The Cincinnati Reds offense could never get going on Tuesday night and they paid for it with their win streak coming to an end at four games. The St. Louis Cardinals had no problems pushing runs across the plate as they scored seven runs on 13 hits to even up the 3-game series at one win for each club.

Final R H E
St. Louis Cardinals (26-27)
7 13 0
Cincinnati Reds (24-31)
1 4 1
W: Gibson (4-2) L: Abbott (3-5)
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St. Louis would break through in the 3rd inning on a Masyn Winn double that brought in Brendan Donovan. They would add to that lead in the 4th when Nolan Arenado hit his 4th homer of the season – a 2-run shot – to put the Cardinals up 3-0.

The game remained quiet for the next few innings before Will Benson would crush his 8th homer of the year to make it a 3-1 ball game. Andrew Abbott, who had been cruising along since that 4th inning homer by Arenado, returned for the 7th inning and he immediately got himself into trouble with a leadoff walk. Nolan Gorman made him pay for it with a 2-run homer. A double would follow that saw the runner get to third on an error and that would end the day for Abbott. Buck Farmer came on and got a ground out, but it led to another run scoring and St. Louis grabbed a 6-1 lead.

The top of the 8th inning came to an end on one of the few highlights Cincinnati had on the day when Elly De La Cruz dove to his right to field a hard grounder before hopping to his feet and firing a laser across the infield to beat Lars Nootbaar to the bag. In the bottom of the inning the Reds would get two men on after Jacob Hurtubise was hit by a pitch and Elly De La Cruz singled with two outs, but they would both be stranded on a fly out to the warning track in left-center.

St. Louis added an insurance run in the top of the 9th inning against Brent Suter to make it 7-1. The Reds headed into the bottom of the 9th needing six runs on a night where they entered the inning with just three hits. Jake Fraley picked up a 1-out double on a ball that was originally called a foul, but was overturned on replay. A ground out moved Fraley over to third and then Nick Martini was hit by a pitch to put Reds on the corners with two outs. Jonathan India then drew a walk to load the bases. With Stuart Fairchild due up the Reds called on Mike Ford to come off of the bench to pinch hit. He didn’t, striking out looking to end the game as the 4-game winning streak came to a screeching halt with a 7-1 loss.

Key Moment of the Game

Nolan Gorman’s 2-run home run in the 7th inning as it took a game that felt like it was still within reach despite the Reds lack of offense to that point and put it out of reach.

Notes Worth Noting

Andrew Abbott allowed six earned runs on the night. The last time he gave up six in a game was also against the Cardinals on September 8th of 2023.

Alex Young, who was activated from the 60-day injured list earlier in the day, made his debut by tossing a shutout 8th inning with a strikeout.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday May 29th, 1:10pm ET

TBA vs Frankie Montas (2-3, 4.61 ERA).

42 Responses

  1. Jason Franklin

    Interesting news: All Negro League stats are now included in all MLB records. So, Josh Gibson, for example, has the highest season average over Ty Cobb. It’s official.

    • PTBNL

      Ty Cobb is rolling over in his grave right about now…….or maybe just screaming from Hades,

    • LDS

      Apples and oranges though. Stats compiled in one league under different rules/standards can’t just be slammed together and deemed meaningful. Should guys like Gibson be recognized? Absolutely. In reality, the same can be said of NL vs. AL stats prior to the universal DH and inter-league play. Should Japanese and Korean leagues be included? MLB routinely play in those leagues and players from those leagues sign MLB contracts. All kinds of disclaimers should be noted on the record books, and not simply implying they were similar stats. Three columns: National, American, and Negro leagues, all different.

    • Oldtimer

      He will now get credit for what he was. The best hitter ever.

      • LDS

        But we don’t know that from the stat lines alone. Was Ty Cobb a better hitter than Rogers Hornsby? Each of these three men played under different conditions. The stat lines do not tell you who the best hitter of all time is. In fact, realistically there was no BEST hitter. There were simply players that produced the highest average within a given domain and rules, at various times in history.

    • Grover

      As much as I wish he had Josh Gibson never played in MLB, some things can’t be undone by simply combining them with a stroke of the pen. A tragedy is a tragedy because of its never ending effects.

  2. Andrew Brewer

    Thanks for the wrap, I missed this one. We’ll see what the Reds do tomorrow.

  3. MBS

    Rough game for Abbott, but it’s nice to see Young back and healthy. Also Williamson with another nice rehab game in AAA.

    It would be nice to see Montas with a big game tomorrow.

    • Mauired

      Rough game for Abbott but he would have lost even if he gave up 2 or 3. Bigger story is the same story. No offense.

      • MBS

        @Maui, Yes, but Abbott having a bad game is out of the ordinary, and a subpar offense is standard at this point.

  4. Votto4life

    David Bell’s moves are often baffling, but the big story of this season for me is just how anemic the offense is.

    The Reds need a lot of help offensively, I’m not
    sure Marte and Friedl are going to make that much different when they return. I also think it is going to take a long time (2026?) before Matt Mclain is fully recovered and hitting like he did last season.

    The offensive will need to be addressed this winter. Hopefully, this year’s draft will help some.

    • Rednat

      i agree the offense is terrible but what can the Reds really do about it? MLB is an Old man’s league from a batter perspective. you can have young pitchers and do well as the reds are showing but you really need those wily veteran hitters to have success.
      you look at Candelario, yes he has struggled but by the end of the year he will probably be the reds top offensive player statistically just because of he is the most experienced Red this year.

      the reds will continue to get younger with this new “Rays way” approach so it is going to be tough to find offense.

      if I am the reds I continue to petition the league for more rule changes to strengthen the offense and weaken pitching and defense. more shift bans. move the mound back, ban certain pitches.

      If this was Tee ball the reds would be the premier team in the league with our speed!

    • DaveCT

      Marte may belong at AAA for the season. He took away from the team.

    • TR

      This year’s pitching results prove the Reds have an outstanding pitching coach and staff. In the recent past the Reds had a hitting coach, Don Long, who got good results for a few years, and then left about the time Bell became manager. There’s a definite need now for the Red’s to spend money and acquire an outstanding hitting coach and staff.

      • Still a Red

        Many of us thought last year’s offense showed lots of promise. But everyone seems to be underperforming this year. Same personnel, same coach. So what’s changed? This year so far the Red’s are dead last in exit velocity (87.7 mph)and 25th in hard hit balls (36.5%). However, last year they were not much better. 26th in EV (88.2 mph) and 27th in hard hit balls (36.3%). These guys are still rookies. Will they get better???

      • Still a Red

        Last year, Reds were 10th in OBP (.327), this year so far they are 26th (.298). But their strike out rate is about the same (24.2% in 2023, 25.4% so far in 2024) and their walk rate is about the same (9.3% in 2023 vs 9.0% in 2024). BABIP last year (.306, 7th) vs this year so far (.270, 29th). Relying on speed to get our runs requires us to get on base, but our weak EV this year seems to not be finding the holes it found last year.

      • Mark

        Not sure how good the hitting coach is but it seems a change should be in order.
        These hitters look like no one is coaching them.
        Getting tired of everyone swinging for the fences.
        This team is just not built that way.
        All that speed just going to waste.

  5. Michael B. Green

    Didn’t win the battle of the walks today. 3 is not bad.

    • Michael B. Green

      One of them preceded a HR though.

      • Doc

        So what? Any baserunner, no matter how he gets on, can precede a home run. Reds had a walk and an HBP to load the bases, but no HR.

  6. jmb

    I guess a 4-hit game is better than a 3-hit game, but it’s still a loss. If you rely on Benson to power the offense, you’re gonna lose.

  7. DaveCT

    Anyone in the Atlanta system worth acquiring in a mid-level trade? They are looking for outfield help.

    We may have an extra, if, upon Friedl’s return, Hurtubise has claimed a platoon job. Hinds and Dunn at AAA are heating up this month, too. I’m thinking Benson might be seen as the second arrival of Jason Hayward in Atlanta, Fraley is currently playing much better. Decent RH power bat in exchange for Benson? OF/1B?

    • Indy Red Man

      But Fraley has 1 stinking HR. One? This offense is flailing at every level. Younger guys & vets alike. They’re going to put this season on ice if they don’t wake up soon

      • DaveCT

        I’d be happy offering either Fraley of Benson (both whom i still really like). But for the sake of discussion.

        It’s seemed like we’ve had an extra LH outfielder. Part of that is having lost the India as OF, due to McLain, Marte. But it was there before, too.

        And … There is no reason to think Marte will make any contribution whatsoever this year; it’s more like anything he can contribute is an add-on. I’d put him in AAA, actually. He took away from the team, And, McLain should just take the long, slow route back.

        As for Atlanta, how about for Forrest Wall? Both former first rounders on their second chances.

      • Mauired

        Second chances? Wall is a 28 year old minor leaguer in his 4th organization. No thanks.

        Reds should hold on to Benson. He’s coming around. Should have never been in the leadoff spot. He showed what he’s capable of doing last year after a slow start.

      • DaveCT

        Will Benson, soon 26.

        2nd in baseball for K’s.

        Does he help this year?

    • MBS

      @Dave, I don’t know if we can say we have an extra offensive player.

      Steer 111
      Benson 102
      Fraley 101
      Fairchild 97
      Hurtubise 69

      EDLC 124
      Steph 108
      Candy 103
      Indy 84
      ESPY 51

      We have 7 roughly average or better offensive players. Even if Friedl returns that’s only 8. Unfortunately the rules we need to bat 9 hitters every game.

      1 Friedl (CF) 2 Steer (1B) 3 EDLC (SS)
      4 Steph (C) 5 Candy (3B) 6 Indy (2B)
      7 Fraley (DH) 8 Fair/Hurt (LF) 9 Ben (RF)

  8. Lex

    Why do you keep saying Marte “took away from this team last year”? He batted over .300 with speed as a semi-rookie. I’m not saying he’ll turn the team around but he’d be a welcome addition over Martini or Ford

  9. Old-school

    Getting Friedl back will help but Reds offense still has too many holes and thats really where Krall could make some upgrades.

    Reds have a lot of issues on offense but the biggest is the gaping hole at DH the size of the Grand Canyon. Bell has used Ford or Martini a lot as the left handed DH. Both are there to be used as power lefties at GABP for the long ball. Martini has a few and FOrd has given nothing. Both cant hit for avg or get on base or run and are terrible defensively.

    Filtering over at Fangraphs shows the Reds are dead last in fWAR from the DH. Shield your eyes as these numbers may violate site guidelines for profanity

    REDS DH in 2024

    3.3 % BB. ISO .120
    WRC+ 37 and fWAR -1.3

    Old friend Jesse Winker agaisnt righties this year in Washington is back to his old ways.

    .272/.382/.456/.838. WRC+ 142.

    No he cant hit lefties but he would be a monumental upgrade over Ford and Martini , is cheap and could be had a for low level minors lotto ticket. Get Da Wink!

  10. Rob

    Personally, I think we are beyond the plug and play guy. We are 7 games under 500 and need to play like 15-20 games over 500 to gain a playoff spot. And I assume that is the objective after last year’s collapse. To play 17 games over 500, we will need a lot more than Friedl. Recall we are batting Benson and Hurtubise against LH pitching and pinch hitting Ford and Espinal. That definitely will not get you to 17 games over 500 in 4 months. That is playing at a level approaching the Braves or Orioles. We need a strong RH bat who hits in the #2 or #3 spot. Not a plug and play Renfro, Pham, Bader, Drury, Naquin, etc. Luis Arreaz would have worked and that cost the Padres 3 prospects. But they were 4 games under 500 and wanted to start picking up ground. They have picked up what 5-6 games in a month. Krall and Bell have been preaching for a month now that this is going to turnaround. I don’t see it and the deficit is deep and time is ticking.if you are still 7 games under 500 in early July, you are going to need Judge and Soto to recover. All the while every youngster burns another year of his contract. Unload about 2-3 of those prospects and get some talent in here. Not Ford, Espinal, Hurtubise.

  11. Michael Wilson

    Fraley has one homer, 7 rbis in over 100 at bats. Only six extra base hits. Almost seems like a typo. Don’t think Atlanta would want him right now.

    • Michael Wilson

      It’s a numbers game and platooning is here to stay but just give me 3 good outfielders that can hit and one ok outfielder that can fill in once in a while. Platooning has consumed the Reds.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Until the Reds change their team approach on hitting it won’t matter.I can’t believe the whole team just forgot how to hit.Sure we have some that can’t and never will becuase they are bench players at best.The numbers speak for themselves yet all we hear is we won’t change who we are and were close and we believe in the process etc etc.Its the approach its how they are being coached and unless one or both are changed it will not get any better.I mean lets be real unless the pitching holds them to a run or two we ain’t got much of a chance on most nights.

  13. Mark Moore

    This one definitely rates a Stink. Fish. Pot!!! from me.

  14. Roger Garrett

    AA fought in the 6th to keep it a winnable game and left 2 on base.Bell left him in after a lead walk in the 7th and Gorman makes it 5-1.Another hit follows and then he goes and gets him.I harped on this in the game thread.I checked all I could check this morning and nobody even asked him about it.Bell needs to go.

    • Rob

      Abbott pitched a solid 6 innings but it was fairly obvious that he was withering at the end of the 6th. Seemed to me a fresh arm was needed in the 7th. We had a few arms in the pen but one of the downsides of Sunday’s pen game was pitcher unavailability for a few days. If Abbott pitches on time on Sunday, there is no arms issue. But Bell gets his fresh Abbott on extra days rest. But unless Koufax pitches, we dont win that game and that (the offense) is the much bigger long term issue that we continue to walk away from.

  15. Roger Garrett

    I agree the offense is a mess and a 3-1 loss is just as bad as 7-1 but he had more then a few arms in the pen.The pen game on Sunday saw Martinez and Spiers get all but 4 outs.Suter got 2 on 7 pitches and Diaz got 2 on 16 pitches.Only pitcher not available last night was Martinez and Spiers was sent down and Young brought up.It wasn’t about pitcher availablity for me cause Buck,Young,and Suter all pitched.The issue was AA should never faced Gorman after the lead walk.I get it lefty on lefty but if your going to use 2 more anyway why not bring one in right there and try to keep it a winnable game.Bell tried to get another out from AA cause Buck was in next per his script and it didn’t work.Pen games can deplete a pen but because of Martinez and Spiers it didn’t.Bell could have tried to keep the game within reach and he didn’t.Again your right we don’t win that game anyway but its his job to try and win every game.Offense is just awful but even if it wasn’t Bell does stuff like this and nobody in the media even asked him about it.Maybe I am missing something but I just don’t see it.

    • Pete

      You make great points, Roger. The only thing I may disagree about is if a 3-1lead would’ve led to a different outcome as far as a win or loss. We will never know. But it was outrageous that he let him continue after that 4-pitch walk. David Bell is not the answer.

  16. VaRedsFan

    TJ activated.
    Ford DFA.

    Stay healthy TJ…the Reds need you.

    • VaRedsFan

      And starting/leading off today.

      Mostly same as yesterday, except Maile catching