The Cincinnati Reds didn’t have many scoring opportunities in the game but when they did they failed to take advantage of them and it cost them on Friday night as the St. Louis Cardinals scratched out a 1-0 win. The 4-game series is now even at one win for each team as they head into the weekend.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (38-44)
0 4 1
St. Louis Cardinals (42-39)
1 4 0
W: Pallante (4-3) L: Montas (3-6) SV: Helsley (29)
Box Score | Game Thread

The Reds put two men on base with singles in the top of the 1st, but a double play ended the inning. Two innings later it was once again Jonathan India who found himself in scoring position, this time after a double with two outs. But just like in the 1st inning he was stranded there.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning the Cardinals also picked up a double as former Red Michael Siani doubled to lead off the inning. He moved up to third on a ground out. Alec Burleson then hit a shallow fly ball into center. Elly De La Cruz had to catch the ball over his shoulder on a play that Stuart Fairchild should have called him off of but instead deferred to him. Siani, one of the faster guys in baseball, tagged up and took off for the plate and the throw was a bit off line and got by Luke Maile, though Siani’s headfirst slide may have beaten an on-target throw.

Cincinnati got a 1-out walk from Will Benson in the 5th inning. He followed that by stealing second base and then moved to third base on a single by Stuart Fairchild that fell between two guys in shallow right. After a flyout to shallow center that moved no one up a base, a walk by Jonathan India loaded the bases. Andre Pallante got Elly De Le Cruz to ground out to first base to strand all three runners.

The Reds would threaten again in the top of the 6th inning. Spencer Steer was hit by a pitch and Nick Martini walked to put two men on with no outs. Noelvi Marte flew out and then St. Louis made a call to the bullpen to bring in reliever Ryan Fernandez. He got the job done, getting a fly out and a strikeout to strand the runners.

Frankie Montas tossed a perfect 6th inning, ending his night with just one run allowed on two hits and three walks. Nick Martinez would take over for him in the 7th and he put together a 1-2-3 frame.

Elly De La Cruz led off the top of the 8th with a walk and proceeded to steal second base. He would get to third on a fly ball to center, but he’d be stranded there when Noelvi Marte struck out on three pitches to end the inning. Nick Martinez gave up two hits in the bottom of the inning but stranded both runners.

Cardinals closer Ryan Helsley entered the game for the top of the 9th inning. Santiago Espinal popped out on the first pitch. Will Benson saw four sliders and struck out swinging. Stuart Fairchild then hit a long fly ball on the first pitch he saw, but Brendon Donovan made a leaping catch at the wall to save an extra-base hit and to end the game as Fairchild fell about a foot or two shy of tying the game up with a home run.

Key Moment of the Game

Stuart Fairchild not calling off Elly De La Cruz in the 3rd inning on a shallow fly ball to center. Instead he slowed up to defer to the shortstop running away from the infield, which in turn allowed Michael Siani to tag up and score the games only run. We’ll never know what happens if Fairchild catches the ball, but he wasn’t running away from the infield on the play and Siani probably doesn’t try to tag up and score if the center fielder catches the ball coming in rather than the shortstop – even one with the arm of De La Cruz – catches it over his shoulder running out.

Notes Worth Noting

Jonathan India got on base three more times on Friday night, extending his hit streak to 10 games. He is hitting .386/.465/.578 during June with 10 doubles and two home runs. He only had nine extra-base hits entering the month.

The Reds went 1-10 with runners in scoring position. St. Louis went 0-5.

Frankie Montas said this spring that he was going to win 20 games. That’s now out the window unless the Reds plan to start him on short rest multiple times the rest of the season and he also picks up a win in every game he starts through the end of the year.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis Cardinals

Saturday June 29th, 2:15pm ET

Carson Spiers (1-1, 3.45 ERA) vs Sonny Gray (9-4, 2.81 ERA)

73 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Jonathan India “Player of the Week – of the Month”?

  2. CharlieE

    Fairchild, makes some great catches at time, but displays minimal baseball instincts on a regular basis. So, in the last inning, Reds put up a .200 hitter, a below .200 hitting strike out machine, and a .100 hitter against right handed pitchers, that’s a tough sell.

    • DW

      Yeah, there are things I like about Fairchild, but he seems to have a low baseball IQ.

    • mac624

      That’s why he’s a good 4th OF, but because of injuries, he’s having to try to do more than he’s capable of doing.

  3. Mike W

    We need to play .675 ball to get to 90 wins. No more thinking “September games are the most important”. THE most important game is tomorrow, then Sunday’s. One day at a time. Everyone playing must field better, hit better and run better. The time is now.

    • Don

      Good note to send to Bell. Bet he doesn’t know. He’s still the manager. Fielding errors or judgements are killing me

    • Ted Alfred

      There is a good chance the rest of this road trip is a disaster and the reds are sellers at the trade deadline.. just reality. Maybe the team will tank so bad they’ll think about replacing DBell in the offseason if we’re lucky.

    • mac624

      The injuries killed any chance of that. Time to sell and get ready for 2025. Hopefully they find a good OF power bat somewhere in the next few months.

      • MuddyCleats

        I still say a legitimate bat, preferably LH, is needed at First Base. Unless 1B now belongs to Steer, it’s a position that needs a major upgrade. I really don’t think Reds can expect CES to be the guy next yr? More than likely, he’ll still be recovering fm his injury and needs to prove himself again IMHO

  4. jmb

    Montas had a solid month, his first as a Red. If he keeps that up, the Reds will have to trade him (along with Candelario) to the Dodgers for Rushing (and M. Vargas), a left-handed hitting catching prospect. What would it take to pry Wood away from the Nationals? The entire Reds farm? Lawder, Collier, and Petty? Boy do the Reds need a guy like Wood! It would be tough to land Crochet AND Wood, but that’s exactly what this team needs! Once you’ve done that and rid yourself of at least 2 of the 4 big contracts from the last off-season (which was just off for the Reds brass), this team would be sitting pretty for the next half decade, and it wouldn’t matter what the farm looked like. (True, they would only need one guy for left, Vargas OR Wood; that is, if EDLC is moved to right, as he should be. One more error added to his total last night!)

  5. TR

    Great pitching with zero runs. Change is needed? A change in the hitting coach might shakeup the offense.

    • Doc

      The offense had 11 runs on 16 hits the game before.

      • Melvin

        Yep but that’s not consistent with the way they normally hit. Pretty much the opposite.

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    It was unlikely the same depleted lineup could score a lot of runs in back-to-back games. Consider how the crisis is right now that the cleanup hitter was Nick Martini and he was pinch-hit by Levi Jordan in the 8th inning.
    “Frankie Montas said this spring that he was going to win 20 games” …Those words in that moment is haunting right now, but, to be fair, Montas should’ve won 6 or 7 games right now because they dropped many games having a lead when Montas was pitching…

  7. GreatRedLegsFan

    No Stephenson, Candelario or Fraley, added to Friedl absence, it makes very difficult against good pitching. Same story will run today against old fellow Sonny Gray.

    • Reddawgs2012

      Is Andre Pallante considered “good pitching”?

    • Redsvol

      That was not good pitching that St. Louis trotted out there last night. 1.6 whip pitchers need to be jumped all over.

      Benson demotion soon I hope. Bring up Blake Dunn and let him have a good 3 month long trial to see if we have something there. I also would rather see hurtibese. If they would let him play every night I think he would prove to be an on base machine. Fraley and benson both are killing us. Zero outfield production.

      Months did not deserve to lose that game. Great pitching by him and Martinez.

      • Kevin H

        Dunn us on the 7 day IL, and hurtibese didn’t do alot in his time. Not saying your wrong. Just saying the reds options are limited at best.

  8. Mark A Verticchio

    The line up the Reds put out their last night was an embarrassment to the entire organization. Who ever has to pinch hit for their clean up hitter? What a joke this team is. part of me wishes I didn’t care so much.

    • Reddawgs2012

      All of me, every fiber of my being, wishes I didn’t care so much.

  9. Mike Adams

    Early in the game thread I asked for a gem by Montas and a few runs to break the win-first-game of series lose-the-rest cycle.
    I got one of two.
    The Reds used to have try outs in various locations back in the day, do they still do that?
    They may come up with a guy who can hit better than current roster players but no, Bell would never go for that.

  10. Old-school

    Lance McCalister was going off earlier on Will Benson and his K rates and why wasnt he being sent to AAA to work on things. He goes 0-1 with 3 more K’s

    Benson leads MLB in K percentage at 39.9%
    Benson K rate against righties is 42.9%
    Benson K rate in the month of June is 45%

    The next closest in MLB is Nolan Gorman with a whopping 3.5% gap to 36.4% followed by Brent Rooker

    Gorman and Rooker have 16 HR and 15HR respectively.
    Most players with this K rate dont get the at bats needed to qualify but the Reds are stubbornly continuing to play Benson.

    Benson is the only player in the worst 20 K rates to have a negative WAR as other teams either dont play the guy that much or they bring power or some other elite skill to the table. Mitch Haniger is the only other player with a high K rate and a negative WAR in the bottom 50 of MLB players with high K rates.

    Enough is enough. Send him to AAA to shorten his swing, make more contact, and use his speed.

    • Melvin

      “Reds are stubbornly continuing to play Benson.”

      That might be the understatement of the year at least.

  11. Indy Red Man

    Marte had no walks at Louisville. Last night swung at a 3-2 at neck level that would’ve loaded the bases with no outs. Maile can’t get a squeeze down or drive the man in. Bell uses our weak hitting & best defensive infielder as the DH. Again.
    I’m worn out with these guys. They’re never seeing .500 this year

    • MuddyCleats

      Yes, it continues to be “the little things” that upend this team. Unfortunately, they R amplified due to Reds lack of talent. That’s to say, they have to play perfect, bc they lack the talent right now to overcome those hiccups in each game: failed bunt, a bad AB K ing instead of drawing the walk, letting the inf make the catch on a trouble ball going AWAY fm the field instead of the OF calling him off and making the catch, Pitchers walks or walking the weak hitters and pitching to the better hitters etc

    • Melvin

      Yes. The Reds management top to bottom is exhausting. They either don’t care or are extremely inept or both.

  12. IrishMike

    Another example of EDLC choosing the spectacular over the logical. Who cares if you can make an over-the-shoulder catch while running away from the play… or try to cover the entire Ohio Valley from the shortstop position…that play was ill-conceived and incorrect… we should make an end-of-season low-light film to go with the highlight reel… they’d be about equal length. So… Siani… what do the Cardinals see I. Him that we didn’t?

    • CI3J

      EDLC needs a coach to tell him to reign it in. “With great power comes great responsibility”, all of that. But it appears to me that the Reds players are receiving very little coaching, and if they are, they are receiving very little discipline for failing to adhere to the coaching.

      The Reds are a very sloppy team that make low baseball IQ plays almost nightly. Even opposing team announcers call them out on it. Yet nothing changes.

      It all starts and ends at the top.

      • Redsvol

        I think you’re right ci3j. We see some really low baseball IQ this year. These guys aren’t rookies anymore. If Bell can’t rein that in more in 2nd half he needs replaced. The manager does have control over that. Even if he doesn’t want to stop their aggressiveness he can remove them from a game for stupid decisions. Gets the whole teams attention. Just look at an hinch’s handling of Javier Baez last year. He was the highest paid player on the team. Really disappointed in the bone head base running this year. Put Scott Rolen on the staff.

    • Doug Gray

      He HAD to make that catch because Fairchild didn’t call for the ball and deferred the play to someone else when he shouldn’t have. It’s 100% on Fairchild and 0% on Elly.

      • DW

        Absolutely right. It is his responsibility to go for it 100% until called off by an outfielder. It is the outfielder’s responsibility to call off the infielder on anything he can get to (unless the infielder is camped under it), especially when a throw is necessary. High school stuff.

      • VaRedsFan

        I was hoping someone would come here with the logical correct answer to that play.

        It’s the infielder’s ball until an outfielder calls him off.

      • Melvin

        The way I saw it EDLC had no choice if the ball was going to be caught. He did the best he could in turning completely around to make the throw home. Fairchild is good at making catches against the wall and maybe a key hit every now and then but he leaves a lot to be desired in the way he plays otherwise. I see no evidence he’s more than a 4th or 5th outfielder at best.

  13. Mark Moore

    Sloppy is as sloppy does … the dark clouds over today and tomorrow hang pretty thick from where I’m sitting. It’s not that “this won’t change who we are” it’s that “we choose not to attempt change” that gets me. And that, my friends, comes from the coaching staff. It starts with #75 of 30 and floods the organization from there. All the while, the FO supports that and thumbs its nose at the loyal fanbase.

    • Tony Cloninger

      Good points. Are they just trying to stay positive and not be negative about anything to the point of being obtuse.
      The lack of using common sense when it comes to putting Espinal at DH. And not India. Your best defender at DH? I get Candy is out. But Analytical sense says best defender on the field and India to save his legs as well. At DH. Is India feelings going to get hurt? Affect his hitting?

      It’s basically going back to 1974 and having Dan Driessen at 3B and Darrell Chaney as the DH. If there was one. Sparky would not have done that.

      I understand you need patience and guidance with young players. Is there a limit to this? At what point does the baseball IQ not kick in like the Fairchild play not calling Elly off. Eloy is great. Don’t need style points. I’m sure it’s talked about. At what point does it sink in.

      Is Bell the guy or these coaches who once they are healthy to take this team further?
      You can’t get old school much at all with these new players. Like a Jack McKeon or Lou Pinella. At what point do you realize you have to?

      Also Krall and Bell patience with Benson is no longer warranted. Figure out a trade to bring in someone. And yes at some point you have to trade some of your prospects.

      Which at this point has thinned out badly in AAA through AA. Chattanooga is where a lot of these prospects go to discover quickly there next calling in life. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of lost potential prospects.

      • Melvin

        “The lack of using common sense when it comes to putting Espinal at DH. And not India. Your best defender at DH? ”

        The only reason Espinal is still on the roster is for his defense. Putting him at DH is…….. India is well known for not being very good at 2B. If the Reds are leaving him there for some reason such as increasing his trade value then that shows once again they either don’t care that much about winning or just plain don’t know how. Either way the inept way of doing things is GREAT. Ridiculous. You’re correct. NO common sense. Yes we have a lot of injuries. Don’t talk to me about injuries being the problem until you clean up all of the STUPID things that are going on. No matter how many injuries the Reds still have potential to be better than they are now.

  14. JB

    Reds are 11 back of the Brewers. Winning the division is over. They have to jump 6 teams to get a wildcard. Good luck . This team is flawed and they can’t stay healthy to field a decent 8 in the field. They have no DH, period. Right field is a lost cause. I went to bed in the 8th after Steer came to bat. I mean why would you stay up to watch the 9th ? Benson? The guy is terrible.

  15. DHud


    Can make up almost an entire lineup of players looked at this offseason to be key contributors who were not in the lineup last night. Hard to win that way

    • Roger Garrett

      Yep but only two are on the DL and playing shorthanded don’t work.Bell had no problem sending Lodolo to the mound with a blister and now he is on the DL.Watched Hunter throw up and left him out there to throw up some more and shows no concern for Benson or the team by playing him every night.So we are to believe the guys not playing are hurt so that they can’t DH then put them on the DL.Espy was at DH are you kidding me.

  16. Doc4uk

    Marte looked like a little leaguer chasing two curves a foot out of the zone in the ninth inning. Almost looked like he knew he was over matched . In spite of his three hits on Thursday he is not ready for major league pitching .

    Of course Benson is not much better and Fraley has not hit a home run in forever. The reds are not even close to having a team that can compete. Might as well trade off Candelaria and Montas and Fraley and try to find some hitters for 2025

    • Rob

      Why would you trade Candy and Montas? I don’t get it. Montas has a $15M salary and is a free agent in 3 months. That is not going to get you anything other than a prospect and $6-7M in salary savings. Certainly doesn’t help you in 2024 and probably not in 2025. Don’t we need a couple big bats that can perform immediately and into 2025? Rather than an uncertainty with possible potential? Assuming the answer to that is yes, then that says to me that we ought to trade the necessary prospects or young mlb talent. Or we can sit back and wait another couple years. Giving up is not the right answer. Try the opposite approach.

  17. Kevin H

    So what happens if De La Cruz doesn’t try to catch the ball lastnight and Fairchild doesn’t catch it as he slowed up. Who do you bring up when you send Benson down? No one has shown they are ready to play and may be worse than Benson. Dunn and Hurtibese (spelling) to me are not as good as Benson. Same song and dance with this organization though. They put all their eggs in a basket. It’s not working because injuries have occurred and they had no back up plan.

    My biggest frustration is why you couldn’t pitch hit Fraley lastnight or even candy man to try and get runner in from home. I mean of they can’t play then bring up someone who can. Bell isn’t the answer, however the lineup he puts out is created by the gm not bringing in solid players/back ups. No Friedl, CES, McLain and for a day or so Stephenson. Then Fraley and Candelario are hurting. I mean for a small market club that won’t spend what is a coaching staff to do.

    Yet I do believe a change needs to be made, as it can’t hurt.

    • Randoxu1

      You go out and make a trade and give up prospects that Krall wont do. Sometimes you have to give up something to get better. Benson is a disgrace. He has no business being on a major league roster. The scrary thing with Benson is, he has a good eye and is usually ahead in the count and he still cant make contact. The front office doesnt care so why should we. By the way playing shorthanded 2 players again is a Reds thing, nobody available on the bench. What a joke!

    • Doug Gray

      I mean the entire point with the Fairchild situation is that he should have been calling for the ball the entire time. That’s HIS ball, so there would be no “he didn’t catch it because he slowed up” – he wouldn’t have slowed up.

      • RedlegScott

        Right. Which is what I was coached beginning in Little League.

      • stuckonthenorthshore

        Exactly, that’s Knothole stuff, not even HS. The CF and SS should be the best, smartest fielders out there, hands down. The captains of the field. At least Elly went and caught the ball to get an out, so there’s that….

    • Bill J

      I believe Fairchild slowed up because of EDLC. If he isn’t careful EDLC is going to get hurt or hurt someone else. As someone else mentioned if Fairchild hadn’t made the catch and fielded the ball would they have send Siani.

  18. Roger Garrett

    Amen Mark and you are 100% correct and the flood has engulfed everybody all the way from the top to the hardworking guys in the parking lot.Its has got to the point that I tune in just to see if there is any new dumb stuff taking place.I know the normal stuff will happen even when they win.If they are having a clean game which is rare then place your bets that Bell is getting ready to manage like removing a pitcher mid inning up 11-2 just to get a favorable match up.You can’t win with a manager that does not expect or demands his players to do the little things to win baseball games.Its right there for everybody to see and that why the terrible record in one run games.Other teams just set and watch and wait for the sloppy play to occur just like last night and score and the game is over.If the Reds are going to play shorthanded as they wait and hope for players to heal then you get what you ask for.Put them on the DL and call up some guys.Good grief its an absolute joke how this team looks at things.

    • Tony Cloninger

      You’re not going to call up guys to replace guys that are only out a couple of days. 3 at worst. No one does that. No one.

      Your frustrations and rants are understandable but at least make sense at some point. No team does that unless they are absolutely sure that they will be out longer than sometimes even 5 days. Follow other teams and you will see that.

      • Randoxu1

        Normally I would say you are right, but we are talking about the Reds. They do this all the time. Bell will say a guy will be out 2 to 3 days and then they end up on the IL. You simply cannot play shorthanded by 2 players on your bench and expect to win. Their track record of doing this goes back a long way.

      • Roger Garrett

        Today will be the Reds 83rd game and Candy has played in not started but played in 71.He has missed time before because of his hamstring and tomorrow will be 4 games and 5 days this time.Not 2 or 3 days as you said then added on late to 5.So what is the number and how many guys do you play short and for how long.Does that make any sense?

      • Tony Cloninger

        Farley is back today. Candy supposed to on Sunday. If not then that should be enough to say put him in DL before going to next series.

        You think the Reds of the 70s didn’t play short? Morgan had some injury issues crop up even during 75-76 that held him back for a few days. Yes I do remember and read about them that far back. They at least had Doug Flynn to cover for him and the rest of that lineup. This team cannot afford to do that but have no choice. These guys are quick on putting obvious injuries on DL. TJ when he got hit in SF. It was an obvious fracture. CES was no doubt complicated. I also think CES not knowing about an original fracture was BS.

  19. LDS

    Another SF HoF’er passed away yesterday – Orlando Cepeda. Tough month for long time baseball fans. Cha Cha, Baby Bull, pick your nickname, but one h?ll of a ball player.

    • Mauired

      Cepeda, Mays, Marichal, Perry, McCovey. What a squad. I was not old enough to see the Giants back then. Surprising that team never won it all. But they did get to a World Series game 7.

      • Mauired

        Cepeda was also part of a long list of impact players Cardinals traded. He won an MVP and championship with them. Then they flipped him for Joe Torre who also won an MVP.

    • Oldtimer

      Howsam traded for Cepeda in STL. His first of several HOF trade acquisitions.

  20. DataDumpster

    Regardless what happens tomorrow (except a rainout!) the team will have played 14 games without back to back wins. Last year, we had that marvelous 12 game win streak to go along with the typical slow start, fade at the finish and pretty much meh! for the remainder. There is still time to break this Bell era pattern but its hard to see a momentum change when the team plays without any sense of good fundamental instruction and restraint. When these instincts become more of “who we are” instead of the list of things to be worked on in a disciplined fashion, then “who you are” is David Bell as the face of the franchise and the result is plain to see. Who wants that? Isn’t 6 years enough evidence?

  21. Esteban

    Bell had Maile bat 9th right in front of our hottest hitter, India.
    Benson can’t hit fastball.
    Bell should have had Marte bunt with no outs, and men on first and second. Move them over! At least tie the game that late, 1-1.

    • CincyDo

      Not just Bell but the players themselves need to know situational baseball better. Bunt, shorten swing, choke up the bat, whatever,but the thought process must be do whatever it takes to move runners over.

  22. Jim Walker

    Sometimes plays that seem simple are not as simple as they appear. Fairchild and EDLC are getting all the flak on this play. But replay it and look at Maile’s setup (I have 4-5 times before starting to write).

    Maile was in foul territory which allowed Siani to go between him and the arriving throw. I was able to freeze the reply and see that Siani and the ball arrived in front of Maile almost simultaneously.

    On the replay, it appears the ball actually went over or under the diving Siani (no slow-mo). Had Maile been set up with his left foot on the line, Siani would have been forced to slide deeper on the foul side with Maile having a clear shot at taking the throw in front of Siani and making the play.

    Another point to note is that Fairchild’s route to the ball was from a left center angle going toward 1B. i.e. he was not going to have a direct line to throw to the plate from his route and would have needed to run through the catch and pull up and turn to deliver the throw too, though not as much of a turn as EDLC had to do. (Note that Steer, the cut off man, was actually set up to the 1B side of the mound).

    So, if a person believes the CF making the catch would have dissuaded Siani from breaking for home, the onus belongs on Fairchild (or EDLC for being in his way).

    If Siani was coming unless he saw a quick accurate looking release and pulled up, the question is would the CF have gotten the ball there as quickly and accurately as EDLC’s throw, and regardless could Maile have made the play given the throw which was made.

    • Oldtimer

      Nice to see a former Reds minor leaguer get a chance to play MLB regularly. Siani is just fair offensively but really good defensively.

      • Mauired

        Seems like he’s basically Fairchild with less pop. Cool to see him with an opportunity to start but he clearly was not taking Friedl’s job.

      • Oldtimer

        I looked up their Slugging % in 2024. Fairchild .340 SLG and Siani .329 SLG. Neither great.

    • Jim Walker

      I think Siani was coming all the way unless his coach waved him off. He and Fairchild were in the Reds minors together and if memory serves even played in the same OF for a while. Siani would know Fairchild’s arm and seeing that route he was on, Siani was coming heck for leather.

      Regardless of the throw, the Reds were never going to get the out at home with the position Maile was in to receive it.

      • Doug Gray

        Siani said this after the game: “As he continued to move it out further, I knew he had the arm strength, but I had to go when he kept going out further.”

        I’m pretty confident had Fairchild caught the ball coming in that Siani wasn’t going anywhere.

      • Melvin

        “I’m pretty confident had Fairchild caught the ball coming in that Siani wasn’t going anywhere”

        I’d say that’s most likely the case. The ball was in SHORT CF. So short the the SS could catch it.

  23. Doc4uk

    This team just does not start nine players who would be starters on the better teams in either league . I do not think CES, Fraley, Friedl, Benson, Fairchild , or Steer would start for the Yankees, Brewers, Orioles, Dodgers, or Braves. India and Elly are the only possible exceptions but none of Reds are listed in top 2 of all star selections, Reds have to have one so likely Lodolo or Elly . So how do we expect the team to really be competitive . Start planning for 2025 and make some smart trades

    • Rob

      The trading part is correct. I am not so certain however that they have to be smart trades. They have to be impact bats in return for whatever it takes. We get a 900 OPS everyday OF and I don’t care if it is 2 prospects or 3. And if you can’t get the guy you want, move onto the next 900 OPS guy. Simple.

  24. Mauired

    Obviously too many injuries to blame the poor offense on Bell, but who’s forcing him to put the bench scrubs in the middle of the order. When I saw he put Martini at cleanup, I almost died laughing. What a joke. Then you have Senior 1 pitch pop-up Espinal at DH?! They said two days ago it was his first ever start at DH. There’s a reason why! No manager is dumb enough to utilize the DH spot for a glove only player because the DH doesn’t play defense! Then he even puts him into the middle of the lineup at sixth just to double down on the idiocy. Bell has sunk to a new low.