The Reds got two late solo home runs from Jonathan India and Tyler Stephenson, but they only had one other hit the rest of the game as their offense continued to struggle. Arizona used a big 7th inning to take a 6-0 lead and never looked back as the Diamondbacks topped Cincinnati in the series opener 6-2.

Final R H E
Arizona Diamondbacks (16-20)
6 8 0
Cincinnati Reds (16-19)
2 3 1
W: Gallen (4-2) L: Montas (2-3)
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Frankie Montas returned to the mound after a short injured list stint and cruised through the first two inning of the game. But he gave up a leadoff walk in the 3rd and as the saying going – it came back to haunt him. Jake McCarthy moved up to third on a single by Tucker Barnhart and then scored on a force out to put Arizona up 1-0.

The Diamondbacks would get back on the board in the 5th with the help of an error as Elly De La Cruz got caught on a ball between hops and had it clank off his glove, allowing Tucker Barnhart to reach. He would then come around to score after back-to-back singles. Christian Encarnacion-Strand fielded a grounder by the next batter and came up throwing to the plate to catch Kevin Newman in a rundown where he’d eventually be tagged out. A fly out to center would end the inning and strand two runners on.

In the top of the 6th inning Frankie Montas would get a pop up to start the frame, then back-to-back strikeouts to end the inning. That would complete his day, with just one earned run and seven strikeouts, but he exited the game with his team trailing 2-0 and having just one hit on the night.

Justin Wilson took over for Cincinnati in the 7th and after giving up two singles he served up a 3-run home run to Corbin Carroll that put Arizona up 5-0. Ketel Marte followed with a homer of his own as he played add on.

The Reds finally got a second hit of the day when Jonathan India hit a home run to center, just out of the reach of a leaping Corbin Carroll at the wall. Cincinnati would get another home run in the bottom of the 9th when Tyler Stephenson cracked his 4th of the season that landed on top of the Reds bullpen to make it 6-2. That was all they’d get as they dropped the series opener.

Key Moment of the Game

Justin Wilson giving up a 3-run home run to Corbin Carroll in the 7th inning that turned a 2-0 lead into a 5-0 lead for Arizona and put the game out of reach for a struggling Reds offense.

Notes Worth Noting

The Reds have now lost six games in a row and scored just 10 runs during those six games.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday May 8th, 6:40pm ET

Jordan Montgomery (1-2, 5.63 ERA) vs Graham Ashcraft (3-1, 3.63 ERA)

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  1. LDS

    6 straight losses, run differential is now 0, and the Reds are in 4th place. Still a tough month of the schedule and my June 1st, the Reds could be done. And Bell has no clue how to solve the problem. Apparently, neither does Krall. And Castellini is somewhere doing his best Ebenezer Scrooge impression. And there are no ghosts showing up to change his outlook.

    • Dyer Straights

      So many talking about Reds ‘brutal’ schedule in May. Actually, the Orioles and Dodgers are only teams above .500 on the May schedule. Reds may continue to swoon, but it won’t be because all the opponents are great teams.

    • Oldtimer

      The 1961 Reds lost 8 straight in late April to fall into 8th place (out of 8 teams).

      The pennant isn’t won or lost in April or May.

      • Greg Garland

        That was a great team featuring MVP season by Frank Robinson and other great players of that era, including a 23-5 Bob Purkey and 20 game winner Joey Jay along with Vada Pinson. That was a different era than today, before free agency changed everything and in my opinion has ruined the culture of the game! Old time Reds fan from the 1950s!

      • Greg Garland

        Also remember they won the NL pennant and went to the World Series and lost to the Yankees in 5 games!

  2. Reddawg2012

    Not even mad or frustrated at this point. It’s just sad.

    On the bright side, we will get to see the LHP lineup tomorrow night. Lol.

  3. Jeremiah

    Man bigtime slump for the Reds. Maybe a win helps break up the negativity and the offense comes back to life. But you wonder, maybe this is just kind of who they are overall? That seemed to happen last year where a shift kind of occurred when Milwaukee swept them, and it seemed like the league figured out how to pitch to them. I feel for the guys a bit on the team, a lot of good guys, talent, good personalities, but just not good enough right now.

    I wonder in the long run, when does Krall and company start to consider trading the young talent for established every-day players. Don’t think they’ll do it this year, but maybe in the offseason. I kind of wonder how much better they’d be even with a healthy Mcclain and Marte. I obviously think better, but not sure really.

    • Chris

      That isn’t going to happen, nor should it happen. This team is not going to live by paying veterans that kind of money. If they are going to be good, it’s because of their young players. You can argue that it’s the veterans on this team, especially in the bullpen that are the worst, and then throw in Candalario, another veteran, and you can see there is a problem on the veteran side already.

    • TR

      The absence of McLain, in my view, is a big reason for the Reds current offensive struggle. He’s a ‘get it started & make it happen’ type young player. Friedl is back and he will energize the offense, but we need to be patient with him as he recovers from injury.

    • Still a Red

      Well if this who they really are, trading is not going to get us much.

  4. Gpod

    I remember a couple weeks ago when the talk was “here comes the tough part of the schedule, now we will see how good the reds are” ……we are getting that answer

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    It is not about whether Friedl is back or not, it just the team can’t hit. They are unable even to hit back-to-back singles , my God, unbelievable…The starting pitching has been very solid, they all have ERA below 3.70…
    I think Justin Wilson has his days numbered after this ugly outing and Moll is coming back sooner than later

    • EnglishDude

      I don’t know why they didn’t move Wilson rather than Moll to start with. Well I do, Wilson hasn’t an option, but who cares? Would anyone bother claiming him?

  6. Jason T.

    Well they got beat down by a team who was 5 games under .500 coming into this one.
    Starting pitching again solid but no margin for error on their part.
    Yeah, this is just sad at this point.

  7. Andrew Brewer

    As the saying goes, the Reds have hit rock bottom and are now trying to dig in…
    But, hey, we scored two runs today on two homeruns, and so were not shut out !
    I like the way batters are taking time out after getting two quick strikes.
    Stephenson and India got the long balls today, and Fraley got a hit early.
    De La Cruz is not a gold glove at short, and might still think about a career in the outfield.
    Friedl is back, any word on McLain ?

    • Dyer Straights

      McClain projected to be back by August, but could be longer.

    • Andrew Brewer

      “In the interim, given what we know about injury and repair, we may want to give Friedl time to find his feet and relinquish the notion that Matt McLain is going return this season and be anything close to serious contributor.” Richard Fitch

      • Jason Franklin

        Honestly, they shouldn’t have rushed Friedl back if the team is going to play like this. Give him time to heal. Same goes for McLain. He is too valuable (as we are seeing missing a actual hitter on the team) and should be treated with kids gloves. If it’s next year, so be it. If they are out of contention at the deadline, they would be wise to trade what they can and start guys like Dunn, Stewart and Hertubise (sorry if I spelled that wrong).

  8. Dennis Westrick

    Woo! Hoo! We scored 2 runs! Will be 10 games out by May 26th, the end of the 32-game Gauntlet!

  9. Stock

    If Moll is around and pitches a shutout inning vs. Wilson giving up 4 runs. Using an option on Moll may have just cost the Reds a win. They are overthinking this. Let Wilson go. Bring back Moll. Let’s pretend winning in 2024 is the priority

    • AllTheHype

      Yup. That move backfired on day 1. Pretty predictable.

      14 more days before Moll can be recalled, absent DL move.

    • MBS

      There’s no excuse for Moll to be in AAA short of an injury rehab. That being said Wilson had been pretty solid so far this year.

      I’m down though, let’s DFA Sims, Wilson, and bring up Santillan, and Moll. When we do we will probably get some trade interest for both, even if it’s just be some cash.

      Normally I’d be worried about the depth, but we’d still have Young, Legumina, and Bruihl in AAA, plus Gibaut will probably be rehabbing soon. Then you add Maxwell to the equation, and I’d say we’re in good shape depth wise.

      • AllTheHype

        Agree with this. Sure seems like some of our better relief talent are not pitching for the Reds right now. They handcuffed themselves with too many non-optionable relievers on the ML team. Bad roster construction in the off season.

  10. Melvin

    The lineup tonight was the best we’ve currently got to put out there. Still though our team BA dropped to .207 and we’re dead last again in the league. Wow. It’s a shame we’re wasting for the most part all this good starting pitching.

    • Jim Walker

      And the operative word is “team” not just one guy but nearly the whole team. Offense nonexistent. Defense inconsistent. Outs given
      away on the bases. Bullpen has coughed up a couple of games they were still in.

      At some point don’t they have to look at changing the manager? I am not saying all this things are solely his fault. I not saying making this change is something that would be “fair” in the world most of us live in day to day. But the manager is the guy ultimately responsible for the team’s play on the field.

      There is always a seemingly reasonable rationalization for riding things out; but, an organization has to start somewhere and it cannot turn over an entire roster. So, in professional sports, the manager/ head coach goes under the bus to make the point things must change starting now.

      • LDS

        Agreed @Jim, should have happened years ago but didn’t. And it won’t this time.

      • Melvin

        I’ll be shocked if it happens this time.

      • Ted Alfred

        You would think. I hate to say it but probably the best thing for this organization going forward would be an implosion of epic proportions where they have no choice but the fire Bell, eat the last 2 years of his contract and hire a proven, really good manager like the Cubs did who will maximize the young talent, but also has the ecperience and capability of actually leading this team into the postseason and winning.

        Bell is not it.

      • Jim Walker

        @Melvin>> Odds are you are correct but what could be different this year is that Krall is PoBO in his own right now while last year Bell was extended 2 months ahead of Krall’s promotion to PoBO.

        And looking back, Bell is not necessarily Krall’s man as Bell was hired by Dick Williams. If Krall is now fully responsible to ownership for the baseball product, he may want his own man in the dugout and more apt to make a change if he does not like what he sees on the field.

      • Melvin

        I’ll believe it when I see it Jim. I kinda think Bell will be here as long as Big Bob is owner. 🙂

      • TR

        The Reds have a long history of managerial change. In the 25 years between Bill Mckechnie (1946) and Sparky Anderson (1970), the Reds had 14 other managers. Change is needed now with the infusion of young players the Reds have. The easiest transition, for the GM and owner, would be to move David Bell to the front office. A new manager is needed for the clubhouse and dugout to complete a needed shakeup.

  11. Jason Franklin

    So, if the team is buried deep by the deadline, do they start trading and revamping a rebuild? They won’t be able to trade Candalerio because he is paid too much. India is also overpaid. They may be able to get something for Montas, Martinez and Diaz at the deadline.

    I am starting to wonder if Krall knew that this may happen. Maybe he never thought this was a real contending year for the team?

    • Sparky Anderson

      Time to start staying away from GABP. REDS fans have to demonstrate that another lost season is not acceptable.

    • rednat

      excellent point Jason. i do think the rebuild really hasn’t even started yet. yes I expect big moves at the deadline this year with Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft. i trust the reds ability to develop pitchers now and we have plenty of good pitching in the minors.
      i think we were kind of spoiled last year with EDLC, Friedl, McCLAIN, Steer coming on the scene. that was a shock to the fans and owners a I don’t think they were planning on these players performing as well as they did.
      i think the real playoff window begins in a couple of years when the Dragon studs get up here with Collier, Allen, Stewart et al. we are going to have to make some more trades with the pitching to get more position players. the question is will there be anymore reds fans around in 2-3 years if we continue to get blown out? lol

  12. Oldtimer

    Reds were 15-20 last year after 35 games. For those who skipped math in grade school, that’s one game worse than this year.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Last year they had a bunch of young kids to bring up who quite frankly over performed, at least by this year’s standards. With that they still only finished 82 and 80.

      • Oldtimer

        My point is that both teams were similar. So-so, not great. The pythogorean W-L record in 2023 was 77-85. The Reds overachieved.

        Friedl has been back ONE game. Marte and McLain aren’t back yet.

        Senzel and Law are playing well in Washington. Lively is pitching well in Cleveland. Weaver is doing well in Yankees bullpen.

    • Ted Alfred

      They also had a bunch of studs down in AAA ready to come up. Now all they have is a dud of a manager with nobody riding to the rescue from the minors

      • Oldtimer

        Marte after ASG. McLain later in the summer. Friedl has been back ONE GAME.

      • JB

        Marte after the all Star game? This is May 8th! Lol help is coming in 2 1/2 months guys. The way they are playing they might be 20 games out by then.

      • LDS

        Actually. I think Doug posted that Marte’s suspension ends in late June, the 26th I think it was. So, about three weeks before the ASG. McLain back in August is wishful thinking, I suspect. Regardless, the Reds could be out of it by the end of the month. Marte and McLain are irrelevant. As for Krall now being the PoBO? He was rewarded for his loyalty not his performance. He isn’t going to rock the boat. I’d love a big helping of crow for that comment, but I doubt I have to worry about it. Yes, he should fire Bell. Yes, he should try to trade Candelario, good luck with that. There’s a reason he was available. Pagan was a bad signing from the outset. So, in my mind, Krall has a lot to prove. Thus far, as I and others have noted, she’s shown he can cut payroll. He hasn’t shown that he can build a winner. And he can’t build a winner with this field management team. Period. The evidence is unequivocal regardless of the contortions some here take to justify that it’s not Bell’s fault.

  13. Mark A Verticchio

    If things don’t change this team will be long out of it before Marte or Mclain return.

  14. Rednat

    I Wonder if something is not going on in the clubhouse? Is there a divide.? You remember when EDLC whizzed the ball past Candelaria at first? That is about the time the team fell apart.
    You have a lot of young players in that clubhouse with no real leadership. Bell is not the type of guy that’s going to intervene much. Just didn’t like the body language of the team today. Maybe a guy like Steer becomes the voice of the team

    • DaveCT

      Elly was simply trying to make a play and did something no one has ever seen before, including Candelario, who didn’t have time to get his glove in position to catch a ball thrown at 103 mph from short stop. There is no smoking gun here. Only a smoking baseball.

  15. DW

    Good thing Wilson stayed and Moll sent down.

    And doing the homerun hat and cape when you are down by four in the bottom of the ninth and in midst of a six game losing streak, while scoring something like 6 runs total…really?!

    • Jason Franklin

      That kind of stuff starts from the top and makes it way down. Maybe Bell has the guys just thinking: “There is nothing to worry about, we will figure it out!” When they should be worried. A team celebrating for a pointless homerun in the 9th after sucking for about 10 games now is just confusing to me.

    • Still a Red

      I’m not going to fault them to look for a little something to celebrate…they weren’t the usual exuberant celebrations.

    • David

      Honestly, sending Sam Moll down and keeping Justin Wilson is all on Nick Krall and the Front Office.
      I am sure that David Bell had SOME input (he might have wanted to keep Moll and waive Wilson), but this was a Front Office personnel move.
      With Justin Wilson’s continued bad performances, I would wager that he will be given a couple more opportunities, and then be waived, and Sam Moll will return. I don’t think the Reds baseball side of management is dumb, but they also have to do the Ownership group’s bidding. They sign the paychecks, as it were. They may have forbidden Nick Krall from waving Wilson (and eating his contract) and forced Nick to send down Sam Moll as the only possible roster move to open a slot for Frank Montas to come back from the DL.
      I forget if it was 2008 or 2009, but the Reds were having a turrible May, and Ken Griffey remarked, at the time, that they “were in baseball H*ll”.
      Maybe the bats wake up some day, but until then, that’s were the Reds are, without any sign of relief.

  16. DaveCT

    When I saw Montas a few weeks ago in Seattle, the game he was shelled, his fastball sat 92-93 and had zero life. My seats were to his side and his fastball was flat as a parking lot. It occurs to me that was when the illness went through the clubhouse and may explain how off he was. He certainly threw well today and looked at full strength, but you have to wonder if he’ll also periodically need some time off as he recovers from shoulder surgery.

  17. Kevin

    Reds young talent is fun. As for Reds being a consistent contender… it’ll happen when ownership gets serious about smart investments in the team. So maybe the next owners. GM, manager, relief pitchers — all just deck chairs on the Titanic to move around. We all knew Reds needed a bigger OF bat in offseason. Reds did nothing. McLain will be back next year. Here’s hoping for some entertainment until foot all season.

  18. Michael Wilson

    This 0 for 4 stuff is downright boring. Last season we had McLain, EDLC, Marte, Abbott to bring up and provide some spark. No sparks this year. Ironically, I think we have the pitching to compete this season.

  19. Indy Red Man

    I remember I was going on vacation last May as we swept the Cubs in Wrigley. I think we scored atleast 8 in every game. We’re better then this? I wouldn’t panic and blow it up yet, but this year seems cursed.

    • Jim Walker

      Like the losing April and September in 2021 or April and August in 2023? Or all of 2022?

      The combination of the ownership, baseball front office, and field management doesn’t seem to be able to field a team that can avoid season defining or ruining cold spells.

  20. Tyler Hawk

    The thing is most of us on here are just asking the Reds to be competitive and be somewhat relevant and fun to watch. I say that because even if we didn’t have the injuries and had an even better start of the season I’m not sure it would matter in the grand scheme of things because the Braves, Dodgers, Phillies, Brewers seem to be on a different tier then the Reds and the rest of the national league for that matter.

  21. CI3J

    Something I want to point out, but not dive to deeply into:

    The Reds are 42-51 since Bell’s contract extension was announced last July 28.

    Make of that what you will.

    • Richard D Fitch

      Nothing to make of it. Correlation does not equal causation. It does feed the I Want a Pony and I Want It Now crowd.

    • Richard D Fitch

      Nothing to make of it. Correlation does not equal causation. It does feed the I Want a Pony and I Want It Now crowd.

  22. Mark Moore

    I keep thinking something’s gotta give here. It’s almost as if the mid-game Clete is now the implied standard and sticking with it because it’s good baseball and we have a chance is the rare happening. I’m with the comment earlier that a season isn’t won or lost in April/May, but the tone and approach can be set this early and make it hard to reverse course.

    I know what I would want to be the something that’s gotta give, but that’s not happening within the current structure. I feel the worst for our starting pitchers who battle it game after game and must feel like they are pretty much on their own at this point. Hyperbole, sure … but these losing streaks really bite hard.

    Another Major STINK!! FISH!! POT!!!!!!

    • Jim Walker

      The guys who prattle about avoiding peaks and valleys seem to be experts in assembling teams that violate that premise within a season even when they manage to finish a year with a mediocre record which epitomizes avoiding highs and lows.

  23. Pablo

    Gotta win before Milton makes an appearance!

  24. Indy Red Man

    I think Gabe Kapler (456-411 managerial record) is pretty sharp if they were going to make a change? Idk? Bell haters can spin it whichever way they want, but 82 wins last year was pretty good and nobody is winning when 1/3 of your lineup is hurt and the other 2/3 are struggling to hit .200.

    On the other hand, you can’t fire the whole team and players need a new voice at some point

    • Grand Salami

      Whether Marte was a starter was debatable in ST. McClain at 2nd, Candy at 3rd was the conventional thinking. So we only lost 2.

      Why the remainder of the starters are hitting so poorly is the real question. If Benson, India, Stephenson, candy we’re playing replacement level, things would be fine. They aren’t even close. Can’t fire the team but can question the leadership.

      • Justin T

        Agreed. They are assuming Marte was going to be good and McClain would avoid soph slump, and he looked awful in the spring. Not saying he wont be good, but he is way too young and inexperienced to think he was the key to the season. Those 3 players would make that much of a difference?

        By now if one supports Bell and thinks it’s no fault of his, they probably will not change their mind. Theres a different excuse for him every year. Good roster, bad roster, and young roster…The results seem to stay the same. At this point Im taking the attitude that if the front office doesn’t care then why should I. David Bell is Marvin Lewis. I dont hate the guy at all, its just that this ain’t it. It may make no sense to a few Reds fans but there is a reason 99% of professional franchises would replace a manager who is 50 games under .500 after 5 years. Def not give him 2 extensions. If anything it shows the fans that the bar is set at winning. We have our answer and its up to us if we wanna keep spending our money. I know I can be negative and I hate it, I just have no faith in this organization anymore. This site is great for the real fans, Doug you do a great job thank you. Ill hang up and listen.

    • Jimbo44CN

      What is Joe Girardi up to these days? I think he would be a good fit here.

      • David

        He was interviewed for the Job before David Bell was hired, and actually said that he really did not want to work for this organization.
        I think he saw things that did not sit right with him.

        There are a lot of guys out there that played baseball at various levels, that want to manage an ML club. It doesn’t mean they would be GOOD, just that they want the job.
        If I were running the Reds, I would look for a guy that has some winning years head coaching in the minors, and is fairly young and can relate and communicate with younger players.
        When Bob Howsam hired George “Sparky” Anderson, he was a big unknown minor league coach (Sparky Who? was a headline I remember seeing). He had fired the somewhat popular (and fiery) Dave Bristol, who had managed the Reds in 1969, to a pretty good season, although they were really short of pitching that year.

    • Jim Walker

      “On the other hand, you can’t fire the whole team and players need a new voice at some point”

      This is where I am at. The inconsistencies across the board in how this Reds team plays stay the same across the board from year to year, player to player.

      What kind of stuff jumps out to me?

      >Guys make poor decisions running the bases which cost outs and kill innings.
      >Batters chase pitchers’ pitches on hitters’ counts when they should be sitting on a certain pitch of their liking in a certain location of their liking with a strike to waste.
      >The Reds have trouble turning GIDPs on what look like good GIDP candidates because of questionable positioning or confusion between the SS and 2B about who is fielding a grounder and who is covering 2B.
      >Relievers have problems throwing strikes to the 1st hitter they face or alternately groove get ahead strikes in leverage situations.
      >Starting pitchers seem to suffer lapses in concentration when ahead in counts and after 2 men are out with no one on base.

      These (and more things like them) are correctable, coachable errors. Yet we see them time and again year after year.

  25. SultanofSwaff

    Nice to see India pop that homer. Yesterday I was noticing his ISO was half his career norm.

  26. Roger Garrett

    I just want the Reds to compete in the division but the fact is all the other teams are better right now.No doubt there are 4 or other teams that are on their way to winning 100 games and none of them are in our division so it kind of tells you where we are right now.Reds had some question marks coming in as to would this player or that player take another step forward and would guys like Tyler and India bounce back to where they had performed a couple of years ago.How about will the real Candy stand up was another question mark.Right now the answer is no no and no.Will it change?I think it can but if your manager says we won’t change what we do and he says the players are doing all the right things then thats just relying on hoping it will.Thats the same message thats been preached in the past prior to cleaning out the vets and going with a younger team.At some point you have to look at leadership if you truly want to win.Same Message from the same guy now in what year 6 and here we are today last in the league in hitting,terrible at fundamentals,high on the wrong side of strikeouts and we won’t change what we do because the players are doing all the right things.So I ask are the coaches and the manager doing all the right things?Yeah there are 120 games to go and yeah we can’t be that bad at the plate and we will get better right?Not without a change in the dugout.

    • SR

      I agree 100%. There is no one establishing expectations and making sure they are met. There is no teammate or coach with a little gray in his hair and a veteran resume to calm down slumping players or offering up suggestions to climb out of it. Bell is the definition of a manager who lacks motivating skill sets. This team is not doing all the right things right now or they would at least be winning half their games. They are 2-8 in the last 10 games. If he is saying they are doing the right things, that’s just crazy. He can say, we are swinging at bad pitches, or making some poor choices on the bases, or we need to do better at making the plays that are expected at this level. He won’t even call them out at a team level.
      We have all followed baseball long enough to know that sometimes, the manager takes the fall. Look at Girardi with the Phillies in 2022 good manager, good pedigree, fired. Went on to lose game 7 in World Series after Rob Thompson took over. GM said the team needed a different voice in the clubhouse. Hmmmm. Sound familiar?

  27. Jedi Joey

    This team couldn’t hit water if they fell off a boat right now. If something doesn’t change soon they are in big trouble. The schedule continues to be brutal with a west coast trip in a few days. I’m not ready to give up yet but I’ve lost the warm and fuzzies I felt a few weeks ago.

  28. Pete

    I’m probably the biggest supporter of Nick Krall on this blog, but if he is the one that instigated extending David Bell for three seasons, he probably should lose his job. I believe he has assembled an organization with a great deal of talent but a one year extension would’ve been reasonable, a three-year extension was insane. Just my two cents and my fear is that we are now locked in at least for another season.

    Perhaps the blame doesn’t even sit with David Bell but as others have mentioned there are times when a new voice is necessary. We are not there yet but seem to be closing fast.

    • Gpod

      The way they are hitting now, a 12 or 15 game losing streak is not out of the question….then we will see if anything will happen regarding manager or hitting coach
      I doubt it

  29. MBS

    I think we are just seeing a collective sophomore slump. Maybe the only thing worse than a team of rookies, is a team of 2nd year players. Let’s hope they can adjust before it’s too late.

    • Pete

      Someone mentioned Gabe Kapler as a potential replacement. Never been a fan to be honest with you but he might be the right fit with this particular club. It would certainly be going from one extreme to another. Food for thought.

      • Indy Red Man

        I don’t know much about him other then playing his Giants and thinking “how are these guys over .500?”. LA and SD were both top 5ish in MLB in talent imo, and yet SF still got theirs.

  30. Mark A Verticchio

    I agree that the way this team is hitting a long losing streak is very possible. One thing for sure, don’t bet on a win tonight against a tough left-handed pitcher.

  31. Laredo Slider

    Bell’s going nowhere unless they kick him into one of those “advisory” jobs. The Bell name is Reds Royalty.

  32. AllTheHype

    Mike Ford is back on a ML deal. Someone goes. Wonder if CES gets optioned? Probably needs to happen imo.

    • Pete

      Or perhaps he is ailing? Or he totally forgot how to hit a baseball? It’s one of the other.

    • Michael Wilson

      Might be for the best. CES needs figure it out. Steer’s best position is probably 1st base. Maybe 1st can be handled by Steer, Candy, Ford.

  33. Mark A Verticchio

    Tonight’s line up Espinal 5th Fairchild 6th, has Bell lost his freaking mind? Looking at the averages it is so sad. This is a no hitter waiting to happen. The team is so bad that two situational players, I am being kind, are batting 5th and 6th. It’s looks like we are all going to have a lot of free time this summer. Red’s baseball what a joke.

    • EnglishDude

      Maile as DH. Maile in to hit but not catch.