The Cincinnati Reds didn’t lack opportunities on Wednesday afternoon, but they just couldn’t come through when they needed it most. St. Louis got a strong start from Andre Pallante and held on in the later innings as the Cardinals picked up a 5-3 win on the day and picked up the series victory.

Final R H E
St. Louis Cardinals (27-27)
5 12 1
Cincinnati Reds (24-32)
3 8 0
W: Pallante (1-1) L: Montas (2-4) SV: Helsley
Box Score | Game Thread

Cincinnati walked twice in the bottom of the 1st inning, but the top groundball pitcher in baseball since 2022 began – Andre Pallante – was able to get a double play to end the inning with no damage.

Two innings later the Cardinals got on the board with a leadoff home run from Matt Carpenter that put St. Louis up 1-0. Catcher Luke Maile recorded two of the three outs in the inning, throwing out an attempted base stealer at second and then picking off a runner at first base to end the inning.

St. Louis got back to things in the top of the 4th with a little bit of help from the Reds. Paul Goldschmidt led off with a walk. He then scored from first when Nolan Gorman doubled into the right field corner. Cincinnati had a chance to get him at the plate, but the relay thrown one-hopped Luke Maile and he couldn’t come up with the catch cleanly, allowing Goldschmidt to score. Masyn Winn would add an RBI single later in the inning to extend the lead to 3-0.

Cincinnati would break through with their first hit of the game in the bottom of the 4th inning when Jake Fraley singled with two outs. When Frankie Montas completed his 6th inning of work to complete a quality start, the Reds still only had one hit. But in the bottom of the inning Luke Maile led off with a single. Elly De La Cruz would pick up a 1-out single later in the frame to put two men on for the middle of the lineup. That’s as far as things would go as a strikeout and a pop up to third base followed to end the inning.

Alex Young took over for the Reds in the top of the 7th inning. After retiring the first two hitters he faced, Young gave up back-to-back singles before being replaced by Lucas Sims. The righty came in and needed just two pitches to get out of the jam and keep the score at 3-0 in favor of the Cardinals.

St. Louis pulled Andre Pallante after six shutout innings and sent Kyle Leahy to the mound for the 7th. Nick Martini hit a 1-out blooper into center that Michael Siani dove for but couldn’t come up with and it rolled by him, allowing Martini to turn it into a double. Jonathan India then came through with an RBI single to make it a 3-1 game. The Cardinals made a pitching change and John King came on to strike out Stuart Fairchild and then got pinch hitter Tyler Stephenson to ground into a force out to end the inning.

Brent Suter entered the game for Cincinnati in the 8th and gave up a 1-out solo homer to Nolan Gorman as the Cardinals padded their lead. The Reds got a 1-out single from Elly De La Cruz. Jeimer Candelario followed up with a double off of the wall in right field that sent De La Cruz to third, but when the throw back to the infield trickled by the cutoff man, De La Cruz sprinted home and beat the throw to make it a 4-2 ballgame.

That was all they’d get and the game would head to the 9th with Buck Farmer taking over for Cincinnati. He gave up a single to Masyn Winn, but Tyler Stephenson threw him out as he tried to steal second base. Michael Siani then laid down a bunt for a single and then moved up to second when Brendan Donovan singled into right field. After getting a fly out into shallow left field, Farmer walked the next two batters to bring in the 5th run of the day for St. Louis as they extended their lead to three. A ground out would end the threat and leave the Reds in need of four runs to pull off the victory.

Nick Martini led off the inning with a single on the first pitch he saw from Ryan Helsley. Jonathan India then followed up with a walk. Pinch hitter Jacob Hurtubise grounded out to first, but moved both runners up a base in the process. Tyler Stephenson then hit a sacrifice fly to make it 5-3. TJ Friedl would then draw a walk to put the tying run on first for Elly De La Cruz with two outs, but he would ground into a forceout back up the middle to end the game as St. Louis grabbed the series victory.

Key Moment of the Game

Ryan Helsley getting Elly De La Cruz to ground out to end the game with the tying run on base.

Notes Worth Noting

Both teams went 1-9 with runners in scoring position. The difference was that St. Louis hit two solo home runs.

Five Reds got on base at least twice in the game, but as noted above, the team just couldn’t come through with a clutch hit.

Andre Pallante hadn’t started in the big leagues since 2022, but his last three appearances prior to today came in Triple-A as a starting pitcher where he topped out at five innings.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubs

Friday May 31st, 2:20pm ET

Graham Ashcraft (4-3, 4.67 ERA) vs TBA

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  1. Mauired

    David Bell has already matched the 1982 Reds with the only 100 loss season in Reds history. But he’s not done.

    He has almost helped guided the Reds to the most rubber match losses in a row since the 82 Reds as well. Just one more loss to match the 8 rubber game losses. I’m he can do it. No Reds 82 record is safe with this manager.

    Pretty obvious why they can’t win a series. Every get away game Stephenson is subbed out for Maile and the already struggling offense is then completely gone.

    Reds are now 5 and 16 when Maile starts.

    .238 winning percentage

    Gotta give Bell credit, when he finds something that is a complete disaster and obviously doesn’t work, he just sticks with it.

    • CI3J

      “This doesn’t change who we are.”

      Yeah, well, maybe you SHOULD change who we are. Because who we are ain’t getting it done.

    • SHOW OPS

      On the radio broadcast within the last week or so, Jeff Brantley noted that you can’t start your #1 catcher every game, or they tend not to last.

      • SHOW OPS

        At the time, he was referring to the Dodgers sitting Will Smith in the last game of the series.

      • Mauired

        Every game?

        Maile has 21 starts

        16 Reds losses

        50% of the total losses this year.

        Again obvious to anyone except Bell and his 3 blind mice advocates, that his managerial strategies aren’t conducive to winning.

      • SHOW OPS

        I’m not a Bell advocate, but you can’t start Stephenson three games in a row every time, particularly when a day game follows two night games.

      • Votto4life

        I agree maile isn’t great, but the back up catcher is the least of this team’s problems. It’s a problem, but just one of many.

      • Mauired

        Not the backup catcher.

        I’ve been clear, it’s taking Stephenson one of the only productive hitters completely out of the lineup and being surprised every time when the Reds score no runs and lose over and over

    • Ted Alfred

      It is amazing. He will absolutely not be deterred when he’s convinced something is the right way to go regardless of how disasterous the results are over and over and over again.

      • Mauired

        Definition of insanity.

        He’s completely incompetent. Reds lose 76% of the time Bell subs Maile and benches Stephenson. But that won’t change who we are.

        Maile needs to start less. No way Maile should be starting 38% of the time with his 1 homer, .167 batting average, and .518 ops.

        And at the very least Stephenson needs to DH when Maile catches.

      • Melvin

        “And at the very least Stephenson needs to DH when Maile catches.”

        I agree. There seems to be a great fear of losing the DH when it rarely happens. It wouldn’t be the end of the world anyway. I know Martini did have two hits today but still. When choosing between Benson and Martini playing it’s kind of a tossup at the moment.

      • Mauired

        Agreed. This fear based approach that Stephenson is somehow going to get hurt DHing is why the Reds can’t win rubber games or series. The common denominator in all these losses is when Reds take Stephenson out of the already depleted offense.

        This move results in a 76% losing percentage.

      • Still a red

        Stephenson came in and gave us a sac fly when we needed a hit. Maile threw out two runners. Reds can’t win a rubber match because they just aren’t that good.

      • Mauired

        Well that’s the point, they aren’t good enough right now to bench Stephenson and not DH him. When they do, they lose 76% of the time. Despite Maile throwing out two runners. Great job. Guy still kills the offense. Stephenson has to DH. I mean people can make their arguments all they want but you can’t argue math. When they don’t start Stephenson it’s almost automatically an L and has resulted in 50% of the season losses.

  2. CI3J

    This Reds offense will make any pitcher look like prime Sandy Koufax.

    • Rut

      Was it Chad who would just post *TOS (This offense Stinks!) and occasionally also a pic of Milton the goat?

      Because, yeah…. this offense stinks

  3. Jeremiah

    Offense got going a little there, hopefully can win a few games in Chicago, but wouldn’t be surprised if all 3 games are like 3-2 scores. Nice to see Elly get a few hits. Some good things with Martini, India a few walks, but overall just a poor offense, looks like going to be hard to score much for awhile without some different healthy players being the lineup.

  4. LDS

    This is the Reds’ future until Krall and the FO realize that things are not ok and they need to change who they are. The Montas experiment is starting to look like a complete bust. Candelario is approaching his career average so I guess that’s something. Pagan was a bad signing to start with. Martinez seems to work well in long relief. Suter, I expected better, and thus far he’s falling a bit short. Benson? Maybe Cleveland knew him better than the Reds. Bell? DJ? McKeithan? They aren’t fooling anyone, especially not opposing teams. But Krall appears to be happy. And the Reds are booking adequate attendance so Big Bob is happy. Winning just isn’t a requirement.

    • RedBB

      Krall should definitely shoulder a good part of the blame as he spent $50M in the offseason on 4 players the have a combined 0.5bWAR more than a third of the way through the season. That’s terrible value…

      • Melvin

        An argument could be made that we don’t exactly have a great record when picking the free agents that we finally DO sign.

      • LDS

        @Melvin, I think one of the unstated truisms is that many FAs simply won’t sign with the Reds, even if the Reds offer more money. That was rumored on Gregorius a few years ago, confirmed on Ozuna. I’m sure there are others. Why would anyone sign with the Reds if they have options? There’s a reason the Reds’ FA signings come late. They get the leftovers.

      • Melvin

        “@Melvin, I think one of the unstated truisms is that many FAs simply won’t sign with the Reds, even if the Reds offer more money.”

        Are you trying to say top free agents wouldn’t want to play for our awesome owner, GM, and especially one of the biggest “buddy” managers of all time? It’s almost like you’re saying they’d rather have a better chance of winning. Surely you jest. 🙂

  5. Roger Garrett

    The Reds have ditched the viking helmet and have gone to a private celebration down the tunnel from the dugout.India after his grand slam now is the last Red to wear the helmet.When asked why after a win do it since ball players tend to be superstitious Maile responded by saying we are a process oriented team and we don’t believe in all that hocus pocus stuff.IMO the hocus pocus stuff is easier for me to believe then this team is a process oriented team unless we can agree the process ain’t working.

    • Votto4life

      I am glad they ditched the Viking celebration. It just seems ridiculous to celebrate when you are in last place. Bring it back, if you want, when you are winning.

    • Still a red

      Really do have to wonder what the process is…other than proprietory.

  6. Oldtimer

    Reds have scored 227 runs in 76 games. That’s 3 runs per game.

    Lucky to be 24-32.

    • RedBB

      This…starting pitching is highly likely to regress towards their mean and then it get’s ugly

  7. Eddiek957

    Didn’t get to see the game today thanks so much for the recap Doug. Sounds like both our catchers played well behind the plate. I really wished the reds would try to bunt more in the early innings. Seems pitchers are cruising the first four or five innings against us

  8. Roger Garrett

    No more telling stat then the Reds must put the ball in play is to have Elly and Benson tied for the league lead in strike outs.

  9. Tar Heel Red

    Pallante, this season and for his short career, has struggled against RH hitters. Scouting reports made a point of this…perhaps our beloved manager has now skipped reading those. So what does our illustrious leader do with this valuable bit of information…he once again proves that he MUST conform to analytics and start every LH bat he can.

    The man is simply not a winner and it is (beyond) time for him to be fired!

  10. Harry Stoner

    As much as the hitting is floundering, I’m leery of Krall making a trade under duress.
    That’s what netted the team a Pham and a Minor.
    And 3 years of Candelario.
    Fraley hasn’t been very productive this season either.
    Not that I’m nostalgic for Geno or Winker.
    The Bull sold off the rotation and piled up some long term investments.
    In my eye he isn’t the trading genius he’s been touted as here…at least
    to get immediate help.
    I don’t see an easy or fast way out of the mess.

    • Oldtimer

      Tommy Pham batted .421 BA in WS for Arizona in 2023.

      He is batting .294 BA for White Sox in 2024.

      I don’t think he gives a rat’s ass that he is longer a Red/

      • Harry Stoner

        Pham batted .238 for the Reds and .234 for the Bosox the rest of the year.

        Hit .240 for AZ in 2023.

        I don’t think anyone is giving a rads axx that he isn’t on the Reds.

      • Oldtimer

        Tommy Pham PLAYED in WS. Reds had to buy tickets to get into WS.

        He’s a decent player who deserved more of a chance than he had with the Reds.

      • Harry Stoner

        No use crying over spilled Phams.

        Good to be gone, as they say.

        He can slap as many people as he wants in Chicago.

      • Jedi Joey

        Pham is garbage. I couldn’t be happier that malcontent isn’t wearing a Reds’ uniform this season.

    • Melvin

      To me the biggest need is an everyday good hitting RH RF. That may mean packaging Fraley and/or Benson in a deal along with some prospects. Rooker of the A’s again would be a possibility .280/.365/.919 either in the outfield or as a DH. I’m sure there are other possibilities as well. It may mean trading some off the 26 man roster. Krall needs to show his creative skills (whatever he has) right NOW.

      • Rob

        I am personally more CF inclined. Friedl’s lack of arm strength belongs in LF. (No other complaints about him though!) Guess we are susposed to accept that Marlins, Pirates, Rockies, Mets, Nationals, White Sox, A’s, Jays, or Rays don’t want a couple top 10 prospects for a high quality RH CF. Hogwash. He is wrong. The Marlins just traded Arreaz for a 6, 9, and 13 prospect. I would have beat that offer. We don’t need a 5 year guy as we.have talent in the pipeline. A 2 year guy would be just fine.

      • Melvin

        @Rob I’ve always agreed about Friedl and his arm playing in LF. CF would be better if possible to acquire. It’s well known by now my thoughts on EDLC eventually going to CF with Arroyo at SS.

      • Melvin

        That would mean Steer in RF for the present if that happened of course if were were to acquire a CF.

    • Rob

      Krall needs to go fishing in deeper waters. Plug and plays won’t get this team over the top. While some insiders are saying he is waiting until July to boost the offense, I think that is a high wire act. He could be more than 10 games under with 70 to go. We all can do the math at that point. Like 45 and 25. And the other thing about July is trade competition … we all know that is not Nicks strong suit outbidding others.

      I really can’t believe he cant see this ineptness. And continues believing we are going to hit 350 as a team in June and win 20+ games. How about going a hair overboard and get a couple bats in here rather than expecting Ford and Hurtebise to hit 350 with 8 HRs each in June. He bet on Green, Lodolo, Abbott, Stoudt, Lively, and weaver last August and that didn’t work out real well.

      Krall’s strategy needs to be to identify what level of bats would help this team ((Arreaz for example) and then make the offer to get him. Not fall short and not whine about the cost. He has allowed this 8 game deficit to happen and he needs to secure the power to get us back to 500 by July1. He has mighty prospects and some young starting pitchers to get 1-2 big bats in here. Please no prospects in return. Those are worthless for this year.

      • Indy Red Man

        Where are these mighty prospects of which you speak? Connor Phillips and everybody else seem to be walking the park and if we have any hitters they must be low low low in the current food chain

      • Rob

        Indy, I don’t have the long term plans for this club. Meaning who do we really have plans for and want to protect? Negating that question, I would say the following guys would have great interest to a rebuilding team: Arroyo, Collier, Marte, Dunn, Lawler, Lodolo, Abbott, Friedl, CES, and Stephenson. Phillips and Petty last year would have got you a playoff ticket but somebody chickened out. Krall has a bad tendency to over value prospects and a fear not to trade a prospect who might turn out well. The Rangers traded all kinds of prospects last year to acquire Scherzer and Montgomery who went like 9-0 in August and September. Playoffs! Teams are not going to trade guys like Arreaz unless you give them a healthy return. Trade a couple of the above guys and you probably could get a strong bat in here. Don’t? Watch the rebuilding Pirates and Cardinals compete with you for 3rd or 4th place. Just my opinion. But the other view of “it is going to turnaround” isn’t real persuasive at this point.

      • Still a Red

        Steer and CES were supposed to be our RH power hitters…so much for that so far. One new guy isn’t going to fix our problem if no one is on base for him to hit in.

    • Votto4life

      There is no need making trades now. Sell the players at the deadline who won’t be back (Montas, Martinez, etc.). This season is lost.

      My biggest fear now is the Reds will screw up the draft. If they pick someone not named Condon or Banazza in the first round, I will lose all hope for the franchise.

  11. Melvin

    Looking at the box score Montas may have not had his best game but he did only give up three runs in six innings. He may only be “fifth starter quality” but that’s not bad. As they said on the post game, “You can’t expect to win only scoring three runs”. This offense stinks. It does have some potential but it needs help and a spark. Krall just seemingly continues to sit on his butt and wait. No spark in acquiring players; no spark in replacing the manager.

    • Mark Moore

      Bottom line, the boyz didn’t back him when given the chance. He wasn’t sharp, but ye wasn’t terrible as you noted.

    • Rob

      Imo, a trade of Monte’s doesn’t accomplish anything except save ownership a few $. He probably does not have as much trade value as our four other starters. And who are you going to trade Montes to? A contender who will give you a prospect in return? Like we need another 2026 prospect. We are no longer a rebuilding team trying to acquire youth. Reference Suter, Martinez, Candelario, Pagan, etc. We need 2024 bats.

      • Votto4life

        Unless they really screw up the draft, they will get a middle of the line up bat in a month and a half. He should be ready by mid 2026 at the latest.

      • Still a Red

        Winker and Senzel didn’t pan out.

      • Doug Gray

        Are we talking about Jesse Winker, the guy who hit .288/.385/.504 in parts of five seasons for the Cincinnati Reds?

      • Still a red

        Yes. We’ll it took him a long time to get there and though I thought it was a sucker punch to him and the team to trade him when they I don’t think he quite lived up to expectations.

  12. Mark Moore

    I hereby recant of any accolades I may have offered regarding one Field Manager Bell the other day. I maintain there is a failing at the top that requires change (not just for the sake of change). Fundamentals are called that for a reason and too often what I witness is a failing in that area. The 4-game run proved we can make adjustments, but, as Cowboy said, you can’t just stop at that. You continue to adjust. And, ultimately, the chronic underperforming of several of the boyz has to be corrected.

    Moving on. Let’s see how we fair against the Stupid Cubs. One thing is certain … #50 of 30 will still be calling the shots. We wouldn’t want to change who we are, would we? 😮

    • Harry Stoner

      Reds have got the top two strikeout kings in the NL.

      Why would they want to change that?

      • Melvin

        😀 At least they’re not hitting one/two in the order anymore.

      • Harry Stoner

        I’m not throwing any shade on either.

        They’re just “being who they are!” in Krall-speak.

      • Melvin

        One could argue they are the leaders of a poor team hitting philosophy.

      • RedBB

        In fairness to Benson he never should have been allowed to start against LHP. His numbers are still pretty good against RHP this year .796 OPS

      • Harry Stoner

        Benson is hitting .230 against RH but his OPS is skewed by his BB and solo HRs.

        His K rate is still well over 40 %.

        He’s not running the bases well.

        Don’t get me wrong, he has huge potential and has delivered on it.

        Last year.

        He needs some guidance right now.

      • Jason Franklin

        The easiest fix to one of the K leaders on the team is to just start Hurtubise over Benson.

    • Melvin

      ” One thing is certain … #50 of 30 will still be calling the shots”


  13. Old-school

    This sorta feels like a week ago that the season was measured in a matter of days. We are back to that. Hitting is horrible and I dont know how that gets fixed in the near term. Very disappointed India and Benson and Steer and Candelario are below average and Elly K’s way too much. Need to see Friedl this year and if he can replicate last year. Hes been hurt but also not adding anything. So far, no one can sustain success. Marte has shown immaturity so that doesnt bode well.

    I do think Montas has trade value if this season continues to go sideways. Hes ok and good teams need insurance policies in august and dont care about $14 million if a WS on the horizon. Reds got Rick Mahler in 1990 to give depth. Same with Martinez. Same with Sims.

    Sad we are talking about trade deadline returns in May.

  14. Hanawi

    The K rate is an organizational philosophy it seems. Just go look at the box scores day after day on the minor league site. Reds pretty consistently out K the other team at all levels.

    • Still a Red

      Strike out rate is the same as last years

  15. Anthony

    I think tomorrow night since a right hander is pitching. Bell should bat Geronimo should bat 4th..move rose to 2nd…hit morgan leadoff…perez 7th and bench 8th. Try that

    • JB

      Bench has played two games in a row. Plummer gets the start. Armbrister DH

  16. JB

    Brewers winning again. Reds drop another game back. The drive to lose 100 and see if the front office has the coconuts to fire the chair tosser.

  17. Doc4uk

    Krall needs to be replaced. Free agents during his reign have added very little

    • Rob

      He has acquired Pham, Naquin, Drury, Newman, Cessa, Ford, etc. All of whom have been shipped away. He further traded Wink, Geno, Sonny, Luis, Mahle, Duvall, Farmer, Casali, and maybe a few others. Seattle has made 2 playoff runs with Geno and Luis. We have Arroyo, Marte, Williamson, and Fraley and relatively minor contributions. Possibly next year, the tide will turn. I see a bunch of plug and plays but I don’t see any big studs that he has brought in or any big (and cheap) prospects that he traded away. Luis, Tyler, Geno, and Wink were all established players approaching paydays.

  18. Indy Red Man

    The Astros have MLBs leading team batting average at .261

    I thought I’d pull up a random year and see how that compared. In 1998 there were 19 teams that had a higher team batting average. The average overall was .266 (Reds were .262).

    Thats not a good trend. NFL opened up the passing rules to get more offense and generate more excitement and it worked unless you’re a defensive purist. I thought banning the shift would help MLB a little, but it hasn’t. Idk? All I know is this Reds team isn’t fun to watch.

    • Rednat

      Yes.!!!!Thank you for bringing this up. We are in a dead ball era and have been in one for quite some time. I would argue since the beginning of the century after the steroid era. The pitching is so dominant right now. It must be constrained by the league or mlb will collapse from the bottom up.

    • Jeremiah

      Yeah it’s just not the Reds…the bottom of the Dodgers lineup was awful when they were in Cincinnati this past weekend. I don’t know what the answer is either, I wonder if the speeding up the game has now really benefitted the pitchers mostly.

      I’m glad I don’t have cable as I’d probably want to watch more and would not really enjoy watching this current version of the Reds! Even if they just had 2 more slightly above average every day hitters they’d be probably quite a bit better, but easier said than done.

  19. Andrew Brewer

    Like someone sad, We’ll see what they do in Chicago… Sweeping the Dodgers, and taking the first one against the Cards was no small feat, the way things had been going. Give ’em a little slack. We were one key hit away today.

    • Melvin

      Unless some moves are made between now and then we’ve got no choice so I hope you’re right. 🙂

  20. VaRedsFan

    Who wants to turn back the clock 40 years to 1984 and see Mario Soto, and the Reds vs the Cubs. Cey hit a ball down the line called a HR, later changed to foul…which incited a 30 minute argument along with some brawls.

    You get to hear Harry Carry…some Holy Cows…a rhubarb….and a bruhaha

    It all starts at the 36 minute mark. Watch it on 1.5x speed for brevity.

    • Melvin

      That’s hilarious. Can’t have “fun” like that anymore with all of the precise replays. At least it was an exciting game. 😀 hahaha

    • Rednat

      I remember this well. I took my 9 year old son out to toss the ball while they were arguing. When we returned to watch on wgn they wrre still arguing! He got such a kick out of that!

  21. VaRedsFan

    When the margins are so small, this team failing to do the little things keeps adding up….thus all the 1 run, and close game losses.

    Steer’s bad relay throw (or Maile’s inabilty to make the catch) home failed to get Goldschmidt who would have been out by yards, cost them a run.

    On Candy’s hit, RF misplayed it, then the cutoff miss played it, then he threw it home all the way from short right field, yet Candy never went to 3rd. Next guy grounds out, which might have resulted in a run if all things were the same.

    The Baseball IQ of this team is severely lacking.
    Who’s in charge of that?

    • Melvin

      “The Baseball IQ of this team is severely lacking.
      Who’s in charge of that?”

      haha I think it’s more like who’s in charge of making/keeping these guys accountable for their play. They’ve all been playing baseball all their lives. They know how to play if they really want to concentrate. That’s just not “fun” sometimes to do that. 😉

      Jonathan Inida – David Bell is very laid back. He really doesn’t stress anything for us to do. He just wants us to enjoy ourselves. 😀 Oooh boy.

    • Jim Walker

      The Reds have so many coaches that the manager probably cannot keep track of which coach is in charge of what to hold them accountable for not holding the players accountable for the misfeasances and malfeasances regarding fundamentals and situational awareness. 😉

      • Melvin

        hahaha In other words the manager is accountable for having too many coaches who he can’t keep track of to make sure the players are accountable? It’s hilarious isn’t it and goes on and on? Except we want to win and that’s not going to get it done. 🙂 I don’t know about others but I never really had fun if I wasn’t winning. Losing is the worst.

      • Jim Walker

        ….I never really had fun if I wasn’t winning. Losing is the worst.


        Sounds like Bell (the India quote) may be too far in the direction of don’t worry be happy and has lost sight of the ultimate goal (winning).

    • TR

      I’ve been a Reds fan too long to expect that little extra from the current ownership and manager to guide the Reds to a championship.

  22. jmb

    Good idea to dfa Ford–he’s simply not doing it at the ML level.
    There are teams out there that need starters. Montas should be traded at the deadline, if not sooner. Williamson will be ready soon.
    Diaz should be traded to Mets for Baty, who bats lefty and could platoon with Steer in left.
    Santillian should be called up. Connor needs to become a closer at AAA.
    There are teams out there that are looking for outfield help, but I’m not sure if they’d give up much for Benson or Fairchild. It would be nice to have Adell to platoon with Fraley in right.
    Candelario also needs to be traded at the deadline.

  23. Still a Red

    Le cure had an interesting commentafter the game. Said teams were pitching the Reds inside, leading to a lot of pulls and hit batters. In fact Reds high on pull balls (fangraphs) and seems like a lot of hbps.

  24. Roger Garrett

    The Reds can’t hit and the stats prove it.They strikeout way way too much and have the top two guys in the league at striking out and the stats prove it.You have to make changes in the dugout if you want to right the ship.Whatever the hitting coach is preaching it ain’t working so he has to go and if Bell won’t do it then he has to go also.Its a no brainer changes have to be made.I also believe the Reds just free lance way way too much and that really bothers me.By that I mean there are times when you don’t run,there are times when you take a pitch or two based on the game situation and if they can’t or won’t do it on their own then tell them to do it.Maybe i am way behind the curve and maybe what you do now is to just throw the ball and the bats and the gloves out on the field and tell the players to go play.Have to believe some of that is true based on the way the Reds play but where is the coaching at in all
    of this?Could it be they don’t even see whats going on?Do they actually believe things will fix themselves?

  25. William

    I hold the owners, GM, and manager responsible for the way this season has gone. GM gets an F so far based the team he had the opportunity to put together. He supported the wrong manager, failed to have adequate depth on his roster for a competitive team, and did not spend right in free agency. I do think the Reds will improve, but this is a big failure on the leadership.

    • Still a Red

      Hah…how are they going ti improve with all those things wrong?

  26. Michael Wilson

    A lot of Benson bashing, and understandable. But he is just one of a handful of disappointments. Fraley has one homer and 7 RBIs. To me we need a whole new outfield and Steer needs to play 1B at this time. Many games are lost by things that don’t show up in the box score. Playing players in positions they shouldn’t play is one of them.

  27. Still a red

    Wow…looked at the Wikapedia bios of the Reds hitting coaches. Both are relatively new (last couple years) and not very impressive resumes. Head batting coach has a Vanderbilt connection. Woul7d love to know what the ” process” they’ve put in place is?

  28. Jon

    Are the Reds’ hitters that bad? Or are the coaches that bad? Which Fraley/Steer/Benson/India is real- their first full-season version, or their second (fourth in India’s case)?

    What about pitchers? Lively is performing great for Cleveland this year, Weaver is an excellent bullpen pitcher for the Yankees, Hoffman has been solid for Philadelphia…then you have Sonny Gray continuing to pitch like an ace for Minnesota last year and the Cards this year, despite so many on social media saying he’s too old for the Reds to sign to a large contract…

    It’s all a mess at this point. From ownership being embarrassingly cheap, to a GM who’s in over his head, to a manager who holds no one accountable, to coaches who are seemingly ineffective, to the scouting and development side of things who consistently fail to draft and develop Major League-caliber players.

    • Rob

      Not disagreeing but Krall explored the following pitchers this winter: Bieber, Cease, Glasnow, Rodriguez, Gray, Monte’s and maybe another 1-2. As far as $, I would guess Bieber, Cease, and Monte’s were the cheapest. And Glasnow Bieber, and Cease required both cash and prospects. We only signed Monte’s for 1 year in keeping with the cheap. I had hoped Monte’s would be a frontline guy but that hasn’t happened. I don’t think he is a disappointment when compared to the $75-80M guys but just an OK at this point. Again back to the modest $15M risk. He may end up giving us 150 innings with an ERA in the.3s. And that probably puts him in the plus category.

  29. LDS

    Another day, another lack of action on Krall’s part. That’s ok. Stick with the process: “we’re really good” and lose another 100 games

    • Harry Stoner

      Losing 90 or losing 100?

      I’d go with losing 100 as it will likely force the change in field manager.

      There’s simply no way Bell is going to get canned in late May in the year after he signed a 3 year extension.

      I’m also very skeptical of the Bull Krall’s trading prowess, particularly under duress.

      Trading for another Pham or Candelario isn’t going to get the team anywhere, not without a major change to the “this is who we are!” culture and that’s not coming until there’s another 100 losses.

      And maybe not even then.

      Note the quote from India on Bell included in the post above.

      Very scary.

      My hope is that they don’t blow the #2 draft pick. “Let’s draft another shortstop and we’ll turn him into a……”

      RLN Jacobins are going to have to get a lot more creative over the remainder of the season.

      • LDS

        Sadly @Harry, I agree. But the Bell apologists will hang in there. They always do.

      • Votto4life

        The Reds front office will blame it on injuries. David Bell is safe until at least time next year. No way the Reds will eat 2 1/2 years of his contract.

      • Harry Stoner

        I don’t think the Reds will eat any of Bell’s contract.

        If he’s removed as field manager, he won’t be fired, but he’ll stay in the organization.

        “Director of Lame Excuses” or “Director of Making Players Feel Good About Themselves’ or “Head of Mumbling”.

        The Reds’ ownership will get their money out of him.

      • Votto4life

        I agree Harry, I am afraid we are stuck with David Bell as manager for a while longer. I just hope he has no input on his own replacement.

        I am afraid we are stuck with Bell and Krall for at least another year. The Reds truly need to clean house, I mean Krall, the GM (I keep forgetting his name) David Bell and the entire coaching staff. I would also include the player development staff who recommend players for promotion without being able to demonstrate their knowledge of situational baseball.

        But alas, we know that will never happen. This is the Cincinnati Reds and they just don’t operate that way.

        Last weekend saw large crowds at GABP, that is the only thing that matters to the ownership group. As long as, people show up, why should they change? I can’t think of a good reason for them to.

      • Melvin

        ““Director of Making Players Feel Good About Themselves’”

  30. GreatRedLegsFan

    Above all, the most worrisome issue is the fact that Reds may lose the opportunity to become a winning team again with this young generation of players while sticking with Bell as manager.

    • Harry Stoner

      That horse has it’s nose out of the barn door and is looking for running room.

  31. Rob

    As I read the moments of RLN, it seems there are about 3 camps out there. 1A, I will call the Bell/Krall camp of “we don’t need any help and we are going to this around”. I suspect that camp is having some deserters. 1B I will cal bring in the calvary in July after Marte, Friedl, and CES return. I suspect this camp is sweating bullets as to how big the deficit may be come July. Finally, we have #2 which is the camp I am in that we don’t have enough offense and better get serious mlb talent in here now before it is too late. Serious talent meaning #2 or #3 hitters ….comparable to Luis Arreaz.i suspect this camp is subject to some defectots/quitters or I told you so push back.

    Some premises on my part. 1) This is not a rebuilding team. 2) The core of this team is basically intact. 3) There are no 2024 (or 2025) offensive fixes at Louisville ….players better than Stephenson, Benson, Fraley, Steer, etc. 4) The front office added $50M in talent this off-season to get beyond the 82 wins of 2023. Some are 1 year guys. Some are 3 year guys. Most have 8 figure salaries or close to it. There trade value is modest and most likely to a contender. It is unlikely that the contender will give us 2024 talent in return. More likely, the contender will be off loading prospects. That doesn’t help; we don’t need 2026 prospects. 5) our most valuable trade pieces are our prospects and our young starting pitchers. We are built like a contending team looking for 2024 talent and not 2026 prospects. We already have core of young players. We are not looking for a SS, C, 3B, 1B, Pitchers, 2B. 6) To improve the team beyond its current state, we may have to trade 1-2 core pieces or 2-3 prospects. Arroyo, Marte, CES, Abbott, Collier, and Lawler may be future stars but that may be our only ticket out of the swamp.

    • west larry

      I think many of us go from group 1a to group 2a, and then to hope that the team will win 8 out of 10 and be back in the race, When the reds won 4 in a row, we were looking to sweep the dirty birds and gear up for Colorado. When the reds lost the last two games, many of us are back into group a1 or a2. If we sweep Colorado, we will be thinking that we are back in the race…should Bell be fired? yes. Will Bell be fired this year? No, his contract will stop this from happening. The cheap reds aren’t eating that much of his contract. I wouldn’t trade away our young core pitching. Granted, the severe injuries to key players unhinged this team, but I am still dissatisfied with how the remainder of the position players have responded. What do the reds do now? Nothing much. Maybe fire a hitting coach, The reds will continue to hope that the return of Friedl, Marte and a couple of current players awakening and returning to last year’s form. IF they could get value, I think that the reds should trade Fraley and the candy man. The season isn’t lost yet, but we could lose 90 games this year.

      • Rob

        No doubt the injuries have hurt. But we knew Friedl, Marte, and McLain situation in March and we rolled on. Not surprises or late developments. Other teams have equal or greater injuries. Giants and Dodgers come to mind. Phils and Braves have lost MVP type guys. Want to bet the Braves don’t sit on the sideline? You got your manager saying this team is fine and will turn around. That would be enough for me to fire him right there. If he wins the Division, name him Manager of the Year. If they don’t start scoring 6-8 runs 5 times a week, fire him. He batted Mike Ford 3rd 3 days in a row and then cut him the next week. Guess Mike didn’t turn it around quick enough for him.

        I am not opposed to trading anybody, well almost anybody. You need 1-2 bats. Trade whoever to get them or watch what happens. This team will have the same pieces and missing pieces next year. We are who we are according to somebody. Trading Montes or Candelario for prospects isn’t going to improve the2024 or 2025 team. We need better players than what we currently have. To get them means trading valuable young pieces. Or we can just continue to roll along and risk 90 losses and poor defeatist attitudes. Not my call.

    • VaRedsFan

      I still like the core. MMC going down was a real gut punch to how this team was supposed to develop. CES’s start to the season was shocking to most here. I’m not ready to give up on him yet. What I am ready for an upgrade at is at OF for Benson/Fraley. Not a middling, 15 million dollar guy either. Push the button on a 20-25 million dollar hitter that can play OF. Or trade prospects for a younger guy (Luis Robert). DH is also lacking, and could use a bopper. Pete Alonso is a free agent in 2025.

      I tell ya, after looking through the 2025 free agent list, there aren’t any real standout hitting OF’ers (I don’t count Soto, for obious reasons). So other than Alonso, their best chance at improvement might be the trade route. (Robert, Brent Rooker, ect), somebody that could possibly be poached from the Marlins/Rockies/A’s/White Sox.

      • Mauired

        I’m all for Nolan Jones on Reds if Rockies are open for business. Wouldn’t even mind Kris Bryant if Rockies paid most of his contract just to get him out of there. I think he’s young enough to get back on track.

      • Jon

        No thanks to Bryant. They don’t need another Moustakas, nor another reclamation project.

      • Rob

        Agree with Jon. We don’t need to take on a risk player like Bryant. Maybe return to form but maybe not. We need a player who we know will hit. Jones seems like a good choice. Yes, these guys cost more but that is where we are at.

  32. Anthony

    Bell trying to set an mlb record with 5 or more players that bat in 9 different spots in 2024. He deserves a 10 year extension if so. Thats a record never be broken and what organization wouldn’t want a record setting manager leading the franchise for another decade. Theres no one else to hire just keep him in charge forever.

  33. Still a Red

    Those of us who had the pleasure of experiencing the Big Red Machine must face the fact that we will never see another team assemblage as that. We will at best cobble together a 1990 team or a 2010 team that will put it all together for one year every 20 years or so.

    • TR

      I’d like to believe it’ll be every 20 years or so with 30 teams competing. Reds fans are now counting 34 years since the last championship.

  34. LDS

    Milwaukee wins and the Reds are now 9 games out. St Louis, left for dead by many in the off season, has taken over 2nd place. Chicago tomorrow. 10 out to end May? Bonus time for the Nick & Dave show.