The Cincinnati Reds got their road trip started off in the right way on Friday night in Milwaukee, but it was an escape that would have made Harry Houdini proud. The Brewers scored two runs in the bottom of the 9th and thought they had a third one, but Cincinnati wiggled out of it to hold on for a 6-5 win.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (34-35)
6 10 5
Milwaukee Brewers (40-29)
5 8 0
W: Greene (5-2) L: Peralta (4-4) SV: Diaz (15)
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Freddy Peralta only allowed one hit through the first two innings of the game. Hunter Greene matched him in that regard. But Cincinnati got to Peralta in the top of the 3rd when TJ Friedl homered to put the Reds up 1-0. That lead didn’t last long as William Contreras hit a solo homer of his own in the bottom of the inning to tie things up.

Cincinnati’s offense went right back to work in the 4th. Jake Fraley singled with one out and then stole second base before Tyler Stephenson worked a walk. Jonathan India then came through with a 2-out RBI single to put the Reds back on top 2-1.

They weren’t finished for the day, either. The next inning they got a leadoff single by TJ Friedl, an RBI triple from Elly De La Cruz, and then a Jeimer Candelario hit a 423-foot home run that barely missing hitting the Toyota Tacoma on display above the concourse in center to put the Reds up 5-1.

The Brewers got one of those runs back in the bottom of the 5th when De La Cruz misplayed a ball and then made a throwing error that allowed a run to come in. The run would remain earned against Hunter Greene, who was finished for the day after throwing 105 pitches in 5.0 innings.

Cincinnati’s 6th inning began with Jonathan India being hit by a pitch. He would steal second base and then come around to score on a 1-out single by TJ Friedl that made it 6-2. The Brewers got that run back against Nick Martinez in the bottom of the inning with a little help from Jeimer Candelario, who like De La Cruz in the prior inning bobbled the ball then threw it away and allowed a runner to score from second base to cut the lead to three runs.

Justin Wilson and Fernando Cruz each tossed a scoreless inning to follow, leading to the bottom of the 9th when Alexis Diaz entered the game with Cincinnati still holding a 6-3 lead. Things got dicey real fast as the Brewers began the inning with back-to-back singles to bring the tying run to the plate. Elly De La Cruz then bobbled a slow rolling grounder and everyone was safe and the bases were loaded with no outs.

Sal Frelick had a soft liner to Jonathan India as Diaz recorded the first out of the inning. But Joey Ortiz followed up with a walk to make it 6-4 and bring Jackson Chourio to the plate. He lined a single into right field and Willy Adames scored. On the throw to the plate by Will Benson the umpire ruled Jake Bauers safe to tie the game, but the Reds challenged the call and it was overturned as Tyler Stephenson was able to get the tag on him. With runners on 2nd and 3rd Blake Perkins tried to bunt the ball for a hit, but popped it up to Diaz to end the game.

Key Moment of the Game

David Bell challenging the call at the plate in the 9th inning, which took the tying run off of the board.

Notes Worth Noting

Cincinnati made five errors in the game. Elly De La Cruz had three of them and Jeimer Candelario had two. Not the best of nights in the field for those two.

The Reds pitchers walked eight batters in the game. They also held the Brewers to one hit in 16 at-bats with runners in scoring position.

The top five batters in the lineup for the Reds went 9-22 with two doubles, a triple, two home runs, and a walk.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewers

Saturday June 15th, 4:10pm ET

Andrew Abbott (5-5, 3.28 ERA) vs Bryse Wilson (3-3, 4.19 ERA)

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  1. VaRedsFan

    Cincinnati Reds relievers have not blown a save in their last 26 games (May 14 at AZ). Only bullpen in MLB without a BS in that span. Total of 3 blown saves this season are fewest MLB
    (next closest has 7).

    They put that streak in jeopardy tonight.

    • CI3J

      They put the streak in jeopardy every time Diaz takes the mound.

      Living on the edge like this is going to come back to bite them, probably sooner rather than later.

      • MFG

        Agree CI3j, Diaz and Simms make you hold your breath every time they enter a game. Walks, hits, hitting a batter, etc.

    • DaveCT

      You have to have a lead to blow a save ….

      Tongue firmly planted in cheek.

  2. Beaufort Red

    I still say EDLC to the outfield and Arroyo at short eventually. Soon I hope. Moll should be closing.

    • Melvin

      Thumbs up. Just not this year. 🙂

    • Ted Alfred

      Moll should be given a chance to close and if does well he’s your closer..but Bell has no balls so we’re going to keep playing with fire on a regular basis.

      • Ian Riddell

        Putting Diaz out there in a close game is the definition of ballsy!

      • 2020ball

        He said, safely behind a computer screen.

  3. Harry Stoner

    Yet another game that in any other season the Reds would have lost.

    These are the games that good teams win, and the Reds did:

    Sloppy, lucky, weird, you name it.

    It was ugly, but they won.

    That’s a small step forward.

    • Mike

      sorry for the Dodgers reference here, but it reminds me of what LaSorda is often quoted as saying….“No matter how good you are, you’re going to lose one-third of your games. No matter how bad you are you’re going to win one-third of your games. It’s the other third that makes the difference.”

  4. VaRedsFan

    The good. A ton of good AB’s tonight. With the ones that found the gaps, or the stands. And some found gloves. I preach it a lot, but there was plenty of Oppo hitting tonight. The Reds seem to go when that is their approach.

    Will Benson’s throw. His bat was silent, but contributed in the field.

    Let’s not talk about the defense. They got away with one tonight. Clean that mess up guys.

  5. Tom Reeves

    Man, they played tight tonight and made a bunch of errors. But there were also some amazing plays down the stretch. Hurtabise diving catch. Benson’s throw to the plate and then Stephenson’s “tag” of the runner that everyone missed until the replay.

    I don’t know is a win like this will loosen these guys up but I hope it does.

  6. Jason Franklin

    Currently Elly has 14 errors which is 4 more then anyone else in the NL. Maybe he shouldn’t be the teams shortstop until he practices some more or cuts down on the mistakes? A drastic thing to do would be to put him at DH for a few games. Maybe that would help him understand that he needs to improve his fielding? Or, move him from short after the 7th or 8th for a defensive replacement? Tough love or something? But I doubt Bell wants to hurt anyone’s feelings.

    • Jason Franklin

      Also, the team just can’t ‘forget’ about how bad their defense was tonight. That is part of the problem. They need to be in early tomorrow taking a thousand groundballs. It needs to be their most important job right now to improve it.

      • AC

        Or they just had a bad day. When you make a few typos in an email are you up at the keyboard at 6am working on your keyboarding?

      • mac624

        lol a thousand ground balls? They did play tight, which shows you the pressure they felt to win that first game. At least be happy they are putting pressure on themselves to beat the Brewers. I’d rather them do that than be like oh well it’s just another game on the schedule.

    • VaRedsFan

      But then Espy is in the lineup.
      No thanks.
      I’ll take the growing pains with Elly at SS.
      If Mclain was here then it’s a different story, but he’s not

    • Jonathan Linn

      @jason – Larkin made 29 errors in 1988 and 19 in 1987, 17 in 1990; Jeter made 24 in 2000 and 22 in 1996; cal ripken made 26 errors in 1984 and 1985; Dansby Swanson made 20 in 2017; Dave Concepción made 30 in 1974, 27 in 1976 and 1979

      Slow down buddy. Sometimes good players take time to learn and slow down since they are very athletic.

      • Harry Stoner

        Thinking about how good EDLC might be in 3-5 years makes it tough to fully appreciate a win that his fielding helped put in question.

        But he had a much improved night at the plate.

        Maybe as folks have been saying here, he needs a break more often?

        With Marte coming back, that might be more enticing to follow through with.

        I’d be interested in knowing the FP of the SS in the E list.

        I know, I can look it up myself.

        “Learn to slow down….” is a good point.

        And a good idea for all of us.

      • Jason Franklin

        @ Jonathan Linn I didn’t say to take him out of the game, buddy. I said he just needs to realize that his screwups on defense will more likely lead to losses then wins.

      • Mike

        takes awhile to learn at the highest level, no doubt. perhaps the young man could use a day off once in awhile

      • 2020ball


        If you’d take even a second to watch his mannerisms after he makes a mistakes, you can tell he cares. If you truly think he doesn’t “realize that his screwups on defense will more likely lead to losses then wins,” then you sir are the one that needs to come to a better realization rather than walking around spouting that nonsense to your friends or whomever.

    • Redsvol

      Tough night for Elly. And then you realize he is one of only two 22 year old starting shortstops. He will get better. But he also will never be Barry Larkin at short.

      Amazing to win a game with 5 errors and 8 walks against a good team. I’m more disappointed by the Candelario errors. I hope marte can come back soon so he can play only first base.

    • jon

      This might happen when Marte is back.Right now who is going to play short.Elly is 22 yrs old. He is going to be up and down all yr.

  7. Klugo

    First off, I don’t hate Sam “Ramblin’ Man” LeCure, but I’m looking forward to getting the regular guys back asap. He’s like fingernails on a chalk board.

    Have we ever seen a worse defensive game from a Reds SS than we did tonight from ELDC? This one would be hard to top.

    What else can be said about Diaz that hasn’t been said already. The only guy that believes in him is David Bell.

    A win’s a win. Even the ugly ones. Swung the bat well. Unlucky on some contact ,particularly late. Lady Luck gave a little more than she took from the Reds tonight.

    • Ted Alfred

      I think I remember Elly having a real stinker in Philly early in the season that rivaled tonight. And I’m really looking forward to Marte coming back at 3rd because watching Candelaria at 3rd is just painful. He does not have the requisite skills to play that position…just looks uncomfortable. He’s okay at 1st from what I’ve seen, but 3rd base is no bueno

      • Mike

        I remember Eric Davis having a horrible game in the outfield in Philadelphia when he was really young. People were wanting to send him down to Denver (lol) as fast as the bus would take him

      • TR

        With his lack of defensive skills, Candelario seems a good fit as a DH.

      • Still a red

        Candelario makes way more good plays than bad ones.

    • Old Big Ed

      Pokey Reese made 4 errors at shortstop on Opening Day 1998, and the Reds lost 10-2. I saw Reese described once as a guy who could win a Gold Glove at any position in fair territory – simply a defensive freak of nature. Willie Davis, who went on to win 3 Gold Gloves in CF, made 3 errors in an inning in Game 2 of the 1966 World Series. So, it can happen to anyone.

      • DaveCT

        Derek Jeter made 56 errors when he was 19 in A ball.

    • Redsvol

      Bad fielding night for Elly. And then you realize he is one of only two 22 year old starting shortstops. He will get better. But he also will never be Barry Larkin at short.

      Amazing to win a game with 5 errors and 8 walks against a good team. I’m more disappointed by the Candelario errors. I hope marte can come back soon so he can play only first base.

  8. Longtimefan

    Solid offense, horrible defense, and Diaz continues to be the worst closer in baseball. Three runs almost wasn’t enough for him to close out the game tonight. Elly’s bad defense contributed to it but they were in that situation because of him. Don’t really think they can realistically contend for a playoff position without a better closer.

    • Ted Alfred

      Diaz whip this year is 1.56 which is horrific…meanwhile since the trade with the A’s last year Moll has been nails, completely unflappable and his numbers are fantastic. His whip this year is 0.89 which is unbelievably great. I can’t believe he wasn’t brought in to face the LH hitter in the 9th when he very fortunately had a brainfart, bunted it straight up in the air and gave us the game. Good thing cause we were probably losing with Diaz pitching if he doesn’t…the Brewers manager looked bewildered after the game ended.

      DBell needs to make the change to Moll now and see what happens. You can only dodge the raindrops for so long with Diaz.

      • jon

        Bell just won’t do it.Elly batting 2nd won’t stop either and he had 2 hits tonight.

      • Chris

        @jon, do you realize that Elly is 9th in the league in offensive WAR? It’s funny you bash Bell for being stupid, but on the same note you want Elly moved from the 2nd spot in the lineup. SMH.

    • TR

      I join many fans in the opinion that Diaz is not the closer the Reds need to be a consistent competitive team. I think he would be more effective relieving in earlier innings. The Reds have other pitchers who can do the closing role. Change is needed.

      • jon

        Elly makes the routine DP the game is over and reds win 6-4. Diaz did his job.

      • Still a red

        Big RedMachine had two closers if I remember correctly…Eastwick and McEnaney…not to mention Borbon who pitched over 120 innings in over 60 to 70 games/year.

      • Ted Alfred

        Diaz might honestly be great as the 8th inning setup guy with just less pressure, but something needs to be done. Moll’s personality just seems to fit the closer roll perfectly and his numbers are incredible since the trade last year.

        Had they lost that game last night it would have been just a terrible, terrible L against anyone…but especially the Brewers. Does anybody here really think we would have been in that situation had Moll pitched the 9th?

      • Chris

        @Ted, I don’t think any of us have any idea, if we are being honest. You can’t remotely expect Moll to be the same pitcher when tasked with getting saves in the 9th. Anyone who has been around this game for any length of time understand that saving games often makes the best relievers just ordinary.

      • Oldtimer

        BRM closers:

        1970 Granger
        1971 Carroll
        1972 Carrroll
        1973 Borbon
        1974 Borbon
        1975 Eastwick
        1976 Eastwick
        1977 Borbon
        1978 Pair

  9. RedlegScott

    ‘Winning ugly’ has a new poster child in tonight’s game.

    • Ted Alfred

      Of course you’re never going to know for sure if Moll would be the same P as a closer until you give him that chance…but his he seems very even-keeled and numbers are almost unbelievable since the trade in late July last year:

      2023 ERA 0.73…whip 0.97..25 games
      2024 ERA 1.84….whip 0.89..17 games

      I think I’d feel quite a bitq better with him closing vs. Diaz who has an ERA around 7 since Moll got traded to the Reds. I would love for Diaz to be the first three months of the season Diaz from last year… but that’s not who he is now. His stuff and his control are both noticeably worse. Diaz has been mostly average to horrendous since the all-star game last year…it is what it is.

      • Ted Alfred

        Typo…Diaz ERA since July last year is around 6…not 7….but still horrific.

  10. B-town Fan

    It almost sounded like the Reds announcer called the Milwaukee player an idiot for sliding his hand into Stephenson’s glove for the out at the plate. He must have miss spoke in the heat of the moment, I don’t think he wanted that on the air.

    • Jason Franklin

      It’s alright. I have heard most of the announcers on other teams when watching replays say some pretty assanine things about the opponent. I think some of this is just expected nowadays. I don’t think Marty or Joe would have said as much as the current guys do.

      • Harry Stoner

        The great thing about Nuxhall as an announcer is that during the replay of the tag he would have said nothing.

        “Just watch the replay, what do you need me to say?”

        Joe’s laconic delivery was even better on radio.

        You’d hear the crack of the bat and crowd and then Nuxhall dragging on his cig or swallowing a bite of his bratwurst.

        He’d tell you what happened when he was ready to.

        “It’s baseball, man, what’s your hurry?”

    • LarkinPhillips

      Lecure did call him an idiot. He did it in a voice to quote a Will Ferrell movie (wedding crashers I believe) but it was probably a poor choice to do. I personally cringe whenever him or Sadak insert random pop culture references into the broadcast.

  11. Michael B. Green

    It’s a mystery how you win with 5 errors and 8 walks but U’ll take it.

  12. Harry Stoner

    Since folks are in the “I said it before mode….”

    I’ve said it before: I just don’t get Freidl.

    After a string of wash out OFs coming up through the system, Freidl is a good ball player.

    I’m starting to expect good play out of him, and that’s a dangerous place to be.

    • Ted Alfred

      Friedl’s story to get the majors is really something…just a really good ball-player. He reminds me a lot of Lenny Dykstra with the Phillies.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Crazy. It’s hard to believe Diaz has only blown 2 saves. Hunter was inefficient but should’ve only been 1 er. We have the pitching advantage so clean up some stuff and go win the series

  14. JA

    According mlb.con ..Need to go way way back to 1988 white sox vs twins game to find 4 errors in two plays like tonight…

  15. Melvin

    When all is said and done tonight we’re six back of the Brewers, one game under .500, and .5 games out of the last WC spot. We can do it. Let’s stack the deck Mr. Krall and actually try to be GOOD and WIN.

    • B-town Fan

      Yes there is a lot of baseball to play yet and we are right there in the heat of it. Probably the key moment to the season at this point was the sweep of the Dodgers, it kinda turned everything around.

  16. Roger Garrett

    Should be an interesting post game.Five errors and 8 walks and Diaz left in until the game was over.Over by a player thrown out at the plate and a two out bunt in the air back to Diaz.Don’t think you could make that one up even if you tried.We’re good and we know we’re good and well you saw it and well we’re good.The Brewer hitter that bunted has to be the player of the game for the Reds taking it away from Bell at the end.Bell was in line to have that honor for the Brewers and may still get one in these next two games.

  17. RedsGettingBetter

    I don’t know if this WIN was more dramatic than the one on last Saturday against Cubs…
    They improved to 5-11 in 1-run games.
    Now, they have a nice chance to win the series even though Bryse Wilson and Colin Rea have been tough against the Reds last years as Peralta too. But Peralta was hit today so I hope the bats may continue doing the job the next games.

  18. JB WV

    Wonderful athlete but not a consistent ss by any measure. Hamilton was an ok ss but a terrific cf. EDLC the same. A miracle to win a game against a first place team with 8 walks and 5, count ‘em, FIVE errors! That’s bad for a high school team

  19. Jeff morris

    Reds very lucky and fortunate to win. The way the Brewers were hitting Diaz, not sure why the last hitter bunted or tried to bunt, bad decision by the Brewers, leads to the Reds win. Also, when Diaz gives up hits and walks when closing, note to David Bell…”He does not have it and will probably blow the save!” David Bell needs to recognize this and pull him! Bell should have pulled him tonight with bases loaded and 0 outs. He could have put B Suter in. Bell has to realize this and be prudent!

  20. Oldtimer

    … Cincinnati made five errors in the game. Elly De La Cruz had three of them and Jeimer Candelario had two. The Reds pitchers walked eight batters in the game …

    And they still won. Whew.

    • SteveAReno

      De La Cruz could use a rest and a break every once in a while. Having him DH once in a blue moon could be an option

      • Steve

        He just had two days in the last four. Are you implying he get more? Maybe give him a four day “mini-vacation”??? He had time off, just had a bad game defensively. And a multi hit game too, btw. Give the 22 year old a break!

  21. Brady

    Went to the game tonight – that’s such a great stadium and environment. Certainly the craziest ending I’ve seen in person and up there with the most fun I’ve ever had at a ballgame.

    That Diaz meltdown was coming from a mile away, but it doesn’t look as bad as it did if Elly just makes that routine play. The game really shouldn’t have been close at all, honestly, but we let them hang around with bad defense. Also, somehow, we hit like 4-5 hard balls off of Hernandez and he didn’t give up a hit. Just weird.

    Let’s get a series win, eh?

    • Reaganspad

      Without 5 errors, what does the pitching look like? Instead of double errors, double plays, pitchers staying sharp and locked in as they know the guys behind them will make the plays and they don’t have to strike everyone out.

      These are the growing pains of a young team. Picking up the guy who just walked 5 guys, or made 3 errors or 2 errors is part of the process. I wonder how good Diaz will be when he harnesses his stuff. A lot like Ashcraft, his stuff moves a lot and looks to be different game to game.

      We have seen Hunter start to lock in and get great results with his stuff. I submit that Diaz will be an even better pitcher with what he is going through now. During the play at the plate replay, he was throwing, trying to find his mechanics.

      Now go through the growth process. We saw it last year with Greene and Ashcraft. Mechanics made everything. I think when Ashcraft comes back, he goes on another streak. Hunter is working through things.

      Yes, he walked in a run, but Diaz does have stuff and with bases loaded and one out, he has no fear.

      We look at Diaz like he is a 10 year vet, but he is a kid, like Greene, like Ashcraft, like Lodolo, like Abbott, like De La Cruz.

      Sam LeCure saying last night that Candelario was brought in as a roll model for Elly was interesting. A vet switch hitter to help Elly grow up. Montas the same for Greene and Ashcraft.

      Yes we want to win and have all our guys play like vets, like McLain did last year. Like TJ does.

      Any coincidence that this win streak is occurring with TJ back in the line up? Not to me.

      Enjoy the growth, enjoy the ride. Understand they are kids that will have growing pains. And just have fun watching them emerge.

      I know he takes lots of criticism for some of his head scratchers, but David Bell is doing a great job growing these kids up at the major league level.

  22. 2020ball

    Ugly win but its a win, and all I read here is the same old whines and complaints. Defense was my biggest worry going into the season and that’s playing out somewhat, partially due to injuries. But do I feel the need to cry out into internet land over it? Everyday?

    Geez y’all, get over it and move on. Take a break and come back when the team gets blown out if that’s really all you wanna do.

    • Reaganspad

      Looking forward to Marte joining us in 12 games. Adding that glove to the right side and a 300 hitter to the lineup will help immensely.

      Then we will have 1 @ 300 hitter

  23. DHud

    1) Diaz is not the closer on the next winning team. Wish list 1A for trade deadline: another high leverage reliever

    2) Reds bullpen tonight will seemingly be Suter, Farmer, Moll, Sims. Scares me in a pivotal game vs MIL

    3) Even I’m starting to think EDLC is playing his way off SS. Not now and maybe not soon, but marked improvement is needed if he’s there still in 2 yrs

    • Amarillo

      Last year the defense looked the best when Elly was at 3rd and McLain was at short. Obviously set positions don’t exist, but once McLain gets back in August/September (hopefully) I’d prefer SS McLain, 3B Elly, 2B India, DH Candelario with Marte filling in.

  24. Old Big Ed

    I surrendered after the play at the plate. Benson’s throw was excellent, and saved the game. I didn’t want to see the last AB or any loathsome Brewers celebrate on the field.

    First thing I checked this morning, though. A bunt pop-up with two out and the bases loaded??? I had to double-check that I was really awake.

    What stood out to me in the game — even above the errors — was that the Reds threw 192 pitches in 9 innings, or 21.3/IP. 116 were strikes (60.4%). The Brewers threw 134, of which 83 (61.9%) were strikes. I don’t know if I’ve seen a team lose a game like the Brewers did while seeing 58 more pitches than the winning team. The Brewers must have fouled off about 40 pitches.

    Greene went 5 innings and threw 105 pitches, and 3 of the 4 relievers, throwing 1 inning each, had 20+ pitches, with Cruz throwing 19.

    The bright side is that Brewers’ fans will wake up from their hangovers, knowing that they managed to lose a game where the opponent made 5 errors, gave up 8 BBs and threw 58 more pitches than their guys did.

  25. Old-school

    A win against the Brewers is always great. I have to laugh as I made a conscious decision up 3 headed to B9 with Diaz coming in that I would turn the TV off and go to bed. They were either going to win or Diaz would implode and I wouldn’t want to see that.

    Checking texts this morning and it’s funny from my Reds faithful who did watch. “Exhausted” “I have a headache” and laughing while crying emojis.

    On to game 2 and a series win!

    A win today and the Reds will have crawled back to .500. Cards shutout the Cubs who are in last with a suspect bullpen. This division is very flawed.

  26. Old-school

    FWIW, heated scuffle in the dugout of Nats with ex-Reds Senzel and Mackenzie Gore. Gore wasnt happy that Senzel fielded a ball deep behind 3rd and threw to first late but seemed to make a routine throw instead of firing a seed. Dont see that every day in MLB dugouts.

    • Still a red

      Saw that. Nats went on to score a 7 run inning after all the subsequent Kumbiahs [sic]. Apparently Mackensie took someone else to task in an earlier game. Not sure he’s making lots of friends.

  27. Jim t

    Certainly wasn’t how you draw it up but a win is a win. Let’s win tonight and get to 500 and win the series.

  28. Jim t

    Ashcraft pitching tonight. Hope this can be the start of him turning his season around.

  29. JB

    Crazy game. I don’t know what it is with the Brewers but the Reds seem to get tight when they play them. I know the Brewers have their number and I’m sure the Reds know this. Winning this series will help ease the tightness. Good to see the offense come alive last night.

  30. Votto4life

    Nice win even if it was sloppy. I’m not convinced this is the year for the Reds. Maybe, with some luck, they will snag a WC spot. But in terms of winning the division and going deep into the playoffs, I think that’s more likely in 2025 and 2026.

    A number of things will have to happen before a deep run. These include:

    1. Arroyo being established as the full time SS
    2. Moving Elly to CF
    3. Establishing Charlie Condon or Bazzana in the staring line up
    4. Getting Rhett Lowder established in the Starting rotation
    5. Matt McLain being fully healed from
    Shoulder surgery . This will probably be late in 2025 or 2026
    6. Signing or trading for a true Ace
    7. I’m not convinced that CES is ever going to be a major contributor. I would just as soon as make Spencer Steer the full time first baseman and deal CES after he can reestablish his value a bit.

    By this time, Cam Collier and Jay Allen should also be major league ready for play or trade.

    The good news this team isn’t that far away. Who knows if they will win a championship, but at the very least they should win a division title or two.

    • Reaganspad

      1) another rookie, and rookie mistake cycle
      2). people always want the back up qb. The kid is 22 and made a play in the hole that Ozzie couldn’t have made. I might give him a full season before I send him packing.
      3) will be interesting to see who they take
      4) at AAA
      5) 26 for Matt McLain? I was thinking Sept of 24
      6) Greene is an ace. Lodolo is an ace. Abbott is ace minus. I will go to war with any of those 3. And I think Ashcraft may be the best of the bunch. Johnson is doing some great work with these kids. This staff next year is 2012.
      7). I will give you seven. But I liked what I saw from the kid in 50 games last year. Maybe we should give him 500 pa’s before we give up on him. Or 1500.

      I would say that Benson is a bigger ?

      • Indy Red Man

        True except for Elly. Having a 6’6 SS is like having your 7′ center bring the ball up. It’s not natural for him. He could play 3B, take less wear & tear, and still run over and take long relays from the OF. RF interests me too because his arm would really play up in little Gabp. He could jump in the crowd and save multiple cheapie HRs too. Time will tell

      • Reaganspad

        Elly is Wemby

        Nothing is normal for them

    • MBS

      1/2) EDLC isn’t moving from SS. I think he’s a GG caliber 3B, but I think the Reds want him at SS.
      3/7) Whoever they get will certainly help, I really hope we grab a 1B
      4/6) Lowder and Petty are promising, but the Reds are not going to sign an ace. Greene has the potential to be one, and if Lodolo could stay healthy he might too, but neither are aces today.
      5/1) McLain/Arroyo are 2 very important pieces that will be key to the success of the team.

      A) We need to sign 2 bats, OF/C I like Jansen for the C.
      B) We need to sign for a Closer or Setup man with closing experience.

    • AllTheHype

      Reds may contend in the next couple of years, but it likely won’t be the way you have it drawn up.

  31. docproc

    Everyone is talking about Elly’s three errors but this is the third time this season that Candy has made double errors on the same play. Can’t wait to have Marte up here at third base. Love Candy’s hot bat, but he needs to be permanent DH.

    • Jim t

      @docproc, for 2024 I’d like to see Candy at 1st and Steer in LF with Marte taking over 3rd when he is ready. CES is probably gone for the rest of this year.

    • G in Fla

      Candy has 8 errors at 3rd base all year. Sounds pretty average to me.

      • AllTheHype

        Defensive metrics wise, Candelario is an avg defensive 3B. Some of the folks here would have you believe he is terrible. But that is just the eye test failing them.

  32. IrishMike

    The most amazing play yesterday was the one that didn’t quite get completed… and that was EDC’s almost 10 foot leap for the line drive that he got his glove on. There’s no other SS in the game that is this athletic. Once he settles in, the routine plays will be just that. And we can revel in the spectacular. Give the kid a break and watch him grow.
    I do not want him in center field for a variety of reasons…his all-out almost reckless approach would lead to injuries. It’d probably also take him longer to learn that every play isn’t his out there.

  33. Jason Franklin

    I want to apologize if I ruffled anyone’s feathers earlier with my comment about making sure De La Cruz was held accountable for his continued poor defense at short. I didn’t mean to make you feel dejected or whatever. It was not my aim. Yet, he is a professional at the MLB level and no matter if he seems upset after his errors, he still needs time to improve if it seems to be status quo for him. Maybe it shouldn’t be on the field right now or during high tension situations? I just don’t think Bell or his coaching staff will make him do anything to improve it. Plus, on most teams from high school up, you need to put the best defensive team out there on the field for wins. It’s just how the game is played. I do think he has the chance to get better on his plays but he has a lot working against him too (his height being one) for playing short. So, basically, I had my opinion (which could be wrong but it’s just mine) and I own up to that. Go Reds.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Pitching tonight in Louisville according to RML.

  34. Mark Moore

    Last night’s ugly win was a win against Bernie. In the end, that’s what we need. I’m sure Elly will take plenty of fielding practice today. They all looked very “tight and tense” but they did overcome it in the end.

    Back at it this afternoon. Us 1, Bernie 0. Build on that.

  35. LT

    Win today and Reds equal last year win total against Bernie. That’s something to celebrate. Winning the series is great too.

  36. Indy Red Man

    India has been playing very well.

    .316/.404/.825 in June and looks better defensively too despite not having a lot of range. Feel warm n fuzzy with India and Benson 8-9 vs a righty

  37. Mike Adams

    “Reds play with fire…” Doug’s title to the game wrap-up.
    5 errors and 8 walks.
    That is like the Reds were playing chicken with flowing lava; but they lived to tell the tale.

  38. redfanorbust

    Anyone notice how tough it was for Greene to pitch to RHB last night? I may be wrong but seems like he was a foot off the plate with so many of his pitches to RHB. Not sure how many walks he had were to RHP. Don’t think I ever noticed him having that particular problem before.

    • CI3J

      Yeah, he wasn’t “on” last night, but he still battled through and gave 5 good innings.

      That happens, even to the best pitchers.

  39. west larry

    Change of topic: The reds are starting four lefthanders against a lefty today. I don’t believe I’ve seen Bell have this many lefties against a lefty before.

    • wkuchad

      Their “starter” is just an opener, right? Which is why all our lefties bottom of lineup.

  40. LDS

    On Diaz, the question is why the regression. What has changed? He ran out of steam last year, I get that. But, after an off season, he should have been ready to go. Undisclosed injury? EDLC’s fielding is shaky sometimes, no doubt. Where is he a year from now? Watching him do fielding exercises next Barrero in the spring showed that he had a ways to go. Barrero was very smooth, almost Ozzie like at times. EDLC had a noticeable hitch, like it was too far for his body to travel. His range is something and his arm is a cannon, so he can probably be a GG SS eventually. It’s his hitting that needs work. When he’s on, it’s a treat, but when he’s not, it’s pure inexplicable agony. The whole team needs better coaching. The Milwaukee coach’s reaction to the bunt when Perkins walked back into the dugout was priceless. The reaction didn’t look like a pat on the head. Milwaukee, like Cleveland, doesn’t make those kinds of fundamental errors. Cincinnati does almost every game. Coaching and accountability , both are lacking.

    • Votto4life

      “On Diaz, the question is why the regression.”

      Maybe we are just seeing the real Alex Diaz.

  41. Jrad4reds

    I think the reds should be proactive about doing something about Diaz instead of reactive, he is by far their worst reliever statistically. Reds are fortunate he has not blown more games but most of his saves have not been pretty. Maybe place Cruz in the closer role or make a trade that adds a closing capable reliever and use Diaz in low leverage situations, or even send him down if he doesn’t fix his command issues. I’m afraid nothing will happen until he completely implodes. Reds do not have the time to “wait” for him to correct his issues at the big league level in the closers role. This game was the luckiest save of his career.

    • Melvin

      “I think the reds should be proactive about doing something about Diaz instead of reactive”

      I agree. There are several ways that the Reds need to be proactive in helping this team be better. Come on Krall.

      • Old-school


        Youve been consistent with adding some players and I agree with some of your ideas. That said, I think krall is going to play with the contracts he committed to over the winter through the AS game and then evaluate things. I hope I am wrong and he grabs a good SP and an elite power righty bullpen arm and another bat.
        I didnt think they would DFA moose and his dead money but they did so theres a sliver of hope

  42. Doc4uk

    By the way some encouraging stats. Reds seemingly has easiest strength of schedule remaining while having already played third hardest schedule!

    • Votto4life

      I remember reading similar comments in 2021 and 2023.

  43. Indy Red Man

    I was all set to bet Freidl score a run/over, but this lefty opener concerns me? Freidl hits lefties fine, but idk? AA needs to be sharper then he’s been. It’s not good to get down in any game, but especially with their pen

  44. Michael B. Green

    Hopefully Krall and company do a better job at the Trade Deadline this year. That means doing better than the Sam Moll equivalent of T.J. McFarland this year.

    Jason Foley would be a nice add if DET fades. That means we can move Diaz to the 8th and Sims out of high leverage situations.

    Perhaps Jack Flaherty from DET as an SP too?