The Cincinnati Reds have placed left-handed starting pitcher Nick Lodolo on the 15-day injured list with a left groin strain. The move is retroactive to May 12th. He would be eligible to come off of the injured list on the 27th. Taking his place on the roster will be left-handed reliever Sam Moll.

Starting with Nick Lodolo’s absence, Cincinnati may just look to Nick Martinez to step back into the rotation as they did when Frankie Montas had to miss time when he was hit by a comebacker. His last three outings have come out of the bullpen, but he made starts as recently as April 25th and 30th, throwing six and five innings in each of those outings.

Sam Moll is coming back to the Reds. He was the victim of the crime of having options in the bullpen and was sent to the minor leagues earlier this month despite having allowed two earned runs for the club since he was acquired at last year’s trade deadline. He spent much of April rehabbing in Triple-A. He was activated three weeks into the month and threw 5.0 shutout innings across five outings between April 23rd and May 5th before he was sent to the minors. In Louisville he pitched in one game, striking out three batters in a shutout inning of work. That game came on May 11th and it’s the only game he pitched in since his outing on the 5th with the Reds.

Williamson’s rehab goes well

Last night the Reds sent Brandon Williamson out to begin a rehab assignment. The left-handed starter exited his spring training start nearly two months ago with a sore shoulder and was placed on the injured list. Things went about as well as you could hope for last night in Dayton. Williamson allowed just one hit in 3.0 shutout innings and struck out four batters without a walk. He needed just 38 pitches to get through his outing and threw 28 strikes.

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  1. Mark Moore

    Well that stinks … but groin injuries do happen with these guys. Hope his treatment goes well. Good to have Moll back with the big club.

    • Nick

      What the heck is wrong with our training staff all our players especially pitchers stay hurt I know nature of beast but we as fans need a better training staff and as far as that goes we have ownership that cries about small market which is bull we have fans to noth to Cleveland to west as far as up to Chicago to the east all the way to Virginia and west virgina to south all the way to nashville and when they put winner on feild the stadium stays full spend some money and get more proven players to help young guns grow and im not going to start bout bell

      Friendly reminder that if you’d get in trouble for saying it to your 5th grade teacher that you can’t say it here. What the *heck* works just fine.

      • Daytonnati

        Hey, Dennis got away with “fart” last night? 🙂

      • greenmtred

        I don’t follow other teams, so I don’t know the answer, but it would be interesting to actually know instead of suspect that the Reds injured players have different outcomes than those on other teams.

  2. Optimist

    Some unknowns involved, of course, and lots of fanbase skepticism, BUT – sure sounds like they expect a short stay on the IL for Lodolo. Perhaps it’s good news that there was no news about this until the press release. Also, not an arm issue.

    And, good for Moll – perhaps he can stay on the 26-man this time and they can move someone else.

  3. Jason T.

    Not great about Lodolo but glad to hear it isn’t arm or leg related.
    Moll should have never gone down and glad he’s back.
    Great to hear Williamson threw so well also.

    I don’t love Martinez sliding back into the rotation. I know it’s temporary but he’s just not good as a starter and his stats prove that. What a difference in his starting era versus relief era. I’d actually like to see Spiers get a shot. He’s been on fire in AAA.

    • Optimist

      Is the issue Martinez as a starter, or Martinez the 2nd or 3rd time thru the order? I thought someone pointed out he’s fine for 2-4 innings, but runs into trouble quickly after that. And, for all the emphasis on analytics, shouldn’t they have figured that out by now, and realize they need to pair him with another 1 or 2 multi-inning relievers to get thru a game?

      • Old-school

        Maetinez and suter ought to be able to give them a solid 6

        I like Williamson coming on strong. Hes a big possible addition sooner rather than later

      • Jason T.

        Valid point. Both Martinez and Ashcraft get hit absurdly hard the third time through the order.
        Martinez and Suter do make a nice combo in that regards when a spot starter is needed.

    • Doug Gray

      Last year Martinez had an ERA of 2.32 as a starter and 4.12 as a reliever. Sample sizes and all of that stuff.

      • Jason T.

        What a difference a year makes. His relief era is stellar this year.

  4. Brian

    I’d imagine that Moll would ask to be traded if he continues to pitch well and gets sent down again. I know that I would. Baseball is way too hard to be getting jerked around when things are going good.

  5. AllTheHype

    Lodolo needs to have his innings managed this year anyway. So this just means he will be available for an additional 2+ weeks near the end of the year.

  6. VaRedsFan

    So no release of when/how he injured it. It certainly didn’t appear to be anything in his last start. Did he hurt it walking his dog? Why the secrecy?

    • Doug Gray

      No one has been able to talk to the manager yet. The move was announced via social media because the team had to make the transaction before the game started. Someone will ask and you will get the answer you seek. There’s no secrecy here – you just need to wait.

    • Optimist

      Doubt there’s any secrecy involved. And it’s much better than the progressively worse updates many have criticized. Can over read anything, but plain and simple is probably best here. Let him sit for 2 weeks and make an announcement then.

  7. Klugo

    Our pitching staff is good. They just need to pitch good. Our bats need all the help they can get. We are just over 40 games in and I wonder what Marte has been up to. He’s let the team down once, will he do it again? Hopefully, he’s working out and staying in shape and not sitting on the couch loading up on chips.

  8. Laredo Slider

    Groin injuries can be slow to heal, can linger and reinjury is not uncommon.

  9. Michael B. Green

    Don’t mean to offend anyone but CIN should avoid drafting players named Nick going forward. DL Senzel and DL Lodolo have not panned out.

    I really hope Lodolo can get past his now-chronic injuries. If this is about CIN managing his innings, shame on them. I sincerely think it is unethical to put players on the DL that are not actually injured. It should get met with grievance claims by the Players Union. Not sure there is an argument if they are still getting paid, but it does impact performance incentives, etc.

    Jonathan India indicated that Lodolo has Cy Young stuff. I’ll take his word for it. We need an entirely different set up trainers, etc., handling Lodolo. It has not kept him healthy at all. If Lodolo is using his own people instead of CIN personnel, that needs to stop.

    CIN does not have the luxury to have the equivalent of Anthony “Street Clothes” Davis on their small market team. We need young, talented, healthy, and hungry players. Let’s get Lodolo healthy and then quit pampering him. Let him throw 100-120 pitches a game with -0- consideration of innings limitation (a made up analysis that has ruined starting pitching and arguably caused a record-setting number of injuries).

    • Mauired

      Nick Kurtz is a strong possibility. I’m with you though. Time to move on from Nicks. I’ll take Jacthani.

  10. Justin T

    The arrogance this front office has extends to communication w their paying customers. Look at Krall’s interview w Everything is hunky dory. The Reds are lucky that anyone still cares enough to leave comments and follow the team at all let alone spend their hard earned cash. Accountability doesn’t exist in this organization. How can it when everyone from the owner, to the gm, to the manager has a losing record in their tenure.

    Yes its ridiculous that this player gets hurt every other week. This cannot be rocket science, its a baseball pitcher who seems to have an abnormal amount of lower body injuries. You do not need to be a doctor to figure out something in the approach isn’t working. Friedl is hit by a pitch and Jim Day tells us x rays are negative. Two days later we find out its a broken wrist. CES played 4 games w a fracture that wasnt noticed on his x-ray.

    Change occurs when the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change. Even if the plan is the right plan, you obviously need help identifying the players that can execute the plan. The last 3 years have been groundhog day minus a single 12 game winning streak.

    Heaven forbid they need to actually admit to being wrong first. About anything.


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