The Cincinnati Reds offense continued to struggle as they managed just one run on three hits as the Baltimore Orioles blew them out to complete a 3-game sweep and push the Reds to two games under the .500 mark.

Final R H E
Baltimore Orioles (23-11)
11 11 0
Cincinnati Reds (16-18)
1 3 1
W: Kremer (3-2) L: Lodolo (3-1)
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The game got out to a nice start for Nick Lodolo as he got a pop up and a strikeout to begin his day. But then he gave up a double, an RBI single, and a 2-run homer off of the bat of Jordan Westburg and just like that the Orioles had a 3-0 lead in the 1st.

Nick Lodolo settled in from that point for a bit, but he ran into trouble again in the 5th inning – once again with two outs. He hit Ramon Urias and then walked Gunnar Hernderson before giving up a double to Adley Rutschman that brought a run in to extend the Baltimore lead to 4-0.

The Reds headed into the bottom of the inning without having a single baserunner as yet again their offense was struggling to get anything at all going. Christian Encarnacion-Strand broke up the perfect game with one out in the inning with a line drive hit into center. Jonathan India followed up with a walk to bring up Nick Martini, but not before the Orioles pitching coach made a trip to the mound to discuss the situation. Whatever was said worked as Martini flew out and Santiago Espinal popped up in foul territory to strand both runners.

Brent Suter took over for Cincinnati in the 6th inning and worked around a walk to throw a shutout inning. He returned to start the 7th and gave up a leadoff home run that hit the top of the wall before bouncing into the stands that gave the Orioles a 5-run lead. The Baltimore offense wasn’t finished as they picked up a double and an RBI single to push their lead to 6-0.

With the Reds still trailing by six runs, Alexis Diaz came out to pitch the 9th inning since he hadn’t pitched in nearly a week. He may have been a bit rusty as he walked the first batter he saw and then gave up an RBI double to Colton Cowser that made it 7-0. A single followed up and put runners on the corners with no outs. Diaz then walked Gunnar Henderson on eight pitches before pitching coach Derek Johnson made a trip to the mound to try and settle his pitcher down and perhaps buy time for Emilio Pagan to continue warming up in the bullpen.

After a strikeout, Diaz was pulled from the game and Pagan made the walk from the bullpen to take over with one out and the bases loaded. He would strike out the first batter he faced but then gave up a grand slam to Anthony Santander that made it 11-0.

Baltimore headed into the 9th with Albert Suarez on the mound but after he struck out Luke Maile the Orioles made a pitching change…. in an 11-0 game in the 9th inning. Mike Baumann came into the game and immediately walked Will Benson and Elly De La Cruz. Spencer Steer then picked up a bloop single to center that loaded the bases. Jake Fraley followed up with a line drive single that made it 11-1. That was all she wrote, though, as Baltimore recorded the final two outs without another run scoring and completed the sweep.

Key Moment of the Game

On a day when the Reds had one run, it would probably be the 2-run homer in the 1st inning from Jordan Westburg that put the game entirely out of reach even if that was unknown at the time.

Notes Worth Noting

The Reds scored two runs in the series. They’ve now lost five games in a row.

TJ Friedl could return as early as Tuesday.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday May 7th, 6:40pm ET

Zac Gallen (3-2, 3.38 ERA) vs TBA

108 Responses

  1. Ernie Howerton

    Pathetic to say the least,not in the same league as the Orioles in more ways than one.

    • jmb

      Martini, Maile (where are the Maile fans now?), Bubba, and Espinal need to go ASAP. The injuries to McLain and Friedl and the suspension of Marte have REALLY hurt the Reds thus far. The signings of Pagan, Candelario, Martinez, and Montas have come up snake eyes to date.

  2. Jason T.

    The most pathetic 3 game series that I ever remember.
    2 runs in 27 innings. Just wow…That is appallingly bad.
    One would think that any competent franchise would make changes…

  3. Mark Moore

    I checked Gameday a couple of times during dinner. When I showed my First Wife the 11-0 line in the top of the 9th, she started asking about who is going to kick some butts with these guys. Sadly, I had no answer.

    When we take the smallest of solace in avoiding another shut-out, that’s just pathetic. And I get the O’s are a good team. But still …

    We’re the only Pig getting Kicked of late.

    The entire series rates a MAJOR STINK!!! FISH!!! POT!!!!!!

      • Rob

        I don’t think it will make that much of a difference. May more qualify as a smokescreen. I get it. He is a good player will take somebody’s bat out of the regular lineup. Benson? India?

        This is a talented team….certainly more talented than the 23 version. But then we had 4 young guys at Louisville pushing for their turn. Now we have none until 2025. And now we have 2 young guys out until July at best. I can do the math. Martini, Espinal, and Thompson do not equal Friedl, Marte, and McLain in any sense. If this was 4-6 weeks, I would say maybe. But this a half season for a team susposedly better than last season and in many fans eyes, a “can’t wait until 2024”year. I honestly think the Reds will need a course correction, possibly before June 1. We have the 2025-2026 prospects out the kazoo.. It soon will be time to use them as trade pieces and get 1-2 RH hitters in here.

    • Brian

      I really hope this is rock bottom but I highly doubt it. This owner is the dames as it ever was. They refuse to add needed pieces at deadlines. They bring in free agents that they don’t need. They go on the cheap and won’t shake things up when it needs shaken. The desire to win has never been a priority to this ownership group period! Who in the world is this dude that they hired as a hitting coach?
      The wild card is the Reds world series, it’s just a lost cause.

  4. AMDG

    Wow, I didn’t expect to Diaz being Diaz in a non-save situation.

    The young pitching has performed very well. But they need the offense to consist of more than Ely and a bunch of nothing.

    Only 2.5 runs per game over the past 10 games, and barely over 3 runs per game over the past 18.

    Until McLain, Friedl and Marte return, it doesn’t look like the lack of offense can suddenly fix itself 🙁

    • Jason Franklin

      The team has to roll some dice if they aren’t going to bring in any salaries via trade. They could have tried Ford up here on the real cheap but that was a no. Only option they have, which could be bad, is to bring up some young guys to see if they can light some fires under some vets butts.

      • Gavin Moore

        Not as bad as ‘22, but bad. Can’t decide what was worse, the Shogo and Moose acquisitions, or Martinez and Candelario. Was hopeful when JV was finally off the payroll, but jeez.

    • Grand Salami

      McClain, Friedl and Marte aren’t saviors. Only two were ‘starters’ last year

      India, Benson/Fraley, Steer, and others aren’t performing even on par with last year. That’s more concerning than injuries.

    • Yellow tail

      If you listed to yesterday’s game Barry Larkin made some statements that sounded like a coach. Especially about batters chasing bad pitchers. He sounded to me he would bench some guys that chased too many bad pitches.

      • Melvin

        It definitely seems as though Larkin would expect more out of the players than what they’re doing at the moment.

  5. Jason Franklin

    Outscored 16-2, winless for May. Only gold star to be handed out is for the pickoffs and defense of CES. That’s it. 2 good starts and 1 from Lodolo that on some teams with an offense with a heartbeat would be able to eek out a lucky win.

  6. LDS

    Change is needed but I don’t see it happening. At least, the Cubs beat Milwaukee to keep the Reds on 4.5 games out.

    • Jason Franklin

      It’s not too early to light a fire under the team and make some drastic changes. But you’re right, LDS, no changes will happen. They could fire Bell and the hitting coach and bring in someone who has a pulse/outward fire. Maybe that is what these kids need? Someone to make them work hard or they don’t get to start? Who knows.

      • LDS

        I’d like to see it. But we won’t. The Reds would rather keep losing games than make changes. And Friedl will help but he won’t change the trajectory.

      • Still a Red

        Guess the young guys aren’t working hard.

  7. Kdavis

    I realize as all do that the Reds are missing three players but the rest of the team is just terrible. Those who questioned the wisdom of signing JC have to be vindicated now. He is making weak contact as are the rest of the team. As of now it looks like the rebuild is going to come crashing down. Can anyone justify not making a play for Arraez(sp?) . Who is going to be accountable for the utter lack of plate discipline on this team? And for all the talk of the Reds having still a good farm system the lack of anyone in AAA or AA that can be elevated is telling.

    • JB

      If you look at The Reds team and the Chattanooga team the average stats are almost similar

  8. RedsGettingBetter

    That’s a embarrassing and overwhelming loss before 32.000 fans. I’m starting to think if CES should be option to triple-A or just wait even more time… What will say Bell about this situation? He will say Orioles is a pretty good team having an outstanding pitching and all the credits for him…All Reds guys are working hard and they will fine soon…The only move upcoming is Friedl for Bubba…Maybe the next move is Marte for Martini after the suspension gets over

  9. Redhaze

    It’s David Bell’s job to jerk a knot in them. We’ll see how he performs. Look at the season batting averages of every player in the Reds lineup. Where is the veteran leadership? Are we calling India and Stephenson veterans?

    • Still a Red

      Maybe jerking a knot only works if someone is dogging it. I think Bells job right now is to keep the locker room from giving up.

    • LDS

      Underperforming regardless of effort is a manager’s responsibility to correct. Bell never has. He’s incapable or unwilling to impose accountability. It’s been that way his entire time in Cincinnati. He’s not the guy to move the Reds to the next level. I said it last year before all the young guys were promoted. And nothing that has happened since tells me I’m wrong.

      • Still a Red

        Well LDS it looks like he’d have to discipline the whole team. How would You hold them accountable? Bench them? Make them do push ups? Fine them $$ for every day below the Mendoza line…well that’s a low bar…maybe fine them every day their batting average trends down for 3 days in a row. Yep that’ll light a fire for sure.

      • LDS

        @Still A Red, you’re not big on holding managers accountable it seems. As for holding the players accountable, yes some deserve bench time. But Bell plays them regardless of their performance, good or bad. Filling out the lineup card days or longer in advance is the epitome of bad management. These guys aren’t corporate employees asking for Christmas off. They are highly paid, professional ball players. If a player continues to swing at ball four or balls 3 feet outside of the strike zone, then bench them, send them down, whatever. You don’t just let them “play through it”. When a pitcher, e.g., Diaz is getting hammered, you don’t keep him in the game to be pounded and put the game out of reach, even if trailing by one run puts the game out of the Reds reach lately. It’s a recurrent pattern during Bell’s tenure. Fundamental problems do not get corrected and the Reds continue to underperform expectations. Every game counts and the Reds have given away a lot of games so far this season.

      • Still a Red

        LDS I don’t mind holding managers or players accountable but you can’t react moment to moment…you’d be benching players right and left and firing managers faster than George Steinbrenner take a close look at last night’s game summary pitch by pitch…there weren’t that many swing and misses outside the strike zone and in fact 2 of the 3 hits came from outside the strike zone. When your behind in the count you have to widen the strike zone and are sudceptible to breaking pitches.. Balt pichers were hitting the edges all day. Perhaps the least ‘disciplined’ hitter was Español in that he took very few pitches but could do nothing with those in the strike zone. So let’s see you bench him and put Candelario in…well there’s an improvement.

  10. RedsMonk65

    Well, I had been hoping (against hope) that last night’s little 9th inning rally that fell just short might be the start of an offensive breakout today. Not to be. This past week, especially this series, this team is absolutely no fun to watch. Pitching is OK for the most part, sometimes stellar. But the hitting is pathetic. Miserable. Horrible. Insert adjective.

    Something needs to be done, and now. Shake things up a little big and see what happens.

    I will be at Tuesday night’s game against the D-Backs. It will be my 11-year-old nephew’s very first MLB game. Unfortunately, he has signed on as a D-Backs fan (other than that, he’s a good kid). So, I am still looking forward to that despite how awful the Reds have looked. I hope they can at least make it interesting.

  11. Dennis Westrick

    I can officially proclaim that I am embarrassed to be a Reds fan today! Nowhere to go but up! Not all on Bell! The pathetic hitting, the obscene number of strikeouts is on each and EVERY player currently wearing a Reds uniform!

    • Oldtimer

      All on Bell. Manager is ultimately responsible. Reds fired Heffner in 1966. Reds fired Perez in 1993. Reds fired Mayo Smith in 1959.

      • Redhaze

        Don’t fire Bell unless you have a Piniella to replace him.

      • Oldtimer

        Bristol, Johnson, Hutchinson replaced those three.

    • Rob

      True …not all on him. BUT. He needs to be more accountable and clamoring for help. Sorry, the meek, demure, company man doesn’t work here. He has all the authority in the world to bring up Mike Ford …..who I certainly know is no better than a band aid. He has all the authority in the world to bench somebody or pull somebody for a crappy play or at bat. Gosh the Orioles manager pulled his stud closer! We got like 7 hits the entire series. He and his buddy Krall need to get together and figure this out. I can name a couple guys on the Marlins, Chisox, and Rockies who would help this team. Jazz Chisolm or Luis Robert would be a good start.

  12. JB

    Zac Gallen on Tuesday. What’s the over /under on team hits? 5?

    • Pharmer85

      I’ll take the under. Hope I’m wrong. Was gonna head down there Tuesday but can’t see it after the latest miserable showing.

      • JB

        Can’t blame you. No sense in spending good money to watch them get 4 hits. Just plain boring.

    • jon

      Reds get to play the LAD 7x in May. geez.

  13. Still a Red

    Well what’s going on? Is the Reds offensive talent over-rated? Are they really barely Mendoza line hitters and the lack of talent is coming home to roost? Or have opposing teams found some fundamental weakness and skillfully executing a strategy to exploit it? Or are our guys preparing incorrectly for the opposition they are facing meaning what…they should be swinging at the first pitch or they should be working the counts longer…hard to do with the pitchers getting first pitch strikes. Can anew hitting coach fix what’s wrong…with the whole team. Doesn’t seem like a new lineup will fix it. Should we trade everyone for a set of new players? Can we fine everyone that strikes out?

  14. Gpod

    Why can’t someone ask Bell a direct, hard question? The media talks to the guy like you can’t offend him….How about this question: These strikeouts are piling up like no tomorrow ….WHY? Can he answer that question with some real insight instead of the blah blah blah that we always hear

    • Justin T

      Great point. Its actually unbelievable noone even “kind of” asks a tough question. Its the way the Reds are covered locally and has been for awhile. They couldnt let Marty continue to ask the obvious questions. The Reds front office really enjoys patting themselves on the back. Hall of fame baseball writer Hal McCoy was stripped of his credentials at one point by Castillini for being too negative. Where else ya gonna go.

  15. Erik the Red

    We just made the Orioles starters look like McInnaly, Cuellar, and Palmer.

    • Oldtimer

      McNally, Cuellar, Palmer, and Dobson each won 20 games or more.

      Cuellar was a Red in late 1950s and early 1960s but was given away to CLE in 1963.

      • Mike Adams

        Didn’t they also pitch 200 innings or more? Seems like they did in 1970 the year Riverfront opened.
        The Reds had an amazing offense that year but the Baltimore pitchers and that daggone Brooks Robinson at third base beat the Reds in the WS.

      • Erik the Red

        Cuellar was kind of a journey man until he joined the Orioles at age 31 in 1969

      • Oldtimer

        Not really. He was good for HOU before BAL.

    • Mike Adams

      You are right but those 3 pitchers sometimes made Bench, Perez, Rose and Morgan look like Reds’ batters in today’s game.
      Baltimore’s pitchers now are pretty good but not like the 3 guys you mentioned.

      • Mike Adams

        Not disagreeing with you Erik the Red just pointing out how special those 3 guys were.

      • David

        When did Joe Morgan ever face the Baltimore staff of the early 1970’s?

        The team that lost 4 out of 5 in the 1970 WS was:

        Rose, Tolan, Perez, Bench, Lee May, Bernie Carbo/Hal McRae (LF), Tommy Helms, Davey Concepcion.
        Lee May tore the cover off the ball in that series.
        Bench and Perez ripped shot after shot to third base, where Brooks Robinson made play after play. The Reds pitching (overall) was pretty bad. The only starter who did well was Gary Nolan (he won the only game the Reds won in that series).

        This team (today) seemingly lacks some character and now they have lost their confidence.
        And Nick Lodolo did not pitch that well today. Otherwise, he has been very good this season, but today was not his day. Not that it would have made any difference.
        My guess is that the stiflingly subdued David Bell won’t say much in the clubhouse to “rock the boat”.
        A bunch of guys that need to get a good shake-up.

        I don’t know what is wrong with this team, hitting wise, but they aren’t all this terrible. Something is really wrong, and something needs to be fixed, but the Top Men with the Reds will do nothing, until this team is in last place in the NL Central, and probably not even then. Bell has been paid, and he will serve out his contract. They will be at least 10 games under .500 by the end of May.

      • Mike Adams

        You are right, David, it was Tommy Helms at second base for the Reds in the 1970 World Series. Those pitchers made him look bad, too

  16. Mauired

    I think it’s seriously time to consider extending Bell. The timing just seems right. Very similar to the two previous extensions.

      • Mauired

        He should get a lifetime contract. Doesn’t need to be earned, he’s entitled to it.

    • Ted Alfred

      HahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahaha…well played

    • greenmtred

      The correct answer is to disband the franchise. Immediately. Fire everybody. The embarrassment of five straight losses!!! No team has ever lost that many in a row before!! I’m so embarrassed that I’m not leaving the house today; I might run into tree branches because my head is bent in shame.

  17. Harry Stoner

    The free-swinging, grip-and-rip approach at the plate just seems so odd in contrast to Bell’s micro-managing of his bullpen, lineup juggling and desire to shift players around the field as the mood fits.

    Not that I’m expecting any consistency out of him, but there’s something strange about his tolerance of so many Ks and so many undisciplined ABs.

  18. DataDumpster

    Yet again, I didn’t watch the game. These bad streaks happen and it was pretty apparent that the Reds couldn’t beat a good team anyway on most days. The pitching is still decent and sometimes very good but the rest seems to be totally dependent on the “never give up”, “because of who they are”, “doing everything they can” and the other empty Bell platitudes. Why not try the old high school cheer “Be Aggressive, BE Aggressive, BE-AGG-RESS-IVE?”
    I am mostly just looking at the stats but thinking there is something fundamentally wrong here (as there has always been) but just a bit more intractable since only coaching and in game manager decisions are left to make a difference after the prospect haul has been largely completed. At this point nothing other than a reincarnation of Chico Escuela would seem capable of lighting a fire under this team in the near term.

    • doofus

      “Baseball has been very, very good to Chico!”

  19. Hanginwithem

    I took my beautiful bride of 42+ years to the game today. Surely, our presence would be enough to ignite this team, I thought, or, at least, get them to play, you know, baseball. Not so.
    Alas, they succumbed to an Orioles team that had been losing 100+ games as recently as 2018, 2019 and 2021. Oh, and winning the AL East last year. To say the Reds were overmatched is putting it mildly. I was secretly rooting for a perfect game after 4 innings.
    This team has no leader. There is not one single ball player on this team that will stand up, accept accountability and say enough is enough.
    The manager is a piece of french toast that has been left to soak too long in the egg wash. The coaches can only spew words of encouragement for so long. Words ain’t gonna get it done. Changing players in and out of the lineup and all over the batting order is futile. A magic combination of adding players, trading players, bringing up players and sending down players is not the answer. They must decide to win with the players in that dugout. The change has to come from within.
    What am I talking about? Look at the Orioles roster. See any prima donnas? Nope. Any perennial all-stars? No, sir. What they have is starting pitchers who are hell-bent on one-upping each other and making each other sharper. They have a lineup that feeds off of each other and finds a way to contribute at every opportunity. Their heads are in the game. They refuse to embarrass themselves. They are winners.
    Can the Reds, the current roster of players, be like that? If they want to, yes. Hell, yes.
    Will they? Or will this promising group of young players wash out? Collect their paychecks and muse about what might have been?
    Hit the ball, throw the ball, catch the ball and hold each other accountable. Hopefully, the next time I darken the doorstep of GABP I’ll see some of that.

    • Grand Salami

      Thanks for the 1st hand account. Sorry they couldn’t perform better on a nice date night!

    • Ted Alfred

      The Cubs showed they were serious about winning by hiring a good, proven MLB manager. The Reds on the other hand, extended a guy who’s proven nothing in 5 years other than being average AT BEST…a coach no team would want except our Cheap Redlegs…that’s the difference in a nutshell.

      • JB

        The Cubs also fired a manager(David Ross) who was a good guy. A guy that everybody liked. The Cubs didn’t care. They realized that good guy wasn’t leading that team to the next level. The Reds on the other hand give extensions to the good guy. The guy everybody likes.

      • Melvin

        I try to mute all commercials but especially the Bally ones when India is talking about David Bell. I figure why irritate myself when I don’t have to. lol However it’s on over and over again every game so I miss muting them sometimes. India says, “David Bell is extremely laid back. He just wants us to go out and have fun. He doesn’t really give us things to do. Win or lose he doesn’t really care as long as we give the effort”. That may not be an exact quote but pretty close. Every time I hear that I think to myself NNNNAAAAWWWW!!!!. lol This is not Little League. lol Just going out and playing hard having fun is not acceptable at the major league level. Discipline, lots of it, is required for winning. I reiterate, it is possible to have discipline and have fun at the same time. :)….and it’s the only way to truly be a winner.

    • Dennis Westrick

      You just ruined French Toast for me forever!

  20. Redhaze

    On a side note, anyone trying to order MLBtv because Bally cannot work out a deal with Xfinity can’t see the Reds because they will be blacked out.

  21. Jon

    Castellanos for Candelario…two terrible contracts, each with two years remaining after 2024. Who says no?

  22. TR

    An offensive shakeup from the GM is needed. The schedule for the next three weeks could end the Reds competitiveness for 2024.

  23. Rednat

    Man we reds fans deserve more than this. This struggle at the plate is 25 years in the making. The 1999 team was an excellent hitting team. Team batting average of .272 with 209 dingers. Since then it has been down hill. Most batting averages for the reds have been in the .240s and 250s and they seem to trending down.

    I know it is a cop out but maybe the reds can appeal to the league to make more rule changes to help the offense. Move the mound back, more bans on the shift, making certain pitches illegal…heck hit off a tee…. something.

    I just don’t see things really changing for the reds
    For some reason we just haven’t been able to.develop good position players this century. I guess Votto and to a lesser extent Bruce. But that has been about it. And there are so few good hitters out there it’s going to be tough for us to afford them…. do we even have a TV contract now? The weekend crowds are.good but we rarely break 15 k during the week. So the money from the gate is somewhat limited.
    Heck the way I see it the league owes us for kicking us out for selling alcohol in the 19th century. Can you imagine baseball without alcohol today? Lol

  24. Melvin

    Well, in terms of BA, the Reds are officially dead last now out of the 30 ML teams (.210). The good positive news is they now have no place to go but up. 🙂

    • Grand Salami

      This is inexcusable. Three injuries are sufficient to explain this away. Benson, India, Candy, Maile, and CES are the culprits, not injuries.

      Heck, Steer and Stephenson aren’t doing much to help the cause at this point either.

  25. Michael B. Green

    These are the pitchers that should not pitch at all whatsoever in high leverage innings:

    Alexis Diaz 5.84 BB/9
    Fernando Cruz 4.50 BB/9
    Lucas Sims 7.84 BB/9

    They can earn their way back into high leverage if, only, and when they get their BB/9 below 4.00. I honestly don’t care if that means Brent Suter throwing 84 miles per hour is our closer.

    It’s exhausting watching pitchers walk people or get strike one and then try to get chases for the next 7 pitches.

    I would use the inverse of that with hitting. If your BB% is below 6%, you don’t play. Period. If you’re not hitting and you cannot even take a walk, you are killing the team.

  26. Michael B. Green

    Team is walking 5.0 per 9 in AAA too. What is our pitching philosophy?

  27. Gpod

    Honestly I would be ok with losing 20 games in a row if it got Bell fired, but sadly, I don’t think that would even happen then….so he will remain manager no matter what. An example of his poor management is the fact that I heard today on the broadcast that Benson has one of the worst strikeout ratios in the MLB….then why on earth would you have him leading off?

    • Still a Red

      Ask all those on this site who were clamoring to move him up in the order.

  28. Moon

    Maybe the Reds need to blow things up a bit. Trade Elly De La Cruz. Yes he is the best player and only offensive weapon they have. Yes without him the Reds would likely become the worst team in baseball. But on the other hand they are going to lose him in a few years to one of the mega teams in FA anyway. The Reds just cannot afford to give a huge contract to one guy like they can and then find the dollars to pay the rest of the team in order to field a competitive team. So trade him. You end up with a kings ransom right now. Good for Elly. He gets paid and plays for a playoff team. Good for the Reds. They get several decent players to fill a weak lineup rather than the one guy. I might argue overall the Reds would be much better off doing so.

    • Still a Red

      There you go…shoot the moon (not you, the moon moon). That’s what all these armchair GMs are looking for. And can Bell and the rest of the coaching staff too
      less than a third thru the season still within striking distance of the Brewers and Cubs whom they’ve only played a few times so far. ACTION! ACTION! Enuff of this patience stuff.

    • Jon

      That’s comical. Trade the team’s best player who has five more years of team control after 2024? Trade the player who could quite possibly become one of the greatest players in the Reds’ long history? Trade the most exciting player this current generation of Reds’ fans has ever seen, the one player that is actually bringing fans to GABP?

      And for what exactly? Krall doesn’t exactly inspire confidence as GM. Even the Mahle trade he got lucky with isn’t looking great right now. Steer’s fallen back down to earth, CES would have been demoted to AAA if there were any better options to replace him with, and Benson, who was acquired by flipping the third player from the trade, has reverted back to the April/May 2023 Benson.

      • Justin T

        So many people defended Krall this off season. When you have a team thats been losing for the last 2 decades like the Reds have, the IQ of the fans suffer because they forget what a consistent winner even looks like. Candelario looked like one of the worst signings in team history the day the ink dried. To me he looked like a guy you sign to a minor league deal w camp invite instead of the marquee acquisition of the off season. His best years statistically look pretty Kyle Farmerish to me.

      • Doug Gray

        Come on, man. You can believe that the Reds overpaid in dollars and years for Candelario, but he had an .807 OPS last year with a 120 OPS+. That’s not a minor league signee. Kyle Farmer has never once had an OPS+ of 100. Candelario’s had multiple seasons above 100, and he’s topped the 120 mark twice in full seasons.

  29. Doc4uk

    Krill is the one who should be fired. He brought in these horrible free agents and spent fifty million a year in doing so. Candelaria alone was a three year fifty million acquisition and will likely be a bench piece by July . There was nothing on the back of his baseball card that indicated he would have success as a Red. Doesn’t even look like he is really trying anymore Benson is back to where the Indians predicted he would be . Fairchild has been given enough chances. He will never hit above .220 or ..230 and has limited pop. Thompson and Maille are also interstate career hitters . I still have hope for CES but he needs to go down to Louisville and work in pitch selection. Have I left anyone out?

    The AAA ANDAA rosters look very weak as well. And we will likely end up drafting the Oregon 2B instead of the much more powerful Florida 1Bsince we only focus on infielders in our trades and drafts.

    • Jon

      I’ve been saying this all along. Obviously the cheap Castellinis are the ultimate problem, but Krall has yet to sign a single free agent that substantially improves the team. This is now his fourth year as GM. Suter may be his best signing this year, and his ERA is north of 4. Pagan’s a terrible fit for GABP, Candelario is quickly looking like another Moustakas, and Montas has made two great starts, two poor starts, and got injured in the first inning of his fifth one, leading to him missing the next two. So basically two great starts so far for Montas out of seven opportunities. And don’t get me started on Mahle, the guy he rushed to re-sign in November.

  30. JB WV

    Sigh…Less than 2 weeks ago Reds we’re 14-10. Optimism was rampant even here in the Nation. But this stretch of non-existent offense has sucked the life out us.
    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??? Hell no!
    No time to panic. I don’t expect an immediate turnaround, but these guys aren’t this bad. The pitching has been solid even during this slump. TJ should give us a lift. Guys will start hitting. Bell needs to throw some bats into the shower and get a little crazy. Nowhere to go but up.

    • Rob

      Sorry for the response but it needs asking. When is it “time to panic” and start off loading prospects for replacing the injured? 8 games out of first in mid-late May? 10 games out in early June? This team is built to contend but is getting beaten up by injuries and underformance. There is no offensive help at Louisville. We can say it will get better, and possibly it will, but what are our lines in the sand before it becomes overwhelming? We have valuable trade pieces in the minors.

      • JB WV

        It’s certainly not at the 20% mark of the season, and a good GM never panics. It’s a game of ups and downs. Time for some ups.

    • Still a Red

      I just don’t see how throwing bat’s in the shower helps. Other than releasing some steam anger is wasted energy better put to analyzing ehat’s happening and finding a solution.energyAnd I assume you meant the Japanese unless there was a joke in there that I missed.

      • JB WV

        You missed it. See Bull Dirham and lighten up, Francis.

      • Still a Red

        Now I get it…had to look up all the movie references.

  31. Jim Walker

    My song lyric wrap-up for Sunday is;

    “Enough is enough (is enough)
    I can’t go on
    I can’t go on no more, no
    Enough is enough (is enough)
    I want him out
    I want him out that door now”

    Excerpted from “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)” recorded by singers Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer. Written by Paul Jabara and Bruce Roberts

    In the interest of fairness, everyone can supply their own thoughts about who should be out the door (Now!).

    • Grand Salami

      Teams that start this bad offensively routinely change out hitting coaches. It would be an important signal.

      What Red (excluding EDLC) is outpacing offseason projections with their bat? Not Steer, not Stephenson, and pretty much everyone else isn’t worth mentioning.

      Even taking the injuries into account, the team -those who have played most of the season so far – is underperforming as a whole, that means coaching is where the finger points, no?

    • greenmtred

      In answer to your implied question, Jim, I nominate the fans who have lost their minds over a five game losing streak.

  32. Indy Red Man

    That escalated quickly….one minute we’re scoring 8 in Texas and looking forward to getting guys back and the current guys going then suddenly everyone went DOA….and I mean everyone.

    They always says it’s never as bad/good as it seems blah blah blah. Well this is pretty bad. I still think they can build a very strong offense around Elly, McLain, Freidl, CES, Steer, Fraley, and Benson, but it doesn’t look like it’s this year? The pitching has been pretty good, but they need high leverage help. Disappointing and they may have to fire Bell and start over. It’s just worrisome because I don’t such a lot of offense in the minors or excess pitching for that matter.

    Personally I’m with the Reds win or win. I never got too involved in the day to day with the softball league Reds of Dunn and Junior because they had no shot and gave effort with that in mind. This might be more of the same? I hope not

  33. redfanorbust

    All the chatter about managers, owners and coaches is okay I guess I am sure blame can be laid at many feet. However my take is a simple one. Loose three of your best five hitters for lengthly time and that would be number one, two and three on my reasons for this poor play. Do the same for most teams in the league and I doubt their record would be much better.

    • Grand Salami

      You’re discounting the fact India, Steer, Maile, Candy, CES, and Benson are underperforming. If they were playing at the same level as even last year then the record would be much better (2 more wins, perhaps 3?)

      The Cubs have been down two of their best starters most of the year. That hasn’t slowed them.

    • Justin T

      Have you seen the batting averages on this team? What could McClain, Marte and Friedl do to help the rest of the team? Nick Krall put this team together so if they win or lose alot of it falls on him. We need a consistent bat or 2 instead they sign a 30 yr old lifetime .243 hitter who has been hot or cold his entire career. 3 yrs 45 million and every reasonable Reds fan knew it was a bad deal. It became a line in the sand for “positive” or “negative” fans. If you liked the signing you were positive and vice versa.

      If you want players who are more consistent than streaky, you have to find them. I like Benson ok but there is a reason the Indians let him go. Fraley has never been able to stay healthy and when he has he is a career .241 hitter. Maile is performing about to expectation. Martini, Thompson and Fairchild have been on half the teams in the league, yet we expect 2 of them to play consistently. You will not convince me they couldnt do better than Fairchild and Martini.

      You see these bad batting averages, dig a little more and see that they are close to their career marks. My question is what did you expect?

      • greenmtred

        They could hit, Justin. That would help. Some of the other guys will probably start to hit better, too. The Reds were three games over .500 a week ago.

  34. Roger Garrett

    No time to panic but I have to believe its time to get the people in the room that are ultimately responsible and come up with a plan that can make things better.We can all read and probably have the company line coming from Bell and some of the players and thats to be expected.No need to throw chairs maybe or start fights maybe but talk is cheap and until it improves on the field well its just talk.Never have seen a whole team just go down the same road as this team has as far as hitting is concerned.The many many strikeouts have now been joined by pull happy at bats and weak contact.Not even competing at the plate for the most part is alarming.Just trying to put the ball in play and going to the oppo field doesn’t appear to be in the plan at all.Just seems to be a disconnect somewhere between the plan and the execution of the plan.

  35. Dennis Westrick

    Maybe more rum for Jobu and a lot more candles!

  36. 3rdbaseTom

    From reading these comments, it’s obvious that the fans who pay for the tickets, are
    more Energized to do something rather than Bell & management.
    Bell & coaches won’t get fired and ownership will still get their gate receipts.

    • greenmtred

      Energized, yes. “When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

  37. Yellow tail

    If you listed to yesterday’s game Barry Larkin made some statements that sounded like a coach. Especially about batters chasing bad pitchers. He sounded to me he would bench some guys that chased too many bad pitches.