The Cincinnati Reds have activated Emilio Pagan from the 15-day injured list and to make room for him on the roster the club optioned Graham Ashcraft to Triple-A Louisville.

This move is both surprising and not at the same time. Yesterday, before the series finale against the Colorado Rockies, manager David Bell said that Pagan was going to be activated today. What move they were going to make to get him onto the roster wasn’t quite certain but today we find out that they are trading a starting pitchers for a relief pitcher on the roster for the time being.

The schedule has two off days in the next two weeks. Cincinnati can skip a starter the next two times through the rotation before needing a full 5-man rotation to fulfill the spot on June 18th. That’s nice for the Reds in the sense that it does help strengthen their bullpen. It doesn’t work out so well for Ashcraft, who won’t be eligible to return to fill out that spot in the rotation on the 18th because pitchers have to remain in the minor leagues for 15 days after being optioned unless they are recalled to replace someone who goes to the injured list.

Cincinnati optioning Graham Ashcraft to the minor leagues could be for a few things. First is that he simply hasn’t pitched well over the last month. In his last six starts he’s got an ERA of 6.83 and has allowed 35 hits, 12 walks, and hit six batters in just 27.2 innings pitched. Getting him back on track may be a little bit easier in Triple-A. But it also could be something as simple as the club have hamstrung themselves with regards to having much flexibility on the pitching staff when it comes to sending guys down as most of them are either out of options or just locks to remain with the club.

When it comes to that starters spot on June 18th, there are possibilities there for Cincinnati. Nick Martinez could make a spot start. Or the club could activate and call up Brandon Williamson, who is currently rehabbing with Louisville. With Williamson, though, they would have to make that move before the 18th as his 30 days of rehab will be up before then. He will also require a spot on the 40-man roster at that point, whether he is brought directly to the big leagues or optioned to Triple-A when his rehab assignment is up. That might be one of those “we’ll figure it out when we get to that point” situations because things could change with the health and performance of others by that time.

Emilio Pagan last pitched with the Reds on May 19th. He threw a perfect inning while facing just two batters that night in Los Angeles. After giving up four runs in his first two outings of May he had given up just one hit in 5.2 innings over the next six appearances while striking out nine batters before he wound up on the injured list with tricep tightness.

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  1. Optimist

    Doug- a question – am I correctly reading the roster info in that Farmer, Sims and Wilson are each FAs at the end of this season?

    If so, they’ve got a roster squeeze until the trade deadline, in that each of them become available rentals. May not command much in return, but they’ll need the roster space; they may/will have MiLB arms pushing for callups (Santillan/Maxwell – Ashcraft/Williamson); and they’ll surely be looking for offensive help.

    The very slight good news here is that Ashcraft may be able to repeat last season’s performance, but won’t have to adjust against MLB hitters. At least they’re making the move to improve now rather than struggle thru it.

  2. Jason T.

    Ashcraft has great stuff but has pitched poorly for a month plus. I thought it would be between Ashcraft and Wilson.
    I think he’s his own worst enemy at times. Hopefully he comes back better prepared.

    It’s odd to see us with pitching depth. It’s a great problem to have. Curious to see if we see Williamson in the rotation this month.

    • jmb

      Good move! Wilson will be dfa’d when Williamson is gets back from the IL, which should be soon. Until then, they’ll do a bullpen game or 2. It’s a shame about Ash, of course, but he simply doesn’t put up the right numbers overall.

  3. The Duke

    Maybe Spiers on the 18th, he’s been the best starter in Louisville.

    • Doug Gray

      That could be an option, too. Slipped my mind there. That said, I’d guess if the Reds could choose between he and Williamson, they’d go with Williamson. I have not gone and counted out the days with regards to if either could line up there – but I’d imagine there’s enough time to juggle things and make it work for either of them.

  4. LDS

    Sending Ashcraft down isn’t a bad move. Pagan, still not expecting much. And Wilson should have been gone ages ago. Martinez starting is not a good play. Call up Williamson. Call up Spiers. But don’t start Martinez, especially now that the team is showing some signs of life.

    • J

      They sure CAN use Martinez as a starter just unconventional like by having Suter throw inning 1 , then Martinez is lights out !!!! Lol

  5. Jeremiah

    I agree with LDS on not starting Martinez he hasn’t done well in that role. Not sure Williamson though is ready either yet physically. Maybe Ashcraft comes right back.

    Ashcraft could be a really good trade piece I think if there is a team willing yo trade the Reds maybe a starting Right handed outfielder, or a really good established bullpen arm as part of a trade. Put him in a better pitching stadium and Ashcraft still has talent to be a #2 or #3 type of guy if healthy I think.

    • Doug Gray

      Ashcraft can’t come back, though. Unless someone gets hurt between now and then.

    • J

      If Brent Suter throws inning 1 and Martinez goes 5 scoreless , Nick was essentially the STARTING PITCHER he just didn’t OPEN the game !! He pitches great in that role (0.76 era) 7.36 when he OPENS & STARTS !!

    • Rob

      Demoting a guy to the minors certainly doesn’t upshoot one’s trade value. I would guess other than Williamson or Montas, he might have the lowest trade value of our starters. If we are talking about freeing up roster spots or saving money, that is one approach. But if we are talking improving the team, I would have some more desirable trade pieces.

  6. Jim Walker

    I am glad the 13 pitcher quota kept them from kicking the can down the road by shorting the bench.

    It will be interesting to see how long Hurtubise and Dunn are around and how they are used. I suspect they are being auditioned for trade bait or to see if they are up to snuff enough to make someone else on the MLB roster into trade bait.

    • Ronnie

      I think dunn goes down as soon as CES is ready. I wonder what happens when marte is ready? Prob option espinal.

      • Jim Walker

        The White Sox are reported to have made Luis Robert Jr available for trade. He would be the R/R OF the Reds could use. I’m thinking if Krall decides to make a play for Robert, he would like to swap an MLB level OF as part of the package for Robert.

        Robert is signed thru next season and has a team option for both 2026 and 2027 (per BBRef) HIs salary this year is $12.5m, 2025 is $15m. 2026 and 2027 is $20m per year with a $2m buyout on each year (I presume if 2026 is bought out that would cancel the option on 2027)

        This is the type of acquisition that *should* fit Krall’s parameters since he is getting 3+ years of team control for ~$40m in turn for whatever he gives up.

      • Doc


        Your math is interesting. The rest of $12.5MM this year, $15MM next year, and $20MM each of the following two years. Doesn’t add up to ~$40MM even on Planet Musk (formerly known as Mars). Try more like ~$60MM (6+15+20+20). Either that or you are trying to acquire a player that you plan to dump on a schedule.

    • Klugo

      Okay, JW. What’s your offer for Roberts?

  7. Mark Moore

    Not completely unexpected as noted in the article and comments. IMO there is some “between the ears” stuff going on with GA and I hope he can find some focus in L’ville to straighten that out.

  8. doctorrockett

    Speaking of trade bait, while I’m aware that the opinion of the masses here at RLN is for a bat, it’s an exciting and interesting thing to consider a starting pitcher like Garrett Crochet being available.

    What kind of prospect package would the multitude here be willing to part with for a Crochet/Roberts return?

    Additionally, let’s make a second major transaction by grabbing Mason Miller from the A’s while we’re playing with other people’s money.


    • Ronnie

      This team loves its prospects. They won’t make any major splash. Maybe get a bullpen arm rental.

      • doctorrockett

        Be that as it may, the idea was just to speculate.

        Throw some deals in the thread and see what us armchair GMs think.

    • Doug Gray

      I was actually in the process of writing about the White Sox being open to trades when the Reds announced this move. I’ll probably go back to writing it sometime in the next day or two unless someone pulls off a trade before then.

      • doctorrockett

        We eagerly await.

        I love Crochet’s intensity and see a Cy Young award (or three) in his future.

      • AllTheHype

        Given that the White Sox “asked for the moon” from the Reds for Cease early on, I’m sure they’ll shoot for the moon again with Robert until it gets closer to the deadline.

        I wouldn’t expect Robert to get traded until the White Sox figure out the moon is out of reach.

      • Melvin

        I think it would/might cost less and probably just as beneficial to acquire Rooker and Miller from the A’s. Having a another “closer” in the late innings may be better than another starter.

      • doctorrockett

        Melvin, in my humble opinion, if I have an option between Rooker and keeping what I have, I’ll just hold onto what I have.

      • Melvin

        @doctorrockett You might be right. It all depends on what we’d have to give up for him. He’d probably be an upgrade. Could be wrong but I don’t think he has an injury history. Miller would definitely be the bigger acquisition. There has to be something out there to help our offense that we can reasonably afford (Padres/Arraez). We’re rolling right now but if we want to be good not just competitive we need more than what we have in my view. History tells us that.

    • MBS

      Elias Diaz would also be an interesting trade target. The Rockies are probably going to be fielding calls on their guys too. Rockies are out of it, and he’s going to be a FA at the end of the year.

      This would allow Stephenson to DH more. I’d basically rotate Diaz, and Stephenson between C/DH to keep their legs fresh.

      Maile would be our emergency C. I like Maile, but his 56 OPS+, is a far cry from his 88 OPS+ that he carried last year.

      Diaz is going to be a lot cheaper addition prospect cost wise than Robert Jr. Still I won’t be mad if we get both, as we could really use both. I don’t think I’d target another starting pitcher.

      • doctorrockett

        Sure. Personally, I prefer to steer clear of Rockies players – unless of course the road/home splits are even.

        For every Holliday you get 10 Dante Bichette’s, am I right?

      • VaRedsFan

        Maile has gotten on base in 10 straight.
        Changing catchers mid stream can also have an effect on pitchers.

      • MBS

        @Doc, I get that, he’s just an obvious choice of a player that should be available, and could benefit the Reds. I’m not lobbying for him, but I am lobbying for some offensive additions.

        @VA, maybe, but a we need to add offense, and Diaz is no rookie backstop. I wouldn’t get rid of Maile, but I would lessen his role. This could also work as a framework for the C’s.

        Stephenson catches Greene, Ashcraft (or whoever fills that spot)

        Diaz catches Lodolo, Abbott

        Maile catches Montas

        This way Maile stays active, we’d still be able to DH Stephenson, and Diaz to keep their bats in the lineup. Like I said to @Doc, he’s just one of many names that could help, and who’d likely be available via trade.

      • Doc

        Reds are 9-3 over their last 12 games and just scored 30+ runs in a three game sweep as injured players are coming back. Definitely need to retool this team and add offense.

      • MBS

        @Doc, so we are going to continue to win at a 75% clip? Adding a player or 2 to improve the roster isn’t exactly retooling, it’s well, adding.

  9. MBS

    This is wild, not that Ashcraft doesn’t need a wake up call, but we now have Williamson, Ashcraft, and Young in AAA.

    It’s time to find trading partners for Farmer, Sims, and WIlson. Wilson is the only one that might need to be DFA’d, the others will bring back cash, or better.

    That opens up three 40 man spots as well. Williamson needs one when he’s taken off of the 60 day. We’d have 2 open spots that we could fill with guys like Santillan, and Bruihl, or we could trade some prospects and get a bat or two that could help us win in 2024.

      • MBS

        It’s no great loss, but it seems wasteful. This 40 man especially on the pitching side is so ill constructed it’s laughable.

        Usually a LHP with good MLB experience, and who’s been dominating AAA hitters has more value than that.

      • Mauired

        Bruil just got a MLB deal with Pirates.

    • Optimist

      WIll be interesting to see who picks up Bruihl, but Wilson should have value, perhaps moreso than Farmer though not Sims. Considering the Pham/Naquin/Drury trades as guides, if they can repeat anything close to that they’ll do fine. Of course, “cash considerations” is always in play, but the FO has filled some lower MiLB spots with excellent trade acquisitions.

      • Optimist

        And it’s the Pirates, and it’s an MLB deal.

    • Daniel Kals

      Swapping Lucas Sims and his career 1.27 WHIP for Tony Santillan and his career 1.49 WHIP is a great way to make your team worse, IMO.

      • Optimist

        Trends and development matter – one is going one way, and the other is going the other.

      • MBS

        Who said swap Sims for Santillan? I said Sims, Farmer, Wilson for Williamson, Ashcraft, Young.

        But if you want to play a career numbers game, Sims has a career 101 ERA+, Santillan’s career has a 126 ERA+. Santillan also has 11 Saves in AAA, and was in line to be a closer until he got injured.

        That being said Santillan would be in AAA as depth until an injury or need occurred to bring him up.

      • JayTheRed

        I don’t want to move Sims. Sure, he has some bad days now and then but overall, he’s a solid reliever in my opinion.

  10. Steven Ross

    Chris Welch talked about Ashcraft getting two strikes on a couple of hitters then throwing a pitch right down the middle, which were hit, instead of working the corners. Plus, Bell’s quick hook spoke volumes. Long overdue and glad to see the Reds make a tough but obvious move.

    • MK

      He hasnt [ptched well lately, but it was Colorado yesterday, a burial ground for many pitchers.

      • JayTheRed

        He has pitched well in almost a month. A lot of fans love Ashcraft. I have been kind of meh on him. Some of his past starts have been very good. I kind of feel like he tops out as a #4 guy in the rotation. I do wonder what he could do in the bullpen since his numbers 1st time through the order are pretty good. Hopefully everything is ok with Williamson I like him more than Ashcraft.

  11. Jim t

    I have no issue with trying to improve the club with a trade but I want to continue playing the youngsters which means waiting to see what we have in Marte, CES and McCain. While I want to win now I want to do it while keeping an eye towards the future. We have a good deal of potential on the roster and sometimes it means being patient to let it develop

    • Jim Walker

      Luis Robert Jr is a couple of months short of 27 years old and already has 12.5 bWAR to his name. Whoever gets him has his age 26-29 seasons for a total of about $60m and can option out of the last 2 years for $2m and knock off $40m of that or the final year for $2m and knock $20m off the total.

      Unless the ask is totally off the chart, this is a deal to make since he is already where the Reds are hoping somebody will reach (career OPS+ of 125).

      • Mauired

        I like Luis Robert alot but does it make sense for a small market team like the Reds to give you prospects AND devote a big chunk of payroll for someone who hardly stays on the field?

      • MBS

        @Maui, Yes it does. His $$ is in line with what the Reds can handle, and he’ll be controlable as @Jim says for the next 3 1/2 seasons. He’s also the RH power bat that we’re missing, and the CF that were missing. We are not going to be WS champs without expensive FA’s, or key trades. It’s almost impossible to build a championship team just through your own farm.

        Like any trade it has to help both teams, which means we’d give up some prospects that many here will be upset about, but if those prospects aren’t named Lowder, I’m probably in.

      • DHud

        The price will absolutely be off the charts

      • Optimist

        The price won’t be off the chart, but it will be at the end of the chart. Doubtful it happens. Much more likely they add a rental, which may not be too costly.

      • Tom Diesman

        Nobody has yet responded to whether the high risk of Robert having to be paid at least $25 M through end of 2025 vs his long and scary injury history is a good gamble for the Reds. He’s only averaged 104 G over the last 3 seasons and already missed one third of this season. I’d be all in for a prospects for Robert trade if it looked like he’d be out there for 130 G per season, but it doesn’t appear he will be so I would in no way give any highly thought of prospects for him in light of his injury risk.

        Luis Robert Injury History

        04/05/2024 Hip
        09/24/2023 Knee
        09/03/2023 Quad
        09/02/2023 Quad
        08/09/2023 Finger
        07/10/2023 Calf
        05/23/2023 Hip
        04/29/2023 Hamstring
        09/24/2022 Wrist
        09/18/2022 Hand/Wrist
        09/15/2022 Hand/Wrist
        09/06/2022 Wrist
        08/30/2022 Wrist
        08/26/2022 Wrist
        08/12/2022 Wrist
        07/19/2022 Illness
        07/15/2022 Illness
        06/22/2022 Undisclosed
        05/24/2022 COVID-19
        04/21/2022 Groin
        05/02/2021 Hip
        04/27/2021 Illness
        08/18/2020 Hand
        03/10/2018 Sprained left thumb

      • DaveCT

        I would look at the addition of Robert to being similar to having Eric Davis, good for about 120 games a year.

        An outfield anchored by Steer, Friedl, and Robert would also balance against the onslaught of LHP being thrown our way. Backed by two out of Benson, Fraley, or Hurtubise, we’d have the platoon options as needed.

        45 mil for the next three years is hardly an overpay fiscally, and well within reason for an All Star.

      • MBS

        @Tom, my response of “Yes it does” was a direct response to @Maui’s question of “does it make sense for a small market team like the Reds to give you prospects AND devote a big chunk of payroll for someone who hardly stays on the field?”

        It might not be the answer you agree with, but someone did answer the question.

        @Dave, “I would look at the addition of Robert to being similar to having Eric Davis, good for about 120 games a year.”

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s fun to think about a lineup with EDLC, and Robert JR.

        Friedl (LF) Robert JR (CF) EDLC (SS)
        Steph (C) Candy (3B) Fraley (DH)
        Steer (1B) Benson (RF) Indy (2B)

        Maile (C) Espy (SS/2B/3B)
        Fairchild (RF/CF) Hurtubise (LF/CF)

        If all remain healthy when Marte returns he grabs Espy’s spot, and CES grabs Hurtubise’s spot.

      • Tom Diesman

        @MBS Fair enough, you said yes. So let me then ask, can anyone provide any supporting logical argument as to how someone who at best will average 104 G per season from 21-24 will magically start providing the Reds 120 G per season? His 145 G in the 2023 season is a clear outlier thus far in his career. Robert is a gamble, so what makes it worth the cost in prospects and salary to do so?

      • Mauired

        Robert has managed to stay healthy and play over 100 games one time. Doubtful he even gets to 100 again this year. He has played in 9 games so far.

        Robert is like Buxton. In the conversation as the best Center Fielder in baseball. But also like Buxton, he never plays.

        The salary is amazing IF he’s on the field. but unfortunately Reds would just have a great player making 15 million spending 50% of games or more on the IL.

        All that being said if the price was right I’m all for the acquisition because payoff could be huge but then again not worth giving up top prospects for a guy that can’t even get on the field for 100 games.

        Like it or not, Reds payroll can’t support high salaries on the IL.

      • Harry Stoner

        Are folks willing to give up Lowder + for Roberts?

        Lowder, Collier, Williamson and Arroyo?

        The Reds have the #2 pick in this year’s draft with big bat players supposedly ready by late 2025.

        The Reds already have three Crotchets….Abbott, Lodolo and Williamson.

        Trade for another?

        I don’t see Krall making these kinds of deals until he sees what Marte’s return offers and whether McLain will indeed be back this season.

        I also don’t see him trading big for a starter, when that seems like (for once in a long time) a position of strength for the Reds.

      • DaveCT

        Tom D., this is a pretty logical argument for me (acquiring Robert,(age 26).

        “The dynamic center fielder stayed healthy for a career-high 145 games and posted a stout .264/.315/.542 batting line with a career-high 38 home runs, 36 doubles, a triple and 20 stolen bases (in 24 tries).”

        My reasoning:
        1. All trades involve risk.
        2. Opportunities to acquire elite talent are very rare.
        3. Acquiring elite talent at a very reasonable cost (45 million, 2025-2027) is even more rare.
        4. Small market teams cannot afford the price tag of high end elite players, ie Betts, Ohtani, Judge; and, consequently should seek opportunities to acquire elite players at more realistic costs.
        5. We have prospect capital to spend — in the right opportunities.
        6. This would upgrade the outfield to Steer, Friedl, Robert, with two of Benson, Fraley, Fairchild and Hurtubise.
        7. This (adding RH power) would support LH batters facing too many LHP pitchers.
        8. This lessens the responsibility on EDLC, CES, Marte, McLain, Steer, Benson, et al.
        9. This lowers the dependence on RH batters such as India, Candelario (RH), Espinal, Fairchild, Dunn.
        10. This improves CF and/or RF defensively; and makes pitchers happy,

      • Tom Diesman

        @DaveCT – Other than it’s actually $55M from 25-27, I agree with all 10 of your bullet points. You are only missing a bullet point addressing the elephant in the room.

        Can anyone provide any supporting logical argument as to how someone who at best will average 104 G per season from 21-24 will magically start providing the Reds 120 G per season?

        It seems everyone see’s his great 2023 numbers which is not representative of his career and gets all googly eyed for a new shiny player who has already been unable to stay on the field again this year.

      • DaveCT

        Tom, as i stated, he is owed 45 mil for 25, 26, and 27.

        “Robert is owed just under $8MM through season’s end as of this writing plus another $45MM over the next three seasons.”

        However he is also owed about 8 mil for 24. So, in fairness, it’s a little of both. But even that’s a very negligible cost for the test of the season (as is the 45 mil for three more).

        And, one unknown is how much salary might be headed back. CWS may well be open to an expiring contract.

        As for the elephant, as above, I’d settle for the Eric Davis model, 120 games per year. If it becomes 100-120 games a year, it is still 100-120 games better than the RH 4th/5th/6th outfield bats currently being asked to do much more than they should. And, again, for a moderate cost.


      • MBS

        @Tom, as @Dave said it’s a gamble. The only question is the cost to acquire Robert Jr worth the risk of him underperforming the desired outcome. Obviously if he performs like we hope, the cost wouldn’t matter at all.

        There’s no way to say without knowing what the return would need to be to get Robert Jr. For me as I said above, as long it doesn’t require Lowder, it’s likely a yes for me.

        Here’s an example of what I’d be happy to part with for Robert Jr.

        Robert Jr for

        Arroyo, Petty, Collier, and another top 30 prospect


        Marte, Aguiar, Rodriguez

      • DaveCT

        Sorry, as for “Can anyone provide any supporting logical argument as to how someone who at best will average 104 G per season from 21-24 will magically start providing the Reds 120 G per season?”

        A: Injuries cannot be predicted. Never have, never will. There is no magic involved.

        They can, however, be anticipated, and planned for.

        The question is, then, how much risk to assume. With a Robert, or a Buxton, quite a bit, IMO. With a Senzel, not so much,

      • Melvin

        “but if those prospects aren’t named Lowder, I’m probably in.”

        I’m glad Arroyo can’t be included in any trade too.

      • Melvin

        Tom Diesman – “Luis Robert Injury History”

        That makes me very hesitant too.

      • Tom Diesman

        @DaveCT, Ah, I see where the $45M comes from. Love MLBTR, but they made a boo-boo there, that they actually correct in the next sentence.

        “Robert is owed just under $8MM through season’s end as of this writing plus another $45MM over the next three seasons. Three-and-a-half years of an MVP-caliber talent at a maximum rate of $63MM is a raucous bargain by today’s contractual standards. ”

        Robert is owed:

        2024 26 $12,500,000 About $8M remaining
        2025 27 $15,000,000
        2026 28 *$20,000,000 $20M Team Option, $2M Buyout
        2027 29 *$20,000,000 $20M Team Option, $2M Buyout

        So it is $55M for 2025-2027, and $63M from now through 2027. Minimum cash expenditure without picking up any options would be about $25M.

        The MLBTR article also addresses the durability concerns:

        “Robert played in 56 of 60 games during his rookie showing in the Covid-shortened 2020 season, but he logged just 68 and 98 games in 2021 and 2022, respectively, and he could finish the 2024 season with fewer than 100 games played as well, thanks to one already lengthy absence. He’s now had significant strains of his left and right hip flexors, in addition to an MCL sprain and a wrist strain in his career.”

      • Tom Diesman

        @MBS, Yeah it’s a big gamble

        The desired outcome would be he’s on the field for 600 PA as he was in 2023. The expected outcome from his history is he’s on the field for 400 PA like he was in 2022 which would be even less than one would get from the LH side of a platoon player.

        I’d consider acquiring him for the cash outlay only, but no way would I ever consider giving up anything close to the prospect capital you suggest for a part time player. I hope the Reds stay out of this one.

  12. Brian

    I don’t wanna see Ashcraft thrown away. He’s had a bad year. He is 27 of 57 on QS in his career. Greene is 21 of 58 in comparison. Greene is trending upward big time and Ashcraft looks really bad as of late.
    I’d be curious to know what has changed this year for Ashcraft. Did he switch catchers? Change his delivery or philosophy? Is he hiding an injury? He has to have some value but the Reds needs to figure out what’s going on with him.

    • Mauired

      I like Ashcraft a lot too. There are a lot of worse fifth starters across baseball.

      One thing I’ve noticed though is when he came up from minors two years ago, he was 99/100 mph with his cutter and sinker which was incredible. Seems like that turned into 97/98 last year. Still really good. But now he’s at 95/96.

      Is the diminished velocity on purpose to throw more strikes or something else?

      • Daniel Kals

        I have a theory that he wears down after a couple months. Last season when he went through a prolonged slump (putting it lightly) it looked like he was struggling physically with conditioning. Couldn’t finish his pitches. Combine this with what appears to be a flawed mental approach with a bit of entitlement and frankly he kinda reminds of Brandon Finnegan. Hopefully it ends up better for him.

    • Melvin

      By no means would I even begin to give up on Ashcraft either. Although struggling lately he has, on more than one occasion, looked like an “Ace”.

    • Mauired

      Sure but Martinez is just as good and would probably be easier to get prospect wise from Mets. They would probably want more for Pete just because he’s the face of the franchise.

  13. Anthony

    Pitching is a strength for this team …assuming they arent misused by the manager …which so far “everyone” under his watch has been injured in one form or another hate say. Too many coincidences usually means its not a coincidence.

  14. Klugo

    It seems to me that since the calendar flipped to June, that there has been a slight uptick in the sense of urgency outta the Reds front office. A little less standing pat. Step up or step to the side.

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe the elder Castellini is feeling his age and legacy is coming to the forefront with him?

  15. Eddiek957

    Interesting views Roberts at DH five days a week could keep him healthy. Playing in a smaller ballpark for half his games may help also. Remembering the Cease negotiations Sox would be asking for more for Robers. Could we be alright when CES and Marte return?

    • Harry Stoner

      If Marte and CES hit when they return the Reds will be more than alright.

      Krall’s refusal or inability to make a big trade last year or last winter has folks anxious and antsy for him to make a move right now.

      That’s understandable.

      But would I ship off a huge bunch of talent when two of the potential best hitters the team has are close to returning?

      Particularly for a guy who makes Senzel seem like an Iron Man?

      I may change my tune after this series with Cubs if the team hitting returns to the 2024 norm.

      • Jim Walker

        The guy in question has posted 12.5 bWAR in LT 1600 PAs and 5 of the bWAR came last year on 595 PAs which takes him out of the Senzel class.

        Yes, he misses time but he makes up for it when he is on the field and at a favorable price per WAR.

  16. Eddiek957

    I believe Williamson threw four innings one hit no runs last time out for the Bats

  17. Nick in NKY

    The price for a Luis Robert or Garrett Crochet trade will be steep, I think. As they both have tremendous value, the Sox will obviously want premium prospects. I think who the FO considers parting with as they consider offers probably depends on how you project the future core of the team. Edwin Arroyo would be a great get for another org, but only if you project EDLC to stick at SS for the long term. If Marte is going to hold down 3rd for the future, is Cam Collier trade bait? I probably hang up the phone when the Sox ask for Lowder, but if Crochet is coming back does that make a deal? Petty? Aguiar? Either would probably have to go to get a deal done for an established ML pitcher. Much to consider, hopefully the team stays hot this month and the urgency slows a little.

  18. Jimmy

    I believe the Reds haven’t given up on the players they are still developing in Marte, CES, and McCain who are on the shelf. We have only seen about two thirds of the starting 9 in any game this year. Also, still developing a relief corp with Díaz having struggles and Sims going from 8th inning pitcher last year to probably out the door by year end.
    With all that said they have enough talent to make playoffs this year. But, I think due to health & development they are targeting next year to go for it. I’m looking toward patchwork trades to manage the 40 man roster toward a playoff run for 2025.

  19. AMDG

    It’s not just his last few games, but his struggles go back much farther than that.

    If you look at Ashcraft’s last 32 outings, he’s got a 5.44 ERA and a 1.45 WHIP.