The Cincinnati Reds will play host to the 31-31 Chicago Cubs tonight at Great American Ball Park. The two clubs are starting a 4-game series tonight that runs through Sunday. First pitch is set for 7:10pm ET. This game will be available to watch on MLB Network as well as Bally Sports Ohio.

Starting Lineup

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Mike Tauchman – RF TJ Friedl – CF
Seiya Suzuki – DH Elly De La Cruz – SS
Cody Bellinger – 1B Jeimer Candelario – 3B
Christopher Morel – 3B Spencer Steer – 1B
Ian Happ – LF Jake Fraley – DH
Nico Hoerner – 2B Tyler Stephenson – C
Dansby Swanson – SS Jacob Hurtubise – LF
Pete Crow-Armstrong – CF Jonathan India – 2B
Miguel Amaya – C Will Benson – RF
Javier Assad – RHP Hunter Greene – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 70.2 3.44 1.16 30 76
Javier Assad 63.1 2.27 1.18 26 61
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Javier Assad’s Stats

Hunter Greene

The schedule this season has been incredibly weird. Hunter Greene’s last start came against the Cubs. The two before that both came against the Dodgers. And the two before that both came against Arizona. In the previous two cases the second time around he pitched better than the first, which he’ll look to repeat because Chicago scored five runs against him in 6.0 innings on June 1st.

Hunter Greene has reverse splits going again this year. He has been good against right-handed hitters across the board this season, but he’s been dominant against left-handed hitters. Righties are making more contact and doing a little bit more with it when they do put the ball in play.


RHH 134 27 6 2 2 14 30 .235 .323 .374
LHH 159 25 6 1 3 16 46 .188 .298 .316

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Curve Slider Split
Velo 98.0 80.6 89.0 86.9
Usage 57% 2% 35% 6%

Javier Assad

The last time out, Javier Assad faced off against the Reds and he gave up two runs in 5.1 innings while striking out seven batters. He pitched well enough, but the bullpen gave up three runs and Cincinnati picked up a 5-4 win that day.

The splits aren’t all that different for Javier Assad this season. Neither lefties or righties are doing much hitting or getting on-base. Righties make more contact and draw more walks, but that extra contact hasn’t led to any additional production so far this year.


RHH 122 21 3 0 3 14 25 .200 .295 .314
LHH 141 28 6 0 3 12 36 .221 .286 .339

Pitch Usage

4-sm 2-sm Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.4 92.2 88.3 77.0 80.2 84.8
Usage 20% 36% 22% 9% 10% 4%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,, MLB Network
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 81°, partly cloudy, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Graham Ashcraft to Triple-A

This afternoon the Reds announced that they were optioning Graham Ashcraft to Triple-A Louisville and activating Emilio Pagan from the 15-day injured list. We wrote about the moves earlier today when they were announced if you wanted to check out some more details.

Elly De La Cruz doing things no one else does

Justin Bruihl signs with Pittsburgh

A few days ago the Reds released reliever Justin Bruihl. He had been in Louisville for the first two months of the season and had a 2.31 ERA with 24 strikeouts, no home runs allowed, and 10 walks in 23.1 innings for the Bats. Today he signed a big league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It’s unlikely that the Reds actually just up and decided to release him. He likely had an opt-out date in his contract and took it. Cincinnati still technically has to “release” him, which is why it’s listed as such in the transactions.

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 36 26
Chicago 31 31 5.0
St. Louis 29 31 6.0
Pittsburgh 29 32 6.5
Cincinnati 29 33 7.0

145 Responses

  1. Dennis Westrick

    Love Hunter Greene but he would be well advised to listen to & watch what Frankie Montas did in his last start! Frankie got his strikeouts (9) without blowing up his pitch count! Plus, Frankie let the players behind him, his defense, do their job! My point is, HG does not need to strike everyone out!

    Hoping for some early runs against the Stupid Cubs and for HG to go 7 innings!

    Let’s keep the winning streak going!

  2. Eddiek957

    I agree with scoring early. I’m digging the bunting. Hoping for a good start from Hunter steady defense a few key hits. Go Reds

  3. Mark Moore

    Let’s start this 4-game homestand in a strong and demonstrative way. Let’s Kick these Stupid Cubs to the Ohio River, drag them back, and do it all over again!!

    Throw strikes and some sneaky stuff, Hunter.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    I guess I get bored, but I usually look at the results of the Reds next opponent prior to their upcoming series! In this case it was the Cubs 2-game series against the White Sox. In both games the Sox went up early and had either a 4 or 5 run lead but failed to hold the leads in both games, losing both games 7-6!

    The usual culprit and major Reds Killer, Ian Happ, had a hand in the Cubs comeback wins!

    So, let’s not let that (Ian Happ hits) happen tonight!

  5. Old-school

    Per Lance McCalister

    Reds lead Mlb in BA and OBP and OPS and 3rd in runs scored.

    Big series here

  6. Dennis Westrick

    Pie-Rats down early to the Dodgers! A win by the Reds tonight will get us out of last place in the NL Central for more than the 6 hours we were not in last place yesterday!

  7. gusnwally

    Almost game time Oxygen tank check, tubes in nose check, rocks glass full of ice check, rocks glass full of Evan williams check , remote in hand check, Let er roll

  8. Mark Moore

    Herdofbeasts completely lost that one in the sun. I’m thinking anyone would have.

  9. Mark Moore

    Pretend it isn’t Happ … pretend it isn’t Happ … pretend it isn’t Happ.

  10. Dennis Westrick

    Back to the strikeouts I see! Put the ball in play please!

    Ugly 1st inning for HG but no damage done, especially by that Happ guy!

    • Mark Moore

      Bright spot was Elly doing just that.

  11. Mark Moore

    Nice inning from Hunter. Dialed back the pitch count a bit. Keep heading in that direction.

    • Jason T.

      Fantastic inning. Really seeing his maturity and growth.

  12. Mark Moore

    OK, off topic here …

    If Elly gets an invite to the HR Derby, so we think he should take it? I’m generally against that whole thing. Seems to screw up too many swings. I’m thinking that may not be the case with Elly though.

  13. Jason T.

    Stephenson is so dialed in, great to see.

  14. Mark Moore

    Poopie. I thought India may have caught that just enough to score one or two.

  15. Mark Moore

    Well that’s not good. Bit of a cookie there, Hunter.

    • JB

      Sadak just mentioned Suzuki Grand slam against Hunter and 2 seconds later……

    • Jason T.

      Suzuki certainly made him pay for that.

  16. RedsGettingBetter

    Greene is making bad pitches to Suzuki definitely…2 HRS, a triple and a double since last game…What is he doing?

  17. Dennis Westrick

    Greene just can’t seem to have a low-pitch inning such as 10 pitches or less!

    53 pitches thru 3 innings means a 6-inning outing at best!

  18. RedAlert

    Greene will NEVER be a true ace… doesn’t pitch smart or efficiently … owned by Suzuki

  19. Jason T.

    Nice way to lead off the inning Benson.

  20. RedsGettingBetter

    hohoho! Elly TE at 114.7 MPH homer!!

  21. RedAlert

    Rocket shot by Elly …. Let’s see what Greene does now

  22. Mark Moore

    I stepped away to use the facilities and missed that little blast half way up the Moondeck.

    • Mark Moore

      And beer on a Stupid Cubs fan??? That’s a +500 😛

  23. Dennis Westrick

    Way to celebrate your one-year anniversary in the big leagues Elly!

  24. Andrew Brewer

    How sweet it is to come back and answer the Cubs… Reds are hot !

  25. Dennis Westrick

    Despite the current score, look at the marked difference in the pitch counts after 3 innings! Cubs starter at 40, HG at 53!

  26. Dennis Westrick

    Good grief! If it’s not a walk it’s a HPB!

  27. Mark Moore

    My First Wife just referred to Crow-Armstrong as “Opie Taylor”

  28. Jonathan Linn

    Lol. I knew if I checked the comments would be ranting already about putch counts. Go look at comparable SP…Ace for that matter and I be he is very similar.

  29. RedsGettingBetter

    Green on a high pitch count.

  30. Indy Red Man

    That’s the first time I’ve ever seen HG mix pitches up

  31. Jonathan Linn

    FYI Hunter Green is 17th in all of baseball on number of inning pitched. So maybe we need to stop with the pitch counts. This isn’t the early 2000s where you had plenty of pitchers getting 6+ innings a start for 30+ starts.

    Aaron Nola leads MLB with 84.1 innings over 13 starts @ 6.46 innings/ start

    Hunter Green is at 74.2 innings over 13 starts @ 5.71 per start. Not much of a difference….IMO.

    • Mark Moore

      I know we won’t go back to the “good old days” of Seaver and Carlton throwing like they did, but I’m generally with you on this one. Hunter’s count is a little elevated today, but not to the level I’m alarmed.

      The bigger potential issue is what I’ve heard that lower minors are gearing toward 75-80 pitches for a starter. If that happens, MLB had better get to a 28 man roster and a 6-man rotation.

      • Tom Diesman

        Through 5 IP Hunter’s pitch count is right at league average.

  32. JB

    If Hurtubise didn’t lose that ball in the sun Hunter would be at 65 pitches.

  33. Dennis Westrick

    Leadoff single to start the bottom of the 4th! Then 3 strikeouts! Pathetic!

  34. Mark Moore

    Easier inning. Hunter is doing his thing and feeling the support of a lead. Let’s play some add-on and let him cruise into the 6th (and maybe 7th).

    • Mark Moore

      Oops … I was an inning ahead of myself.

    • Mark Moore

      Don’t know where my head is tonight. Next inning will be the 6th for HG.

      Make it happen, Spencer.

  35. Mark Moore

    Note … Elly has put the ball in play all three times. Well, twice given the last AB was out of the park. 😀

  36. Dennis Westrick

    I would have HG start the 6th but have the bullpen ready! Are you paying attention Bell? Stop playing Candy Crush on your phone or tablet!

  37. Mark Moore

    How many K’s DIDN’T we get out at Coors???

    Reverting to standard here … 🙁

  38. Melvin

    Just tuning in and able to comment. You guys are doing a good job. 🙂

  39. Dennis Westrick

    Danger Will Robinson! Cubs 3,4 & 5 hitters due up with perennial Reds Killer Happ the 3rd batter in the inning!

  40. Mark Moore

    Nice throw from Benson … but I’m thinking he maybe could have gotten to the ball a little quicker and thrown out Bellinger.

  41. Melvin

    Ooops. That wasn’t so good. Sorry I showed up. 😉

    • Mark Moore

      Dennis spoke that one into existence. It wasn’t you, Melvin … 😛

      • Melvin

        That’s good. Come on Dennis. 😀

    • Mark Moore

      On the replay he looked closer to it than at first. I was thinking Stewie would have snagged it.

  42. dimondfvr

    Happ was not Happ-y on that pop up!

  43. wkuchad

    Hunter Greene doing a Jake Sweeney commercial. I guess they’ve officially moved on from Moose.

  44. Dennis Westrick

    And there you have it! 98 pitches, 4 runs, 5 hits and 2 very costly 2-run HRs!

    • RedAlert

      Typical Greene – can’t stand prosperity

  45. Mark Moore

    Right on the meat of his catching hand.

    • Melvin

      I like it even better after India knocked in the two runs that he sacrificed over. That’s called winning baseball. If you called that Mr. Bell…..good job.

      • Mark Moore

        Uh … knocked in 2 runs, Melvin? Which game are you watching?

      • Melvin

        Okay. So it’s only ONE. lol I STILL like it! So there. 😀

  46. Mark Moore

    Heart skipped a beat when that popped up a bit. Good result.

    Up to you, RoY.

  47. JB

    India 15 hits in last 39 at bats. .384 avwrage

  48. Mark Moore

    Wil!!! You had ONE JOB there!!!

  49. RedsGettingBetter

    Benson struck out in just 3 pitches in a clutch moment… Yikes

  50. Dennis Westrick

    Sorry guys! A strikeout looking with a runner at 3rd and less than 2 outs is unacceptable!

  51. RedAlert

    How does Benson continue to get the playing time he does ?????… DUDE IS A
    STRIKEOUT MACHINE …. S hi old be coming off the bench instead of starting … pitiful by Bell , pitiful

  52. Gpod

    i would pinch hit for Benson anytime its after the 5th inning, a man on third with less then 2 outs…..if he don’t like it ….too bad, we need contact, not another strikeout

  53. Redlegs1869

    Im sorry. I realize Will has had a few hits lately. But…come on. Hit a decently deep fly ball my man. Can. Not. Get. It. Done. Another. K.

  54. Indy Red Man

    Benson had 2 fastballs out over the plate. Bummer, but Freidl picked him up

    So good to get him back

  55. Mark Moore

    TJ with the 2-out redemption. He nailed that one.

  56. Beaufort Red

    Anyone who thinks Benson should be on the roster is crazy. But you do have Bell on your side.

    • Indy Red Man

      Yeah I think he’s 5-13 since you went off on him last time. He’s well above league average. Big $ Cubs hitter at .195

      • Beaufort Red

        I could care less about the Cub’s #9 hitter. But keep on hanging with your guy to the detriment of the team.

  57. RedsGettingBetter

    I thought Greene was done at 6 IP 98 pitches…

    • Melvin

      I guy who throws mostly fast balls can handle more pitches safely as a general rule in my view anyway. It’s the high spin rates that are dangerous. As I type this he’s taken out. 🙂

  58. Mark Moore

    Right call from Bell here to have given HG a chance but kept him on a very short leash.

    • Melvin

      Bell has at least two compliments tonight so far. 🙂

  59. Old-school

    Greene gave 6.2

    Nice job

    Benson is way too long to the ball and obvious horrible holes in his swing

    Hes not an every day OF

    That k on 3 pitches was awful when all u need is bat to ball skills to get the run in against a righty no less

    He s like Suarez

    Hits a hr every 10 games except without the 30+ year

    Suarez is flailing badly in zona and under .600 OPS

  60. Dennis Westrick

    Good move by Bell to take out Greene when he did! And Cruz was lucky! Still would like Cruz to pitch the 8th after only throwing 6 pitches!

  61. RedsGettingBetter

    Cruz slammed the door in the 7th. Now , what is Bell thinking about 8th and 9th? Pagán-Díaz?

    • Melvin

      We could us some more late inning relief help through trades and/or Santillan.

    • Daytonnati

      I think Happ is due up, Bell probably goes lefty. I’d stick with Cruz.

      • Melvin

        Cruz is definitely our best reliever. I want to use him too but also don’t want to wear him out like Diaz was last year. That’s one reason why we need more help.

      • RedsGettingBetter

        Cruz has been pitching 3 days in row including today

  62. Melvin

    Stephenson doing really well lately.

  63. JB

    Cubs bullpen is one of the worst in the N.L. Makes life a little difficult for Counsell now that he doesn’t have the Brewer bullpen to rely on.

    • Mark Moore

      Since that blown call to TySteve as Cowboy noted.

      Now up to RoY with his excellent plate discipline.

  64. Mark Moore

    OK, Wil. Have you been watching?

  65. Melvin

    Big run. Three straight two out walks given up by the bad guys this time. 🙂

  66. Indy Red Man

    Gift but we’ll take it. He put a 2 strike pitch completely in the zone vs Tyler

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. That was the start of his melt down.

  67. Mark Moore

    And we push Counsel deeper into his already thin pen.

  68. Mark Moore

    Wil had his mind made up and got a pitch to match. Talk about walks haunting.

  69. Redlegs1869

    I take it all back. Almost! Say to go Will! That’s what you’re capable of. Put the all in play!

  70. Melvin

    Beating up on the Cubs now. I know that breaks your heart Mark. 😉

    • Mark Moore

      Oh it does, Melvin. It truly does.

  71. Mark Moore

    Slight hesitation by India cost that one. Still like the aggressive play when we’re up this much. Foot on the neck and all …

    • Melvin

      Yeah. You can afford to try that when you’re up four.

  72. JB

    Benson 10-27 .370 average. It’s the 11 k’s that’s bothersome. 5 walks.

  73. Mark Moore

    BTW – any word on Stewie? Is he hurt? In Bell’s doghouse? Down by the river with Jobu drinking? Anyone … Bueller?

  74. Mark Moore

    Ian Very UnHappY today. Reds fans are pleased.

  75. Mark Moore

    Counsell leaving Hendricks in. I’d say that’s waving the white flag for tonight.

  76. Mark Moore

    Three. Measly. Outs.

    Just 3 of them. Nothing fancy.

  77. Dennis Westrick

    Inhaler? Check! Supplemental oxygen? Check! Blood pressure meds? Check! Defibrillator? Check! Bring on Diaz!

  78. Dennis Westrick

    Well, there’s the obligatory walk!

  79. Mark Moore

    Obligatory BB out of the way …

    Now focus, Alexis. We all know you are a bit rusty. Shake it off.

    Maybe Bike Helmets?

  80. Mark Moore

    That’s the way to start a series against the Stupid Cubbies. And we got into their pen a bit. Hoping that pays dividends tomorrow.

  81. RedsGettingBetter

    Reds win! five in a row…season high win streak so far…

  82. Moon

    And this one belongs to the Reds. And don’t look now, but the Reds are about to move out of the cellar.

    • Melvin

      That’s good. It’s damp down there and no fun. 😉

  83. Dennis Westrick

    Thank you, Diaz! I can breathe again!

  84. Old-school

    HoW DiD tHE rEdS bEaT gEnIUS CoUSelL?

  85. Andrew Brewer

    The Reds are just amazing with two outs… That’s when they get in rally mode. Makes no sense I know, but that’s who they are, that’s what they do. Nice to get a few wins that aren’t nail biters now and then.
    This team is coming together at the right time. Getting Friedl back is a big part of that, but who can say when the Reds’ magic is happening.
    I’m just glad it’s here !

    • Dennis Westrick

      Every time Diaz pitches it’s a nail biter!