The Cincinnati Reds made three roster moves just before this afternoon’s first pitch against the San Diego Padres. Right-handed reliever Emilio Pagan was placed on the 15-day injured list with right tricep tightness. Taking his spot in the bullpen will be right-handed pitcher Brett Kennedy. He needed to be added to the 40-man roster and to clear a spot for him the Reds have designated outfielder Bubba Thompson for assignment.

Emilio Pagan last pitched on Sunday when he threw a perfect inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He had a 4.19 ERA in 19.1 innings to go along with seven walks and 25 strikeouts before he was placed on the injured list.

The team calling up Brett Kennedy from Triple-A is sure to turn a few heads. He’s pitched in eight games for the Bats this season, is 1-5, has given up 11 home runs, and he had a 6.86 ERA. There’s no reason at all to believe that he was the best option to be called up.

So why was he the guy that was chosen? The entire bullpen is either out of options or isn’t going to be optioned to the minors (Fernando Cruz, Sam Moll, and Alexis Diaz are the relievers with options). So when Nick Lodolo returns next week from the injured list, the team will have to send a pitcher down. Among the pitchers in Louisville that would have made a bit more sense to call up – the Reds also couldn’t send them down without subjecting them to waivers. Kennedy was chosen because he’s got options available and if and when the team needs a 40-man spot, he is almost assuredly going to be able to clear waivers when designated for assignment and some of the other players likely wouldn’t.

As for Bubba Thompson – unfortunately for him, he is used to being designated for assignment. The Reds are just the most recent team to put him on waivers. Each time before he was picked up by someone. Cincinnati optioned him to Double-A Chattanooga a few weeks ago and in the nine games he’s played with the Lookouts he’s hit .200/.243/.314. That comes on the back of him hitting .111/.111/.167 in 18 plate appearances with the Reds in the first six weeks of the season. Maybe he clears waivers this time around.

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  1. Mauired

    As much as I would love to see Santillan come up, it’s probably not happening unless a big league pitcher gets dfa or goes to 60 day IL

    • jmb

      Yes, Krall signed his way back into a corner, so the team is not able to make the moves it needs to make: Santillan should definitely be up. The gamble on free agency has not paid off. Kennedy will be dfa’d once Williamson comes off the IL.

      • jmb

        Spiers will get a start, and Kennedy will back him up if he falls flat. Martinez back to the pen, where he’s performed better this season…but he’s way over-paid there.

  2. MBS

    I get the roster limitations, but why not bring up Legumina? He’s on the 40, and has performed well this season.

    BTW I don’t care about the roster limitations, so Santillana would be on the table if it were up to me.

    • Doug Gray

      Legumina has recorded one out in the last 12 days, so you kind of have to wonder if he’s not nursing something. But even if he’s not – maybe it’s got to do with the “you can only option a guy 5 times in the same season” rule that now exists.

      • Tom Diesman

        @Doug. Do you know if Yosver Zulueta is still on the 40 man roster? I never saw a transaction to take him off and he’s not listed on the roster which also shows a 39 man roster with two Livan Sotos. It’s been wrong for over a month.

      • Doug Gray

        Yes, he is still on the 40-man roster.

      • Tom Diesman

        Thanks Doug. Wish they’d fix that roster.

  3. Andy

    I’ve got to know what Tony Santillian said about David Bells Mother to warrant this slap in face


      At this point, He is definitely in someone doghouse.

    • Doug Gray

      They can’t send Santillan back to the minors. That’s why he is still in Louisville – once they call him up he’s got to stay up or be DFA’d. They’d rather have a guy getting his brains beat in in Triple-A for a week than call up someone who is pitching well in Triple-A and risk losing them when they have to make a roster move for Lodolo.

      • Andy

        Well this is semantics. How ell does santillian have to pitch to get back on the roster and what is the harm? If he doesn’t pitch well then he gets DFA if he pitches well he stays on the roster and someone else with options go
        Diaz has options, spiers has options, Moll has options ect

        Good problem to have. Keeping Santillan in AAA pitching lights out doesn’t do anything to help the big league club and I would argue having Brett Kennedy anywhere near a baseball in Cincinnati does hurt the big league team

        Makes no sense


        Thanks for clearing that up for me!

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    I read something about Bell saying that Pagán was ready to go, even yesterday he could pitch…well what a unserious team…
    Is Carson Spiers still in the major league team? For sure, he will be sent down to AAA when Lodolo is back…I don’t like Kennedy to be in the bullpen in this crisis the team is going thru…Bad news , bad news , bad news…

  5. Mike W

    We ended our last inning with a runner on 3B because we had Jaimer Candelario (6’2” 225 pounds with no SBs YTD!) attempt to steal home (delayed steal) with 2 outs. Bad management.
    SD just bunted for a single. I guess they practice and execute that. Too bad we don’t execute that. (I assume we practice bunting daily?).
    Let’s see some bunts and contact hitting this inning.
    Let’s see hustle running to 1B from everyone (as shown by leaning forward when stepping on the 1B bag). We haven’t given up, right?

  6. Mike W

    Martini: Nice swing putting bat on ball Martini and watching it all the way to your bat! Nice balanced swing.
    India: Good patient AB India and getting a walk!
    Maile: Why swing at first pitch when Waldron just walked India? Thanks ump for not calling that 2nd pitch a strike.

    OMG Bell! How do you not explode at that call!
    So what if you get thrown out?
    Clutch hit Maile!

  7. LDS

    Oh, makes perfect sense, let’s just warehouse the guys that might be able to help in Louisville because they are out of options. Instead, let’s call up a guy that likely won’t help, but he has options so he can be sent back down easily. And folks here still take the Reds organization seriously and think they have a strategy to win.

  8. Dean

    Apathy has already set in for this once die-hard fan.
    Terrible organization. Year after year of futility.
    If/when we lose the next 2 games to LA, we will be on pace for 100 losses!!

    • Mauired

      Sounds like a good time to extend Bell.

  9. Robert Worthington

    Does this team have a hitting coach?He should be the first one fired immediately then right behind him goes the manager,this team is awful on the fundamentals of baseball, management won’t fire anyone in the middle of the season,since they don’t want to pay multiple salaries