it on Krall then ok but Bell is in charge of this sometimes roller coaster,most of the time circus of a team.See you on Tuesday.GO REDS

  9. JB

    I see I didn’t miss anything and the Reds offense,as usual, dried up the day after scoring a bunch of runs. Red’s are going nowhere this year as Bell keeps running Benson out there. Red’s will win enough for Bell to keep his job and we will go through this again next year. Just a different excuse next year.

    • Bill J

      I’m afraid if he wins just one game a year he will keep his job. NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

  10. Mauired

    On the bright side, Reds just had a winning month. Just 3.5 games out of the playoffs. Not scoring enough but scoring much more than May.

    And the second half schedule is much easier than the first. Not one game outside the eastern United States, so not much travel and a bunch of games against mid and bad teams.

    They aren’t going to win the division but just getting into the playoffs gives them a shot at the World Series. Last year not one division winner played in the World Series. But getting to postseason for the 1st time (in a full season) since 2013 would be a constructive step for this young team.

    • Mauired

      *not one game outside of east united states and canada

    • Pharmer85

      Re: “abunch of games against mid and bad teams”. The problem with that is, the Reds are one of those mid to bad teams. Not sure how much that helps them. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Reds are currently 4.5 games out of the 3rd and final NL WC spot (5 games out in the loss column)! Nowhere to go but up!

  11. Gpod

    It is just a fact…..If this organization cared about winning, there is no way you would keep this below avg. manager employed. He has accomplished nothing as a manager and this year just has continued the same. The reds just finished the month of June without winning a single series….yet nothing changes….he just says the same thing over and over….we will just keep doing the same things. The Cardinals have had plenty of injuries….yet they aren’t making excuses…..and remember; the Cardinals fired their manager after he took the team to the playoffs and won something like 17 of 21 games at the end of the season to make their playoff run a couple of years ago. Yet the reds continue to keep this guy in the dugout even after failure after failure. It’s a joke

    • Gpod

      let me correct myself…..***have not won a series since the winning streak earlier in the month of June

    • Brian

      The thing that has always gotten me from the excuse makers saying that our guys are hurt and that’s why they’re losing is that none of those hurt guys have any lengthy, established mlb record that feels like a sure thing. They’re all basically still prospects that could go either way.
      There’s no way of knowing that things would’ve been much different.
      They could all turn out great or they could all fizz out. When adversity does hit, ownership never does Jack to adjust. This has to be one of the worst 5 franchises out of the 30 teams. Remember 1990? That was a great year. Too bad that was 34 years ago. SMH.

      • J

        Eric Davis set the tone immediately lmao ? TEAM in EVERY sense of the word !!! The 1990 Reds no individual performance mattered , it was all TEAM PERFORMANCE

      • JB

        J- exactly. And that was probably the greatest coaching for one season that I’ve ever seen. Pinella pushed all the right buttons and went wire to wire. The Reds could do know wrong that year.

  12. LDS

    This is on Krall/Castellini, whichever made the decision to extend Bell. For example, pulling Fairchild was rather short sighted, especially given that he had one of the team’s only hits. It’s been obvious for years that Bell can’t develop this or any team. He doesn’t have the necessary skill set or the self awareness to try and develop the skills. Move on from Bell or continue to be mediocre. Simple as that.

    • Mauired

      I don’t think pinch hitting for Fairchild was bad. He has a .429 ops in 39 games against righties. Not a typo. He might be the worst hitter in NL against righties.

      Don’t get me wrong, if Reds were to fire Bell today, ai would throw a party and celebrate this day annually going forward.

      • LDS

        Maybe but he had a hit today and pinch hitting doesn’t have a great success rate. Martini is no Manny Mota. And the switch left them with Espy back in the line up.

      • Hanawi

        He had a hit today and had a really good series, including against RHPs. Bell does not sway from the narrative as I see you do not either.

      • Jim Walker

        In the Cardinals series prior to today, Fairchild had 5 hits in 13PAs good for a .923 OPS. He had added another hit in 2 PAs today (Sunday). At least 3 of his 6 hits had come vs RHP.

        Since Fairchild took over as the CF starter in the last game vs Boston, before today he had 9 hits including 3 doubles in 28 PAs over 7 games good for a OPS of .750 and wRC of 105. He’d recorded 7 RBIs, stolen 3 bases, and scored 4 runs during those games. Aside from India and EDLC, he was one of the hottest hitters available in that span.

        Bell pulled Fairchild (with 2 outs) for Martini who was burned without getting a PA when Marmol brought in a LHP to face him; and Bell then pulled Martini and Espanol up to hit. So, in essenced Bell burned 2 players to get Espinal a PA vs a LHP instead of having Fairchild face a RHP.

      • DaveCT

        The Cards played Bell for a fool. Use up three hitters in one at bat? Sure, let’s do it!

        It was very informative listening to the Cards broadcasters the other day when the MLB network took over the game. They were shaking their heads at the Reds playing the outfield deep and the infield in.

        What’s more, they were snickering at the Reds and the home park (Great American Small Park). This is the arrogance of being good at they they do.

        The Castellani braintrust has no such arrogance. They have the ‘calm’ of mediocrity. I half suspect Cardinals ownership laughed out loud when the Castellanis bought the Reds. “Well, there goes twenty years of no competition.”

        Where else are we going to go?

      • Tony Cloninger

        Thank You for stating the obvious but people here are doubling down.

        Fairchild is terrible against RH like Benson is LH. There are guys who just can’t hit against LH or RH. They are both terrible at it and 1 random hit here and there does not change the narrative.

        Pauly O was it got so bad at Hitting LHP that Lou Pinella would sit hit at certain points in 1990 and 1992. Was he an idiot who did not know what he was doing? It’s common sense at some point. And those 2 are not Paul O ‘Neil.

    • RedsMonk65

      Agree. I would have stayed with Fairchild. Read the game as it is unfolding (and the past several games, for that matter).

  13. RedsMonk65

    Consistently inconsistent. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

  14. Gpod

    Let me just say this…..If Bell was fired as manager……maybe the reds would’nt be any better…..but they certainly couldn’t be any worse

    • Doc

      I guess you’ve forgotten about the three years with Bryan Price as manager, which were definitely worse. There are plenty of Bryan Price equivalents out there so, they could certainly be worse with someone else given that they have already shown that.

      • Mauired

        Not a Price fan but Bell has had much more talent so it’s not really a fair comparison.

      • Melvin

        “Not a Price fan but Bell has had much more talent so it’s not really a fair comparison.”

        I like Bryan Price. I don’t think he had a chance with the pitching he had.

      • Harry Stoner

        This post from Bizzaro Land: “…..they could certainly be worse with someone else given that they have already shown that.”

        This Reds team has played under another manager?

        When was that?

        Truly bizzaro logic at work.

        Do these kinds of posts make sense to you when you write them?

      • Jim Walker

        @Melvin>>> Price was hired as manager because somebody thought he could turn all those fringe pitching prospects into at least middle of the rotation guys. 😉

      • Melvin

        @ Jim Walker – Yeah. He wasn’t a miracle worker so he got fired. Had no chance. I would have liked to see what he would have done with the current pitching.

  15. Andrew Brewer

    We had two Big Wins (11-4 and 9-4) and two Sad losses (shut outs) against the Cardinals at their home field. It hurt to go out that way, but an even split is not that bad. Out hitting is either hot or cold it seems, and we just don’t have the hitting overall that we need to excel. The old mantra of “Good pitching beats good hitting” still holds true most of the time. The Reds were in better shape last year at this time, but who can say what the second half will bring ? Our team batting seems to have improved over the last month. All things are still possible for this ball club.

  16. Michael B. Green

    We are a mediocre offense – just above the worst teams. Defensively, we are last in the NL in assists. We are 3rd in errors. We are last in DP. We have the 3rd worst FLD. We are 2nd to last in DRS. We are last in ARM. We are 2nd to last in UZR.

    In team pitching, we lead the NL in HBP. We are dead last in GB/FB. We are last in GB%. We have the highest FB%. We have the worst HR/FB.

    From that, I think our problem is team philosophy. This was my concern going into the season. No priority of focus on defense. Willing to just keep pitching up in the zone. The makings of a mediocre team.

    The absence of McClain (sp) is significant. It kept India at 2B. DRS-wise, De La Cruz, Candelario and India have 3 of the worst DRS lines in the league. Might have expected those kind of growing pains from EDLC.

    People are running on Fraley’s and Steer’s OF arms. They should only play LF. Our OF arms really need to improve.

    We’re still in the hunt only because just about everyone is still in the hunt.

    I think the Trading Deadline needs to address our weakness: Defense. That involves players that come with control. The rest is for the off season.

    • Pat

      Has anyone considered hiring a hitting coach?? The current one seems to be missing!

    • Jason Franklin

      @Michael I think you are implying that they may just be the worse defensive team in the league? That is not a suprise at all. Bad routes in the outfield, poor throw decisions, subpar middle of the infield defense and dumb errors in general make for a pretty shotty team. Again, and I have wondered about this before, but do they face any discipline from Bell for all these screwups? I don’t see it.

  17. Jason Franklin

    Brantley today was going off on Fairchild and questioning his play in center. His sometimes lack of hustle out there, etc. He basically said he can’t wait until Friedl is back. Pretty sad but true. Again, it is up to the players to play determined all the time, but the manager is also in charge of lighting some fire (anything, really) under their butts to get them going.

    Also, Brantley also implied that teams that are good get ready for pitchers who pitch up in the zone like Lynn/Cardinals in general. He said that if the Reds keep their same approach like the usually do (not adjusting), then they will hit a lot of pop-ups/etc. Maybe the coaching staff should have gotten them ready? Again, it is up to the player to prepare, but in a long season, it is up to the staff to remind them (especially the younger players).

    • Jim Walker

      I did not hear what Brantley said but what I see in Fairchild as a CF is not lack of hustle so much he is not taking charge of situations when other fielders are also involved.

      Every player is going to run routes slightly differently based on their skills. This may be posing a problem for the regular corner OF of the Reds who are used to playing with Friedl in the middle. Certainly, on Sunday there appeared to be a tension of sorts between Fraley and Fairchild on a couple of balls; but ultimately no damage to the Reds cause happened.

      Overall Fairchild’s deep routes into the gaps and play at the wall/fence more than get the job done. He is not as good at going after shallow balls. This is especially true on balls hit more or less directly at him. Nonetheless, he has made the plays when other fielders have not been involved.

      HIs issues likely stem from his lack of experience as a CF. Per BBRef he had 52 career CF appearances in MLB before this year. He now has another 45 this season.

      Maybe we need to add not rostering a true 2nd CF to the list of the Reds off season shortcomings??

      • Jim Walker

        The missing true 2nd CF for 2024 was probably supposed to be Siani who still had an option available for this year but was lost on waivers to the Cards last September when the Reds tried to slip him through when they thought nobody would be looking.

  18. Nicole Cushing

    Fun Fact: the Reds have played 17 games since The Arrest of the Backflipper on June 11. They have only won seven of them.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    The Red Sox suffered “The Curse of the Bambino”. I think the Cincy Squad might be suffering The Curse of the Backflipper. Alas, his sweet, sweet moves were just too perfect for this world. A pity. His hustle could have served as an inspiration to this roster.

    But what did we do? We arrested him. And now the baseball gods have let loose their awful wrath upon us.

  19. Ted Alfred

    It’s hard to have hot hitting when your manager voluntarily sits guys after having big games to play the same guys hitting .190 who have been cold almost the entire year…Bell has no feel for the game

  20. Indy Red Man

    “It’s ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you thought you knew for sure that just ain’t so”

    Mark Twain

    That’s the biggest problem with this season imo. Ashcraft was very strong when he came back last year. It looked like CES and Benson were just getting started. Makes me reevaluate McLains potential, but surely he’s atleast above average for middle infield. Marte? Just keep auditioning guys as best we can because they’re not going anywhere. Make sure Freidl is right. Don’t play him at 80%. Krall has to know what he has in house moving forward

    • Jim Walker

      That Mark Twain guy was about a century and a half ahead of his time 😉

      I hope Stuey can have a couple of more weeks hitting as well vs RH pitching as he has since he apparently became the temporary regular CF so Bell has to decide whether to play him ahead of Benson (or even Fraley) when Friedl is back.

    • Rob

      This offense is not good enough even with Marte, Friedl, and CES to get us to 86 wins. We are at least 1 big bat short and at least 1 misjudgment short. Misjudgments or under achievers being Benson, CES, Friedl, Fraley (power) and possibly Marte.

      The big trades that Krall made in 2022 are now looking very suspect. We didn’t necessarily expect returns in 2022 or even 2023, but one would think we would be above water in 2024 and very much on the plus side in 2025. So we gave up Wink, Geno, and Luis for the key future pieces of Williamson, Fraley, Marte, and Arroyo. I don’t know how to weigh the injuries that happened to Wink and Williamson. And Arryo was always a 2024-2025 prospect. And Fraley are Geno are we thougt they were. Luis has had 2 great years and Wink is having a boon year in 2024. It very well may still happen but Marte needs to have a great year in 2024 and Arroyo and Williamson strong years in 2025. Luis took Seattle to the playoffs and finished high in the Cy Young voting a year later. The tide needs to turn here real fast.

  21. Jeremiah

    Splitting a series in St. Louis, not bad, but the way the Reds lost both games concerning for the rest of the year. Just real inconsistency in the Offense. I think just not enough difference makers in the lineup on a nightly basis.

  22. Michael B. Green

    OF should look like this: Fraley/Steer in LF, Fairchild in CF, and Benson in RF. Fraley should never play RF again. He is a LF. Benson should not play LF or CF. Keep him in RF. Friedl should not come back to soon.

    A RF free agent candidate is Max Kepler. Off-season traded candidates are: Luis Robert CF, Austin Hays LF, Alex Verdugo RF, Tyler O’Neill LF/RF and Jesse Winker LF. They are all free agents in Dec 2025.

    Jake Fraley is the only current OF that is even in his arbitration years. Thus, even a small market team has money to spend to improve the OF.

    Other than the growth of the guys already on the 40MR, only Hector Rodriguez has a shot in A+ or above. Doug knows if he profiles as a LF or RF (he plays both now). If he continues to grow, he could displace a trade piece that then becomes a free agent in Dec 2025.

  23. TR

    A total of 20 runs in two games and a total of zero runs in two games along with a lot of wasted good pitching. Maybe enough for the expanded playoffs, but not much more.

  24. Steven Ross

    Bell isn’t going anywhere except the All Star game. Two years remaining on his contract so I’d be stunned if he was “let go” anytime soon.

    The burr in my saddle is when someone new or just called up, has a great game, then sits the next day. Reward Wynn for his productive Saturday. No, he sits. I hate that. Did Maile really have to play?

    Marte has fallen back to earth. He had some bad ABs over the weekend.

    Shoutout to India. He’s on a great streak. Solid starting pitching too. Carson Spiers is looking good.

    • jon

      Marte’s .143 avg. in AAA is looking more like a reality .

    • TR

      The Reds could soon have a three hundred hitter in India.

      • Laredo Slider

        FWIW, MLBN said over the weekend the Reds will likely trade India with the NYYs a likely destination.

      • Rob

        Laredo, with India newfound defense, still trouble throwing though, I would not trade him unless the return is greater than what you get for Arroyo or Collier. I am very satisfied with India’s newfound bat, decent defense, and very inexpensive 2 year contract. Now if the Yanks are offering Stanton or Sosa and paying salary for a couple years, I might put in my hearing aids. But no prospects or near term mlb players. We have a long line of those.

  25. Jim Walker

    Let’s pretend that as BoBO Krall has full control over who is the manager; and, Krall is going to be judged based on the team’s on field performance.

    Is Krall going to be better off personally if he cans Bell now or alternately rides things out with Bell and when the time comes for Bell to be evaluated in 2026, the team is playing like it is now and has played that way the entire tenure of Bell’s 2023 extension??

    • Jeremiah

      Probably puts more pressure on Krall if he fires Bell now. It makes it a reality that they believe the team needs a change in tone and atmosphere. But otherwise if they keep him, they can still say well it’s the injuries and young players inconsistency why they aren’t too good. Interesting dynamic for Krall and company.

    • Rob

      Great question. Other than financials, on what criteria is Krall receiving passing grades? Subordinate performance. Team performance? Minor league development? Trades? What outbound trades have plus returns over the last 2+ years. Pham? Drury? Newman? Mahle? Castillo? Wink? Miley? I don’t think many prognosticators had us behind the Pirates or Cards this year.

  26. Jeremiah

    One thing in Bell’s favor in a roundabout way, is seeing how successful Milwaukee and Cleveland are without Counsell and Francona…makes you think it’s mostly organizational talent, scouting, philosophy, staying healthy, etc. than who the Major League manager is. I still think it’s time for a change, but overall if a team is failing or mediocre year in year out I’d say it’s 75 percent organizational problem 25 percent Manager problem.

  27. Tony Cloninger

    I’m still baffled at this Sunday special insisting that Bell does. But only Baker actually did.

    Look at every Sunday lineup and you will probably see the main starters in Elly. Steer. India. Probably Candy if he’s healthy.

    Besides that due to injury to TJ. And due to Benson. Fraley. Fairchild being strictly platoon players. You should in fact Never bat Benson and Fairchild against LH or RH pitchers respectively. Throw in catchers who need more rest. There are no real Sunday specials. Steer. Elly. India. They hardly if ever sit.
    If Matt was here and Marte had been here. Neither would they. CES probably not either based on how he was playing every game until his injury.

    There stuff to complain about Bell. This isn’t one of them.

  28. docmike

    The problem with this team, as it has been all year, is an inconsistent offense. And that is no surprise when you look at the daily lineups. There are multiple guys starting every single day who should be either on the bench or playing in Louisville.

    Stuart Fairchild.
    Santiago Espinal.
    Nick Martini.
    Mike Ford.
    Jacob Hurtubise.
    Luke Maile.

    All guys who have started plenty of games and got at least 50 at-bats. And this doesn’t even include the handful of games started by the likes of Dunn, Capel, Jordan, and Bubba.

    The bottom line is that for much of the year, we have fielded a lineup where half looks like a legit MLB lineup, and the other half looks like it belongs in AAA. You can’t win like that.

    • Redgoggles

      This. I remember thinking how much better we would be by replacing all of the (largely ineffective) 2023 ABs given to Vosler, Myers, Berrero, Senzel, Votto, Casali, Newman, etc. This has been largely neutralized by the injuries.

      The larger disappointment to me is the clear step back in development/production (or perhaps reality) in Benson, Fraley, and potentially CES/Marte. (Obviously Marte is too early to tell.) I think if any 3 of these would be their 2023 self, then our O would be a lot more consistent, even with the injuries to McClain, CES, Friedl arguably their planned 1-3 hitters.

      Could Benson/Fraley get hot and carry them over the second half? Let’s hope so, as I think that is the biggest key to our season at this point. I really believed in both of them (against RH pitching).

      • Jeremiah

        Yes, Benson and Fraley underperforming has kind of really hurt the whole platoon idea. And then Friedl only playing in 26 games. Basically all the left handed outfielders have not been effective overall. Kind of interesting to think what would having a healthy Friedl mean to the Reds, him playing 75 games instead of 26, that’s 50 more starts from one of your best players probably would make a big difference.

        Overall though just the whole offense isn’t good enough. Benson has struggled, but he came into the season as your #9 hitter, so you could live with him having a down year as the #9 guy, but can’t be too successful with basically the whole club struggling many games hitting, Candelario terrible for month and half or so, India really slow start, streakiness of De La Cruz, Steer…just all kind of adds up overall.