The Cincinnati Reds will finish up the numerical first half tonight with game 81 of the season. They are hitting the road to start a 4-game series with the second place St. Louis Cardinals. Tonight’s first pitch is scheduled for 7:45pm ET.

Starting Lineup

Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals

Jonathan India – 2B Masyn Winn – SS
Elly De La Cruz – SS Alec Burleson – RF
Spencer Steer – 1B Willson Contreras – DH
Tyler Stephenson – C Paul Goldschmidt – 1B
Nick Martini – LF Nolan Arenado – 3B
Noelvi Marte – 3B Brendan Donovan – LF
Santiago Espinal – DH Dylan Carlson – CF
Will Benson – RF Jose Fermin – 2B
Stuart Fairchild – CF Pedro Pages – C
Andrew Abbott – LHP Miles Mikolas – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Andrew Abbott 84.2 3.40 1.18 26 70
Miles Mikolas 90.1 4.68 1.16 17 67
Links: Andrew Abbott’s StatsMiles Mikolas’ Stats

Andrew Abbott

A month ago the Cardinals got a chance to see Andrew Abbott in Cincinnati and they had a good showing against the Reds lefty, scoring six runs in 6.0 innings against him and hitting two home runs. In his last outing against Boston, Abbott struck out 10 and allowed two runs in 5.2 innings.

The splits for Abbott aren’t as big as you may have expected. Righties and lefties don’t hit for much average or get on base often against him. The difference is that right-handed hitters hit for power and left-handed hitters don’t.


RHH 263 54 15 1 13 22 51 .224 .289 .456
LHH 87 20 3 0 2 4 19 .244 .287 .354

Pitch Usage

4-seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.1 80.9 82.9 85.0
Usage 55% 12% 16% 17%

Miles Mikolas

The Reds missed Mikolas in their prior series against the Cardinals, so this will be their first time facing him this season. He had been on a strong run in June through his first three starts, giving up just three runs in 19.1 innings, but the Giants scored four runs off of him in 6.0 innings in his last start.

The splits against Mikolas favor left-handed hitters. They hit for a good average and hit for a good amount of power. They don’t walk much at all, but put the ball in play often. Righties don’t hit for much average, they don’t walk, and they only show moderate amounts of power. Like lefties, they also put the ball in play quite frequently.


RHH 195 45 9 0 7 6 33 .242 .273 .403
LHH 173 43 14 1 5 11 34 .270 .318 .465

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.4 92.6 76.2 85.5 85.9
Usage 25% 24% 12% 29% 10%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:45pm ET
  • Where: Busch Stadium
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 86°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Noelvi Marte is back

If you saw the lineup above, then you already know that Marte is back with the big league club. His suspension was up today and despite hitting .151 with one double, no walks, and 15 strikeouts in Triple-A on rehab assignment, he is joining the big league club. The Reds optioned Livan Soto back to Louisville and moved Emilio Pagan to the 60-day injured list as the corresponding roster moves. You can read a bit more about each of the moves from our piece published earlier today.

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 48 33
St. Louis 41 38 6.0
Pittsburgh 39 41 8.5
Cincinnati 37 43 10.5
Chicago 37 44 11.0

197 Responses

  1. Klugo

    So, what’s up with Candelario, now?

    • Jim Walker

      Candy>>> Knee tendonitis day to day (Per Sheldon). Hamstring tendonitis (Per Charlie_G). Guess having more than 1 active beat guy stretches Bell’s ability to keep things straight??? 😉

      Fraley got an MRI on his right calf contusion.

  2. Mitch

    Espinal at DH over Candelario? Huh??? Am I missing something here? Unless there’s a good reason, seems like a pretty boneheaded decision.

    • Ksdavis

      He has tendinitis in his knee that has been bothering him.

      • Mark Moore

        Solution is to DH him and just hit it out of the park … simple as that … 😮

        We’re at the point where “nagging injuries” start to impact things in a bigger way.

  3. Mark A Verticchio

    This year has been side tracked by many issues but #1 has to be injuries. I am not a Bell supporter, by any means, and I don’t think he has done a good job especially on fundamentals. However with all these injuries I don’t think it would have mattered who the manager was in terms of wins and losses. The biggest problem for me is that the injuries are going to excuse Bell without considering the poor fundamentals.

    • west larry

      Yes! Bell will be protected by the massive number of injuries to key prayers. He has, however, made many mistakes that have cost the reds several games. He doesn’t show the ability to promote a discipline that encourage players not to run willy nilly on the basepaths. He still uses some relievers in pressure situations, no matter how often they fail. I think a new voice is needed.

    • Jeremiah

      I think the way the injuries have been handled by management as a whole is concerning, but yes for Bell tough to put out a solid lineup with the options given. Sounds like Fraley should go on the DL if they’re doing Mris on his calf. Maybe Candelario too.

    • Harry Stoner

      That’s already a done deal.

      There is simply no way Bell is going to be kicked upstairs this season, or likely next.

      For Krall to fire Bell would be to indict himself and we know that isn’t going to happen either.

      If I were smarter, I’d just by a Lotto ticket every time I feel I should lament some Bell-headed move.

      I’d stand a better chance of winning.

      • Mark Moore


        We could call it “Scratchers for Head Scratchers” then pool it for all of us here at RLN 😛

  4. Mark Moore

    Playing a man short on the bench … again …

    OK, let’s just Kick these Dirty Birds right through the Arch!!!

    Not holding my breath on Marte … but I do have some level of hope.

    • Mark Moore

      Fraley as well? So playing 2 short … AGAIN???

      Hard to kick anything like this … more likely to stub a toe.

  5. Redsfan4life

    If Espinal is in the lineup. Shouldn’t he be at 2B instead of DH? India should be the DH in this lineup.

    • Mark Moore

      Stop making sense!!! Besides, that goes against what the “book” said to do.

      • Ted Alfred

        Wonder what the book says about keeping Benson in the lineup almost everyday?

    • Jim Walker

      Bell was probably holding the DH spot for Candy or Fraley and when they both came up snakes eyes just wrote Espinal in from desperation.

    • DW

      Careful with the common sense thinking there

  6. Beaufort Red

    It’s hard to win when you’re only playing with 7 position players.

  7. Melvin

    Reds management top to bottom is DEPRESSING.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Indiana football. Perennial loser, but they bought out an ill advised extension and replaced their coach. New guy got a top 15 transfer class and is bringing in alot of enthusiasm. Maybe a lesson can be learned there somewhere? Gabe Kapler won 100+ games once….can’t do that without a culture that emphasizes fundamentals

    Over 7.5/India hit +134

  9. Kevin H

    Sure why not have two guys injured and play short. What could happen. Not sure why this organization Plays a man short or two.

    To quote a few “Bell knows things ” lol

  10. Kevin H

    Listening to the India interview he seems perplexed.

    Okay Reds sweep Cardinals and Yankees. Lets go!!!!

    • Roger Garrett

      Right on Kevin because you can’t make some of this dumb stuff up.He is living it and still don’t get it but nobody else does either.

  11. Roger Garrett

    Look put the guys on the DL and get them right.This season is lost anyway so do it and lets see what other guys can do in the meantime.I can live with Soto and Jordan and Stuie playing every day.DFA Martni and send Benson down and see if you can fix him.Today was a desperation move in bringing up Marte and plugging him in anyway. He is not the fix all when we have a poor outfield and get nothing out of the DH.Go out and find some old guy like Nelson Cruz and pay him a mil or so to be the DH and lets play ball.The pitching is good enough IF we can scratch out 4 or 5 runs every once in awhile.Injuries happen the Yanks signed Davis and the guy they have playing first is new to me.Quit hiding behind the injury excuse and make some moves.At least pretend to be a big league club.

    • Mark Moore

      Again with the sensible stuff? C’mon, man … 😮

  12. Mark Moore

    That’s a nice start. Set up for some drama … and he pops it up.

    • Mark Moore

      I imagine Marte was a little amped up for that AB. I think we’ll give him that.

      • Roger Garrett

        Must have been schooled by Fraley.Hack at that first one brother.Sooner you get back to the dugout the better.

  13. dimondfvr

    I Wonder how many other starting DH’s are hitting .203! 🙂

  14. Roger Garrett

    Fits right in.Giving The Reds the second run and well we don’t want it.Just put the ball on the ground is so hard isn’t it?

  15. Kevin H

    So who’s the back up catcher? Stephenson wife expecting. He is not playing, and congratulations to his family

    • Mark Moore

      Thought she is due in August. Bad timing … 😀

      India had the good sense to plan it for the off season … 😛

  16. Mark Moore

    At least Espinal worked him deep in the count before that can of corn. If you can’t drive ’em in, at least don’t K and make Miles work for it.

    Yes, I’m trying to find the small bright spots tonight whilst I can.

  17. DHud

    Why, when baseball has said, “we will GIVE YOU this ONE spot for someone that can do nothing but hit and hit good,” we use it on a .203 hitter…

    • Mark Moore

      I’ll take “We Could Have Had Joey For That” for $200, Ken.

  18. BuzzKutter

    It now becomes clear on why Elly runs until he scores or he is out

  19. Roger Garrett

    Yep and it makes sense to the Reds.

  20. Mark Moore

    Now’s the time for Bike Helmets. I think y’all know my feelings about Wilson Contreras.

  21. Mark Moore

    Abbott is working on being the 2nd coming of “Mr. Mahle Won’t Throw Strikes”

  22. Roger Garrett

    AA no pressure buddy but if they score more then one its over.

  23. Kevin H

    Looking at the bats box score Wynns was taken out. I assume he is on his way to St. Louis.

  24. RedAlert


  25. Mark Moore

    Lucky vs. Good on display here?

  26. BuzzKutter

    What would you feel better about? Guy on third and no outs without scoring or getting 3 walks in an inning and not scoring?

    • Kevin H

      3 walks in a inning and not scoring

    • Mark Moore

      I’m with Kevin. It’s close, but the 3 walks and wiggling out of it “feels bigger”.

    • BuzzKutter

      He looked happy in the dugout when he got the call. They said she was being induced tonight.

      • Roger Garrett

        Certainly a special time.Hope all is well.

      • Mark Moore

        I hope all is well. Thanks for that update. I missed it. Thrall talking about it now.

  27. Jason Franklin

    Can someone please, please explain why you don’t have your 9th batter bunting?? He can’t hit righties at all. His best way to contribute is via advancing Benson. This is on the manager. Does Bell want to ‘give them a shot’ to get a hit for whatever reason, even when the stats don’t back it up? This is poor management.

    • Jason Franklin

      Excuse me, 8th hitter… Uggh.

      • Harry Stoner

        Bunts and sacrifice flies are for losers.

        It’s right there on page 47 in Bell’s manual.

        Particularly when your #8 hitter is batting .008 against RH pitching.

        But that would presume Bell was paying attention.

  28. Mark Moore

    Had the same thought as Cowboy. Jon just tomahawked that one.

  29. Roger Garrett

    Its a valid point with this lineup and Stuie against a righty but this is pretty much a grip and rip strategy.Reds would do well if they would try something different

    • Mark Moore

      Something … anything … anyone … Bueller …

  30. Mark Moore

    *** SIGH ***

    Somebody get the oxygen ready for Dennis.

    • Roger Garrett

      Probably ain’t got enough.He is late to the party which may be a good thing cause its only the second inning.

  31. Kevin H

    Reds pitching coach is like wth is going on.

  32. Roger Garrett

    Has anybody gone to the mound?AA can’t throw strikes.

  33. Mark Moore

    Cowboy ranking on Stewie a bit for not coming in more quickly on that ball. Nice coverage from Elly … AGAIN!!!

    And yes, Melvin. I agree with you. But it won’t happen.

  34. BuzzKutter

    Martini needs to get a few more hits. His straightening of the string or whatever that is when they get a hit needs some work.

  35. Kevin H

    Good for Marte.. Reds rocking so far

  36. Harry Stoner

    Marte, Krall and Bell’s tuchases simultaneously unpuckering.

  37. Roger Garrett

    Man if every game could be the first game of a series well you know.

  38. dimondfvr

    Wooo Hooo! We have a .500 hitter in the lineup. LOL

  39. Indy Red Man

    How bout my India hit/Over 7.5? Looking good! Benson even chipping in

    Maybe Marte will give us a boost? Has a quick bat….hard to believe he was so bad at AAA

    Bell should get a hypnotist and make them think every game is game 1 of the series

    • Harry Stoner

      Down 2 strikes, Marte laid off the high heat and curveball down low.

      Good sign.

  40. RedAlert

    The way Abbott is pitching 5 runs won’t be enough …. Dude is all over the place

    • Harry Stonrt

      Well, that pitch to Ardenado was perfectly located….

  41. RedlegScott

    Any chance we could get Abbott to settle in?

  42. RedAlert

    Get Abbot out the game – this is insane

  43. Kevin H

    Abbott doesn’t have it tonight for sure.

  44. Indy Red Man

    Cards broadcast said thats only Arrenado’s 2nd HR at home this year. Ball is dead for some reason?

  45. RedAlert

    Free passes then meatballs galore ….inloke Abbott but he’s got a big problem giving up the long ball

    • Dennis Westrick

      Solo HRs are tolerable! It’s the HRs that follow a walk that are problematic!

  46. Harry Stoner

    It would be a good idea for the Reds to score a lot more runs.

  47. Indy Red Man

    Have to really dig to find many positives with the Reds but Martini is 9 for last 28 (.321). I think I’d bat him ahead of Shogo Fraleyama and his 1 HR vs righties

  48. Jeremiah

    Looks like going to need the bullpen tonight for probably at least 4 innings…would be a nice Martinez game for 2-3 innings maybe.

  49. Harry Stoner

    After a prolonged good stretch, Lodolo, Greene and Abbott have rough outings in succession.

    • Mark Moore

      Lodolo was due to a blister. He gets a pass based on that. Greene and Abbott appear to have lost focus.

  50. Roger Garrett

    Gonna happen but they will bounce back.Reds just have to keeping hitting.

  51. Jeremiah

    I feel like India could be really good on a really good team going for a title hitting 2nd, 6th,7th , like on the Dodgers, Yankees, Phillies, etc. If he stays healthy and the Reds are out of it come late July I think he’d be attractive to the good teams.

    • Mark Moore

      I noted that on Jason Linden’s thread. Have to believe Krall’s phone is ringing even now just a bit.

      • Harry Stoner

        I’d probably wait on McLain and Arroyo’s shoulders, Candelario’s knee and Marte’s re-emergence before shipping out a resurgent India.

  52. Mark Moore

    Nolan hits a cookie; Spencer hits a cookie. I like the net effect.

  53. Dennis Westrick

    Late to the party, Gents! See where our SP has issued five (5) walks so far in only 3 innings! How is that possible?

    • Roger Garrett

      Oxygen almost gone Dennis but we hope now thats your here we won’t need any more.

      • Harry Stoner

        Abbott just walked a .145 hitting catcher on 4 pitches.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Like the 7 runs, but a few more wouldn’t hurt!

    • Mark Moore

      He’s channeling Tyler Mahle plus the “low strike” isn’t a thing tonight.

    • Oldtimer

      Would you rather have the Cardinals SP results tonight?

      Jim Maloney walked 10 batters in a ho hitter versus Cubs in 1965. Reds won 1-0 on Cardenas HR in 9th.

      You would been making comments about how many walks.

      • Harry Stoner


        60 years ago that happened, and Maloney likely lucked out with the W and likely the no hitter.

        The complaints would have been justified then as they are now.

  54. Jeremiah

    Oh Reds brought the Bats tonight! Steer doesn’t really seem like having a great year and still on pace to hit 20 HRs, 100 RBIs. That was a good trade!

    • Mark Moore

      See … and I was thinking Jobu skipped St. Louis and went to NYC to drink himself into a stupor.

  55. Indy Red Man

    Preseason I would’ve had India around 7th-8th for most important hitters and if they told you he’d be at .774 ops and Goldie/Arenado were both sub .700 mid point then you’d swear the Reds would be atleast 6-7 games better then the Cards

  56. Mark Moore

    That can of corn may have bought Abbott the 5th inning and a chance for a win.

  57. Roger Garrett

    Yeah the dude swings at the first one after a 4 pitch walk but we will take it.

  58. Dennis Westrick

    AA can start the 5th but Bell better have a short leash and the bullpen up and ready!

  59. CincyDo

    Marte only hits when it counts. Aaa don’t count, he don’t hit 🙂

  60. Mark Moore

    Marte goes with the pitch and flips it to RF. Too bad tonight’s DH couldn’t do the same thing.

    • Harry Stoner

      I’d venture Marte is likely a little wound up tonight.

  61. Mark Moore

    OK, who did they dress up like Benson? I’m not convinced he’s “turned the corner” but he’s getting it done tonight, that much is certain.

    • Indy Red Man

      I think he was 5 for 8 off Mikolas coming in. Doesn’t mean he’s turning it around, but atleast ends a horrible slide

  62. CincyDo

    Mikolas is throwing BP. Even Benson has 2 hits 🙂

  63. Indy Red Man

    Bell wouldn’t even let a starter give up 8, but the Cards broadcast says their pen is gassed.

  64. Jeremiah

    Will Benson says take that Redleg Nation Message Board fans (at least for tonight) who want me in Triple A!

  65. Mark Moore

    It’s a Double-o-Rama tonight!!!!

  66. CincyDo

    Typical Reds. Spend a week worth of runs in 1 game.

    • Jeremiah

      It’d be nice if it was like the Soccer leagues where the runs somehow carried over into the standings in some way.

  67. Roger Garrett

    Somebody said earlier that the low strike wasn’t there tonight and thats where Mikolas lives cause like AA he won’t over power hitters.

  68. Jeremiah

    I thought the Reds would score 1-2 runs tonight, go figure! Nice job by the offense giving a laboring Abbott some breathing room. Never know though, still early, going to need some decent bullpen work, but a nice cushion.

  69. Roger Garrett

    Stuie with a hit on 0-2 pitch.

  70. JB

    It’s like the first game of a series is must watch TV for us.

  71. Jeremiah

    I didn’t know St. Louis is 3 over .500, Reds need to at least split this series, bring St. Louis back down to earth a bit, they’ve been playing well.

    • Indy Red Man

      Cards broadcast said they’re 26-14 over last 40. 2nd best in mlb during that span next to Cleveland

  72. Roger Garrett

    Two sac flies tonight and well that don’t happen often.

  73. Jeremiah

    This might be a Suter game instead of a Martinez game, if he could give you two innings, maybe two from Farmer or Sims, Wilson? kind of save Moll, Martinez, Cruz, Diaz for the next few games.

  74. RedlegScott

    OK guys, save some runs for the next three games. No more one-and-done, please.

  75. Roger Garrett

    AA needs to get through 5 if possible.

  76. Mark Moore

    OK, he didn’t get him out, but Candy doesn’t make that play that close. He either lets it bleed through or throws it into the camera well. I’m just saying.

  77. Mark Moore

    Perhaps Marte at SS (or Espinal) and Elly at DH just to clear his head a bit? Just spit-balling.

  78. Mark Moore

    5 tough innings, but that’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.

  79. JB

    Reds will have 7 guys next year to play 4 infield positions. I wouldn’t mind seeing India start a few games in right at some time this year. I think he can play everyday with Steer and Friedl. I mean if Martini can play outfield why not.

    • Indy Red Man

      India can’t throw though….maybe slightly better then Freidl. They do have to figure out something? Candy can’t/shouldn’t be at 3B….we atleast all know that by now

      • JB

        Yeah I know, that’s the thing. Steer doesn’t have a great arm either. Candy definitely the DH but Bell will get him reps in the field.

  80. Kevin H

    Gotta think Gray beats the reds, so win tomorrow and Sunday. I still think take 3 of 4 from cards. If possible

    Gotta finish June on a high note.

  81. Roger Garrett

    Yeah just a great job or as some have said he was effectively wild.Young guns have the stuff mentally when it counts.

  82. Dennis Westrick

    Take away the 6 walks and AA pitches 2 more innings! Just saying!

    • Mark Moore

      And you only have to convert 3 of those 6 into outs to get him 6 innings.

  83. Mark A Verticchio

    I guess Marte should have come up.

  84. Optimist

    NL batting avg. leader Noelvi Marte!

  85. Mark Moore

    Don’t you just love it when we burn up the WLB Dirty Bird’s bullpen?

    • Harry Stoner

      I am missing the opportunity to have a little ‘chin music’ sent Carpenter and Ebsen’s way.

  86. Kevin H

    Absolutely, and especially after they played a dh yesterday

  87. Mark Moore

    Scoreless 1-2/3 from Farmer. I do believe we’ll take that. Let’s see if Suter can finish them off. Heaven knows it’s a HUGE lead.

  88. Kevin H

    11-2 Farmer doing well and sure let’s change pitchers just because

    • DHud

      MANAGING! He is the manager, he must MANAGE!

      • Dennis Westrick


    • Mark Moore

      Middle of the inning is a bit puzzling, but Farmer didn’t look pi$$ed or anything coming off. He looked like he kind of expected it to go that way because of “the book”.

    • DHud

      At least Sutter came back out for the 8th

  89. DHud

    Good grief. You’re up 9 runs

    Why even mess with burning another pitcher just cause a lefty is coming up ????

    Wouldn’t wanna give anyone in that pen a rest or anything

    • Kevin H

      Suter especially, game 31 and so far If I saw it right 43 innings pitched.

    • Dennis Westrick

      It’s the “Bell Way”!

    • Ksdavis

      This is one of the beefs I have with Bell. You are up big , don’t even get another guy up in the pen. So many people focus on appearances but ignore the fact of having someone get up in the pen to warm up. Just stupid. But Bell has to go by the book.

  90. Dennis Westrick

    Stupid Cubs won in 10 innings over the Giants!

  91. Mark Moore

    Solid communication on that play. Benson did seem to have the best fix on that ball. Any of them probably could have made the catch.

  92. Dennis Westrick

    I know! Let’s burn Diaz in the bottom of the 9th with a 9-run lead! Hope Bell is not reading this!

  93. Mark Moore

    2-out triples don’t always mean much. Especially with this kind of a lead. Just sit the batter down.

    • Mark Moore

      Like that. It didn’t hurt. The next double starts to sting.

      Focus on the batter and stop throwing cookies and cement mixers.

  94. Mark Moore

    I haven’t complained about the Chumpire all night. But some of those calls are just blown and inconsistent.

  95. Mark Moore

    OK, extended mini-drama over. Add or don’t add, but let’s get this game finished. I still have to pack for the trip and we leave around 10 AM. Plus I’ve got some errands to run in the morning.

  96. Mark Moore

    Thrall and Cowboy are explaining the rules about using a non-pitcher to pitch when it’s a blow-out. Net is those two runs they scored forced them to use another pitcher rather than the non-pitcher junk-baller who was warming up. Not sure if Sadak/Welch gave that explanation. I found it interesting. You have to be behind by 8 or more or ahead by 10 or more.

  97. Mark Moore

    Collision snow-cone catch by Carlson. Got to give him props for that. Benson ripped it.

  98. Mark Moore

    And that’s a wrap, friends. Wins against the WLB Dirty Birds always feel good.

    • Daytonnati

      Over / Under Reds score 11 runs the rest of the series? 🙂 ??

  99. Roger Garrett

    Moll is just filthy.Threw 12 pitches all strikes and had back to back 3 pitch punch outs hitting 95 with movement.

  100. Doc

    First game of a series. Foregone conclusion the Reds would win.

    Six BB didn’t hurt Abbott nearly as much as 6 doubles hurt the Cards.

    Marte hitting streak still intact. Didn’t think that would happen. Glad I was wrong.