Last night saw the San Diego Padres even the series up against the Cincinnati Reds. This afternoon the two sides will play the final game of a 3-game series and the winner today also picks up the series victory. First pitch is set for 1:10pm ET.

Starting Lineup

San Diego Padres

Cincinnati Reds

Luis Arraez – 1B Jacob Hurtubise – LF
Fernando Tatis Jr. – DH Elly De La Cruz – SS
Jurickson Profar – LF Jeimer Candelario – 3B
Jake Cronenworth – 2B Mike Ford – DH
Manny Machado – 3B Spencer Steer – 1B
David Peralta – RF Nick Martini – RF
Jackson Merrill – CF Jonathan India – RF
Ha-Seong Kim – SS Luke Maile – C
Kyle Higashioka – C Will Benson – CF
Matt Waldron – RHP Frankie Montas – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Frankie Montas 35.0 4.37 1.37 15 25
Matt Waldron 45.0 5.00 1.42 17 45
Links: Frankie Montas’ Stats | Matt Waldron’s Stats

Frankie Montas

Over the last two outings – both on the road – Montas has not been great, allowing seven earned runs in 9.2 innings with four walks, four strikeouts, and three home runs allowed.

The splits for Montas has been better against right-handed hitters than lefties this year. They are hitting for a lower average, getting on base less often, and hitting for far less power. Left-handed hitters aren’t hitting for much average, but they have a solid on-base percentage and slugging percentage. Not shown below is that his ERA at home is 2.04, while it’s 6.75 on the road.


RHH 71 15 2 0 2 6 13 .234 .310 .359
LHH 84 18 3 0 4 9 12 .247 .345 .452

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Cutter Slider Split
Velo 95.3 94.1 89.7 85.1 85.7
Usage 36% 16% 16% 10% 21%

Matt Waldron

At the end of April the Reds saw Waldon in San Diego and scored four runs in six innings against him as Cincinnati picked up a win.In his last outing he struck out 10 in 5.2 innings of 1-run ball against Atlanta.

The splits are quite big for Waldron this season. Right-handed hitters have found no success anywhere against him. Left-handed hitters, though, are crushing the ball against him – hitting for a high average, walking at a high rate, and hitting for a lot of power.


RHH 103 20 5 0 2 6 26 .208 .252 .323
LHH 96 27 8 0 4 11 19 .321 .400 .560

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Knuckle Cutter Slider
Velo 91.3 90.6 77.3 87.0 78.7
Usage 22% 16% 37% 7% 18%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 71°, partly cloudy, 15% chance of rain

News and Notes

Emilio Pagan to the injured list

The reliever has a sore triceps and is heading to the injured list. Both Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Mark Sheldon of reported this prior to the game, but the corresponding roster move is not yet known.

TJ Friedl and Nick Lodolo updates

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 28 21
Chicago 27 23 1.5
St. Louis 23 26 5.0
Pittsburgh 23 27 5.5
Cincinnati 20 29 8.0

155 Responses

  1. LDS

    This may be one of the worst lineups Bell has ever plated. What in the world makes him think that Ford can carry the cleanup spot. Put Stephenson at 1B. That’s not too stressful. If the Reds would start putting players on the IL when the injury occurs instead of pretending they are “day-to-day”, the bench wouldn’t be so depleted. And the Williams/Wittenmeyer article on the Enquirer is absurd, Votto and Pham? Get real. Hopefully, this isn’t a Krall leak – just their own speculation.

    • LarkinPhillips

      If I knew Ford was going to be the replacement, I never would have wanted to see the Reds move on from Votto. At least his return would put a few more people in the seats come July and August when we are 35 games under 500.

      • CI3J

        Ford wasn’t supposed to be the replacement. It was supposed to be CES and/or Steer.

      • LarkinPhillips

        CI3J, I am well aware of that. It was meant more as sarcasm for where we are currently though.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Saw Bell’s cleanup hitter decision and said WTF! Nothing against Ford but traditionally, the cleanup position is reserved for one of you best hitter and RBI guys!

    • DW

      Yeah, or DH Stephenson…pretty simple. Bell seems to focus more on giving guys rest than winning games.

    • Harry Stoner

      That article reads like two guys trying blabbing to fill some air time or column inches.

      They don’t even take one another seriously.

      Most useful thing said was: “Get ready for Opening Day 2025”.


      This season is toast.

      No need to make a Bull-headed move so the team can wind up in 4th place.

      • LDS

        Krall needs to start making the best deals he can to acquire players that may help in the out years. Start with Montas. Beyond his opening day start, he hasn’t looked particularly good. I had had some hope for Krall originally, but unfortunately, it looks like his specialty is cutting payroll, not building a winning team.

  2. LarkinPhillips

    mlbtrade rumors is reporting Brett Kennedy is recalled to replace Pagan. Bubba Thompson DFA to clear 40 man spot. Santillan has to be wondering what he has to do in order to get called up.

    • Tom Diesman

      Santillan’s issue might have something to do with 6.1 BB/9 this season at AAA. The MLB average is 3.3 BB/9.

      • LarkinPhillips

        He has 15 walks total. 7 of those came in 2 appearances. He has 22 total appearances this year. Not saying he doesn’t walk people, but that stat is a bit nit picky, compared to Brett Kennedy getting called up over him.

        Also, Fernando Cruz 5.4 BB/9, Alexis Diaz 7.3 BB/9, Sims 5.78 BB/9. He would fit right in haha.

  3. old-school

    Tony Santillan is 10/10 in saves opportunities, striking out 12 per 9 IP and has an ERA of 2.45
    Louisville just posts an article how he is fearlessly attacking hitters and one of the top relief pitchers in all of minor league baseball.

    So the Reds call up Brett Kennedy.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Maybe the Reds know they won’t have a lead to protect today and plan to have Kennedy “eat a bunch of innings and give the bullpen a rest??

      • old-school

        I think they don’t want a roster crunch next month or later in the year with all the vets with no options and also dont want a closer controversy. Better to bring up guys to the big leagues who can be DFA’d later because no one will claim them than bring up pitchers who can help you win now with the season on a brink.

        Lodolo, Young, and Williamson will need 40 man spots and they arent DFA’ing Farmer, Sims, or Pagan and Diaz and Cruz wont get sent to the minors.

      • Harry Stoner

        With Martinez and now Spiers, Bell seems to be moving away from his “Russian Roulette” approach to his BP ‘managing’ and letting some pitchers go multiple innings.
        Maybe Kennedy could play that role?
        I’d also like to see Santillan brought up, but Krall is likely to let him twist in the wind.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    Did a little research on the Reds current Manager! The research was prompted by a question in a text message from my younger brother in AZ as to why the Reds haven’t fired D. Bell since the Reds are now entrenched in last place in the NL Central Division.

    In their infinite wisdom, the Reds organization hired Bell in October of 2018, a manager with NO major league managing experience! Bell’s current Won-Loss percentage after five (5) seasons (including the COVID shortened 2020 season) and thru 49 games of the 2024 is .466.

    To be fair, the Reds FO has not given Bell a lot of help in the player department! Nevertheless, at some point, probably at the end of June or during the All Star break, if the Reds are still bumbling along 10 games under .500 and 10+ games out of first place (or a Wild Card spot), the Reds FO will need to make some tough decisions!

    Don’t get me wrong, love my Reds (since 1961) and always will, but this current situation is hard to watch! Would love to see a turnaround and a modest winning streak before the Dirty Birds series begins on Monday May 27th!

    Every winning streak starts with one game! Let’s start today!

    • LarkinPhillips

      I can understand Bell having a losing record, I can even understand Bell managing 100 loss season with the players he had that year. What I can’t understand is that he has managed 2 teams that have collapsed down the stretch and missed the postseason in exactly the same style and now is managing a team that even with Elly is still one of the most boring uninspired teams I have ever seen.

      Like you, I have been a Reds fan my entire life and will continue to be. Last year, I went to 7 games and live a 6 hour drive (one way) away from the stadium. I went to opening day this year as well. I will not spend another dollar attending a game though until something changes. IF this mess continue through June, I will probably stop watching games for a while. Hopefully, we see some changes after we get through this miserable month of May and the team gets some energy and fights back to make the second half of the season at least somewhat interesting.

  5. Klugo

    Torn triceps sounds pretty serious. Donesy?

    • Harry Stoner

      ‘Torn triceps’?
      Pagan was reported to say his MRI came back ‘super clean’.
      Has there been a change?

  6. Dennis Westrick

    Any updates on the ever-growing list of Reds with injuries now that Pagan has joined the infirmary? Need TJ, Lodolo, Fraley and CES back sooner than later!

  7. Indy Red Man

    Elly to score a run & parlay Elly run, Frankie over 2.5 er, and over 8.5. They’re busting loose today for 4-5 runs. Look out

    • Dennis Westrick

      Love your optimism! And betting advice?

      • Indy Red Man

        Well their guy is getting hammered by lefties! A .321 batting average allowed and .960 ops and we’ve got 6 in the lineup. Unfortunately 3 of them are AAAA players, but we’ll give it a go

  8. Pete

    One way this disaster of a season could be saved is if David Bell is replaced with a qualified MLB manager. It is the only silver lining I can find in this cloud. The organization has a whole has taken a serious step back from last season.

    For the most part, the player development at the minor-league level has been a complete disgrace. With just a few exceptions all the prospects seem to have taken a step or two backwards. What the heck is going on?

  9. Pete

    Looking at advanced fielding metrics, the Reds keystone combo of de la Cruz and India might be the worst in the history of the game. I like Jonathan a lot but right now he is not a major league caliber player. I’d rather see Soto up here and see what he can bring.

  10. JB

    LMBO. When they switched Ford and Martini to see if maybe Ford could get something going , I was ok with it. He didn’t and it was no surprise. Now they have given Bell the chance to double down that mistake and play both of them. This team is a major joke. Not wasting my beautiful sunny day here to watch this crap shoot. Hoping they lose 100.

  11. LarkinPhillips

    Martini looks like he is running in quick sand in the outfield. Reminds me of Winker out there.

  12. Jim Walker

    Did I see the closed caption correctly? Sadak said that “mercifully” the inning (T1) ended on the tagout at 3B??

    Everybody must be getting short fused.

      • Jim Walker

        No, 😉
        India’s day so far seems to be very inauspicious to me. Looked like a 90% speed infield practice on the turn and throw on the missed GIDP opportunity.

        He then doubled down by not really setting up for a relay to home or 3B which is what Martini was expecting which resulted in him having to jerk his throw more in the 2B direction. Fortunately, EDLC went over and got the throw which eluded India and no harm resulted from that.

  13. RedsGettingBetter

    EDLC strikeout swinging a 91.6 MPH fastball in the middle up of the zone…

  14. Ksdavis

    I guess the Reds couldn’t have used Arraez. Will never know what the ask was, but I am sure the Reds wouldn’t want to give up any of their prized prospects to help this years team.

  15. Gpod

    There is no point of keeping Ford on this team

  16. old-school

    I like Stephenson in the 4 hole at DH to get that run in from third with less than 2 out. Ford K’s on 3 pitches. Good thing hes rested for tomorrow.

    • Gpod

      _________is a joke…….many names could be used to fill that blank this year

  17. LarkinPhillips

    Well this game is going to get out of hand quickly…. Maybe we will see Kennedy in mop up duty at least.

    • Jim Walker

      Brett Kennedy, come on down to the GABP mound and play MLB pitcher for a day.

  18. Mark A Verticchio

    This is really getting bad, a decision must be made on Bell for the fans sake.

    • Harry Stoner

      That decision was made last year with the 3 year extension.

      Fraley and Pagan injuries only buy him more time, yet Bell takes it out on a chair.

      I’d like to see a chair take it out on Bell.

      Management certainly won’t.

  19. Roger Garrett

    Game set series and we’ll get em next year.

  20. Don

    Montas’ April ERA was 6.08. After today’s sorry showing, his May ERA will be approaching that number.

  21. Harry Stoner

    Candelario stealing home?

    Out of frustration?

    Bell: “I support the aggressiveness!”

  22. Mark A Verticchio

    Remember when Montas talked about winning 20 games, what a joke. I have got to believe the players, what they have left, have quit on Bell. I don’t see how management can let this type of play go on much longer.

    • Don

      You know what? Don’t tell me you are going to win 20. Just go out and win 20 and let your actions do your talking. He looks like a fool right now.

  23. Doug Gray

    Just dropping in to make an announcement of sorts with regards to the game recaps – I’ve stopped including the Statcast link for the games. I looked at the numbers and 2-4 people would click that link on average each day. By comparison hundreds of people were clicking the box score. It doesn’t save a ton of time every day to not include it, but it does save some time and since almost no one was utilizing it, I’ve made the decision to just not go out of my way to go grab the link and insert it into the recaps. If you are one of the three people who clicked it every day – I’m sorry.

  24. CI3J

    Ever see the movie “Angels in the Outfield”?

    The way the Reds are playing reminds me a lot of the way the Pirates were playing before the angels show up.

    At least their manager Guffy McGovern showed some passion, though.

  25. Indy Red Man

    Got my Frankie over 2.5 er pretty quick.
    No thanks for next year. It was worth a shot.

  26. Mark A Verticchio

    I think we are all letting Bell of the hook to easy for not having his hottest hitter in the line up. Media included.

  27. LarkinPhillips

    Normally I am a big fan of a catcher hitting .158 bunting with runners on 1st and 2nd and no outs. But with the strikeout King Benson on deck, I think I would rather risk the double play. Kind of a lose lose for Bell here.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Love when Maile comes through. Glad to eat crow in this situation. Hopefully Benson makes me wrong as well.

  28. Don

    This umpiring crew is simply awful today…geez.

  29. LarkinPhillips

    Rules question. Maile swings at strike 3 there and the ball goes out of play. Does he get 1b if that is ruled a strike out as he was not put away by the throw to first?

    • Jim Walker

      No, because there was a runner at 1B when the pitch was made and the K would NOT be the final out of the inning.

      • LarkinPhillips

        If there wasn’t a runner at 1st. Sorry, I should have clarified that. It is so weird to see a third strike go out of play like that.

      • Jim Walker

        The prickly situation would have been if it was ruled a swing and miss, would Martini have been awarded home and India 3B or would they have been placed at 3B and 2B.

        I haven’t a clue on the general rule or any GABP specific rule about wild pitches/ passes balls which go out of play.

  30. LarkinPhillips

    Benson needs to be in Louisville tomorrow. I am liking Hurtubuise’s approach at the plate.

    • DW

      I’m guessing that I am one of his bigger supporters and I completely agree. He needs to go down and work on things, just like last year, and come back up when he gets it figured out.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I like Benson as well. But this isn’t doing him any favors right now. His swing is very long right now and he is completely pull happy. His hands start too far from his body and he tries to jerk them back in to get on path while the ball is coming. He is fixable, but he either isn’t getting the coaching or isn’t listening right now.

      • CI3J

        Seeing as how he managed to fix his issues last year, my vote is on he’s not getting the coaching. He seems very coachable, it’s just no one is doing it.

        Actually, I’ve noticed a lot of hitters when they come up fresh from Louisville are much better hitters than after they’ve been on the Reds for a few months. Is that because pitchers figure them out… Or is it because the coaches are helping them?

      • Hanginwithem

        Agreed, DW. He is fixable. He looks tense and mechanical. We have not seen his best. Would like to see him settle in and drive the ball to the gaps. Maybe another Jason Heyward? Maybe…

  31. Harry Stoner

    Ford K with runner on 3rd.
    Benson K with bases loaded.
    EDLC K with bases loaded.

    “This won’t change who we are!”

  32. CI3J

    Bases loaded, zero outs.

    Results: Strikeout, single (1 run scores), strikeout, groundout.

    I guess I should be impressed they actually got a single run out of it.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Only because Hurtubuise hasn’t learned that he should swing as hard as possible every swing like Benson. He will get trained up soon enough by the Reds staff.

  33. Indy Red Man

    Every time I bet Elly lately he goes Ofer.
    We get chances, but guys can’t even scratch out a groundball/sac fly rbi

  34. Mark A Verticchio

    EDLC could have easily bunted for a hit and a run. How could Antone say Montas is looking good, come on man. How dumb do people think Reds fans are?

  35. Don

    TJ Antone: “Frankie is looking really good today”

  36. Mark A Verticchio

    I agree that Benson must be sent down, he is embarrassing himself right now.

  37. Indy Red Man

    Steer was .144 over 90 at-bats going into yesterday. Benson is now 8-56 for May which is a robust .143. Ford says “Hold my beer. And my donut”

  38. Beaufort Red

    Benson down. Capel up. EDLC has one great game on the road, is the talk of.MLB for a couple games. Has gone back to being a strikeout machine and chokes with runners in scoring position.

    • Harry Stoner

      Raw talent.
      He’s got some serious holes in his game.
      Hard to believe he’s getting any useful advice, critique or role modeling.

      • DW

        Give Bell enough time and he will have him developed into an average veteran utility player.

  39. RedsGettingBetter

    Arraez has 7 hits between yesterday and today so far

  40. LarkinPhillips

    Heck of a play by Machado, but dang the Reds find ways to not score and execute.

    • CI3J

      It sometimes feels like the Reds are TRYING to fail at everything they do.

  41. RedsGettingBetter

    Waldron finally complete 5 innings thanks to the horrible Reds offense… An average offensive team should have been score 5 or 6 runs against him today

  42. Mark A Verticchio

    I have a hard time with the Reds announcers, I miss Marty telling it like was. If they stunk he would call them out on it, boy we he have a hard time with this bunch not driving him crazy. The fact of the matter is this team is much worse than their 20 and 30 record. I will however, admit that the schedule has been really difficult but it doesn’t get much better with the Dodgers, red hot Cardinals and Cubs coming up.

    • Don

      Sadak is sharp, but he looks at everything through rose colored glasses. Listening to Marty was like listening to a game with a buddy. He would call out great plays and he would call out poor plays too. I don’t expect Sadak to be Marty, but I’d like to see him be more realistic.

  43. Mark A Verticchio

    Mike Ford needs to go asap, he is awful period.

  44. Roger Garrett

    Yeah and its was the same against Musgrove and every other pitcher for the most part.We get em loaded with no outs and hope we score 1 run while other teams just put it in play and they know they will get 2 and if they get a hit it may be 4.Its the little things that this team has no clue about doing.I get it that the pitching is way ahead of the hitting but it all about the game situation and often its just a ground ball or a fly ball that makes the difference in the game.Reds have to be the worst in getting a runner home from third with less then two outs.

  45. CI3J

    I just realized the Reds have the 6th worst record in all of baseball, and are only 5 games out from having THE worst.

    Despite that, their run differential isn’t too bad, sitting at -9. That says they should only be about 1-2 games under .500.

    Make of that what you will.

  46. SultanofSwaff

    Martini has power. That’s why it was so dumb to try the first and third steal of home earlier.

  47. LarkinPhillips

    Antone calls the walk and bomb… Gotta love that guy!

  48. LarkinPhillips

    Is Schildt drunk? That was the craziest thing I have seen from an opposing manager. Looked like an old man just roaming onto the field.

    • Hanginwithem

      Maybe throwing a couple back with the umps last evening! Haha.

  49. RedsGettingBetter

    Well Martini earning his spot for the rest of the season

  50. Dennis Westrick

    Let’s score a couple of runs, get nine (9) outs and send the Friars back to the monastary!

  51. Roger Garrett

    They bring in a lefty to face Benson?Will Bell counter?The drama unfolds.Sorry just being silly of course.

  52. Roger Garrett

    No drama and no contact but he waked.

  53. RedsGettingBetter

    Wow, can’t take a breathe… Hurtubise reached 3-1 count but Benson caught stealing… Incredible…

    • LarkinPhillips

      Worst case scenario was Hurtubuise got out and Elly lead off an inning with his speed. Instead we get thrown out for no reason.

  54. Roger Garrett

    The pitcher isn’t throwing strikes so we help him out by being caught stealing.Reds should have 6 or 7 runs right now just by being smart.

    • CI3J

      Poor fundamentals.

      It’s begins and ends with the coaching.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Thankfully we decided to pitch hit for Hurtubuise to lead of the 7th verse the same pitcher, but not in the 6th with a runner on. Two straight games of very odd substitution of Fairchild by Bell. One of the many ways he keeps us (and his players) guessing.

  55. RedsGettingBetter

    What a impressive inning by Cruz… Score runs please…

  56. SultanofSwaff

    Matsui has as many walks as IP, yet EDLC and Candy both swing at multiple pitches out of the zone rather than working a walk. This is what pressing looks like.

  57. RedsGettingBetter

    EDLC and Candelario just refused to walk , both were chasing a lot to be retired finally…Undisciplined hitters…

    • Dennis Westrick

      Been a problem all season wrong! Either coaching, stupidity or BOTH!

      • Doug Gray

        Dennis, it’s not stupidity. Simply not being able to identify a pitch quickly enough isn’t a matter of being dumb. It’s a matter of eyesight and reaction time.

        Elly De La Cruz, by the way, has a well above-average walk rate this season.

      • Oldtimer

        I’m no expert (and don’t pretend to be) but I’ve read the batter has 0.15 seconds to decide whether to swing or not. Not 100% sure if that fraction is right but I have read that.

  58. Grand Salami

    Cowboy was talking about India’s struggles and the plate. He literally predicted the strike out pitch moments before it occurred. He called out the fact that India was giving up the outside of the plate. Opposing pitchers start him off with a slider away so that every at bat he begins 0–1.

    Cowboy said they would finish them off with a slider down and away, and a few seconds later it happened

    • Harry Stoner

      This was happening on a regular basis in 2023 as well.

      No adjustments made, and likely no advice provided.

      “Be who you are!”

  59. Dennis Westrick

    Twelve (12) strikeouts by Reds “hitters” thru 8 innings! Inexcusible!

  60. Don

    Really rolling the dice with bringing Diaz in here. Bell has more faith in him than I do.

  61. Gpod

    Benson just expects to strikeout when he goes up to bat

    • Don

      If he can’t hit righties (which he is not) he has no business in the bigs since he darn sure can’t hit lefties.

    • Daytonnati

      It’s like getting a shot. He seems relieved when it’s over.

  62. Jason Franklin

    Has this team ever heard of shortening up on the bat and not swinging for the fences?

  63. Grand Salami

    Benson must go down to AAA. The rats are destroying him and hurting themselves.

  64. RedsGettingBetter

    Couldn’t win in 9 innings …Now , we go the russian roulette…

  65. Dennis Westrick

    And, what’s our record in extra inning games?

  66. Don

    This has all the makings of a huge inning for the Friars.

  67. Dennis Westrick

    Speaking of extra inning games, I often wonder, with the ghost runner at 2nd, and given our proclivity to strike out or not hit behind the runner, why we don’t sacrifice the runner to 3rd and take our chances with the next 2 batters?

    • Harry Stoner

      Because Bell read some numbers about it somewhere.

      And he knows things.

  68. Chad Donnell

    We can DFA Maile. He brings nothing to the plate.

  69. Gpod

    this tells you everything you need to know about the Reds this year….bottom of the 9th in a tie game with a chance for a big walk off win to finally win a series…..3 batters & 3 strikeouts……thank you very much for participating in the 2024 season….see yourself out the door

    • Don

      And Arraez starts off the Padres 10th with a beautiful surprise bunt. It’s the difference in a team that is focused and executes versus a team that clearly isn’t and doesn’t.

  70. VaRedsFan

    Tatis all out of whack against anything that curves.
    Moll tries to throw a fastball past him.
    Facepalm at the decision maker of that pitch call

  71. Dennis Westrick

    Another epic failure = another loss! Only 3 more months untile the start of college football!

    • Gpod

      I will settle for watching Mr. Burrow

    • VaRedsFan

      Who cares about football?
      This is a baseball website.

  72. Hanginwithem

    Do we need to call attention to the interaction between Fairchild and Martini in center and right?

    • Don

      Gotta continue to take care of the small things when things aren’t going your way. I think Bell has preached that this season. Did either of those call the other off?

      • Roger Garrett

        Bell won’t be asked but if he is it he will say they didn’t make a mistake.

    • TJ

      I was listening to it. Cowboy said that was such a bad play by the rightfielder. Fairchild calling for it the whole way and has a much better arm. Cowboy said Fairchild has to take a couple steps to break away from the right fielder.

  73. Dennis Westrick

    As Earl Weaver used to say “Give me 2 bloops & a blast!

  74. Roger Garrett

    Turn out the lights the party’s over.Maybe Bell will throw a chair and the guys will rally behind it.Yeah that will work but then again we’re good and we know we’re good and we did when one game so we all should be good.

    • Harry Stoner

      I’d rather see the team rally around the chair at this point.

  75. RedsGettingBetter

    EDLC has 4 Ks again…I rather when he has 4 hits really…

    • Gpod

      He is constantly taking strike one on the first pitch……i know he wants to work the count but taking the 1st pitch every at bat & being down 0-1 is not working

  76. Roger Garrett

    On a positive note Montas held them after a rough first two innings.Gave his team a chance and thats all you can ask.

  77. Don

    The Reds should have allowed Ford to stick with his plans of going fishing with his Dad instead of signing him. He adds no value whatsoever on this team. There have to be better options.

  78. Don

    17 out of 21 and now the Dodgers come to town.

  79. RedsGettingBetter

    Another series loss… I lost the count how many are…

  80. Jason Franklin

    20-30 record after 50. That’s something.

    When does the FO do something like fire the manager? This just makes the fanbase think that the FO doesn’t care about winning at this point. Do they want fans to come to the games or not?

    • Rob

      Personally, I don’t think this team is good enough to be layoff competitive considering the offensive injuries. But i don’t have Krall’s baseball wisdom and I have said that or the last 3-4 weeks. So obviously, he must have weighed that as a possibility and concluded much differently.

      But now as the injured start returning Nick, how good are we? I realistically think we could battle back to 500 by August or September but is that good enough? To get to the playoffs, I think we probably have to play 20 over 500 (86 wins). Krall either must think that is doable or he doesn’t care. Let you answer which one.

  81. LDS

    Now 10 games under .500. Krall could change this teams’s trajectory tomorrow without acquiring a single new player. But he won’t. Better fundamentals today could easily have led to a run.

    • Jason Franklin

      Do you think the lack of fundamentals is a direct failure of the farm system?

      • Harry Stoner

        Not in the least.

        Fundamentals need to be reinforced at all levels.

        Clearly they aren’t under the Bell regime.

        Excuses are practiced on a daily basis, though.

      • LDS

        I’m cynical enough to wonder if the Reds train them out of it. It’s hard to believe that every player shows up with such poor skills from high school, college, etc.

    • Rob

      Fundamentals are bad but other things are just as bad.
      1) Martini’s poor approach on Machado fly ball; Martinis missed relay to India.
      2) botched double steal
      3) India’s weak off line throw on inning ending DP (can’t take much more of this guy’s defense)
      4) Pads running on our OF arms; our not running on Pads arms.

      Recognize it doesn’t do any good but why doesn’t Bell or his absence the media call these things out. Ford, India, and Martini should do nothing other than DH or play for another team. India spent all spring playing LF and 1B ….with not so good results. Did we give up on him. His 1B play has to be less damaging than his 2B play. Bad arm, covers minimal ground, etc.

  82. Dennis Westrick

    16 of the 30 outs recorded by the Reds were strikeouts! Just saying!

    • Harry Stoner

      “This won’t change who we are!”

      EDLC is going to need a new hat rack for all the sombreros he’s collecting.

  83. Jason Franklin

    As I said earlier, wouldn’t it be something amazing if they went up to the plate not trying to hit the ball as hard as possible? I really the days when batters would choke up on the bat and try to make contact.

  84. Jerry Capehart

    The reds need to reorganize! Joey Votto helped Benson with some batting tips last year and Benson’s batting average shot up tp .299 before setterling back. Where is some help for him now? ELDC comes up to the plate many times with the game on the lone. He needs help!!! Where is the coaching???

  85. Mark A Verticchio

    With so few people commenting you can tell people have either given up or they just don’t care, probably a combination of the two.