The Cincinnati Reds were able to come from behind to tie the game up and eventually send it to extra-innings. That’s when the Dodgers were able to pick up the walk-off win on a clutch hit by Shohei Ohtani that gave Los Angeles the victory on Sunday evening.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (19-28) 2 6 0
Los Angeles Dodgers (32-17)
3 7 1
W: Branda (1-0) L: Diaz (1-3)
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Hunter Greene was cruising through the first three innings of the game, giving up just one hit. But in the 4th inning he gave up a leadoff single to Freddie Freeman on a 3-0 pitch. Two batters later Andy Pages hit a 2-run homer into the seats in left field to put the home team on top 2-0.

The Reds offense got to work in the next half-inning. After a ground out began the top of the 5th, Stuart Fairchild and Santiago Espinal hit back-to-back doubles to cut the Dodgers lead in half and make it 2-1. After a strikeout of Luke Maile, Los Angeles brought in a lefty reliever to face Will Benson and on the 8th pitch of the at-bat, Benson lined out to a leaping Mookie Betts at shortstop to end the inning.

Hunter Greene kept the Dodgers off of the board in the 5th and 6th innings, sending the game to the 7th with Los Angeles still up 2-1. Cincinnati’s offense started putting pressure on when Jonathan India led off with a walk. Stuart Fairchild then laid down a bunt, but pitcher Ryan Yarbough fielded the ball and turned and threw to first base where there was no one near the bag. India raced around to third and Fairchild moved around the bases to second.

After a pop up, the Reds called on Tyler Stephenson to pinch hit for Luke Maile. The Dodgers opted to intentionally walk him to load the bases and face Will Benson. Cincinnati then sent Spencer Steer out to pinch hit for him, but then Los Angeles countered by bringing in Alex Vesia out of the bullpen. The two battled for nine pitches, but Steer came out on top as he worked a walk to bring in the tying run. That was all they’d get as a strikeout and pop up stranded the bases loaded.

With the game now tied, Hunter Greene returned to the mound with 98 pitches under his belt to begin the bottom of the 7th. Jason Heyward took the first pitch of the inning and hit it 106 MPH into right field for a single. Greene came back to strike out Enrique Hernandez, but Heyward stole second on final strike. David Bell then made a walk to the mound to call on Fernando Cruz out of the bullpen.

Cruz would strike out Austin Barnes, but then the lineup turned over and Mookie Betts came to the plate with the go-ahead run still standing out there at second base. The Reds righty got out of the jam as Betts popped up just behind the bag at second base to send the game into the 8th all tied up.

The Reds had held Shohei Ohtani down for the entire series, but he picked up an infield single as he beat Sam Moll to the bag on a bang-bang play. Freddie Freeman got ahead 3-0, but Moll battled back and got him to ground into a double play. Teoscar Hernandez then singled into center before the Reds made a pitching change. On the third pitch thrown by Emilio Pagan, Tyler Stephenson threw out Hernandez trying to steal second base to end the inning.

Cincinnati tried to get a 2-out rally going in the top of the 9th when Tyler Stephenson and Jacob Hurtubise put together back-to-back singles, but Elly De La Cruz struck out to end the inning.

After throwing just three pitches in the bottom of the 8th, Emilio Pagan returned to start the 9th inning. He would retire the first two batters he saw, but on the third pitch to Jason Heyward, Pagan seemed to feel something and the trainer headed to the mound. The two of them would leave together and the Reds called on Alexis Diaz to enter the game with Heyward still at the plate. He needed three pitches to finish up the at-bat, striking him out to end the inning and send the game to the 10th.

If you’re going to head to extra-innings then the guy you want to start at second base for you would be Elly De La Cruz. And for Cincinnati that’s what they had on the table, but a strikeout was followed up by back-to-back groundouts and the Reds couldn’t bring in the go-ahead run.

Jason Heyward started the bottom of the 10th on second for the Dodgers and Alexis Diaz was back to the mound for the Reds. An attempted sacrifice bunt was popped up and caught by Tyler Stephenson to begin the inning. Will Smith then came off of the bench to pinch hit and drew a 5-pitch walk. Diaz went to a full count with Mookie Betts before he lined out to center for the second out of the inning. That brought Shohei Ohtani to the plate with the game on the line and the best hitter in the game came through with a walk-off single to give Los Angeles the win on the day and a series victory over Cincinnati.

Key Moment of the Game

Shohei Ohtani’s walk-off single in the bottom of the 10th.

Notes Worth Noting

Cincinnati is now 3-15 over their last 18 games.

Hunter Greene continues to pitch well and he continues to get very little run support for all of his efforts. His ERA is now 3.22 on the season through 58.2 innings where he has 66 strikeouts.

The Reds went 1-12 with runners in scoring position. The Dodgers only went 1-9.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

San Diego Padres vs Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday May 21st, 6:40pm ET

TBA vs Andrew Abbott (2-4, 3.06 ERA)

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  1. Melvin

    “Hunter Greene continues to pitch well and he continues to get very little run support for all of his efforts.”

    For sure.

  2. Melvin

    “Cincinnati is now 3-15 over their last 18 games”

    Reminding me of the 3-22 stretch just a couple of years ago. Hope it doesn’t go that far.

    • DW

      That is exactly what came to mind for me too, Melvin

  3. Erik the red

    Not a lot of positives besides starting pitching on this season. This is trending toward a 95 loss season. As DB would say let’s stay with the process.

  4. TJ

    Let the whining begin. I know the Reds didn’t play great, but they were in most games. Blew the Dodgers out in game 1. 3-3 late in game 2. 2-0 in the 6th in game 3 I believe. Extra innings in game 4. With a few of the injured guys healthy, the Reds could have done better.

    • Jedi Joey

      What the heck do you expect when they go 3-15 over the last 18 games? Let the fans vent. This is a garbage show right now!

    • Doc

      Agree, TJ. They played the best NL team money can buy in an away series. The Reds lost 3 of 4 playing with half their starting players on the IL and yet they hung tight through all four games. The complainer won’t see it or admit it, but this was a very competitive series. Kudos to Greene and the rest of the rest starters. It portends well for the rest of the season.

      • Harry Stoner

        Well, there are Cassandras and Pollyannas both, here at RLN.

        ‘Portents well….’

    • Brian

      TJ, I just love when arrogant people try to dictate what type of a fan others should be. How about you do you and let others be themselves? They have played close games against tough teams, a valid point. This team also makes a ton of mental mistakes for an MLB team.

      • TJ

        I do let others say what they want hence “Let the whining begin.”. I was welcoming it….lol

    • Justin T

      Yes, some teams do the little things to win games and others do not and lose. The excuses for losses year after year can only give me insight on what the front office conversations are like. For whatever reason, some teams are mentally tougher and seem to find ways to win vs. lose.

    • Mauired

      @TJ. You’re right. Reds had a completely successful 3-7 road trip. Nothing to whine or complain about. This changes nothing. Reds easily could have had a .500 road trip if a few things would have gone their way like the Uber dropping off Bell at the Angels stadium instead. It’s not like he would have known the difference.

      • TJ

        Did I say the Reds were successful? No. I’m just saying they gave one of the best teams in baseball tough, close ball games with many of their starters out.

  5. LDS

    Well, at least, the Reds are ahead of Miami and Colorado in the wild card standings.

  6. Jonah Franklin

    Are they at the point that the team should go ahead and just start dumping salaries when they can and “not intentionally” begin playing towards a better draft pick next year? Like, give some guys in the minors a shot like they did last year, even if it hurts the win-loss record? I think a lot of us assumed that this year would be another growing year for the team, so next year was probably the more likely year for the playoffs anyway.

  7. GreatRedLegsFan

    No offensive arguments, 1-12 w/RISP & 10 LOB. Hard to say it but this will be another lost season.

  8. Jason Franklin

    If you look at how EDLC ended up being pretty much owned by the Dodgers after game 1, this is how a well-managed/well-coached team reacts. I don’t think the Reds have anything close to that (as we see how they apparently cannot make contact when they should).

  9. Dennis Westrick

    So, our “Closer” now has an ERA of 7+ and a W-L record of 1-3! Yet, Bell the Brilliant keeps running him out there in close games! Insanity! Pure insanity!

    • LDS

      Iglesias the Second. Bell misused him and is now following the same pattern with Diaz. Iglesias seems to be doing rather well in Atlanta. That’s what good coaching and a winning culture engenders. Too bad the Reds don’t understand that.

      • Oldtimer

        Iglesias had a few good years as a Red and one bad one.

        The two guy they got in a trade for him are playing in MLB in 2024. Neither ever played for the Reds.

      • LDS

        Neither Rameriz nor Rivas are still with the Reds and neither were particularly consequential. The Reds released Rameriz and granted Rivas FA in November 2022. That Iglesias didn’t like the way Bell was using him has been documented. So, he had to go to keep Davy happy. They got nothing for it, marginally more than they got for Miley.

      • Oldtimer

        Like I said above, both R and R are playing in MLB this year. Neither ever played for the Reds. Go back and read what I wrote, please/.

      • LDS

        I read what you wrote. The point is they gave up Iglesias for a pair of non-impact players, simply because Iglesias and Bell didn’t see eye to eye. The Reds’ FO bet on the wrong horse.

      • wkuchad

        LDS, you know that’s not true. We got nothing for Iglesias because he was a salary dump.

      • LDS

        @Wkuchad, I know that is part of it. I also know that he is one of the few that have commented on Bell negatively in public. They are summarily dumped afterwards. As for a salary dump, that’s the one thing that Krall has shown he can do. So far, there’s no sign that he knows how to build a competitive team.

  10. deafmix3

    The thing that’s brutal about this year is the Reds are wasting excellent starting pitching, or at least very good. Gotta be the most impotent batting order in my lifetime (which is pretty long)… the top six went 0-for-24 today. On the plus side, the West Coast Road trips are done. On the down side, no changes foreseeable…

    P.S. I’ve been listening to Guardians games because they are fun and because their broadcast team is one of the finest in baseball… I heard Tom Hamilton say today that Edwin Diaz has been removed from his closer role w/ NYM. So it CAN be done…

    • Votto4life

      Apparently, Edwin Diaz had an emotional breakdown in the locker room. The Mets said he was “stepping back from the Closer’s role”

      • Melvin

        Maybe there is something unsettling going on in the Diaz family that we don’t know about contributing to them both doing poorly at the same time. If so I wish them the best in overcoming whatever it is.

    • Melvin

      “The thing that’s brutal about this year is the Reds are wasting excellent starting pitching, or at least very good.”

      Good point. Good starting pitching is hard to come by. That’s why Krall needs to do his best to make this team better.

  11. Mike W

    Guys and gals, 3-15 in any 18 game span is almost impossible to do with 30 Major Leaguers — especially with an SP staff like we have!
    IF we finish 58-57, we end up at 77-85 and clearly out of the playoffs. We need to play .600 ball from here on out (69-46) to end up at 88-74 — and HOPEFULLY make a wild card spot.
    Clearly we need to have a feeling of playoff intensity/urgency in our clubhouse and dugout effective tomorrow!
    Is Manager Bell the one to get us fired up and stayed fired up?
    These are facts, simple math.
    Same with 4 years ago and 3 years and 2 years and last year and even this year. The numbers don’t lie.
    This is supposed to be a money making business. Come on Red’s ownership. Make the tough decision and try and get us to the playoff. Otherwise give all the season ticket holders a refund!

    • Votto4life

      Like many here, I have been following baseball for a long time. I truly don’t see anyway this team makes the post season in 2024. I don’t care how many WC teams they are. If it happens at all, it’s probably going to be 2026 at the earliest, more likely 2027.

      The Reds can make trades now, but this team is not just a player or two players away.

      The one thing they can do is replace Davis Bell, but I am not even sure what that will accomplish this season, except satisfy some disgruntled fans. Might as well, change managers during the off season. This season is lost.

      • Mike W

        You especially have to admit it would be fun to have Joey V take over team management effective immediately. Who knows? MIGHT make a difference. Lots of the players know and respect him and we certainly need help getting the bat on the ball!

      • Jedi Joey

        I’m with you both. I don’t see them coming back from this hole. I wish they could but unlike some of the commenters above who think trying real hard against a great opponent is something to be thrilled about I choose to wait for wins to get excited. I’m tired of the excuses.

      • Melvin

        Votto player/manager? 🙂 It would at least add some excitement.

      • Rob

        I think we are no more than 1-2 players away from playoff contention. We have 2 longer term vacancies in McLain and Marte. Friedl and Strand are short term injuries which every team has. We certainly had more injuries last year with Greene, Lodolo, and to some degree India and Ashcraft. Plus we added plus players in Monte’s, Martinez, and Candelario. Pitching is definitely much better. But we got some serious soft spots in the lineup between India and Benson. And there is no quality help at Louisville on the level of McLain and Marte. Give me 2 replacements – one A minus player like Robert ot Chisolm to man CF and one B minus player like Drury or McNeil to man 2B – and I would argue that we could play 5-10 games over 500 from here on out. I honestly don’t think that is Krall’s issue. He has enough prospect capital to acquire both these guys. I just think he sees the situation much too optimistically. Without the trades, I don’t know that we can play 500 ball from here on out. We are already seeing deflated, defeated players. 1-11 in one run games and we don’t have a losing attitude? I personally would not have this situation get to 9 games under without making trades. That is totally on Krall and his misguided feeling this is going to turn around. He is wrong but he is doubly wrong thinking a bigger deficit doesn’t make a difference. There are no excuses here. Injuries have hurt but we can recover from this with some higher octane. Not with Louisville castoffs. Not going to work this year.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Its one thing to be 3-15 but its entirely something else to say the things Bell and his players say.I get it about being positive and I get it about not throwing players under the bus publicly.I don’t get the comments we’re good and we know we’re good and the mistakes we are making aren’t really mistakes and so and so on.How can we as fans remain positive and support this team when we hear this kind of stuff.Its an insult to the fans to say these things and even a greater insult to ask us to believe them IMO.It reminds me of a line from the Godfather where Pacino says to Carlo-Don’t lie to me becomes it makes me very angry,it insults my intelligience.

  13. Mark A Verticchio

    Let’s quit talking about how close the losses were, this is professional baseball, a loss is a loss period. Any team that loses 15 of 18 has got a lot of problems no matter how so-called close the losses were. Quit making excuses this is a possible 100 loss team for the 2nd time in 3 years.

  14. Rob

    The Reds management team still doesn’t see a problem. Yet the fans do. I wonder how that is going to translate at the box office. While Bell, Krall, and Co. want to pretend this is a playoff team, I think fans will begin to turn their back on the product. Players look despondent and beaten, and the truth is that it is not a very exciting team. As pointed out by many, this team now has to play 600 ball to make the playoffs and each passing day, the percentages go higher. No one has been fired and no better players have been acquired. Krall says he is looking for help but his tortoise speed means he is now going to have to acquire both Judge and Acuna to salvage the season. He is blowing it AGAIN. And your valuable trade pieces from last year who you wouldn’t give up- Phillips, Petty, and Arroyo – aren’t exactly lighting it up and you may have to increase the prospect offering. Brilliant. Or just continue to ignore the offensive needs and see what that brings you.

    • Mark Moore

      “Where else are you gonna go?”

      I’ve stopped looking at a DC trip in July based on this putrid down bubble streak. I may reverse that, but “investing” about $500 on a weekend doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now.

  15. Roger Garrett

    Hunter threw some splitters today and a couple of curves and hit 100 a couple of times.He is getting it and is showing he is getting it.Taking that next step for sure.I believe it was Freddie where he threw a split at 81 for a strike and later in the at bat 100 on the four seamer.That is pitching for sure.Got to love what he is doing.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Cowboy was talking Thrall through all of that during the broadcast. He sounded very encouraged by what he saw. And I tend to trust his POV.

  16. TJ

    Anyone remember 2019? Washington was 19-31 at one point and won the world series. I am NOT saying the Reds will win the world series. They will play better as they get healthier. Look at the Twins, Astros, and even the Mets until recently. They all went on a run. Reds will also. It’s just math. And Pollyanna is my maiden name….

    • DW

      I am asking this in all honesty…how is it just math?

      • TJ

        All teams go through winning streaks. Even the White Sox have had a winning streak this year. The starting pitching is there and the depth is starting to fill in as some of the minor leagues are getting healthy and stretching out. The bullpen would seemingly be fixed easily in house. DJ and Bell know things we don’t when it comes to the bullpen. I would love to know what they are thinking. The offense is tricky. We have many players who are injured. Hopefully they can come back and give the team a boost. Commenters want to trade for a right handed bat. Who? For What? Offense is down all through the league and will cost a ton. How did this team win the season series from the Phillies? Was that a fluke? Pieces are there. They just need to be there at the same time.

    • TR

      After a good start, since the Texas road trip, the Red’s have gone 4-18, and now Memorial Day is a week away with six games at home with S.D. and L.A.D. Thank you, TJ, for your optimism.

      • TJ

        Thanks. I guess besides being an optimist, I’m also a contrarian. With all the negativity about our Reds, I try to be objective about the Reds and give my honest opinion. I love in southern Illinois and don’t get to watch many games. I do listen on Sirius XM and like many of Brantley’s takes.

    • Justin T

      The roster that has been built isnt good enough. Fully healthy this is a high strikeout offense who simply doesnt make enough contact to sustain rallies. They make outs on the bases, they are below average defensively, and have struggled with even throwing to the correct base. Relievers walk too many batters. What are you seeing, my friend.

  17. Harry Stoner

    EDLC 4 Ks on the day.

    Add another sombrero to the collection.

    Heading towards Stubbs territory.

  18. Rob

    This has been my question for 2 weeks now. But Nick and David, what is the criteria for everything not being fine? We know 5 games under 500 is fine, and 8 games under is OK. Just what point do you reach concerned and see the need for upgrades? I would think there is a line in the sand. You can do the math as well as me but somewhere here soon you are going to need to win 11-12 of 15. Without that, I just can’t get to “fine”.

  19. Jon

    When does Krall start making roster moves to signal to the players that their performance is unacceptable and must improve? Specifically, I’m referring to sending Diaz and Benson to AAA. Benson’s been lost since the first week of the season, and Diaz since about the start of last July. They’re certainly not figuring it out at the Major League level.

    • Grand Salami

      Diaz wasn’t elite but serviceable today. He was not the reason for the loss. He had Ohtani 1-2 with 2 outs and gave up a single to loss the game. And Fairchild probably had a play at 2nd to pick off Heyward

  20. Roger Garrett

    Santillan up for Diaz and lets see what the two new guys can do with Benson’s playing time.India and Fraley’s ain’t getting much done either especially on the power side.Ty Steve is getting it done.Got up twice and got a hit and walked and maybe if he gets 4 or 5 at bats we fly home a winner,just saying.OPSover 800 with 5 dingers and 14 walks and punchout rate of 22%.Please please let him DH when he needs a break behind the plate.

    • DW

      Yeah I agree. At least while he is hot. If he cools off again, then use another hot hand…if there is one.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep. Had TySteve been the #3 hittertoday instead of the woeful Mike Ford AGAIN…he would have come up with the bases loaded in the 8th inning and then again with Elly on 2nd base with no outs in the 10th.

      That very well might have changed the outcome from a loss to a win… to those who defend Bell’s goofy batting orders and act like they don’t matter.

      • Melvin

        I honestly do not understand in the least, considering how poorly the team has been hitting, and how well Stephenson HAS been hitting lately, why he wasn’t in the lineup today as the DH. So we possibly lose the DH in the rare occurrence that he has to go in and catch. So what! The benefits of him being in the lineup far outweigh that risk. By the way it is still within the rules to pinch hit for a pitcher or, heaven forbid, have him bunt a runner over if need be.

      • Jim Walker

        Yep, it must be a coincidence that the Dodgers typically bat Betts, Ohtani, and Freeman in the first three spots. 😉

      • Melvin

        “Yep, it must be a coincidence”

        Pure coincidence. 😉

  21. Redsgettingbetter

    This team at this moment has only to show a good starting rotation and some running speed, nothing more. The bullpen has been solid only at times. The defense is below average. The offense is pathetic. It’ s true, there have been key players injuries and bad luck too. They Still have time to come back and contend but the problem is what changes they should make in short-term to start winning frequently and it should be soon.. That’s not evident right now

  22. RedsFanInFL

    I’m not sure what frustrates me more. Bell’s constant tinkering of the starting lineup or his insistence that certain players need to bat in certain spots. Somehow, Bell has found a way to do both.

    He has a sub .200 BA with a 40% strikeout rate leading off; a sub .200 BA who was recently cut by the team while in the minors batting 3rd.

    Here’s a thought, just put the top 2 OPB batting 1 and 2; then the next top 2 OPS 3rd and 4th, then remaining 2 top in slugging in 5 and 6 spot. Then the last 3 spots for whoever remains. What’s the worst that could happen? The Reds get shut out or only score 1-2 runs and loose….

    • DW

      Yeah, Ford going from minor league cut to occupying the three hole is mond boggling…but somehow feels on par since we have suffered through Bell for so any years now

    • Oldtimer

      Dunn hitting .217 BA at Louisville. Martini hitting .364 BA at Louisville.

  23. Rednat

    Reds likely will match their 3-21 stretch in 2022. I dont see them beating the padres or dodgers these next 6 games. Maybe a rainout can save us.
    Just not sure this team psychologically could recover from that this year. Especially with no veteran leadership.

    • Rob

      Good point. It sure looks to me like the defeatist, loser bug has hit the Reds. Shame we are allowing this. There are a lot of young players on this team.

  24. Steven Ross

    Nothing will change. Bell still has 2 years to go on his contract. Mediocrity is accepted. We can’t hit at all. Benson leading off drives me nuts. I feel better. Thx.

  25. Rednat

    Im thinking this thing could really spiral out of control. You look at tve 1982 club. They had leadership. Concepcion,Bench,Driessen. The 2022 had leadership as well with Votto and Farmer. This team has none. You have to wonder if players start feeling sorry for themselves who is going to pick them up?

    • Jon

      But what about India?

      Seriously, what was Krall thinking when he signed him to a two-year contract through 2025, after playing poorly the past two seasons? Looking like that’s going to be another “miss” on Krall’s record as GM. I just wonder if he’ll own up to the mistake by DFA-ing him this winter, or keep him around going into 2025… Same thing for Pagán if he doesn’t turn things around…

      • Brian

        He has good hair though and by golly he has fun trying to be a stupid Viking for a night…

    • DataDumpster

      I must have missed it but he did get signed for 2 years at least 8.8 mil. I thought he was going to be traded. He has horrible range at second and is otherwise mediocre to average at everything else. I don’t know where this so-called leadership comes from, he just seems to emulate Bell. Furthermore, a leader needs to be getting it done on the field and he hasn’t for quite a while.
      At the baseballref site, I noticed that the #7 most similar player to him is Kyle Farmer and the #2 most similar at his age is David Bell. With the way this club is being managed, I can’t help but think that might have been a factor in his signing.

      • Jim Walker

        Bench could not catch by then because his knees were gone. He made over 100 appearances at 3B in 1982; but ultimately, the knees were also too far gone to allow him the lateral movement required at 3B.

        Still he managed a 98 OPS+ on just under 440PAs. Excuse me for wondering what he might have done if the NL had the DH which had existed in the AL since 1973.

      • Melvin

        Bench could play 1B well and was still far better than Driesen as a hitter. They should have traded Driesen and let Bench play there. He could have played several more years.

      • Oldtimer

        Bench could have played a few more years as DH but his athletic skills were gone by the 1980s.

      • Melvin

        DH would have been great for Johnny for sure. I do remember a week or so before “Johnny Bench Night” he caught a few innings in Dodger stadium to tune up to catch the entire game for “his night” in Riverfront. He came in the game and Tommy Lasorda yelled from the dugout as he was warming up asking him what he’s doing. He just kind of motioned he’s crazy. lol That same inning the Dodgers best base stealer tried to steal on Bench and he still threw him out. lol I do Remember Rose when he was on the Phillies saying he’d be glad to find another position if Bench would come over and play 1B. It was his second best position and personally I’ve always thought he still could have played there. Driessen was a good guy but I’ve never had good feelings about him simply because through no fault of his own in a way he kept both Perez and Bench from playing 1B for the Reds. lol


        Some of you might remember Johnny Bench played some outfield. Kept his bat in the lineup.

      • Melvin

        That reminds me. The Reds fired John McNamara in 1982 after 92 games that year even though:

        They lost Griffey, Foster, and Collins, their entire outfield, to New York that off season.

        Their opening day outfield was Clint Hurdle LF, Ceasar Cedeno CF, and Paul Householder RF.

        Johnny Bench quit catching completely, moved to 3B, and was quite frankly terrible. Alex Trevino was the full time catcher

        Ray Knight was traded away in a bad trade.

        They won their division in 1979 with a 90 win season.

        They won 89 games in 1980.

        They had the best record in baseball in 1981.

        Three winning seasons well above .500 all under John McNamara.

        Oh how times/attitudes have changed……about winning……and Reds managers.

      • Melvin

        Their record when the firing took place was 34-58 by the way.

  26. CharlieE

    So, I was driving and didn’t see or hear the game, did EDLC even try to steal third in the 10th? I understand he can score from second on a hit, but looks like from the pitch chart, there were several chances to get to third with no outs, which would not require a hit to score, and perhaps force the Dodgers to draw in the infield. So looking at expected wins, the Reds, are 4 wins worse than expected at this point. No other NL team is more than 1 win below expected. The Red Sox are 4 wins below expected and the Angels are 3 wins below expected in the AL. I know this can be related to different reasons, but generally most people who follow this stat believe it is mostly related to poor relief pitching and managerial decisions, take that for what is…….

    • Grand Salami

      I take wins below expected as managerial error. Bell and Ron Washington would be favorable data points so far as I’m concerned.

    • Randy in Chatt

      He (ELDC) did not even look to try to steal third till later on in the first at-bat. He tried on one but the hitter fouled it off. I was really wanting him to go on one of the first 3 pitches though. It seems like someone drummed into him “Do not make the first out at 3rd base”. It is great if he makes it but horrible if he doesn’t. The coaches were probably thinking, “he scores on a hit no matter what. 1st base is scoring position for him”.

      • john

        whats wrong with a bunt, then a sacrifice fly, hit to right side, or dodgers error scores a run, Bell is horrible. This team can play smallball with a competent manager


        Could have bunted him over but the reds rarely bunt, if only we could hit better. Probably wouldn’t have matter because we can’t get a productive out either. Just a lot of Ks with a man at 3rd and 1 out. Hope that changes!

  27. CFD3000

    The lack of offense doomed the Reds yesterday. Again. Ohtani’s hit just finished them off. Kudos to Hunter Greene who continues to put together a strong year, improving as he goes. But 1-12 with runners in scoring position, and the inability to put the ball in play with a runner on third and two outs are… bad. Early in the season it looked like the team was learning plate discipline and earning walks and as a result swinging at better pitches and getting good results at the plate. Now not so much. Frustrating right now, especially against expectations that this would be a competitive team. I know, injuries, but the healthy guys’ plate approach is not good. Hoping that starts to change soon.

    • Grand Salami

      “Early in the season it looked like the team was learning plate discipline and earning walks and as a result swinging at better pitches and getting good results at the plate. Now not so much.”

      Exactly. India couldn’t hit but was a walks machine. Elly looked like he was preparing to be pitched around for the rest of his career.

      On Elly: He had 16 BB in April and is on pace for about half that in May.

      • Jim Walker

        I’d guess it is harder to draw walks when the guy in front of you is striking out ~40% of the time and has a sub .300 OBP.

        Not to say that EDLC has handled the situation as well as we might have hoped for.

  28. Grand Salami

    Off day – it’d be nice to see another roster shake up of some variety, but it doesn’t look like anyone is ready to come off the IL, but was Friedl ever even placed on IL?

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      The Mike Ford’s experiment didn’t go well, but unless they decide to switch back to Nick Martini there’s not much else to choose from. Also, the back end of the bullpen could be improved with Young and Santillan, Diaz is not doing well and Pagan may be heading to IL.

    • john

      How do you get a free man second and not score a run ? The shake-up that’s needed is the manager

  29. Indy Red Man

    Well my Pacers made the Conf finals. They’re a young team on an almost constant rebuild so that should sound familiar.
    How’d they do it and could a lesson be applied to the Reds?

    GM Kevin Pritchard traded double-double machine and borderline AS Domantas Sabonis for young talent Tyrese Haliburton. TH is now a borderline top 10 player in the league. The Reds only have 2 guys with a stature like Sabonis. HG and Elly. If they traded Elly the fans would desert. That leaves HG. Would need a potential game changing hitting prospect and a couple of big arms.

    Just a thought. Personally I’d get everyone healthy and get a new manager/new approach for next year and atleast run it back one season before blowing it up again

    • Rob

      You may not be far off on Hunter being a logical trade prospect. A lot of our previous premiere trade prospects – Phillips, Petty, Arroyo – are not doing so hot and may not be so enticing to the other party at this moment. I think there are others in Hunter’s territory – Lodolo, Lawler Collier, and maybe Marte – but your point is right on imo. We need a significant RH bat. A #2/#3 like hitter and not a #6/#7. Doesn’t have to be a 1-2 year guy as Fraley and Benson are redundant pieces. We are not theGM and he is one who has to make the call on timing toward salvaging this season. The only questions should be when and what does it take. Trade.equity should be a secondary priority at this point. A lot of good young talent is being wasted away without the necessary trades.

    • Randy in Chatt

      Potentially that game-changing hitter could be the number 2 pick in the upcoming draft. No matter who we choose “should” be a quick riser in the system. We are getting one of these 3: Condon, Bazzana or Caglione

      • Mauired

        You’re on point Randy. People forget that a lot. This is not a great draft for depth but a killer draft at the top.

        Reds will get a potential impact college bat between the 3 you mentioned. I hope its Condon or Caglianone because Reds desperately need a middle of the order slugger. It’s doesn’t really exist in the entire organization besides CES and he’s not a sure thing.

        But whoever they take will probably in the Reds lineup 2nd half of next year.

      • Votto4life

        This is spot on. I think this year’s draft will determine the Reds next run.

      • JB

        I don’t follow the college baseball. Please tell me at least one of these guys is an outfielder and they all aren’t middle infielders.

      • Randy in Chatt

        Condon can play some outfield and has played at all 4 corners. He even played CF a bit for Georgia but he won’t play one inning there as a pro. He is probably best suited for 1B & RF. Bazzanna is primarily a 2B but has played a smidge of OF in summer ball but was the MVP of the esteemed Cape Cod league and could go #1. Caglianone will only play 1B and DH. He can pitch some but I wouldn’t bet he will pitch any innings as a pro even though he is a lefty and can hit upper 90’s mph.

      • Votto4life

        I really hope Condon falls to the Reds. He is 6’6” with big time power. From what I have read about Bazzana, he sounds to have a similar skill set as Matt McLain. Granted, I only know what I have read.

      • JB

        Condon it is in my book. We desperately need a corner outfielder. If Elly is your SS then McLain is the 2B. They have to fix the outfield.

      • Mauired

        Well Condon has to get past Cleveland which is very unlikely.

        I have no idea why people think a lefty who throws upper 90s has no shot at pitching. Hasn’t Ohtani showed that thinking guys can’t hit and pitch as an outdated concept? Why can’t a DH be a closer too?

        I see Caglianone as a potential 50 homer cleanup hitter and 50 save closer. That’s the guy I’ve been hoping Reds get for awhile now.

  30. DataDumpster

    IT was mentioned that another category where the Reds “lead” the NL is wins below expected (-4). I assume they are basing this on one of the many formulae for Pythagorean expectation. A few blowouts concentrated in one direction will mess with this calculation but a team who loses at the margins with bad managerial decisions, lack of fundamentals along with poor baserunning and defensive play will go into the negative as the number of games increases. Obviously, a bad record in close games (like 1-11 in single run scores) will be deeply negative as well.
    The last time I remember Krall on interview he cited the “expected wins” stat in a roundabout way of saying the Reds record will improve as time goes on as sort of a reversion to the “expected.” I think he is a lot smarter than that and realizes the team is not getting it done and will probably drift back to mediocrity at best. I am not predicting a season like 2022 by any means but why does The Bull emulate the manager he supposedly is in charge of by gaslighting the fans. Parrot that, so called beat writers.

  31. Jeremiah

    Reds are in a tough position organizationally. All their main talent has come up now, and is either injured or struggling it seems. The next wave of hitting talent I think is still Double A or below in Collier, Sal Stewart, Arroyo etc.

    I actually don’t think there’s a ton of pressure on the organization to win this year. My belief was 2025 was the year, so they were hoping to win this year, but if not it wasn’t going to be a huge blow to the Front Office… and I give Krall credit…he tried, signing Montas, Martinez, Candelario, Pagan. So far the moves haven’t really worked overall, but they’re not terrible moves. Those guys could all end up having decent seasons statistically.

    I think the bigger thing is, is Bell the guy moving forward…and which position players truly are every day guys, or really good backups. I think the jury is still out on Benson, India, Candelario, Fairchild, etc.

    With that being said, I think it’d benefit them to move on from India at some point. He needs a change of scenery.I think..another article mentioned this, but India is seen as a leader for this team, yet he’s struggled, and was going to basically be a backup if everyone wasn’t injured…plus he’s fighting for his career, for his first free agent contract in a few years…not saying it’s his or totally the Reds fault……but you don’t want the perceived leader of your team a guy who is struggling, doesn’t really have a position when everyone is healthy, is fighting for his personal career, and probably deep down may not want to be here.

    Another thing is the Reds are injury prone…I love Friedl, Fraley, the potential of Mcclain…but can you count on them? Part of being successful is identifying what players are durable I think.

    Overall it’s kind of a mess right now! The starting pitching is encouraging which is huge in a good way…even if this is a bit of a throw away year, if you go into next year with 4-5 solid Starting Pitchers that would be a good thing for 2025-2026 being your target years to put out a Playoff contending team.

    • Votto4life

      I would be surprise if they improve much in 2025. I think it will be more like 2026 or most likely 2027. A key to the Reds next run is the #2 overall pick in this years MLB draft. They will likely draft their future middle of line up bat everyone has been clamoring for. It will take Condon or Bazzana (or whoever) a season and a half to be ready for the show. It will probably take that long for Rhett Lowder to get establish and if we are being honest, it will take McLain that long to fully recover for shoulder surgery. I wouldn’t waste money on marginal free agents in the mean time, although it does allow them time to get their next management team in place. Which I can see happening this winter.

    • Rednat

      Good post. I agree I think last year kind of gave reds fans false hope. We may still be a couple of years away from being competitive. I am hoping the league will implement more rule changes in the coming years to help pdomote more offense as well. This will help the reds be able to win with younger position players.
      I agree the situation is a.mess right now. Solid pitching isnt going to get you far if you cant hit. Could be another 100 loss season im afraid

  32. Jim t

    Like many of you I am not a happy fan but let’s try to keep things in perspective. The starting pitching has been good but offensively we have been terrible. How much has the injuries to Friedl, McClain CES and the loss of Marte contributed to our offensive problems. I am very encouraged by our young starters. Let’s get healthy and hopefully finish the year strong.

    • Jason Franklin

      I think it means everything as to why the offense has been stagnant at best. The other problem may be that the Reds have too many swing for the fences type on the big league club and not enough contact/prolonged at-bat types. Once McLain and Marte are playing, that would be improved. CES will and just needs to be the power supply as that is something the team really needs. Hope he finds a better eye at the plate with time. I sometimes wonder if Friedl would be better with a contact first approach then overswinging as he does from time to time. We can then hope that Hurtbuise gets a real chance this year to play. I would also like to see Sal Stewart start rising up the system a bit faster. He would also help the team in the contact/good at-bat department.

  33. Moon

    The Reds are off today. San Diego, who they play tomorrow, is playing a double header against the Braves today. I think that scheduling quirk gives the Reds a significant advantage heading into this series. At this point all I really want to see out of this team is for them to start playing a little better and winning a few games. Since splitting a four game series with the Phillies a month ago the Reds have lost the last seven series they have played. Maybe we can turn that streak around the next couple of days.

  34. VegasRed

    The Reds have been a “wait til next year” team for a couple decades under this regime. Top notch fans still grasp at any little straw of hope to explain what we are seeing on the field or what we hope to see soon once “ X player returns” or its “202X.”

    I don’t blame such fans. It’s what and who we are. But us fans caring more Han the ownership of this mess is never going to cut it.

    I think the critics and apologists for David Bell illustrate this conumdrum the best. But I don’t know that has ever been a better personification by a manager about how an MLB organization performs than Bell.

    His nonchalance, inexplicable belief in how his really good team plays and competes and everything will be ok attitude mirrors the ownership perfectly. No wonder he is bulletproof. No wonder there is no urgency and no apparent accountability in the way this team goes about its business.

    The only puzzle is how we fans still find reasons to hope no matter how much evidence to the contrary we witness with our lying eyes.

    Yeah baby, go Reds go!

  35. Harry Stoner

    Yes, we can anticipate that the Reds might split with the Padres, EDLC will have one big game (along with another 8-10 Ks) and the Bell-istas will come out of the closets and GreenMountains to cry:

    “See! We told you! Bell knows things!”

    And then LA will come in to town and things will go right back to where they were.

  36. Daniel Kals

    The Reds haven’t drafted an above average MLB position player since they drafted Yasmani Grandal in 2010. (Using career OPS of .750 as a marker). Of course, Grandal never played for them. Before that, you have to go back to Jay Bruce in 2005!

    Matt McLain certainly has a chance to be the next above-average Reds draftee, but he’s only played a half year and is injured, so we will see.

    TJ Friedl – an undrafted free agent – is currently over .750 OPS for his career, also with small sample size, so there’s a possibility that those two – along with De La Cruz – could be three above-average “homegrown” position players (counting International signings) on the same team! Wouldn’t that be quite an accomplishment for this crack Reds front office.

    • Mauired

      Stephenson is turning out to be above average when healthy.

    • Old-school

      The senzel #2 overall whiff and India at #5 being a non-franchise backbone centerpiece hurts bigtime

      Not to mention entire 2020 draft a lost cause with Austin Hendrick 12 overall

      If you cant sign 8 figure FA stars and you miss badly on top 12 overall guys 3x in 8 years … thats tough to overcome
      Throw in some bad signings in akiyama moose candelario and a FO refusing to respond to bad bullpens and a manager who is a 2am infomercial … its last place again

      I do like the SP which is fun to say out loud!

  37. Mauired

    But yeah Reds have struggled to draft good hitters despite having many high draft picks over the last decade.

    Senzel, India, and Hendrick big busts.

    Barrero, another bust was the equivalent of a top 10 pick with his signing bonus.

    Then you have the Stephenson, Friedl, and McLain in the majors TBD

    Hopefully they can nail this pick this summer to balance it out.

    • Old-school


      Our posts crossed paths in the atmosphere. Forgot to mention the Barrero non development non MLB graduation. Might as well throw Amir Garrett failure to MLB
      Launch as well as a former Prospect all star game participant

      • Mauired

        I believe Winker was another 1st rounder in the last 10 years, that ended up as a bust due to injuries.

        Yeah small market teams need to hit on the high draft picks and amateur signings to have any success. Obviously why it’s been a 10 year (and going) rebuild.

      • Old-school

        Winker is hitting well against righties for the Nats and dreadful against lefties

        Senzel is the opposite. Crushing lefties and horrific righties.

        They are who they are

      • Jim Walker

        @OS> Winker is what he is but apparently the hanedness skew did not manifest or was ignored in the minors.

        Also note while Winker was technically a first rounder, he was the 49th overall pick in that draft due to the large number of various compensation picks. By way of comparison, Stu Fairchild was technically a second round pick in his draft at 38th overall, 11slots ahead of where Winker was picked in his draft.

    • LDS

      Is it bad drafting or a failure to develop? I still remember Ward and Bell deciding to retool Senzel. That coupled with his many health/injury issues, and another bust. Barrero without the injury may have been different. And McLain’s injury certainly raises the caution flag.

      • Old-school

        @ LDS

        Mentioning Turner Ward violates site guidelines for profanity!!!!

      • LDS

        I couldn’t agree more OS. I had hoped to see better results from McKeithan and his team, but so far the results haven’t been good. Striking out this much is like a strategic decision.

      • Harry Stoner

        While perhaps not a proactive strategery, certainly no one on the Reds seems at all concerned about the routine double digit Ks and how the golden sombrero is a more fitting headgear for the team than now pathetic Viking helmet.

        Somebody somewhere is likely going to turn up the stats to try and convince folks that chasing bad pitches, swinging for the fences every time is better than advancing runners.

        Sacrifice flys are as yesterday as bunting.

        And that BABIP is so meaningless.

        Bell’s mantra “Be who you are!” isn’t his alone. It’s endemic to the organization.

        As long as the fireworks go off now and then at GASP and keep the kids happy, management will likely be happy.

        And Bell will keep mumbling away.

      • old-school

        @ Harry

        replace the Viking headgear for a golden sombrero.

        Thats so funny and so sad at the same time.

  38. Jon

    Regarding drafting and development…it’s obviously been a major problem for nearly the whole Castellini regime. So why haven’t they poached some of the guys from Cleveland, Tampa, St. Louis, etc. that seem to always do well in that regard? Hire their best guys and pay them substantially more than what they’re making already and put them in charge. It would be money well invested.

    • Mauired

      Well Jon those are good ideas but that’s not how nepotism works so Castellini would never go for them.

  39. Mike W

    Bell’s lineups stinks — and what did Ford do to earn the #3 hole?!
    Lots of managers get fired mid year or mid contract. Owners realize who they have managing needs to be changed. 5+ years is enough.
    Then fans will feel the Reds are (at least) trying to do something to put a competitive team on the field so as to deserve the tickets the fans pay for. Something needs to change now.

    • TR

      You’re right, something does need to change. The loss of the last seven series leads to only one place, last place. The Red’s dedicated fanbase needs some excitement whether it be player wise or organizationally. As an old fan, I remember clearly the 1950’s Red’s managed by Birdie Tebbetts, with Gabe Paul as G.M., and trades and change were a frequent occurrence. Birdie didn’t bring any pennants to Crosley Field, but he was always involved in the excitement. That atmosphere is missing now.

  40. MBS

    @Mike, “and what did Ford do to earn the #3 hole?!“ I’ve been wondering what the possible reasoning could be for that too. I couldn’t come up with any good answers.

    The answer that I came up with is an another question. Is our lineup so bad that it doesn’t matter who is in the 3 hole? I guess Bell is like %#^$ #@ why not?

    • Jim Walker

      My recollection is that Ford landed in the #3 slot after Steer and Fraley did not give EDLC a chance to steal his way into scoring position on a couple of occasions.

      This said, yeah, they might as well draw straws for the spot.

  41. Indy Red Man

    Steer is 13 for his last 90 (.144) with 1 hr.
    Hard to believe everyone has been so bad.
    Fun honeymoon last year, but now it’s divorce court. Reds were 9th in scoring last year too. Pagan hurt too. Good times

  42. Rob

    What is the plan? One would think it is “to compete in 2024”. That is what it was in April 2024 with the known injuries (Friedl, McLain, and Marte),and coming off 82 wins in 2023, and the known lack of talent at Louisville. Nothing has really changed …..possibly excepting over performance by our starter pitching and underperformance by the offensive core. So what is the plan? Continue to believe that our offense core is really good and will return to 2023 levels? Or gosh forbid, there has been misjudgments about the offensive talent and we really have several 550 OPS guys rather than 750 OPS guys? If the latter is correct, we are in 4th place for infinity. Offensive help from Louisville is probably 2 years away. Other than a few of our starting pitchers, we may not have the enticing trade pieces like we had previously. In fact, I can not even imagine a rebuild would even be under consideration until mid 2025. Just becoming clear to me that we seem stuck in the ride it out mode and hope it gets better. I personally see that as dreadful and loser mentality. It means this is who we are until mid 2025 or 2026. We have plenty of young guys and prospects and we certainly don’t need to trade for any more of those guys. What we do not seem to have is the seasoned big thump bat or two. Ride it out for another 3 months, 6 months, 14 months? July certainly doesn’t seem like it will be soon enough. Or try to fix it immediately?

  43. Mike W

    Each of you is correct in that for one reason or another SOMETHING needs to be done and it isn’t happening. 1st rebuild, 2nd rebuild, 3rd rebuild….Losing season, losing season, losing season, mediocre season….Sign free agents, don’t make playoffs. Don’t sign free agents, don’t make playoffs, let or trade free agents get others and picks, yet our minor league isn’t strong. Lineup oddities, position oddities, pulling pitcher oddities, overusing pitcher oddities. Losing one series, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7……and the beat goes on. 5+ years of yuck. Buy I haven’t heard ticket prices cut in half. Players old and new not performing well or even to their career averages. Why the hesitation on a change on management? What else needs to happen? Lose 8 series ina row? 9? 10?

  44. Roger Garrett

    Please read Vegas Reds post above.It fully describes the Reds organization from top to bottom and describes me and maybe some of you as well.Bottom line is as fans we will just follow this team and hope but truly we care more about winning then the club does.Every year we will hope and wish but if this organization ever turns it around it will be under new ownership.Sad but true but where are we going to go and while many got riled up when it was said its true for us lifers that follow the Reds.A day at the ballpark with family and friends is like part of history for many of us.Ownership feels no pressure from fans to win cause fans show up anyway and they the owners are making a bundle.

  45. Mike W

    Roger, thank you very much for your comments. I’m a Lifer as well having gone to to the Series in the ‘70’s, invited Johnny Bench to my wedding in 1980, owning Votto’s game worn 1919 (Black Sox Series) replica uniform, and having a 6’ Red’s bobble head in my foyer!
    I’m not so sure how profitable the team is anymore, but I doubt if the average home game attendance trend is going over well with the Castellinis, whom I’ve heard several times have the lowest net worth of any other MLB owners.
    2013: 31,151
    2014: 30,576
    2015: 29,870
    2016: 23,384
    2017: 22,677
    2018: 20,115
    2019: 22,329
    2020: Covid
    2021: 18,581
    2022: 17,232
    2023: 25,164 — Elly de la Cruz arrives
    And yes, diehards like us will still go to a game or two for family and nostalgia purposes (I just bought my son a Cincinnati Reds golf bag), but the attendance trend is a concern and losing teams don’t sell for as much as winning teams. And yes I have a “Sell the team Bob” shirt, too. Maybe things will magically turn around this week and all the players on other teams will start playing below their abilities for some unknown reason, too……

  46. Roger Garrett

    That was my thought as well at the time and I liked it.Never should have to search for a player to take a pitch or even two s to let EDLC run.Sadly when Sheldon wrote his column and pointed it out guys just were swinging away Bell defended them swinging because of not getting behind in the count.Just one of many many times regardless of what takes place on the field he and his players are right and the media and fans are wrong.No sense in asking Bell any questions regarding his or his players far as Ford is concerned its been said many times how he ended up on the big league roster.Could be they draw straws.Good as reason as any I guess.