The bats came alive on Tuesday night as Cincinnati pounded out 13 hits against Arizona. Hunter Greene tossed seven innings of quality baseball before turning the game over to the bullpen as the Reds completed a 6-2 win over the Diamondbacks.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (18-24) 6 13 0
Arizona Diamondbacks (20-23)
2 6 0
W: Greene (2-2) L: Cecconi (1-3)
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Neither team had a baserunner until the third inning. The Reds couldn’t get their guy past first base. But Arizona got a leadoff double from Jake McCarthy and then last night’s hero Kevin Newman drew a walk. A sacrifice bunt moved both runners up a base, and an out later both would score on a single by Blaze Alexander to put Arizona up 2-0 in the 3rd.

Cincinnati got to work a few minutes later in the top of the 4th when Mike Ford picked up a 1-out single and then moved to third when Tyler Stephenson doubled off the warning track in left. Ford would score on a sacrifice fly and then Stephenson came around to tie the game on a single by Jeimer Candelario.  The Reds would grab the lead in the 5th when Will Benson hit a 2-run homer to make it 4-2.

Hunter Greene gave up another hit to Kevin Newman in the 5th, but worked around it to hold onto the lead. His offense rewarded him in the top of the 6th. Back-to-back singles started the inning, but it would take some 2-out pinch hitting to get things really rolling. Both Santiago Espinal and Stuart Fairchild came off of the bench as righties to face a lefty reliever and both came up with RBI singles to extend the lead to 6-2.

Things kept on going right for Hunter Greene as he cruised through the 6th and 7th innings and held onto a 6-2 lead as he lowered his ERA to 3.27 on the year. Brent Suter took over for Cincinnati in the 8th inning and struck out two batters in a perfect inning. In the 9th inning the game was turned over to Buck Farmer. Eugenio Suarez would grab a 2-out bloop single and then take second base on defensive indifference, but Jake McCarthy would ground out to end the game and even up the series at one game each.

Key Moment of the Game

Will Benson’s 2-run homer in the 5th inning that gave Cincinnati the lead for good.

Notes Worth Noting

After his velocity was way down in his last outing, Hunter Greene averaged 97.7 MPH on his fastball on Tuesday night. His control was much better, too, walking just one hitter after walking nine over his previous two outings. This was his 3rd 7-inning start of the year. He only had two of them in 2023 and only had two of them in 2022.

Buck Farmer’s shutout frame lowered his ERA to 2.42 on the season.

Jeimer Candelario extended his hit streak to four games and now has four multi-hit games out of his last seven games. He’s hitting .317 in May, going 13-41 in his 11 games during the month.

Jake Fraley’s multi-hit night raised his average to .314 on the season through 30 games.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Arizona Diamondbacks

Wednesday May 15th, 3:40pm ET

Andrew Abbott (2-4, 3.35 ERA) vs Brandon Pfaadt (1-3, 4.60 ERA)

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  1. Melvin

    Hunter Greene seems to be maturing in his pitching and his attitude. Good for him.

  2. Melvin

    Fraley and Candelario are our two hottest hitters at the moment no doubt.

    • Rednat

      I know its been tough being a reds fan of late but i looked up this on a site called it listed each franchises all time team.
      How is this for a starting line up?
      Vs RHP
      Rose 3b
      Morgan 2b
      Robinson Rf
      Votto 1b
      Griffey Jr. CF
      Roush- Lf
      Perez DH
      Larkin ss

      Vs Lhp
      .Rose 3b
      .Morgan 2b
      .Robinson RF
      Bemch C
      Perez 1b
      Griffey Jr Dh
      DAvis cf
      Foster Lf
      Larkin SS

      Bench- Lombardi, Phillips, Concepcion,Pinson,Griffey Sr.

      Man… even with our struggles of late we still can put together an all time team that could match anyone. Even the yanks and dodgers. So no matter what happens from here on out we will still have a very rich history.

      • Melvin

        “So no matter what happens from here on out we will still have a very rich history.”

        Yes and we have to fall back on it often. 🙂

      • Doug Gray

        A rich history doesn’t matter when I can’t remember or relive most of it.

        Old man yelling at clouds here, but I’m 40 and my memory involves very little good baseball and tiny bits and pieces of a 1995 playoff series win.

        It’s great that other Reds fans were once able to enjoy a lot of winning. Be pretty cool if I got to do that before I die.

      • Melvin

        Doug – History is cool but winning now would be a WHOLE LOT BETTER.

      • Tom Reeves

        Wow – that team is stacked.

        Other than Robinson, Lombardi, Pinson, and Rouch,, I saw every one else on that list play.

        I’m 49 and as an infant my parents took me to one of the WS games in 1975 and 1976 – I’ve got a 1975 pewter WS mug on my desk. I also have a signed baseball from the entire 1975 team. (Sadly, other than a couple of photos, I don’t remember any of it). I got excused from football practice early to go to game 2 of the 1990 WS. Would have went to the 1994 WS (man that team was good!) but the season was canceled and I wrote off MLB until Votto.

      • AMDG

        Assuming each player on those teams is “in his prime”, I’m surprised Griffey Jr is playing DH, and not using his glove in the outfield.

      • Jim t

        Love the list. My first reds game was reds versus the Yankees in 1961 WS. Game 4. Which we lost unfortunately. Whitey Ford started for the Yankees. My dad was a yankee fan that grew up in Brooklyn. He moved to Cincinnati after serving in WWII. Went to work at post office on Dalton ave. A block over from Crosley field. Saw many a game there. City Gospel sits on that site now. Saw many a great player there.

        It broke my heart when they traded Frank Robinson to Baltimore. Worst trade in history of Franchise. I saw many an opening day at Crosley field. Would show the nun our ticket and they would let us out of school at 11:00.

      • greenmtred

        I’m surprised that Big Klu isn’t mentioned. Power, BA, OBP. He was a fixture of 50’s Reds’ teams that included Pinson and Robinson. I remember a game–radio only for me–when one of Klu’s hands slipped off the bat before he hit the pitch and he still hit it out. He was a roving hitting instructor for the Reds and made a visit to Burlington, VT when the Reds had a farm team there.

      • MK

        Yeah you would think the Paul Householder, Eddie Milner and Duane Walker outfield would have a representative somewhere.

      • Rednat

        What i found from the site is that not a lot of teams have added a lot of great players from this century. Most of the players are from the 1950s- 1990s.
        I feel like mlb is in somewhat of a “dead era” now. So I think fans of a lot of teams are frustrated right now. I think baseball in a,way is still struggling to regain its footing after the steroid era.

      • DW

        Couldn’t sympathize more with your comment here Doug.

        I’m about to turn 39 and haven’t been able to experience a lot of winning. I can faintly remember the 1990 playoffs and world series when I became a Reds fan at age five. My dad grew up in the Big Red Machine era and is a lifelong Reds fan. During the NLCS against the Pirates he told me, “Son, we are rooting for the Red team.” It has been pretty miserable since then, but I can’t help but root for them…so I remain a loyal and disappointed fan.

      • Jim Walker

        To Doug’s point, I became a voting adult a nudge ahead of 1970. By then I’d already seen the Reds win a pennant and play in a World Series (1961).

        Going back to my earliest recollections of being a Reds fan (mid/ late 1950s), I’d guess if there had been a league championship series with 2 teams in, I would have seen the Reds in at least 1 more playoff prior to 1970. If it had been 3 division setup with a wild card, I probably would have seen the Reds in a couple of more playoff series.

        The 1970s were the 1970s; but, don’t overlook that the Reds also won their division in 1979 after the end of the reserve clause and the start of the free agent era.

        In 1990 I was Doug’s age plus a year or 2 and saw the Reds in their 6th World Series of my fandom win their 3rd World Championship of that run.

        And you know what? Judging from comments of folks here who identify their general age group, we seniors are as fed or even more so than folks of Doug’s age group because we darn well know what can be done if ownership is serious about winning.

    • Daytonnati

      Mrs. Augie, my 4th grade teacher at Orville Wright Elementary in Dayton, was a big Reds fan. She set up a portable black and white TV in her homeroom during the 1961 World Series. In those days, all WS games were during the day. The Reds split at Yankee stadium, then lost three in a row at home. As I recall, the highlight of the series was Elio Chacon “stealing” home on an Elston Howard passed ball in Game 2, the only Reds win.

      Here is the longest existing live broadcast footage of that series. It is only partial, but it is like stepping into a time machine. Mel Allen and Joe Garagiola on the call from Crosley Field.

      • TR

        I was a young guy living on the west side of Manhattan in those days and listened to some of the 1961 W.S. with the great Yankee pitcher and Red’s announcer, Waite Hoyt. I believe it was on the old Mutual Radio Network.

      • MrRed

        Good find, Daytonnati. Mel Allen on the call. Wow! And if I can borrow one of his trademark phrases – How about that?!

  3. Justin T

    As good as they have looked in a long time. Feels like they are coming out of the funk slowly but surely. Stu can help you when you put him in the right position to help you and tonight was an example. Pinch hit against a lefty and come through w a key hit. Nice to see smart baserunning again. All is well in Reds country tonight.

    • Reaganspad

      Bell pushed all the right buttons.

      That is at least once this year

      At least once

  4. Brian

    Reds win tomorrow and take 2 of 4 vs. LA…
    How does a 5-5 west coast trip sound?

    • Melvin

      Pretty much shocking at this point but I’m sure everyone would take it. 🙂

    • Grand Salami

      Reds are 1-4 vs AZ but only -3 run differential. They should take the series.

    • greenmtred

      Sounds like chickens being counted before the eggs are hatched.

  5. Jim Walker

    Greene looked like a staff and team leader tonight. Hopefully, this will continue as it is going to be up to the young guys (and don’t forget this is just Greene’s age 24 season) to step up and take charge of this team on the field and in the clubhouse if the team is to rise above the lack of organizational vision and guidance.

    • Rednat

      I agree Jim. I felt the start at home against the Phills is when something just clicked. Even though he struggled early it sermed like he willed himself to go 7 innings that game.Since the he has a new confidence it seems amd he is focusing on efficiency not just K’s

    • Steelerfan

      It is easy to forget how young Greene still is. If he takes “the leap” and becomes a true top of the rotation starter, I think it changes the long term outlook of the franchise.

      Assuming we stop making silly outs between first and second…

  6. Andy

    Can buck farmer move to the closer role?

    The buck stops here!

  7. TR

    The Reds getting swept in Seattle was a surprise, then they swept the Angels and split with the Phillies. Five straight series losses has followed. Abbott and the reawakened offense needs to break that today.

  8. Reddawg2012

    Mad props to Hunter Greene after that performance. Not only did he pitch very well, but he put a stop to all the losing and went deep into the game on a night when the bullpen was pretty shot. Really needed it. Not saying he’s an ace yet, but that’s what an ace does.

    • Justin T

      He was focused and looked intentional. Efficiency was key for him lastnight

  9. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds slump is behind apparently. They have scored 5, 5 and 6 runs last three games. Actually, when they score about 4 or 5 runs in a game generally have a big chance to win thanks to the solid pitching.
    Greene has three outings of 7 innings pitched all have been with a bullpen gassed. Was just a Steer’s day off last night?

  10. Thomas Martello

    I am glad they finally won a game, and they are still only 2 1/2 games out for the last wildcard, but if they don’t get with it pretty soon something has to give, and I think it is Bell. The other guys seem to be able to hit with Votto in their ears (particularly Benson). Joey as player/manager would be interesting for a half season, maybe even a season and a half. If he is not hitting, I think he would do whatever it took for the team to win, including playing himself less. Let’s see how he handles a pitching staff.

  11. TJ

    Followed the game on MLB game day. Bell made all the correct moves at the right times.

  12. Still a Red

    Gee guess Bell pushed all the right buttons last night…his line up worked..
    brought in two of the teams worst hitters to pinch hit at just the right time based on handedness…threatened to bench Edlc if he tried to steal third…yelled at Benson that he better hit a home run or is going down to Louisville
    No wait, it was Greene that did all those things.

    • greenmtred

      Yes, I’ve noticed that: When the players produce, the manager made the right decisions. The problem is that the available players are the available players. The pitching has been pretty good, and if a couple of hitters have big games, they can win those games. But with the injuries and suspension and slumps, the Reds can’t field a lineup that is strong top to bottom or anything even close to that.

      • Justin T

        Not always the case. Starting Stu Fairchild and having him bat 3rd or 5th in the lineup is different than having him pinch hit against a lefty. You are putting him in the position to suceed. Sometimes Bell does it to himself with the tinkering.

        It may have worked lastnight so we are happy now, but batting a guy leadoff that strikes out 41% of the time? He asks for the criticism when it doesnt work out. Having Benson batting leadoff is not a great long term solution any way you slice it. Any guy in the lineup would be better, not the guy who strikes out the most. I will not complain when it works and wouldnt complain at all unless it gets egregious, and it does at times.

        Isnt Bells fault when guys fail, his job is to put them in the right spot to succeed. He doesnt always do a good job with that, and forces hisself into the game w the over managing. Lastnight he did a great job.

  13. JB

    Good to see the good Greene comments. Hope he has turned the corner. Candy is having a nice month after the disaster of April.

  14. Mark Moore

    Oh what a pleasant morning …

    2-mile walk in (ahead of more rain)
    Windows open to allow the fresh air in (even with the humidity it’s pleasant)
    Watching the three scoring innings from our Reds (HT: Hunter Green for a solid game)

    In the middle of a slump, we’ll take a win, especially when so many of the boys contributed to the effort. All is forgotten and forgiven … for now. 😛

  15. JB WV

    Great to see the guys bounce back after that excruciating loss Monday. And some kudos to Ford, carrying that spare tire well. Thought he’d have a heart attack after his triple.

  16. CLT Reds Fan

    Great Game by the Reds!! Needed a Win especially after Monday’s deflating loss. Hopefully we’re heading into a Winning Stretch to get back up with the Brewers and Cubs. This afternoon’s getaway game will be a further indication if that’s the case.

  17. LDS

    It’s good to see a win finally, though I don’t think one win warrants Sheldon’s fawning writeup today. And for those who wonder why some of us criticize Bell, look no further than last night’s substitutions. Pinch hitting Espinal and Fairchild, though they worked out this time, wasn’t warranted. Capel and Hurtubise neither have the ML ABs to say that they couldn’t hit in those circumstances. Espinal is a career .238 pinch hitter while Fairchild actually hits over .300 as a pinch hitter. But neither are Roger Freed in the late 70s who hit nearly .400 as a pinch hitter and certainly not Manny Mota who hit .299 over about 600 PAs as a pinch hitter. Pinch hitting isn’t necessarily a good strategy with the analytic analyses mixed at best. But it worked out this time and we can all laud Bell for his baseball genius and making the right moves. Or we can recognize it for the black swan event that it was and be glad of the win.

    • Old-school


      Did you see the Dbacks manager asked David Bell to be part of his All star staff? David Bell is an All star coach!

    • Old-school


      Just a nice gesture to Bell family since the late Mike Bell was a beloved part of Dbacks for a long time

      Thats cool

      • LDS

        Yes, it’s a nice gesture to the family. But, it’s not merit based. And I’d sure like to see an infusion of merit into the Reds organization. Who am I kidding? I’d like to see an infusion of merit throughout this country. Somewhere along the line, we gave that up.

  18. Michael B. Green

    Pitching had one walk and -0- WP. Looks like Bell loaded up with LHB’s and it worked. Let’s see if we can start a winning streak.

  19. Moon

    Reds have a chance to win a series after losing the last five. They split the four game series with the Phillies before they started that long losing streak. Reds need to find a reliable closer (sound familiar)? It is tough to be successful when your closer has an ERA of 6.75


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