The Cincinnati Reds have called up Nick Martini from Triple-A Louisville. He will be taking the place on the roster of outfielder Blake Dunn, who was optioned back to the minor leagues after Wednesday night’s win over the Cleveland Guardians.

Nick Martini started out the season on a heater. He hit two home runs on opening day and drove in five runs. The next game saw him double and drive in two more runs. Wrapping up the opening series he went 1-3 with a walk. But then April started and he went from hotter than the sun to colder than ice. Over the next five weeks he hit just .141 with one walk, two extra-base hits, and he struck out 22 times while posting an OPS of just .369.

That performance got him optioned to the minor leagues where he joined Louisville. The 33-year-old hit well in his time with the Bats, going 8-22 (.364) with nine walks, a double, three home runs, and just four strikeouts over the two weeks he was in Triple-A before he was called back up by the Reds in late May. He played in eight games over the next two-ish weeks and was solid, hitting .258/.343/.419, but was optioned back to Triple-A. During the week-and-a-half he was back with Louisville he hit .320/.357/.560 in seven games.

Now he’s back with the big league club. Cincinnati is on the road for a 3-game weekend series in Milwaukee. The Brewers are sending three right-handed starting pitchers to the mound for the series, likely giving Nick Martini plenty of opportunities to get in the lineup. Of course that would ignore the fact that he’s actually hit better against left-handed pitching this season between Triple-A and the big leagues (.839 OPS against lefties and just a .748 OPS against righties). Small sample size applies here – he’s only had 40 plate appearances against lefties and 141 against righties.

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  1. MBS

    That’s probably the best call up. I like Soto too, but he is a light hitter, and we already have Espy, and Hurtubise on the roster. A third would be too much imo.

  2. old-school

    I hope Martini has a big series but the Reds DH as a spot in the order this year is 28th in MLB.

    wRC + 72
    fWAR -0.9

  3. Rednat

    Reds drew well over 200, 000 in the cubs and cleveland series and we are stuck with Nick Martini as our dh in the biggest series this year. i really hope we make a big splash in free agency this offseason. we reds fans deserve it

    • MBS

      I don’t know that Martini is going to start, he has been sent down a couple of times for a reason. If you sort the team by OPS vs RHP, Martini is our 10 best available hitter. Hurtubise is #9 by nearly .050 points, but I’m glad they brought up Martini, especially if they use him as a pinch hitter, more often than a starter.

      • Melvin

        Lineup out and Martini actually isn’t starting believe it or not. Fraley as the DH. Hurtubise in LF.

      • MBS

        @Melvin, that’s the best 9 in OPS vs RHP, so hopefully that lineup is the setup more often than not vs RHP.

        VS LHP Fairchild (#2) and Maile (#5) are top 9 guys. Fraley is the only LHB that sneaks into that group, and he does that at #7.

        Martini, and Espinal are the only 2 that don’t crack the top 9 on left or right handed splits. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t play, just hopefully the play less than the other 11.

    • crrob

      Peter Alonso-1B/DH 40 plus Homers and lots of Ribbies

  4. west larry

    I’m disappointed.I wanted Soto, as we already have a glut of outfielders and Martini hasn’t produced much this tear when called up earlier.

  5. LDS

    Martini? Why I’m shocked! I was just sure Krall was going to pull a rabbit from his hat. So, if they’re lucky, the Reds will get a brief flurry from Martini before he again fades into obscurity. I’m sure he’ll be a real difference maker all three games against Milwaukee.

    • MK

      Kind of thought it was a left-handed first base option.


      After @ Melvin has done so much research into possible players the reds could trade for lately. Maybe, at the break Krall will put together something. But will they be buying or selling at that point.

      Just Kidding with you Melvin, Keep searching friend.

      • Melvin

        haha 😀 I want to WIN. Hate to LOSE. We’ve have been doing the losing act mostly for 30+ years. Perhaps we can all get our collective crow bars out and pry Krall out of his “comfortable” seat so he’ll get off of his butt and actually take a risk possibly even using his imagination to help the team other than what’s “comfortable”. Today’s move is about as comfortable as you can get. I know my efforts at “playing” GM are probably futile but it makes me feel better. 🙂 It makes me “feel” like I’M at least doing something and maybe even giving a slight ray of hope to a few others. 🙂 I hope Martini has a big weekend. We’re most likely going to need it.

      • 2020ball

        Have you considered that making a move just for that sake could also lead to more losing?

      • Melvin

        @2020ball Always a risk. At this point after losing 30+ plus years it’s time to try something to win now instead of waiting year after year. At least that’s what this GM says. 😀 Starting pitching is the biggest thing and we’ve got that. Need to capitalize.

      • MBS

        @2020, Making decisions based off of fear isn’t a good way to succeed. Every trade has a potential to go wrong. There are no guarantees with trades or prospects.

      • 2020ball

        I definitely dont disagree in theory, but I think the Reds have tried those moves along those 30+ years and its backfired in the past, likely adding to what you’re trying to avoid.

        I want a team that is competing every year because if you do that enough times eventually you’ll break through, or you’re giving yourself a chance to at least. We can all call the Reds last 30 years a failure, but given the standards of “success” most of you talk about, only one of thirty teams was successful each of those seasons.

        That said, make a strike if you can find one, I’m certain Krall is looking. The scope of what most of you want, a RH power OF, is very narrow and the quality of the player you desire seems very high for you and others to be satisfied. I think its a bit unreasonable to think Krall is sitting on his butt because he can’t acquire a unicorn without also trading away all your favorite prospects. I’d temper your expectations if I were you, especially this far from the deadline.

      • 2020ball

        I’m not fearful of making a move, just disagree on the ease of doing so. This mythical RH OF y’all want may not be out there for anything short of scorching the farm system, and that player may not even provide the boost you want. Are we really selling the farm because we want someone versus lefty starters, roughly 1/3 of our games? Not to mention that handedness advantage disappears once a team goes to their pen.

      • VaRedsFan

        Luis Arraez was acquired for hardly a haul of prospects.

      • 2020ball


        That is literally exactly my point. If the package is right then you make a trade like that.

      • MBS

        @2020, I think that’s all people want is a good deal that helps the club, not just a deal to make a deal

        Maybe it’s not you, but there is a big group on here that love to say follow the plan, like they have the insiders guide to what the plan is. It’s really just them being so afraid of making a bad deal that they’d let the good deals go on by just to be safe.

    • Votto4life

      I guess the Luis Robert Jr. deal fell through. LOL

  6. Rob

    I thought they were a better team with Dunn vs Martini. RH bat and speed advantage. But obviously this endorses the Reds position that Martini’s. 210 is much, much better than Dunn’s 185. But doesn’t mean a thing. Martini is obviously better. But there are 100 guys better than Marytini.

    • VaRedsFan

      RH “without a bat”
      Fixed it for you

  7. MK

    Jose Abreu released by the Astros. He has been extremely bad to this point this year but might be worth a look for major league minimum. Maybe NL and GABP could be the elixir to getting him right. If not, release him after a couple weeks.

    • 2020ball

      Commenting the same thing on a blog and expecting a different result?