The Cincinnati Reds have activated outfielder TJ Friedl from the 10-day injured list. They have also designated Mike Ford for assignment to clear a spot for Friedl on the 26-man roster.

The recovery for TJ Friedl from a broken thumb has been rather quick. He was placed on the 10-day injured list on May 13th after being hit by a pitch on the 12th while the team was out in San Francisco. That was only his 6th game of the year after he missed the first six weeks of the season with a broken wrist that he suffered in spring training. Cincinnati’s center fielder only spent 15 days on the injured list before he was able to return to the lineup.

Mike Ford has been designated for assignment. After becoming a free agent multiple times this year and re-signing a minor league deal with the club multiple times, the Reds finally signed him to a big lead deal in early May after allowing him to become a free agent, but then losing Christian Encarnacion-Strand to injury a few days later. Ford couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity given to him. In his 17 games he hit .150/.177/.233 with a triple, home run, two walks, and 15 strikeouts.

This is not the first time in his career that Mike Ford has been outrighted. If he clears waivers and the Reds outright him to the minor leagues he will have the choice to become a free agent or remain with the Cincinnati farm system.

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  1. DHud

    I’m so excited to have TJ back

    Curious how this trickles down playing time – will the reds keep Hurtubise around for now? Could Benson be in store for another AAA tune up?

    • SultanofSwaff

      Hurtibise stays is my guess, but will be the first to be optioned if necessary. His fastpitch softball slap hit technique will not play at the highest level imo much any more than Billy Hamilton’s lack of gap power could. Benson at least has legit power and a more compelling body of work that grants him the benefit of the doubt for a while longer.

      • MFG

        It looks like Hurtibise can get on base!

  2. 50thyearRedsfan

    Well Mr. Ford we need another body for spring training if you do well you can be part of the team even though you are an odd duck compared to what we are building. Wow you had a great spring training but we really want someone else who played poorly instead so you can go to AAA if you want and if you do well we will call you up. You did well but we really don’t have space for you yet oops we are desperate we will finally give you a chance. Guess you are not a major league bat we gotta let you go enjoy the 1.3 million in retirement, we never really wanted you anyways.

  3. SultanofSwaff

    Why would they DFA David Bell’s #3 hitter just a couple of weeks ago?

    • Luke J

      And the guy they brought in with the bases loaded in the 9th last night to pinch hit. :doh:

      • Harry Stoner

        I wonder if taking a called third strike with the bases loaded in the 9th had anything to do with it?

        More misspent money.

  4. Tom Diesman

    The DFA of Ford also opens up a spot on the 40 man roster. Maybe a open spot for Santillan or Williamson? There are also a couple of semi-interesting RH OFs available now as well in Laureano (FA) and Robles (DFA).

    • Harry Stoner

      Robles currently at .120 and Laureano at .143.

      Either could pick right up (from the right side) where Ford left off (from the left side).


    Just curious; if Ford clears waivers and elects free agency as opposed to going to Louisville and remaining with the Reds system, does he get to keep the entire salary? Even if he can, I can accept that it was worth a shot (and it’s not my money) 🙂

  6. Jason Franklin

    Now we just need to DFA Bell. Would the White Sox be interested in a trade?

  7. JB

    Ford will clear waivers because nobody claimed him the first time. Reds will have him back in Louisville in a week.

  8. Anthony

    2 weeks ago Mike Ford was somehow the supposed answer to Reds offensive woes even though hes generally been a scrubini his whole career. Now hes DFA for good. The next prop bet is combined remaining starts as Reds for Montas-Martinez??..somewhere around an over-under of 11.5 seems like the betting line for their time remaining as Cincy Reds before they turn into 4 AA prospects from contenders needing pitching down the stretch?

  9. jmb

    Good idea to dfa Ford–he’s simply not doing it at the ML level.
    There are teams out there that need starters. Montas should be traded at the deadline, if not sooner. Williamson will be ready soon.
    Diaz should be traded to Mets for Baty, who bats lefty and could play left.
    Santillian should be called up.
    There are teams out there that are looking for outfield help, but I’m not sure if they’d give up much for Benson. It would be nice to have Adell to platoon with Fraley in right.

  10. Mike W

    Amazing how a guy goes from being Mr. Bell’s #3-5 hitter in our starting lineup 5 days ago, to being DFA’d for Friedl. Tell me Mr. Bell, if you had to DFA a person to make room for Friedl to return, wouldn’t it be the least valuable least skilled obvious bench warmer we had? Ford should never have been brought up or put in the starting lineup — and he proved that. I’m guessing either Ford had an injury or management stepped in and said “don’t put him in any starting lineup.’ Either way, he’s gone and Friedl is back. Yeah. Let’s get back on track and win 2 of every 3 games we play the rest of the year. That means you hitters, get it going!