Nate was joined this week by Anthony DiNardo host of Pittsburgh Pirates podcast North Shore 9. They hashed out the Reds series loss, looked ahead to another matchup next week, and analyzed just how similar the trajectories of these two teams are.

Mostly though, they just waxed poetic about the young stars on both teams – particularly Elly De La Cruz, Paul Skenes, Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, and Jared Jones.

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10 Responses

    • jmb

      Of course! EDLC has 15 errors already! (Good to see that Newman has found a fan-base and/or team that appreciates him–he’d have the Reds best BA.) Candelario, who is supposed to be a good defensive player, has 10 errors! We’re not even at the ASB!

  1. Brian

    No. The Reds are hurt. Currently, they’re about even.

    • GSF

      I agree. The Reds win when the team is hitting, but they have major components of their lineup that are injured.

  2. west larry

    no, I don’t think so. I think the reds will finish ahead of the pirates in the division.

  3. Rednat

    i think the pirates have been better the last few years. next to the brewers the pirates are the team i have least confidence we can beat when we play them

  4. Votto4life

    You are what your record says you are.

    I think the Reds and Pirates are basically on the same level. Neither team is very good at the moment.

    Would it really surprise anyone if either team finished last?

  5. Rob

    I think the majority of pollsters had the Pirates and Cards as rebuilders and bottom half of the Division clubs. In the Pirates case however, they have the following adds since 2023: Cruz (previously out for the year), Skenes, and Jones. I would say they are now closer to the Reds 2023 team than many would have predicted. Could finish 500 ish in my opinion.

    Are they better than the enigmatic Reds? Maybe. Remember the Reds were the worst team in the NL Central over August and September 2023. 10 games below 500 in 2 months. I think the Pirates are much better than that. But the 2024 Reds team is also better than that primarily due to healthy and deep starting pitching. Bottom line, I think it is close call and either team could finish 2nd or 4th in the Division.

    With the Reds anemic offense and platoon OFs, I think the Pirates could overtake them ….. because of fans long awaited excitement and close game advantages. Would be a sad day in Krallville. That said, I definitely think the Reds have the higher ceiling (because of the starting pitching) but we currently lack hitting. I dont think CES and Marte are the answers but significant turnarounds from ELDC, Friedl, and Benson, or a big time acquisition could propel this team beyond 2023’s 82 wins. One disclaimer: innings limits for our starting pitchers. I have never been comfortable with the plan here. Always seemed to be a straw house to me.