Nate was joined by Tim Daniel on Scooter Gennett Day to discuss the Reds recent hot streak! They decided Nate should leave town more often so help the team’s chances, dove into the sweep in Colorado featuring a no-hitter bid by Frankie Montas and an ELECTRIC comeback in the series finale.

The guys closed it out by Power Ranking the starting rotation, lamenting the latest speed bump in the Graham Ashcraft Hall of Fame campaign, and answering some Viewer Mail Questions.

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7 Responses

  1. JON

    Are the Reds back?Not until CES,Marte and Mclain are back.

    • Jimmy

      They will be as close to back as they can be this year with CES & Marte back. I’m not counting on seeing Mclain this year. Compared to last year’s team that would have all but one hitter back and a pitching staff that has developed well beyond last year’s performance.

  2. 50thyearRedsfan

    The Reds are starting to play with confidence and having fun again since they have endured and overcame their hitting slumps. More slumps will come in the future but hopefully not all at the same time again. The consistency of the starting pitching is leading the way. Once CES and Marte rejoin the team I think we will be better overall but it may take some time before they contribute much, it is hard to return to real games and find a hitting stroke but with patience and continued contributions from all the players on the roster we can be a more complete team. As for McClain I don’t expect much this year and I hope I am wrong but him being 100 percent in 2024 is unlikely, despite that he may be able to contribute something. I still believe he is going to be one of our best players over the next several years personally I think we need to have faith and sign the young core of our team to 5 year contracts now even if we miss on one or two we will have built a sustainable financial future with these talented players.

  3. Optimist

    “All the way back” to being a end-of-season wild card contender? Sure. Thank the playoff structure for that. All the way back to better than that? Not really – still need another offensive force or 2, still need to confirm consistent starters at this level of performance, always need to upgrade the bullpen. Still need a superstar to get to WS level contention.

    • Jason Franklin

      I agree that the wild card format makes it feel like a lot of undersving teams make the playoffs nowadays. Of course, if the Reds made the last wild card spot, we would all be happy.

      I think Marte will qualify for one of the offensive forces as you are asking foir. Plus, if CES problems were due to that unknown break and now that is healed, then that’s another.

      If you look at the starters: Greene, Lodolo, Abbott, and Montas are pretty good, not spectacular. Lodolo has the real chance to be the ace if he can stay healthy. Throw in Williamson coming back soon from AAA (and is doing well, in limited action), that is a pretty good group. Ashcraft will make his way back up here, either as the long guy or a starter. I could see Aschcraft taking over the long role and doing well there. Martinez should just fold into the bullpen/relievers full time. He has bee great there. Should they go after another starter, like an ace at the deadline? Yes.

      Lastly, you want a superstar. That needs defined. If you look at his stats, De La Cruz is the superstar on the team. He is 8th in war in mlb, 6th in runs, 1st in steals, best speed-power combo by stat. Plus he is still young and seems to be improving (while hitting bumps in the road like normal). Yes, his negatives include most errors by a shortstop, but he also has the most putoust by a SS. He leads in steals, but leads in caught stealing. He leads in strikeouts. As he grows more selective at the plate, we should see less strikeouts and more contact (we hope anyway). So, he is a superstar. Sometimes we can miss seeing what’s under our noses.

      Do you think they should trade for a superstar bat? Or would you rather have an ace pitcher? I don’t think we can have both.

  4. LDS

    You can’t be “back” to somewhere you’ve never been. Are they back to being the 3rd place team they were projected to be? Possibly. Let’s see how they play after the All-Star break then decide.

  5. Mauired

    Very similar to last year. Reds played mediocre the first two months then got on a big winning streak in June to get back in the mix. And we all know they ran out of gas to just miss the playoffs last year. Hopefully they can get healthy and with the new pitching depth avoid the crash this time and get back to playoffs.


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