The Cincinnati Reds will be looking to make it two in a row in Chicago after opening up the series with a thrilling win that included Cincinnati throwing out the would be tying run at the plate in the 9th inning. The Cubs will be looking to even the 3-game series up. First pitch is set for 7:15pm ET, but there’s rain in the forecast. A reminder that this game is going to be on FOX if and when it begins. Update: First pitch is now scheduled for 10:35pm ET.

Starting Lineup

Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs

Stuart Fairchild – RF Mike Tauchman – DH
Elly De La Cruz – SS Seiya Suzuki – RF
Jeimer Candelario – 1B Cody Bellinger – 1B
Spencer Steer – LF Christopher Morel – 3B
Tyler Stephenson – DH Ian Happ – LD
Jonathan India – 2B Nico Hoerner – 2B
TJ Friedl – CF Dansby Swanson – SS
Santiago Espinal – 3B Pete Crow-Armstrong – CF
Luke Maile – C Miguel Amaya – C
Hunter Greene – RHP Justin Steele – LHP

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 64.2 3.06 1.14 25 71
Justin Steele 32.1 4.45 1.05 7 31
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Justin Steele’s Stats

Hunter Greene

It’s been a strong run for Hunter Greene over the last five weeks. Going back to his last six starts he’s thrown 37.0 innings with a 1.95 ERA. He’s given up just 24 hits and walked 14 batters in that time while striking out 35 batters.

There hasn’t been much of a different in how lefties and righties have performed against Greene this year. Teams have stacked the lineup with lefties and he’s faced more of them than righties this season, but they’ve managed just a .650 OPS against him. Righties have only managed a .630 OPS against him and have hit just one home off of him in 119 plate appearances.


RHH 119 24 6 1 1 10 29 .229 .297 .333
LHH 147 25 6 1 3 15 42 .203 .308 .342

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Curve Split
Velo 98.2 86.8 80.7 87.0
Usage 57% 35% 1% 6%

Justin Steele

After missing all of April, Steele returned the first week of May with 4.2 shutout innings. But the next three starts went poorly as he allowed 15 earned runs in 16.0 innings. His last time out, though, he threw 7.0 shutout innings with eight strikeouts against Milwaukee.

Missing a month has left us with a bit of a smaller sample size this season, but the splits for Justin Steele are quite big. Right-handed hitters aren’t walking much and have just a .303 on-base percentage against him, but they have an ok-ish average and they’ve shown good power against him. Lefties, who teams have kept out of the lineup for the most part, have a .421 OPS against Steele and haven’t found success in any given area.


RHH 101 23 7 0 5 6 22 .253 .303 .495
LHH 32 4 0 0 1 1 9 .133 .188 .233

Pitch Usage

2-seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.5 92.5 80.7 83.5 87.5
Usage 7% 59% 4% 28% 2%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:15pm ET
  • Where: Wrigley Field
  • Watch: FOX
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 63°, cloudy, 75% chance of rain

News and Notes

Reds top prospect is making adjustments

The first month of the year was real tough for Rece Hinds. But in May he turned things around in a big way and put up an OPS over .900 for Triple-A Louisville. At we took a look at some of the reasons he was able to turn things around.

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 34 23
St. Louis 27 28 6.0
Chicago 28 30 6.5
Pittsburgh 26 31 8.0
Cincinnati 25 32 9.0

212 Responses

  1. Doug Gray

    The game is officially in a delay. There’s no update on any expected start time.

  2. Mark Moore

    Radar and hourly look pretty ugly. Doesn’t look good for baseball tonight in Wrigleyville.

    • Tyler Hawk

      Fox has already pivoted to the Phills and Dirty Birds wander if the Reds do play they’ll even show it at this point

  3. Jason Franklin

    You guys thinking a double header tomorrow?

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    Should be OK to go within the next hour.

  5. Jim t

    Anyone have any update on when CES may return?

    • Mauired

      When he went on IL 3 weeks ago it was 4-6 weeks out.

      He could be on rehab soon. Marte is eligible to go on rehab June 6. That’s two big bats that could be added this month.

  6. Dennis Westrick

    While killing time, I checked the NL Wild Card standings! Quite remarkable that ALL 6 teams ahead of the Reds vying for the 3rd and final playoff lost yesterday! Reds are currently 3.5 games out of the 3rd spot!

    If my eyes didn’t fail me the Reds have 27 games in June, including tonight’s game!

    The Reds need to go 17-10 in June to get back to .500!

    • Thatthathadhad

      19 of those games will be in their division.
      They will sink or swim in June.

      • Melvin

        Another reason why we need help NOW.

  7. Indy Red Man

    OF Devin Taylor for Indiana. Lefty hitter .354 this year. Hit a 3 run oppo about 45 minutes ago although Tenn is killing IU. Projected to be top 10 2025 MLB draft

    • DHud

      I told my buddy who lives about 15 blocks from Wrigley to make it stop raining and he refuses

      If we don’t get baseball tonight everyone, blame Dan.

  8. Tom Noonan

    This is like a West coast game now. Only different.

  9. Tom Noonan

    Sunday DH. 20 minutes between games. Like old times.

  10. Jeremiah

    Still a chance this will be played…and will it still be on Fox if it is played? They’ve showed basically the whole Philly St. Lous game so curious if they’d show the Reds game after this one. Cardinals getting beat so that’s good at least.

    • Melvin

      Castellanos struggling for the Phillies this year. Would still like to swap him for Candelario if I had my druthers.

      • Mauired

        I was really not happy that Reds let him go. But outside of his huge 2021 free agent season with Reds, he’s been about an average player. That being said he’s still better than Candelario but also gets paid about 25% more.

      • Melvin

        He hit well in Cincy which is a big reason why he had a good year in 2021. If the Phillies would take Candy (which is a big IF) it would clear up infield space for CES and Marte returning. Personally I’d rather take my chances with a full time Casty rather than a platoon for Fraley/Benson.

      • Mauired

        Castellanos was also a bad OF. He’s probably better suited to be a DH

        But I’m all for Reds moving of from Candy ASAP

      • Jeremiah

        I don’t see any team that would take Candelario. Candelario is probably ok if he’s like your #7 hitter…problem is the Reds have a whole lineup that would probably ok as your 7, 8, or 9 hitters!

      • Oldtmer

        He chose to leave the Reds as a free agent. The Reds did not “let him go” as you indicated.

      • Oldtimer

        He chose to leave the Reds as a free agent. The Reds did not “let him go” as you indicated.

      • Melvin

        “Castellanos was also a bad OF”

        Personally I don’t see him being any worse than Benson.

      • LDS

        Castellanos was not one of the players who loved playing for Bell. And he wanted to win. Hence, opt out and move on. And don’t forget, the Reds never reached out to his agent. It was simply goodbye and good riddance.

      • Melvin

        “I was really not happy that Reds let him go”

        As far as him being a free agent he wanted to play for the Reds but they wouldn’t even talk to him as I recall so in a sense they did let him go. He plays best in Cincy.

      • Harry Stoner

        The same situation as with Castillo.
        He reported as well that the Reds didn’t even want to talk with him.

        If anyone needs any evidence that the last years have been about shedding payroll, signing cheap and banking on rookies, look no further than the way the Castellanos and Candelario contracts.

        Further evidence of the ham-handedness of the ownership / Krallship.

      • Melvin

        One thing for sure Krall hasn’t come close to proving he knows how to build a winner yet. He’s probably been hindered by Big Bob but still it’s on him. GM is his title. It’s his reputation who’s suffering. Give us some help NOW.

  11. Jeremiah

    Looks like they should call this one, play a double header tomorrow in Chicago. Weather is supposed to be really nice there tomorrow, I kind of feel for fans when they just keep them around like this for 2-3 hours. Especially if they do end up calling it.

    Although years ago at Riverfront/Cinergy my brother and I stayed through a 2.5 hour rain delay or so and decided to wait it out, and my little brother caught a walk off home run by Sean Casey in the Right Field stands, so occasionally waiting out a long delay can be fun!

    • Melvin

      You usually can move around to some very good seats too. 😉

      • Jeremiah

        Haha yes that is true! Although maybe not at Wrigley as much….definitely in the old days though at Cinergy/Riverfront.

  12. Melvin

    Phillies beat the Cards. Hopefully our game will start soon now.

  13. Doug Gray

    First pitch scheduled for 10:35pm ET

    • Melvin

      Cool. I’d rather have a late start than a delay in the middle of Greene pitching.

      • Indy Red Man

        I’d rather have a bottle in front of me then a frontal lobotomy

  14. Dennis Westrick

    Speaking players the Reds “let go”, I see where Sonny Gray is 7-2 with a 2.60 ERA for the Dirty Birds! When Sonny came to the Reds from the Yankees, he was my favorite Reds pitcher!

    • Melvin

      He was a Cy Young candidate in 2020.

    • Oldtimer

      Nothing dirty about the Cardinals. A far superior franchise to the Cincinnati Reds.

  15. RedsGettingBetter

    The teams really want to avoid double-h because they prefer to play so late than do it tomorrow or next time when the Reds go back to Chicago…

  16. Dennis Westrick

    Addendum! Apparently, Sonny Gray got rocked by those Fightin’ Phillies tonight! He’s now 7-3 which a better record that any of the Reds SP!

    • Melvin

      Yeah I saw that. The better record may be a result of better hitting though.

      • Harry Stoner

        I honestly think Steer is playing hurt, as is perhaps India and my hunch, CES, before his second wrist injusy.

        Xrays turned up a prior wrist fracture with CES that wasn’t reported.

        For pure hitters like him and Steer to have such an abrupt turnaround is highly suspicious.

        In the laissez-faire, hakuna matata Bell Land, it wouldn’t be surprising if noone has asked either one.

  17. Indy Red Man

    Taylor Ward and Brent Rooker. We could really use one of those guys. Rooker has 12 HRs and up to a .925 ops. He’ll be 30 in November. Ward isn’t having as good of a season as Rooker, but he has 11 HRs. Ward will be 31 in Dec and is from Dayton.
    What really caught my eye is he’s at .348 vs lefties and only 3 HRs at pitcher friendly Anaheim Stadium so he might do more damage in a better environment. I think I’d rather have Rooker because he doesn’t mind DHing. Most guys struggle with it. Plus he’s younger/cheaper, but I’d be happy with Ward too.

    Krall needs to do something and it goes beyond this season. CES and Benson are iffy and we’re a speed team playing in a launching pad bandbox.

    • Melvin

      I think I saw where Rooker had a big HR tonight.

  18. Mark Moore

    Won’t catch any of tonight’s game. Just too late for me.

    • Melvin

      Have to get enough sleep for grilling tomorrow? 😉

  19. Luke J

    Where is the broadcast? Fox isn’t showing it here!

  20. Melvin

    Found game on FS2 using Fubo if that helps anyone.

  21. Jeremiah

    Why did they start this game when it’s still raining? This might be one of these hour and half games. These players don’t want to play. Don’t understand MLB playing this game…I assume the rain will end.

    • Melvin

      Yeah. They have to know it will stop otherwise why start?

  22. RedsGettingBetter

    This is no a good start. Three Ks against off-speed pitcher

  23. Melvin

    That was a hard play but I thought Friedl would get it.

    • Ronnie

      Looks like he got a late jump and also looked at steer late in the pursuit. Not good

    • Melvin

      Got him on an easy fly that time. 🙂

  24. RedsGettingBetter

    Greene is pitching a little sluggish with FF velo between 92-95 MPH and sliders at 82-84 MPH…He could get out unscathed of this tough first inning

  25. Melvin

    Whatya know? Stephenson at DH tonight. 🙂

    • Melvin

      And our DH has our first hit. As has been pointed out, our winning percentage is a lot better when he’s in the lineup. 🙂

  26. Jeremiah

    Looks dangerous on the warning track, glad Frield didn’t slip and fall there. Hopefully no injuries tonight for either team. Reds lineup not too inspiring tonight, be surprised if they score 3 runs!

    • Melvin

      Yeah. It DOES look dangerous out there.

  27. Melvin

    Pop out not good but better than a K I guess.

    • Melvin

      An example of why putting the ball in play is better than a K? 🙂

      • Jason T.

        Amen! At least gives you a chance. Especially after 4 k’s to start the game.

  28. Melvin

    hahaha Cubs being Cubs! Drop an easy fly ball. 😀 Those are the Cubs we’ve come to know and love. Three run error.

  29. Jeremiah

    I turned the channel for like a minute and the Reds have 3 runs? lol well maybe they will beat my prediction. Reds rolling! 4 runs! haha proved me wrong.

  30. Melvin

    …and Fairchild comes through! Four run lead after the first four batters K. 🙂

    • Melvin

      He’s getting better and more valuable.

  31. LarkinPhillips

    Cubs absolutely gifted us 4 runs. Have to capitalize on this game and take the series tonight!

  32. RedsGettingBetter

    Well, good 4 run inning to take the lead early… It’s very important to reach the 5th inning winning…just in case…

    • Melvin

      Yep. Hard to believe they’re playing in this much rain or even started.

  33. Indy Red Man

    The Reds have really taken advantage of some timely errors in these recent wins. It might happen if you don’t K constantly…especially with our speed. Nice hit by Stuey too. He’s turning into a solid backside platoon player

  34. Matt McWax

    Dragons pulled out a win with a 4-run eighth. Opposing starter Meyer one to watch, a 19 yr old 2023 1st rounder (Marlins) who owned them.

  35. Ronnie

    4-0 lead and pouring and hunter is gonna start walking guys. Fundamentally poor. Cmon

  36. Melvin

    Come on Greene. Four run lead and walk the first two batters.

    • Ronnie

      This is why the kid will never be an ace. Ceiling is a #2 but more likely #3. As he ages and loses velocity he will end up in bullpen long relief.

  37. Jason T.

    Come on Hunter! Let’s not give em free passes.

  38. Melvin

    Loaded the bases with three walks. We just have to have drama. 🙂

  39. Indy Red Man

    2 bad teams…u give us 4 so we have to give them back

  40. Ronnie

    This team makes me want to puke. Pitiful.

  41. Melvin

    Grand salami by the guy who dropped the ball. Hard to make this up.

  42. Jason T.

    Figures it’s was Suzuki hitting that…

  43. Indy Red Man

    Is HG an ace? Didn’t even comment because the question is ridiculous.

    • Melvin

      Well he’s certainly not pitching like an ACE tonight anyway. With all of this rain it seems like this is going to be an ugly game for both sides.

  44. Melvin

    Good thing Dennis is not up. All three walks scored. He might be on the floor right now. 🙂

  45. Mark A Verticchio

    No ace does what Greene did that inning.

  46. RedsGettingBetter

    This raining games shouldn’t be played… Three walks in the same inning is too much, they will hunt at some point

  47. Indy Red Man

    Funny how HG always misses the corners but the dude can thread that 1 inch in the middle like nobodys business. 17″ wide and he can pop that 1″ right down broadway for launch sequence

  48. Indy Red Man

    Candy sucks. I’m not covering for him anymore. His ceiling is average and thats not worth $45 mil.

  49. Melvin

    hahaha Let another one drop. Too bad they were able to get the force out anyway.

  50. RedAlert

    Not efficient and dude doesn’t pitch smartly to boot. Not ace material period …don’t care if he throws 100 or 200 MPH

    • Melvin

      Well he’s not likely pitching long tonight having already thrown over 50 pitches in two innings.

      • Jason T.

        Exactly. Especially a long rain delay. Clearly affecting both pitchers.

      • Indy Red Man

        So is pitching in October. You get a 4 run lead in a tsunami then you can drown but you cannot go little league and walk the bases loaded

  51. Melvin

    Espinal about fell on his face coming out of the batters box. Dangerous conditions out there.

  52. Mark A Verticchio

    Cubs get big 2 out hit, Reds ground out to pitcher. It’s been a long season.

  53. Craig

    Yo, Reds lovers. Is this game on TV? I know we were in the rain delay with Fox. Can’t seem to find it on Fubo.

  54. Melvin

    HBP to start the inning. He hasn’t got it tonight. Rain is hard.

  55. RedAlert

    Get the guy out the game !!!!! Pitiful !!!!!

  56. RedsGettingBetter

    a tough game for the pitchers… Greene just the FF is relatively controlled the slider absolutely not…

  57. Indy Red Man

    How many times have we won the first game of the series and then get blasted. 4-0 right out of the gate and about to get buried

  58. Melvin

    ….and we’re down 5-4 after having a four run lead.

  59. Melvin

    Get Greened out of there. We don’t need him injured.

  60. Melvin

    It’s been raining start to finish. Crazy.

  61. Melvin

    Good play by Fairchild. Fortunate to only be down one.

  62. Mark A Verticchio

    Greene has been bad but the facts are this game should have never been played.

  63. RedsGettingBetter

    Reds had bases loaded but Espinal stranded the runners for 2nd time. Now, Cubs quickly score a run to take the lead…


    Muddy Cleats, maybe ponchos, heck how about scuba equipment!

    • Jason T.

      Ha, exactly!
      According to some there are no excuses! Tsunami or not…

  65. Melvin

    Another error by the Cubs. They’re trying to give it to us.

  66. Melvin

    Well that was strange but we got another run. 🙂

    • Melvin

      ….and we got thrown out at 3B again because EDLC over slid the bag again. Run still counts. Only two outs now anyway.


        Crazy Weather equals Crazy Game

  67. Melvin

    Double by Steer. It would have scored that run.

    • Melvin

      At least we tied it. Should be up though.

  68. Jason T.

    Great to see Steer make some solid contact and have hits to show for it.

  69. RedsGettingBetter

    Those are the things happen to the Reds frequently to kill a likely rally…it’s just incredible… One hit, a walk, an error, another hit, a double, only score 1 run….no no no

  70. Ronnie

    Make 2 ours at 3b. This team does not play fundamental baseball.

    • Melvin

      If we lose by one run tonight that’s something we can point to. Hope not.

  71. Mark A Verticchio

    Elly cost at least 2 runs that inning. He is really hard to judge in the plus minus category, sadly it’s much closer than it should be. This is where Mclain and even Marte are missed. With them he could sit out some.

  72. RedsGettingBetter

    Great pitching tactic against Suzuki this time: curveball inside, splitter outside, FF high inside, struck him out…

  73. Gpod

    maybe we can set a record for men left on base….good lord

  74. Melvin

    I agree with the ball being dead this year. It’s just not carrying.


      Melvin- do you think MLB chose this dead ball because they took away “the sticky stuff” from the pitchers, lol. Trying to make it fair but maybe went overboard

      • Melvin

        Well Doug was discussing that recently. He doesn’t think it was on purpose. They’re just not very smart in getting it right. It definitely seems different. I don’t know why they have to change it all the time.


        Maybe MLB has a front office problem too! HAHA

  75. Melvin

    Greene bouncing back the last two innings.

    • Jason T.

      Rain slows down, better control, more efficient. This is the Hunter we’ve seen this season.

  76. Mark A Verticchio

    I will give Greene credit for two nice comeback innings. Will Bell let him go one more?

    • Melvin

      Don’t know. He’s around the what I call the “magical” number of 100.

    • Melvin

      There’s your answer. He’s out there. 🙂

  77. Melvin

    Wow. Another ball dropped by the Cubs.

  78. Melvin

    Two Ks in a row by the two league leaders.

    • Daytonnati

      For those old enough to remember, it is sort of like the anti-Maris/Mantle HR chase 🙂

    • Jason T.

      No way Elly should be hitting 2nd.

    • Melvin

      Steer went down too. Three Ks in a row that inning.

    • Melvin

      Steer went down too. Three Ks in a row that inning.

  79. Mark A Verticchio

    Hit is getting hard to watch Elly bat. If they were at full strength I think he could use some time in AAA to get himself straight. He is letting too many good pitches go and swinging at too many balls.

    • Jason T.

      Looks at so many strikes. He looks so lost. And yes, swings at just awful pitches. He really could use AAA time.

  80. Ronnie

    Greene has one inning every start where he puts himself in a terrible situation with self inflicted wounds (walks/hbp). Lately he has escaped. Not tonite. But credit for battling.

    • Ronnie

      Like last start vs LAD. Loaded bases in 2nd but got a DP and only gave up 1. Not as lucky tonight. They gotta find a way to cut down on his walks.

      • RedsGettingBetter

        Even though , he was a 1 strike shy of put a zero in the 2nd inning

      • Ronnie

        But he didn’t get that escape this time which is my point. He flirts w self inflicted danger often and it’s impossible to escape every time. Until he takes care of that he will not be an elite pitcher.

  81. Melvin

    Well Greene survived six. That didn’t seem quite possible a little while ago. Good job. Amazing how he got better after the rain stopped. 🙂

    • Jason T.

      Pitched like he’s been pitching all year after the rain stopped. Kept us in the game.

  82. RedsGettingBetter

    Espinal has stranded 8 runners on base tonight, 6 RISP… No way…

    • Melvin

      I think they said we’re 2-12 all together with RISP.

    • Melvin

      At least he hasn’t struck out I guess.

    • Gpod

      this team, all season, cannot hit with men on base….it’s a joke

    • Jason T.

      Great job. He certainly has the stuff to be successful. Plus the Cubs seem to suck with runners in scoring position too.

  83. Mark A Verticchio

    I thought he would hit Fraley for Espinal.

    • Melvin

      Any infielders left to replace him? Steer could come in I guess.


    Bell going all out this inning, DH gone

    • Melvin

      Yep. It’s not like our pitchers are much worse hitters than a lot of our regulars right now anyway.

  85. RedAlert

    Benson is brutal … no business playing … dude couldn’t hit it in the Atlantic Ocean if he’s standing on the shoreline …

    • Melvin

      Yeah. Another K. At least EDLC put it in play that inning.

    • Melvin

      Anybody up. He needs to clear his head in AAA.

      • Rob

        If you could tell me he would come back hitting 275, heck yes I would send him down until he figures it. Otherwise, I am not convinced we have better options at Louisville. I have seen Ford, Capel, Martini, and Hurtubise and I would guess Benson has one of the better OPS’ among the bunch. We need to get beyond 2023 and the young stars at Louisville awaiting their opportunity. There are no better players at Louisville than the ones we have. If you are sick of the ones we have, I am with you.

  86. Mark A Verticchio

    That is Bell, lets Espinal bat but pinch hits for Maile and loses DH. My question is, Where is Fraley?

  87. Melvin

    One down by Sims. Looks good so far.

    • Melvin

      ….and a four pitch walk. Me and my big mouth. 🙂

    • Ronnie

      Yeah but another walk. We have to lead the league in that category

      • Ronnie

        Goodnight. What a terrible game considering a gifted 4-0 lead. Awful.

      • Melvin

        We actually have the 7th most walks given up….at the moment.

    • Melvin

      ….and a two run homer. Well, he looked good for ONE batter.


    Looks like we got the bad Sims tonight

  89. RedsGettingBetter

    Very bad pitching in a 0-2 count Jesus Christ….

    • Doug Gray

      I double checked the box score and Jesus Christ was not playing in this one.

  90. RedAlert

    Thanks Lucas -awesome job !!!!

  91. Gpod

    This team is going nowhere this year, I know it, you know it, we all know it

    • Melvin

      Well we do have a guy in AAA who leads the league in saves with a 2.42 ERA.

  92. Mark A Verticchio

    25 and 33 another chance to win a series tomorrow, I wouldn’t count on it. This just isn’t a very good team. Who knows what they might have been. I guess 2025 will be their year LOL.


      Mark, lately the Reds win the first game of the series and then lose the next two. See if the trend continues tomorrow/ today

      • Melvin

        That IS the trend. Guess we’ll find out.

  93. Melvin

    Steer with a one out hit. Not done yet.

  94. Melvin

    Come on India. Have fun and hit me a two run homer. 🙂


    Good night to all the great Reds fans on here tonight and staying up late. Seems like a west coast time / dodgers game without the weather. As always enjoyed all the comments!

  96. RedAlert

    This team can’t stand prosperity … as others have said , ain’t going anywhere
    … no urgency with this organization from the very top on down , absolutely none.
    What a genius move by Krall extending Bell ….as Marty would say “ How we lookin’ ?”


      Like Marty would say, “Titanic Struggle”! Ship seems to be taking on water

    • Rob

      Both Bell and Krall have said no concern and that things will turnaround. Does that sound like there should be any urgency or panic? Krall is the architect of this team and he added 1 offensive piece in the off-season. 2 if you insist on counting Espinal. Every other offensive player is considered a young core piece for 2024 and the future. He has shown no inkling to improve the team or to trade a core piece or two.

  97. Jeremiah

    I think I’d have gone with Fraley or Hurtibise to take over for Fairchild there if you’re going to platoon. I’ll give Bell that Benson had a solid game last night, but Benson overall is struggling and strikes out a ton…putting him as your leadoff hitter half way through the game with Elly behind him, just not enough chances to get on base with those guys overall. I think Bell and company are giving Benson way too much leeway to come out of this slump, when you have better overall hitting options I believe in Fraley and Hurtubise.

    India has been better at the plate recently overall getting a lot of walks. I think time to put him 2nd and edlc down to 6th.

    But as was said, I think this team is just not very good overall. I don’t agree with Bells moves sometimes but the fact he has to try and make so many moves shows the current roster is not very good right now up and down the lineup.