Rain came through Chicago and led to an incredibly long delay to the start of the contest that didn’t end until 1:22am ET. It was rain that played a big role in the game as it continued well into the game that felt forced because it was the FOX national game rather than actually making a decision based on the conditions in front of them, but they took the field at Wrigley and after both teams scored early the game remained tied until a late home run for the Cubs gave them a 7-5 win over the Reds to even up the 3-game series.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (25-33)
5 10 1
Chicago Cubs (29-30)
7 6 2
W: Leiter Jr. (2-3) L: Sims (1-2) SV: Neris (7)
Box Score | Game Thread

After a rain delay of three hours and twenty minutes the Reds and Cubs got the game started at 10:35pm. In the rain. There was standing water on the outfield warning track. The teams are lucky that no one got hurt – particularly early on in the game.

It wasn’t long before the rain became a factor. Cincinnati loaded the bases in the 2nd inning with two outs, but Luke Maile hit a lazy fly ball to right field. The inning seemed like it was over, but Seiya Suzuki, who was camped under the ball, had it come out of his glove and all three baserunners scored on the play to put the Reds up 3-0. Stuart Fairchild followed up with a single to bring Maile in from second base and extend the lead.

In the bottom of the inning the rain likely came into play once again. Hunter Greene couldn’t find his control. He walked the bases loaded before striking out Mike Tauchman for the second out. But he battled with Seiya Suzuki – missing on strike three by about two inches to lead to a full count. That played big as two pitches later Suzuki helped make up for his error in the top of the inning by hitting a grand slam to the top row of the bleachers in left field to tie the game up.

Greene’s control was a problem again in the 3rd as the rain continued to come down. He hit the first two batters of the inning before giving up an RBI single to Nico Hoerner that put Chicago up 5-4. Greene would limit the damage there.

Cincinnati would get a single and a walk to lead off the top of the 4th inning. Jeimer Candelario would then single in a run. When Pete Crow-Armstrong hesitated to throw the ball to the infield, Elly De La Cruz sprinted from second to third and easily beat the throw to the base. Chicago challenged the call and the replay showed that De La Cruz popped off the bag when his chest hit it for a split second and the call was overturned. That played large because Spencer Steer doubled on the next play but it resulted in no runs and the game remained tied up.

Hunter Greene remained in the game to start the 6th inning. He had to battle his way through it, but he got out of the inning unscathed with 111 pitches for the game. The Reds turned the game over to Fernando Cruz in the 7th and he worked around a leadoff double to keep the game knotted up at 5-5.

When the bottom of the 8th inning started it was Lucas Sims taking over on the mound for Cincinnati. He struck out Ian Happ to begin the inning, but then he walked Nico Hoerner. Four pitches later Dansby Swanson hit a ball two rows deep into the bleacher in left-center and gave the Cubs a 7-5 lead.

Hector Neris took the mound in the top of the 9th inning for Chicago and he struck out Jeimer Candelario to begin the inning. Spencer Steer came through with a single to bring the tying run to the plate but a fly out and a strikeout would follow and the game would end with a Cubs 7-5 win to even up the series.

Key Moment of the Game

Dansby Swanson’s 8th inning 2-run home run that broke a 5-5 tie.

Notes Worth Noting

The Reds struck out 11 times. 10 of those strikeouts came from the 1-4 spots in the lineup.

Spencer Steer went 3-5 with a double on the night. It was his first multi-hit game since May 10th and only his second multi-hit game since April 20th – a span of 35 games. After that April 20th game he was hitting .324 and had an OPS of .998. He’s now hitting .228 with an OPS of .739.

Jonathan India doubled for the second straight game. He only had two extra-base hits in the previous 19 games, and both of those extra-base hits happened in the same game.

Both clubs went 2-for-13 with runners in scoring position.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubs

Sunday June 2nd, 2:20pm ET

Nick Lodolo (4-2, 3.12 ERA) vs Ben Brown (1-1, 2.72 ERA)

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  1. Jeremiah

    Doug good point this game did feel forced. If I’m a fan and I paid like a couple hundred dollars for a ticket at Wrigley field and they played this game that would leave a sour taste I think in my mouth for the Cubs and MLB in general. I feel like if there is a 3 hour rain delay to start the game off fans who left should get some gift card, small voucher, free hat, ha, something.

    • JB WV

      I went to a game in Baltimore last year with multiple rain delays. Management let fans use their tickets for a future game with some exceptions. Seemed fair because by the 7th inning there were about 1,000 fans left. Surprised Chicago wouldn’t do the same.

      • TJ

        I was there also. They let the remaining fans move to better seats also. The ticket voucher I received was good for a $40 seat. I thought they did a great job

    • Mike

      Amen . This practice is a total ripoff by MLB . 162 games are too many games in this day and age . Heaven forbid they have to cancel a game and give fans a ticket to another game . The schedule is too tight since every team has to play every other team now . The Reds will be back in Chicago again this season . Again Heaven forbid playing a double header later in the year. Let’s do all we can to court the ‘casual fan” $$$ and mess over the diehard fans who follow the teams daily . Do I sound bitter !

  2. John w.

    Thank you for the late night recap.

  3. rednat

    Ive been thinking about last year. what do you guys think? would you rather have been a Braves fan or a Diamondbacks fan? even though the Diamond backs made it to the world series i think Braves fans had a lot more to cheer about last year winning 104 regular season games.
    Does anybody even care about the post season anymore? it is so diluted and now right in the middle of football season? it is almost like an after thought.

    The reason I bring this up because there is this win now mentality In Cincinnati and I understand that but i would rather build for a team that can win 100 games even if its delayed a couple rather than just try to snare that last wild card spot this year.

    this team just doesn’t seem to have that “it factor”. you really can’t put your finger on it but I’m starting to think it just isn’t in the cards for this group. Maybe we need to be sellers again this year. try to rebuild our minor leagues again with better hitting prospects. if you start from the second half of last year and the first half of this year you have nearly a season of a team that just doesn’t have it!

    • Jeremiah

      That’s an interesting question. I think overall the Dbacks making that run was not really good for MLB, it kind of cheapens the regular season. If an 84 win team can almost win the World Series, what’s the excitement of trying now to have like a 100 win team. All you need to do is get in with 83-84 wins now with that 6th playoff spot. And I love cinderella stories, and would have been super excited if the Reds went on a run like that, but again I’m not sure it’s really good for the game overall.

      For the Reds…I agree they don’t seem to have “it” as you mentioned. I think I’d give it a little more time here, see where they are mid July and then start thinking of trading some guys for prospects. But then again, I feel like the Reds have a ton of prospects. It’d kind of be nice to maybe trade for like an established every day Major League outfielder, even if you weren’t really trying to win this year.

      I think this is probably a lost year for the playoffs. So I think they have to see when CES gets healthy, is he legit, is Benson legit (I’d probably send him down to AAA currently), etc.? Can Lodolo, Ashcraft, Greene pitch 150 innings at least?

      Not sure what will happen with Marte, sometimes those type of suspensions derail a guy’s career, or the shame of it can affect them. I thought he was the best of the young hitters. They have lot of talent, but lot of question marks. I think the GM and Management are pretty important moving forward with the strategy they choose. I think most likely they’ll stand pat, but I could see them trading a guy like Fraley to a contender if they feel they can get a good prospect or two back.

      • Oldtimer

        Agree. Postseason meaningless in all three (four) major sports. Too many teams make the postseason.

        In MLB maybe it should be three conference champions and one wild card. It was better when NL West played NL East in 1970s and 1980s.

        Reds haven’t won 100 games very often. A couple times before I was born, then 1970, 1975, and 1976 in my lifetime (born 1951).

      • LDS

        It’s not a rebuild situation. It’s a management and coaching situation, led by one of the worst ownership groups in the league. it’s not the small market canard. The Reds simply aren’t a well-run organization. Cleveland is a better comp than Arizona or Atlanta. They don’t seem to be having problems. Milwaukee survived a major sell off and the loss of their manager and are running away with the division. As I said last year, don’t bring the young guys up if Bell is going to be the manager – they won’t achieve their potential. Thus far, that’s been the case. David Bell was a mediocre, big league utility guy with an OPS+ of 85. That’s how he sees teams – lots of position swapping, playing regardless of performance, etc. The only reason EDLC is starting at SS every game he plays is because all the other candidates are gone. And Candelario despite recent criticisms here, is hitting exactly like he always does, he leads the team in XBH and has an OPS+ of 100. He’s a league average player, hitting nearly 20 points below his career average. He didn’t come to GABP and turn into Barry Bonds. He was always wishful thinking. He, Montas, and Martinez account for nearly 3/4 of the offseason spending. Montas and Candelario have a combined WAR of ZERO. Martinez is better at .6. Krall made lousy offseason acquisitions, which was obvious at the time. Sims has given up 5 HRs in 19.1 IP, Pagan 4 in the same number of innings. Wilson 3 in 10.2. These aren’t high leverage guys. Krall has failed as the PBO thus far. And if David Bell’s last name was Smith, he’d have been gone years ago.

    • Oldtimer

      Agree. Postseason meaningless in all three (four) major sports. Too many teams make the postseason.

      In MLB maybe it should be three conference champions and one wild card. It was better when NL West played NL East in 1970s and 1980s.

      Reds haven’t won 100 games very often. A couple times before I was born, then 1970, 1975, and 1976 in my lifetime (born 1951).

    • Melvin

      ” i would rather build for a team that can win 100 games even if its delayed a couple rather than just try to snare that last wild card spot this year.”

      The problem is it’s been nearly 30 years since we’ve won a playoff series and when we did win that year we got swept the series after that. Winning like the Braves is fun but winning in the playoffs is better. The bad sickening thing is that even though we’re still in a bad division and not that far away from a WC spot, our sickening management will not do things to put us over the hump even though we’re not that far away. It’s been that way for years. The idea that the Reds are satisfied with mediocrity is absolutely true. If not……PROVE IT. We already have the starting pitching to do it which arguably is the hardest thing to do in building a winner so PROVE IT. Until he proves otherwise Krall is just a “comfortable” GM. He doesn’t show much guts when it comes to taking risks. To your point we’ve been waiting and delaying a couple of years for decades now. I use the term “sickening” because that’s how it makes me and I’m sure MANY Reds fans feel.

      • Oldtimer

        The last Reds team to win 100 games was 1976. After Sparky, Howsam, Big Red Machine, and Francis Dale ownership, the Reds have been few and far between.

    • TR

      The missing element for me this year is Mclain. Last season he appeared to be a team leader in the making and the Reds were able to rally in late innings and not lose so many one run games. McLain was usually a part of the rallies. That’s not happening this year. I hope when Mclain returns he is fully recovered from injury.

      • MFG

        TR, I agree. Mclain looked very good last year, rarely looked over-matched. Losing him toward the end of last year probably cost us a playoff spot. To early to give up on this year and to early to give up on anyone. Another big winning streak and we are right back in it. Maybe this year we sit back and see what each player can do? Young players are streaky, Elly can be in a big slump then go 4-4. If we do make any trades, how about trading some prospects for MLB ready prospects?

      • Billy

        The hitters are lacking plate discipline. They average almost ten strikeouts a game. Whoever the hitting coaches are need to go. I don’t understand some of Bell’s moves either (losing the DH, continuing to depend on Sims who is good for one bomb two out of every three appearances). While I agree that they badly miss McLain, the slumping young hitters oast year would go to Votto for hitting advice (Benson and India had said so at one point last year). Now they have to go to the low-budget batting coaches for instruction, and it shows. Bell should go too, but they’ll never eat the 3-year extension, so we’re stuck with his questionable decisions.

    • Still a red

      I dunno…they seemed to have the “it factor” last year. With such a young team, can’t really say they are returning to the norm.

    • Nicole Cushing

      Step 1. Rebuild the team.
      Step 2. Achieve mediocrity two-four years down the road.
      Step 3. Realize the *rebuilt* team doesn’t have the “it factor”.
      Step 4. Hype bobble heads and the Big Red Machine
      Step 5. Rebuild the team.

      This post serves as both a prediction *and* a lesson in recent Reds history!

      • Jeffrey A Yocum

        Yep, we’ve become masters of the aborted rebuild.

  4. Melvin

    “The teams are lucky that no one got hurt – particularly early on in the game.”

    That’s for sure. I couldn’t believe they were actually playing when I turned the game on.

  5. Oldtimer

    The last Reds team to win 100 games was 1976. After Sparky, Howsam, Big Red Machine, and Francis Dale ownership, the Reds have been few and far between.

  6. VaRedsFan

    I read through the whole game thread.
    Wow…is all I can say.
    Hunter Greene could throw 100 straight impressive innings, but lose his control for 1 inning, in the pouring down rain, and people started railing on him like he was Luke Weaver or something.

    • sultanofswaff

      yup. Gutty outing by Hunter. It’s always advantage hitter when playing in the rain. The main takeaway for me was that for multiple outings now he has been featuring the split finger prominently– that bodes very well moving forward.

    • JB

      I agree. Hunter will always have an X on his back.

    • Jason T.

      Hunter bashing is way old around here. He continues to grow this season. That was a downpour. And definitely not easy to grip the ball in those conditions. As the rain settled down, Hunter got in a groove.
      I’m a fan of his and have enjoyed his growth and progression. He really seems to mixing up pitch speeds more and not just trying to throw as hard as he can. He’s working on pitch development and execution. And lastly he’s a competitor. He’s 24 and still maturing and I’m there for it.

  7. William

    Why doesn’t anybody mention the fact that he didn’t have control issues in the inning with the grand slam? He had an issue with getting strikes called but not control issues. If you look at the play by play strike zone locator, Horner got a six strike one ball walk and the guy with the grand slam got 5 strikes. Not the pitchers fault.

  8. Erik the Red

    As far as last night goes it should not have been played. I don’t fault anyone for looking under the weather. As far as this season goes, the team has way too many holes in the lineup. We are not one or two bats away at the trade deadline from winning games in bunches and being a WS contender. Most of our best prospects are more than 2 years away. Even with McLain out I thought we would still have a few players capable of hitting .250. Good hitters are not cheap. As you can tell not optimistic.

    • Rob

      You are correct that the team that we are rolling out there is offensive-deficient and can’t win even with strong pitching. I know this is counter current to what Bell and Krall say and believe. Their actions will ultimately tell whether the fans have been scammed or not. Are you truly waiting to improve this team or are you going to let the season slip away because of the injuries and inaction?

      I do not whether 1-2 better players will be enough to get to the finish line. But I would have never let the season get to this point. No doubt our OF and DH are lacking when we are playing 500-600 OPS guys. But it has been that way for a month or more and the answers are Ford, Capel, Martini, and Hurtubise. Are you kidding me? And fans want to complain about the team’s fundamentals, one run games, and lack of urgency. They only have to look at ownership.

      The sad thing is that we have the abundance of longer term prospects to get some major (and expensive) talent in here. Like 3-4 3B guys in our top 10 prospects. Yeah, I know they are going to displace Elly and Mac in 2026. Sad.

      • Jeffrey A Yocum

        Yea well, last year it was a case of a never say die offense & dissolving starting pitching. This year it’s great starting pitching & no offense. It’s like a game of whack-a-mole for this franchise.

  9. Roger Garrett

    Elly thrown out at third and then a double along with 11punchouts was enough to lose again.Cubs win with 6 hits and had an error that gave the Reds 3 runs.Sloppy game in sloppy conditions that should never have been played.Reds lose another game in the standings and the free fall conitnues.Maybe a blessing if they can get healthy cause would be nice to see CES and Marte as some time without any pressure on them.Another year of sorting isn’t all bad if we can decide who belongs next year.India,Fraley and Benson will have to step it up IMO if they are to be considered part of the future.Sims continues his roller coaster year especially his tendency to give up homers at the wrong time after a walk of course.Maybe today in the rubber match we can get a win.

  10. Anthony

    This team was not a “postseason” group to begin with. The roster had too many holes and when best player and hopefully one day best player went out in Arizona the false hope was crushed. Even if it looked promising to some extent with David Bell picking the batting order and defensive positions out of a hat every night it is IMPOSSIBLE for a baseball team to come together and develop momentum when there are no defined rolls except for elly. Theres no statcast analytic since John McGraw or Connie Mack or your local 9u rec parent coach that operates this way and wins anything over the long term. Please get the allatar game over so the following week us fans can get this Bell nightmare over too.

    • Rob

      Re: post season or not, ownership spent $50M to improve over last years 82 wins without much if anything from Lodolo , McLain, and Marte. We were in first place and 12 games over 500 in late July with a known worn out pitching staff and added nothing. This 2024 team was built and expensed to be a playoff contender.and our injuries for the most part were March injuries. Now if you want to try and convince me that ownership and Krall recognized our weaknesses in March and April and did nothing to address them, after spending $50M to get us over the threshold, shame on them. My view is different. I think ownership over estimated the core talent on this team and are stunned their architectural genius is crumbling. They continue to say what me worry and things will turnaround. If they are wrong, there is more than 2024 at stake. We have a bunch of core pieces seriously underperforming: Benson, India, Elly, Steer,CES, and Diaz for starters. So, my point is, if I am correct, why not fix it now rather than 2025? Either way it requires a fix. Or if Bell and Krall are correct, and there is ping to be this big June and July surge, why not add a couple bats just in case, or before it is too late. Makes no sense to me. Why spend the extra $50M to watch this product fail? You are not going to trade these guys to contenders. You are only going to get prospects in return. Besides looking like a cheap salary dump, that is not going to help the team in 2024 or 2025. If this is truly their core for the next 3-4.years, then trade your redundant prospects for mlb talent. It is not that complicated.

  11. Redsvol

    In reality, this game wasn’t close. Reds scored 1 earned run.

    Can’t walk 6 batters of a good team and expect to win. Hunter just had an off game. He battled and hopefully learned something about himself. More disappointed in Sims.

    We are not a good clutch hitting team. It’s painfully obvious that Benson needs to go to AAA. Problem is, there is no one till mid to late June that can replace him. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dunn come up but he’s apparently nursing some injury and he’s not hit enough to deserve a promotion. And Hinds would probably have a 75% strikeout rate.

    Sadly we are waiting on CES, marte, and McLain to really turn the corner. But the starting pitching has been good enough to win most games.

  12. Michael B. Green

    Walks and homers with guys on base equals loss. Sims still in high leverage. Guessing I can post this comment in September too.

  13. Doc4uk

    Hope that Reds draft hitters in first, second, and third rounds of the draft. We need hitters who make consistent contact. Condon and the Oregon St player . We cannot consider pitchers in the first three rounds.

  14. Anthony

    Alot of this is paralysis by over analysis. You could have a roster like 76 reds but if one day your batting joe morgan leadoff then 8th and 4th…
    then perez 2nd 7th 4th 5th then rose 1st 3rd 6th etc etc….you CANNOT win. The oldtimers laugh at ridiculous things like spin rates velo catch probabilty or how hard a ss can throw a ball into the stands. We could draft griffey 3rd and bonds 3rd and it wouldn’t matter in the long run when they are tinkered with so much theyre essentially ruined. Please relieve Mr Bell as soon as can save face by having an allstar basecoach on the couch. They will start to trend upwards soon thereafter.

  15. Jim Walker

    I agree with everyone taking the powers that be to task for playing this game last night. That said, the “weather runs” by each team canceled each other out; and, the Reds lost on the 2 runs scored by a walk and following HR in the bottom of the 8th by the Cubbicles.

    • Jim Walker

      I felt Maile’s work behind the plate in the fateful 2nd inning left much to be desired. With his pitcher clearly struggling, I saw a lot of late movement by Maile, disappearing soft flash targets, late targets, and Maile often ending up with much of his body including parts of his glove outside zone. Several of the near miss pitches on the 1B side appeared to be right to Maile’s body center point.

      I’ve heard pitchers who morphed into color commentators say when a pitcher is struggling with his command, the catcher should try to help him along by giving the pitcher a quiet stable platform to focus on. That did not seem to be happening last night in the 2nd inning.

  16. Pat

    It’s been my observation that the reds hitter take too many 1st pitch strikes. I believe statistics prove if the pitcher gets up 0 -1 on the strike count, he gets the batter out 75% of the time. They also do not run the bases well. Get picked off way to often, run into outs. Also, how many games do they have to lose before their hitting coach is re-evaluated??