The Cincinnati Reds are hitting the west coast tonight for some late night action. They’ll be in San Francisco to open up a weekend series against the Giants. First pitch is set for 10:15pm ET. This is the Free Game of the Day, so you can tune in without a subscription if you live outside of the blackout area.

Starting Lineup

Cincinnati Reds

San Francisco Giants

TJ Friedl – CF Austin Slater – CF
Elly De La Cruz – SS Thairo Estrada – 2B
Mike Ford – DH LaMonte Wade Jr. – DH
Spencer Steer – 1B Wilmer Flores – 1B
Jake Fraley – RF Matt Chapman – 3B
Tyler Stephenson – C Heliot Ramos – RF
Jeimer Candelario – 3B Casey Schmitt – SS
Will Benson – LF Tyler Fitzgerald – LF
Jonathan India – 2B Jakson Reetz – C
Andrew Abbott – LHP Logan Webb – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Andrew Abbott 38.0 3.32 1.16 11 35
Logan Webb 46.1 3.50 1.38 12 36
Links: Andrew Abbott’s Stats | Logan Webb’s Stats

Andrew Abbott

After walking seven batters between two starts on April 17th and the 23rd, Andrew Abbott hasn’t walked a batter in either of his last two outings. He has allowed two homers in each, though – giving up six runs in 10.1 innings in that stretch.

Lefties and righties are both struggling to find hits or walks against Andrew Abbott. Lefties are also showing next to no power in the rare chance that they even get to face him. But right-handed hitters are showing a lot of power when they do pick up a hit.


RHH 121 25 7 1 7 10 26 .225 .289 .496
LHH 35 8 1 0 0 1 9 .242 .286 .273

Pitch Usage

4-seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.3 80.9 82.8 85.3
Usage 53% 14% 17% 16%

Logan Webb

The season got out to a great start for Webb as he had a 2.33 ERA through his first six starts. But over his last two outings he’s struggled and hasn’t reached the 5th inning in either outing, giving up eight earned runs in 7.2 combined innings while walking five batters and giving up 16 hits.

The splits this season are quite big for Logan Webb. Lefties are hitting for a high average and showing some moderate amount of power against him. Right-handed hitters have struggled to get on base and hit for any kinds of power against him. But he’s also showing big home/road splits. His home ERA is 0.82 and his OPS against is .506. On the road his ERA is 5.92 and hitters have an .843 OPS against him.


RHH 100 24 1 0 1 5 19 .255 .300 .298
LHH 97 28 7 1 1 7 17 .311 .361 .444

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Slider Change
Velo 92.4 92.3 83.9 88.1
Usage 5% 34% 23% 39%

When and Where

  • Game time: 10:15pm ET
  • Where: Oracle Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 64°, sunny, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Alex Young’s rehab

Earlier tonight saw Alex Young throw a perfect inning of relief with Louisville. He three a grand total of four pitches to record three outs. The first pitch was a ball. Indianapolis then proceeded to ground out, line out, and bunt for an out on the next three pitches. Great work if you can get it.

Young has now made four relief appearances with Louisville and thrown 4.1 innings, allowed one hit, no runs, walked three, and struck out six.

Winning in San Francisco

Since 2008 the Reds are 56-44 against San Francisco. Since June 29th of 2012 the Reds are 22-16 in San Francisco, including the playoffs per the Reds Game Notes.

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 22 15
Chicago 22 16 0.5
Pittsburgh 17 21 5.5
Cincinnati 16 21 6.0
St. Louis 15 22 7.0

94 Responses

  1. Randy in Chatt

    I think they are at that AT&T thing not GAPB, correct?

    • Doug Gray

      Oracle Park.

      I had a brain fart. I’ve had a lot of those lately.

      • Doug Gray

        It’ll at least clear your ears, so that’s nice.

  2. DataDumpster

    Well, if Mike Ford’s blooper and Mendoza line average is good enough to bat 3rd today, where is Conner Cappel, whose contract was selected before Ford and has yet to make an appearance? Hurry up here and sit in the penalty box until David Bell hears your chime from the program that looks for a match for you on his predetermined “strategy.” I would hope that Conner is not the only one on the team who isn’t putting in the effort and doing everything he can to stay ready.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Please refrain from using the word “strategy” and “Bell” in the same sentence! That’s an insult to the word “strategy”!

    • LDS

      There’s always the one guy on the roster that never seems to play. But, today is a good day to break the losing streak: a favorable pitching matchup, a RHP with a .300+ BAA with LHers. Should be winnable. I think the Reds are at their longest losing streak since 2022 and the 100+ losses. Time to win before they wind up in last place.

  3. Dennis Westrick

    Hate these west coast road games! Too late for this old Reds fan! The next ten (10) road games will probably decide whether the Reds are gonna be contenders or pretenders! A 5-5 record on this road trip would be a huge success! All starts tonight! Need Abbott to go deep into the game and desperately need the bats to show up, especially early in the game!

    • 50thyearRedsfan

      Understanding of your age as I get to bed early most nights and when they are on the west coast I go to bed at 8 and wake up about 11 since I never sleep through the night and watch the reds from the 5th inning or so on. I could never be awake to see the ending otherwise.

  4. Jeremiah

    My favorite ballpark I’ve been too, Oracle Park (AT&T when visited I think it was called?)…back in 2004, road the subway to the ballpark, great experience…Felipe Lopez and Adam Dunn hit homeruns in an 8-7 Reds win over the Giants in San Fran. Brett Tomko pitched for the Giants…Willy Mo Pena in the lineup for the Reds, Javier Valentin, Juan Castro . Boy I’m getting old can’t believe that was 20 years ago!

    I always think it’s a bit fun when the Reds play on the West Coast on the weekends…hopefully they win a game this weekend!

    • TR

      San Francisco’s big ballpark, now called Oracle, took the Giants from one of the worst ballparks in the M.L.’s (the ‘Stick’) to one of the best. I love the walkway around the stadium next to S.F. Bay.

  5. Jason T.

    Nice at bat by Benson.
    Also a nice hit by Stephenson.

  6. DataDumpster

    Doubt that I will stay until the end of this one so I’ll just give a few notes from the field. If you haven’t heard, the last place Bucs may get a decent lift from Paul Skenes, a 22 year old, 4 pitch, 100+ mph pitcher who also seems to know how to pitch efficiently at such a young age. Tomorrow at 4:30 I believe against the Cubs, time to get some mileage on your MLB app and give the Reds a rest to “regroup” or whatever. Meanwhile, the local team, Atlanta, who I can only listen to but with excellent announcers, featured one of my favorites on the mound today, Charlie Morton. Unlike most other younger pitchers nowadays Charlie will pitch 7 full innings with 100 pitches (+/- 10) just like today complete with 1 run, 3 hits and 1 walk. Charlie is 40 and Raisel Iglesias, in his 3rd year with the team, again mopped up the win. Can’t remember why we let him go, money most likely. We had Moose and a few other overages on the docket. Finally, today needs to tip the win bar and should but…

    • VaRedsFan

      It’s so backwards. Pitchers that have the most success, go 7-8 innings. Yet we groom pitchers today to go 5-6.

      • Doug Gray

        No pitcher goes 7-8 innings with any sort of consistency and they haven’t for quite a long time.

    • JB

      Money and Whiplash from turning his head and watching the ball go over the fence

  7. Mike W

    Good to see our guys swinging level, trying to drive the ball like i said they should, rather than swinging up and popping up. AND

    In the 1st inning, Elly went opposite field, stole 2B, then scored a run. (Several of our guys have enough power to swing with a slightly ascending stroke and still homer.)

    Good thing someone (obviously) told Bell to have Elly hit in the first 3 spots for the rest of the year! What a GREAT all around player he’s becoming!

    • Jason T.

      Noticeably better in the small sample size so far. Really hope they continue this approach.

  8. Roger Garrett

    Giant hitters going the other way off of a lefty.What a great idea.

    • VaRedsFan

      You mean grounding out to 3rd/SS is not status quo with runners on.

      Maybe it’s a coaching philosophy.

  9. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds are trailing constantly in this losing streak. They can’t keep a lead even for 1 inning

  10. Jason T.

    Elly 2-2, what a start and smart heads up taking 2nd.

  11. JB

    Little popups over the first baseman scores the second runs for both teams.

  12. Mike W

    Elly has slowed his swing and is making barrel contact. Yeah! Easy hits for him and then his base stealing prowess is awesome! I guess Fraley didn’t get the memo

    • Jason T.

      Miserable at bat.
      Ford on the other hand has been working counts. And worked a walk.

  13. RedsMonk65

    Steer, Elly, keep “moving the chains.” Tie game 2-2.

  14. VaRedsFan

    That’s why stealing 3rd is important.
    Can’t be mad if he occasionally gets thrown out.

    • Jason T.

      Agreed on that.
      Wild stat that Elly has 25 steals.
      Entire Giants team has 13.

      • Jason T.

        That absolutely boggles my mind too…

  15. VaRedsFan

    Their catcher Patrick Bailey comes off the 7 day IL tomorrow.
    He has a rocket arm.
    Could be a fun test if Elly can get him

  16. Mike W

    Benson level swing = hit.
    Someone has spoken to our guys to shorten and level swings.
    Good contact then often ends up being a hit. There’s so much grass out there. SOMEONE has coached our guys in the last 24 hours. Yeah!

  17. Jason T.

    Nice hit by Benson and scoring in that double by TJ. Love it.

      • Jason T.

        That was nice to see!
        Baby steps indeed…

  18. RedsGettingBetter

    Finally The Reds hold the lead for 1 inning at least…Baby steps…
    Abbott has no command on the outside of the plate so far, he has no been good but keeps the game favorable to the Reds

    • Jason T.

      Inching up on pitch count too. Something to keep an eye on.

  19. Mike W

    Where’s the coaching?
    We want to get rid of their ace, so why are we swinging at first pitches and giving him a 5 pitch inning?! That is so fundamentally wrong. Come on Bell, manage.

  20. VaRedsFan

    A 2nd shutdown inning.
    Yet another baby step.
    One foot in front of the other.

  21. VaRedsFan

    Pagan put up a 0.
    Do they dare let him pitch the 7th?

    • Jason T.

      The first fly ball deep to center temporarily raised my blood pressure. But a nice inning.
      At this point Is say yes…

  22. Rex

    I read today that if the REDS lose 10 in row Bell gets an automatic 5 year extension

  23. VaRedsFan

    2B Matt McLain (left shoulder surgery)
    Expected return: Possibly second half
    Six weeks removed from shoulder surgery, McLain was cleared to resume throwing and running. He might be able to start swinging a bat in an additional six weeks, which he said would help determine a clearer timeline for his rehab. Both McLain and manager David Bell reaffirmed that the goal is for McLain to return this season. (Last updated: May 10)

  24. RedsGettingBetter

    Elly hit a ground for doubleplay at 105.8 MPH …

  25. VaRedsFan

    Elly smoked that ball the other way.
    Loving the approach.

  26. Mike W

    Rex, you just made my wife and I laugh out loud (about the 5 year extension for Bell)!
    Thank you.
    Come on RPs, hold this lead!
    I think kit will take at least 10 losses in a row for Bell to be let go. Benavides is waiting in the wings for the job.
    Two 4th place teams with .435 “winning” percentages going to the 8th separated by 1 run. Neither the Dodgers nor the Brewers care.

  27. VaRedsFan

    Who pitches the 8th?
    Please don’t say Sims.

    Who’s selling insurance?
    I’m buying.

  28. Mike W

    So, VARedsFan, do you prefer Votto or do you have another person in mind? I figured simple mined management would do the easiest thing and promote Benavides.

    • VaRedsFan

      A non-Red or former Red.
      I wrote in the other thread today about Mark DeRosa of MLB Network.

      Derosa managed the WBC team last year. I don’t know the millions of things that it takes to be manager, but he has a great baseball mind and is a great communicator. I was shilling for him to replace Bell before last year’s dreadful extension.

      • VaRedsFan

        If it’s only a month or two left in the season, then Freddie B could finish it off.

  29. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds have 2 Inside-the-park HRs this season so far and it’s just May 10th , insane

  30. VaRedsFan

    One more land mine to avoid with Diaz for the 9th.
    I’m still buying insurance.

    • Jason T.

      ??I certainly hope so!
      Would be huge to kick off this road trip with a W!

  31. Mike W

    VaRedsFan and JasonT, I’ll look up the guys you mentioned and am open to anyone else. 6 years of a losing record is enough of a “try”. Freida plz get on so Elly can bat one more time!

    • VaRedsFan

      Luckily they swung at 2 balls.
      Take it.
      Now get one tomorrow.

      • Jason T.

        They did indeed. But we needed that.
        Great way to start off this road trip.
        Let’s absolutely keep the momentum going.

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