The Cincinnati Reds have called up right-handed pitcher Carson Spiers from Triple-A Louisville today and they have placed right-handed reliever Emilio Pagan on the 15-day injured listed.

Carson Spiers was scheduled to pitch last night for the Louisville Bats. When the team published their starting lineup in the late afternoon, he was still listed as the club’s starting pitcher. But about an hour before the game was set to start at 7:35pm, he was scratched from the start with no reason given.

While it hasn’t been announced yet, Spiers is likely going to start for the Reds on Tuesday. Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that prior to Sunday’s game that Hunter Greene would have his regularly scheduled start pushed back to Friday after he’s thrown a lot of pitches over his last handful of starts. That leaves the Reds in need of a starting pitcher on Tuesday. With the team having off Monday, they just need to avoid having to use Spiers in today’s game and he should be good to go in two days against the Guardians.

Spiers has thrown 13.2 innings with Cincinnati this year and has a 3.29 ERA in that time. He’s made nine appearances in Triple-A with the Bats and has thrown 46.2 innings and has a 2.51 ERA with 15 walks, two home runs allowed, and has 49 strikeouts.

The return for Emilio Pagan was a short one as he heads back to the injured list with a strained lat. He had just returned from the injured list three days ago after missing 15 days with right triceps tightness.

David Bell told the media this morning that the timeline for a return for Pagan was likely going to be after the All-Star break.That means he’s going to miss at least the next six weeks. The Reds will return from the All-Star break on July 19th.

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  1. JayTheRed

    Did Pegan get injured during the game then??? Ouch for him to miss the next six weeks. Like Doug mentioned he just got back.

  2. jmb

    Spiers deserves a shot! But I’d love to see the Reds get Crochet. I’d also like to see them get Detmers (a project), Ward, and Adell (to platoon in right) from the Angels. I’d be willing to give up Stewart, Arroyo, and Rodriguez to the Angels (perhaps Fairchild, Dunn, and Hurtubise would also have to go), and I’d be wiling to send Phillips, Allen, and Jorge for Crochet. The Reds then would have the dept to trade Candelario and Montas (and maybe Martinez), as each will be sought after at the deadline.

    • Ksdavis

      Why would you trade for Adell? He had a career BA barely over 200 and hitting 190 this year. No thanks

    • JayTheRed

      Here is a thought maybe we should hold onto Candelario and Montas and Martinez for the playoff run. Just saying.

      • jmb

        It’s true that the Reds have been blessed with a pretty easy schedule for the rest of the season, apart from 3 games with the Yanks and some games with the Braves. So, if their current upward swing continues, they could very well win the division. They also played well against the Phillies this season; will that continue in a play-off situation? Remember how a young Reds team fared against the Phils in 2010? But after last night, do you really want to hold onto Montas? Spiers did show he’s a good replacement for Ashcroft. Ward and Adell would add 2 guys with as many homers as EDLC, that’s tops on this team! Homers aren’t everything, but those 2 righties could platoon with Fraley and Benson in the outfield corners. Detmers and Crochet are two guys the Reds really wanted in past drafts. I’d rather have Crochet than Montas. Detmers may not be necessary at this point, but he’d give them depth, and he’s controllable for 3 more seasons. And, as always, let’s remember that you play to win and you trade to win. The team with the best farm (and the Reds don’t have it) doesn’t get a trophy.

    • Oldtimer

      LOL. Be sure to apply for GM opening when Krall dies laughing.

  3. LDS

    Well, Pagan didn’t last very long. As for trades, I think jmb’s trades are far too expensive. Hopefully, the Reds make some trades soon, don’t wait for the trade deadline, but don’t give away the farm either. Move Montas, Martinez, Candelario, Pagan, Sims. For that matter, excepting EDLC, McLain, CES, Steer, and Stephenson, maybe Marte, I’d be willing to trade any of the position players. On the pitchers, keep Greene, Lodolo, Spiers, Ashcraft, Cruz, Diaz, and Abbott and shop the rest. Gear up for next season. Yes, yes, I know, they are positioned for the wild card, but that’s not enough. They’ll likely fade after the AllStar break as they do every year.

    • IndyRedsFan

      So you’re going to trade 20% of a team that has just won 12 of 15 and hope to get better. I’m not sure I follow that calculus.

      • LDS

        Easy, the reality is that the Reds as currently constructed are not a championship team. They may make the playoffs though that’s not likely. Winning 12 of 15 doesn’t impress me. Do that for a couple of months. Do that in August and September, then it might mean something. The odds makers and the forecasters all had the Reds as a third place team. Nothing they’ve done so far this year convinces me that they are suddenly going to make a WS run. Hope they do, but unlikely.

    • Jimmy

      I disagree from giving up on the playoff run. Part of developing players is them gaining the experience of both the playoff hunt & then participating in them. Players need to learn what it’s like to play with it all on the line. The good thing about this team getting that experience is that the reds don’t need to sacrifice much of any talent because they are already in the hunt now.
      Keep building & developing around the good young core they have in place.

      • Mauired

        No team ever gives up on the playoffs in any sport. Getting into the playoffs is not enough but it’s is a big accomplishment for this franchise and at least a step in the right direction.

        They actually have a monster group of talented players equal to the group from last year in line to debut next year.

        Point is get some playoff experience this year and go on a bigger run next year.

    • Optimist

      IIRC rules prohibit trading a FA until some point, and I believe it’s after the 1st year of signing trade deadline. IOW you cannot sign a guy and immediately trade him. I’m certain others will explain in detail.

      • Mauired

        There might be some kind of limit on trading a recently signed free agent but definitely not after the trade deadline.

        I’ve seen countless free agents signed to one year deals and traded a couple months later. Chapman and Verlander from last year immediately come to mind.

        It’s a common strategy to sign a free agent with the hope of getting prospects at the trade deadline in fact. Been going on for decades.

      • Colorado Red

        I think (google of course), You cannot trade a newly signed FA until Jun 15th (without there approval) or any other items in the contract.

    • JayTheRed

      I know we have been playing teams that are not very good; Cubs, Rockies, but geez.
      If anything, they will get better with Marte coming back and Mclain coming back in September should help as well.

      I have to say I disagree with your assessment. Now come July and if the Reds are way down in the standings. Ok sure sell guys off I am nowhere near ready to do that at this point in the season though.

  4. Mauired

    8 million for an average middle relief pitcher that will probably only pitch half the season. Not one my favorite Kralls moves. Nobody bats 1.000 though

    • Mauired

      He’s also going to burn a 40 man spot for six weeks. They can’t even get some roster flexibility from this situation.

      • Doc

        Except that possibly AshCraft can come back to start on the 18th since he would be replacing an injured pitcher.

      • Mauired

        I was more referring to the general limited flexibility of roster spots. Santillan is marooned in the minors just because they can’t get him on 40 man.

        But yeah Ashcraft likely coming back when Reds need a five man rotation again. I don’t think Spiers will be more than a spot starter.

        Assuming Spiers goes back to minors again in a couple weeks since not many pitchers on the roster have options, he will have been sent down 3 times already in season. New rule only allows 5 without being exposed to waivers.

        Something to keep an eye on since it’s not even halfway point of season.

  5. RedsgettingBetter

    This Pagan injury is something weird. He pitched last night and Carson Spiers already has been scratched from the Bats lineup so making the move with Pagán going to the IL is like suspicious. Now , Pagán likely to come back after AS break means the injury is very tough however as Pagán pitched yesterday it wasn’t noticed something like that. IDK…

    • JayTheRed

      I thought the whole thing was very odd as well. I didn’t see anything odd when he was pitching but not all injuries are very visible. Phantom injury perhaps? Just a lot of money like someone else said for him not to be pitching

  6. Jim t

    Did the injuries to our starting rotation contribute to our issues last year?

    If we qualify for the postseason I will be happy. Of course I want to win the WS but you have to qualify to make that happen. Also the playoff experience will be huge for our young players.

  7. Anthony

    Need a prop bet. Which krall pitcher signing goes to other teams 1st..2nd..last
    .at the trade deadline. Pagan, Martinez, Montas?? What is over under for minor league prospects in return..7.5?

  8. Erik the Red

    The Pagan acquisition does not look great when you consider the amount of money spent. I think $8 million per year. I think $8 million for 2 years should have been the going rate for someone like Pagan.

  9. Anthony

    Any mlb manager who continues to pencil in Stuart Fairchild in the leadoff spot doesnt fit the definition of MLB manager. They used to say about Sparky near the end that he never made a good team bad. Our current skipper doesn’t fit that definition either unfortunately.


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