The Cincinnati Reds made a surprising move this afternoon, calling up outfielder Blake Dunn from Triple-A and optioning outfielder Nick Martini to Louisville. Dunn needed to be added to the 40-man roster, but the roster was at 39 players so they had an open spot.

Blake Dunn, the Reds #15 prospect, has spent his 2024 season with Louisville. The reigning Reds Minor League Player of the Year, Dunn hasn’t been able to pick up where he left off in 2023 when he hit .312/.425/.522 with 54 steals while splitting his season in High-A Dayton and Double-A Chattanooga (where he hit better than in Dayton).

On the season, Dunn is hitting just .223/.348/.378 for the Bats in 44 games played. He simply isn’t hitting for average at this point and it’s held down his on-base percentage and his slugging percentage. Over the last two weeks, though, he’s started turning things around a bit, hitting .278/.447/.556 in 47 plate appearances.

The 25-year-old right-handed hitting outfielder does plenty of things well. He’s one of the fastest players in the organization and a good baserunner. Defensively he can handle center and left just fine, though his arm is stretched a little bit in right field. While it hasn’t quite shown up in Triple-A this season, he’s got solid power. He’ll draw walks, beat out grounders for hits, can lay down a bunt, and he uses the entire field. His strikeout rate has spiked up this season so far, so that’s worth keeping an eye on.

This year he’s hitting for a lot of power against lefties – slugging .558 – but he also has a .250 average and just a .298 on-base percentage against them. He’s hitting for no power at all against righties this season – slugging just .281 – but he’s got a .372 on-base percentage against them. It’s been a weird season for Dunn thus far. Last season he hit well against lefties and righties, but he just destroyed left-handed pitching to the tune of .359/.507/.709. You can see Blake Dunn’s career stats here.

Cincinnati, who seems to have had a few too many left-handed hitting outfielders, is swapping one of them out and sending Nick Martini to the minor leagues to make room for Dunn. He spent two weeks in Louisville during May, but came back and hit .258/.343/.419 in nine games after his return.

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  1. LDS

    Well, it’s not as good as trading for an established ML outfielder. It is however, a lot better than standing pat with Martini. Probably doesn’t move the needle much, but it’s something.

    • DaveCT

      Blake Dunn’s beard is definitely ML ready.

  2. Pete

    Blake Dunn has looked terrible this year. He’s a shadow of the player he was last year. I don’t know what the problem is, but they’re certainly is one. This was a bad call up.

    He can’t get around on fastballs, he has virtually no power, he is not stealing bases, and he is not bunting for hits. He should be sent down to AA if he is not hurt. There are more deserving players on the AAA team. This is a travesty.

    • PTBNL

      Wow, that’s a bit harsh. Let’s give the Reds Minor League Player of the Year a chance before calling it a travesty.

      • Pete

        I’m Blake Dunn’s biggest fan. They are doing him no favors by putting him on the 40-man roster right now. He is striking out 30% of the time at AAA. It’s not being harsh, it’s being realistic. Every aspect of his game has degraded and not just marginally. I guess I’m one the few fans of Nick Kroll has left but to me this is a bonehead move. I’ll certainly pray for a miracle but not expecting it.

      • LDS

        Remember Barrero was also a Reds’ minor league player of the year.

      • H.B.

        I am a big fan of Nick Krall but not so much David Bell. I think this move is to get a look at Dunn before we look to add a bat via a trade. How the young man can catch lightning in a bottle with Dunn before we give up some young talent in a trade.

      • Melvin

        “Remember Barrero was also a Reds’ minor league player of the year.”

        Was just thinking the same thing. We all know how that turned out. He wasn’t ready and didn’t help him a bit in coming up too soon.

      • Melvin

        H.B. – Better find out fast. haha If that’s the reason, which knowing Krall very well may be, it’s kind of a “shot in the dark” for him to help us that much.

      • Melvin

        “He is striking out 30% of the time at AAA.”

        Sheesh. That’s all we need unless we’re expecting him to K less in the majors than in AAA. lol

      • LDS

        BTW, Aquino was also a Reds Minor League Player of the Year. Of course, the one thing they all have in common is that they played for Bell. EDLC is the next likely candidate to crash and burn.

      • Optimist

        His career MiLB K% is 25% – all the other stats more than offset that. Doubtful that he’ll sit much, nor start every day, but he should get plenty of ABs against LHP, and some late inning substitutions as well.

        Again – yes, they still need a MLB proven productive regular OFer, but this move doesn’t affect any trade for that, and there is little or no downside to his callup.

      • Tom Reeves

        Barerro wasn’t going to ever be ready in retrospect.

        He couldn’t hit a major league breaking ball. He had every other tool but that one. It makes him an amazing AAAA player – too good for AAA and not good enough for MLB.

        There’s no way to address that until the player faces MLB pitchers.

        There was no better development path for Barerro where the outcome would be different. And many a-prospect has played well in the minors and the found they couldn’t hit major league breaking balls.

        It might or might not happen to Dunn. We’ll see.

      • earmbrister

        Comparing EDLC to Aquino is a huge stretch, but saying that EDLC is a “likely candidate to crash and burn” is just nonsensical.

        You’re comparing apples to horseshoes. Aquino was a 25 yr old rookie that had ONE hot stretch that lasted less than two months. He never replicated that success in the three seasons that followed (OPS+s of 63, 81, and 65). EDLC was a 21 yr old rookie who has improved nicely over his rookie year (OPS+ of 112 in ’24).

        We haven’t seen the best from EDLC yet, and there are 29 other teams that would be happy to have him on their roster.

      • LDS

        There are 29 other teams that would take him – I’m sure there are. Maybe he should start juicing to extend the Barry Bonds comparisons. If EDLC ever comes close to his ceiling, it won’t be while playing for the Reds, maybe the Dodgers.

      • DaveCT

        Pete, I think there has been improvement in Dunn since the beginning of the year. I, too, saw him getting beat on inside fastballs (you and I may have discussed it). But since he returned from his injury diving for a ball, he’s been better.

        I also look at it where he’s likely been scouted and/or reported upon by Reds people, and what they are seeing now may be plenty to lead to this promotion.

        At a minimum, I think he now have Stuart Fairchild 2.0 rather than TJ Friedl 2.0. I think Doug was too kind above saying we might have had too many LH bats in the outfield.

        As for development, this seems like a situation where the player is being brought up and plugged into a role (hitting v. LHP) where he can, in fact, succeed. So, a limited role, in a relatively controlled setting. Seems fine to me.

      • Pete

        @dave: you make some interesting points and something to consider.

        Maybe this is the player that he truly is and last year was an aberration or the step up to AAA was a killer. I still think he is bothered by either shoulder or an elbow and he is still wearing that protection on his right arm. I don’t know what that’s all about. But I really don’t understand why he’s at least not trying to steal bases. Seems a little odd to me because I don’t think he’s been thrown out at all this year so far. I’m still very high on Blake Dunn as high as anyone in the system but right now if I had to bet, I bet he’s ailing.

        I think I’ve said before that of all the Reds players I’ve seen play since the late 60s the comparison I make is with Pete Rose. Dunn plays all out, all the time. Completely fearless. Maybe this will short circuit a potentially great career, I don’t know. It is amazing to me that Rose could play that way and seldom miss any games. I guess we can chalk it up to genetics.

      • DaveCT

        Pete, I believe you are spot on in the comparison to Rose. I’ve been in on Dunn since being drafted, as all you had you do was read his pre-draft scouting report to get excited. I have noticed the same Rose comparison, particular in his form of athleticism which I have labeled ‘linebacker’ (but it probably more accurately named ‘strong safety). The body armor he wears, I believe, is due to his propensity for HBP. Last year, I posted at least a few times that “Yes, you have made your point, now stop getting hit so much.” In reality, his batting style dives in and leads to being hit at a high rate.

      • Tom Reeves

        With Pete, genetics played a part. Pete’s father was obsessive and insanely tough. He played semi-pro football and once played a game with a fractured hip. He raised Pete to be obsessive and it wasn’t abnormal for Pete to play 160/162 games a season. Sadly, the things that made Pete such a great player also made him a gambling degenerate.

        Unfortunately, hurt people hurt people and Pete was probably injured greatly by his father.

    • Melvin

      Another question is Dunn going to play every day? If not how’s that going to help his development?

    • DW

      Wow, that is quite the reaction Pete. Should be sent down to AA?! I certainly don’t disagree (nor agree for that matter) with this being a bad call up…but come on, a travesty?!

      • Pete

        I should’ve been more precise, I meant in regards to him being on the 40-man roster. What exposure do the Reds have if they have to remove him from the 40-man roster once some of our players return?

        Look I hope I’m all wet here but I expect with anyone throwing the ball 95 miles an hour or higher that he won’t have much of a chance. We’ll see. If I didn’t think so much of the guy’s potential, I would’ve never commented and it really doesn’t make much of a difference. I like to see him back in AA just so we could see if he could repeat his efforts last season. My guess is he would not. in my mind, something is wrong with the guy and it certainly not lack of effort or physical gifts.

      • DW

        Fair enough Pete. That makes sense. I tend to agree that maybe he hasn’t fully recovered from injury, but I don’t want to see him back in AA. He has proven himself above that. Let him work through his struggles in AAA and get healthy.

    • JMO

      Dang dude could you be anymore negative. Give the kid a chance lol

  3. TJ

    Any news on TJ Friedl? I saw he came out early yesterday and I did see him lose his footing in the outfield. Wonder if he strained something that he may need a day or 2 off.

    • PTBNL

      He looked fine after the incident and the booth made no mention of anything with him. I think he is fine. In a blowout, DB gave some time to Hurtubise.

  4. Melvin

    Hope he works out better than expected. Krall will do anything to keep from having to make a trade to help the team. I’d be more than happy for him to prove me wrong.

    • TJ

      Melvin, just wondering, you are officially the GM today. What trade(s) would you make to help the Reds get better. In my opinion Krall won’t make any trades until after the all star break. That’s when everyone except McLain should be back.

      • Melvin

        We’ve discussed several possible trades to help the offense recently. I’m sure there are more possibilities than have been discussed. Rooker from the A’s is probably the main one. We’re on a little streak now but we all know how things can tank really fast with this team. We could be out of it by the all star break. Regardless making this offense better should be a priority now. Krall is VERY hesitant to risk any of his “minor league legacy”.

      • Melvin

        There is no sense in waiting for the trade deadline. The Padres didn’t and they got the best hitter in the majors (BA) for a package we could have easily matched or beaten. Arraez is currently hitting .340 which is of course over .100 points better than a lot/most of our guys.

      • Mauired

        Yeah Melvin but Arraez didn’t come cheap. Looking at the Padres package. It was the basically the equivalent of giving up Tony Santillan, Blake Dunn, Hector Rodriguez, and Jay Allen. That’s a lot for one good player.

        You’re right most prospects don’t reach their potential anyway but wasn’t it the Padres that traded away Trey Turner?

      • Doc

        Melvin doesn’t propose trades, he proposes acquisitions but never mentions at what cost. A trade means if a player is coming to the Reds, then player(s) are going from the Reds.

      • Melvin

        @Doc – I already gave some suggestions. I’m not the GM so I can’t be specific. I just know we could have afforded what the Padres gave up for Arreaz. That tells me we’re not really serious about acquiring anyone at least it would seem that way. I’m very confident we should be trying very hard after nearly 30 years of not winning a playoff series. With the starting pitching we have it’s more than doable to make a run and succeed if we get help. MAYBE we can if we don’t (doubtful). Even so why not stack the odds in our favor. It’s a matter of just being competitive or really trying to WIN.

  5. SultanofSwaff

    If Dunn’s last 2 weeks are to be believed (and I do), this is a solid move. With the exception of Ford (out of necessity), based on their moves in the offseason and in season, the Reds value versatility more than ever. Even if Dunn doesn’t hit for power there’s added value from baserunning and defensive range, tools Martini doesn’t bring to the table. I suspect we won’t see Martini again…it seems the league has a book on him and he didn’t adjust.

  6. Optimist

    Oh my – a series of harsh comments here. Perhaps it’s a bit early, and he was injured to begin the season, and I’d been saying if one or more of Dunn/Hinds/Hurtubise got off to a hot start there would be callups, but they have not, but they’d all debut sometime this season. Still, they’re not losing a lot in the swap, and Martini hardly has the claim, say, Moll had, for a roster spot.

    Also doubt there’s any talent on the trade market yet, aside from an extreme overpay/lousy deal.

    The outfield is still very thin, with plenty of opportunity for any one of them to shine, so why not let them all have the same chance – this will allow Friedl to have some random time off if his recovery is at all slowed, and as Doug notes, it improves the left-right ABs.

    Stu/Dunn/Hurtubise combine for a fine 4th OFer and an excellent 5th OFer. They just need a better 1-2 OFer than Friedl/Fraley/Benson.

    • DaveCT

      Completely agree. From my reply above:

      This seems like a situation where the player is being brought up and plugged into a fairly specific role (hitting v. LHP) where he can, in fact, succeed. So, a limited role, in a relatively controlled setting. Seems fine to me.

  7. Mark Moore

    Just hope he gets some game time. Looks like his defensive metrics are better than Martini. This does tilt our extra OF’ers to the right side though, doesn’t it?

    • LarkinPhillips

      Benson Fraley Friedl Hurtubise steer Fairchild and Dunn. I’d say the move actually balanced it a bit more and added better speed and defense.

  8. Jim Walker

    At the least, Dunn sets them up to have an RH batting guy at DH vs LHP without having to use Stephenson in that role, not that Dunn will be the guy at DH. That will likely be Candy or Steer.

    • Melvin

      Was kind of hoping Stephenson would stay in that role when not catching. 🙂

      • Pete

        I would’ve brought up PJ Higgins. He can play first base, third base and also catch. And he’s actually hitting the ball. Plus if you have to eventually have to remove him from the 40-man roster and you lose him it’s not a great loss. Dunn could be a huge loss if the same thing occurs.

      • Melvin

        @Pete You may have a very good point especially if he can catch in an emergency if Stephenson is at DH. Higgins hitting .277/.353/.445

      • MBS

        Stephenson has been our best hitter on the season, and he hits LHP better than RHP. I don’t care where they put him but he should be in the lineup every possible day. C/1B/DH

    • DHud

      And what happens? Stephenson DH tonight

  9. old-school

    Reds are dead last in fWAR in MLB coming from the DH position- Ford/Martini. its been far below replacement level so a roster shake up had to happen. Ford and Martini brought one skill set to the table- lefty power and neither gave that. See what Dunn and Hurtubise can do.

    Looks like Steer is back to being an infielder with Fraley,Friedl,Benson, Hurtubise, Fairchild, and Dunn on the 26 man? Have the Reds ever carried 6 outfielders plus a 7th?
    This has to be a temp move to handle the Coors OF and lefty pitcher. I bet Dunn, Fairchild start tonight. Friedl did slip and take up some turf and fall last night on that ball that took an odd hop for a double. Hopefully nothing tweaked.

    @ Jim Walker- Have at it. We may see an all handedness OF day to day if friedl is dinged up

    Benson, Hurtubise, Fraley against righties
    Dunn, Fairchild ,and Steer against lefties

  10. docproc

    Love this move. Hurtubise is 26 and Dunn turns 26 later this year. They’ve both had strong minor league careers and it’s time to see what we have.

    • Optimist

      Yep – and looking at TJ’s comment below and some of the “trade for Rooker” comments above, I went back and compared Rooker with Dunn thru their MiLB careers – see if you can find much difference?

      Rooker may be a worthwhile trade target, and he’s right at the cusp of being a proven performer, but there’s a huge gap between him and, say, Arraez. They’re probably the bookends of what’s available between now and the deadline.

      If Dunn and Hurtubise can be league average for the next 6-8 weeks, I’d expect, alas, no trade and they’ll play for the wild-card spot thru the season.

      They still have pitchers to deal, though, and considering the premium involved, they could luck into a rental bat available for the remainder of this season.

  11. TJ

    I looked at Brent Rooker’s stats and he is interesting. What would the Reds have to give up to get the 29 year old?
    I’m not sure they would want one of our current outfielders. Just spit balling here, but I’m thinking 2 milb pitchers and a position player.
    They may want one of our major league ready pitchers.

    • Melvin

      The article suggested Dunn and Richardson. Not saying i agree with that necessarily but the point is we should be in discussions if at all possible.

      • TJ

        Don’t you think Krall is taking and making calls? I would think if he wants to keep his job he would be kicking tires on all kinds of possibilities. Just because there isn’t a trade made doesn’t mean there aren’t conversations about trades. Just look at the pitchers that people wanted to acquire last year. Other teams wanted a haul for their players and many of them ended up injured or ineffective.

      • Melvin

        Well the point to that is Krall said the price for Arreaz was too high. He seemingly doesn’t want to give up much of anything. No risks.

      • Tom Diesman

        Whether everyone likes it or not, Krall has said repeatedly for anyone who wants to pay attention that the Reds organizational direction is long-term sustainable success by continuing to build through their player pipeline, player development and scouting.

        So all the fretting over him not trading prospects for established players is for naught as he’s proven over and over again they are staying the course with the stated organizational direction. He will not be trading key prospects.

      • Melvin

        @Tom Most prospects don’t turn out to be good major league players so unless the Reds beat the odds that strategy is not going to work. There has to be balance if winning truly is THE priority. Of course I’m not saying you have anything to do with it. 🙂

      • DW

        Tom has a great point. And it is important to remember that. Not saying it is a winning formula, but that is the approach that Krall is taking.

      • Melvin

        @DW Yeah. It’s very easy and “comfortable” to be a GM like that. Most wouldn’t get away with it except Mediocrity is the middle name of this owner.

      • Tom Diesman

        We’re off to good start so far with Lodolo, Greene, Abbott, Steer, Stephenson, and De La Cruz.

        We’ll get some more information this year to see if Ashcraft, Williamson, Benson, and Encarnacion-Strand will prosper as well.

        It’s going to be fun watching these players develop and see how it plays out. Hopefully others around these parts will find patience and get some joy from it as well. If not, stock up on the Tums and keep venting because they’re not approaching it the way you might prefer.

      • Melvin

        ” stock up on the Tums and keep venting because they’re not approaching it the way you might prefer.”

        We can always hope. I prefer Rolaids or AlkaSeltzer. 😀

      • Mauired

        Meant to post here not above.

        Yeah Melvin but Arraez didn’t come cheap. Looking at the Padres package. It was the basically the equivalent of giving up Tony Santillan, Blake Dunn, Hector Rodriguez, and Jay Allen. That’s a lot for one good player.

        You’re right most prospects don’t reach their potential anyway but wasn’t it the Padres that traded away Trey Turner?

      • Melvin

        So we haven’t won a playoff series since 1995. What’s the big deal? 😀

      • Rob

        Being a charter member in the trade prospects for a strong outfielder camp, I really have no problem with this move. I even it potentially improves the team from not having to roll out Benson and Fraley against LHP. But before I get carried away, I don’t see this as much different than adding Espinal, a weak hitter with some speed and defense. Imo, it doesn’t move the dial as far as our offensive needs. If he hits better than 220 with some pop, then it probably is a small upgrade. But coming off the bench in the 9th inning, I still would rather have Martini. We will see how this works out but for now it is no more than a smokescreen. We don’t need a 220 hitting RH OF. We need a 750-800 OPS RH hitting OF. More emphasis on the OPS than the RH vs LH. An everyday player. Even Rhys Hopkins and all his OF defensive flaws probably works. (We looked at him this spring but went another direction.). We don’t need 3 top 10 3B prospects who each will have a very difficult time beating out each other, Mac, Elly, Marte, and Steer in 2026. But ride on for now Nick if you really think this is the missing piece. It is worth a try but be prepared to go another direction.

      • Tom Diesman

        @Rob, “We need a 750-800 OPS RH hitting OF.”

        Spencer Steer says HI!

      • Melvin

        @Tom Diesman Call me greedy but I think we could use another one just from looking at the stats from the guys in our lineup tonight. 🙂

      • Rob

        Tom, yeah Spencer certainly helps. But the OPS of Fraley, Benson, and Hurtubise against LH pitching is deplorable. And particularly painful in the late innings against lefties when our off the bench options (Maile, Espinal, etc.) are not strong either. Just seems obvious to me that we would be much better served by a second everyday RH outfield bat not named Speer. And I have no issue with Fairchild as our 5th OF.

      • Tom Diesman


        It is obvious to me, but I’m not sure what you are looking at.

        At full strength we have Steer in LF and Friedl in CF:

        Steer PA BA OBP SLG OPS
        Career 1019 .259 .350 .436 .787

        Friedl PA BA OBP SLG OPS
        Career 901 .264 .339 .447 .786

        Now consider the RF platoon of either Benson/Fairchild or Fraley/Fairchild:

        RF Platoon

        Benson PA BA OBP SLG OPS
        Career vs RHP 432 .269 .356 .495 .851
        Career vs LHP 88 .114 .233 .193 .426

        Fraley PA BA OBP SLG OPS
        Career vs RHP 792 .260 .348 .443 .791
        Career vs LHP 176 .171 .272 .244 .517

        Fairchild PA BA OBP SLG OPS
        Career vs RHP 255 .204 .282 .373 .655
        Career vs LHP 246 .262 .367 .424 .791

        Benson/Fairchild PA BA OBP SLG OPS
        Platoon Projection 680 .267 .359 .477 .836

        Fraley/Fairchild PA BA OBP SLG OPS
        Platoon Projection 680 .261 .353 .438 .791

        So even taking in the reduction in offense from last season to this season, we have a full time LF and CF who we would expect a .750+ OPS from this season and a RF platoon who we’d expect to provide us with a .750 to .800 OPS this season.

        The average 2024 OF has a .693 OPS.

        I don’t see the need to trade off prospects for another OF when what we have in house is already expected to be at least about 10% better than league average.

  12. Rod Andrews

    I like the move. Get the young guys out there together and see what they can do . Bringing up Dunn now is not likely going to do any irrepreal harm to him, and he may well be one of those guys that live up to the challenge and play better at higher levels. If not, he has options available that an older player doesn’t. Go with the plan and let the young guys do their thing.

  13. MBS

    Weird timing, but desperate times call for desperate measures. This all goes back to the offseason, and not picking up any offensive help other than Candy.

    A $101M payroll which includes 9.25M going to Votto, Myers, Casali just doesn’t give you any room for error.

    I really like Dunn, but having to use his last 2 weeks to justify a move like this is telling. Not saying Doug is running cover, he’s just trying to show what the line of thinking might have been by Krall.

    • Optimist

      It’s not a Doug issue, but it is a “small market team” issue, but a step up from the regular excuses. It’s not a small sample size question – rather, it’s a FO/AAA staff judgment about progress from AA and recovery from pre-season injury. The high $$$ teams would take their time and give him 2 more months to prove it, but it’s a quicker judgment for the Reds. May prove accurate, may not, but it’s understandable and justifiable.

      • MBS

        Even a small market can pay more than 100M a year. It’s a Bob issue, that’s all.

        Like I said I really like Dunn, but he hasn’t been putting up the numbers to justify this move. Maybe there some other factors at play that will become more apparent later, or maybe it’s just that cup of coffee that @Dave mentioned.

    • DaveCT

      Kind of surprising that no one here has tied this to CES, meaning, it would seem Dunn is up until CES returns, at which point he will be optioned. CES was going to bump one of Martini, Hurtubise, or Fairchild, anyway. So, the gain of a RH hitter in the OF allows Steer to play 1B until CES is back. Now, when does CES get back, that is the question, as I can easily see a full rehab AAA assignment to help him get his **** together.

      • Roger Garrett

        You got it right for sure DaveCT.Dunn is up to get coffee and doughnuts unless Krall told Bell to play him and play him a lot.We will see.

      • Mauired

        Yeah my initial reaction was surprise but Dave is probably right. It’s just a short term look at Dunn. Get him some big league experience for later in the year. He’ll probably go back to Louisville soon with Strand and Marte probably coming back this month.

  14. Jason T.

    I watched Dunn play numerous times at Dayton. Understandably it’s A ball, no denying that, but really liked what I saw from him hitting wise and fielding wise. I just wonder what his playing time will be.

    • Melvin

      I saw that. MLB – “We’re going to promote gambling and make it easy for you but don’t you dare do it”. lol

    • DaveCT

      Off topic, yet critical to 2024’s discussion of baseball.

      I saw where MLB closed the Ohtani investigation. I fail to see fully how he could not have been aware of his guy’s gambling. Secrets like that always get out and more people often know things than we may be lead to believe. Is Ohtani dirty? I believe (want to believe) that may be a stretch. Would Manfred want to protect Ohtani, the game’s greatest star? Of course. A scandal like this case requires scorched earth investigations and no mercy, for the good of the game. I do not see Manfred capable.

      • VaRedsFan

        I seen some incredible evidence that helps me form the opinion that Ohtani had no idea what was going on behind his back.

      • DaveCT

        VaRedsFan, I am not sure if that is encouraging or not, that this degree of ethical misconduct and possible criminality was in his everyday life. I’ll be the first to admit that type of dynamic probably isn’t unique, given the complexities of these stars’ lives.

  15. RedsGettingBetter

    I remember Williamson was terrible at AAA when he was called up so everybody complained about why him was selected even though he had shown good talent previously, however, Williamson could settle despite some normal struggles as rookie having a solid performance at the big league level. Could we expect something like that from Blake Dunn this year? I hope so . Let’s see…

    • DaveCT

      Player development often imitates child development. A child may not reach a developmental stage for weeks or months, and then master it in days. With Williamson, he had scuffled along for awhile then, I believe, shown some positive steps forward. Combined with DJ and the mad crazy tools available at the ML level, he was able to succeed.

    • DW

      That is true about Williamson, but injuries to the pitching staff kind of forced that one last year. The timing made more sense than this one.

  16. Melvin

    Dunn is in LF tonight. Here’s to hoping he does really well.

    • Melvin

      Looking at the BA of the guys in our lineup tonight. At least Dunn won’t have to go too far to beat that. 😀

  17. DHud

    Boy tonight’s lineup would look so much better with any of Marte, McClain, or CES in it

    • DHud

      Friedl – CF
      McClain – 2B
      Candelario – 1B
      Steer – LF
      Stephenson – C
      EDLC – SS
      Marte – 3B
      India – DH
      Fairchild – RF

      As I type this I realize man I wish India or CES or Marte were an OF

      • wkuchad

        India was going to be when spring training started, but things changed.

      • Melvin

        I think India played one game in LF in ST if I’m not mistaken.

      • Mauired

        It will be interesting if that finally happens when all the infielders comeback. Although India hasn’t been that bad defensively lately, I still think he would make a better outfielder.

  18. MK

    Should the Reds offer the Mets two or three prospects for a Pete Alonso rental for a playoff run. They obviously don’t have the finances to sign him at season’s end but he could provide some needed offense for second half ‘24. My guess would be the Mets will trade him for some prospects then re-sign him as a Free Agent.

  19. Indy Red Man

    Don’t get the naysayers here? Espinal hasn’t squat other then that he in Wrigley.
    Like Martinis swing, but he hasn’t produced either. Dunn gives us speed in the OF and Blach is allowing .326 vs righties

  20. Anthony

    If anyone knows Blake Dunns cell phone number call and ask if hes ready to bat 1st 8th 3rd 9th 5th 2nd 7th 4th and play 3b in a 6th inning double switch.

    • Mike Adams

      Is that you David Bell, calling in under a different name?

  21. Jeremiah

    I’m a little surprised on the timing of bringing up Dunn and sending Martini down as the Reds are clicking/playing better lately, forming some chemistry possibly, and Martini has been decent since coming back up.

    I think a few different things. They see the need for more Right Handed hitting even if coming from an unproven Minor Leaguer, and secondly I wonder if they are possibly using Dunn as potential trade bait for a starting Major League outfielder, giving him a little time in the big leagues to show other teams his potential. Although if he’s good, that’d probably cause the Reds to want to keep him, and if he’s bad it may cause his trade value to go down more so than had he stayed in Triple A. So my second point has holes, but it’s just a thought.

  22. Mike W

    Yeah Elly!!!!!
    And as for Dunn, let’s all remember “the Red’s Minor League Player of the Year” is NOT the same as “THE (overall) Minor League Player of the Year.
    He’s here and so is his family so I really hope he gets a hit tonight.
    Yeah Elly!!!

  23. Tampa Red

    There is never a shortage of hot takes on RLN lmao. Man this is not much more than a move to see if Blake Dunn is part of the future or just another 4A player. I’m all for it, dudes already 25, let’s go!!!

  24. Mike W

    I can’t believe our announcer just mentioned Montas’ No No. I hope The Cowboy punched him in the shoulder! HOW are you an ML announcer for so long and not know about jinxes?!

  25. Mike W

    Our announcer should be fined $5,000.