San Diego struck early and they struck often as the Reds offense continued to struggle. Given a lead to work with, the Padres pitching limited Cincinnati to six hits in a 7-3 win that gave them their first win of the series and set up Thursday afternoon’s contest as a winner-takes-all for the 3-game set.

Final R H E
San Diego Padres (26-26)
7 14 0
Cincinnati Reds (20-29)
3 6 1
W: King (4-4) L: Martinez (1-3)
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After being shut out in the series opener, San Diego took no time at all to make sure that didn’t happen again. Luis Arraez led off the game with his first home run of the season to put the Padres up 1-0. Cincinnati got their own home run in the bottom of the inning as Jeimer Candelario’s solo shot tied things up.

The game remained tied until the 4th inning. Nick Martinez got himself in trouble when he walked Jurickson Profar to start the frame. He then gave up a double that moved Profar to third base, and Profar then scored on a grounder to second base. San Diego padded their lead the next inning as they put together four hits against Martinez that included run-scoring hits from Fernando Tatis Jr. and Jurickson Profar that made it 4-1.

That led to a pitching change and the Reds turned things over to Brent Suter. Jake Cronenworth greeted him with an RBI single up the middle to make it 5-1. In the 6th inning the Padres kept things moving along with three more singles, mixed in with an error by Suter on a pickoff attempt, leading to two more runs as San Diego grabbed a 7-1 lead.

Cincinnati wasn’t willing to just roll over. In the bottom of the inning Jacob Hurtubise picked up a 1-out walk and moved up to second on a single by Jeimer Candelario – his second hit of the day, and to that point the Reds second hit of the day, too. But it wasn’t going to be the last hit of the day as Tyler Stephenson followed up with a double past a sliding Jose Azocar that brought in both baserunners to cut the lead down to 7-3.

The next inning the Reds got a leadoff double from Spencer Steer, snapping an 0-20 slump that he had been riding. He would be stranded there, though after strikeouts sandwiched a ground out. In the 8th inning Cincinnati got the leadoff man on again when Stuart Fairchild singled, but Elly De La Cruz hit a lazy fly into left field and then Jeimer Candelario grounded into a double play to end the inning.

AS the 9th inning began the scoreboard told fans to exit their seats and head to the concourse because of approaching thunderstorms, but the game continued for the players. The Padres picked up a single in the top half of the inning but the runner was erased on a double play. Cincinnati got a baserunner on a 1-out single by Mike Ford, but back-to-back strikeouts from Spencer Steer and Nick Martini ended the game as San Diego evened the series up with a 7-3 victory.

Key Moment of the Game

The back-to-back-to-back hits in the 5th from Fernando Tatis Jr., Jurickson Profar, and Jake Cronenworth that turned a 2-1 lead into a 5-1 lead. With an offense that’s struggled to do much of anything, a 4-run deficit felt nearly impossible to overcome.

Notes Worth Noting

Carson Spiers came out of the bullpen for Cincinnati and threw 3.1 shutout innings to give the team a chance.

Jeimer Candelario had been 0-10 over the previous three games prior to picking up two hits on Wednesday night.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

San Diego Padres vs Cincinnati Reds

Thursday May 23rd, 1:10pm ET

Matt Waldron (2-5, 5.00 ERA) vs Frankie Montas (2-3, 4.37 ERA)

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  1. Melvin

    “Carson Spiers came out of the bullpen for Cincinnati and threw 3.1 shutout innings to give the team a chance.”

    That’s a very positive thing.

    • DaveCT

      3.1 shutout innings in 28 (!) pitches, 21 strikes.


      Maybe Spiers should have started the game tonight

      • MBS

        Martinez has done well in relief this year, so you’re probably right. Spiers, Martinez, then Suter might have been a better option.

        In reality bullpen games are a crapshoot. Hopefully we have Lodolo back by the next start. Williamson is also nearing a return.

    • jmb

      Why didn’t he start? He’s been starting at AAA all season. Though he’s the highlight of the game, his photo should not appear on this thread, as the title of the thread is negative. EDLC, going 0 for 4, deserves the photo op.

  2. Melvin

    Arraez had four hits tonight and now hitting .330. From what I understand the Padres didn’t have to give up the farm to get him. Krall does NOT want to trade ANY young talent seemingly.

    • Jon

      The team doesn’t want to spend anything close to its 2020 payroll. The team doesn’t want to trade prospects for proven talent. It’s pathetic and the reason the organization is among the worst in all professional sports.

      • Melvin

        As noted many times most prospects don’t make a big impact in the majors.

      • MK

        with the big payday from 2020 in Buffalo, little chance of that.

    • Ksdavis

      According to Krall the ask was too much. We will never know. I saw two reviews of the trade. One said both teams got good return. CBS Sports rated the return for the Marlins as a D. Two of the players they received were really struggling in Double A.

      • JB

        You mean like all the Red players at AA Chattanooga?

      • Melvin

        “According to Krall the ask was too much”

        HMMM The legacy for Krall which got him his extension with Big Bob is acquiring young talent while shedding payroll. That’s what makes Big Bob happy and Krall is VERY hesitant to give up ANY of his legacy or ANY young talent. It’s very risky for him in his situation and very safe for him just to keep things the way they are. He’s probably thinking why risk it when Big Bob is happy. I’d be very happy to be proven wrong.

      • Jason Franklin

        Maxwell and Aguiar are pitching pretty good for the Lookouts. So, not every player is stinking up the joint. Plus Petty has turned it around, as well. Ivan Johnson probably has been the best overall hitter for them. Overall the pitching is outperforming the hitters… which sounds like the mlb team.

    • Justin T

      Arraez would’ve been a perfect fit here. You need to know how/be willing to make a deal, and the Reds dont seem to. They know how to unload proven talent for prospects. Time to deal in reality, watching this team this year has been miserable and they continue to double down.

      • Rob

        The 6,9, and 13 prospects got Arreaz. None of those prospects contributing for the Reds until 2026. The exact type of player we need. 2B who hits 360 with 2 years remaining on his contract. Can somebody ask Krall why he didn’t think Arreaz could help the Reds? And there are like players out there that would help the Reds. Gotta to go get them though.

  3. Moon

    It seems when Elly doesn’t hit the Reds don’t win.

    • CI3J

      Well, when he’s pretty much the whole offense, that makes sense.

    • jmb

      They aren’t playing like a team. They seem to be sitting back, waiting for EDLC or the few free agent signees to do the heavy lifting. But it’s nice to see Stephenson having a pretty good season.

    • JB

      Why? Bell thinks he is doing some good things out there. Plus I think he has a great chance to break Mark Reynolds 223 strikeouts in a season.

  4. LarkinPhillips

    Bell pitch hit for the leadoff hitter to lead off an inning, but left the 9 hole hitter in to face left on left with a runner in scoring position. Benson is hitting. 095 against lefties. He leads the league in strikeout percentage. What kind of sense does that make.

    It didn’t determine the game, but the question should be asked.

    • Still a Red

      I dunno…is Bell suppose to play handedness or not? I guess whichever one he chooses it’s wrong.

      • VaRedsFan

        When it comes to Benson, handedness should ALWAYS be in play.

    • Rob

      The crux of the issue is that he has and has had a great shortage of RH hitters. But we have LH hitters out the kazoo like Hurtubise, Ford, Capel, etc. When Espinal and Maile are your RH options, he might as well run Benson or Fraley up there. This absence of notable RH bats has cost us several games and counting.

  5. LDS

    Approaching 1/3 of schedule complete, worst hitting team in baseball, 8 games behind the Brewers, 3 behind Pittsburgh and St Louis. And what do the Reds do? Call Martini back. Yeah, that made a big difference. When is Krall going to do his job? Guess what, I think he is. It’s all about steering the money to the insiders. It’s not about winning. Gee, I wonder what the Reds share of the on-site gambling receipts is.

    • Melvin

      “Approaching 1/3 of schedule complete, worst hitting team in baseball,”

      Well they are dead last in BA and hits again. Both of those stats are behind the Whitesox which is the next team up. There is NO denying that.

      • LDS

        Wonder if Bryan Price is available? And David Ross appears to be. It’s time to move on from Bell. Forget the Peter Principle. He’s reached his level of incompetence. Do not promote him again. Just fire him and all the coaches and start over. And no, neither Larkin nor Votto are the answer (nor is Price, but his salary would fit).

      • MK

        I’d try to get someone like Delino DeShields, someone not afraid to tell them like it is.

    • Jim Walker

      Winning the first game keeps them one step ahead of the shoe for now. That’s probably all Krall are hoping to do in the short to middle range run.

      • Melvin

        haha It would seem Krall does not want to be forced into doing ANYTHING. The sad thing is the season will have to be long gone before changes are made instead of being proactive. It’s a shame with the starting pitching that we have.

      • Roger Garrett

        Exactly Jim and thats about it for this year but I do expect as in past we will begin to hear the cry of play offs after the break.Old-school reminded us last week that the Braves,Dodgers and Phils are at the top and then everybody else is just average.That says yes we can yes we can and the Reds will start the fight song but it will be only be a song.Until the Reds accept who they are as a team and stop this we’re good and we know we’re good and change leadership and move forward well its just the same thing as in the past 2 decades.The sad part is its been 2 decades.

    • jmb

      As they can trade Montas at the break for prospects, they should trade Petty now for a piece. Adell could be left field or platoon with Fraley. Steer could play more 2B. India needs to go, along with Benson.

      • Luke J

        Trade an elite starting pitching prospect for a platoon outfielder who has been the worst defensive outfielder during his career, and up until this year has been terrible at the plate as well (and he’s only mediocre this year offensively). No thanks. I’ll stick with Petty.

      • Rob

        We do not need trades for prospects. We have about 5-10 prospects already playing (counting pitchers) and another 3-4 who will be here in 2026. Vice Versa. We need to trade a few of these prospects ….especially the 2026 SS and 3B …..for a couple of significant bats. Not C+ B- players. But #2and #3 hitters. Arreaz would have worked. So would Robert. But continue sitting around, doing nothing, and telling yourself everything is just fine.

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds just can win 1-0 or 2-1 right now… The pitching should always held the other team at max 1 run even they would be on the risk of losing 1-0.
    There is no words to qualify the Reds offense right now…
    Several guys fall in 0-10, 0-15, 0-20, 1-20 streaks at the same time frequently that’s never seen … They likely will be 15 or 20 games under .500 by June…I wonder if Krall just will stay quiet because he can’t do anything due to this situation is merely caused by injuries and bad luck…really disappointing

  7. Redhaze

    This team has zero leadership. Who? When?
    Castellinis and Krall have joined witness protection.

    • jmb

      And India? Last season’s indispensable team leader is just another guy now.

      • Melvin

        India is not on my high list. He’s just not a very good player. On top of that, the way he talks about David Bell on Bally every game? He is NOT the right kind of leader in my view. The Reds don’t need that kind of leadership. It’s just not healthy for the team. If the Reds were smart at all they’d take that commercial down. He is the one you might recall that called a team meeting last year to congratulate David Bell on his three year extension.

  8. Grover

    More of the same, the team can only win if the starting pitching is brilliant. They only have 1 or 2 major league hitters on the team. I have no more interest in watching this. Maybe I’ll pick it back up in September when presumably most of the hitters should be back. They be 20 games out but at least the games won’t be excruciatingly boring.

  9. Bill J

    We hear we can’t blame the manager or the coaches because they can’t pitch, hit or field for the players but if they are not doing anything to correct or hold them accountable for there play why have them. Let’s do like we use to do as kids when would choose side and decide what position we were going to play.

  10. Andy

    Say it with me David Bell… Nick Martinez is not a starter…. Say it with me…. Nick Martinez is not a starter. Going to get the chalk board out Simpson style till they figure this out.

    He’s a great reliever for max 3 innings. Stop trying to make a Bunny Bark!

  11. Andy

    And if we are going to get nothing but strikeouts from our right fielder can we get it from the RH side and call up Reece Hines…. I’ve seen enough of Bensons strikeouts, would like a different view of a K for a while please!

    • Ghostrunner_onthird

      Yep. Bring up Hinds now.

  12. DW

    This team is somehow a worse experience to follow than the 2022 100 loss team. I can’t recall a streak of offense this bad ever. And the Reds have had a lot of bad offenses in my lifetime.

  13. Ghostrunner_onthird

    Ford reminds me of Dave Kingman except Kingman hit a HR every third day.

  14. MK

    Interesting article in Baseball America about the “pitcher protection era” and how it might be creating “more harm than good”. It says pitchers protected with minor league innings and pitch counts are being injured just as frequently as before this process was instituted.

    • DW

      This has been my opinion for quite some time…though I believe there are other factors as well

  15. Jason Franklin

    I know it’s painful to watch the team due to either poor coaching, defense, baserunning or poor hitting, remember that they are missing McLain, Marte, CES, and Friedl from the lineup. This doesn’t make anything better, but if they had a healthy team, they would be hitting at a better rate (even with Bell mucking it up).

    Do you guys think Krall is just trying to wait out the storm until Marte, CES and Friedl are back and see how the team responds once they do? Will he make any great trades like he did a couple years ago? Should we just stick a fork in this year?

    • Rob

      I don’t think sticking a fork is even a remote option. Krall spent to much money over the winter improving the team …..primarily on pitching depth and upgrades. The correct adds is another question. Wish I was privy to his plan but I am pretty certain it is not to be non competitive. Or to finish behind the rebuilding Cards and Pirates. Injuries have hurt but it is the GM’s job to manage them ….within reason. We have always needed a big time RH bat. That and a solid injury replacement could right this ship. By right, I mean play 5-10 games over 500 from here on out. I can’t imagine what needs to be done to play 20 games over. But Krall is the one idling the bus instead of accelerating things. Players and fans are the ones hurting.

  16. Indy Red Man

    I remember slipping away to my car at Carswell AFB in Ft Worth to catch WLW on the radio in 1990. 34 years is a long long time…feels like someone else’s life. A lot of losing for the Reds since then. I understand fans are “what have you done for me lately”, but they have spent $ before. They were actually upper half in payroll with Castellanos, Sonny, Moose, etc. if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately the wins and attendance didn’t keep up. You get no participation trophies when you lose to LA by 1, but whats supposed to happen when 1/3 of your team is hurt and they have twice your talent anyway? They can try and roll the dice for someone like Jazz Chisholm but nothing can be done for this season. I really hope CES, Benson, and Steer aren’t this bad or we’re gonna stay in the cellar. Pretty discouraging after having so much fun last year.

  17. Indy Red Man

    Oh and Lowder has a 9.31 era at AA. Lol. Maybe the kid isn’t quite ready for prime time. He fits right in

    • DW

      The guy has made two starts at AA. One was average and the other went really bad. I mean come on…two starts and you are referencing his ERA?

  18. Rick

    Big Bob: small payroll, revenue sharing, tv contract. He won’t let Krall swap talent & add to an increased budget on the return. 4A team except having good starters (minus Martinez of couse) pitching.
    We’ve had too many unreliable player even when Kremchik was in the dougout.

  19. VegasRed

    Yeah it’s not that the Reds under Castellini haven’t ever spent but it just keeps coming back to this regime being clueless about winning baseball. That’s it. Big Bob and company just don’t know poop about how to compete as an MLB organization.

    They refuse to hire professional baseball execs from winning organizations for GM and field management and the minor leagues produce batters who don’t know how to work counts and pitchers who don’t throw strikes etc.

    It’s just a clown show masquerading as an MLB franchise.

    • Rick

      They don’t want outside executives. They don’t want their in-house fallacies exposed., both monetary & philosophically.

  20. TR

    And the Reds go for the series win over S.D. with Frankie Montas on the mound.

  21. Mark A Verticchio

    I have to wonder when Maile catches today will Bell DH Stephenson, if not he should be fired on the spot for pure stupidity.

  22. Michael Wilson

    On a positive note Spiers should be opening some eyes. Seems destined to be a long relief/spot starter ace.

  23. Steven Ross

    Apathy has already kicked in watching the Reds now and it’s only May 23rd. Hey, another loss. Many posters have already brought up Benson. Thankfully, he’s not leading off anymore. A small victory.

    Get Terry Francona on the line now. See if he’s interested/healthy enough to want the gig. We need a change.

    • Indy Red Man

      Well Benson had a .365 obp last year and Freidl is hurt. India is slow and has no future with the Reds. Bell is going to get hammered coming or going. Players are not producing or hurt. I thought CES would do 30/100 this year… especially after he looked so good in spring training. It’s a dumpster fire and they need a new skipper, but he’s not up there hitting .192 either. Maybe Krall needs to go too

  24. Still a red

    Well…unless things start to turn around after this west coast competition, it may very well be wait til trade deadline, try and get some prospective hitters for the free agents we signed and ride out the season.

  25. SultanofSwaff

    Can still take the series as the Padres starter isn’t a world beater. Do that, take your lumps vs. the Dodgers, but then there’s an opportunity to string some wins together vs. the Cardinals, (struggling) Cubs, and Rockies. It would be a big achievement to sit a few under .500 a month from now when you’ll have Friedl, CES, and Marte providing a much needed shot in the arm to the offense. For me the question is how big of a hole will they have to dig out of the final 2.5 months of the season?

  26. Michael B. Green

    Our defense is dead last in Assists. That tells me we are not inducing enough ground balls and/or people are running on our OF. Probably both. Since our team pitching is near the bottom in GB% that tells me something. Our pitchers also have the highest FB%. We also have the worst GB/FB rate (pitching). We’re toward the bottom in double plays turned. That probably comes with having a young SS. It could mean a concern at 2B. We are dead last in UZR/100.

    What does this spell? As we turn toward warmer weather, it could mean that our pitchers start serving up a ton of HR’s. It also means our defense will not bail anyone out.

    Don’t even get me started on our hitting. We still lead the league in SB though – thanks to Elly.

    Here is hoping for a hot streak and some adjustments to our pitching philosophy and our dedication to defense.

    • SultanofSwaff

      I was looking at the stats yesterday and noticed that outside of HRs allowed, the pitching stats are decent.

      Unsurprising stats you’re referencing though. We know DJ’s philosophy is ‘strike everyone out’ over inducing weak contact early in the count.

      • Doc

        Except for that car I hit, my driving was pretty decent.

  27. James Bz

    I guess you just wait until the team is 23 games behind before you make changes. That’ll get you 5000 people a game. I’m sure the Yankees and Cardinals would be sitting on their hands right now. All I do is check box scores anymore. It is pitiful.

  28. Doc

    Ford, Martini and Hurtubise show just how big the gap is between AAA performance and MLB performance. Despite that, I’d be in favor of bringing up Soto and sending down Espinal as the next attempt to spark something.

  29. Mark A Verticchio

    Look at today’s line up, how can Stephenson not be the DH? Bell has no idea what he is doing. I have lost all faith. India at 2nd and no Fairchild or Espinal, I realize they don’t hit lefties much but they do give better defense than India, Martini and Benson who can’t hit either. I have been a Reds fan for over 50 years but I am at the point where I wish I didn’t care. Regardless I will watch today’s game and most likely suffer through another loss, 20 and 30 on the way. Last 21 games 4 and 17 yet Bell and Krall just fiddle away.

  30. old-school

    Will Benson now has over 100 PA’s in the big leagues against lefty pitchers and well over 450 PA against righties. The splits are wider than Fraley’s for his career. Fraley in a very small sample is hitting well against lefties this year only.

    Benson career:

    L vs. L .114/.228/.193/.421 wRC+ 20

    L vs. R .265/.350./.479/.829 wRC+ 123

    Paxton pitches tomorrow but that’s the only lefty starter over the next week.
    Benson can hit lower order with his K rate against righties but has to be platooned at this point. There is no help in the minors other than AAAA guys. The underperformance of so many hitters is unbelievable, which pours gasoline on the injury situation

  31. Doc

    It’s an interesting comment to say “winner takes all” for Thursday’s game. What is “all”. Winner takes two games of the set but that is it. Winner does not get credited with three wins for taking two of three. Winner doesn’t take all of anything.

    • Doug Gray

      This is a common phrase, Doc. I dunno what to tell ya.

  32. Hanginwithem

    There is a reluctance of current front office to make any meaningful changes, whether that be by trade or change of field management. There may be a reluctance of established players and/or credible management candidates who wish to associate with the current ownership group. Bob Castellini is in his 80’s. Maybe the spectre of son Phil stepping up is a deal breaker?