After a tough loss in which the Reds bullpen failed to keep it tied in the eighth inning last night, the Cincinnati Reds (19-26) and Los Angeles Dodgers (30-17) are back at it for the third game of this four game series. A couple of right-handers in Graham Ashcraft and Walker Buehler will oppose each other on the mound. First pitch is set from Dodger Stadium at 9:10 PM EDT.


Cincinnati Reds

Los Angeles Dodgers

CF Will Benson DH Shohei Ohtani
SS Elly De La Cruz 1B Freddie Freeman
DH Mike Ford C Will Smith
1B Spencer Steer RF Teoscar Hernandez
C Tyler Stephenson CF Andy Pages
RF Jake Fraley 2B Gavin Lux
3B Jeimer Candelario 3B Enrique Hernandez
2B Jonathan India LF Miguel Vargas
LF Jacob Hurtubise SS Miguel Rojas

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft 43.2 4.12 1.44 15 35
Walker Buehler 7.1 7.36 1.77 2 6
Links: Graham Ashcraft’s Stats | Walker Buehler’s Stats

Graham Ashcraft

After strong starts against the Rangers and Padres, Graham Ashcraft struggled in back-to-back starts against the Diamondbacks, allowing three runs on six hits at GABP on May 8 and three runs on seven hits, including two home runs, in Arizona five days later. One of his issues has been that batters are just barreling up against him. His hard hit rate for the year is at 47.2%, which is the bottom eight percent of the league and eight percent higher than his hard hit rate in 2023. If there is one thing Ashcraft is still doing well, however, it’s that he’s forcing ground balls. He’s always been predominantly a ground ball pitcher, and this season is no exception. His GB% is in the 82nd percentile in MLB for 2024.

Lefties are crushing Ashcraft this season, with a .528 slugging percentage, and of course, the Dodgers have two of the best lefties in MLB at the top of their lineup in Shohei Ohtani and Freddie Freeman.


RHH 96 20 2 0 2 8% 19% .230 .302 .322
LHH 97 14 28 4 5 7% 18% .315 .361 .528

Pitch Usage

Cutter 2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 95.8 95.2 89.1 90.3
Usage 47% 19% 31% 2%

Walker Buehler

29-year-old Walker Buehler recently made his first start for the Dodgers in 23 months. Buehler had Tommy John surgery in June 2022. However, it hasn’t been easy for the the right-hander in his return. He’s allowed three runs in each of the two starts he’s made, but the reason for the high ERA is that he’s only gone 4.0 and 3.1 innings in each of those starts. He’s also allowed three home runs in just 7.1 innings. Buehler did make six rehab starts throughout the month of April and allowed 10 earned runs over 21.2 innings for a 4.15 ERA.

In 2022, Buehler had pretty even splits against right-handed and left-handed hitters. This year, his sample size is still low, but lefties are hitting .529 with a 1.556 OPS against him in 18 plate appearances.

Splits (2022)

RHH 118 28 5 0 4 6% 23% .252 .297 .405
LHH 156 39 7 1 4 6% 20% .271 .327 .417

Pitch Usage (2024)

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Knuckle Curve Slider Change
Velo 95.8 95.1 91.3 78.9 83.1 90.4
Usage 32% 12% 25% 15% 9% 7%

Game Details:

  • Time: 9:10 PM EDT
  • Place: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California
  • Weather: 64 degrees, partly sunny
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio
  • Radio: 700 WLW

News and Notes

Reds Player’s Family Member Catches Foul Ball

Mark Sheldon of had a neat story about how Spencer Steer’s twin brother caught a foul ball off Spencer’s bat last night.

Fun Fact of the Day

For those of you who aren’t night owls, you can rejoice. Tonight is the last late night game for the Reds in 2024. They are not scheduled to start another game after 9 PM for the rest of the season.


109 Responses

  1. wkuchad

    “They are not scheduled to start another game after 9 PM for the rest of the season.”

    Besides a potential Reds win, this is by far the best Reds news of the day.

      • Daytonnati

        I’m close to being wiped out 🙂

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It’s not every year that you have your two annual West Coast trips finished before June.

  2. Indy Red Man

    Freddie hit over 7.5 parlay +125. Been running strong lately

  3. VaRedsFan

    The Diaz crew is running bad.
    Edwin gave up 4 in the 9th today to blow a 4 run lead.

    • Fountain city red

      At this point, maybe sending Alexis down sends a message to everybody. He’s been terrible for quite a while now

      • Tom Mitsoff

        He’s nowhere near what he was his first 1 3/4 years. This version is not someone that can be counted upon as a closer if you want to contend. Get him down to Louisville with the instructions to get things figured out. Primarily, how to throw a first-pitch strike that he can locate where he wants to. There’s a big difference when you’re ahead a strike and when you’re behind in the count 1-0 the majority of the time — for both the pitcher and the hitter.

      • Jim Walker

        @TomM>>> Yes, +1000 yes on throwing quality first pitch strikes in *any* relief role.

  4. LDS

    7 pitches and out? This doesn’t bode well for the Reds tonight. Patience is not a virtue for these guys.

    • CLT Reds Fan

      Totally agree!! Just a collective poor hitting approach. Work the count and get Buehler’s pitch count up early as soon as possible. Hate this lineup!! Need to move guys around to get our hottest hitters higher in the order!! How about India, EDLC, Candalario, TySteve, Fraley, Steer, Ford, Benson, and Hurtubise?

  5. Mike W

    I just turned on the game and saw FORD is hitting in the 3 hole. The spot your very best all around hitter (avg and power) is put.
    FORD, with our line-up’s worst batting average (Hurtubise doesn’t count) is hitting 3rd?!
    Sure, let’s make sure he gets more plate appearances than Steer, Stephenson, Fraley, Candelario and India.
    OMG Bell. What the h… message does that send to the 5 guys I just listed? I sure hope Ford gets some hits and hustles on the bases. ?

  6. Oldtimer

    Surprised to see Ford batting 3rd. Usually teams bat their best hitter 3rd.

  7. dimondfvr

    The Reds lack any sort of discipline at the plate. Buehler gets through two innings in less than twenty pitches. Ashcraft has been unable to get command of his pitches and has more in one inning than Buehler has in two.

  8. RedsGettingBetter

    It seems Buehler is completely recovered tonight. The Reds offense making swing quickly at 1st or 2nd pitch is not ideal especially being outs…

  9. Indy Red Man

    Weird, but maybe Ford pulls more balls through the 1B hole then Fraley? Grasping at straws?

    Ashcraft? Slider isn’t getting that downward break and he has no other off speed? Strange Skenes can come up throwing 100 with nasty secondary pitches, but our flamethrowers both basically 2 pitch pitchers

  10. Mark Moore

    Watching tonight but my laptop is shut down until tomorrow. So any comments will be limited. I figure 10:30 is about my limit tonight. Y’all will have to carry through without me.

    Let’s get a split tonight and let tomorrow take care of itself.

  11. Mike W

    Shouldn’t our manager be directing our guys to take a few pitches, to fake or try a bunt, or anything else to get an awesome winning veteran pitcher like Buehler’s pitch count up — and hopefully out sooner than later? (Look what this Pages guy is doing to Ashcraft’s pitch count). Oh well. Still tied. ?

    • VaRedsFan

      39 pitches – 27 strikes is why.

  12. RedsGettingBetter

    Ashcraft on a very high count as Montas was yesterday. A lot of fouls by the Dodgers…

  13. dimondfvr

    Forty-four pitches through two innings is just ridiculous. I want to get out of my chair to go the the fridge but I’m afraid the Reds will be through the inning before I get back! LOL

  14. VaRedsFan

    On pitch counts:
    Reds are putting balls in play, Buehler is throwing a ton of strikes, while Dodgers are fouling off a ton of pitches. (16 thru 2 innings)

    I get it, it’s not ideal, but Ash can’t control their batters fouling off every pitch. Sure, he could throw a perfect pitch that they swing and miss at.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I believe that John Sadak just said that Hurtubise is the first major leaguer from a military academy that has been given permission to defer his service until after his career. I had never heard that!

      • JB

        It was passed in 2019 for all military to be play sports and defer their military requirements.

  15. Beaufort Red

    When the time comes I’d like to see Hurtubise or Capel stay up and send Benson down. What can it hurt. At least they put the bat on the ball..

  16. Tom Mitsoff

    You’re seeing this inning (third) the difference between Ashcraft and Buehler. Ashcraft is all over the place and is getting outs when he happens to get pitches in the zone with his great stuff. Buehler is precise and seems to place the ball exactly where he wants.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      That being said, give Ashcraft all the credit for making the pitches needed to get Ohtani to tap out to second base to end the inning with a runner on third.

    • VaRedsFan

      Have to agree. You can see the difference in command of the zone.
      Likewise, the Dodgers don’t appear to swing at anything out of the zone.

      I think that stems from Ashcraft being mostly 1 speed pitcher. His slider doesn’t subtract enough mph to keep them off balance. Need a curve or change at 80-82

  17. RedsGettingBetter

    Ashcraft on 65 pitches. I don’t think he can pitch beyond the 5th inning… The bullpen comes to play again…

  18. JB

    Imagine if Frank Robinson could have worn all the protective gear Ohtani does. Big Frank would have stood even closer to the plate.

  19. Dennis Westrick

    How is it that game after game our starting pitchers have high pitch counts after 3 or 4 innings that preclude them from pitching deep into a game? Case in point, GA is at 65 pitches thru only 3 innings!

    By contrast, LA’s starter, Ferris Buehler, had only 40 pitches thru 30 innings!

    • Melvin

      Their hitters work the count better than ours is one reason.

    • Ksdavis

      In the last month or so former pitchers Ben McDonald and Greg Maddox have spoken out on the state of pitching. One common theme that they have trouble with is the pitching academies. Said they teach the pitchers to chase speed and spin rate. I am curious if all teams are now enamored with that philosophy. I would be curious to know if the Mariners who have had goid pitching for years subscribe to that philosophy. Reds seem to be married to that instead of having their pitchers become pitchers not just throwers.

  20. Pharmer85

    Ashcraft trending towards another 5 inning outing (at most)

  21. RedsGettingBetter

    It would seem each player who is named 3rd or cleanup batter by default is unable to hit

  22. JB

    Pages takes second on the dumb throw to third by Benson.

  23. Melvin

    Welsh is correct. That ball hit to Benson should have gone to second. Poor fundamentals again?

    • VaRedsFan

      We see the same mental errors, year after year.
      Bell: We’ll learn from our mistakes.”

  24. Mark Moore

    Walks + poor fundamentals + ???

    Almost 90 pitches alreay. SMH extra hard.

    • Melvin

      That’s how you lose a lot of one run games?

  25. Old-school

    Benson terrible throw to wrong base

    • Dennis Westrick

      Little league mistake that took the DP out the equation!

      • Oldtimer

        No Little League in Cincinnati. It’s called Knothole in 513.

  26. Beaufort Red

    Why isn’t Capel in center. Concerning Benson, hope isn’t a strategy. It’s not like he’s a veteran with a proven track record.

  27. JB

    What’s the chance the Reds drive in Fraley?

  28. Melvin

    Is Fraley hurt? Didn’t seem like he had enough gas to get to 3B. Most players would have had an inside the parker on that one.

      • Melvin

        Makes sense. I’m not sure he would have made it home.

    • Melvin

      We can say our players are hurt but the truth is better fundamentals would give us a better record or at least give us a better chance. It doesn’t take a great player to know to hit a ground ball to get a run in. Maybe he was trying for a sac fly. I don’t know.

    • Erik the Red

      His effort on that bat was awful. Not sure if anyone on this organization has any fire.

  29. Dennis Westrick

    Watching tonight’s game is like watching the Twilight Zone for Baseball! The Dodgers have 2 runs on one (1) hit AND our SP is at 90 pitches thru only 4 innings!

  30. Melvin

    Man on 3B with one out and didn’t get him in again. Another contributing factor in losing one run games.

  31. Old-school

    Putrid at bat by candelario

    All he has to to is roll over to 2b

    India weak ground out after a triple


    • Tom Mitsoff

      That’s a chance you can’t let be squandered when you’re a poor-hitting team facing a top-quality pitcher.

  32. RedsGettingBetter

    India completely forgot how to hit in clutch situations… it stinks

  33. Jason Franklin

    Remember that the Reds starters are under extra pressure because they usually have an offense supporting them that seems to have no idea what to do at times. So they have to nibble or overdo it to make sure they “don’t give up a run” which, as we know, doesn’t work. Plus, they then have to consider the pretty good odds that the backend of the bullpen blows it.

  34. JB

    That should about do it for this game. 3 runs is a lot against Buehler.

  35. Mark Moore

    And that’s an official Clete for me

  36. Old-school

    Reds season is now on life support next 24 hours

    Jon india is no longer part of the Reds future. He cant hit

  37. RedsGettingBetter

    Ashcraft had to complete 5 innings , it was obliged apparently… I think he should be hook before facing Freeman…

  38. Jim Walker

    {rant warning}
    Bottom 4 was a typical inning that gets the Reds into a hole and often beat. Two walks 5 pitch walks sandwich an easy out.

    Then a grounder right through the traditional double play shortstop slot goes for a run scoring single because the Reds favor their shifts over setting up for GIDPs.

    The runner from 1B ends up at 3b on the play and scores the 2nd run on an IF out.

    (I’m being kind by basically looking past the air mailed throw to 3B with 0 chance of getting a
    out was over the head of the cutoff man on the single and allowed the batter to advance to 2B since he was stranded at inning’s end).

    {end rant}

    Yet. the field boss says, this Reds team is playing good. I say they play just poorly enough to lose a lot games they were in and keep making the same sort of mistakes game after game which make it look like the other team is playing just a bit better.

    • JB

      They learn from their mistakes. They must be slow learners.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Good points! Who is positioning the Reds infielders? The ground ball “hit” was right where EDLC should have been and could have been a DP!

  39. Dennis Westrick

    Signing off! GA didn’t pitch all that bad BUT 2 of the 3 batters he walked in the 4th inning scored AND added to an already high pitch count! Time for a new pitching coach or coaches for the Reds?

  40. Old-school

    The candelario at bat with runner on third and 1 out and the Will benson throw to 3b to let runner advance to 2b was classic david bell managed team

    Not asking for Silver sluggers or gold glovers… just 12u execution

    A reds loss today and tomorrow ends this season

    • Dennis Westrick

      Yep! Reds will be 10 games out, 9 games under 500 and facing the Padres and Dodgers for 6 games when they return to GABP!

    • Ted Alfred

      I’m sure DBell was happy with the effort. It’s kind of like managing in little league

      • Melvin

        Jonathan India – “He just wants us to enjoy ourselves. Win or lose as long as he see’s the effort that’s all that matters”. Okaaaay. Who’s turn is it to bring the snacks tomorrow? 😀

  41. Erik the Red

    Carson Spiers with some effort to catch that foul pop.

  42. Mike W

    Spiers just made a great catch in foul territory and I noticed a couple of players and a couple of coaches were there to catch him if he went over the rail — and 10’ to the left Bell just watched. His lips didn’t even move, so I assume he didn’t ever say “atta boy!”

    • Harry Stoner

      Bell mentally preparing his lineup for August 11, 2025.

    • Jim Walker

      DB may have been worried that Spiers was making the 1B and C look bad by outhustling them to the ball (which it looked like neither was going to get because they were waiting for the other guy to take charge)

  43. Harry Stoner

    Some of the best pitching we’ve seen so far from Spiers.

    • DaveCT

      Spiers is a good pitcher. Through the minors, he’s just gotten outs. He was the closer at Clemson but has both started and relieved as a pro. His versatility should land him jobs, here or elsewhere.


    TEN Ks so far and still counting

  45. RedsGettingBetter

    several punches on just three pitches tonight… Never seen…

  46. Dennis Westrick

    Every other team in the NL Central, except the Pie-Rats, won tonight! But there’s no need to panic, right?


    Well now it might take a grandslam to catch up

  48. Reddawg2012

    I miss the 2023 team. They were obviously flawed, but they were exciting and fun to watch. It always felt like there was a chance they could come back and win. This year’s team, outside of Elly, is just boring.

    • Harry Stoner

      Well, Benson is on track for 250+ Ks.

      There’s that.

      • Melvin

        I kinda think the opposing team is very pleased when they see our leadoff guy is hitting below .200 and leading the league in Ks.

  49. Mike W

    Am I the only one, but do the last few shots they’ve showed of Bell make it seem like he’s just waiting for the game to be over, so he can go to dinner?
    I hope Elly gets one more chance to hit.

  50. Gpod

    Almost every pitcher the reds face Bell will say the same thing…he’ a greatest pitcher since Cy Young…..same blah blah blah

  51. RedsGettingBetter

    The pathetic offense appeared again… 11 Ks with no walks… Yikes… Yamamoto tomorrow

  52. Dennis Westrick

    Shut out 4-0, 11 strikeouts, only 3 hits! Embarrassing!

    • Oldtimer

      Is this Walker Buehler guy any good?


    Well that looked easy for the Dodgers

  54. Mike W

    3-14 in our last 17.
    Worst in baseball.

    If we go 5-20 does anyone think that will be enough for ownership to jettison Bell and start the next 5 years with someone else?
    Good night Red’s fans everywhere.

    • Oldtimer

      I highly doubt Bell is going anywhere. No sooner than after ASG if then.

  55. Jeremiah

    The Reds look like one of the 5 worst teams in baseball as I saw them recently ranked as #25 in someone’s rankings. I think they’re right there with Miami, Colorado, Oakland, Chicago and the Angels when you look at the lineups they’re putting out every night, the bullpen struggles, starting pitchers going 5 innings. Pretty bad team right now. I don’t know if that’s where they’ll end up, I think they could still turn it around in some sense, but right now this is a pretty bad team unfortunately.

    I think you bring back a healthy Friedl, CES, ultimately Mcclain this year or next, and Marte (I can’t get too excited yet about Marte with his steroid cheating) and there’s still hope for a playoff type team, but right now, this could be just one of those long kind of forgetful years.

  56. TyGuy88

    Are we in another Castellini rebuild? Top 5 pick here come.

    • SHOW OPS

      Not necessarily. Could get moved back in the lottery; see A’s, etc.

      • SHOW OPS

        Or the Reds, in last year’s draft moved to #7 vs. #4.

    • TR

      The selling of Castellini’s majority of the franchise ownership, in my opinion, has been delayed by the Red’s recent nose dive.

  57. Oldtimer

    At this time last year, Reds were 19-27.

    At this time THIS year, Reds are 19-27.

    Reds have FOUR starters out – Friedl, McLain, Marte, CES – and one SP (Lodolo) out.

  58. Mike W

    Good point Oldtimer.
    Ironically Brewers finished 1st and Cubs finished 2nd last year — just as they are now — except THIS year each of their winning percentages are 40 points higher! If we go 63-53 the rest of the way (and end up 82-80 like last year) all Milw has to do is go 54-63 the rest of this year to beat us. :+(