The Cincinnati Reds announced that they have called up Nick Martini from Louisville and have optioned outfielder Conner Capel to Triple-A.

Nick Martini began the year with the Reds and things were going well at the start. He homered twice on Opening Day and drove in five runs. He came off of the bench in the next game, doubled, and drove in two runs. March wrapped up with another game that saw him get on base twice.

But then April started and he went as cold as it gets. Over the next five weeks he hit .141/.158/.211 with one walk and 22 strikeouts. That’s Aaron Harang-esque production at the plate out of a guy who was primarily playing as the teams designated hitter. Cincinnati finally decided that they needed to go a different route and optioned him to the minor leagues after the first week of May.

Much like it was in Cincinnati, Martini started out hot for Louisville. But he didn’t cool down. Granted, he’s only played in eight games since he was optioned, but he has hit .364/.563/.818 with nine walks and four strikeouts to go along with three home runs and a double.

Conner Capel was called up to replace Martini when he was optioned. Unlike Martini, though, Capel wasn’t given starts five times a week. In fact, in the two weeks he was on the team he only started one game and only got an at-bat in four of them. He went 2-8 during his call up.

We’ll have to see if Nick Martini gets right back into the lineup tonight as the Reds open up a new series with the San Diego Padres at Great American Ball Park. San Diego is sending right-handed pitcher Joe Musgrove to the mound and he’s sporting an ERA of 6.37 and left-handed batters are hitting .318/.378/.500 against him so far this year.

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  1. Jessecuster44

    … Sounds like the Reds sent him down to get right, and he did. Hoping he is in the lineup tonight to jumpstart things. No Cavalry coming from elsewhere.

    • Amj40

      Can we send Benson down to get right as well?

  2. Mark A Verticchio

    Sounds like the Titanic’s deck chairs are being rearranged.

  3. JB

    Meanwhile we get to watch Benson strikeout on a consistent basis.

  4. LDS

    Yep, Capel really got a shot, 8 ABs. Maybe Martini does something this time around, but I’m not betting on it. A different lineup today. At least, Bell moved the pieces around. Not that I think it’ll matter. He’s still there to give away games.

  5. JayTheRed

    Trying something is better than trying nothing and just running the same players out each night.

    One of the biggest things about this team is at the plate they need to be a little more patient and wait for good pitches. A lot of Strikeouts, with a few exceptions. I’ve seen so many wild swings are pitches nowhere near the zone. It’s good to attack pitches in the zone but if they are nowhere near it be patient. I do want to point out some guys have some really good stuff against the hitters, and we have been playing a lot of teams that should be beating us. Just want to see a little more patience at the plate.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Patience is the only way they are going to compete. We see way to often rolling over and weak contact on the first pitch that was out of the zone or borderline. They need to grind out at bats and compete like the start of the year. Not be overly aggressive and get themselves put or behind in.the count. Selectively aggressive.

      • CI3J

        There was a time last season where I think it was the Braves said they were happy to get out of Cincinnati, because playing the Reds was exhausting in how they’d grind out every at-bat.

        The Braves manager said something like “I’m happy we don’t have to play them again until the playoffs.” or something to that effect.

        Yeah, what happened since then?

      • Tom Diesman

        PEDS, wrist/thumb, shoulder, wrist, ………

  6. old-school

    I like the lineup total makeover. See if Hurtubise can get on base and use his speed. Its nearly 90 and very warm in Cincy today. Im calling a GASP hitting breakout for the Redlegs. Give me the over Indy! Or I could just be lost in the desert delusionally seeing an oasis.

  7. Tom Diesman

    I wonder if they’ll have any interest in picking up Ramon Laureano once he clears waivers and becomes a free agent. He hits RH and can play all across the OF. He has a career .740 OPS with a career .775 OPS vs LHs. He has a little bit of power and could be a nice complement bench/platoon piece.

    • JB

      He is striking out 38% of the time this year but that is an upgrade over Benson. I will say this about him, he has a cannon.

  8. LarkinPhillips

    Any news on Steer? He was given a off day on Sunday and pitch ran for immediately after getting walked. Injured?

    • Mark Moore

      Same question. That’s almost 3 days off.

    • Tom Diesman

      It was reported he’s dealing with a sore ankle and they thought he’d be back today. Must still be giving him trouble.

      • CI3J

        Uh oh… Given the history of this Reds medical staff, that might mean he has an ankle fracture.

        How many times have we heard “‘Tis but a scratch.” then a few days later “Out for 2 months.”?

  9. Rob

    Another LH bat. Doesn’t accomplish a darn thing. Musical chairs. Why are we averse to picking up a couple RH bats? And I mean real RH bats. Because of our deficit, we need a complete turnaround and not a stop the bleeding. There is a big difference. I would say a minimum of 8 of the remaining 13 games in May.

      • Justin T

        First visit to the park this year. Abbott looked fantastic and entirely in control. Fraley’s HBP sounded awful and echoed thru the stadium. Profar had a base hit down first base line that made Candelerio look like he was 50 years old trying to get to it. He will be the most maligned Reds player in history by the time his deal is up. Cannot believe they paid that much… They seemed to go back to being same ol Reds offensively after a good start. In a good note the napkins were filled and it was a beautiful night at GABP.

  10. Mark A Verticchio

    Why Ford and not Martini? Benson goes from 1st to 9th, what is Bell doing? He should have always been 9th or not playing.

    • Melvin

      I would have hoped since Martini has been hot he would have played. So much for riding the hot bat and building momentum I guess. Let’s win anyway.

      • Rick

        Seems like Bell punishes call ups. He likes those switch hitters even if they can’t hit. Handedness over baseball sense.

  11. Redhaze

    It’s also funny to see trade rumors involving the Reds. They will be buyers for no one this season. The front office has already mailed this season in. Go ahead and start making bumper stickers that read, “Wait til next season.”

    • Melvin

      They already have an excess since they’ve been printing them for years.

  12. Mike W

    Funny thing is Capel’s .250 BA (and I know only 8 ABs) is probably better than 2/3rds of the Red’s starting line-up tonight — and he gets sent down. I’d rather have seen Ford or even Benson gone down for 5 games (instead of Capel) and get his swing and eye back. I’d rather Ford than Benson, ‘cuz Benson offers more defensive and base running skills. Hopefully we can take 2 of 3 IN CINN from a .500 team.
    See, I can so write a post without saying anything negative about Mr. Bell. ?

  13. Anthony

    Knowing goof ball Bell,Martini will probably hit leadoff tonight. 8th tomorrow night and cleanup in game 3. Then people will wonder why were not winning and the hitting stinks. Of course then ownership will extend Bell 2 more years and mainstream media will praise what a great job hes doing only a matter of time??..Please can this guy!!

  14. TheWhooper

    This oughta turn everything around for the Reds. To have two guys in the lineup who were shipped out a few weeks ago … yassssir! NL pitchers about to face this group are shuddering.

  15. Redhaze

    Who are managers that you would like to see in Cincy that are realistically available? David Ross? Joe Maddon?

  16. Mike W

    My pick would definitely be Ross as his “wounds” are fresh and he has a direct vendetta against the Cubs for firing him and can’t like the Brewers, either. Not just because of being divisional opponents, but because an ex Brewer manager (Craig Counsell) replaced him! Also, I like the fact he’s a former catcher. Smart and sees Rey whole game in front of him. Good idea Redhaze (and Im with you Anthony)!

  17. VegasRed

    I don’t care who replaces Bell, just make it happen.