Last night we learned right before game time that Tyler Stephenson and his wife were about to have their baby. Stephenson was ready to take the field when he got the call that he needed to get on a plane to meet up with his wife who was going to be induced into labor. For that game the Reds only had one catcher in the dugout in Luke Maile. Fortunately they didn’t need a backup catcher. Cincinnati needs one, though, and that’s going to be Austin Wynns, who was called up for the second time in a week. Stephenson was placed on the paternity list. But to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Wynns the team designated outfielder Peyton Burdick for assignment.

This year Austin Wynns has played in 31 games for Triple-A Louisville. He’s hit .250/.307/.404 in his 114 plate appearances. Things have been slow in June, though. Wynns has played in just eight games and has gone 3-25 with two walks and no extra-base hits. Cincinnati probably isn’t counting on him to do much playing, or much hitting, but is there just in case Luke Maile needs time off.

As for Peyton Burdick, he’ll be on waivers and available to other teams if someone wants to pick him up. After seeing action in the big leagues in 2022 and 2023 with Miami, Burdick has spent all season in Triple-A. The first three weeks of the season came with Norfolk when he was in the Baltimore Orioles system, but he was designated for assignment in April and the Reds picked him up. In his 43 games with Triple-A Louisville he’s struggled, hitting just .191/.298/.361. That .361 slugging percentage, though, did include a 500-foot home run.

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  1. Mauired

    Just in case anyone is curious about a Joey Votto update on a slow news day. He’s finally playing in minor league games again after missing the first few months of the season after injuring his ankle on a bat in the dugout after his 1st and only plate appearance of spring training.

    That was the 1st part of what’s been a strange year for him. It didn’t seem serious but he somehow didn’t get another at bat until late June. During his 3rd game back he had to leave the game with back tightness. But he did again comeback two days ago. He didn’t play yesterday though so not sure if he’s hurting again or just not playing every day.

    He does not have a hit yet but he only has 9 at bats since his debut on June 15. Between the back, ankle, and shoulder and 41st birthday coming up in a couple months I have to believe this is Vottos last year in baseball.

    All that being said there’s still a part of me that wishes he could have finished it as a Red. It will be interesting if he can get back to majors by the time Reds visit Toronto in August.

    • wkuchad

      Thanks for this update. As a huge Votto fan, I hope however things end he’s at peace with it.

    • JayTheRed

      I’ve been following this story too since Toronto is my AL team. He honestly should have just retired last year. I wonder if the Blue Jay’s will give him a cup of coffee in September just for the heck of it.

      • LuciusRuber

        I would suspect the Blue Jays release him,Reds pick him up for a 1 day contract to retire
        He was a great one and it’s difficult to watch him struggle
        He made watching these mediocre Reds teams worth watching

    • Melvin

      I think Votto is being very careful not to play unless completely healthy. I still don’t count him out.

    • MK

      Wish the boy would retire and stop diminishing his reputation by being one of the guys who didn’t know when to quit. It’s not like the old days when guys like a Willie, Mickey and Duke needed to hold on for the money.

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    Glad for the Stephenson family.
    Luke Maile has been able to play in stretchs of many games in a row trhu the season when Stephenson was out of action. However, TySteve is used only for back-to-back days at max while is able to play …
    I think Peyton Burdick is likely to clear waivers as the Reds players designated for assigment usually do recently. Could he opt out to be a FA?

  3. Melvin

    Happy for Tyler. Considering Burdick has been striking out over 43% of the time since coming to the Reds I’m personally not too worried about losing him.