The Cincinnati Reds offense never really got going on Wednesday afternoon and the Pirates took advantage of their opportunities as they picked up a 6-1 victory at Great American Ball Park.

Final R H E
Pittsburgh Pirates (39-41)
6 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (37-43)
1 4 0
W: Ortiz (4-2) L: Ashcraft (4-4)
Box Score | Game Thread

Pittsburgh didn’t score in the 1st, but they got to Graham Ashcraft in the 2nd inning after two hits sandwiched around a walk put the Pirates up 1-0. In the bottom of the 3rd the Reds tied the game up when Jonathan India doubled in Stuart Fairchild.

The game remained tied for about six minutes. Rowdy Tellez would lead off the 4th with a home run. Pittsburgh would add to their lead the next inning when Jason Delay led off with a double and then scored on an Andrew McCutchen 2-run homer to make it 4-1.

Graham Ashcraft returned to the mound in the 6th and gave up two singles while recording one out before the Reds called on Justin Wilson to enter the game. He would strike out Jack Suwinski for the second out of the frame, but Jason Delay doubled into the left field corner to plate both runners and extend the Pirates lead to 6-1.

That’s where the score remained as Justin Wilson tossed a shutout 7th and Lucas Sims threw a perfect 8th inning. When the 9th rolled around the Reds sent Alexis Diaz to the mound despite being down by five runs after he had gone four days without pitching. He worked around a 1-out walk for a scoreless inning.

Needing a big rally, the Reds half of the 9th inning would have them facing off against Aroldis Chapman. He struck out Elly De La Cruz on a 102 MPH fastball at the knees on the outside corner. Spencer Steer then flew out to center. Chapman then ended the game with a strikeout of Tyler Stephenson on another 102 MPH fastball. With the Pirates 6-1 win they took the 3-game series over Cincinnati.

Key Moment of the Game

Andrew McCutchen’s 2-run homer in the 5th inning that made it 4-1.

Notes Worth Noting

The bullpen allowed one hit and one walk in 3.2 innings.

When Jonathan India popped up in the 6th inning it ended his streak of reaching base in 11 straight plate appearances. He’s hitting .368/.451/.553 during June.

The Reds dropped to 37-43 on the season, which currently has them tied with the Cubs for the 3rd worst record in the National League.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis Cardinals

Thursday June 27th, 7:45pm ET

Andrew Abbott (6-6, 3.40 ERA) vs Miles Mikolas (6-6, 4.68 ERA)

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  1. Moon

    And the battle to the bottom goes to the Reds. Cincy has now lost four straight series

    • jmb

      Yes, but there’s reinforcements coming: Petty, Phillips, Lowder! Cease was lit up recently, but last night he pitched 7 innings of 1 hit ball. That would have been a win for the Reds, instead of yet another series loss to a mediocre team. It’s time to get Crochet.

    • Don

      Things that make you go Hummmm. Four series lost, after winning the first game and David Bell is still the manager.

      • Lrwade

        David Bell is clueless, he obviously is not getting through to his players. Hitting is abysmal. They bring up young players who are hitting well in Louisville and there is no progression case in point Benson, who I believe had tons of tallent, Strand, Fairchild etc.. Perhaps its time for a few coaching changes starting with the hitting instructors.

      • jon

        Too many injuries to blame Bell at this time.This will be mgmt.’s excuse.But then again if you have to put,fairchild,martini,espinal,soto and Jordan in your line up god could not manage them to a win.

  2. JohnnySofa

    If I were the scheduled starting pitcher for the Reds and saw today’s lineup card posted, I would’ve faked a sinus infection or a car fire or uncontrollable diarrhea — anything to be scratched.

    • Longtimefan

      Unfortunately the Reds are seriously lacking in talent at the bottom of the order. Everyday the last 3 or 4 batters in the lineup are either minor leaguers or .200 hitters. At this point it’s not even in the managers hand. They have little to nothing to work with. 3 RISP not going to get it done besides it seems like they lose everytime they have a day game.

      • Justin T

        Thought they raised the floor? Isnt that what Krall told us? Thought we had depth? 3 injuries and theres no mire depth I guess.

      • JohnnySofa

        It isn’t just the back-end of the lineup. Stephenson is not a cleanup hitter. Fairchild is not a #5. For any opposing P, facing this 4-9 is like facing a massage table.

      • Melvin

        The back end of our lineup today (Jordan and Soto) needs a chance to play regularly to find out if they can help. I’d rather have a trade of two but until if/when that happens that’s the best we can do. One did play the first game and did well. Unfortunately not the second game to keep the momentum going. Maybe someone can sit down with David Bell and explain to him the concept of “momentum”. No I’m not saying it’s all Bell’s fault. However a manager should look deep inside himself to see how he can improve especially considering how many times we win the first and lose the series.

      • Lrwade

        Upper management is failing the fan base again. Last season we needed veteran pitchers to get us in a playoff position. They did nothing scared to let go of any young players. This season we need an outfielder who can hit, and they set on their hands again. This line up scares no other team. Pitchers are most likely foaming at the mouth to get at this team. Another season of unfulfilled promises

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    Reds have a roadtrip of 4-game series vs STL and 3-game vs mighty Yankees… A black cloud is coming up ..

    • CI3J

      Black cloud crossed my mind. Blue mist ’round my soul…

    • doofus

      Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  4. Justin T

    It’s not the managers fault though! Its not his job to have them focused and ready to play. Its not his fault when they get thrown out on the bases nightly or fall asleep and let runners advance.

    Also not his fault he is 50 games under .500 after 800 games managed. Not his fault he batted Mike Ford third for 7 games, he had to. Not his fault he trots Benson out there everyday regardless of his strikeout rate or not having a hit in 2 weeks. Not his fault. Its bad luck.

    • LDS

      Hey are you dissing the Reds AllStar manager?

      • Justin T

        Haha! I said its NOT his fault. He is a leader of men, I would never! Bell being on the all star bench is right in line w everything else he does: absolutely earns nothing. This job wasnt earned, 2 extensions were not earned, and the all star nod is par for the course.

      • Votto4life

        Bell supporters seem to disappear 3 out of every 5 games.

      • LDS

        Remember the All Star selection was in honor of his brother. Beyond that, I agree completely. The extensions were inexcusable.

      • west larry

        I’m with you on this LDS, I’m guessing that the owner put a gun (Just kidding) to Krall’s head and said” give Bell this extension,. He’s a nice guy and comes from a great family”.

      • Mauired

        Bell reminds me of Connie Mack. Not the young one who managed the Athletics dynasty but the older version that fell asleep during the game and would wake up and try to sub players in that retired several years before.

      • Harry Stoner

        I don’t buy the Krall vs Bell rhethoric.

        I think that the Bull is fully invested in the current direction of the franchise, right down to the “Be who you are!’ indulgence.

        The idea that somehow Krall is forced to extend Bell is more a sign of the desperation of some Reds’ fans….

        It’s worse than you think.

        Trading away your (very competent) starting rotation doesn’t make you a GM genius or savior.

        Krall is every bit the company man as Bell.

        With a worse haircut.

      • west larry

        You are too harsh on Krall. The owner has all the power. Do you think he’d risk his job by locking horns with the owner-would you?

      • Harry Stoner

        It’s not an either or situation.

        Krall can be a shill to the owners and be in lockstep with Bell at the same time.

        The idea that somehow Krall is the savior and his hands are tied in regards to his manager is a fantasy, not supported by anything he has said or done.

        There’s been no evidence of the owners imposing anything on Krall besides speculation about cutting the budget.

        That the owners may have insisted on the Bell extension last year over Krall’s objections is not supported by any facts, statements or other evidence.

        It’s pure fantasy for those clinging to the idea that somehow Krall is the savior because he traded away his starting rotation and swallowed a few big contracts (which the team is still paying for.)

      • LDS

        Absolutely @WestLarry, I’m with Harry on this. All Krall has done is show he can cut payroll. If the owners won’t give him the resources and authority to do the job, walk away. It’s called integrity. Otherwise he’s nothing more than a figurehead with nice salary and cool title – aka a yes man.

      • west larry

        THere is no proof that he us just a shill of the owner either.I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

      • jmb

        Krall is ABSOLUTELY a company man. But then, isn’t everyone hired to be one? What company wants you not to be one? As for Bell, as I’ve said before, he’s simply not the same guy since he was talked to by the MLB bigwigs for being tossed from games too often.

    • H.B.

      A new manager and a mini rebuild on the horizon. After this road trip we will be out of the race, and ownership should look at the front office and the manager. On second thought it’s ownership that is the biggest problem. The Reds give away lots of cool items but if you would build us a team, we would gladly show up to support a winner. Bell is a really nice guy and supports his players probably more than they deserve, but his decision making is very poor, and he has easily lost us 10 games a year. Would the Brewers, Cubs, and Cardinal ownership put up with this total losing team year after year? I think not!!!!

  5. CI3J

    Tomorrow’s game against the Dirty Birds is game #81 of the season.

    Yes, that’s right, the next game the Reds play will officially mark the halfway point of the season.

    The Reds currently sit 6 games under .500. Projected over a full season, that would see them finish 12 games under .500, or 75-87.

    That’s actually right in line with what most predicted on here. However, don’t discount the patented Bell August Swoon (BAS) and for the Reds to tumble even further. 70 wins might be more in line with where this team ends up.

    Yes, I know, Bell doesn’t have CES and McLain as well as missing Friedl and Marte for big chunks of the season. But still, if the Reds really end up with just 70 wins, that would have to be seen as a huge disappointment, even with the injuries.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how the second half plays out.

    • Pete

      Well “interesting” is one way to put it, I guess.

    • Votto4life

      “That’s actually right in line with what most predicted on here.”

      It would be interesting to go back and check that. It’s certainly not how I remember it. I remember many here projecting 90 wins.

      • Tom Diesman

        We all hope your 2024 prediction fares much better than your 2023 predictions did:

        Votto4life 12/06/2022
        I can see this team losing 110 games or more.

        Votto4life 02/18/2023
        I am thinking 58-62 wins. I’ll split the difference and call it 60 wins. I can see it being worse though.

    • Rob

      I agree with the 70-win possibility. Their high-water mark was 4 over (14-10) on April 24. Since then, they’re 10 under (23-33). If they play at that pace (.411) the rest of the way, they’ll win another 33, giving then, yes, 70 wins.

    • Ted Alfred

      6 games under, likely 7 under at the halfway point after tomorrows L.

      Amazingly right on track for my preseason prediction of 74-88…based mostly on the wonderful management skills of our fearless leader DBellof 74-88.

  6. kypodman

    Ashcraft’s days as a starter maybe dwindling especially is Spiers keeps developing. He could be moved into a spot starter or long man role.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      Yes, I wonder what his next role will be after getting shelled again, obviusly the short term assignment in Louisville didn’t help much. Greene, Lodolo, Abbott, Spiers and Montas (for now) is a pretty solid rotation.

  7. JB

    Sadak – Jonathon India has been on base 11 consecutive times. Next pitch India pops up. The guy is bad mojo. Fire him immediately after Bell.

    • bug

      Yes. Him and Chris Welsh need to go,..the sooner, the better. Worst jinx duo I’ve ever listened to. Back in the day GMs and managers didn’t put up with their BS. Course, Bell should go first. Then next, maybe Krall. Then Sadak and Welsh in thaat order. Jmo. I wish they would hire the Cowboy to coach the team. He’s smart,..unlike so many in that organization.

      • Ted Alfred

        Jinx duo….hahahaha. Gotta love being a Redlegs Fan…this is the crap we are left to discuss after what we endure game after game…year after year.

      • Still a Red

        Waite Hoyt might have had a worse W-L record than Sadak/Welsh.

      • TR

        But I believe Waite Hoyt is still the winningest pitcher in Yankee history.

    • Melvin

      haha It does seem whatever Sadak says often backfires somehow. Can’t blame him but it does seem kind of funny. 😀

      • Daniel Kals

        It’s because he’s constantly spouting overhyped platitudes about the players. 8 times out of 10, those exaggerated praises are followed by a strikeout, popout, etc. (just going off our estimated team batting average around. 200).

        I remember earlier in the year a lot of talk about how Stuart Fairchild had turned the corner with his hitting. As recently as last week, seemingly every time Will Benson came to the plate, there was talk about how he has so much power, he could pop one out of the park at any moment. Etc. Etc. You could argue that he’s just doing his job, trying to sell tickets, please Bob, etc. But a better strategy might be to just keep his mouth shut like, say, 70% more of the time, and not try to fill every moment with some Savant or Statcast minutia propping up one of our AAA players.

    • Mitch

      I’ve said it several times on here and I’ll say it again. Unless Sadak does something controversial such as letting a slur slip on a hot mic like Thom did, he isn’t going anywhere. Everybody not on this web site in particular seems to love him. I don’t mind him. It’s Larkin who puts me to sleep.

      • Ted Alfred

        Yeah I’m fine with Sadak too. Honestly I think he’s better than anybody we’ve had in the booth for a while. The guy I’d like to have in the tv booth more is Brantley

      • TR

        I’d like to see Brantley in the dugout as manager of this version of the Reds. Change of some kind for our team is needed.

    • H.B.

      Could we add Lark to that group. He puts me to sleep. Could Brantley do the radio and TV? Well, I guess not, but it’s a thought? It’s tough when we have Brantley and Thall doing a good rest poor to pitiful.

      • Melvin

        There was a year where Marty and Joe would switch off doing a few innings on tv and a few innings on radio. Obviously that didn’t last long. lol

      • Harry Stoner

        I remember some of that.

        I loved it.

        There would be long stretches where Nuxhall, alone in the radio booth, would say nothing.

        You’d just hear him chewing or sucking on his cig.

        You’d hear the crack of the bat and the crowd and he take his good time swallowing or exhaling before he’d let you know what happened.

        It was great.

  8. JB

    I know Doug doesn’t have the rights to post “Milton” but I want to know if the rights to Milton have a price tag. I’ll throw in some money to get Doug those rights!! We need Milton to break the hex!!!

  9. docproc

    Today was the low point of the season. Thus far.

    • Rednat

      Got a feeling its going to get a whole lot lower. Dont like the body language of our team now

  10. Jeremiah

    I read the other day that Friedl has only played 26 games. The Reds have a lot of issues, but I thought Friedl having played 30-40 more games, probably leads to a few more Reds wins.

    The Reds could relieve Bell at some point if the struggles continue, but I think it’d need to be a move more about 2025-2026 not really about necessarily trying to turn this year around. There may not be the talent to make a run this year with the injuries on this club, and now lack of depth currently in the upper minors. The bigger question is in my opinion, is Bell really the guy to lead this current group of young talent moving forward into 2025-2026? I think most fans would say no, but Reds management going to have to make that decision of course. Lovullo of the Dbacks has had a lot of ups and downs as Manager there, I feel the Reds are kind of looking at him and seeing Bell in the same way, that he’ll lead them to a deep playoff run at some point.

    For Krall as far as the roster moves, planning around the young core, injuries, mediocre performances from most of the big money signings, things couldn’t have gone too much worse so far. I think most of his moves made sense, and it’s only half-way through the season, but not the best year for the GM so far.

    As for today, just not going to win many games with that lineup today. Bell was hamstrung a bit today, as lefties would have normally faced Ortiz, but you couldn’t run Benson out there today, and then Fraley injured…boy just not going too well for the Reds overall!

    I will be surprised if they stay within 5 games of .500 by the All Star Break. Overall, I’d like to see them stay healthy at least to see what you really have as far as consistent play and talent.

  11. Roger Garrett

    If Candy,Fraley and Benson are starters against righties and have been all season then you don’t set all 3 and play 2 rookies and Stuie who can’t hit righties.You don’t do that you just don’t.Bell threw this game when he took the line up to home plate.Its almost as if he and Krall are in a battle of wills.Dumb and dumber if you believe these guys are on the same page.Hunter throwing up on the mound is left in,Lodolo takes the mound with a blister,CES two months after getting hit by a pitch now opts for season ending surgery so today lets set 3 starters and go with 2 rookies and Stuie against a righty.I wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t true.What a circus.

    • Jason Franklin

      True. Fairchild is pretty good against lefties only. He should never, ever face a righty. He should probably start against them over running Benson out there or Fraley. Stuie is also pretty good as a defensive replacement or pinchrunner. Nothing else. He is a legit 5th outfielder. The team really needs to find someone who can hit both sides and stop with the lame platoon vs. righties of Fraley and Benson.

      • Melvin

        “The team really needs to find someone who can hit both sides and stop with the lame platoon vs. righties of Fraley and Benson.”

        Can’t argue with that.

      • Jim Walker

        Fairchild had a .735/96 career OPS/wRC+ vs RHP for 2022-23 combined in 207PA. By season it was .780/116 in 2022 and .716/87 in 2023.

        Maybe it was a self fulfilling prophecy he could not hit RH pitching when somebody decided he could not hit RH pitching and quit getting him PAs vs RHP???

      • Rob

        Think you have it about 75% right. No doubt that we need an everyday OF who can bat in the first inning and eighth inning without deference to some pinch hitter. Preferably a RF or CF. The part you may have unintentionally omitted is that he needs to be a heavy hitter …..850-900 OPS. I don’t think you have done yourself any good by getting a 1:1 everyday replacement for Fraley or Friedl. We need to aim higher. There no harm here if your land your fish and some other 900 OPS prospect comes along. (Dream on.). You can always trade the guy for the same level of prospects that it took to get him. But despite what Bell and Krall say,we need a big time OF now and for 2025. In a couple of weeks there are going to be some teams that are going to get cold feet about their playoff chances and look to acquire a hot prospect or two for 2025/2026. I would put the Astros, Blue Jays, Rays, and Mets potentially in this category. Tucker?

      • Harry Stoner

        Man, the Fairchild excuse making rivals that of the Bell apologistas.

        ‘Fairchild can’t hit right handed pitching because he can’t hit right handed pitching.’

        All the tortured data mining isn’t going to turn him into something he isn’t.

        He’s a mediocre ball player at best who flashes good D at times and serious mental lapses on the base paths and in the field at others.

        The occasional HR skews his OPs which is a far better tool for contract negotiation than for assessing productivity.

        Even so, he’s hitting sub .220 with a just over .600 OPs if you worry about that.

        He hit .228 last year in 200+ ABs.

        Simply not happening. And not going to, no matter what prophesies are told or kept secret.

        Would I give him his shot at flailing at RH pitching after watching Benson do so for half a season?

        Sure, why not?

        But pretending that somehow he’s a great player stymied by others is really not credible, no matter how many numbers are parsed, sliced, diced and reassembled.

        He’s muy mediocre, at best, but on the 2024 Reds that might be stellar.

        Now, if they could build in a “How many outs are there, Stew?” app into the gum he’s chewing……

    • Kevin H

      Candy is hurting with knee tendinitis, Fraley was a late scratch with leg contusion. Benson is as we know 0-25 slump. What was Bell to do, this is hand he was dealt. Frustrating season all around

      • Rob

        I think you are giving Bell the easy way out. With his current roster, I will grant you that he had limited options. But golly, this is the same guy that when pressed about his players, says we are fine and will turn it around. I would bet against his baseball knowledge on that statement. This team needs big time help that does not come in on the bus from Louisville. It is the same deficient roster he rolled out of spring training with and has observed for 3 months minus CES. In reality we have not been nicked terribly by post March injuries other than CES and Friedl to some degree. Marte is coming back soon but I don’t think that is a major add. We need a bat or two but we have needed a bat or two since March.

  12. Melvin

    “Needing a big rally, the Reds half of the 9th inning would have them facing off against Aroldis Chapman.”

    Chapman always did pitch well in Cincy. We could have had him. Fitting that he nails us down like that.

  13. RedAlert

    This is flat out unacceptable baseball …. I don’t live in Cincy , but have been a REDS fan for my entire life . I feel for the fans that live in Cincinnati and attend the games …. They deserve way better than this , as do the rest of us spread across the country . It is past time for Bell and Krall to go … but it won’t change as long as the owner remains the same . Sell the team Bob to somebody that gives a CRAP !!!!!! Sick of seeing this product that you put on the field ….. its embarrassing !!!!!

  14. Old-school

    Today’s series loss to the Pirates felt like a big reality check on the 2024 season. We are back to the days in late may where the season was at risk for being over with another couple losses. 4 game series in StL in last place followed by the Yankees and we are back at the precipice of disaster.

    Ive not commented on this all year as I could be convinced either way, but I do think it’s a legitimate question to ask now. Is Graham Ashcraft better suited in the bullpen? I ‘m squinting harder and harder to see a 30 start 180 inning guy who is a mid rotation starter. He might be better than Sims and Farmer in the bullpen. Someone convince me Ashcraft is a 30 start 180 inning pitcher in 2025 with a sub 4.25 ERA

    Im open .

    • Roger Garrett

      Ash is a bull pen piece primarily because everything he throws is hard.I can see him coming in and ramping it up to 100 and say hit this for one inning.Can’t find enough guys like that IMO and surely there is somebody internally or outside of the organization that can be a serviceable 5th starter.For me his demotion was awkward in the sense that he is what he is and now we hear from him he really didn’t do anything different.Looks like there wasn’t a plan at all or if there was he didn’t follow.Reds never seem to have a plan regarding demotions or injuries or why this guy goes down and this guy gets a pass regardless of performance.It almost like they throw darts at a board at various plans and which ever the dart comes closer to it then becomes the plan

  15. DataDumpster

    I never heard the oft repeated India’s remarks about David Bell “letting us have fun, never gets upset or gives firm direction” theme but this team definitely plays with that lack of focus. Today, Ashcraft really surprised me with his remarks. With a good question asking what specifically did he work on to improve his approach in AAA, he said “Nothing really. I just tried to keep it in the zone.” Seems like a pretty flippant answer for a player who isn’t doing particularly well now but it may also just be an honest answer to the question. One thing for sure is that this team has played like they have no direction. Later, I should have known that Bell would chime in with the stock phrase that “nothing changes on this team in our preparation.” Meanwhile, Krall harps on consistency as the problem. It is too much to follow on a daily basis. Glad I didn’t pick up on the game until it was over.

    • Kevin H

      When listening to interviews Graham seems pretty blunt in his response. He may not of worked on anything, or maybe didn’t want to answer question. Of course who knows, however tend to agree. Just coming up you probably don’t want to say “nothing really”

  16. Jim Walker

    Do we have any “spies” at CVG to report who did and did not get on the Reds charter for StLouis???? Thinking about Marte and how the roster may be shuffled for him. Also are they swapping any pitchers in and out from AAA?

    • Tom Diesman

      No spy data, but my guess is Marte to 26 and 40 man, Soto optioned to AAA to clear 26 man spot, and Burdick DFA to clear 40 man spot.

  17. Jim Delaney

    Reds are 6 under but still have a +6 in scoring differential, they have a winning record vs both the Phillies and Dodgers based off these stats the GM and Manager have to both be under the microscope. With the current positive scoring differential they should be at minimum .500. Playing high intense and motivated baseball vs Phillies and Dodgers shows they are better than being 6 under. If they do lose 90 plus games bringing back either Krall or Bell is pretty much the Castellini ownership group giving REDS fans the middle finger…

  18. Kevin H

    Injuries happen and have hit this team in a big way. The issue or so it seems is the front office didn’t pull off a trade or two to replace the injured/Suspended players.

    Today’s lineup to me was a example of what happens when one doesn’t improve self in season. So it’s a washed season in my opinion and that’s on upper management. Bell can only do so much and right now, and with Candelaria battling knee tendinitis, Benson in a slump and Fraley a late stratch. This is the product you put put on the field.

    Point to all this is Reds put all their chips on McClain, Marte, CES, and Friedl. Well we see those results.

    • Harry Stoner

      Today was a last place team on the field and in the standings.

      The string of injuries doesn’t somehow turn Bell into a good manager. He contributes his share to the mounting losses along with Candelario’s knee.

      Candelario’ a knee will get better long before Bell becomes a quality, winning manager able to lead a team to perform consistently at better than a 5 games below .500, squeak into expanded playoffs description of ‘competitiveness’.

      No matter how many things he knows.

  19. Klugo

    The parts that make up the Pittsburgh Poirates baseball team are not as good as the parts that make up the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. I believe that. Yet, the sum of those parts make an embarrassment of the sum of our parts. Why is that? I have my theories and I’m sure you all do too, but either some things change or this will just continue to be the norm. What a joke.

  20. Roger Garrett

    Love you Kevin but ain’t buying the lineup today.Only new thing was Fraley.Candy’s tendinitis and Benson’s year long slump are not a secret.Bell gave this game away.Soto hadn’t done anything except go fro coffee and doughnuts since he has been up and the other rookie played well his first game and set last night.No way this lineup had to be and when it was we knew the result.Bell doesn’t get a pass from me on injuries cause he will put a lineup out there almost always on get away day.He is just who he is.He can stop a winning streak or prolong a losing streak or insure a series is lost all by himself.

    • Tom Diesman

      What kind of doughnuts? We’re they cream filled with sprinkles?

      • Harry Stoner

        Filled with tired platitudes and sprinkled with excuses.

  21. Andrew Brewer

    The Reds scored 11, 5, and 1 run in this series. They have an amazing knack for winning the first game, and then losing the next two. The last series against the Pirates they managed 3 runs over 3 games. If they can come out and win the first one, why should they continue with this losing of the next two ?
    India continues to impress and his average has risen to .268. We have our leadoff hitter even with Friedl out. Our 2 thru 5 hitters have to turn this around.
    What happened to Fraley ? Injury it says …
    The Reds are still capable.
    It’s time to dig deep.

    • Harry Stoner

      Is there a site which documents the Reds performance on day games?

      On Sunday games?

      On ‘get away’ games?

      I’m sure I’m mistaken, but it seems like the Reds often do poorly in these situations.

      I am glad to see India hitting again.

      Yikes…a Reds hitter with a BA above .260.

      No, Fraley doesn’t count.

      He’s as invisible as his head (understandably) seems to be.

  22. Erik the Red

    The offense has been foul for several games now. I know the days of where Cesar Geronimo being the worst every day player on our team would be a pipe dream now. If two or three of these guys do not become dudes. We are done for the next four years.

  23. Jeff morris

    Reds will never ever do anything until they get overall healthy, then they have a chance. But….its year after year, either this person is injured or that person is injured. And, then you sit and wait until the next person gets injured and is out. Either a hamstring problem there, or hit on the hand problem there, blister, and then this and then that. Its the same year after year, Reds ALWAYS have their players injured, and have to rely on substitute players that would not be playing for other teams. It just never changes…year after year after year.

    • Harry Stoner

      I’d be up for a “No diving!” policy to go along with the team’s “No thinking while running the bases!” mantra.

  24. crrob

    Way to many injuries for the Reds to have a chance to make a run at a playoff spot. Look at all the injuries the team has had since spring training to now. Add to that some players havent stepped up and progressed. It is what it is, hopefully players wake up and improve and maybe next year things break better for the team

    • Rob

      I won’t dispute that the Reds are not very good. And I don’t think that with the return of the injured (Marte, Friedl, and Lodolo) that they will be strong competitors for a playoff spot. Guess some of differ with the management on this view.

      But all that said, there are about 8-9 other mediocre NL teams in the same boat as the Reds. And it is not an intimidating group. And there are openings and sweet spots that may to the Reds advantage. Some of these teams are rebuilders and over achievers (Pirates, Cards, and Nats) who I doubt will be inclined to unload younger players and prospects to strengthen the club for 1-2 years. Maybe minor adds at best. Then there are at least a couple injury affected clubs in the Reds and Giants who could see a strong finish with good health and a couple of adds. And there are the free swinger, underachievers as the Mets, Cubs, and Padres who may unload prospects and add, or who may be just as likely to subtract and plan for 2025. Kind of like the Rangers of last year. If they go, they may go big. IMO, there are no slam dunks that any of these 8-9 clubs will be big traders in July. The competition for the bigger trade pieces in the NL may actually turn out to be the Dodgers (also hampered by bullpen injuries), Braves, and Phils. If we choose to, we can compete with any of these clubs as far as prospect talent.

      As far as trade partners, I think only 1-2 of the above NL fringe teams, and the 2 losers (Marlins and Rockies) are going to have any top players that they are willing to trade for Reds prospects or youth. Robert from the White Sox or O’Neil from the Red Sox both look close to the type of player we need. Are they enough? If we wouldn’t continue falling backward and return to 500 ish, I would guess that we would have a solid chance to gain a playoff spot. Are they sure things? No, there is no such thing. But the risk is minimal.

  25. Nicole Cushing

    For the rest of the season, GABP stands for “Games are basically pointless.”

  26. Tony Cloninger

    The Yankees currently have JD Davis batting cleanup and someone no one ever heard of playing 1B. Were they prepared for Rizzo and Stanton getting hurt. They should be considered age and recent history. Yet they’re really not but they’ll trade if they have to.
    They also have a better deeper pitching staff. Number 1 in the AL.

    Should the Reds even bother at this point. Is there some magical one player that can carry the offense in a year where offense is down severely all over.

    The tough part of all these injuries is that they have to wait until next year to see what they actually have in CES and Matt.

    • Melvin

      I would say that if the Reds can pull off a trade for an outfielder such as Robert or Rooker they should do it. Even if they don’t make the post season it will still set them up for the next few years. It’s going to hurt to give up some minor league talent but that’s just the way it is. Maybe even necessary to give up some major league talent as well. There is no perfect scenario. Chances will have to be taken. It’s just better than doing nothing at this point.

    • Rob

      Sorry but it is obvious to me that next year will not be dissimilar to this year. We will still have an OF of Fairchild, Fraley, Benson, Dunn, Friedl, and Steer. CES and Candy will still split DH and India, Mac, and Marte will scrum for a couple IF positions. And we will have some injuries. It is painfully obvious to me that this offense is not nearly enough. What are we 26th or 28th and Marte and Mac are going to push us into the top 10-12? No way unless they both hit 40HRs. No, we need 1-2 additional big time OF bats to compete with the Brewers and the up and coming Cards and Pirates. When you are 2-3 games out of the wildcard vs other flawed teams, why wouldn’t you add 1-2 big bats now or a month ago, vs next year? We have a cache of SS and 3B prospects who may not even have a spot when they arrive here in 2026. In fact, we even released one (Barerro) without a trade return this past spring.

  27. jmb

    Wilson pitched well again. If he keeps that up he may bring something back come the trade deadline. Yankees, and other teams, need lefty relievers, and they’ve gone after him before.

    • Rob

      We have many many tradable guys including Wilson. But the fact of the matter is that many if not all of these guys will bring you no more than a midlin prospect or a journeyman. We have plenty of those. We need a 900 OPS guy. Now if the Yankees want to ante up the oft injured $35M Stanton for Wilson and Fraley, I might be tempted. Stanton would be better on one hamstring than what we have.