A key error and plenty of walks from Nick Lodolo helped the Boston Red Sox pick up a 7-4 win over the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday afternoon. Boston’s win also gave them a series victory as they picked up wins in the final two games of the 3-game set at Great American Ball Park.

Final R H E
Boston Red Sox (42-36)
7 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (36-41)
4 10 1
W: Weissert (3-1) L: Lodolo (8-3) SV: Jansen (15)
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Nick Lodolo had to work around a walk and a single in the top of the 1st inning, but he was able to get back-to-back groundouts to get out of the jam. The next three innings were a bit easier as he allowed just one hit. Zack Kelly matched him for 2.2 innings before giving way to former Reds prospect Brennan Bernardino for the final out of the 3rd.

It was the 4th inning that went south for Cincinnati and Nick Lodolo. A leadoff walk was followed up by a Connor Wong 2-run home that put Boston on top 2-0. A double and a walk came next, and then manager David Bell was tossed for what appeared to be arguing balls and strikes from the dugout before making his way to the plate to argue some more.

On the next pitch Lodolo induced a tailor made double play ball to shortstop, but Jonathan India’s throw to first base landed in the Reds dugout and brought in a run. Two batter later Jarren Duran doubled in another run to make it 4-0.

Cincinnati’s offense got one of those runs back in the bottom of the inning after Elly De La Cruz doubled into the left field corner and then came around to score on a single by Jeimer Candelario. That led to a pitching change for Boston and they got out of the inning without any further damage.

Boston got back to work in the top of the 6th inning against Buck Farmer. He retired the first two batters of the inning, but he gave up a 2-out double. That ended his day as the Reds turned things over to Brent Suter with lefty Jarren Duran due up, but Duran won the battle by going the other way with a line drive single into left to drive in a run. Rob Refsnyder followed up with a 2-run homer that put the Red Sox up 7-1.

In the bottom of the 6th inning the Reds got back on the board when Tyler Stephenson drove in Spencer Steer with a double after Steer was hit by a pitch. Jonathan India beat out an infield single to put runners on the corners. Santiago Espinal and Stuart Fairchild then both came through with 2-out RBI singles to cut the lead to 7-4.

The score remained there as the game entered the bottom of the 9th. Kenley Jansent took over to try and pick up the save for Boston. He would get Stuart Fairchild to pop up and TJ Friedl to ground out, needing just four pitches to do so. But Elly De La Cruz battled him and on the 6th pitch of the at-bat he singled into right field to keep the game alive. Two pitches later the game came to an end on a flyball to shallow right center as the Red Sox held on for a 7-4 win that also gave them the series victory.

Key Moment of the Game

Rob Refsnyder’s 2-run homer in the 6th. While the Red Sox already had a lead, it put the game out of reach.

Notes Worth Noting

Will Benson was hit by a pitch in the elbow during the 8th inning. After taking the 97 MPH fastball to the arm, he remained in the game to run the bases. But when the team took the field in the top of the 9th he was no longer in the game. He went 0-3 in the game, extending his hitless streak to 0-21 and counting.

The Reds batters didn’t walk in the game. Nick Lodolo walked four batters – the Reds bullpen walked no one.

C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic noted that David and Buddy Bell have been ejected 72 times as managers. The other six father-son combinations in MLB history have combined for 76 ejections, with Bob and Aaron Boone a distant second at 45.

The loss guarantees the Reds will remain in last place.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds

Monday June 23rd, 7:10pm ET

Bailey Falter (3-5, 3.74 ERA) vs Carson Spiers (0-1, 3.20 ERA)

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  1. Gpod

    I remember when the narrative was that the Brewers were going on the west coast trip and now was the time for the Reds to make up some ground….apparently the Reds didn’t get that memo

    • Melvin

      Need to send out another one before it’s too late? 😉

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, don’t forget the Reds are in the “easy” part of their schedule.

      • Melvin

        In recent years the “easy” part of the schedule has doomed us. Hope that changes this year.

  2. Moon

    Reds play to the level of the competition. Or a little below most of the time. They now have lost three straight series.

    • TR

      Just when it looked like the Reds would hit .500 and get above. Now 5 games under with 10 games with the tough Pirates and Cards and the surging Yankees. There’s not been too many Reds teams in my recognition without a .300 hitter, but this is one.

      • SteveAReno

        Nor a .290 or .280 hitter either!

  3. RedlegScott

    There’s considerable talk about what could be done to fix the team – send Benson down, trade for a power hitting OF, etc. All good suggestions, but I don’t see any of it as particularly effective as long as we have a manager who can’t manage the team. I wasn’t saying that last year, but I am now.

      • Gpod

        mainly because no one can find any accomplishment by this manager that should warrant his continued employment

    • Mark

      I could not agree more. Benson needs to go down now, he is horrible. Bell’s managing and platooning absolutely sucks, in fact, it is ridiculous. There is no chaNce of consistency as long as he platoons. The hitting and pitching coach need to go, horrible along with Bell. As long as the Castellinis own the team, the will continue to perform less than mediocricy.

  4. Nicole Cushing

    Three suggestions to the Reds front office:

    1. Embrace the “Loveable Losers” brand, in the same way the Cubs did in the ’80s. The first step of the process: give Mr. Redlegs some googly eyes and buck teeth.

    2. Recruit one enraged fan to compete in an officially sanctioned MMA fight with David Bell. Not only could you require the fan to pay for the opportunity (via auction to the highest bidder), but you could also sell tickets to the event. I imagine Bell is in pretty good shape for a guy his age. Allow any former Reds manager to serve as his corner man.

    3. Discontinue “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the Seventh Inning Stretch. Replace it with a extended series of wet fart sounds.

    • RedlegScott

      I’ll start the bidding at $1.

    • DW

      For suggestion #2, I say we send LDS into the ring with Bell.

      • LDS

        Every time I think I’m out, one of you drag me back in. I was on the dump Bell bandwagon several years ago and was told Bell knows things . And I was on the Reds weren’t going to be good this year and was broadly criticized. Glad to see you guys finally catching on. The Reds aren’t good and won’t be with Bell at the helm. And Krall isn’t the genius some here imagined. He’s just a yes man that cut payroll. He hasn’t shown he can build a winning team. So welcome aboard.

      • Votto4life

        I would like to think that each loss brings Bell closer to his walking papers. But, in all honesty, if the Reds didn’t fire Bell when they started off 3-22 in 2022 or gave Bell a 3 year extension coming off a 100 loss season, I just don’t see the Reds firing Bell, especially with two years remaining on his contract. Nope, we are stuck with David Bell at least until 2026.

      • DW

        It was just a joke LDS. I picked you to go in the ring because you have been the biggest Bell hater of all of us.

        I like reading your comments and have even defended you a few times. So relax. I have not been a fan of Bell since year one. I’m with you on the Castellini’s and Bell, but think higher of Krall than you do.

        I did think the talent coming into this year was good enough to finish a little better than last year. Especially with a healthy starting five that are actually MLB caliber starters. But injuries, Bell, and a lack of additions have held them back.

      • LDS

        Actually @DW, I don’t hate Bell. I don’t know Bell. He may be a great guy to have as a neighbor, have drinks with, etc. But I don’t respect his management abilities or his situational awareness. It was obvious years ago that he wasn’t the guy to lead the Reds to the next level. Too much of his vision of the game is informed by his own career. And everyone isn’t suited to be a multi-position player. It was how he was used and it’s all too frequently how he tries to use other players. And as for him being “analytics driven”, no he isn’t. He’s virtually innumerate.

  5. Mauired

    Yeah unfortunately it is looking like a sell off. I had hopes with an easier schedule they would get hot and at least compete for a wildcard. They did for a couple weeks but the offense just doesn’t have much juice this year. And there really isn’t too much internally to help either. Marte, Dunn, and Hinds have not hit in minors. McLain and CES are big question marks to even comeback this year.

    They could possibly trade for someone but the problem(s) with that is for one with the extra wildcard even most mediocre teams around .500 like the Reds are technically still in the hunt and won’t be selling. And it also means more buyers and very few sellers so the price for anything semi helpful is probably going to be ridiculous.

    • Ted Alfred

      It’s hard for the offense to do much when you basically run yourselves out of a couple Innings every game with dumb base-running mistakes

  6. Rob

    I commented on this about a month ago but you can see it resurfacing in the recent comments by RLN and others including local announcers and print media. There is a growing belief that this team isn’t going to be able to do it without some help. And if that is the case, it will begin showing up among the players and on the field…if it already hasn’t. I have no clue what Krall is seeing but I would strongly urge his attention and caution as this thing could get away from you. We are sitting here with the rebuilding Cards and Pirates ahead of us and approaching the need to play 600 ball to get to 86 wins. No need for improvement pieces??

  7. Mark Moore

    I was driving while listening. I switched to music after the BoSox went up 7-1. Surprised we squeaked out a few more runs.

    I’d like to know why Candy didn’t score on that double? Wasn’t he already on 2nd?

    Lodolo had an off day and (from what the WLW booth was saying), the Chumpire and Crew Chief didn’t help that at all.

    I suppose I can summarize this with a Double STINK. FISH. POT!!!

    • VaRedsFan

      According to reports, Lodolo had a blister that prevented most of the use of the curveball.

      Candy was on first for the double. Still nursing some leg issue too.

  8. Harry Stoner

    Interesting note about how many times Bell has been tossed.

    Like a Jekyll and Hyde, given his typical mumbled, barely a pulse, post game interviews and schmuffled excuses for just about everything that has gone wrong.

    I will give him a ex post facto thumbs up after his recent tossing in Pittsburgh when the home team cranked up a 70s ELO style light show which Bell took offense to as a distraction from his bullpen.

    Bell blew his fuse, got tossed and even with no sound you could clearly see him mouthing “Do your fuxxing job!” to the home plate ump.

    Which did appear to get the ump’s attention.

    I remain convinced that managing an MLB team is way beyond Bell’s limited capacity but I’ve got to give hm props for that.

    “Do your fuxxing job!”


    I wish he would try some of that out in the dugout, too.

    • Brian

      An easy way to temporarily take heat off of poor managing is to get tossed because fans think it’s cool and that it shows that the manager cares.

      • Harry Stoner

        I get it: More of Bell’s “managing”.

        Just seems so out of sync with his total laissez faire approach to dealing with his players.

      • Brian

        Fundamentals and accountability both seem to be an F grade and that has to fall on someone. It’s team wide. Throw in hitters not hitting and that’s not counting Head scratching moves

    • jon

      Bell needs to get ejected in the 1st inning to help the team.

  9. Brian

    The Reds outfield. Fairchild= 4th or 5th outfielder. Fraley= 4th or 5th outfielder. Benson= AAAA outfielder. Friedl= Legit major league starter when healthy and he’s seemingly playing hurt currently.
    That outfield is NOT acceptable.

    • JohnnySofa

      Everyone outside the front office knew this back in November.

  10. Hanginwithem

    It’s at the point now where the Reds fish or cut bait. Post All-Star break would be a good time to start fresh. I’m not holding my breath.

    • RedAlert

      Zero accountability and zero urgency shown by anybody in this front office …. Krall is one of the most do nothing GMs in MLB

  11. Laredo Slider

    Don’t mean to nit-pick but Monday is June 24, not June 23.

  12. DW

    A few things of note after this series:

    1 – I have disliked Bell as a manager since year one. Last year I didn’t like the way he managed, but the team exceeded expectations…so I was willing to consider that maybe I was wrong. (Still completely disagreed with the extension) I am fully back to seeing him as #60 out of 30 (thanks for this Mark Moore).

    2 – How can an MLB team continue to repeat the same high school level mental mistakes? For example, Elly trying to steal third with two outs yesterday…again! That is on the coaching staff at this point.

    3 – Defense and base running are still critical parts of the game. They are highly underrated. How many runs would have been scored without the mental errors on the base paths? We have no way of knowing, but they kill rallies consistently. And the errors on defense build rallies for the opposition continually.

    4 – Benson really needs to go down to the minors to get straightened out…weeks ago. It worked for him last year. I’d much rather see Dunn or Little Hurt, or even Jordan.

    5 – Lodolo pitched better than the result today. The umpire really blew some consequential calls behind the plate and the defense let him down…I really felt bad for him.

    6- A rare year of good consistent pitching from our starters is being wasted.

    7 – Isn’t Youkilis a Cincinnati guy? He has my vote for consideration for next Reds manager, based on his playing style and the comments he made about the Reds and Bell. These young players need accountability to grow, and that does not currently exist in this organization.

    8 – Still love the Reds. Couldn’t switch teams if I wanted to. But it sure is frustrating to watch such sloppy management.

    I’m done…swing away at those comments. Haha

    • Melvin

      ” A rare year of good consistent pitching from our starters is being wasted.”

      For sure. So far at least.

    • crrob

      Well said DW, Great points, I was a little higher on Bell than you were but it could be time to make a move. I’m not taking a chance on a manager at this point. Buck is available and would do a great job with the young players the Reds have. Youk was a gamer, let him come on staff and learn from Buck. Also as you said Benson needs a chance to go down and take some pressure off and work on his game, he’s an automatic out at this point.

    • Bill J

      In reply to your comment on base running I read this: “The baserunning is a strength of our team,” Reds manager David Bell said.

      • Melvin

        One might say speed is a strength of our team. Base running isn’t .

  13. Oldtimer

    I was born in 1951. The first Reds manager I remember was Birdie Tebbetts.

    In my lifetime (starting with Tebbetts) the Reds have fired their manager 11 times in mid season. In all but a couple of those times, the Reds got better (W-L record) under the new manager. The rest, they were about the same after the firing.

    The Reds didn’t fire Bryan Price after three years of miserable results until he started 3-15 the next year.

    The Reds probably won’t fire David Bell mid year if they didn’t fire Price sooner.

    • Harry Stoner

      Hard to imagine them firing Bell not even a full year into his (bizarre) three year contract extension.

      At best, he’ll get kicked upstairs into some ‘player development’ role.

      Krall is hard-wired into the same myopic, hakuna matata, ‘be who you are!’ approach as is Bell.

      Short of a 100 loss season, we’re all pixxing into the wind thinking that Bell will be replaced.

      “The torture will continue until morale improves.”

      • Votto4life

        I agree Harry, I think there is little chance of David Bell being fired. As long as the Reds are drawing decent crowds, the Reds will stand pat. They will blame this season on injuries and then will try to shed some salaries at the trading deadline (Montas and Martinez).

    • Rob

      Such glad tidings to all Reds fans who care. For all of Nick’s mumbling about that guy being injured and not being able to help right now, it doesn’t seem to me that our regular players are not able to help right now either. But continue exercising patience (or not addressing the problems) and see how well that is going to work out. I have enough data in 3 months to tell me.

    • jmb

      Price had a big league team. The Reds are fielding a AAA tam these days.

  14. Klugo

    I just keep trying to remind myself of last year’s Arizona team.

  15. Moon

    I picked the Reds to go 78-84 this year. I still feel that is where they are going to end up. This is not a good team but it is not a bad team either. The offense is pretty meh but the starting pitching has been very good. The bullpen is not bad but inconsistent. The Reds just did not do enough in the offseason in my mind to get them over the hump. And that is where we are. I expect them to bounce around the rest of the year with some good stretches and bad stretches but basically stick around .500 from here and hit that 78 win mark. And I do not expect them to make any moves to improve the team. They might perhaps trade some guys for prospects that could help in a year or two. But we are again looking for answers in the offseason from a front office that just does not appear to really want to spend the dollars it takes to make the team a legitimate playoff team.

    • Rob

      Moon, if they trade mlb players for prospects, that will be the last straw for me. That is synonymous with rebuilding or giving up and saving money. That is what we did in 2022 and gave up on Luis, Nick, Geno, Wink, and others for guys like Marte, Arroyo, Stoudt, CES, Fraley, Williamson, and saved $50M. 2024 was susposed to be a year of contention. Adversity, including underperformance and injuries, happens but you don’t acquire cheaper, longer term pieces. You try to improve the team so that it is better in 2024 and 2025. That means trading prospects and acquiring talent.

      • Moon

        Yes, I am with you. But I am not in the front office and have no idea what they will do. It seems like this is an important time, sort of a cross roads. Either go all in with the core you have and improve it. Or you go back to rebuild. The wrong move would be to sit on your hands and go status quo. There are a few guys they could trade I think that would not impact the current makeup of the team like Montas if they can get a taker.

    • Votto4life

      We keep hearing that offenses are down all over baseball. Perhaps, that is why the Red’s starting pitching has been so good. In any event, I think it would be a mistake to believe that the Reds starting pitching should no longer be a concern moving forward.

  16. Longtimefan

    When you are horrible fundamentally who other than the manager is to blame. I don’t understand how a team can continue to make the same mistakes and not learn from them. Do they not get embarrassed when they do something stupid? I would. A manager’s job is basically take advantage of your strengths, improve on your weaknesses, and make out the lineup. There is a ton of room for improvement in all those areas. Although the Brewers lost their manager to the Cubs and they still keep on winning and the Cubs have been struggling like us.

    • Votto4life

      In fairness to David Bell (and I am not a Bell supporter), the managers, coaches and instructors in the Red’s system shares a great deal of the blame. How these players are promoted to the big leagues without demonstrating they understand situational baseball, I have no idea.

      Yes, David Bell shares the blame for poor fundamentals, but Nick Krall is responsible for the Red’s player development system and it needs a complete overhaul.

  17. Justin T

    The only defense of our manager is that firing him wouldnt fix the bigger issue. This organization is such a mess top to bottom its simply rearing its ugly head on the field. Bad trades and bad drafting have not helped.

    There is a mediocrity mindset that has spread into the fanbase who get excited over anything they can grasp on to. They defend Bell because they havent seen what winning baseball looks like in 15 years. Elly is a fun player to watch, but even he is polarizing with his strikeouts, errors and bad baserunning. The more experienced fan knows there is noone here currently that can truly help him develop the way he needs to. There is a gigantic lack of leadership on this team and a lack of communication with the fans from the front office. No voice represents the team.

    The Reds have turned into a below average franchise that isnt a winner. They are the 1990’s Bengals and Bell is Dave Shula.

  18. Anthony

    Ridiculous batting orders changing every night. Playing lifelong infielders in the outfield. Double switching in 6th inning then hamstrung in end. Use entire roster every game. Constant flukey injuries. Record now for chucked out games. Press conferences that would bore a wild zoo animal. Losing record again…no post season runs scored…sounds to me like Bell should maintain this job forever. Why make a change when we can be condemned to this downfall for years and years in the future. Dont energize it with fresh leadership lets leave it as is….tongue bites cheek

  19. Anthony

    Team is lifeless. No fire. Horrible base runner. Poor defensively. Flawed fundamentals. Every hitter floundering.. any hints of who all this comes back to? End the misery Wednesday after the allstar game comedy

    • Jim Walker

      It is still ~20 games till the All Star break. If they are going to make a move to change the manager, do it now when there still might reasonably be time to get into the wild card picture.

    • Jeremiah

      It seemed that way last year too and I think 2021 towards the end, just a lack of fire, lack of leadership.

    • jmb

      True. You can’t have guys striking out as often as EDLC and Benson. You can’t have guys making as many errors as EDLC and Candelario. You can’t have so many players that don’t have a natural position or can’t field their position: Steer, CES. You can’t have guys like Cruz and Diaz losing so many games late. You can’t have AAA players playing in the bigs: Benson and Fairchild.

      • Votto4life

        Let’s hope his performance last year was unrelated to PEDS. I know most here are excited about Marte’s return. He is my least favorite Red at this point and I won’t shed any tears when the Reds move on from him. The Reds can finish last without him.

      • Votto4life

        My comment is related to Jon’s comment regarding Marte.

    • jon

      Our savior Marte is on a 0-20 skid and hitting .143 in AAA.

  20. Bill J

    In reply to your comment on base running I read this: “The baserunning is a strength of our team,” Reds manager David Bell said.

    • Pat

      And stupidity is the weakness! Why start a pitcher knowing he has a blister and has had them in the past. As a manager you have to care enough about your players not to exacerbate their injuries! See…Matt McClain and CES!

  21. Lee

    I feel sorry for Krall stuck with a cheapskate owner and a nepobaby manager his hands are tied doubleknotted.Should have went for it last year because this year is going to be another sub500 finish just like most of this centuries finishes.

    • Votto4life

      Nick Krall is making pretty good money without seemingly any expectations at all.

      The poor fundamentals we see every, single night is a reflection of the Red’s player development system that is over seen by Nick Krall.

      I’m sorry, but I just can’t feel sorry for Nick Krall.

      • Melvin

        I can’t feel sorry for anyone like Bell or Krall making millions of dollars doing what they’re doing. No matter how hard it is it’s an American dream. I’d say there are Billions of people on earth who would love to have jobs like that.

      • Jeremiah

        If they ever let go of Krall is that a Bob Castellini decision, or Phil Castellini decision? Was just curious about the chain of command. I’m not advocating for that, but I figured Krall would make the decision on Bell, but wasn’t sure who makes the decision on Krall/GM/etc.

        I do think the family connection makes it a little harder for the Reds to potentially move on from Bell. You see that in normal companies of course too, you have a little more leash if you have a family history and connection. Sometimes that is good, sometimes not.

  22. Jeremiah

    Reds hot streak met with below average play against the Brewers and especially Pittsburgh and Boston. I think that’s concerning for the long term of this season as it doesn’t seem they are better then those other teams hovering around .500 like Pitt, Boston, St. Louis.

    Upcoming series against Pittsburgh and St. Louis I think will be somewhat telling. Then the Yankees in New York. How will they fare these next 10 games? My prediction is 4-6, but I’m hoping for better.

    They end the first half with 7 against I think Colorado and Miami? That could be great for the Reds but sometimes I’m not sure it matters much who they are playing, depends how the Reds are playing overall.

    Reds aren’t alone in their mediocrity…Cubs, Giants, right there with them, Mets playing a little better, but some bigtime huge market teams there not really much better than the Reds.

    Benson really needs to go down I think I’m with the masses on that. The problem is not sure they have a lot of guys to bring up to take his place. I saw Dunn got hit on the head again by a fastball, twice now within a few weeks that is terrible! I’d probably bring him up and put him in Right every day. Hurtibise I don’t think was ready, it’s too bad he kind of came back basically off a rehab for his first MLB experience I believe. I think Benson can still be helpful to the Reds organization and backup potentially at some point. I think they really believe in him, but I they’re not doing the team or him much favors I think having him in the lineup 4-5 times a week.

    • Jim Walker

      At least Benson’s K rate has dipped back below 40% and seems to be hanging around 39.5% but that is still 17% above league average K rate. Incredibly, his BB rate is ~3% better than league average. The guy just can’t get his bat on the ball in certain parts of the zone and the opposition has figured this out.

      Guys need to play regularly. Look at how Fairchild and Espinal’s OPS yoyo when the Reds are seeing very few LH pitchers.

    • Rob

      I don’t think any offensive answers lie at Louisville. Gosh we have tried Martini, Capel, Ford, Thompson, Dunn, Hurtubise, and Wynn. How does one figure the 10th or 12th best player there is going to provide any help? Other than Burdick, I don’t think there is any offensive guy left who is on the 40 man roster. But we keep buying these lottery tickets.

      I think a key point here is that with each passing day, the hill to climb gets higher. Figuring it will take 85-86 wins to gain a wildcard, that is now getting close to winning 48 of the last 80, or 600 baseball! I just don’t see the injury “excuse” and return of CES and Marte making that kind of difference. We need the same power OF bat we needed in March. And Krall and the Reds have basically bet the first 3 months of the season that this team is good enough without (significant) help to get to the promised land.

      The other flawed thinking here imo is that things are going to get much clearer and easier in late July. No, I think the stronger trade pieces are potentially going to have unexpected and additional courters Rebuilders like the Cards, Pirates, and Nationals may decide to go for it. Who knows what free swingers like the Cubs, Mets, and Pads plan? And I would bet the falling Braves add a really strong piece to backfill for Acuna. And Dodgers and Brewers are going to sit by idly? Almost certain that there will be 5-6 teams aggressively going after those last 3 wildcard spots. Some contending teams are going to get better in the last 2.5 months! Reds? Who offers the best prospects to the sellers will be the prize winners. We are well equipped here to get who we want. At last one big OF bat. Last year it as the Rangers who picked up Monty and Scherzer and made the playoffs on the last day.

  23. Jeremiah

    It seemed that way last year too and I think 2021 towards the end, just a lack of fire, lack of leadership.

    • Rednat

      I agree with your assesment. Just seems like the breaks are against the boys this year.. its been a slow death. I kind of want them to go 0-10 so we can just put this year behind us and focus on next year

      • TR

        It has been a disappointing season so far with almost half the games in the book. But there’s still a lot of baseball to be played and the Reds starting and relief pitching has been and is a strong point. Other than waiting for injured players to recover and return, we also wait to see if the front office does anything to jolt this under performing team.

  24. jmb

    Price had a big league team. The Reds are fielding a AAA tam these days.

    • Jim Walker

      The errors that cooked the Reds goose Saturday and Sunday were made by Candelario and India, not by AAA or AAAA players. For the most part, the pitching they have gotten has been good enough to win more often than to lose if they had played better defense and avoided the steady stream of TOOTBLANs.

      • Steelersfan

        And the India error really highlights the issue they have there. Roughly .750 ops the last three years, and the defense is not getting better. I know he is a team leader, but that does not seem to be translating to anything that makes up for the play on the field.

  25. Steven Ross

    Bell should be let go but he’s not going anywhere. Still has two years left on his extentsion signed last September. Shocked if he isn’t at the helm until 2026. Reds won’t pay him for another two years to sit while hiring a new manager. Get used to seeing him in the dugout.

    Thank goodness, football season is almost here.

  26. DK in Erie PA

    What was ironic about watching Boston, is that they are very similar to the Reds; platoon heavy and flawed in the sense that they have a significant flaw (lead league in errors and unearned runs). The big difference is that Boston has players that are performing; looking at box score they had 5 players with OPS over 800 in the lineup Reds have none. Like Bell, don’t like Bell, does he make a bigger difference than marching out 4 automatic outs on a nightly basis and no average, let alone plus, defenders? Look at the lineups of any of the playoff teams; would anyone on the Reds start on any playoff team? I can’t find one.
    As Calipari once famously said, “It’s not about the Xs and the Os, it’s all about the Jimmys and the Joes”.

  27. Doc4uk

    This team has a poor fielding infield and a light hitting outfield. The home runs come mostly from the Candelaria and EDLC . The errors come from everyone in the infield.

    Elly should be in CF once Arroyo returns. Hopefully McClain takes second base. Condon could fit right in at 3B and Candy at 1B or Caglione at 1B and Candy at 3B.

    If Marte can find his stroke then he fits in there somewhere but India has not improved and should be traded.

    has lost his power stroke and should be a situational bench player . Benson and Fairchild should be in Louisville.

    Need to trade prospects for outfielders and perhaps Condon can fit into next year’s outfield if Marte comes around at 3B.

    Ashcroft is pitching mostly breaking balls at Louisville so they are just trying to get him to throw them for strikes. He will be back this year and will do better. Still has good stuff. Maxwell is throwing 101 and will be up here soon . Same for Santillan. Not sure Diaz can continue as closer.

    • Beaufort Red

      Please, Candy at 3rd! He’s atrocious.

  28. James B.

    To avoid mental anguish, I’m going back to only checking box scores until they take 2 out of 3 from anybody. It worked last time. This team is again, unwatchable. It used to be, when the Reds would lose, at least they played good defense. That is out the window for this team.

  29. Mark A Verticchio

    As much as I hate to say it with all that has gone wrong this season, we all must admit this team isn’t very good. They just have too many players who aren’t MLB level.

  30. Fanman

    Everyone can debate and place blame with Bell and even Krall. Truth of the matter is our ownership just seems not to care about winning. That is the real issue. Could have made the playoffs last season if team could have invested in a couple of players at the deadline..did next to nothing! This off-season it was painfully obvious the Reds needed a power right handed hitting outfielder. Again, ownership wouldn’t commit. Yes, they did add a few players and lightly invested but not seriously..this years deadline we can expect more of the same..next to nothing. Sad because this rotation is really good. Also, I expect Ashcraft to come back and be very effective.. Again, an established right handed hitting OF inserted in the middle of the order could make entire lineup stronger. Not holding my breath! PLEASE sell the team Bob!!!!!