The on-field play has been pretty brutal of late, so the gang tried their best to have some fun amidst the gloom. Nate and I were joined by Joel Luckhaupt, statistician for the Reds TV broadcast as well as Seth Shaner of the Redleg Roundtable Podcast to give optimism the old college try – We’re not sure they succeeded.

After getting some things off their chest and early Viewer Mail questions the we did inject some life into the show by having a good old fashioned draft (sponsored by SeatGeek)! With the MLB draft coming up they drafted their favorite Reds draft picks over the years. Let us know who won in the comments! And in this time of great division, we can all unite and emphatically agree that it was NOT me.

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4 Responses

  1. Tony Cloninger

    I see a lot of complaints about playing short players. If you put them on IL they are gone for 2 weeks. Teams play shirt for 1-3 days a lot more than you realize and it’s the big teams too. When Stephenson was hurt for a few days did you want him in the Dl? He came back within a few days.
    This medical staff gets no slack which I understand but there’s also no common sense when it comes to having to wait to put someone on the DL. It’s not always obvious.

    I do wish Bell understood what a DH is. It’s not for your best defender. Putting Espinal at DH is like putting Darrell Chaney as your DH.

  2. MK

    If the 2nd place Cards stink what does that say for the Reds?

    • jmb

      The Cards have been bad for much of this season; in fact, they were in last in their division for a long while. But as they’ve been doing better of late and are now in second place in their division, there is NO WAY a writer for the Reds should be mocking the Cards at this point, considering the floundering nature of this Reds team, a team that has also spent a considerable amount of time in the basement and after a “hot streak” has risen to the heights of…second from the bottom!