Cincinnati Reds hitters whiffed on a big ninth-inning opportunity in a 2-1 loss to the Baltimore Orioles before 33,202 at Great American Ball Park.

Final R H E
Baltimore Orioles (22-11) 2 7 0
Cincinnati Reds (16-17)
1 6 0
W: Means (1-0) L: Abbott (1-4) Sv: Cano (1)
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Trailing by one run with the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the ninth, Christian Encarnacion-Strand struck out swinging and Jeimer Candelario popped up to send the Reds to their fourth consecutive loss. A ninth-inning run ended a 21-inning scoreless streak by the Reds offense dating back to Wednesday’s game in San Diego

Today’s loss puts the third-place Reds 4 1/2 games behind first-place Milwaukee, and 3 1/2 games behind second-place Chicago.

The Offense

Reds hitters’ composite box-score line: 6-for-31, 2 walks drawn, 10 strikeouts.

Orioles lefthander John Means made his first start and appearance of the year at the major league level, and completely shut down the Reds offense over his seven innings. He allowed only three hits while striking out eight.

Former Reds lefthander Cionel Perez came on in the bottom of the eighth and allowed a leadoff single to Jeimer Candelario, but Santiago Espinal grounded into a quick double play to erase Candelario. Pinch-hitter Luke Maile flied out to end the inning.

In the ninth, facing closer Craig Kimbrel, pinch-hitter Jake Fraley led off with a single, followed by a Jonathan India walk. That brought Elly De La Cruz to the plate representing the winning run, but De La Cruz looked at strike three from Kimbrel. Spencer Steer then hit an opposite-field single to right, scoring Fraley and sending pinch-runner Bubba Thompson to third with one out.

Orioles Manager Brandon Hyde then replaced Kimbrel with righthander Yennier Cano to face Tyler Stephenson. During Stephenson’s at-bat, Steer stole second to put the winning run at second. On a 3-2 pitch, Stephenson walked to load the bases. But the three ducks on the pond did not advance thereafter, and the Reds fell below .500.

India’s 2-for-3 performance raised his batting average to .225.

The Pitching

Reds pitchers’ line for the day: 9 innings, 7 hits and 1 walk allowed, with 13 strikeouts and just two solo homers allowed. You can’t argue with what the hurlers produced this evening.

Baltimore’s first two batters of the game reached on singles, and it didn’t take long for the here-we-go-again thoughts to creep in on the heels of a three-game losing streak. But starter Andrew Abbott shifted into another gear, popping up Ryan Mountcastle to left, and striking out Anthony Santander and Jordan Westburg both swinging — all while both runners stayed glued to their bases. It seemed like a very good sign.

In the third inning, the Orioles had runners on first and third with two out, and Abbott benefited from an excellent play by first baseman Encarnacion-Strand on a hot shot by Santander right at the first-base bag for out number three.

Baltimore broke a scoreless tie in the top of the fourth on a one-out Jorge Mateo solo home run. An inning later, Adley Rutschman did the same to make it 2-0.

Manager David Bell removed Abbott from the game after five innings with a pitch count of 84, 60 for strikes. That’s a 71 percent strike rate, sterling for any pitcher. In his five innings, Abbott allowed seven hits while striking out eight and walking none. You really can’t ask for much more from a starting pitcher, particularly against a very good-hitting team.

Nick Martinez, who surprisingly had the fourth-highest WAR on the team before today’s game (0.7), pitched a scoreless sixth and seventh. Lucas Sims and Sam Moll finished with a scoreless inning apiece.

What’s New(s)

Encarnacion-Strand’s bloop single to right field in the second inning ended an 0-for-41 streak by Reds players not named Elly De La Cruz. CES, an everyday player, has been a very pleasant surprise with the quality of his defense at first. But his hitting, which was what got him to the big leagues, has disappeared. Prior to today’s game, CES had a -0.6 WAR, the worst for any Reds player. He continues to swing at pitches way out of the strike zone, and as long as that continues, major league pitchers will continue to own him. Batting in the middle of a major-league batting order for a team that thinks it is a contender is not where hitting rehab needs to take place. CES has options, so let him go down to Louisville with the mandate that swinging at pitches in the dirt is unacceptable.

It’s surprised me, but what we might actually be watching is development year #2 for players like CES and Will Benson, who both have hit far below expectations. Combine that with the fact that Candelario has been a huge disappointment to date and you currently have a couple of reserves in Espinal and Stuart Fairchild starting nearly every day, and you have a situation that most of us did not anticipate to happen this year. We’re still in the “it’s early” phase, but within that realm, it’s getting late.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Baltimore Orioles at Cincinnati Reds

Sunday, May 5, 4:10 p.m. ET

Dean Kremer (2-2, 4.19 ERA) vs. Nick Lodolo (3-0, 1.88 ERA)

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  1. Jeremiah

    I agree Tom with maybe sending CES down…tough thing is so many guys are bad I don’t known if I would want to single him out or not…but I also think he has the most promise of the guys struggling so in a way it could show you value him a lot by taking the pressure off now for his future career by sending him down to work on things.

    Some great players, Castellon, Cronin Carool, Arozerna really bad hitting too right now. With the Reds it’s the volume struggling that concerns me more than the particular players. Almost seems like a mindset, an approach, a bad hitting philosophy kind of effecting the team. Even Espinal shouldn’t be this bad.

    • Jeremiah

      Castellanos, Corbin Carroll, Randy A. on Tampa Bay I meant

  2. Jason T.

    No way I send CES down. Drop him to 8th in the lineup, yes, but send down? Nope.
    His defense has been outstanding.
    Basically the entire offense outside of Elly sucks right now. Can’t send em all down.
    The pitchers have to be severely frustrated with the bats. We’re wasting some excellent pitching.

  3. Jeff morris

    Pitching did its job again. Remember this Reds team still young, we don’t know yet if these players will pan out as MLB hitters or not. They are still basically AAAA players. Candy continues to be a disappointment. Espinal is just basically a bench player. Reds got him from another team, he is probably not going to hit….if he did, he would still be with the team before the Reds. Candy continues this, he will 1. Be the biggest free agent disappointment in the whole MLB so far this year, or in the top 5 at least. 2. Can the Reds sent him down to the minors, and bring someone else up, at least they can’t be this bad, can they?

  4. Mauired

    So the manager from Baltimore did something I’ve never seen Bell do and probably never will. He took his closer out after not giving up the lead or even blowing the save, but after giving up one run. And this is a hall of Fame closer having a good year too. Bell would have sat there and watched the loss out of respect for his guys like Raisel Iglesias in 2019 with 12 losses out of the closer spot.

    Can Reds trade for Baltimore manager please?

    • CI3J

      I caught that too.

      Bell would have likely left Kimbrel in to cough up the lead and then the game. Bell would later say “Kimbrel is a veteran. He’s earned the right to play.”, and Bell’s supporters would say “He had his closer in at the end of the game. The closer didn’t do his job. What do you expect Bell to do???”

      This is exactly what I expect a good manager to do: be proactive and manage a game to win, not manage to protect your players’ feelings. I’m sure Kimbrel would be the first to admit that things weren’t working for him and that getting pulled was the right decision.

      Bell is not a proactive manager. He’s a reactionary manager. And his reaction time can best be described as “Closing the barn door long after the horse has left.”

    • LDS

      Baltimore’s manager? The Reds don’t have to be that selective. There are a bunch of other managers I’d like to see them trade for. Maybe trade for the Cubs managers. Apparently, a team can sell off a bunch of talent and lose their manager and still dominate the division. Who knew?

      • Mauired

        You’re completely lost old timer. I feel bad for you.

  5. Grand Salami

    Where’s Milton? TOS

    Injuries or no. The starters still stink. We got the backend of their rotation to our front end and it doesn’t matter.

    Perhaps our aspirations are too grand. Because this team is not good unless playing bad teams.

    • Steelerfan

      I know they do not have the rights to use the Milton image, but I would contribute to the GoFundMe to bring him back. It fits on nights like this.

  6. Jeff morris

    One obvious answer why the Reds not hitting in the last 2 games. Both Baltimore starters are left handed!

    • Still a Red

      Throwing junk like change ups and knuckle curves … with control.

  7. Broseph

    “We’re still in the “it’s early” phase, but within that realm, it’s getting late.“

    No offense, but that’s loser mentality which has plagued this organization, and many franchises for years. It’s always “early” or a “long season” until it’s suddenly late.

    I get players are hurt and it is a long season. But hearing this same phrase in post game after post game is obnoxious, defeatist meanderings, where everyone is hoping for something positive to just happen.

      • Broseph

        Acknowledging that hitting is abysmal, strikeouts continue to be an issue along with OBP. Send players down, calling others up. Don’t keep giving MLB ABs to a 34 with a sub .600 OPS while releasing a hot hand in a player like Ford.

        Not saying every loss means management needs to reconstruct the entire roster and fire every assistant coach on the staff. I just take issue with the, “it’s a long season” crutch that is continuously rattled off every year. Even casual MLB fans know this. It’s a contrived, trite message along the lines of political speak for “hold out hope, because hope is all you’ll ever get”

  8. Melvin

    Unfortunately we continue to slide in the wrong direction. Yesterday there were four teams with more strikeouts and now there’s only three. Our team BA went from .214 to .213. The Whitesox are the only team with a lower BA. Only three teams with a lower OBP.

  9. Melvin

    On a positive note our starting pitching continues to be strong.

  10. Andrew Brewer

    The Ninth Inning still made this an exciting game, the Reds just didn’t quite complete what they had going. I don’t know the answer to our hitting woes, so do you just continue with what we got ? Timely hitting is what got us this far. If we have anyone to replace our starters, I would think that would be in the works. My gut goes with Fraley, Martini, India, Steer and De La Cruz. Stephenson can catch and still contribute. Fairchild has been slumping as of late but he can play Center. The hitting has been so sparse we can’t even shake ’em up with our running game. It’s starting to feel like a football game where you can’t make a first down. Even so, we almost stole this one…

  11. CharlieE

    I take back what I said last week, this team is not fun to watch, they are horribly frustrating. They flail away as if you have to swing to every pitch. Never heard of a team who swings at more than 50% of pitches throw. It’s seems as though they have no game plan at all, (it’s obvious, they don’t) and make no hitting at all, players swing at the same garage over and over, game to game, with no adjustments. I found it interesting that the Orioles have 7 players with 5 or more HR, Reds have one, but the Reds do have 7 position players batting less than .200. To me this is just a cheap organization, hiring and keeping the cheapest manger they could find, and pretending to show they want to win, when they don’t really care, by making poor decisions, then using those as reasons to say, we do care, when those decisions, are mostly terrible.

  12. TR

    Action regarding offense is needed by Krall and the front office. But the ultimate season result will be determined by pitching which is, overall, looking good for the Reds.

  13. Steelerfan

    Question from out of market fan who can’t catch many game live. Abbott was pulled after 5 IP, with 84 pitches?. Is that normal? I seem to recall last year I thought if anything they were leaving him in too long. Is this a new development/consistent practice they have been using with the starters this season, or Abbott specifically?

    • Still a Red

      According to someone above Bell was reacting to something vs being proactive.

    • Jim Walker

      Going back through the previous pass of the rotation here are IP/ and pitch counts:
      May 3 Greene 5.2/109
      May 1 Ashcraft 6.0/99
      April 30 Martinez 5.0/78
      April 29 Lodolo 7.0/99
      April 28 Abbott 5.1/85

      >Greene, Ashcraft, and Lodolo appear to be good to go into the 100 pitch range.
      >Abbott may be more in the mid 80s pitch range.
      >Martinez was being temporarily extended as a starter during Montas IL stay.
      >Also note that because of the off day on Thursday, Abbott picked up an extra day of rest before his start yesterday (Saturday) as had Greene before his start Friday.

      • Steelerfan

        Thanks good info. Wonder if this about keeping Abbott able to pitch whole season. Felt like they rode him pretty hard last year.

  14. GreatRedLegsFan

    Since there’re no other offensive options, either in the bench or in Louisville, the only hope is that they figure it out how to hit the ball again.

  15. DataDumpster

    When Doug and others noticed that it seemed all too obvious that Mike Ford be given a chance to hit during this lengthening 7 or 8 out of 9 of almost a total wipeout amid the existing lineups, David Bell did offer this before summarily ejecting him from the team:

    “I know Mike really well. I have a lot of respect for Mike… He can really hit. There’s absolutely no question about that.”

    Meanwhile, another solid outing for Abbott despite his 1-4 record but he couldn’t resist putting in a little “Bell banter” in his remarks:

    “Eventually, it’ll turn the corner, and we’ll get on a nice win streak, and we’ll be looking back on this and saying it’s all part of the process.”

    I still have enormous respect for Abbott but perhaps Ford wasn’t willing to give this kind of lip service that Bell seems to need. Hope that Ford and all the Louisville one-day relievers that delivered and got discarded the next day by Bell find another team that really respects their efforts on the field of play. The player’s coach, hmm, I really wonder about that.

    • Ted Alfred

      I said it last year when the Reds amazingly signed Bell to a 3 year extension seemingly out of the blue. He is going to take what should have been a great 3 to 5-year playoff window and wreck it. He’s always been way too slow to react what’s happening on the field. He just is what he is, the players friend…wonderful. The Reds needed a proven Major League manager to help this vrry talented young team grow and mature, but instead they decided to play it cheap and safe by re-signing a guy nobody wanted after 5 years here…makes no sense other than Reds ownership bungling it. Meanwhile you have the Cubs going out and getting a proven really good Major League manager in Craig Counsel because they’re serious about winning. My pre-season prediction was 74-88, partly because of injuries but mostly because of Bell. It is what it is. Hope I’m wrong.

      • GreatRedLegsFan

        Bell may be able to achieve many goals in his time with the organization, including the “best players’ friend”, but sadly he’ll never get a championship.

      • TR

        In my opinion, as long as Robert Castellini is the principal owner of the Reds, David Bell will remain as manager.

      • Erik the Red

        Ted is correct a player’s friend is not the best option. Nothing wrong with making an example of a player or two and sending someone down for a few weeks. These kids are all young and each of them wants to make real life changing money on their next contract. Holding people accountable and fear is not always a bad thing.

  16. JB

    I’m starting to think they should let the Starting Pitcher hit and DH for Candelario or 3 or 4 other players. This is a bad hitting team right now and getting back Friedl only replaces one of them. There are 4 or 5 guys every night that should be hitting 8th or 9th. Friedl isn’t going to solve their problems. Batting order of Friedl,Elly,Steer and a coin flip.

  17. Reddawg2012

    Candy’s strike 2 swing in the 9th inning was incredibly pathetic. I realize he’s probably doing the best he can, but it looked as if he approached that at bat like it was the third inning of a spring training game in early March.

    Then there’s CES. What can you even say. Just uninspiring.

  18. jon

    This team has to play the Dodgers 7x in May. Yikes!

  19. Old-school

    This has the feel a bit of last May before the cavalry of young guys arrived and the Reds got swept at home by the Yankees. You had a lineup regularly of Newman and/or Barrero and Will Myers and a punchless Nick Senzel who couldnt hit righties sprinkled in with the 3rd catcher(remember that) and regular helpings of Henry Ramos Jason Vosler , Will benson and Fairchild. Just not a deep lineup spring 2023.

    Martini is this year’s Vosler. Great first week then nothing.
    CES is this years Barrero
    Candy is this years Wil Myers.
    Espinal is this years Kevin Newman.
    Benson is back to Benson( the may 2023 version)
    Fairchild is Fairchild
    Maile is Casali 2023.
    And that doesnt even include Bubba.

    Friedl will help lengthen the lineup tuesday when he gets back but Bell has to get India.Steer,Friedl,Elly, Stephenson ,Fraley(platoon partner)in the top 6 every day to sustain productive innings, even it means Stephenson hits DH 2x a week.

    Gaping holes every inning in this current lineup with Espinal playing everyday, CES swinging at everything, and Candy punchless. Benson and Fairchild are getting their opportunities to play regularly and arent getting the job done.

    Reds won a 6 game road trip at Chicago and Boston and then had the 12 game streak in June/july. This can be turned around. The pitching is light years better but the lineup has too many below replacement level players getting every day reps.

    • Jon

      The problem is that the cavalry isn’t coming to save this team. Outside of Friedl getting activated, the AAA cupboards are bare. What you see is what you get, unless Krall makes an effort like San Diego’s GM (or Milwaukee’s a couple years ago when they made a May trade for Adames).

      • Mauired

        @jon. I’m going to be generous and say the Reds win a game against Dodgers.

      • Ted Alfred

        It’s really kind of stunning that they didn’t bring Mike Ford up to help this offense. I’m a pretty big fan of Nick Krall, but this is a massive mistake and I just don’t understand it. He can’t be this blind, so what could be the reason? My guess is it has to be money but it can’t really be that much considering how terrible this offense is

      • TMS

        I am not crying over losing Mike Ford. There was a reason that he was unsigned and brought in during spring training. He is a n AAAA player. That means that he will put up super star numbers in AAA and lousy numbers in the major leagues. It’s true that he could have replaced Martini on the roster, but all you would accomplish is to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    • Jim Walker

      Benson and Fairchild are getting their opportunities to play regularly and aren’t getting the job done.

      And these 2 guys were among the straws that stirred the drink in the Reds big 2023 June breakout. During the 12 game winner:
      Fraley (5GA) 20PA/wRC+ 252
      >>Benson (10 Game Appearances) 36PA/wsRC+ 214
      EDLC (11GA) 50PA/wRC+ 177
      India (12GA) 55PA/wRC+ 129
      >>Fairchild (7 GA) 21PA/wRC+ 126
      Friedl (11GA) 51PA/wRC+ 117
      ===League Average sRC+=100===
      Stephenson (11GA) 46PA/wRC+ 86
      Steer (12GA) 50PA/wRC+ 86
      McLain (12 GA) 52PA?wRC+ 72
      (Senzel (6GA) 13PA/wRC+ (-)17)

      >>>Everybody but Friedl who was above average in that 2023 streak has been on the field for this nose dive but only EDLC and Fraley are above average now along with Steer who was under average during the 2023 streak.

      Go figure.

    • JB

      I would take Newman and Senzel over Espinal. At least they could hit lefties.

  20. LDS

    We’ve seen this scenario year after year, why do we think it was or is going to be different this year? Every game matters. It’s not early. It’s never early. The May schedule isn’t getting any easier and the manager and FO have taken exactly no steps to change the direction of the team. And banking on Friedl to turn the fortunes of the team around are simply wishful thinking. Absolutely, he should help. But the problems are deeper than one guy. Striking out 10+ times per game, not taking walks, poor baserunning, etc. I’ve said for years, the Reds have a management problem. And instead of addressing the problem, they double down. Look at the LA Lakers or the St Louis Cardinals, they have accountability standards, and when the head coach/manager doesn’t deliver results, they don’t make excuses, they move on. The Reds are simply an old boys club and as long as the insiders get theirs, winning is secondary. The Reds will never win a World Series following their current strategy. And before anyone starts with the small market BS or Castellini being one of the poorest owners, realize that if the Reds were draining his net worth, he would have sold them years ago. He’s making money and his wealth is growing. He just knows the Reds fanbase is loyal and will keep coming to the park to see the young guys. We’re gullible and always have been. Charlie Brown had the same expectations playing football with Lucy. How’d that work out?

    • Mauired

      @lds winning is secondary. That’s exaggerating. I’m not sure it’s even 3rd or 4th on priorities around here.

    • Rednat

      I agree LDS. but even a blind squirrel should find a nut at some point. This is a quarter century now of poor hitting teams. And we are not alone. A lot of other teams struggle with offense too year after year.
      I think it is a league wide issue not just a reds issues. Will the commissioners office step in more to make adjustments to help teams like the reds.? More restrictions on the shift? Moving the mound back? Banning some of the hard sliders and split fingers?
      Will teams like the Brewers and Dodgers who have really thrived in this “dead ball” era try to block more pro offense moves the league may make?
      I think we are living in interesting times in mlb for sure

    • Richard D Fitch

      The Lakers comparison is laughable.

      The Lakers said Ham’s job was safe a week ago. Then, Lebron got involved, as he always does. And now the Laker coach is out. In the NBA, stars decide when a coach will be fired, not management. James has options. Doesn’t have to re-sign. Gotta be kept happy or he’s off to Philly or wherever.

      The Lakers are now hiring their 8th coach in 14 years. No continuity. Ridiculous.

      It’s usually a mistake to compare pro sports. It’s apples and oranges. But this is what happens when people have agendas. If you acknowledge ownership is cheap, you can’t keep banging on the manager and GM because they’re not making it happen with few options.

      This act is beyond old.

      • LDS

        The owners can be cheap. It doesn’t excuse bad management. You manage with the resources you have available. Excuses about personnel, injuries, etc. don’t cut it. Results matter period. And this organization and management team haven’t delivered results in longer than any of us here can remember. Yes, Castellini makes Marge Schott look good. And frankly, if the manager’s last name wasn’t Bell, he’d have been out the door as quickly as Price was. But he’s in the old boys club so on field results don’t matter this year or any other year.

      • 2020ball

        His act will continue even if they make a change to the coaching staff, mark my words.

      • Tom Diesman

        Yep, he’s a one trick pony. Posted this same tired uninformed diatribe hundreds of times with no end in sight.

      • Mauired

        I mean you guys can mock the guy all you want. He’s pretty much just pointing out the obvious even if it pains you too much to acknowledge the truth. But hey maybe you can wait another 30 years to get a playoff series win before you agree that this is a dysfuctional organization. I think they do alot of good things but not nearly enough. Not enough to keep up with the other 29 teams in the sport. If Cincinnati was in the International League. Hands down best owner, GM, and Manager.

      • Tom Diesman

        If it was obvious it wouldn’t need to be pointed out several times a day every day. Welcome to the band. Join on in. “Gloom despair and agony on me…..”

      • LDS

        Stockholm Syndrome is epidemic among Reds fans.

      • Mauired

        @Tom. Well this is a Reds website. So unfortunately, pointing out negative things about the Reds is part of the discussion no matter how painful it maybe. We all deal with pain in different ways. Some vent frustration. Others choose to just ignore it completely and act like it doesn’t exist. I post pretty evenly about the good things happening with the team but I also call it like I see it and point out the bad stuff too. That bothers some people tremendously. For instance, many including myself get frustrated with Bell continuing to do things the same way despite predictably bad results. And yes the alternative sometimes doesn’t work either but there’s no excuse in not trying. Management is making adjustments and trying to find things that work and results in success. Not just sitting the dugout with a clueless face and collecting paychecks because your grandpa was a Reds star.

  21. Laredo Slider

    Send CES down…then what? Who plays 1B? Steer? OK, who plays LF? Reds have major holes in OF as is. Cruise thru Reds AAA/AA…just not a lot of talent there. Reds are going to have to play thru this, hope the light finally comes on for some guys and others play above their talent.

    Candy is Moose incarnate.

    • Mauired

      Dunn and Hinds are starting to hit after abysmal starts. Someone said Hirtubise is coming back soon. Maybe these guys can help in a month or two.

      • Jim Walker

        In 2 months, Marte should be back.

      • Laredo Slider

        Hurtibise played in ACL Sat, 3 ABs and 3 Ks.

      • JB

        Reds will be out of it in a month or two.

      • Melvin

        “Reds will be out of it in a month or two.”

        Unfortunately the way they’re going it won’t take that long.

  22. Ted Alfred

    By then we’ll be 12 games out…just the way Bell likes it. Like I said last year…he’s fine when you have no expectations, but when there is pressure to win like there was last year after the allstar break he is literally catatonic…incapable of handling the pressure and his decisions and therefore the team’s play reflects it. Oh well… the best Reds window for winning in the last 30 years is going to go up and smoke.

    • 2020ball

      This comment reads like a child having a temper tantrum, yuck.

  23. Old-school

    I would make a move now

    Friedl comes back this week but as much as we all like him, hes not Mookie Betts

    Eloy Jimenez is available from white sox . 6’4 240 bonafide thumper with cartoonish power to all fields in the GABP band box. Play LF occasion but DH a lot.

    Friedl steer Elly India Stephenson Jimenez would be a good every day 6. Candelario CES Fraley Benson give everyday CI/CO depth

    Maile backup C

    espinal backup SS and utility infielder and fairchild become players 25/26- roles they can fill

    Reds improve with Jimenez as DH instead of Martini and Friedl replaces Bubba . Contract is team friendly with team options in 2025/2026 and I am willing to trade some prospects to win now and next year

    • Melvin

      “I would make a move now”

      Sounds good but if they do it the normal Reds way they will just wait it out and say the season was a wash because of injuries then give us the old “wait till next year” line as usual. Good ol Big Bob running the show ultimately (who doesn’t have a clue how to really win).

  24. Mauired

    Bell might be a great person but I don’t think he will ever be a great manager. He’s very intimidated by doing exactly the tough managerial things that managers are paid to do.

    He looks extremely uncomfortable taking any pitcher out of the game mid inning. Like a 5 year old boy going to the doctors office for a shot in the arm or a dog to the bath. And I really believe it affects how he manages each game.

    He waits for opportunities to sneakily drop guys in the lineup and use missing time as an excuse instead of lack of hitting. He did this is with both Candelario and CES. When it was obvious to everyone that they were not producing in the middle of the order, he said he refused tomove them. But as soon as they missed some time he made the move. Seems a little spineless.

    The post game interviews are just comedy at its finest. The reporters don’t ask any tough questions but he still manages to fumble through it despite the softballs he gets every night.

    • Jason Franklin

      I think what the team needs is a hardnosed, kick your arse sort of manager. Apparently the buddy system isn’t working with the young kids.

      • 2020ball

        Typical football fan mentality. A spanking by the manager isnt some magic wand that suddenly fixes bad hitting and bad defense, why y’all think that ill never know.

    • Mauired

      I personally don’t recommend spankings maybe some tough conversations. Maybe like hey CES and Candy until you stop chasing everything we need to have you bat lower.

      Go to the pitcher’s mound and say great job but it’s time to bring in some relief help and don’t be scared to hurt the guy’s feelings. Winning ballgames should the main goal but it’s more about egos.

      I see Ashcraft constantly talking his way into staying in the game. A real manager would have stopped that nonsense along time ago behind the scenes and told him the toughness is appreciated but I’m the manager I have to make those decisions.

  25. Jason Franklin

    I was watching the highlights of Luis Arraez’s first game with the Friars last night and he is the guy the Reds could have used. I had hoped (dreaming) that the team would have traded for him a week or two ago and seems the Friars were thinking the same thing. They gained stability in the lineup, especially at leadoff. Arraez could have been a boon anywhere from 1-3 in the lineup for this team. They would have had a guy who could show the team how a pro hits. Power isn’t everything.

  26. 2020ball

    Dont like the analysis in this post, reads like a comment more than a recap. Some opinion is fine like Doug does but those are some wild team changing claims that id prefer stayed in the comments as a reader. Admittedly its not that big of deal so ill get over it.

    Like always its just send someone down or bench this guy without ANY comment on who replaces them, right after complaints about the likely replacements available on the team. Ive gotten very used to seeing easy-to-say opinions here with literally no thought of the alternative attached to them. Im not even sure who the Bats 1B is anymore, would you rather see him or Martini more often?

    • Mauired

      Ford was an obvious upgrade for Martini but I think FO passed because Friedl could be ready tuesday and they prefer to make just the one move.

  27. JA

    Last season, there was a game in which Reds had a “no-no” game and lost, but it didn’t count since it was through 8 innings, Reds were visitors
    Do you remember what was that game?

  28. Indy Red Man

    Benson has to be hitting higher. Bell’s an idiot. Steer can’t be hitting 7th, Bells an idiot.

    2023 Reds can score runs, but starting pitching sucks. Bell’s an idiot
    2024 Reds starting pitching is solid, but they’re last in hitting. Bell’s an idiot

    I’m sensing a trend here. Just saw the movie Fall Guy. It’s only really enjoyable at the movies

    • Mauired

      If only Bell could pull it off as good as Ryan Renolyds.