The Cincinnati Reds made three roster moves this afternoon as they prepare to begin a weekend series again the Boston Red Sox at Great American Ball Park. Cincinnati placed catcher Austin Wynns on the 40-man roster and called him up to join the Reds. He’s taking the place on the roster of outfielder Jacob Hurtubise who was optioned to Triple-A Louisville. The club also designated outfielder Conner Capel for assignment in order to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for the addition of Wynns.

Austin Wynns has spent parts of five seasons in the big leagues dating back to 2018. He’s played for the Baltimore Orioles, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Colorado Rockes in the majors. In his 653 plate appearances over parts of those five seasons he’s hit .226/.273/.324 with 20 doubles, 13 home runs, 35 walks, and 147 strikeouts.

Wynns has spent his 2024 season in Triple-A with the Reds. The 33-year-old has played in just 30 games and has hit .252/.310/.408 for the Bats. In his 113 plate appearances he’s doubled four times, homered four times, walked nine times, and he’s struck out 28 times. Wynns had a strong May, posting an .869 OPS in 11 games. But he’s 3-24 with two walks in seven games played in June.

Jacob Hurtubise has struggled since joining the Reds. During his 29 games played in his first taste of the big leagues he hit .185/.297/.241 with 18 strikeouts in 68 plate appearances. The 26-year-old will head back to Triple-A where he played in three games earlier this year before an injury led to him missing more than a month. With Hurtubise heading out, the Reds still have six outfielders on the active roster if we are counting Spencer Steer among outfielders.

Conner Capel saw action with the Reds in May this season, playing in five games where he went 2-8. The rest of his year was spent with Louisville where he played in 50 games. He showed off good power, hitting nine doubles and eight home runs in his time in Triple-A, but he hit just .226. Capel did walk often, drawing 32 free passes to go along with 40 strikeouts.

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  1. DrDoc

    I know Hurtubise didn’t perform at the big league level, but I love his potential skillset of putting the ball in play, drawing walks, playing capable defense, speed, and hustle. I know his ceiling perhaps isn’t as high as others, but I was rooting for him.

  2. docproc

    Help me understand why we called up a third catcher and demoted an outfielder while Friedl is still recovering from a hamstring injury.

    • CI3J

      Bell has probably been itching all season to get his 3rd catcher on the roster. He finally got his wish.

      God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world.

  3. Melvin

    I need help understanding this too. He wasn’t even on the radar as far as I know about a potential call up. Is something wrong with Stephenson? We’re already short handed. Baffling to me but what do I know? 🙂

  4. LDS

    Maybe Stephenson is injured and we haven’t been told yet. But this is just the typical Reds move. Call up someone who isn’t going to help the team over the long run, who is over 30 and not doing all that well in AAA. But it sure makes Bell happy. As for the OF situation? Who needs any outfielders? Apparently, not the Reds.

    • MBS

      I haven’t been following as close as I usually do, but didn’t Maile have back to back starts?

      • duke

        Starting to worry about Stephenson with this move and him being out of the starting lineup tonight.

    • DaveCT

      To clarify, there really is nothing out of the ordinary calling up a AAAA guy for temporary help. This seems exactly that type of move. To call up a prospect to catch like Trautwein, who isn’t hitting, doesn’t necessarily help long term, especially with Marte’s return soon (and a 40 man roster move/removal of someone with it). It risks losing Trautwein or even just starting his clock. The issue of long term help, particularly on offense, is a separate issue.

      • BhamRedsFan

        A few brain cells tell you Stephenson can’t go and a team needs two catchers.
        Or, just use any move to gripe about Bell.

      • LDS

        Bell is very deserving of the criticism he receives. The Reds simply aren’t a serious organization.

  5. RedsMonk65

    Something must be wrong with Stephenson. He’s not in the lineup (again) tonight. Maile in for the fourth time in five games.

  6. RedAlert

    How is Whiff man Benson in starting lineup again ?????!!!!!! Dude should have been sent down with Jacob ….. makes no sense to me ….. like ZERO consequences for srriking out a million times and offering nothing to lineup … then call up a CATCHER ….. nice moves Krall …. Biggest do nothing GM in MLB

  7. Melvin

    How many guys are we going to have on the bench who can’t play? Seems like it’s a continual thing. Friedl and Candelario both back in the lineup tonight so that’s good. Martini isn’t though.

    • DaveCT

      I would think part of the answer has to do with the experience of Ford and Martini mashing at AAA and flailing at GABP. In the meantime, the worm turns, as we wait for any trade deadline moves. Or not. “Where else we going to go?”

      • Melvin

        Who knows like you said. These two guys have been consistent this year and offer more flexibility.

    • Redsvol

      A good article on the Athletic today (pay wall). Offense is down across the league in 2024. League average and slugging is just way down this year. Reds are not the only one. Pitching has simply become too dominant. Need to make pitchers throw more innings (take spots away from roster), narrow the strikezone, move mound back or some combination.

      • JB

        They have already made the bases bigger and taken away the shift. Why don’t they move the fences in to about 225 ft all the way around and use a tee.

      • Daytonnati

        Indy Red Man’s contention about the dead ball gains more and more traction.

      • Melvin

        The Reds are 27th in AVE and 21st in SLG.

      • Votto4life

        A new dead ball may also explain the Red’s starting pitching success.

    • mac624

      All mentioned are AAAA guys. Rake in AAA but get do next to nothing offensively in the show. Proven offensive talent is what is needed, but it’s also very expensive right now.

  8. west larry

    Stephenson, unfortunately, must be injured for the reds to make this otherwise bonehead move.

  9. Brian

    So they replaced a terrible hitter with a terrible hitter that can catch. Major shakeup there.

  10. RedsGettingBetter

    If Stephenson is injured Why did not they put him in the IL? Do they continue the man down playing?

  11. BhamRedsFan

    Wannabe General Managers without any information sums up the comments above.

    • Harry Stoner

      Smart aleck making snarky, pointless critical comment on a baseball fan site sums up the comment above.

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, really shocking that people in a comment section, make comments.

    • Melvin

      That makes me feel good and confident. 😉

  12. Optimist

    Likely inconsequential, but the TySteve speculation is concerning. No harm if the 3rd and 4th catchers get a few dozen PAs in a season.

    Still need offense from OFers, especially if Friedl remains iffy. Deadline deal window fast approaching.

  13. Jim walker

    charlie goldsmith, an enquirer beat guy has posted on X that Stephenson is “day to day” with no further explanation in that post

    • Jim walker

      ditto rosecrans

      I understand there can be reasons the Reds are holding the info on Stephenson close in hand. I myself complained last week they are often too quick in speaking and put inaccurate information in the public record.

      However this does not absolve them for having no backup catcher and apparently only one somewhat dinged up position player (Candy) available off the bench on Wednesday. Why not put Martini on the IL to get an able body on the bench?

      • Roger Garrett

        Yeah Jim your right.The Reds should be better then that even on the get away throw away game on Wednesday.They waved the white flag long before the game started.To me thats unacceptable at the big league level.Is Martini still out?

      • Jim walker

        @Roger> Martini is not starting per the lineup posted by the official Reds X account.

        Louisville is playing in Omaha this week. I can see how this could pose a problem getting a catcher to Pittsburgh for a matinee if they did not know ahead TS might be out.

        However, it had been days since either Martini or Friedl played. It was discussed in the Tuesday post game that Candy was ouchy. Somebody needed to make the call Tuesday night to have a player positioned Wednesday to be activated if any of these 3 could not go.

  14. Rob

    Almost laughable. Let’s see which guy we try for the next week. It doesn’t take a GM to make these moves. Doesn’t matter which name you pull out of the hat, none of them are any better than a 26th man. Some like Dunn (RH and speed) have more attributes than others. But this is about the 10th guy we have called up from Louisville. We ought to start a lottery on who the next call up will be. And no there are no guys out there on the waiver wire who are any better than 220 hitters. Krall says he is always looking to make moves to improve the team. Wonder which one or two I missed in the last couple of months?

    • Rob

      Perhaps I should have backed off a bite or two. This may only be for a few days and given that, it has got to be done. But at the same time, is this truly the best we can do? Where do they keep getting these all stars? Yan Gomes was available but I guess that doesn’t make sense unless you are talking IL.

  15. RJM

    The Reds lack wins.
    So they added Wynns.
    Makes sense in a Nick Krall world.

  16. TJ

    Maybe Stephenson plays first base for a few games.

    • Jim Walker

      The team has acknowledged TS is “day to day” but has not said why.

      • DaveCT

        Perhaps Tyler can bat but not catch?

      • Melvin

        Hopefully it’s not a problem with his wife and her pregnancy.

        I keep on asking why they just can’t bring up Soto. lol He’s already on the 40 man roster. Twice actually if you look at the Reds website. lol

  17. Mark Moore

    OK, this kind of makes sense given the chatter about TySteve. We already know we’ll lose him for a paternity leave stint in August. Not a whole lot of options.

    Playing a man down intentionally is what always gets me. TJ and Candy back at it, so that’s good. But Ty and Martini on the bench but unavailable? That leaves us with 2 guys only. And for how long?

    But I’m being negative … so I’ll cease and desist. 😛

    • Jim Walker

      Sometimes I wonder if anyone on the baseball ops side of the Reds org has any training at contingency mitigation or even thinks about it.

  18. Anthony

    None of these insights roster gymnastics matters in long run until the manager is replaced. He couldn’t win with great 8 cause the batting order would be different every day and we’d see perez moved to right field and bench to 2b against left hand pitching. The reds historically immediately took off as soon as Sparky Lou Davey Dusty took the reigns. It will surely happen again as soon as this joker is replaced. Youll see fellow fans. The bell experience has run its course

  19. Anthony

    Bell has turned another 85 win team coming in to spring and made them a 75 win team heading to another offseason. Then everyone is wondering whats wrong with the organization?