Nate was joined this week by Jeff Carr, host of Locked on Reds, as well as Twitter legend and Riverfront family favorite Branch Brown to discuss the state of the union. After they had a terrible time recapping this ugly stretch they decided to channel their inner Geno Suarez and go Good Vibes Only!

The guys went toe-to-toe in a 6 round All Time Reds Trade draft where they had to choose from select categories to keep it interesting. And to round it, they discussed why there is, in fact, some reason to hope!

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9 Responses

  1. Brian

    Why does anyone with a Reds audience call out this pathetic bs? Is there a worse organization in sports? Honest question? Who? They have to at least be in the top five, right? This ownership group continues to get a free pass by everyone.
    I guess that it comes down to accept continuous poop or leave. They simply don’t care and the media types will not call them out. It’s fluff city and it’s so tiring.
    There are so many old school fans of this team. The fans are taken for granted and this is strictly a business for this ownership group. No heart and these are the unfortunate facts!!!

  2. Brian

    Why doesn’t? I can’t even type because I’m seeing Red mad!

  3. Mike W

    It’s pathetic that no one in a position to do so hasn’t released Bell. 5+ years of winning less than 50% of our games. He tried, he failed, move on. Change has to occur from the top and quickly. This season will already be 1/3rd over after Monday’s game (54 of 162 games). Here’s what needs to happen:
    1. Obviously, fire Bell and put either Benavides or Derek Johnson into the position. Tell him he has to win 50% of the next 50 games, or he’s gone. If he doesn’t want the job, I’ve watched the Reds last 500 games, I’ll do it for free.
    2. Instead of sending poor hitting ML guys down to AAA ball, bring the AAA hitting coach up to replace our ML hitting coach. Shorten and flatten swings to make contact and drive the ball — especially to the opposite field.
    3. Our pitching coach (Derek Johnson) is great as are our SPs. So why aren’t our RPs great? DJ needs to figure that out fast.
    4. Bring Butler back to continue teaching bunting.
    5. Have all runners wear two “oven gloves” once on base.
    6. Meet with all the RPs and ask for their thoughts and advice.
    7. Meet with all the field position players and ask for their thoughts and advice.
    The above should produce a team that’s winning 6 of 10 with-in two weeks. If I’m managing and make the playoffs, I want a $1M bonus.

    • Optimist

      You’re underpricing yourself in #7.

      • Mike W

        I like your “optimism” Optimist!
        Maybe add in: and salary doubles each year we make the playoffs. I’ve seen the Red’s last 500 games in a row and know baseball pretty well. I just retired from a job with 23,000 employees and I have a degree in psychology. I’ll leave the coaching to the coaches and will “manage” the team. The fact every starter is hitting below their career BA’s tells me the problem isn’t the players — ‘cuz the odds are a zillion to one that everyone of them goes into a career slump during the first 60 days. The problem is the manager. Thx again Optimist.

      • Oldtimer

        I’m glad I don’t have my coffee yet or I would have spit it all over my laptop.

        1. Watched 500 straight Reds games.
        2. Will manage for free.

    • Oldtimer

      Winning 6 of 10. That’s 60%.

      The last Reds manager to do that was Sparky Anderson in 1976. He also did it in 1975, 1974, 1973, 1972, and 1970.

      Before Sparky, Fred Hutchinson did it in 1961 and 1961. Before that, Bill McKechnie in 1939 and 1940.

      And only one other since 1900. Pat Moran in 1919.

      So within two weeks, you will be HOF caliber manager working for free.

    • JON

      Sorry, without Marte,Mclain,Friedl,CES and Lodolo none of this will happen.

  4. Mike W

    P.S. Regardless of their age and experience, the players need individual and daily attention. Not someone leaning up against a rail watching them fail.