After winning eight of the last 10, including a 4-2 record at GABP this past week, the Cincinnati Reds (33-35) head north to take on the first place Milwaukee Brewers (40-28) for an NL Central weekend series showdown. The Brewers are ranked third in the National League with a .736 team OPS and are ranked fourth in the NL with a team ERA of 3.74. Milwaukee has been playing very well-rounded baseball and it’s showing in the standings.

The Brewers have their ace leading the charge tonight as Freddy Peralta takes the mound at American Family Field. The Reds will counter with Hunter Greene, who arguably has been Cincinnati’s ace in 2024. First pitch is set for 8:10 PM EDT.


Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers

CF TJ Friedl 2B Brice Turang
SS Elly De La Cruz C William Contreras
3B Jeimer Candelario DH Christian Yelich
1B Spencer Steer SS Willy Adames
DH Jake Fraley 1B Rhys Hoskins
C Tyler Stephenson RF Sal Frelick
LF Jacob Hurtubise 3B Joey Ortiz
2B Jonathan India LF Jackson Chourio
RF Will Benson CF Blake Perkins

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 77.1 3.61 1.15 32 84
Freddy Peralta 70.2 3.95 1.13 26 92
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Freddy Peralta’s Stats

Hunter Greene

Hunter Greene looks to bounce back from his last two starts, which were not-so-great. He’s given up nine earned runs in 12.2 innings in his two June starts, including allowing three home runs and seven walks. It’s a stark difference from April when he pitched to a 3.60 ERA and May when he had a sparkling 2.40 ERA. However, in Greene’s defense, he did have to start back-to-back games against the same team and it would appear the Cubs had a good scouting report on him from the beginning.

The first time he faced Cubs hitters, he walked five batters, meaning the Cubs hitters were patient at the plate and went deep into counts. The second time he faced them five days later, he struck out eight and walked only two, but gave up five hits, including two home runs. Tonight, Greene is working on an extra day of rest, so here’s hoping that will help him get back on track.


RHH 149 31 7 2 4 10% 22% .242 .331 .422
LHH 172 26 7 1 3 10% 30% .179 .287 .303

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Split Curve Slider
Velo 97.6 86.5 80.1 86.5
Usage 57% 7% 2% 34%

Freddy Peralta

Like Greene, right-hander Freddy Peralta has struggled in June after having a strong start. He had a 3.58 ERA through April, only allowing three home runs in 27.2 innings. He got progressively worse in May, with a 4.08 ERA through 28.2 innings and four home runs allowed. Through two starts in June, Peralta has a 6.48 ERA, allowing six earned runs on eight hits. The positive for Peralta in June, however, is that he has only allowed one home run this month.

Also like Greene, Peralta is a strikeout pitcher. In 2024, he’s been one of the best strikeout pitchers. He’s in the 92nd percentile in strikeout percentage and the 91st percentile in whiff percentage. His K% is above 30 percent to both left-handed and right-handed batters. For right-handed batters, his go-to pitch tends to be the slider with a 39.4% whiff rate on 229 pitches. For left-handers, it’s the change up, with a 38.2% whiff rate on 132 pitches.


RHH 150 30 2 0 6 9% 30% .234 .329 .391
LHH 141 24 5 0 3 9% 33% .188 .257 .297

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 94.4 77.7 80.8 87.9
Usage 53% 6% 26% 15%


  • Time: 8:10 PM EDT
  • Place: American Family Field, Milwaukee, WI
  • Weather: Doesn’t matter. If it rains, there’s a roof.
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio
  • Radio: 700 WLW

News and Notes

Today’s Roster Move

The Reds recalled Nick Martini from Triple-A Louisville to hopefully help them against the three right-handed starting pitchers the Reds will face this weekend.

Minor League Recap

A two-homer game, a double-digit hit streak, and a dynamic duo highlights the minor league news of the day.

Injury Update

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 40 28
St. Louis 33 34 6.5
Cincinnati 33 35 7.0
Chicago 33 36 7.5
Pittsburgh 32 36 8.0


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  1. 2020ball

    Following up on some comments I made earlier, why are a lot of people here coveting a RH OF and not a LH OF? I be far more focused on improving the Reds versus RHP than LHP. I’m also not convinced it has to be an OF, since we have guys like Steer.

    • Mark Moore


      We need a consistent bat with a decent glove. I’m not one who goes all-in on “handedness”. I just want to see smart, patient baseball.

      • 2020ball

        Likewise. I’m not even convinced it needs to be a bat, I just want more talent on the team period.

  2. Mark Moore

    Hoping for the best for Williamson. Seems the non-surgical approach regularly leads to the surgical approach. Regardless, I have to think 2024 is a loss for him.

    Any CES surgical option update? I do wonder where the “old fracture” came from.

    Looking to drag Bernie out to left-center and Kick Him Up The Slide!!!

    Let’s get the series started off on the right foot. Here’s to HG pitching like we’ve all seen he can.

  3. Doc

    Lodolo is arguably the Reds ace, in my opinion. Across the board he has been better than Greene. Greene has been good, but not as good as Lodolo.

    • Mark Moore

      I think they both give Lowder somebody to chase. They are neck-and-neck in HBP’s at this point … 😛

    • Indy Red Man

      Peralta has been poor lately and only completed 6 innings in 2 of his last 7. So I’m expecting 6-7 innings, 3-4 hits, 1 run, 11 k

  4. Mark Moore

    Roof open, Annie and Sam for the pre-game, my belly is full, and I have some gelato for a little later. All signs point to a good night … 🙂

    • Mike Adams

      I hope the Reds don’t mess that up your good night

      • Mark Moore

        Today’s “messed up” comes in the form of a piece of metal in one tire. It won’t be fixable and tomorrow, I’ll swap it out for my temp spare. OEM tires, so as they near 36K they are at end of life anyway. So new tires was on the docket, but now it’s a little more urgent. I expect it to be fully flat by morning.

      • Mark Moore

        Talenti Double Chocolate. I’ll add in some natural PB and stretch it out for 2 nights.

    • Moon

      Talenti Mint Chip is my favorite. Just got new tires today for the Mazda CX-5. The OEM tires are ok but not great so this is an upgrade. Now back to the Reds….

      • Mark Moore

        I’ll drop $1K or more by the time I’m done. But I always by highly rated tires with the biggest mileage warranty available.

        DD#1 loves the Mint Chip.

      • RedsMonk65

        My two favorites:
        1. Strawberry
        2. Mint chip

      • JB

        Just paid $1200 for new falken tires. Never had Gelato. Never ever had a cup of coffee. Color me weird.

      • RedsMonk65

        Wow — gelato and coffee: two of the major food groups! 😉

  5. Mark Moore

    Sam doing the color along side Sadak. Somebody keep me posted on how he does and if he can keep Sadak “calm”. I’ll switch to my usual WLW feed for the game.

    • Mark Moore

      Need Sadak to jinx Peralta by saying he’s due for a no-no … 😛

      • Mike Adams

        Sounds like desperation there, MM. I like it and here’s hoping

  6. JB

    Milwaukee is desperate to play Hoskins at first.

  7. RedsMonk65

    Have a stupid evening meeting to attend. 🙁

    Hopefully, I can catch the back half of the game….GO REDS!!!

  8. Mark Moore

    Reached my limit of Sadak’s abundance of words just as Steer’s AB was starting. To me, he sounds like an out of work Shakespearian actor who has to find the long way to say something. Just my opinion. Sam was doing fine.

  9. VaRedsFan

    Hunter Greene is 0-4 with 8.25 ERA in 5 starts vs. the Brewers.

    Keep an eye on their approach tonight. They tend to go oppo approach on his high speed stuff.

    Here’s hoping Hunter continues make progress and learn how to get these guys out.

  10. JB

    Without looking it up, it seems like the Brewers always beat the Reds. The Reds get big expectations going into the series against the Brewers and they squash them. The Reds need to start winning against them. Seems like they are the only team in the division they struggle against.

    • Melvin

      Biggest Reds thorn for several years.

    • 2020ball

      They’ve typically had more talented teams, particularly from the top end of their rotations and back end of their pen in recent years. That said, they’re certainly the biggest fish they need to beat in the division so, yes, its important for them to turn that around.

      • VaRedsFan

        And in the manager’s seat.
        Huge mismatch….

      • 2020ball

        Seriously dont see how that matters when the teams are so mismatched.

        This place gives so much love to other teams managers its crazy, maybe the blog should send him a valentine’s day card.

  11. Mark Moore

    On my “really don’t like” list for the Bernies … Contreras is at the top. That lashed single didn’t change things.

    Nice job getting Yellich to whiff.

  12. Melvin

    Three outs in 16 pitches. We’ll take that from Greene. 🙂

  13. Mark Moore

    Go get your glove, Willy …

    Nice start for Hunter. Hits on both sides, so none of this “no-no nonsense” … 😀

  14. Mark Moore

    Crowdsourcing this for fun after hearing the ballpark name …

    When will we have a “Fanduel” Park or Stadium given the heavy push by them and others? Figure it has to be on the horizon.

    BTW, if you think you have a gambling problem, call 1-800-4OHTANI

  15. Dennis Westrick

    I know we are not quite at the halfway point of the season, but I feel this is an important series to demonstrate whether this 2024 Reds team is going to be a contender or a pretender! Reds did not fare well against the Bernies last season! Need to reverse that trend!

    That being said, need to win game one and hopefully 2 out of the 3 games in this series!

    Let’s Go Reds!

  16. Indy Red Man

    Herdofbeasts? One thing to K a lot when u hit for power, but running out of the box when u swing for the K won’t work. I like his game otherwise

    • 2020ball

      He has the skills to be a major leaguer, but he’s gonna have to do more if he wants regular ABs and not just be a bench OF. He may even have to fight to be that. Judge is out, we will see how this opportunity for him plays out and whether he can take advantage of it.

      • VaRedsFan

        He’s trying to be Ichiro without the hit tool.
        I was skeptical when he had early success, but like you said, the jury is still out.

  17. RedsGettingBetter

    Hurtubise is struggling. I think he got strikeout in his last 4 ABs… They should be more patient since Peralta trends to have lack of control crisis…

  18. Old-school

    So far that extra day for Hunter worked

    Hes throwing 98-101 and covers first

    Steer is best 1b and its not close

    Paul konerko

  19. Mark Moore

    Great play by Steer and Hunter!!! That’s a clinic in pitcher coverage.

  20. Melvin

    Sam has already spoke more words than Larkin says in an entire game. 🙂

    • VaRedsFan

      Sorry I miss it…and all road games Larkin-less announcer games, as the Extra Innings package carries the home team’s broadcast.

  21. Hanawi

    Once again the platoon system demands that Fairchild, one of the Reds most valuable players, and one of the hottest of their hitters over the last month sits again.

    • VaRedsFan

      Maybe because he bats .111 vs righties is why?

      • Indy Red Man

        Not off starters he doesn’t

      • 2020ball

        So because he hits .220 against RH starters in under half of one season he should start? At least you looked up some numbers, I’m not sure the OP even bothered.

        As usual, no one has mentioned who he should replace.

      • Indy Red Man

        Not a huge deal to me, but Stuey is better then Herdofbeasts. Both stopgaps vs rhp

      • Hanawi

        He could replace Benson or Hurtubise. Doesn’t even matter. They both stink. Fairchild has been great for a month and a half. Maybe get him some more at bats against righties.

  22. RedsGettingBetter

    It’s really bad giving up walks to the Brewers, Greene…

  23. Mark Moore

    2-out walks not good. 2 of them in the inning much not gooder.

    Strikes, HG. Throw strikes.

  24. RedsGettingBetter

    Greene on 48 pitches thru 2 innings and 9 batters faced… He’s relying literally over his 4SFB… I don’t like this when he is going to face the lineup for 2nd time…

  25. Ted Alfred

    This is exactly what will prevent Greene from being a true #1….2 quick outs …only 29 pitches in and 0-2 to the #7 hitter ..5 pitches later walk. 1-2 to the #8 hitter…now at 40 pitches walk. Finally gets the 9 hitter for the 3rd out after 7 more pitches…we are now at 47 pitches after 2 innings…so an extra 18 pitches because you couldn’t get the #7 hitter at 0-2 with 2 outs….started nibbling and trying to trick them instead of straight gas they have very little chance against. C’mon Hunter…when are you gonna quit doing this

    • Mark Moore

      Booth saying “fell in love with the strikeout” and trying to get a disciplined team to chase.

      • Ted Alfred

        Hunter has to figure it or he will never take the next step…up to him. His stuff is really good…IF he improves mentally he’ll be a force for years to come. If not, he’ll be this… a pretty good pitcher

  26. Dennis Westrick

    HG with a walk an inning so far! Needs to stop that! It is why he’s at 24 pitches per inning!

  27. Harry Stoner

    I think Greene’s arc to prominence is going to be a long one.

    His last X starts showed a much more efficient pitch mix, using the splitter as a finisher.

    He seems to have backed up a bit tonight.

    I still have faith in him in the long run.

    He’s not the crusher ace right out of the box that hype and hope projected, but I think he’s going to get there.

    Our expectations of him (or his fortunate contract) shouldn’t be a burden on him.

    • Mark Moore

      A reasonable assessment, Harry. We’re seeing incremental progress. I think that’s what we’ll continue to see.

    • Dennis Westrick

      As frustrated as I get with HG, I agree with the assessment that he will mature like most of the greats who were once 24-year-old flame throwers! Just wish he would stop nibbling when he gets ahead in the count 0-2 or 1-2!

    • VaRedsFan

      Oppo Indy is a competent hitter.
      Wish he’d do it more.

  28. Mark Moore

    Did I mention my dislike for Contreras?

    • JB

      Slider in the heart of the plate. They go far when hit.

  29. Indy Red Man

    Just got a lead and you’re throwing 100 so why not hang a breaking ball

  30. Mark Moore

    6 inning game. Need to bear down and score some runs.

  31. Indy Red Man

    Can’t even be a 4th starter when you throw 2 pitches and you hang the 2nd one all the time. Very lucky we’re not down 3-1

    • 2020ball

      All your comments dont seem very happy. Bad day?

      • Indy Red Man

        No just tired of losing to Milwaukee

      • 2020ball

        eh…I guess I dont see why that means we can throw our guys under the bus

  32. RedsGettingBetter

    The two-out walks have rocketed the pitch count for Greene…

  33. Old-school


    Greene and stephenson back to balls and sliders

    Throwing 100 mph fb and nibbling and getting behind
    And no splits

    Brewers intimidate the Reds

    • Mike Adams

      Out of 82 pitches by Hunter 9 were splitters.
      Maybe not as bad as you think on pitch selection.
      Agree wholeheartedly with too much nibbling and getting behind on the count.

  34. Dennis Westrick

    HG now at 66 pitches thru 3 innings due to 3 walks! In contrast, Peralta at 42 pitches thru 3 innings with NO WALKS!

  35. Mark Moore

    A little 2-out run magic again … can we see a rally?

  36. Melvin

    Opposite field RBI by India. Excellent.

  37. MBS

    2 things I’ve noticed in this game so far is Front Row Amy, and Front Row Amy.

    • JB

      New hairdo. And she has a friend keeping score too.

  38. Indy Red Man

    Clutch hit by India. He looks much better to me.

    Herdofbeasts? Shogo part Ii…no thank you. They practically knock the bat out of his hands then bring OF way in to stop the bloop

    • VaRedsFan

      74.8 MPH
      Oppo Jake is just as weak 73 mph. He doesn’t drive it unless he pulls it.

  39. RedsGettingBetter

    Well, I don’t know what happens after two outs and the walks

    • 2020ball

      His command is off, couple times it looked to me like he was rushing his mechanics. Regardless, he’s battling and pitching totally fine.

  40. Mark Moore

    4-pitch walk … SMH so very extra hard!!!

  41. VaRedsFan

    Oppo Indy is a competent hitter.
    Wish he’d do it more.

  42. RedsGettingBetter

    ELLY Te! and the runnng Reds!

  43. Mark Moore

    Elly gets off the schneid with a solid triple to the wall. Almost a stand-up.

  44. Melvin

    RBI triple for EDLC! Up 3-1 🙂 Good slide into 3B by the way by EDLC.

  45. RedsGettingBetter

    CANDY MAAAAANN crushed!!!

  46. Melvin

    Candyman strikes again! There’s your DH Mr. Bell. Leave him there whenever possible. 🙂

    • Mark Moore

      6 of ’em in June and we’re only halfway through.

  47. Mark Moore

    And Candy is DIALED IN!!!

    And this with no outs for a change 😮

    Double from anyone and we have the cycle this inning. Wouldn’t that be something.

    • Mark Moore

      And there’s the cycle in the inning. Nice slap hit from Fraley. Peralta on the ropes (and a short leash I imagine).

  48. Indy Red Man

    Finally smashed Peralta. It’s about time

    Candyman destroying the Reds never do anything narrative. Just be ready for the 8 for 50 that follows. He’s a poor man’s Jay Bruce

    • Harry Stoner

      Interesting comparison of Candelario with the Beaumont Bomber.

      I often thought Bruce was an expert ‘mistake’ hitter.

      If you were off, he was right on it.
      If a pitcher was on, he was off.

      Very good hitter, though.

      Sometimes I’ve felt JC wasn’t really locked in.

      Recently, he comes to bat looking like he’s got a plan, and executes that.

      A bit of maturity a lot of the young hitters could benefit from.

      He’s been most fun Red to watch at bat recently.

  49. Old-school

    Fact checkers please …. But per my favorite only daughter Jeimer leads the NL in homers since May 1

    She is usually correct

  50. Dennis Westrick

    Not to complain, but HG now with 4 WALKS in 4 innings!

    • VaRedsFan

      Thats the 1st time you’ve ever made note of that

  51. Mike Adams

    9 splitters out of 85 pitches for Greene

  52. Mark Moore

    Trying to do it himself was the right choice. Just sailed on Elly a bit.

    • Mark Moore

      I disagree it was “routine” but failing to turn it hurts. Oh, and the out we did get was the guy who WALKED (right, Dennis?)

      • VaRedsFan

        2 double play balls spun up there by Greene.
        Elly let him down.

  53. Mark Moore

    And we come unraveled all of the sudden.

  54. LarkinPhillips

    Why is sadak so excited about the errors on us?

  55. Dennis Westrick

    Slip slidin’ away! Thanks to a leadoff walk!

  56. Indy Red Man

    McLain 3x smoother then Elly at SS. Elly should improve, but he’s probably 6’6 and trying to go to the ground repeatedly isn’t natural

    • Mark Moore

      I said last year how much I liked MattyMc at SS and Elly at 3B. Made the left side as close to bullet-proof as you can get. But I think that ship has sailed now.

      • 2020ball

        I’d be shocked if we didnt see him play some SS when he comes back

  57. VaRedsFan

    No further damage.
    Way to bear down Hunter. Had to get 6 outs that inning

  58. Mark Moore

    Limited the damage to 1. Hunter was burned either way. I’ll take being up by 3 in Bernie-Town to open the series. Need to make some more noise here.

  59. RedsMonk65

    Back from the stupid meeting (I hate them with a perfect hate!). The Reds’ bats seem to have come alive. Looks like a good game thus far for the good guys.

  60. RedsGettingBetter

    Greene made it to finish the 5th inning at 105 pitches going to the showers. I wonder if the control issues by Greene are a concern…

    • Mark Moore

      Cowboy speculating it was more of a lack of focus and “falling in love with the K”. I tend to trust his analysis.

      • 2020ball

        When hunter was missing, it wasnt by a little. I dont disagree with cowboy, but it wasnt simply nibbling for a K.

  61. Mark Moore

    The HBP magnet takes another one for the Good Guys 😮

  62. Indy Red Man

    Stephenson with the subtle pitch frame to get the K on Hoskins. Doing good things tonight

  63. Old-school


    Reds up 5-2 on brewers

    Its not been pretty but just win

    Play add on

    Bring in the bullpen big boys

    Get the W

  64. Dennis Westrick

    Time for a little Bell RP Roulette!

  65. Pharmer85

    Reds are TERRIBLE at turning two. Means a lot of extra outs for the opposition.

  66. RedsMonk65

    TJ having quite the game, it seems.

  67. Mark Moore

    Got that one back courtesy of India’s swipe and Contreras’ muff.

    G’night, Peralta. We’ve had fun against you for a change.

  68. VaRedsFan

    We can all agree that walks aren’t good right?
    Do we have to hear about every single walk though?

    You know who had the most walks ever?
    Nolan Ryan
    Steve Carlton
    Phil Niekro
    Early Wynn
    Bob Feller

    The top 5
    The Walks list is littered with HOF’ers

    Hunter Greene is not a HOF’er and will walk people from time to time.

    • 2020ball


      It’s gonna always be a part of his game. He was consistently fighting his command today.

    • Mark Moore

      I agree. And while it is a decidedly different game, we don’t need to whine and moan about every walk. For me, it’s the apparent lapse in focus and nibbling. I’d prefer a game of weak pop-ups and sharply hit ground outs.

      Now, as I type this, Martinez walks the first batter. That rarely leads to good things.

      • 2020ball

        He was missing big when he missed, I dont think it was all nibbling. He seemed to be fighting the mound a bit too. Looked more mechanical to me.

      • VaRedsFan

        No doubt.
        It’s maddening getting ahead 0-2, then get all of those non-competitive pitches

    • Harry Stoner

      Those guys threw a lot of innings.

      • VaRedsFan

        Does one have to be good to throw a lot of innings.
        Or do they let the sucky ones throw a lot of innings too?

      • Harry Stoner

        Not following that at all.

        All things considered: more innings = more walks.

        How many Hunter Strickland threw as many innings as Ryan or Niekro?

        I’m sure you can list a few.

        BB per 9 innings or per batter would be far more useful when comparing Ryan, who pitched for what? 30 years , vs Greene ~ 3.

        For that matter, for every pitcher on your list, there’s about 200 Cody Reeds or Joe Boyles.

        Greene would do better to throw fewer pitches and walk fewer batters.


        In the meantime, it’s only fair to say it’s holding him back.

        No unfair shade on Greene, just the facts.

        I frankly think he’s pitching noticeably better this season.

        Very encouraging.

        Is he ‘there’ yet with efficiency and consistency?


        But he’s making progress,

        By and large, I like watching him pitch again.

        He’s not a favorite, but nothing says he might not be, someday.

  69. VaRedsFan

    Good swing by Elly, despite the result.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. From the right side against a submariner.

  70. JB

    Reds with 10 hits against Peralta. Who predicted that ?

  71. Mark Moore

    Candy!!! You put that in your pocket!!!

    • VaRedsFan

      Also terrible at 1st base.
      DH anyone? or are there feelings going to be involved?

  72. LarkinPhillips

    What a sloppy game. 4 innings of this pen and defense, we better score a few more.

  73. 2020ball

    Off to the beach for some live music and to watch some fire spinning. Hope y’all have a good rest of the game. Go Reds.

  74. Mark Moore

    UE run allowed … but Martinez focused and got that last out. Need to get the run back (again). Plus a couple.

  75. RedsGettingBetter

    Can’t give away runs to a team like Milwaukee

  76. RedAlert

    Can’t wait till Marte gets here to get
    IRONGLOVE off third base and into DH role … he’s brutal

    • Indy Red Man

      A lot of guys don’t hit well DHing though.

      I tell you who does well at DH…it’s Rooker from the A’s. Go ahead triple in the 7th tonight

  77. RedsGettingBetter

    Another lead off walk , incredible…

  78. Mark Moore

    And … exhale.

    Stranding Yellich is a good thing.

    • VaRedsFan

      Wilson got his act together after batter 1

  79. VaRedsFan

    A 1-2-3 inning would do us all some good.

  80. Melvin

    Alright Hurtubise! Good catch. 🙂 Big play.

    • Daytonnati

      Gonna have to get past Yelich one more time. Just keep the bases empty.

  81. Mark Moore

    Candy adjusted to 2 errors on that ridiculous play. Can’t argue with that change.

    • Melvin

      Can’t really put him at 1B either cuase he doesn’t catch very well. DH

  82. Indy Red Man

    Moll time. Cruz seems overworked

  83. Melvin

    Is it just me or are more teams bunting this year?

  84. Melvin

    We could really use MORE lock down relief help. It would help tremendously.

  85. JB

    Tyler needs the Steve Yeager throat protector.

  86. VaRedsFan

    Bending but not breaking.
    Diaz needs to be nails.

  87. RedsGettingBetter

    Cruz bounced back putting a great 0 in this tough 8th frame, leaving Yelich at on-deck

  88. Mark Moore

    There we go. Strand ’em again. An insurance run would be great. But we’re 3 outs away now in the opening game. And we rocked Peralta to get here. Can’t ask for much more. Win and all will be forgiven.

    • Melvin

      Just can’t let it slip away. Gotta stop em.

  89. VaRedsFan

    Does it seem like Contreras bats every inning, or is just me?

  90. Melvin

    Kinda misjudged that one there EDLC. lol Easy dp.

    • Mark Moore

      Were we not playing shaky defense, I’d be far less annoyed at that. I’m only moderately miffed as it is.

      Scramble in the morning with good sausage, Melvin. Shall I crack a couple extra eggs for you?

  91. Mark Moore

    Gambled on a gapper and got doubled off. That’s gonna happen.

    3 outs and a save for Diaz without giving up the farm. Not asking for much.

    • Melvin

      With his speed he really doesn’t need to do that.

  92. VaRedsFan

    Give us this day our daily TOOTBLAN

  93. JB

    Hopefully Moll is up and ready. He should be the closer anyway.

  94. Melvin

    Like I said, we could really use more late inning help. Our guys seem worn down at times.

  95. Mark Moore

    3rd error of the night for Elly. How in the HECK???

    Got to settle down and get 3 outs. That’s the game we have to play. Period. Full. Stop.

  96. JB

    Went to a MLB game and a tee ball game broke out

  97. Melvin

    He’s NOT pitching well Mr. Bell. Get him out of there.

  98. Mark Moore

    And THAT’s where the walks really hurt.

    Somebody check on Dennis, please.

    • Melvin

      Hopefully he’ll recover by tomorrow. 🙂

    • Votto4life

      Exactly! if the runner was safe then why wait until the tag was applied to call him safe?

  99. Melvin

    Base hit. Tie game. Unless the challenge works. smh Looks like it should.

    • Melvin

      He’s got to be out. Good throw by Benson.

  100. Mark Moore

    They have to overturn this one.

  101. RedAlert

    Bell get Diaz out now !!!! He stinks .. but thanks for the boneheaded bunt play

  102. Melvin

    Can’t believe it Bunt pop up. lol!!!! Thank you Brewers!!!! 😀

  103. JB

    Amazing Stephenson hung on to that ball

    • Melvin

      Yeah. It was a snow cone. 🙂 As bad as our defense was tonight that was a good play there at the end by Benson and Stephenson.

    • RedBB

      That was a bb by Benson too…only a perfect throw gets him.

  104. Mark Moore

    Wow … how did we pull out that win. Not sure who Day interviews post-game. Frankly, most of the guys should be embarrassed at this point.

    • Melvin

      He should interview the guy who popped up the bunt. 😀 Gave it to us.

      • Votto4life

        I don’t know what he was thinking. Even if he got the bunt down he would still have had to beat it out, since there were already 2 outs. Bonehead play.

    • RedBB

      5 Errors…shoulda been 6 and 8 Walks….and Diaz doing Diaz things. No way we should have won that game.

  105. Jason Franklin

    My heart rate is too high with this team.. wow.. Error city.
    Diaz has to go.

    Go Reds though! 🙂

  106. Melvin

    Bell would have legitimately caught the heat for this one had we lost. Glad we didn’t.

  107. RedlegScott

    We escape. Perhaps now consideration will be made for a new closer?

  108. RedAlert

    REDS need a new closer … this dude ain’t it … this kind of stuff happens way to often with him

  109. Votto4life

    How in the world can the home plate umpire delay the call at the plate and then after the runner is tagged out call him safe?

    • Melvin

      With the replay these days it would seem as though the umps don’t try as hard to get it right knowing it will be corrected.

  110. Ted Alfred

    We are so lucky to have won that game. I can’t believe David Bell left Diaz in with the tying and winning runs on 2nd and 3rd against a LH hitter with Sam Moll sitting there in the bullpen…WOW.

    Thankfully the Brewers had a brain fart and their hitter inexplicably trying to bunt there with 2 outs….AND gave us the game.

  111. Jason Franklin

    Seriously though, when is Diaz no longer the closer? He hasn’t been reliable since the middle of last year. What must happen for this team to either try someone else out (Cruz?), bring up someone (who knows) or make a trade? If you want to be a team that wins a division or a wild card game, you gotta have that slammer at the end.

    • Melvin

      At least try Santillan until we can trade for one? Just about anybody would have been better than Diaz tonight though.

  112. RedAlert

    Da dub Bell is clueless to the max ….

  113. LDS

    8 hits allowed, 8 walks, and 5 errors made and still win? The baseball gods were smiling tonight. They’ll laugh loudly next time.

    • Jason Franklin

      If the team does that the next three nights, it is more likely a 1-2 visit in Brew Town.

      • Jason Franklin

        I meant next 2 nights. I was thinking for someon unknown reason this was a 4 game weekender.

  114. RedsGettingBetter

    Reds Win but they don’t deserve it after 5 errors and 6+ walks given up… Well, the mission is accomplished to me, winning at least 1 game at Milwaukee…

    • JA

      I don’t remember any team making 5 errors in a game, not at least lately, do you?

      • RedsGettingBetter

        No, I really don’t … It’s hard to believe they made it against Brewers although get the win…

  115. Mark Moore

    I suppose this is where we borrow the line from Gladiator … “Are you not entertained?”

    Back at it tomorrow, folks.

  116. Ted Alfred

    However just because we won doesn’t mean that David Bell didn’t totally butcher that 9th inning with his handling of that situation. Sam Moll needs to be given a chance to be the closer…Right Now

    • Jason Franklin

      Moll maybe or Cruz. Maybe use those two guys?

    • Melvin

      “However just because we won doesn’t mean that David Bell didn’t totally butcher that 9th inning”

      He definitely did. He needs to buy the bunt guy dinner at least. 🙂

    • RedAlert

      Agree – he TOTALLY butchered it …

  117. Moon

    I keep saying reds need to find a legit closer. Diaz is not it. Maybe the guy is on the team but Diaz is way inconsistent. They also need a better catcher than Maile. He just does not hit well enough to be on a MLB team.

    • Ted Alfred

      Diaz Whip is now 1.56…which is terrible by itself… let alone for a closer.

    • Votto4life

      I don’t think Diaz is inconsistent at all. He has been very consistent in giving up walks and allowing multiple base runners when he pitches in the 9th innings. You can depend on him doing it
      Time after time.

  118. Melvin

    Man. We TRIED to give it to them and they said, ” No you take it” and gave it right back to us. CRAZY GAME. 🙂

  119. Roger Garrett

    Just checked in and well we win but WOW.I will say it again Bell is not the one to manage this team and again I will say even when we win we just do the same things over and over that cause us to lose.One thing is for sure ok maybe two things.One is we aren’t going to change who we are and as fans we will keep watching.Not sure why but hey where you going to go and the joke is on us.GO REDS

  120. Melvin

    Sheesh. I gotta headache. Glad we won. 😀

  121. Melvin

    Looking at that replay again Stephenson BARELY held on to that ball. Wow.