Jeimer Candelario hit two of the five home runs that Cincinnati and Boston combined to hit in the first three innings of the game. His second one gave the Reds the lead for good as Andrew Abbott racked up double-digit strikeouts and the bullpen took care of the final three innings as Cincinnati picked up a 5-2 win over the Red Sox on Friday night.

Final R H E
Boston Red Sox (40-36)
2 6 3
Cincinnati Reds (36-39)
5 6 0
W: Abbott (6-6) L: Crawford (3-7) SV: Diaz (17)
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Jeimer Candelario didn’t waste much time on Friday night as he crushed a solo home run in the bottom of the 1st inning to put the Reds up 1-0. The lead didn’t last all that long as Connor Wong hit a homer to lead off the 2nd inning for the Red Sox.

The two teams continued to trade solo home runs with Jonathan India hitting a solo shot in the bottom of the 2nd to put Cincinnati up a run, then Jarren Duran tying the game up in the top of the 3rd with his 7th homer of the season.

Then it was the Jeimer Candelario show once again as he homered to lead off the bottom of the 3rd, his 14th homer of the year, putting the home team in front 3-2. Andrew Abbott settled in from there, striking out 10 batters on the night in 5.2 innings before turning the game over to Fernando Cruz who came on to get the final out of the 6th inning to hold onto a 3-2 lead.

The Reds would get plenty of help from Boston in the bottom of the 7th inning. Santiago Espinal reached base to lead off the inning thanks to an errant throw. Luke Maile doubled with one out and Espinal moved up to third. That led to a pitching change to bring in a lefty to face TJ Friedl. The Reds called for a safety squeeze and Friedl laid down a bunt in front of the plate and Red Sox reliever Cam Booser tried to scoop the ball and toss it with his glove to the catcher. Instead he tossed it over the catcher and both Espinal and Maile scored on the play, padding the Reds lead to 5-2.

After Sam Moll tossed a perfect 7th inning the Reds turned things over to Nick Martinez in the 8th and he worked around a hit to keep the home team ahead by three. Alexis Diaz then came out for the 9th inning and like Martinez, gave up a single but he would get a strikeout and a groundout to end the game and pick up his 17th save of the year as Cincinnati held on for a 5-2 win.

Key Moment of the Game

Cam Booser’s error on the play at the plate in the 7th that led to two runs scoring on the play and giving Cincinnati plenty of breathing room.

Notes Worth Noting

Jeimer Candelario was the only Red to have two hits on the day. Each team had six hits.

Andrew Abbott had double digit strikeouts for the third time in his big league career, but this was the first one of 2024 and the first since July 2nd of 2023 when he set a career high with 12 of them against the San Diego Padres.

Sam Moll threw another shutout inning. The guy who somehow got optioned to the minor leagues earlier this year now has thrown 41.0 innings for the Reds since he was acquired at the trade deadline last season and has given up five earned runs – that’s an ERA of 1.10.

Cincinnati’s pitchers had just one walk and struck out 14 batters.

With the win the Reds moved from last place to a tie for 3rd place with the Pirates and ahead of the Cubs.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Boston Red Sox vs Cincinnati Reds

Saturday June 22nd, 4:10pm ET

Nick Pivetta (4-4, 3.88 ERA) vs Frankie Montas (3-5, 4.62 ERA)

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  1. Harry Stoner

    I’m imagining a Reds’ starting rotation with Lodolo, Abbott and Williamson all on their game.
    With Greene and Lowder fit in between.

    Maybe the Bell laissez-faire, grip n’ rip, head down and run (How many outs?) approach might even work in that scenario.

    • Ksdavis

      Powder may be further away than most thought. After tonight he had a 7.15 ERA. Petty may be up sooner.

      • Reaganspad

        Actually, Lodolo, Greene, Abbott, Ashcraft, and Montas is a great starting 5 and we don’t have to wait. Montas and Ashcraft have room to improve now to make this a very dominant rotation in the second half. But Montas has shown signs. And we know Ashcraft can get on a roll.

        Pitching leads us to the playoffs this year

      • A fan in the bleachers

        A name you might want to familiarize yourself with is Kevin Abel. He is a little old (at 25) pitching in AA ball, but he was very good at High A Dayton this year (does not get the great attention as a #1 draft pick, Rhett Lowder), and has actually been better at Chattanooga.
        Abel has pitched very well, and he may get promoted to AAA before the season is out. And then see how well he starts next year.

        Lowder has a great amount of talent, but this is his first year in professional baseball. He should stay at AA the rest of the year, and maybe see where he slots in next Spring. He still has training, endurance and control issues to improve.

        Petty, and especially Connor Phillips, have regressed. There is not always a straight line to get to the Majors for a pitcher. I think Connor should be sent back down to AA ball, to get his stuff together.
        Randy Wynne, 31 year old pitcher at Louisville, may be a guy the Reds call up, as he has been good in both relief and starting with the Bats (1.97 ERA).
        At 31, with the ability to throw 6 different pitches, he may be a guy who can help the Reds down the stretch, right now.

    • jmb

      3/5 of your rotation is doing well. Lowder is a couple years away, at best. Williamson is an unknown quantity still. He’s had some success, but too little of it The White Sox are dangling Crochet–why not go get him? Yes, he’ll cost prospects, but that’s baseball. Prospects, regardless of all the hype, don’t always pan out. Very few of the Reds top prospects are doing exceptionally well.

      • MBS

        “Williamson is an unknown quantity still” I won’t disagree with this, but I think we have a pretty good indication. Last year (rookie) he was pretty good 102ERA+, and he was dominating in his rehab this year.

        If we are going to spend prospect capital, a SP is about the 3rd, or 4th item on the needs list. 1) OF power bat 2) Closer/Setup man then for me it’s a toss up between a C, or SP.

        I like our starting 5 including GA, and I like our backup options in Martinez, and Spiers. Losing Williamson as an option did hurt, or a SP wouldn’t be on my list at all.

        The Catcher has been on my list because if we were to lose Stephenson from the lineup we are going to have a huge hole in the batting order. Toronto’s Jansen is a FA at the end of the season for Toronto, and they are 14.5 games behind NYY, and 14 behind BAL. I also like Colorado’s Diaz, but he’s on the IL.

  2. Rednat

    Just feel we are in this post apocalyptic era of baseball where strikeouts are plentyful and hits are scarce. Doug says it best, these pitchers are so amazingly wicked these days. 10 ks are a walk in the park for these guys

    • Harry Stoner

      I see a no-hitter in Abbott’s future.
      It may be 3-5 years down the road, but he has it in him.

  3. west larry

    Nice win! Let’s get a streak going. Five or six in a row would be nice. Good job by Abbott, Candy, India, Friedl and the relievers. I just want to win.

  4. JB

    So tonight was the 20th time this season the Red Sox have struckout 12 or more times in a game. It’s not just the Reds.

    • Harry Stoner

      Not necessarily making me feel much better.

      Leaving out “Sombrero Sam” De La Cruz, the Reds only K-ed 5 times today.

      Mapping the Reds low K games vs their Wins is an exercise, I’m admittedly too lazy and opinionated for.

      But I have a hunch it would be revealing.

      As it would be with the (Other) Evil Empire’s W-L record.

      • Melvin

        Anytime we keep our own guys from striking out less than 10 times our chances are a lot better. I noticed more teams are bunting this year. I saw some of it watching AAA recently. It’s a good thing. Much better than Ks all the time. It means things are happening.

      • Jim Walker

        I enjoy writing SQL database queries but get frustrated trying to make the BBRef or Fangraphs point and click query interfaces do what I want. I guess I am old fashion, but give me your schema and a “command line”.

      • Votto4life

        “Somebero Sam” let’s remember this nickname for future reference.

        How quickly people forget all the incredible things EDLC can do. By the way, Mike Schmidt struck out nearly 2,000 times on his way to the Hall of Fame.

      • Votto's Burner

        They’re 23-18 when striking out less than 10 times a game, per statmuse

    • A fan in the bleachers

      The Red Sox play in a pretty tough division.

      But last night, they were kind of poor in fielding, and showed other weaknesses which the Reds are criticized for.
      There is a substantial reason why a lot of teams are clustered around 0.500 and not progressing into “contention”.

  5. CincyDo

    Good game all around. We got what we needed to get from AA and “veteran” hitters: Cande and India. Bullpen did a great job too.

    • Harry Stoner

      Martinez taking over the Sims role?

      Spiers taking over the Martinez role?

      I’m no Bell fan, but these seem like mindful directions.

      Hopefully Pagan can come back and be productive.

      If not, it’s time for Seguin Tony.

      With the Reds strong SP, they need a killer BP for a change.

      Maybe they can get by on 6 hits and multiple TOOTBLANS a game.

      • CincyDo

        Strong SP and shut down RP can make up for lack of offense. Need RP to win close games.

      • Harry Stoner

        Reds can’t be rolling the dice with Sims any more.

        He’s shown some good stuff on occasions, but is maddeningly inconsistent.

        It’s inexplicaable, but unacceptable.

        A winning team can’t take those kinds of risks.

        Maybe it’s finally sinking into Bell’s hard head.

        Spiers pitching is giving him that option, though.

      • Rob

        Spiers has had a couple of outings which would qualify as very good and OK. I think his roster spot is 50:50 at this point. Bell himself said Ashcraft’s minor league stint would be short ….probably 1 more start at this point. Not hard to make a case for both being in Cincy but the crunch question becomes do you keep Spiers with a corresponding DFA? I dont know about that one. And Pagan is back in another 2-3 weeks.

    • jmb

      Good to see India and Candelario increase their trade value!

  6. Jeremiah

    Reds should take 2 of 3 at least against Red Sox, then need to take 2 of 3 against the Pirates, more consistent ball instead of the streakiness. Candelario living up to the signing of late, boy thankfully he’s come alive or their offense would really be toast!

  7. SteveAReno

    I hope Reds fans make the effort to vote in the ALL-Star game for Jeimer Candalario at 3B so he can make a good showing.

    • JayTheRed

      I did my part in the voting for Candelario

    • jmb

      Why does EDLC have more votes than Candelario? There’s a reason why there’s so much media hype: it works (to the detriment of the population), and it’s profitable.

  8. Melvin

    “Sam Moll threw another shutout inning. The guy who somehow got optioned to the minor leagues earlier this year now has thrown 41.0 innings for the Reds since he was acquired at the trade deadline last season and has given up five earned runs – that’s an ERA of 1.10.”

    haha Let’s hope THAT doesn’t happen again. 🙂

    • Harry Stoner

      Krall has backed himself into a corner with his contracts and manipulation of options, so bizarre decisions wind up getting made.

      Wayne Krivetsky now on the 40 man roster while Tony the Tiger twists in the wind.

      There’s been some BP meltdowns but by and large, far fewer than we’ve grown accustomed to.

      The Cruz-Moll-Martinez-Diaz rotation could have some legs.

      Spiers stepping into the Martinez long man role is an unexpected positive development that will help win games otherwise lost over the last X years.

      • Melvin

        Sims may be and should be on borrowed time. Think how much of an upgrade it would be to switch him out for Santillan who by the way picked up his 12th save last night and looked very good. Considering the Bats have been on a pretty long losing streak 12 saves is a lot. The Reds are just very slooooow in making changes.

      • Mauired

        Yeah I don’t understand the Reds front office obsession with Sims. They have multiple pitchers in Louisville that are much better. Santillan obvious upgrade.

      • DHud

        For the most part, I think the reds do a pretty decent job working the 40 man roster to protect their players

        I don’t always get some of the moves, but it is obvious they actively are managing options and DFAs

      • Reaganspad

        Santillan has to stick this time as he is out of options

      • MBS

        @Reagan, “Santillan has to stick this time as he is out of options” I don’t know if that’s true.

        Yes, it’s true he’s out of options, but he doesn’t have to stick, he has to show what he can do on the MLB stage once more. Him pitching in AAA is just a waste of time at this point.

        He could fail, and that stinks, but having him as non 40 man depth is a waste for him and the Reds.

      • BK

        Let’s hope Mr. Krall backs himself into this corner more often. Having legit depth at AAA is not a problem but an asset for the organization.

        I encourage everyone to take a look at who we have pitching at AAA and how they are doing. Santillan may be the third or fourth best reliever on the team. Legumina and Young are pitching better. Zulueta is on par with Santillan and improving–all three are on the 40-man roster.

      • Melvin

        The last two nights. Santillan: six outs, no walks, two saves. #s 12 & 13

    • jmb

      Wasn’t he sent down earlier this season? True, they have too many lefty relievers. Moll and/or Suter could be traded at the break.

      • Rob

        That would be akin to blowing up the season if you are talking getting prospects in return. With what we have at the farm, we dont need 2025-2026 prospects. We are not a rebuilding team. Suter, Martinez, and Pagan were 2024 adds intended as depth to get us through the hiccups of August and September. We need bats and you aint going to get those from a contender, or I wouldnt think so for bullpen pieces. And a non contender – whoever that is other than Marlins, Rockies, and White Sox – wont want journeymen for their big bats. They will want talented prospects and more than 1. And they will get them. Check out last year’s prospect returns for Flaherty, Montgomery, Scherzer, Verlander, etc. If you to improve your team in July, it will cost you prospects. Bullpen pieces will be desired but I imo they are not going to get you anything in return other than mid level prospects. That would lessen the 2024 team and be akin to giving up and not willing to pay the price to improve your playoff chances.

      • DHud

        As others have stated Sims should be the one traded (sold).

        Win win. Get some cash in the pocket and backfill with Santillan

      • Ted Alfred

        Trading Moll would be the most moronic thing they’ve done. They have team control over him for the next 4 years and he has been fantastic. I’m so sick and tired of seeing Sims coming into the game… I can’t wait for him to be gone. The Braves are really good at pitching and they didn’t have any problem letting him go, but for some reason he’s been here for 6 years

  9. Melvin

    “Cincinnati’s pitchers had just one walk and struck out 14 batters.”


  10. Brian

    Very nice series opener! A series sweep would be nice.

    • Doc

      Just winning game 2 of the series after winning game 1 would be a marked improvement.

  11. VaRedsFan

    Arrived at the park super early.
    1st group to the Diamond Lounge and had a terrific buffet, Highlighted by NY Strip, Salmon, and Lasagna. We got the table right in front of the plexiglass window heading from the dugout to the clubhouse. Saw the entire team pass by at times, and got many great pictures, but my picture taking skill was not up to par. The glare from the plexiglass overpowered a lot of the pics.

    The seats themselves are a very comfortable mesh.

    The heat in the park was hot and sticky. What little wind there was, was blowing out.

    Five homers in 3 innings, Three by the good guys including two by Candy. The sound off the bat was undeniable where each batted ball would finish.

    Abbott kept racking up strikeouts despite the 2 longballs.

    2 walks and a HBP brought Elly to the plate, and the stadium (I call it about 98% full) was in a frenzy. Would have loved to hear the stadium erupt with a big hit. But alas, the mighty Casey struck out. Pitch looked very low.

    Cruz and Moll did terrific jobs. From behind the plate, it’s really a site to see how much Moll’s stuff breaks.

    The 2 run bunt by TJ had the place hopping, and a little breathing room.

    NMart and Diaz finished off what we came for…. A Reds win.

    The Diamond staff during the game, took great care of every need of each fan in the section.

    Fireworks Friday did not disappoint.

    We’ll be back at it for the afternoon game tomorrow. No Diamonds tomorrow, but a good spot behind the Reds dugout. The boys could really use a winning streak.

    • Mauired

      That pitch De La Cruz struck out on was not even close to being a strike. And such a crucial part of the game two outs bases loaded. I couldn’t believe Bell didn’t argue the call. Baseball can’t implement the challenge system on balls and strikes soon enough. Fortunately Reds won anyways.

    • Old-school

      Nice report VA. Went to (3) Saturday sell outs last year and it was hopping and a great atmosphere. Glad you got a W. Now go get another!

    • docproc

      Fun report!
      And Umpire Scorecards makes clear that the low strike called on Elly was the game’s most Impactful Missed Call.

  12. DW

    Great to check the scores and see a win by multiple runs. Seems like 90% of their wins the last two years have been nail biters.

  13. DW

    I was not a fan of the Moll for Boyle trade at the time…but it is time to admit I was wrong and that it was a good trade. It would take Boyle having a ton of sustained success to change that. And then it still wouldn’t be a bad trade…just a good trade for both sides. Moll has been awesome.

    • jmb

      Moll’s done well ever since coming over. Boyle is not looking good this season.

      • jmb

        Randy Wynn may be better than Boyle these days. The A’s trades for pitchers have been disastrous in recent years.

  14. Rednat

    Off the subject but what about changing the official mlb logo from the generic batter to a sillhouette of Willie Mays making his famous over the head catch?

  15. Melvin

    Santillan save #13 tonight.

    Jordan with another hit and still over .300 with an OPS of .826.

    Both could help. Both need a 40 man roster spot.

  16. TR

    July and mid-season are around the corner. It’s time for the Reds to get above .500 and away from the pack in the NLC. Pitching, overall, is a positive, but they can’t do it all. A consistent offense is needed, with more than a few hitters contributing, if the Reds are going to move up in the standings.

  17. Old-school

    Greene, Lodolo, and Abbott building on some solid 2024 seasons. Lot made over the off-season about a sophomore slump and fading in 2023, but hes a good lefty who battles every 5th day and throws strikes. Friedl being Friedl. Candy likes GABP. Indy made a good point the guy was hitting in Detroit and Washington. He seems like he enjoys being a Red and very positive energy on his interview and talking about the crown and GABP. Great start to the weekend!

    Go Reds!

    • Indy Red Man

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day))

      What about Arozarena? .974 ops in June

      • Rob

        He was available when he was hitting 179 in late May and most on here thought he was a bum. Good fit with speed, power, and pizzaz. Price has probably gone up significantly. But TB may be starting to realize they have a rough go to catch the Yanks and Os. Nick still has to get to the point though that he needs at least 1 big bat and doesnt need 5 minor league SS/3B prospects.

    • Redsvol

      Always nice to get a win. I’ve been very impresses with crowds at gabp this year.

      Starting pitching has been excellent. Greene, lodolo, Abbott have really developed. Main thing is to continue pitching every 5th day bu
      T they will all need a break at some point. I’m a fan of 6 man rotation.

      Bullpen has been good – can always be better. Pieces always available.

      Some hitters have been ice cold for too long. Steer and Benson are just not bringing enough production. Hopeful marte and CES come back in July. It’s time for those 2 to get a stint in AAA.

      I would give Dunn and Soto a 1 month trial. EDLC just needs a rest. Baseball is brutal in July and august.

  18. sultanofswaff

    Elly has been getting hosed all season by the umpires and they need to be put on notice. Instead of the performative tantrums over things that have nothing to do with winning and losing, Bell should have defended his player. in that crucial situation—coming out of the dugout is the bare minimum in that situation as it was a no-brainer case where the manager could easily see the pitch was not a strike. The last thing you want is Elly abandoning his plate discipline because he feels he has no other choice.

    Nice win overall!

    • VaRedsFan

      Agree with this.
      To Elly’s credit, he takes it, and has never barked at an umpire.
      I think it’s very mature, but it has to be frustrating.

      End of the game, he celebrated with his team, with that infectious joy, even though he had a rough game, because the goal was achieved and a win was in the books.

      He really gets it.
      So mature for 22.

      • DW


        Also, he is still striking out at a very high rate, but he has also increased his walks…part of the growth process. Last year he was hardly walking and striking out like crazy.

    • Mike W

      Sultan of Swaff you are right on!
      And when we’re up by only a run late in the game, you don’t get thrown out at home and then the very next play is a guy getting thrown out at third.
      And when you’re up by a run late in the game and you get a lead off man on and it’s a well pitch game you bump him over the second or you have him Steel second you don’t wait for back to back hits.
      Do you hear me, Mr. Bell?

      • MrRed

        He hears you, but disagrees with you. As do many others. Both of those outs were acceptable in those situations. Rather have runners trying to be agressive in those situations (just as you advocated for in your next paragraph). Sometimes you have to live with the downside of taking those chances…

  19. LDS

    The Reds won and picked up a game on Milwaukee, though they are still in 4th place. And they offense needs to become a bit more balanced. Candelario has had a good run but it likely won’t go on forever. Boston was prepared for the Reds to be overly aggressive on the basepaths, as Cora said “If we throw the ball to the right bases, we’re going to be fine. They’re a very aggressive team but there’s a lot of outs out there.” They nailed the Reds twice on excessive aggression. Let’s see if the Reds can win at least one of the next two.

  20. Roger Garrett

    Starters barring injury will continue to keep the Reds in games.It is solely on the back of the offense to come through and win game and the season is on them.Krall will not trade any prospects to help them.This season is about cutting down on the strikeouts and the base running mistakes and doing whatever has to be done to score and thank you Friedl for doing just that last night.The grip it and rip it strategy is pretty much the rule of thumb for most teams but if we can do a better job on the things we all have mentioned several times nobody would want to see us in a 3 game or longer set.More good things can happen if you put the ball in play then if you don’t.

  21. SR

    Off topic, and may be this was noted, but did anyone see Stephenson on the bench yesterday? I wonder if he has Covid? Might explain the call up and why we aren’t seeing him at all.

    • DHud

      I doubt he’d be on the bench, let alone in the clubhouse, if he had COVID