Major League Baseball just announced the All-Star vote totals for the first time since fans were allowed to begin voting earlier this month. Elly De La Cruz leads the way for the Cincinnati Reds players in the voting. The shortstop is third among his positional peers, trailing Mookie Betts and Trea Turner.

Voting has changed in recent years as now fans vote in two phases, with phase one going through June 27th this year. The top vote getter (overall) in each league is awarded the starting spot in the All-Star game. The top two players (or six for outfielders) then move on to phase two of the voting, which goes from June 30th through July 3rd. Votes do not carry over from phase one. Is it dumb? Yes. But is it how we do things now? Also yes.

The Cincinnati Reds only have one player among the top eight vote getters at any of the seven positions you can vote on (outfield is “one position”). Pitchers are not voted on by the fans.

Elly De La Cruz has garnered 324,559 votes. As noted, that’s third best among shortstops. But it’s also significantly behind Mookie Betts, who has 1,023,690 votes, and it’s a pretty big gap to Trea Turner, too, who has 509,043 votes.

Major League Baseball only shows the top 10 spots for non-outfield positions, and only the top 20 spots for outfielders. Jonathan India has the second most votes among Reds players with 82,655. That’s only good for 8th among second basement. Tyler Stephenson has 71,242 votes at catcher, which puts him at 10th among his position. Jake Fraley ranks 9th in votes with 59,311 of them as the designated hitter. And Christian Encarnacion-Strand ranks 10th among first basemen with 56,309 votes.

No one else shows up in the voting rankings. We don’t know how many votes the other players on the team got, but we do know that Elly De La Cruz has more votes than the other four Reds that made the list had between them all. He ranked 23rd overall in votes among National League players, though.

That makes sense. De La Cruz is arguably the best position player on the Reds this season. He leads the team in WAR both for Fangraphs and Baseball Reference’s versions and it’s not particularly close. He’s been the second most valuable hitter – trailing just Jeimer Candelario, who has really turned his season around after a slow start – but when you add in his ability on the basepaths, and despite having some error issues his being an above-average defensive shortstop, it’s easy to see how he’s been the club’s best player to this point in the season.

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  1. Melvin

    Betts got hit with a pitch, broke a bone, yesterday I believe and will be out indefinitely. Turner has been out too although I think he’ll be back soon.

    • MK

      They are saying Turner back tonight. Hope so I have him back in my Fantasy Team lineup.

      • Melvin

        haha He’s on my team too but not in my lineup yet. I picked up Carlos Correa as my SS. He’s been hot. EDLC is in my utility slot.

  2. Melvin

    “it’s easy to see how he’s been the club’s best player to this point in the season.”

    Hard to argue with that considering all of his skills and all he adds to the team despite still having a lot to learn at a young age.

  3. LDS

    EDLC makes the All-Star roster either by vote or selection, assuming every team still gets represented. I don’t think there’s really any other choice. It’s all about selling tickets. And few fans will pay to see Candelario.

    • Mark Moore

      Are they going to entice him into the HR Derby as well? I’ve got mixed feelings about that.

    • MK

      We have seen the HR Derby screw up some careers, Bobby Abreu the best example, but the Toddfather went downhill afterwards as well. However I don’t think much would need to change with Elly’s normal approach and a HR Derby approach,

    • VaRedsFan

      People that do well in that have a short quick stroke.
      Elly has the long swing and leg kick, which doesn’t bode well with a running timer.

      I’ve been voting most every day.
      Kick in some support.
      As Melvin mentioned, Betts is hurt, so there’s an opportunity.

  4. Daytonnati

    As long as he doesn’t participate in the home run derby, I’m okay.

  5. Melvin

    Actually I wish that he would accept the honor as an all star but not go if at all possible. Players seemed drained and not as fresh as others after participating. It’s more draining than the regular season it seems. Definitely don’t want him participating in the HR derby. It would be fun to watch but probably wouldn’t help his second half at all. Most likely the opposite.

    • RedPopKid

      You think Elly wouldn’t go? No way. He would jump at the chance and gladly join the HRD too. He’s 22 yo.

      • Melvin

        I believe he turned down the HR derby last year. Maybe I’m wrong.

  6. SteveAReno

    Good to hear. You also need to vote for Jeimer Candalario at 3B.

  7. jmb

    Sad that the Reds don’t have anyone better than a guy with EDLC’s errors and strikeouts!