The Reds sweep the Dodgers! We’re back, baby!

The Reds lose a series to the stupid Cardinals. Same ol’ Reds, sigh.

Perhaps it’s more nuanced than that, but more importantly: Is Hunter Greene finally an ace? I debated that question and much, much more with Doug this week.

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6 Responses

  1. DW

    Being a huge supporting and defender of Hunter Greene, I still believe he has to have sustained success before we can come to any kind of conclusion like that. Hopefully he has turned a corner, but we need to see it over a full season, at the least. I believe he will get there as long as he stays healthy.

    • Nelson coble

      Reds need to sit Elle to get his head straight. The Reds hitting coach sucks with this team’s hitting performance this year.

  2. The Duke

    Greene is getting more groundouts and has the lowest flyball rate of his career so far which is keeping the ball in the park. His K rate is down (but still good at just under 10 per 9) and he’s having more success because he isn’t giving up the long ball nearly as much. Pitch to contact works wonderfully when you become adept at inducing weak contact and keep the ball on the ground. It’s no coincidence that he is having the most IP per start of his career so far as well.

  3. Klugo

    Finally?? How long has he been a pro?

  4. Rednat

    We definitely have this valley thing mastered!

  5. Harry Stoner

    Greene defeated the at least half formidable LA lineup twice.

    In the military, the accepted level of ‘ace’ was to shoot down five or more enemy planes.

    So, using that metric, he’s not even halfway there yet.

    In the modern age “Everyone’s a winner!” and with the Krall-Bell: “Be who you are!”
    team ethos, the term ‘ace’ is likely equally devalued.

    So is the question merely click-bait or shouldn’t a more thoughtful question be posed about Greene’s development and be the prompt for a more thoughtful conversation?

    To that end: great to see him throwing the splitter with confidence and getting some key outs with it (against Ohtani!)


    To some extent, who cares?

    The kind of emphasis on the term around RLN devalues the term.

    Let the young man grow and develop and improve without worrying about such silly mantles.

    He strikes me as having the maturity to shrug off such labels, anyhow.