The Cincinnati Reds made a set of roster moves this afternoon. The club added right-handed reliever Brooks Kriske to the 40-man roster and then optioned him to Triple-A, where he had been pitching all season with the Louisville Bats. He’s taking the spot on the 40-man roster that’s been opened when the team moved Christian Encarnacion-Strand from the 10-day injured list to the 60-day injured list.

There’s a lot happening here, but let’s start with Christian Encarnacion-Strand. Last week he was cleared for baseball activities, but opted to get other opinions on his hand. It was found that not only did he have an ulnar styloid fracture, but there was also some ligament damage. During the week manager David Bell noted that it was possible that Encarnacion-Strand could have season-ending surgery, but that decision had not yet been made.

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer notes that Bell said this afternoon that the move to the 60-day injured list doesn’t change anything on the timeline for Encarnacion-Strand and that they are giving things a few more days before making a decision on what’s next.

The Reds placed him on the injured list on May 8th, which means that the earlier he could return after being moved to the 60-day injured list is now July 7th. That’s three weeks away. Given that they are waiting a few more days before anything, even if he is going to try and return this season he would likely not be ready until around that time anyways after completing his rehab.

Cincinnati apparently needed a roster spot for Brooks Kriske. Given that they added him to the 40-man roster, but then immediately optioned him to Triple-A rather than calling him up to join the big league club would seem to indicate that he had an opt-out in his contract and he would be taking it if the team did not add him to the 40-man roster.

Kriske has pitched in parts of three big league seasons from 2020-2023, but he’s only thrown 21.2 innings in that time. He’s also walked 17, given up 10 home runs, and allowed 27 earned runs (11.22 ERA for those keeping track at home).

The 30-year-old righty has pitched in 27 games for Louisville this season. He’s posted a 3.64 ERA and allowed 18 hits – four homers – to go with 17 walks and 40 strikeouts in his 29.2 innings. Kriske had been on a strong run until his last outing with the Bats. From April 25th through June 9th he allowed four runs in 17.1 innings and held hitters to a .456 OPS. But his last outing saw him give up four runs and walk four batters in just 0.2 innings against St. Paul.

You can see the career stats for Brooks Kriske here.

18 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Seems like an awful lot of hullabaloo just to keep a mediocre, 30 year-old journeyman pitcher. But I guess if they were planning to put CES on the 60-day anyway, at least they can maintain their pitching depth at Louisville for at least a few more weeks.

    At this point, it really does seem like CES should have the surgery and look to next year. Continuing to delay will just make it more and more likely he’s not ready for Spring Training.

  2. Melvin

    Am I missing something? Seems like Kriske is not very good.

    • Mauired

      Maybe he has options? Santillan doesn’t.

  3. Melvin

    Santillan is not on the 40 man roster. I guess they wouldn’t add him until if/when they were going to bring him up?

    • Doug Gray

      And he’s out of options, so they’re going to only call him up when they know they absolutely will not be sending him down.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. I just mean there’s no reason to put him on the 40 man unless they play on the 26 man as well I guess. Wander how long it will take before they realize it’s worth a shot after yesterday. Maybe hes’ not that good down there. I don’t know. It would seem that he is though and worth a try.

      • 2020ball

        Santillan is the one who signed his contract, I dont see the issue.

      • Mauired

        Simple. DFA Sims and bring Santillan up.

  4. Mark Moore

    One step closer to ending 2024 for CES is what I read.

  5. JohnnySofa

    What does this say about the team’s medical staff? If I’m tracking the story correctly, the staff cleared CES for baseball activities only to have other medical pros take a closer look and say, “Hold on, did you not see the fracture and ligament damage?” Good thing he didn’t just follow orders from the team or he could have been down for a long, long, long time.

    • Jim Walker

      I don’t think CES was ever cleared for baseball activities.

      At one point, Bell said CES was on track to start nonbaseball strengthening work in ~5 days or so. Then it turned out the “5 days” was to allow time for the 2nd (and possibly other opinions.

      They need to get Bell out of these processes except for reading verbatim reports issued by the medical/ training staff that leave out his (Bell’s) opinions and hopes.

      • JohnnySofa

        The story above says, “Last week he was cleared for baseball activities, but opted to get other opinions on his hand.”

      • 2020ball

        What?? You want the manager to be uninformed on his players? You and every other fan wants the media to give updates and they dont talk to the medical staff. Trash opinion, you dont have to take Bell for his word if you dont want to.

      • Harry Stoner

        Wake up.

        The comment was calling for Bell to not be the mouthpiece or interpreter of the med reports, but to read then verbatim.

        Nothing was said about him not being informed.

        Do you sit around getting yourself all wound up and come on here to start pointless arguments?

        Calm yourself down and read and think before popping off.

        You’d be a great spokesperson for Bell.