Just like Saturday, the Cincinnati Reds scored four runs in the top of the 2nd inning. But unlike the game prior, the Reds used that inning to take the lead for good as Nick Lodolo picked up a quality start and a 5-2 win over the Chicago Cubs on Sunday afternoon.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (26-33)
5 10 0
Chicago Cubs (29-31)
2 8 0
W: Lodolo (5-2) L:  Brown (1-2) SV:Diaz (12)
Box Score | Game Thread

After the Reds stranded a runner in the top of the 1st inning, the Cubs would turn around and strand two in the bottom half. Cincinnati wouldn’t make that same mistake in the top of the 2nd. Jake Fraley began the inning with a double and moved up to third on a single by Tyler Stephenson. Jacob Hurtubise was then hit by a pitch to load the bases. That set up Jonathan India for a sacrifice fly that put the Reds up 1-0. Later in the inning TJ Friedl came through with a 3-run homer to put Cincinnati on top 4-0.

Ben Brown, who threw seven hitless innings in his previous start, wasn’t fooling the Reds on Sunday. In the 3rd inning Jeimer Candelario and Spencer Steer had back-to-back singles to start the inning. Candelario would come in to score on a sacrifice fly by Jake Fraley that extended the lead to 5-0.

Nick Lodolo got himself into a jam in the bottom of the inning after giving up a 1-out single and following it up with a walk. The lefty was able to work out of the jam and strand both runners. He would strand another runner in the 4th after he hit Ian Happ with a pitch. But he couldn’t walk the tight rope in the 5th, giving up three straight singles that led to the Cubs first run of the game. An inning later he gave up back-to-back singles to put runners on the corners, leading to an RBI groundout by David Bote that cut Cincinnati’s lead down to 5-2.

Nick Martinez took over for Lodolo in the 7th inning. He fired off two shutout innings with three strikeouts to send the game to the 9th with his club still up by three runs. That brought Alexis Diaz to the mound as he looked to pick up the save. He walked the leadoff batter, but was able to get a fly out and a ground out to bring up last night’s hero Seiya Suzuki. He wouldn’t be able to repeat things as Diaz struck him out to end the game, giving Cincinnati both the win on the day and a series victory.

Key Moment of the Game

TJ Friedl’s 3-run homer in the 2nd inning that put the Reds up 4-0.

Notes Worth Noting

Nick Lodolo’s six innings of 2-run ball lowered his ERA to 3.11 through eight starts this season. He’s got 10 walks and 49 strikeouts in his 46.1 innings.

Nick Martinez lowered his ERA as a reliever this season to 0.76. His ERA as a starter is 7.36. It’s 4.20 on the season.

The Reds had 10 hits. Jeimer Candelario, Spencer Steer, and Jake Fraley had seven of those hits as they all three picked up multi-hit games.

Every Reds hitter got on base via a hit or a walk except Elly De La Cruz.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Colorado Rockies

Monday June 3rd, 8:40pm ET

Andrew Abbott (3-5, 3.29 ERA) vs Ryan Feltner (1-4, 5.46 ERA)

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  1. Moon

    That felt like an important win. The Reds win a series against a division competitor on the road and Reds continue to play better and keep positive momentum over the past few weeks. I am concerned about Elly. He needs help. I do not want to see another A. Aquino.

    • AnnoyedwStupid

      He’s not Aquino. He needs rest. STOP with the Aquino, he’s already produced more than Aquino,?

      • Brian

        You give Benson a couple of more weeks on the roster with reduced play. If he hasn’t turned it around in a couple of weeks when E-Strand returns, ya gotta send him down. Friedl, Frayley, Fairchild, Hurtubise and Steer can more than cover the outfield. I’d keep Martini up over Benson. Benson needs some hands on help in AAA.

      • RedsMonk65

        Yes, I agree the time for a roster decision on Benson is more than due.

      • MK

        A year ago Votto was hitting worse than Benson is at the current time. All I heard was how disrespectful it was to talk about benching him. I’ll admit Wil doesn’t have Joe’s pedigree but he plays better defense and can run better than Joe so is more productive than he was.

      • Doug Gray

        Will Benson’s played in 55 games this year and has a .716 OPS. After Votto’s 55th game of last season he had a .753 OPS. Neither guy was hitting for average. Both guys were walking at a solid rate and had a similar on-base percentage. Votto was hitting for more power, though.

        WAR isn’t precise enough, but right now Benson’s at -0.2. Last season (for the full 65 games that Votto played), Votto was at -0.1. Not entirely sure Benson’s more productive.

      • Votto4life

        @MK …you must have been reading a different forum than me because all I remember reading is how bad Votto was, how he was blocking the young players and how he should just retire. I don’t remember anyone giving him a break here last year. The commenters very brutal. Which turned me off of RLN.

        It’s nice for you to admit Benson doesn’t have Votto’s pedigree. That’s a bold statement.

        Perhaps some weren’t ready to move on from Votto because he has more than 2,000 career hits, has 351 career home runs and over 1,100 Runs Batted in. Votto also has a career batting average hovering around .300, a career .409 on Base percentage, as well as, a life time slugging percentage of .511 and a lifetime OPS of .911. Votto won the NL MVP award in 2010 and finished 2nd in 2017. Votto has also won a golden glove award. Joey has six all star appearances as well.

        Votto’s accomplishments isn’t all ancient history either. In 2021 Votto hit .266 with 36 Home Runs and 99 RBIs. That year he had an OBP
        of .375 and an OPS of .938.

        So, if some here did give Joey Votto the benefit of the doubt here last year (and again most didn’t), perhaps it’s because of his substantial history of success.

        Joey Votto has a 17 year track record, whileWill Benson may be out of baseball this time next month.

      • 2020ball


        How has CES been any better than Benson? And as usual no one has a real replacement in mind other than just “send him down!”

        Not really seeing any outfielders on this team outperforming him, until that happens I have him on the roster 100%.

      • Still a red

        One might argue Hurbrise is adequate to take Bensons place at this point. H probably can’t play CF but he doesn’t strike out as much. I think sending Benson down could really have a negative effect on him but he really does seem a bit lost at the plate…FB seem to be getting by him.

  2. Michael B. Green

    Only 2 walks for the staff today = win. Diaz had his usual walk. If he went 2 weeks without a walk, even if he gave up a ton of hits, his stats would still get better. He doesn’t necessarily need to hit spots. He just needs to throw strikes.

  3. Harry Stoner

    I had to go back and look to remind myself that Friedl hit 18 hrs last year in <500 abs, along w 30 other xbh.

    Pretty impressive.

    A return to good health and form would be a major boost to the team.

    • Jason Franklin

      Marte can be called up on the 26th of this month, so let’s hope that all goes well too.

      • Oldtimer

        80 game suspension. Whenever game 81 is. He may need a couple weeks to get up to speed.

      • DW

        Doug made a comment on a post a couple weeks ago stating that he can starting playing minor league games at some point prior to the end of the suspension. I want to say it was 20 days.

  4. Old-school

    Won a series against the cubs

    But- its time to address the K’s and poor offense from Elly and Benson

    Elly is still a big leaguer with his arm
    Speed and decreasing power

    Benson isnt. He is hitting .190 something and leads mlb in unproductive at bats . Hurtubise is your lefty OF after friedl and fraley

    • Redsvol

      Agree on all accounts. I wouldn’t send Elly down yet but I would try to starting getting him some rest (DH, days off). I don’t think he would learn anything in Louisville.

      Benson on the other hand is a mess. Send him down and bring up Dunn or Livan Soto to take his active spot.

      Frield is the MVP of this team. I really hope he and Lodolo can avoid going on the DL again.

      • Jason Franklin

        I think Soto plays more like a 4th or 5th OF then a starter. He really has no power at all. Dunn is the guy they probably want to bring up but only when he can start (I am assuming as much).

        I think having Dunn up here and Hurtubise improves the team greatly. It gets the Reds a right handed bat with some pop and speed which they need (with Dunn). Hurtubise plays more like a 4th or 5th guy right now so that is kind of an issue with Fairchild on the team. I think it would be better to trade or send Benson down if he has any options left. Fraley is a problem too if you are facing lefthanders.

      • Justin T

        Start by giving the kid a day off sometimes. Its mind numbing watching him try to develop here. Sad to get tothe point where a win just prolongs this mess we are in w the manager and GM. Ill cheer the Reds on through thick and thin but Im def being tested.

      • Old Big Ed

        Soto plays “like a 4th or 5th OF,” except that he has played exclusively at shortstop and second base in Louisville.

        Dunn is not a candidate for promotion right now, because he is striking out more than 30% of the time at AAA.

    • 2020ball

      Finally someone is bold enough to put a name as a replacement. Sadly, that guy’s OPS is .150 pts below Benson’s. These are easy stats to look up, try again RLN.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    It seems the Reds had a top threshold number on scored runs in this series. No more than five runs.
    They hit well on the first half of the game but cooled off in the 2nd half especially with runners on base.
    Lodolo is the rotation ace right now.
    Elly is a big concern when takes the bat. He’s fading. Another golden sombrero today.

  6. Indy Red Man

    Almost everything wants Benson sent down. Ok, but keep in mind his Ops is .715 while Steer leads the team with a mighty .744. A good series in Denver and Benson could lead the team..lol. If you sent WB to AAA and play Herdofbeasts then keep in mind our lack of power is even more pronounced. Ironically Herd hit one today that’s out of Gabp and he’s kind of a interesting underdog story. Personally I’d leave WB 9th vs rhp. He tried to bunt today and that’s pretty smart. Work w Freidl and use that speed

    • Old-school

      Unlike duvall who had elite power and defense… benson isnt good at anything

      He leads the world in K’s and hits in the 190’s and when he does get on he runs the Reds out of the inning

      Ill take the Army discipline

      • 2020ball

        So its about the army and discipline and not stats or performance for y’all, cool. Until Hurtubise actually starts outplaying him then this is all just ridiculous over-complaining per the usual. There’s holes in the team because we dont have guys to fill them, and y’all will willfully ignore that because you want “army discipline” or whatever a football fan would think also magically works in the MLB.

        I’ll check back in two weeks and I bet everyone will be calling for Hurtubise to be sent down and how he’s a no good bum, I’d darn near guarantee it. He doesn’t have to do much to replace Benson in the line-up, but I’d sure like to see him doing it at all first before I send down someone else in his stead.

    • Justin T

      Its the eyeball test and Benson fails miserably. I think he would even admit he has struggled. Doesnt help when the manager has him leading off with the highest K pct. in baseball. I think Benson is a part time player and probably will be his whole career.

    • Mauired

      Not to mention Nick Martini has a .595 ops but they prefer to keep him over Benson. Smh

    • Still a red

      Pretty pathetic attempt…more like desperation though I appreciate the willingness to do what it takes. I liked more his little hit through the left side of the infield the other night or day. Showed a willingness to go with the pitch…Unless of course he swung way to late which might have been the case. He needs some help and I don’t think our hitting coaches in the dugout know how to help him

  7. Eddiek957

    As I said before Elly needs to lay down some bunts. Wouldn’t mind friedl doing it too

    • TR

      With Elly’s speed he should always be a bunting threat, where appropriate. A runner like EDLC, on base, is a real game changer. In the meantime, he needs to be working with somebody to cut down on K’s.

  8. Jason T.

    Win series. They took care of that.
    Lodolo looking good. He has great stuff. Continue to hope he stays healthy. Pitching overall has done their job this season.
    TJ back is important. He seems like a leader which the Reds sorely need. If Steer, Candy, India and Stephenson can hit consistently that will be huge. Definitely need to drop Elly down in the order. He looks so lost. He’s taking way too many strikes. He looks so tentative. Benson to AAA and pray he can rebound like he did last year.

    • Still a Red

      Some of those strikes have been questionable others have been pretty good pitches but with 2 strikes he really needs to make contact, put it in play, and put his speed to use.

  9. JB WV

    Martinez is rock solid coming out of the pen. As the Cubs were whittling away at the lead, two impressive shut down innings took their momentum away. Huge part of the game.

    • Jason T.

      The splits for Martinez are incredible.
      He’s absolutely lights out dominant out of the pen. Throws with command and confidence. Plus the fact he can go multiple innings if need be is great for us. He’s fun to watch.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Wonder if Bell notices stats like that?

      • Old Big Ed

        Well, Dennis, Bell has used an opener for Martinez twice against the Dodgers, to excellent effect, so it safe to assume that Bell sees that.

        Martinez was signed for the exact role that they are playing him in — as a multi-inning reliever with an occasional spot start or the man to follow the opener.

  10. RedBB

    Nice win. Double digit hits! Friedl starting to hit will do a lot for this struggling lineup. Elly looks lost currently though. Nice Pitching…

  11. RedsMonk65

    Yes, some positive signs offensively. Pitching is still relatively solid. Nice to see Friedl progress (big HR today!) and Fraley and Steer rake. I echo the concerns with Elly and especially Benson. Something needs to change with the latter, for his own good and the good of the team (AAA?). Not sure what the answer is with Elly. I hope someone is working with him. Between the two, WAY too many K’s. But REDS WIN. That’s all that matters in the end!

  12. Michael Wildon

    Williamson for the Bats today, four innings one hit.
    This far in 2024 MiLB, 13 innings, era .066, 11 strikeouts, 3 walks. Ready when needed.

  13. Roger Garrett

    Solid start by Lodolo and Freidl’s 3 run homer was the difference.Elly with 4 of the teams 10 strikeouts just needs a day off to watch the rest of the team play.Two runners picked off is not good but good enough to win on this day.Reds starters will keep them in most games so its really on the offense.I like Benson but he needs some time in the minors to get things right and I believe he will.Martinez is just good as a reliever and I wonder when we see Williamson.Got to feel Ashcraft moves to the pen and if he does can he bring it at 98/99 for an inning or two.Reds need a bat and now if they have any hopes of making the post season.Got pitching surplus and prospects to get it done.If it were me I would call the Nationals and see what they want for Thomas and maybe ask about Wink cause are DH is a very weak spot for us.

  14. Michael Wilson

    Feeling pretty good about the pitching. Martinez filling his role nicely and with Spiers, Williamson and perhaps Maxwell ready to step in, the pitching might carry us for the second half.

  15. Mark Moore

    Good feeling to get out of Wrigleyville with the series win. I still think last night shouldn’t have been played, but at least we don’t have to make it up either.

    Onward to Denver. Maybe the thinner air will help Elly find something.

    • Harry Stoner

      Denver area sombrero makers are stocking up on straw and amperage.

      “Electric Sombrero” to go along with the EDLC hype.

      • Mauired

        He’s 22 years old. One point behind Steer for the team lead in OPS. Leads MLB in steals. Leads the Reds in hits, homeruns, and runs. I don’t think he’s that bad.

      • Votto4life

        If not for Elly, the Cubs would have likely won this series.

      • Harry Stoner

        Noone is saying that EDLC is “that bad”.

        Whatever you might think “that bad” is.

        But he is batting below the Mendoza over the last 30 games.

        With one hr and 5 rbis during that stretch.

        ~40% K rate.

        Scored 11 runs.

        Espinal, by comparison, has scored 9 runs in that stretch in far fewer at bats.

        .117 ba over the last 15 games with only 2 stolen bases.

        Noone is calling for his head.

        You can argue if you enjoy doing so, but it’s at least worth being aware of.

  16. GreatRedLegsFan

    Something’s gotta give, cannot continue hitting Elly in the 2nd spot and Benson at all.

    • Jason Franklin

      Yep. Play Hurtubise unless you are going to call up Dunn and send Benson down. Elly seems like he’s lost his approach at the plate. I wonder if this is the case of Bell just being like “he will be okay, just give him time” sort of yapping? I think Elly may need a different hitting coach or something more dramatic.

  17. Harry Stoner

    Somehow I missed the two pickoffs.
    It’s turning into a team embarassment, and likely not anything Bell will address.

    On the positive side, Reds brought two runners in from third via sacrifice flies.

    I sure hope Candelario was watching.

    • Mark Moore

      Candy should have been watching. He was one of them 😀

      Fundamentals … fundamentals … fundamentals … just too many gaps there.

      • Harry Stoner


        Sac flies were by Fraley and India.

        Candelario got two hits, but no rbis.

        The $45M man has only 2 more rbis than Espinal does so far this season.

      • DW

        I believe Mark was referring to Candelario being one of the runners that scores from third on a sac fly

      • Old-school

        Fraley hit a sac fly

        Candelario was the the runner on third scoring

      • 2020ball

        So despite Jeimer being likely the best hitter on the team over the last month (I’m tired of looking up the stats for y’all), we are talking about his contract only two months into a season of it. With all the injuries, under-performance, and the suspension he’s actually been a pretty nice piece to have and his teammates seem to like him.

        Do I want more from him? Obviously yes, but hitting is down all over the league because of the dominance of the pitching as it is, something often ignored here. And its literally two months in. Two. Proof is in the pudding of course, but he very easily could prove a lot of people wrong here, though I’m skeptical anyone would admit it.

      • Still a Red

        Jason Werth was horrible his first season with the Nats when he became their first high profile FA. A little early to write Candy off just yet.

  18. Rednat

    the pitchers have to take role in leadership of the team! that can be a hard thing for pitchers to do. If i were Bell, i would let them bat at this point. bring small back into the game. they cant do any worse than some of the other guys in the line up. i think Greene, Lodolo and Abbot all have leadership qualities that i like. they have a seriousness about them that none of the position players seem to have that i can tell.

    • Mark Moore

      Well … they may not be any worse at the plate, but I think the league and MLBPA would have something to say about it if that’s the choice Bell made. Plus they are all so far out of practice at this point, you couldn’t ramp them up quickly enough to take a legitimate crack at it.

    • 2020ball

      “they cant do any worse than some of the other guys in the line up”

      Oh yes they can, trust me my friend.

    • VaRedsFan

      Most have waited years to get rid of pitchers hitting…now you want to bring them back? You think hitting is bad now, and you’d like to make it worse?

  19. RedsMonk65

    First series win on the road since vs. White Sox April 12-14.

  20. MBS

    Lodolo, Friedl, Moll, and Young have all been big shots in the arm since retuning. It stinks we dropped Young down to AAA for Wilson, but this team seems to be turning it around. Williamson is killing it in his rehab so far, and will be more useful on the Reds than in AAA. I’d guess he’s a couple of starts away from being stretched out. It might be time to reshape the roster a bit. They should have already begun, but instead they burnt Young’s, and Moll’s last remaining options this year.

    Trade: Wilson, Sims, and Farmer
    Add: Young, Spiers and Williamson

    A 6 man rotation should help guys like Lodolo, and Montas more easily make it though the end of the year. It also gets us 1 step closer to having the best 26 men on the roster.

    Lodolo, Greene, Abbott, Montas, Williamson, Ashcraft

    HL: Diaz, Moll
    ML: Young, Cruz
    Long: Martinez, Suter
    LL: Spiers (Pagan IL)

    Williamson will take one of the three 40 man spots. Santillan, and Bruihl could grab the other 2 that were created from moving Wilson, Sims, and Farmer. We’d have Spiers, Santillan, Legumina, Bruihl, and Maxwell in AAA.

    Maxwell has looked good so far in AAA, but was recently promoted. Santillan, and Bruihl have been doing great there all year. Maxwell could always take a 40 man spot later in the year if the need to promote him occurs.

    I would trade for a bat or 2, but I don’t think Krall will, so sitting tight is probably all we can expect to see. I think Marte still has 21 more games left on his suspension. Then we need to hope for the healthy return of CES, and McLain.

    • BK

      Moll didn’t stay in the minors for 20 days. His option remains in tact.

      • 2020ball

        This aside, what is so wrong with “burning their options”. It’s literally what they’re there for.

    • 2020ball

      Highly doubt Wilson is involved in a trade of any sort, I’m not sure even what the Reds see in him other than lefty depth, which doesnt seem pressing. Sims has been a touch below average which is totally fine when we don’t always know what we’re gonna get from the minors, because I dont think whomever it is is gonna match his stuff.

      Farmer’s been one of our best relievers (albeit with shaky peripherals) so whyn are we risking a downgrade? Unless you’re trying to extract trade value out of him, of which I’m not sure he has much. Kinda looks like a salary dump and destroys any depth we have. And sure you can rattle off the top guys on the farm but those are all question marks, something this team is somewhat accustomed to.

      I’d just use Williamson out of the pen, that sounds simpler to me. Either that or keep him starting in AAA since an injury could easily solve all this instantly.

      • Rob

        I don’t know hat there is any trade valu that is meaningful among the relievers. I am thinking there may be a DFA or two. Pagan is also probably back this week. Now if you want to improve the team, you could think about Williamson as trade bait. That and another player could get you a solid OF piece. But our castoffs aren’t going to draw much interest other than cash or another castoff.

    • Oldtimer

      Farmer is the best reliever on the team. Why trade him?

    • MBS

      @Bk, nice to know about the options, hopefully Young doesn’t stay down 20 days either.

      @2020, thankfully we didn’t burn Moll’s option, but if we did it would have been for a very short stay in AAA. We sent Moll down because other pitchers that Moll happens to be better than are out of options. Lack of options removes the GM ability to field the best available team, so it’s best not to be frivolous with them.

      I do agree that Wilson, and to a lesser degree Sims might be DFA that stumbles into a trade scenario, as opposed to a bidding war for the 2 of them.

      Farmer like the other 3 will be a FA at the end of the season. He’s a trade high candidate with his 2.36ERA.

      Moll, Young, Diaz, Cruz, and Suter are all controllable next year. Martinez, and Pagan could opt out of their deals for next year, but they would also be harder to trade since they are the most expensive out of the group. Martinez has been too valuable to move with his ability to spot start and dominate out of the pen. “Nick Martinez lowered his ERA as a reliever this season to 0.76” over 23.66 IP making him clearly the best reliever we have.

      For me Williamson, Young, (Spiers/Pagan) are far more valuable than Wilson, Sims, Farmer. Even after making those moves, we are still 5 deep in AAA, not counting guys like Richardson, Roa, and Phillips as options for the pen.

      Also yes, Williamson could serve as a LHP version of Martinez, and that would also be a good use for him. I opted for the 6 man, just to take some innings off of Lodolo, and Montas. Both are likely going to struggle to handle a full season workload on their arms. I’d be very happy either way they use Williamson.

  21. RedsMonk65

    Eh, hem.
    Reds won 5-2, and the series 2-1.
    Just saying.

  22. Indy Red Man

    When can Marte go to AAA? Surely he doesn’t have to wait for 80 games because that makes it a 95-100;game suspension in reality.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s allowed to begin a “rehab assignment” later this week. As a position player he can spend 20 days on a rehab assignment. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s going to start in Triple-A as your question technically asks, though it could.

      • west larry

        Thank you Doug. I was wondering the same thing ( as Indy was) . You seem to have all of the answers on your fingertips.

      • Old Big Ed

        This would make him eligible to play on Friday (June 7) through June 26. The Bats have an afternoon game on June 26 in Toledo, and the Reds play a night game in St. Louis on June 27.

        I’ve hoped that the Reds have used the spring with Marte to teach him how to play RF. The team’s biggest need is a RH-hitting right fielder. Rece Hinds is not there yet, and there isn’t much out there on the trading block.

  23. Melvin

    With our starting pitching the wild card and even the division possibly is there for the taking. Here’s to hoping Krall gets out of his “comfortable chair” and makes some tough decisions to help us win now.

  24. Old Big Ed

    With respect to Elly, bear in mind that Corbin Carroll this season is slashing .279/.284/.563, and he has a bWAR of 0.1. Nobody within baseball is giving up on Carroll or Elly. The league adjusts to young players, who have to adjust back.

    Elly’s length is always going to cause his swing to get too long in slumps. He just has to shorten up and make contact. He could, for example, choke up about an inch or get a bigger knob on his bat, both of which generally force a shorter swing.

    He has raised his BB% from last year’s 8.2% to 11.3 in 2024, and he’s dropped O-Swing% (swinging at balls) from 35.3% to 29%. That is great for the long haul, but he has to learn to balance better plate discipline with his natural aggressiveness. He now seems to allow himself to get into pitcher’s counts. Plus, Elly is the Red that the other teams identify as the one whom they don’t want to beat them, so he is pitched to carefully. And on top of that, he has to learn two swings as a switch hitter.

    And frankly, I think he gets more than his share of lousy ball-strike calls.

    It isn’t going to be a linear progression with Elly. He will slump, and then get white hot.

    Any comparison to Aquino is silly. Aquino was 25 when he flashed in 2019, or 3 years older than EDLC is now. Aquino had nowhere near the MiLB success that Elly had; Aquino, for example, hit only .227 in 949 PAs at AA. The similarity between Elly and Aquino is that they are tall Dominicans, which means pretty much the same as Alejo Lopez being about the same size as Mookie Betts.

    • old-school

      Yup, well said @OBE. That said, the adjustments need to be made and I dont see many Reds have a 2 strike approach. Its swing from the heels instead of fight off pitches, hit foul balls, go the other way, shorten your swing, etc.

      • Old Big Ed

        I think that the baseballs this season are a bit softer than they’ve been. I’m good with that, but the hitters need to adjust. The power reward of swinging for the fences is lessened, because the ball doesn’t go as far. Players need to adjust to a game that rewards the hit tool and gap power more than it has in the past few years.

        That became apparent to me in one game against the Padres, where the Padres kept getting old-school hits and a lot of first-and-third situations. Meanwhile, the Reds were trying to hit bases-empty grand slams.

    • Jim Walker

      “And frankly, I think he (EDLC) gets more than his share of lousy ball-strike calls”.

      I watched EDLC via MiLBTV at Chattanooga and Louisville. He had learned his strike zone to a “T” with the combination ABS/ human ump with challenge system. Now he is faced with trying to figure out the illogical 100% human system that varies not only from ump to ump but even within games with the same ump.

      And as you noted, pitchers are working him at the absolute margins of the zone because just like with Barry Bonds back in the day, it is better to walk him (especially given the Reds current lineup) than to have him bashing away.

  25. Michael Wilson

    Elly is a game changer. He just has to get on base. For him a walk could be equivalent to a double, triple. I’m not sure if he’s trying to hit everything at a 106 exit velocity or his pitch recognition needs to be honed. But what I am sure of is he is who the other teams fear. As for Benson, there is no one available to take his place. Fairchild is the option at the moment. The OF is a weak component of the team.

  26. Indy Red Man

    Stuey had a .908 ops in May. It wouldn’t hurt to send Benson down since the OF will most likely be Steer/Freidl/Fraley vs rhp when CES gets back. I believe in Benson, but he’s a mess right now. He did draw 2 walks yesterday and 13 in May, but when you’re 2 for 6 on steals in May and generally being over aggressive on the bases then it ruins the effect of getting on in the first place. Fraley regaining the lift in his swing would be another nice addition. He gets his hits but he’s only got 1 hr?

    • VaRedsFan

      He lost like 10 pounds during his illness.
      Obviously it has affected his power numbers too.

  27. Still a Red

    No mention of Edlc’s great play where he flips backhand to India while still running toward the outfield and India almost turned the dbl play.

    I like Fraley going opposite way . It would be nice to get his lift and power up but I can live with a solid batting average.

    • Old Big Ed

      That was an excellent play by Elly. The defense as a whole seems to be righting its ship.

      I’m not worried about Fraley’s power or his competitiveness. As I’ve said, Fraley and Benson are running in the same lane — LH-hitting RF with some pop and good speed, serviceable defensively but with no ability to hit LH pitching. I have questioned since spring training why the Reds needed both of them. Fraley has a much higher floor.

      • Jim Walker

        I agree with the redundancy. Fraley has the floor. Benson the ceiling plus age and for the next 2-3 years the cost advantage. If they were looking for Benson’s floor to help with a decision between the 2, it looks like they have found it.

    • VaRedsFan

      As I noted above…
      He lost like 10 pounds during his illness.
      Obviously it has affected his power numbers too.

  28. Chad A Donnell

    When CES and Marte comeback it will be Martini and Benson or Hurbitese(sp) going down. The latter two have three weeks to battle it out. Competition is good! Fairchild is too good to send down.

  29. Roger Garrett

    Ty Steve played in all 3 games and I like it.Not sure if it was Bell or Tyler or both but I heard a little bit of MLB this morning and Deroza had an interesting take on Sunday games,day game after a night game and guys being given days off on that day and the general overall take players have on Sunday games.I will mess this up but evidently a couple of the Brewer starters had yesterday off but went to Murphy and ask to play.Don’t even remember how it turned out other then Murphy told them to think about for an hour(had to go before its finished)Bell had Tyler at DH on Saturday and he caught on Sunday and I like that from time to time.

    • VaRedsFan

      It’s a shame it took Bell an extra month to figure out that Ty can DH in day games after he has caught 2 straight.