The Chicago Cubs took an early lead on Friday afternoon at Wrigley, but the Cincinnati Reds weren’t going to roll over. The visiting club battled back from two different deficits on the day to take the lead late and they barely held on in a nail biter finish that gave Cincinnati a win to start their 6-game road trip.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (25-32)
5 8 2
Chicago Cubs (28-30)
4 8 0
W: Cruz (2-5) L: Smyly (2-3) SV: Diaz (11)
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In a story as old as time itself Ian Happ helped the Chicago Cubs get on the board against the Cincinnati Reds. This generation’s Lance Berkman, Happ hit a go-ahead 2-run home run in the 2nd inning to put the Cubs on top early.

The Reds had a good opportunity in front of them in the top of the 4th inning when Spencer Steer got on with a 1-out walk and then Jake Fraley singled to put runners on first and second. Tyler Stephenson got ahead in the count 3-0 and he got the green light and cashed in with an RBI single to put Cincinnati on the board. Nick Martini followed with an RBI single of his own to tie the game up at 2-2.

In the bottom of the inning the Reds were in trouble after Dansby Swanson doubled with two outs. Pete Crow-Armstrong then hit a grounder up the middle that Jonathan India fielded in the outfield grass on a slide, but with no shot at Crow-Armstrong at first base, India looked to third and fired the ball there and caught Swanson taking too wide of a turn towards the plate and Jeimer Candelario easily ran him down to tag him out to end the inning.

Chicago had what felt like a golden opportunity in the bottom of the 5th inning when Graham Ashcraft just couldn’t find the strikezone, walking two batters and hitting a third as he loaded the bases with two outs. With Ian Happ due up, Reds manager David Bell went to the mound to call on Fernando Cruz to try and get out of the jam. After getting ahead 0-2, Cruz had to battle with Happ who ran the count full. He would foul off back-to-back pitches before taking ball four to bring in the go-ahead run for the Cubs. Nico Hoerner would fly out to end the inning and strand three runners.

The Reds didn’t waste much time striking back in the top of the 7th. Jonathan India led off with a walk. Cincinnati then called on Santiago Espinal to pinch hit for Will Benson and the move paid off as he took the first pitch he saw and crushed it into the bleachers in left center as he put his team up 4-3.

Sam Moll came out for the 7th inning and made easy work of the Cubs top of the lineup as he retired the side in order. Lucas Sims entered the game for the bottom of the 8th. He had to work around a 2-out single, but he got a groundout to end the inning and send the game onto the 9th.

Jonathan India led off the top of the inning with a double off of the wall and was then pinch run for by Jacob Hurtubise. A sacrifice bunt moved Hurtubise over to third with one out and turned the lineup over. With the infield drawn in, TJ Friedl hit a hard grounder between the shortstop and third baseman for an RBI hit that extended the lead to 5-3.

Alexis Diaz took over on the mound for the Reds in the bottom of the 9th inning. Two pitches into his outing he gave up a single to Pete Crow-Armstrong. Chicago then called on Michael Busch to pinch hit for Yan Gomes. That move paid off for the Cubs as Busch walked to put the tying run on base. Another pinch hitter emerged from the dugout for Chicago as Nick Madrigal came to the plate for Patrick Wisdom.

Controversy then ensued as it appeared Alexis Diaz hit Nick Madrigal with a hit in the hand, but it was ruled a foul ball on the field. Chicago challenged the call and the replay appeared to show Madrigal’s batting glove move before the pitch then hit the knob of the bat. To the surprise of nearly everyone, the review confirmed the call on the field and Madrigal had to get back in the batters box. He would ground into a force out at second, putting runners on the corners with one out.

Seiya Suzuki hit a ball into the left field corner, stopping just shy of the warning track for a double. The runner at third scored and Nick Madrigal was sent to the plate. Hurtubise fielded the ball and came up firing to the infield where Elly De La Cruz took the throw while in the outfield grass and then fired a 93 MPH laser to the plate to beat Madrigal by 10 feet where Tyler Stephenson tagged him out well before he could think about touching the plate. Suzuki, though, took third on the play at the plate and represented the tying run just 90 feet away. Cody Bellinger would then fly out just shy of the warning track in right field to end the game as the Reds held on for a 5-4 win.

Key Moment of the Game

The crew in New York confirming the call on the field of a foul ball in the 9th inning when it certainly appeared to hit Nick Madrigal. That would have loaded the bases and if Seiya Suzuki doubled like he actually had, the game would have been tied up. Instead that call didn’t happen and that double only produced one run.

That call led to the second key moment of the game, which was when Jacob Hurtubise and Elly De La Cruz provided the throws to the plate to get what would have been the tying run in the bottom of the 9th.

Notes Worth Noting

Elly De La Cruz stole a base on Friday afternoon, giving him 32 on the season. For the league leader in steals that feels like it’s not much of a note worth noting, but it’s his first steal seven games and only his second steal since he stole four bases back on May 16th.

The Reds walked seven times in the game and six different hitters drew a walk – Spencer Steer drew two of them.

Saturday’s game is the Fox national game. Adjust your television viewing habits for the day.

Mike Ford cleared waivers and was outrighted to the minor leagues, but he refused the assignment and is now a free agent.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubs

Saturday June 1st, 7:15pm ET

Hunter Greene (3-2, 3.06 ERA) vs Justin Steele (0-2, 4.45 ERA)

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  1. Old-school

    Well…. Reds were entertaining and watchable and won a game a Wrigley!

    Espinal in a limited role is like Fairchild.. good role players. Hurtubuise to elly to Stephenson was high drama

    Diaz makes Coco Cordero look like Mariano Rivera!

    Its a needed win

    • jmb

      This team looks bad even when they win.
      Trade Diaz for Baty, who was just sent down.
      Candelario has got to go! Just get rid of him and his contract.
      Montas can be traded to the Orioles, or perhaps the Angels for Adell.

      • Oldtimer

        LOL. You realize both teams have to agree on trades?

      • Rob

        Trading Candy or Monte’s are no more than salary dumps. Only a contender would want them and in return would offer a prospect. That doesn’t help the Reds in 2024 or 2025. We are not a rebuilding team. We have our core who just happens to be doing not so well. If you want to improve the team, trade your prospects to a loser and get somebody better in here.

  2. Lee

    Does anybody remember the game where Coco came in with a 9 -0 lead and proceeded to lose the game.A Dusty Baker managerial special.

    • JayTheRed

      I’d still take Dusty over Bell every day. Bell just infuriates me almost daily. Yes, I do remember that game and was madder at Cordero than anyone else.

  3. Melvin

    “In a story as old as time itself Ian Happ helped the Chicago Cubs get on the board against the Cincinnati Reds”

    Happ second in OPS (1.055) vs. the Reds since 1906 only trailing Bonds and Berkman. He’s the poster boy for a Reds Killer.

  4. Melvin

    “Controversy then ensued as it appeared Alexis Diaz hit Nick Madrigal with a hit in the hand, but it was ruled a foul ball on the field.”

    That was VERY fortunate for us. It definitely COULD have been a HBP had it not hit the bat.

    • Rick

      Those white batting gloves helped us out, lacking contrast with the white ball.
      Bravo, as in Angel! Lol

  5. Rednat

    Geez even when we win it feels like we lost. I guess you take them anyway you can

    • Melvin

      Yep. Even as bad as it’s been we’re still in to make the post season if we can make some moves to get better.

      • Captain redsleg

        I think the biggest move that needs to be made is to promote the AAA hitting coach….that dude seems to know how to fix almost this entire teams bad hitting habbits….a player goes down because they aren’t hitting and comes back magically able to hit untill our staff screws them up again….

  6. Kurt Frost

    The runner going home windmilling as he ran down the third baseline and then had to stand and watch the guy he was windmilling getting thrown out easily must have been fun.

    • Melvin

      haha He’s probably saying, “WHY did he send me”?

    • Jason Franklin

      You would think with some common sense and knowing that the relay man was going to be De La Cruz, he would have held him at 3rd base. Pretty dumb move by the Cubbos but we will take it.

      • Captain redsleg

        Yeah no sense in risking the 2nd out of the 9th inning with runners on 2nd on 3rd and bellinger coming up ro bat….almost like it was a reds coaching decision…..but I’ll take wins anyway we can get them during this offensive or pitching debacle…thank u cubbies

  7. Klugo

    Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Diaz was lucky today.

    • Jason Franklin

      Almost seems like Cruz should be the closer. Hrmmm… bring up Santillan and see how he does. Maybe he could be a high leverage guy like Cruz which would then allow Cruz to be the closer? Not sure what you would do with Diaz though.

      • Harry Stoner

        Having another potential shut-down arm like Santillan makes a lot of strategic sense.

        Bell could rotate Sims, who’s been pitching well of late, or Moll into some 9th inning roles to both take pressure off Diaz and light a bit of fire under him.

        Moll has been great in the 7th inning role he’s taken on. Reds might take advantage of him being on right now.

        But this is Bell’s job to communicate, and that doesn’t seem like his strong suit.

        He totally botched it with Iglesias.

        I realize that was some time ago, but there isn’t much evidence that he’s gotten better at communicating the team needs, particularly with his Latin players.

        According to India, it doesn’t sound like Bell is very good at communicating the team’s needs under any circumstance.

      • Melvin

        “Having another potential shut-down arm like Santillan makes a lot of strategic sense.”

        You would think.

      • Still a Red

        Diaz has always been a bit wild and somehow pulls it together. He’s just not a bound the zone kinda guy, which makes him risky as a closer. I understand there is some roster issues with bringing Santillian up, or I guess its he’s out of options, but if the latter, he’s always going to be out of options, unless they’re keeping there as trade bait.

  8. DW

    Wins over the stupid stupid Cubs always feel a little extra sweet

  9. Redsvol

    A much needed win.

    I would love to have a manager where when he grits his teeth his players get the message. Craig counsel one of the top 3 managers in baseball and worth every penny stupid Cubs are paying him.

    Eventually we are going to need a hard nosed manager to lead this team. Bell is good with players in the zero to 3 year category but once they reach arbitration years you can’t be so positive and full of “golly gee whiz” advice for mlb players.

    • Roger Garrett

      Not another manager anywhere would say the things Bell says.Counsel won’t throw his guys under the bus but he sure ain’t going set there and say nope we didn’t make any mistakes.Nobody respects a true leader that won’t own up to his and his players mistakes and then in the same breath wants you to believe you didn’t see any either.

    • Bag boy

      Counsel and Bell are the same dude. Lol. One has worked for two organizations that want to win, Bell doesn’t.

  10. RedsGettingBetter

    Reds move to 2-11 in 1-run games this season… They have won many openers this season but lose the next ones later to suffer a series loss…I hope they can win one more game in this series at least…
    I think Alexis Díaz as closer is a concern right now. He was lucky today to get the save…

    • Dennis Westrick

      Think about how much better the Reds record and Division, Wild Card standings would be if they were 7-6 in one-run games instead of their 2-11 record.

      • Oldtimer

        If we had some eggs, we would have ham and eggs, if we had some ham.

  11. GreatRedLegsFan

    Talking about free agents and potential signings.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Cruz has the best stuff in the pen and at times he is unhittable but he is the only guy that can come in and get you a punch out when you really need one.DIaz’s velocity and control remain a mystery which makes no sense.I would think the lower the velocity the more control a pitcher would have but its not true with him.He hasn’t been the same since the middle of last year and most of us thought he was just worn down and maybe he was but he just isn’t even close to the dominant guy we saw last year.

    • Captain redsleg

      Definitely needs a fake injury and AAA rehab to figure his stuff out while santillian takes his place…Tony should be an option for David bell in our bullpen right now….

    • Still a Red

      He seems to almost always walk the first batter he sees. What is he doing when he warms up???

  13. Dennis Westrick

    Once again demonstrating that baseball is a Team Sport, EDLC went 0-4 with 3 strikeouts BUT made the game-saving play with a laser throw to home to nail the Cubs runner!

    Great win! And a one-run win to boot!

  14. Dennis Westrick

    And one more thing! Twelve (12) strikeouts are way too many for an MLB game unless Nolan Ryan or Cy Young is pitching!

    • Doug Gray

      Cy Young? The guy who averaged 3.4 strikeouts per 9-innings pitched?

      • Dennis Westrick

        So, Doug! You think 12 strikeouts in a 9-inning game, regardless of the pitcher, is OK?

      • Doug Gray

        I think that 12 strikeouts per game is expected in the year 2024 with pitchers who would be burned at the stake for witch craft if you transported them back in time.

        There was a clip of Hank Aaron facing Don Larson in the 1957 World Series floating around the other day and Larson looks like he’s throwing batting practice. You’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that pitchers today are capable of witch craft and pitchers from back in the day threw garbage for the most part (by comparison to todays pitchers). Here’s the clip, by the way.

      • Harry Stoner

        12 Ks is around +3 what the Reds have been averaging in 2024 and +6 what the team w the least Ks/game (the Asterisks) are averaging this season.

      • Grand Salami

        Regardless, we are one of the worst strikeout teams in all the baseball. These little snipes seem like a defense of a failing strategy.

      • Doug Gray

        The “snipes” are simply pointing out the reality of baseball in 2024. While 12 strikeouts in a game is more than the average, it’s not at all uncommon. Six teams had at least 10 strikeouts on Friday. On Thursday there were seven teams with at least 10 strikeouts and Thursday only had eight games (Friday had a full 15-game schedule).

        The original “snipe” was just me pointing out the absurdity of citing “unless Cy Young was pitching” when if he pitched today would have far and away the lowest strikeout rate in the game of anyone with 20 innings pitched. It was just a ridiculous thing to include in the post.

      • Jason Franklin

        @Doug Were there many guys back in Cy Young’s day who had anything close to like that in terms of K rate for a whole season? Just curious.

      • Doug Gray

        No, Jason, there were not. The game was played entirely different back then.

      • Doug Gray

        To add to this, Jason – from 1871-1920 there were only three pitchers who threw at least 400 innings and had a K/9 over 5.75. Rube Waddell was the only guy over 6.50 and he came in at 7.04. He pitched from 1897-1910. The league average K/9 during that time varied between 2.19 (1899) and 3.94 (1910). He was just on an entirely different level when it came to strikeouts than any other pitcher in the game.

      • Melvin

        Of all the teams currently in the playoffs I’d rather be the Padres who are 27th in the amount of Ks per team with 423 in 60 games (Reds 527 in 57 games) but first in team BA at .259 (Reds .217). In the post season teams will face the absolute best of the pitchers. The teams most likely to put the ball in play will have a much better chance of winning in my view.

    • Captain redsleg

      That’s what happens when every batter is trying to hit it 400 feet with every swing….need to be more focused about where they are hitting the balls instead of how far they can hit it unless it’s a meatball they can actually drive..

    • Roger Garrett

      Too many strikeouts for sure but its when they happen that really make the difference in scoring or not scoring and the Reds well struggle to score.Guys on third less then 2 outs is a run with a bouncer to the middle of the diamond especially early in the game.Friedl did a great job in the ninth by doing just that.That was the winning run as it turned out.Reds are not a home run hitting team so they better get better in doing the little things to win games and it starts with putting the ball in play.Pitchers dominate and the one way to combat it is when you do hit it do damage and I believe it is what all teams try to do.The good teams however change when to whats needed to score based on the game situation Campy didn’t yesterday and Friedl did.

    • Still a Red

      According to fangraphs, Reds strike out and walk rates not much different than last year’s team…not good, but last year they were probably lucky.

  15. Jason T.

    Ashcraft was lucky not to give up more runs. He threw 9 pitches and looked great in inning 1 then throws 25+ pitches the next inning. His numbers are atrocious the third time through the lineup. He may just not be starting material. He has the pitches but just isn’t smart or efficient on the mound.

    Scored enough to win. Will be the theme with these hitters. Fortunately our starting pitching overall has been clutch. Nice to see Espinal take advantage of his at bat.

    Diaz scares me. Elly huge throw but looks lost at the plate. He’s taking way too many strikes and then swinging at garbage out of the zone. Benson is content to stare at his hits and that infuriated me. Show some hustle. A top tier manager would not condone a lot of what transpires with this team.

    • JayTheRed

      I consider Ashcraft like a #4 or #5 guy in the rotation. He is not too bad then. I have wondered if he might be suited better for like the 6-7th inning. Maybe give you two innings like Suiter does.

  16. Dennis Westrick

    As far as Elly’s strikeouts, I recognize he is young (22) and he is essentially still a rookie! What I would like to see is Elly do what veteran hitters do when they get to 2 strikes! Such as move deeper into the batter’s box, move up on the plate, shorten up his swing, choke up on the bat, try to go to the opposite field, etc.!

    • Captain redsleg

      Pretty much the Joey Votto approach that Spencer steer has used successfully all season….also he is trying to swing with to much power on every swing trying to make highlights instead of just getting on base….if he stood with his bat on his shoulder he would get on base at least twice a game….it would also force pitchers to throw him stuff in the zone

    • TR

      In other words, have the bat meet the ball. Perhaps the hitting coach and Elly could get together on that.

      • ChrisInVenice

        I heard that the pitching coach just plays cards in the clubhouse all day with the players. That’s why they are struggling.

    • Oldtimer

      Frank Robinson, Vada Pinson, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, Johnny Bench, George Foster, and Joey Votto ALL had fewer than one K per game as rookies.

      Being a rookie is no excuse. The game today lends itself to more K per game than ever before.

  17. sultanofswaff

    Fun and dramatic day at the ballpark! My daughter and I always love it when cub fans leave the stadium heartbroken lol.

  18. Mark Moore

    We were driving to dinner as the game wrapped. I had a thought about our “closer” …

    We’ve all seen great pitchers in that role who would falter from time to time. It’s the nature of the game. The greatest of them weren’t perfect by any stretch. But …

    When you start to measure our guy in that role by the times he DIDN’T blow it bigtime, then maybe he’s not “the guy”.

    Full disclosure. And I’ve said it before on this forum. I am NOT a fan of the fixed last inning closer role. High leverage guys in any situation, I’m in. A couple of guys who can get it done? You betcha! But I think it’s over played for the most part and definitely in our organization.

    • Harry Stoner

      Well, you’re on the side, then, of Bell when he first came to the organization.

      It was his state philopophy and what got him cruzado with Iglesias.

      In his inimitable way, Bell tried to leverage the policy irrespective of the results that were happening on the field.

      At it’s heart, I understand the plan.

      But baseball is as much a game of instinct and the subjective as it is the analytical and the statistical.

      Bell doesn’t seem to have a firm grasp or commitment to either.

      What pains me about him (among many things) is that he would toss out that theory once the Reds started finding success behind Diaz as the designate closer.

      And Bell never said a word about his change in method.

      So now he’s got to deal with the inverse, another problem of his own making.

      Now he has a ‘dedicated closer’ who is struggling but he’s loath to communicate and designate jobs to best suit any particular game, series or homestand.

      Simply put: Bell is a bad manager.

      When it comes to closing, sure, you gotta have the Rivera / Chapman knockouts.

      But when you don’t, you’ve got to distribute the load and be able to man-up and talk to Diaz about it.

      He’s going through an (extended) rough patch.

      Much too much experience and skill to give up on.

      • TR

        Closing a game, in my opinion, takes a certain mindset. Perhaps Diaz would benefit and be stabilized from time relieving in the earlier innings. The Reds have a lot of young pitching talent that could be developed into closers.

      • JayTheRed

        Agree I don’t think they should give up on Diaz as a closer yet. Perhaps he needs to be a co-closer with someone else to help him get his groove back.

    • JayTheRed

      I like the closer role. I like defined roles within the bullpen. It helps guys get mentally prepared for what they need to do each day. If a closer has gone several days in a row, then sure you should have someone who can fill in for a day now and then. I think one of the biggest problems with the Reds is nobody knows where they are playing or when they are coming out of the bullpen. I know that would drive me crazy. I know Bell is nice to the players and supportive but there needs to be a time when he kicks them in the butt too. Obviously, I am not in the clubhouse so maybe that does happen sometimes but from a public view it sure doesn’t seem like it.

  19. Jason Franklin

    What I am most concerned about today is how Ashcraft has been pitching overall this year. He seems to have taken a pretty noticeable step backwards as a starter. He has always perplexed me. He throws hard, yet, is not a big strikeout guy. You would think with his pitches he would be more of a flyball pitcher, yet, he is a groundball type. Is this a case of a pitcher not pitching to his best abilities or style? Is this a case of Johnson missing the boat on him? I could see him going to another team and becoming an ace. I just don’t get it.

    • Harry Stoner

      I agree, but not sure if I’m following you.

      Ashcraft at his strongest has always been a groundball pitcher. That’s his strength.

      He’s even said that he only went for the K when he really needed it.

      It has always sounded to me that he and Johnson had a plan.

      Maybe he’s just not executing so well this year?

      For a team that has developed way too few in-house pitchers, it’s way too soon to give up on him given his talent and determination.

      His long term competition has to be Williamson right now who made great strides last year.
      His getting sidelined was a big blow so far, perhaps overlooked with McLain, CES, Friedl etc. being out.

      I’d swap Williamson’s starts over the back half of 2023 for Martinez’s in 2024 in a heartbeat.

      No shade on Martinez who has been fundamental in the BP, almost single handedly changing how Bell uses the bullpen.

      I like Ashcraft. I like GP pitchers, particularly in the grip and rip era.

      But having both Lodolo and Williamson in the SR is far too enticing to give up on.

      I didn’t like the Suarez-Winker trade. While I don’t miss either of those guys, the whole thing was too stinky.

      To my eye, Williamson was the prize opportunity of the trade. Obviously, high risk.

      Dunn was the throw in. Seattle didn’t know what to do with Fraley either.
      Krall, to his credit, muscled Phillips into the deal.
      We’ll see how that turns out.

      Not a problem having two young pitchers like Ashcraft and Williamson.

      • TR

        A good comment. I also like Ashcraft and Williamson. Pitching maturity usually takes a while with adjustments. Williamson has been underappreciated but when healthy, he often comes through.

  20. Moon

    Reds seem to be playing better. More like a .500 club

  21. Michael B. Green

    De La Cruz bailed out Diaz of another shaky outing. It always starts with the walk. He needs to focus on not walking people for about 10 straight innings and look at the results from there. If he cannot throw strikes, he needs to work in non-leverage situations.

  22. Andrew Brewer

    The Reds got the hits when they needed them today. Gotta score 4 or more to win in this league consistently. The only real bad play I saw was the pick off at first base, and the call could have gone either way. And, yes, F. Cruz should be our closer most of the time. He strikes them out ! Until Diaz shows otherwise, it’s a no-brainer. We’ll take this win. Contributions up and down the lineup.

  23. Don

    This team is poor on talent, they are poorly coached.

    • ChrisInVenice

      The Cubs are poor on talent. They are poorly coached.

  24. Doc

    Notable that, Friedl and his small sample size excluded, the Reds box score had all the other hitters finish the game at .200 or above. Considering that they were playing games during the losing stretch with 4-5 guys below the Mendoza line, things are looking up. 5-2 in the last 7 games.

  25. GreatRedLegsFan

    Great positives from yesterday’s game. EDLC: saving play in the bottom of 9th, he has everything to lead the club to another level. Hurtubise: great cut at the hit ball in the bottom of the 9th, excellent running, bat-to-ball and defense skills, great fundamentals overall. Espinal: nobody could have expected his pinch-hit homer, plus very solid defense.

    • Still a Red

      I know people are down on Espinal, and his BA is not something to crow about, BUT, he does put the ball in play.

  26. Redlegs1869

    Surely, Espinal’s pinch hit, go ahead two run homer should also be considered a “key moment” of the game.

    • JayTheRed

      I am pleased to see he is starting to hit a little better. As a huge Toronto fan, he was very clutch for them as a pinch hitter who started some random days.

  27. LDS

    it’s good to pick up a win, but the Cubs also walked 7 batters. It took a PH HR by Espinal, which won’t happen again this year in all likelihood and an outstanding late inning play by Hurtubise and EDLC to save the game that Diaz was trying to give away. So, let’s not confuse good luck with a team turnaround. The only win against St Louis was facilitated by BBs as was the first Dodger victory. The first place Seattle Mariners fired their bench coach and offensive coordinator because of the team’s offensive performance. Correcting for bad performance is what serious organizations do. The Reds aren’t a serious organization.

  28. Roger Garrett

    Interesting that the 3rd base coach blamed himself for the bad send yesterday and said he is the reason the Cubs lost the game.Went on to say the situation,number of outs,didn’t support his decision.Counsell supported him of course in a positive way.The Cubs lead baseball in having runners thrown out on the bases,excluding steal attempts so it may come down to who messes up more when these two teams play.Of course its a bigger market with a bigger fan base and the expectations are higher for the Cubs then for us and well the leadership they have probably care about winning just a little more.Can you imagine what may have happened if somebody didn’t own it but rather chose to say no mistake was made.

    • Still a Red

      Ohhh…Counsel supports the third base coaches poor decision that lost the game…Geez, a good manager would have said the guy blew it and has got to do better. Accountability!!

    • Rob

      I like accountability but I am kind of in Counsel’s camp. It took 2 pretty good plays to nail Madrigal at the plate plus it was the tiring run in the bottom of the ninth. Definite hold him with no outs. Definitely send him with 2 outs. 1 out? What % success do you send the runner? Think I would send him at 40-50% or better with 1 out. Would 1-2 partially offline throws by Hurtubise or DelaCruz have been enough to get him in? Maybe not. Took pretty good plays to get him.

  29. Roger Garrett

    Reds need to make moves now because the Brewers will run away and hide.None of the teams in the division will catch them and the Reds can’t beat them at all.Sad to say but on June 1st Reds are playing for a wild card spot only unless they do something to bolster the offense.Brewers are home to the White Sox,Pirates in Toronto and Cards in Philly.

  30. JB

    Nice day by India with a double and a walk. He also threw behind the runner and got the guy at third. Let’s at least point out the good for him Instead of the bad every game. Is there a stat out there that lists how many times guys and teams have been picked off at first? Seems like the Reds get that alot.

  31. Ron

    Random thoughts:
    1 – I think Reds should shop Diaz. Agree with bringing up Santillan.
    2 – Like what I’m seeing with Hurtubise in LF.
    3 – I like Steer at first base. Put CES at third when he comes back. Candy to DH.
    4 – Elly needs to learn how to hit the curve.
    5 – Wish the Reds could trade for Jazz Chisholm. Hurtubise in left, Chisholm in center and Friedl in right.

    • MBS

      Diaz’s value is at a low point. I do think bringing up Santillan is the right thing to do. To bring him up you need to move another bullpen arm. I’d look to trade Sims, or Farmer. I like both to varying degrees, but both are FA’s next year, and a contending team that needs an arm might be interested in one or both of them.

      3 non 40 men options
      Santillan 2.42ERA
      Bruihl (LHP) 2.42ERA
      Maxwell 2.70ERA

      2 40 men options
      Legumina 2.86ERA
      Spiers 2.43 ERA

      I’d say we are deep enough to trade one or 2 bullpen guys. If we move 2 that gives Santillan a spot, and Pagan a spot once he moves off the IL. If not a guy like Cruz, Diaz, Moll, or Young will need to go to AAA since they are the only guys with options in our pen.

    • LDS

      I don’t think trading Diaz is the answer. I think fixing his issues are the problem. And I don’t see the Reds as up to the task for that. Walking too many batters is the Reds way.

    • Doc

      Diaz is young and had a long dominant stretch last year. He has options. Don’t give up on talent too soon. There are other options than dumping every player who hits a rough patch.

    • Rob

      Chisholm would be a good add. Plays a solid CF and 2B, has speed, and is a RH bat. Just OK in the power dept. but a good add imo. Probably cost us a couple top 10-15 prospects plus a throw in like Benson. Phillips and Petty have lost value but maybe Arroyo and Dunn would wet Miami’s appetite. They obviously are not looking for 2024 players. A big improvement over what we currently bat against LH pitching. I doubt this gets us to 86-88 wins and playoff contender status (we are in a big hole), but I think it could get us to 500 ish. As we tread water here, it is easy to forget that we have to play like 60-45 or better from here on out. That doesn’t afford 3 game losing streaks. We need an offensive jolt and more than a small improvement. The clock is ticking and not in our favor while we await this big turnaround that is susposedly coming.

      • Indy Red Man

        Jazz is lefty. He’s super exciting & young, but we need RH help

      • Rob

        Indy, you are correct. My bad. I also agree we need a RH hitter much more so than a lefty. But Chisolm is an exciting everyday player who is much better than our 4 LH platoon options. And yes, I could be convinced there are better options. But I would be satisfied starting there.

      • Tom Diesman

        I’m a hard pass on Chisholm for prospects trade. He doesn’t resemble an everyday player to me, but another LH bat who needs a platoon partner.

        Chisholm PA BA OBP SLG OPS
        Career vs RH 1057.258 .323 .481 .804
        Career vs LH 377 .218 .267 .367 .634

      • Rob

        Tom, beg to differ. 800+ OPS vs RHP is pretty snazzy stuff for a career. And you will probably face RHP 2 of 3 at bats. No, the 600+ OPS is not impressive by itself. But that said, we have a few guys starting that have seasonal OPS’s in that range! I didn’t look up Chisolm’s overall career OPS but it probably is in the 725-750 range which is a solid, above average, everyday player ….which is what he is. But add his speed, versatility, and CF capabilities on top of that and I think you have a player even a little better than above average. I didn’t intend to describe him as an all star because I don’t think he is that level. A good comparison in my view might be the 2023 Spencer Steer. I will stick by my view that he is a step-wise improvement over Benson, Hurtubise, and Martini, and would definitely help this team on an everyday basis. Yeah, there are guys that would help more (Arreaz) but they are also going to cost more. And I won’t argue that we may need something even better than an above average player.

  32. Old Big Ed

    Hurtubise’s play yesterday in the 9th was beyond outstanding. Friedl said in an interview that they were bunching the alleys, so Hurtubise had a long way to run. Then he had to get himself in position in front of brick wall, make a backhand play on a short hop, right himself, and make a solid throw. But for his excellent speed, the Reds do not win that game.

    Plus, Hurtubise had the sense to avoid trying a hero throw. He knew that he just had to get a good, solid relay and that Elly the Unicorn could be relied on for the hero throw. That was a textbook relay play, by all three players, but especially by Hurtubise.

    The “analytics” often miss the importance of raw speed. The play by Hurtubise doesn’t really show up in any metric, but his speed won the game.

    • Doc

      It was interesting to watch the replays and look at the arc on Hurtubise’ throw to EDLC and the laser clothesline straight throw of EDLC to home.

      • Old Big Ed

        Exactly. Hirtubise didn’t have time to set up and throw a laser, plus I think he’s only got a mediocre arm. So, his job to just make a solid throw that Elly could catch in rhythm.

        Madrigal was only tagged about 3 feet from the plate, so they had maybe .15 seconds to spare. If Hurtubise had been a LH thrower, he would have had to pivot and Madrigal would have been safe. If Hurtubise’s throw had not set up Elly so perfectly, Madrigal also likely would have been safe.

        It was good team baseball, as was the 5th run they scored via singles and a sacrifice.

      • TR

        EDLC with his laser clothesline straight throw and his blazing speed should be the Red’s regular centerfielder eventually, perhaps next season.

    • Jim Walker

      I agree with everyone that it was a perfectly executed pickup, relay, and catch/tag at home. This said one of my favorite parts of the play was seeing the Reds 3B hit the dirt when realized EDLC was locked, loaded and throwing the ball home right through where he was standing 😉 😉

  33. Moon

    I think Elly isn’t stealing a lot of bases recently because he isn’t getting on base that much. He had a batting average of .208 in May. Reds need him to do better.

  34. Rob

    Not on topic but I think today’s game is one of the more important ones we have played to date. Justin Steele, the Cubs starter, is a solid LH pitcher who has struggled this year. If we roll out the same old, same old 5 hits and 2 runs, it is getting close to signing off. We badly need some sign of offense from Fraley, Benson, Hurtubise, Elly, and Candy. It just can’t continue to be a black hole. A couple of extra base hits from a couple of the above guys would be a positive sign. More than 10 hits would be a good sign. Just don’t continue with the 5 hit nonsense and talk about the other team’s great pitching.

    • Still a Red

      Need to see Steer play to last year’s numbers too.

    • Indy Red Man

      Except Herdofbeasts won’t play vs a lefty How do you pronounce his name anyway?
      Elly has already hit hit his 1 hr righty. Benson/Fraley can’t hit lefties either. Our lineup is pathetic vs lefties. Espinal will probably play 3rd. Stephenson absolutely can’t sit. I’d call up Hinds or Peyton whatever that hit the 500 ft homer. They could atleast catch one 75% and go yard in Gabp.

      What really hurts is the fact they’re not beating up mediocre righties either? Gotta change to make any run at all

      • Rob

        Guess that was my point. We have to poor hitting LH bats against LHP. Too top heavy LH hitters. Kind of been that way all year. You just can’t have Benson, Fraley, Hurtubise, and Martini as your OF and DH options. 1-2 of them have to play every single game. And we whine about lack of offense.

        But I don’t see Hines or whoever as better options. He is hitting like 215 or 220 at Louisville. Imo, the option you need is a 275 RH hitting OF on another team. But it has been that way since spring training and we continue to roll along. Pham, Renfro, Bader, etc. are not the answer but as platoons, they are better than present case. That is how bad it is.

      • Indy Red Man

        Had to dig & pray here, but since Rece Hinds since May 18:

        10-36 (.278)
        4 HRs
        2 doubles
        9 walks (.422 obp)

        Why not? We need somebody vs lefties. Throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks at this point.

  35. Old-school

    Stop the presses.
    A tyler stephenson DH sighting