The Reds battled back from an early 4-1 deficit to tie the game up and send it into extra innings, but San Diego was up for the challenge. The Padres took advantage of their free runner in the top of the 10th and then added another run later in the inning as they topped Cincinnati 6-4 on Thursday afternoon to pick up a series win.

Final R H E
San Diego Padres (27-26)
6 12 0
Cincinnati Reds (20-30)
4 8 0
W: Estrada (1-0) L: Moll (0-1) SV: Suarez (14)
Box Score | Game Thread

Much like Wednesday, the Padres wasted little time getting on the board in this one. Luis Arraez and Jurickson Profar both singled and then came around to score on a Manny Machado double that put San Diego on top 2-0.

In the bottom of the inning the Reds got one of those runs back after Jacob Hurtubise was hit by a pitch, stole second base, then scored on a triple into the right field corner by Jeimer Candelario. The inning would end on a double steal that saw Candelario thrown out at the plate – though home plate umpire Marvin Hudson originally ruled him safe, the play was overturned on review.

The Padres were right back at it in the top of the 2nd as they loaded the bases with no outs before a fielders choice brought in a run. Luis Arraez singled in another run after that as San Diego extended their lead to 4-1.

In the bottom of the inning things got weird. Nick Martini singled and Jonathan India walked to begin the inning. That brought Luke Maile to the plate and on a 2-2 pitch he clearly swung and missed, but the ball hit the catcher in the shoulder and then rolled into the camera well for what should have been a strikeout but an advancement of both runners as well as Maile reaching 1st since he wasn’t tagged out on a wild pitch/passed ball. Except that home plate Marvin Hudson once again blew the call and said it was a foul ball. No runners advanced and Maile remained at the plate. Fortunately for the Reds, Maile came up with a single later in the at-bat so they didn’t ultimately get punished for the blown call. Jacob Hurtubise would come through with a 1-out RBI single to make it 4-2, but that was all the Reds could get out of the inning.

Cincinnati had a good opportunity to draw closer in the 5th when Elly De La Cruz hit a ground-rule double with one out and then stole third base. Jeimer Candelario hit a grounder on a check swing to third and De La Cruz broke for the plate, but Manny Machado made an impressive pick of the ball and threw across his body to the plate where Kyle Higashioka made the tag on a bang-bang play for the out.

After giving up two runs in the 1st and two more in the 2nd, Frankie Montas cruised through the next three innings. He gave up a leadoff single in the 6th. Ha-Seong Kim grounded into a force out for the second out of the inning, but he then proceeded to steal two bases and was standing on third with Kyle Higashioka at the dish. He battled Montas, but on the 9th pitch of the at-bat, Montas came through with a 97 MPH fastball for a called strike three to end the inning and ultimately the outing for the Reds starter.

San Diego pulled Matt Waldron when the bottom of the 6th began and put in Enyel De Los Santos. He walked Spencer Steer to start the frame. Two pitches later the game was tied up thanks to a 2-run homer by Nick Martini.

Fernando Cruz took over for Cincinnati in the top of the 7th to face the top of the Padres lineup. He needed 11 pitches against Luis Arraez, but he handed Arraez his first strikeout in nearly two weeks. Cruz followed up by striking out both Fernando Tatis Jr. and Jurickson Profar to keep the game knotted up at 4-4. An inning later Lucas Sims entered the game and he needed just 10 pitches to retire the side in order.

Cincinnati made another pitching change when the 9th inning rolled around, calling on Alexis Diaz to end the game. He gave up a 1-out double to Ha-Seong Kim to put the go-ahead run in scoring position. But on the third pitch of the next at-bat, Kim took off to steal third a tad early and Diaz turned around and picked him off. He would strike out Luis Campusano on the next pitch to end the inning. The Reds went down in order in the bottom of the inning and the game headed off to extras.

Leading off the inning was Luis Arraez and he laid down a bunt that Sam Moll attempted to scoop with his glove and flip to first, but his scoop came up empty as Arraez picked up his 4th hit of the day. Fernando Tatis Jr. then doubled down the line to bring in a run and put San Diego on top 5-4. Cincinnati then opted to walk Jurickson Profar to load the bases and set up a force out everywhere and set up a left-on-left match up against Jake Cronenworth. The plan didn’t quite work as Cronenworth hit a sacrifice fly as Stuart Fairchild and Nick Martini almost collided on the routine fly ball that brought in the Padres 6th run of the day.

Buck Farmer took over for the Reds after that and he needed three pitches to get Manny Machado to ground into a double play to end the top of the 10th. Cincinnati would get to face Robert Suarez to begin the inning, needing at least two runs. The Reds would get the tying run on base when Jeimer Candelario drew a 1-out walk and was then pinch run for. After Mike Ford flew out to shallow left, the game was in the hands of Spencer Steer. He popped up to shortstop to end the game as the Padres took the win on the day as well as the series victory.

Key Moment of the Game

Fernando Tatis Jr.’s double that brought in the go-ahead run in the top of the 10th inning.

Notes Worth Noting

Cincinnati has not won any of their last nine series. They are 0-8-1. They are 4-17 in their last 21 games and sitting at 20-30 are 10 games under .500 and tied for the 5th worst record in baseball with the Los Angeles Angels.

Nick Martini was the only Reds player with two hits in the game.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday May 24th, 7:10pm ET

James Paxton (5-0, 2.84 ERA) vs Graham Ashcraft (3-3, 4.25 ERA)

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  1. Jason Franklin

    When does Bell get his contract extended again? Seems about the right time.

    • Ted Alfred

      Haahahahahahahahahahaha…well played sir!

    • RedsFanInFL

      Usually occurs in the last year of his contract during an August-September collapse which prevents the Reds from getting a wild card spot

    • MrRed

      Who you guys got for the next manager? Dick Williams making a return? Maybe Phil Castellini? Careful what you wish for with this organization. The above options aren’t really that far-fetched.

    • RedBB

      Should be talking about Krall in that vein. All 4 of his signing have underperformed as of yet. Almost $50M this year for 0.3bWAR combined between Pagan, Montas, Jeimer and Martinez. That’s just awful….

  2. Ksdavis

    Headline should read Sam Moll faltered in the loss. So on the last 7 games Lucas has an ERA at 1.8. He threw 10 pitches, 8 of which were strikes. Is there any reason why he could not come out for another inning? Someone posted recently some quotes from Hal McCoy about Bell’s weakness is no feel for the game, relying on analytics too much. Perfect example today. Should have come out for the ninth and saved Diaz for later in the ninth and 10th.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Silly Wabbitt! You know the Bell Rule! No relief pitcher can pitch more than one (1) inning, especially after retiring the side on less than ten (10) pitches!

      And we wonder why the Reds are 8-21 in their last 29 games!

  3. Jeff Morris

    Notice F Tatis got the big hit in the 10th. Reds nothing in the 10th. Padres have established players and Tatis and Machado are there stars. Reds have AAAA players and AAA players and AA players that don’t belong in the major League. They have castoffs other teams don’t want. Also don’t forget that Candy was let go by the Tigers for lack of production. It will be interesting to see how he does the rest of the year. Reds are Not going to hit with the players they have currently.

  4. JayTheRed

    This is what I imagine David Bell said after the game.
    David Bell – Ho hum … well the guys really hit the ball today well and we will continue to do what we are doing. Pitching has really been great.

    Guy needs to go.

  5. Moon

    There is one thing the Reds are really good at, and that is losing. You cannot get HR’s with runners on base when you have trouble even getting runners on base. Reds have the worst batting average in the majors. Yea, bring on the Dodgers.

  6. Rednat

    Most depessing reds seasons of my life
    6. 2015-2018

    I got a feeling this one is going to take the cake. Hopeless feeling in my gut for sure

    • RedsFanInFL

      I would add the ‘81 and ‘94 seasons when it became obvious Reds were going to get denied playoff runs

    • mac624

      When the projected starting grid won’t play together until at least September, it’s just a lost season. It’s frustrating they lost the season before it ever started in my mind (see Marte, McLain and Freidl), but the ad nauseum losses caused by poor management of in game situations is the cherry on top for sure. But Bell won’t be fired. He should be, but they’ll keep him. Not sure Krall wouldn’t side with RLN on that, but Bob has made it abundantly clear, they aren’t going to get rid of Bell. His mediocrity plays to their cheapness.

    • Oldtimer

      1971 for me.

      1970 WS. 1971 no postseason. 1972 WS.

    • Justin T

      That 82 team was brutal. Felt like they lost every game. Watching washed up players from the BRM days was tough. Mainly Johnny and Davey.

      This team has washed up 26 and 27 yr olds.

      • Oldtimer

        Some guy named Mario Soto was pretty good. Bruce Berenyi not bad. Ron Oester decent. Driessen likewise. Four pretty good bench players. Tom Hume pretty fair closer. Cedeno lost his power but still MLB caliber OF.

        Seaver worst year of his career. Trevino not great at C.

  7. Jim Walker

    I was in and out a bit during the game; but, I count 2 Reds runners thrown out at the plate, one of them on an attempted double steal, and another man caught stealing at 2B. Three wasted outs.

  8. Eddiek957

    Does anyone know lodolo and friedl status?

      • Mauired

        Lodolo is supposed to pitch Monday if everything goes ok.

      • Mauired

        I think Friedl was supposed to be hitting off a tee soon. Maybe a few weeks away?

  9. doofus

    On track for 97 losses. Is anyone awake in the FO? Is there a Cincinnati media that will hold ownership and the front office feet to the fire for this horrendous performance?!

    • Jason Franklin

      With how media is setup now, the team does not allow for anyone to be critical of the team anymore. There are no pains in the butt reporters anymore.

    • Ted Alfred

      To those who might have thought I was too hard on DBell as a manager when I predicted the season at 74-88 mostly because of him I wish I was wrong. I was originally at 70-92 but adjusted up and probably gave him a little more credit than I should have. Unfortunately I think the latter is more likely now because the hitting is flat out horrifically bad and his goofy lineups only continue to make it worse. The offense collectively is abysmal, but I believe he is incapable of pushing the right buttons to improve it.

    • Harry Stoner

      97 losses won’t do it.

      It needs to be 100+ to get anyone’s attention.

      It’s not just Bell.

      Krall is party to the “Just be yourself!” ethos.

      EDLC is the poster child for it.

      • Justin T

        Couldn’t agree more. It has to be scorched earth to force the hand of the peons in charge. Bring on 100 losses, the bullpen is done August 1st so if we can keep at this pace its a lock.

  10. doofus

    Extending Bell and Krall is like handing out trophies just for participating. Jeez, neither one has actually achieved anything yet.

  11. Bill J

    Someone on another thread mentioned so many strikeouts and the players swinging so hard, we should have expected it with O’Niell Cruz hitting 3 of the hardest hit balls in MLB.

  12. Andy

    1. Fire Bell
    2. Option India Benson Diaz
    3. DFA Ford Kennedy
    4. IL Fraley
    5 call up Capel Hines Soto Dunn
    6. Call up Santillian and Lodolo back from IL

    Probably changes nothing but at least it’s an attempt at something. I don’t know what is more maddening, the play on the field or the complete indifference of management to do anything

    • Jon

      It’s a night and day difference from last year… last year Krall was making roster moves left and right. Some out of necessity, others a promotion for AAA players. This season he’s asleep doing nothing. It’s like he’s afraid to upset Bell by taking away his pet projects in Martini, Ford, etc.

    • Randoxu1

      @Andy, Couldn’t agree more since Krall will never trade his coveted prospects to make trades. Bring up those guys it can’t get any worse watching this current group take at bats everyday. It’s pitiful, from top to bottom in this organization.

    • Ksdavis

      Hines is batting around 212. Struck out 4 times in 6 at bats in the completed game from last night. Dunn is batting around 221. Someone posted in the past couple of days that they think he still has a shoulder issue. Don’t think they are anywhere near the answer.

  13. Reddawg2012

    I am genuinely embarrassed to be a Reds fan. I take so much crap on a daily basis from my friends and family. The entire organization is a joke. Really wish I didn’t care so much. It’s a sickness.

    • Rednat

      Thank God we have RLN as a safe haven!

  14. Roger Garrett

    Reds have gone 8-21 losing 9 straight series.There good and they know there good and the two outs at the plate were not mistakes because they have scored on plays just like that.Lets get one against the Dodgers and make it 9-23 and losers of 10 straight series.Stay the course and full steam ahead.

  15. TR

    If change/shakeup, approved by the Owner, doesn’t happen soon, this suddenly sad Red’s losing season will continue. There’s no apparent leadership from the dugout by a player or the manager.

  16. Jedi Joey

    Waiting patiently for our optimistic brethren to tell us about a team a hundred years ago that overcame this kind of record to be fantastic or just call everyone who doesn’t drink the Castellini kool-aid complainers.

    • Rednat

      It seems like i have said this every year about this time since 2014. I look at 2009. We were 20 games below 500 in july but went like 40- 20 the last 2 months to finish close to .500. Thid built some momentum for our 2010 run.

      • Jedi Joey

        Let’s hope we can find some more of that magic, Rednat.

    • Mauired

      @Jedi. I’m not super optimistic but to be fair Reds were almost this bad last year at this time and got hot in June. They almost ended up in the playoffs but finished as cold as they started. But if Friedl, McLain, Strand, and Marte can comeback the offense should score more runs and they have a much easier schedule going forward.

      • Justin T

        I just think they arent good enough. This team is on the verge of being an all timer when it comes to offensive futility. Not sure Mclain and Marte would’ve been a big difference. Would you really have been surprised if Marte wasnt in the .220 club with the others? It seems to be infectious.

        Next year could be different, but this years roster had way too many holes.

      • Jedi Joey

        @Maui, I certainly hope you are right. I’m obviously wishing that they turn it around and play solid baseball soon. Forgive me for my pessimistic sports’ outlook. The Bengals of the 1990s permanently ruined me. lol

      • Mauired

        No doubt. Bengals definitely helped the Reds provide more pain to the fanbabse than humans can actually be subjected to. But since Bengals made the Superbowl and back to back AFC title games they are no longer a villain in this story. It’s just our beloved Redlegs with the title of zero playoff series wins in 29 seasons.

      • Jedi Joey

        Agreed! The Bengals have been refreshing. I’m hoping the Reds will give us that reprieve soon with a playoff series win to break the drought.

  17. JB

    Good to see I missed nothing today. The strikeout machine got two more. 72 now. Drew Stubbs has the Reds record at 205. I think Benson can do it.

    • James Bz

      I remember when Benson had a good eye at the plate. He is the biggest surprise to me this year, along with Steer. Never imagined they would play so bad.

  18. Anthony

    Please end this agony. Call him into the office and politely tell him thanks and goodbye. EVERY manager even good ones have had that meeting. Why does this guy have a lifetime contract. Were on 100 loss pace . Do it please

  19. Anthony

    Am really feeling kinship reading my fellow brothers and sisters crying out for Bell to go and the sarcasm of just leaving everything as is while the franchise sinks into the Ohio River. Its painful for those of us who care so much. FIRE THE GUY ITS NEEDED STEP IN RIGHT DIRECTION FOR 25!

  20. Erik the red

    Not a lot of positives. My fear is they may not be as talented as we thought 2 months ago. We are three years before the next group of players are ready. We may have only one every day player above league average.

  21. Old-school

    I do think Reds problem is they go all in one thing…Be more Athletic. Steal more bases. Miss more bats.

    A team complements each other. They actually have that in the SP. Greene is a power righty figuring it out. Lodolo is a Chris sale wicked lefty. Abbott misses barrels and commands the zone.

    But,,,the offense is putrid. k after K after K. No one has contact skills or plate discipline. Perhaps that’s the all in athlete commitment. Will benson is exhibit A. Gotta balance plate discipline with bat to ball skills with power. Reds have ignored the Arraez type guys,

    We are basically back to sorting at Memorial Day. I say give Hurtubise a look at leadoff. I got nothing on Jon India or Benson.

    To all the David bell defenders… did Tyler Stephenson not pick up a bat today???????? Hes 2nd best hitter on the team now,

    • VaRedsFan

      Crickets on your last statement.
      I’m wondering what those guys think of Ford batting in the 3/4 hole.
      Crickets again.

  22. Nicole Cushing

    Let’s say you fire Bell. Then what? Ownership is so inept that another internal promotion/ nepotism hire will find a way in. (GABP stands for Get Another Bryan Price)

    • Mauired

      I wouldn’t mind Cowgill as interim manager. At least he has a pulse. I seriously think he would be a better manager than the we have now.

  23. DK in Erie PA

    For the people calling forBell to be fired, a couple of questions

    If Bochy (who I consider the best manager in baseball, but feel free to pick anyone) was managing the Reds, what do you realistically think their record would be?

    He would also be missing the three best players from the end of last year and have an underwhelming Montas and a possibly injured Diaz (from that arm angle, he has to be hurt right?)

    He would be choosing from Espinal and Fairchild and a nicked up Lodolo and Fraley, an apparently used up India and the windmill known as Benson along with the worst offensive player in MLB, Maile and a second year slumping Steer. Missing anything? Oh yeah, reality called and Fernando Cruz picked up the phone.

    • DK in Erie Pa

      Or is it simply that you can’t fire the team?

    • Melvin

      “If Bochy (who I consider the best manager in baseball, but feel free to pick anyone) was managing the Reds, what do you realistically think their record would be?”

      I’m confident it would be better and we wouldn’t be in the dumps we are in right now. As bad as we are right now we’re still only 5.5 games out of the playoffs. A few games could make a great difference. Our team morale wouldn’t be rock bottom and we’d have reason for hope because we play the game the right way (fundamentals and disciple) no matter who the players are. Right now we’re just flying in the wind with no direction.

    • Moon

      To be clear I am not a fire Bel guy. I wrote in another thread that the cake is baked for this year and there is not much the Reds can do at this point to salvage the season. As has happened with many prior seasons the Reds should be looking toward next season. They need to getting guys that may be here next year experience. And get rid of the guys that do not. Since management has stated they want to buld from within I would assume that means giving extended tryouts to some of their younger players. The point of this soliloquy is the same applies to Bell Yes changing managers now will not make a big difference this year. But it may next year. Perhaps a new guy can eliminate the ridiculous little league mistakes this team makes. Perhaps he can put a lineup together that gives the Reds the best chance to win. Perhaps he can manage the bullpen better and make better strategy decisions during a game. But these are changes in some cases that will take a while to implement and probably needs months of play and a solid spring training to get some fundamentals down. So I can see the rationale for firing Bell right now.

      • TR

        Memorial Day is around the corner and we have another season to play out the string knowing the Reds will not be in the hunt. Another ‘wait till next year.’ Until change is made in ownership of the Reds franchise, nothing is really going to change. And to keep the franchise in Cincinnati, new ownership must come with local ties. It’s just the way it is.

    • Jim Walker

      Bochy would likely have a better record in the same circumstances because the team would better prepared, more disciplined, more aware of what it takes to grind out wins at the MLB level.

      And even if the record was the same or slightly worse, it would be more of a growth experience looking ahead for the young guys because they would be learning discipline, preparation, and awareness of how the pieces need to fit together.

  24. Andy

    For any Bell apologist this isn’t about David Bell it’s about the entire team. Doing nothing this long means it’s ok to suck this bad and winning teams do not tolerate this. If the reds were the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox or Cardinals Bell would have been gone long ago

    Probably doesn’t change anything but it does signal that losing over and over is not going to be tolerated.

    And yes I do place blame on Bell for playing india everyday at second when he can’t hit or field over Espinal. I blame bell for allowing defense and careless mishaps on the field and bases happen over and over again.

    Lastly look at the managers of past and the length of rope each was given before getting the ax. Miley, Boone, Narron, Price – all had teams with warts and eventually had to go to send a signal

    It’s time. Again probably changes nothing but it signals everything!

  25. DK in Erie Pa

    Fire Bell or don’t fire Bell, what difference will it really make?
    Do the Reds have any position players that would start on a current playoff team? Elly is most dynamic, but would he? Stephenson? Brutal defensively.
    Why do Reds stink this year?
    That’s the answer

    • Jeremiah

      Those are legitimate points. I think Bell was not the answer for this current crop of players to take them forward so I think the mistake was in extending him last year. But the current talent level with injuries, and underperforming second, third year players, it’d be hard for any manager to win with the current crew consistently. If you let go of Bell they need to have some clear plan or alternative, instead of just making a move to make a move.

      • CI3J

        Did you ever consider maybe the 2nd and 3rd year players are underperforming due to poor coaching?

  26. Mark Moore

    Odorous. Ichthyus. Kettle. EXTREME!!!

  27. Votto4life

    I just don’t see the Reds firing David Bell with two and a half years remaining on his contract.

    When the Reds do make a change, I truly hope they hire someone with a history of success. Preferably, someone outside the “Red’s family”.

    Most of the team’s best managers came from outside the organization. Managers like Sparky Anderson, Lou Piniella, Dave Johnson, Jack McKeon and Dusty Baker to name a few.

    Please no legacy hirings, especially Barry Larkin.

  28. Melvin

    Doug – I’m very sorry to bother you. Getting email post updates was working really well for a long time and all of a sudden they’ve stopped again. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to check on it at your convenience if you can find a moment in your extremely busy schedule. Thanks either way. I’ve been using a different email address for a good while since this started happening but still get original posts on two other email addresses as well. Don’t know if that’s making some kind of difference.

    • VaRedsFan

      I’ve never gotten an email notice.
      I don’t know why I bother checking the little boxes.

    • Doug Gray

      The system just randomly turns off that like once a week or so. I have no idea how or why it happens. It’s been happening for about 8 months now. Very annoying.

      • Doug Gray

        I appreciate THIS annoyance. I want things to work as designed. I just wish the designer of the plugin used for this function could figure out the issue so it doesn’t happen twice a week and I have to go back in and click the “turn this on” function.

      • Melvin

        It was working really well since the last time it happened a good while ago. I wish he would figure it out too so you wouldn’t have to deal with it.

      • Melvin

        I’ll let you know when it starts working again just so you’ll be updated. Thanks.

  29. Harry Stoner

    If neither Bell nor Krall can comment on a 16K game:

    “Hey, we’re striking out too much! We need to change that!”

    Then there’s no credibility for either one of them.


    • Jim Walker

      +500. 16Ks and 3 outs on the bases.

      • LarkinPhillips

        19 of 27 outs were made on our side basically. Tough to hit your way out of that even if you are a good hitting team, which we aren’t.

  30. Jeremiah

    I rarely get to see the Reds on TV since I don’t have cable (I do watch highlights on most days)…I’ve basically have been able to watch them for an extended period of time just on Opening Day and that Fox Saturday game when they beat the Rangers with Hunter Greene pitching and Jonathan India having a great game, so visually in my mind the Reds are a great team!

    The Reds were 16-13 and the wheels fall off. You wonder what kind of happened. The baseball is season is so long it seems like at some point the reality of who you are takes hold and you can’t hide it. Last year the Pirates were 11 games over .500 early in the season and by mid-season were 3 games under.

    • Mauired

      What happened is they started playing good teams. The 1st month of their schedule was soft. I got alot of pushback when I said them things were going to start to get ugly and mainly because Bell can’t manage. Reds are leading the world in one run losses. Think Bell has nothing to do with that?

      • Jeremiah

        I remember a lot of people saying the schedule was going to get a lot tougher, but also the Dbacks and Padres are pretty average teams overall and they’ve lost a lot to both those teams. I think it’s mainly just the Reds began to stink. I guess it all kind of goes together. I’ve thought for several years Bell isn’t the answer for Reds Manager. I think the Reds are just going to have to ride this year out though…I don’t see a big push to make any deals right now to try and salvage this year. They’re going to wait to get healthy and see where they’re at I think. Sad to say, but I think this is probably a planning for 2025 year.

  31. Optimist

    I commented about a week ago – Joe Maddon, David Ross, Skip Schumacher. A 2 year contract. They’d all likely take it – Joe since he’s older and doesn’t need more, the latter 2 as a transition to another job if they succeed at all here and revenge/rebuild after their recent efforts.

    • Jim Walker

      Maddon or Ross either one would be fine with me. But whoever it is needs to be from outside the organization so the powers that be get a read on the players from a point of view not tinted by guys who have a stake in players because they advocated for them to be drafted/ acquired and/or moved up the org food chain.


  32. GreatRedLegsFan

    Time to get Milton and the Golden Sombrero out of the trunk of memories.

  33. Kyhoward

    16 strikeouts!
    Several players hitting below the Mendoza line
    Glad the Reds kept India who is known for his strong hitting

  34. Still a Red

    Please don’t mistake those of us who aren’t constantly calling for DFAing the whole team, firing the whole managerial/coaching staff, dumping the general manager, selling the team to someone/some group able and willing to spend 100s of millions of dollars on star players while still keeping the team in Cincinnati, as fans who don’t care about winning or things will just right themselves. Its just the constant angst expressed here seems so fruitless and sound like the same kind of bromides (in reverse) Bell is accused of issuing. I know you’re just venting, but don’t accuse some of us as not caring.

  35. Grand Salami

    It’s amazing to see the good will and optimism the organization is squandering. The rookies promised increased fan attendance and more $$ for the org.

    They are struggling bc of injuries and bc of poor, undisciplined play (baserunning, strikeouts and poor avg). The Cowboy is starting to beat the drum of “failure to make adjustments”. And he’s calling out guys like India who are supposed to be on the right side of the learning curve. That is thinly veiled criticism of management and coaches.

    If the Reds want to hold some of that good will and keep momentum for returning Cincy to ‘baseball town’ status, they need to make a move. They need to demonstrate this equation is unacceptable and they are changing a variable.
    This t

    • Pete

      This is a serious question, does the Cowboy know more about hitting a baseball than the Reds instructor? Personally, I believe he does.

      The team could do worse than hire Jeff Brantley to finish out the years manager.

  36. Mauired

    Cowgill, Cowboy, Welch, Larkin, Sadek, (deleted by moderation team). I don’t care who or what gets the manager job. Just get Bell out ot there.

    • Doug Gray

      This is gonna be the only warning I’m giving here. Don’t do that.