After nearly a 3-hour rain delay, the game got underway, but it appeared that the rain washed away the Reds bats as Cincinnati managed just two hits in the game as the Baltimore Orioles eventually broke through against the bullpen and grabbed game one of the series with a 3-0 victory.

Final R H E
Baltimore Orioles (21-11)
3 9 0
Cincinnati Reds (16-16)
0 2 0
W: Irvin (3-1) L: Pagan (2-2) SV: Kimbrel (8)
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About an hour before the game was scheduled to begin the tarp was pulled out to cover the infield. What was expected to be a short rain delay turned into one that lasted nearly three hours. At 8:51pm, two hours and forty one minutes after the scheduled start, the game got underway.

Hunter Greene gave up a leadoff hit to Gunnar Henderson, but Henderson got greedy and tried to turn his hit into a double and Jake Fraley threw him out at second base. That turned out to be good for the Reds as a walk and an infield hit followed, as well as a wild pitch that advanced the runners to scoring position. Greene clamped down, though, and got a strikeout and a pop up to end the inning with no damage.

Elly De La Cruz would single in the bottom of the 1st and then steal second base, but he would be stranded there. Cincinnati’s offense wouldn’t get another runner against Cole Irvin until Hunter Greene exited the game in the 6th inning. Fortunately for the Reds, Greene was able to keep the Orioles off of the board through 5.2 innings. He walked the final batter he faced before Fernando Cruz came into the game and struck out Heston Kjerstad to end the inning.

Emilio Pagan took over for the Reds in the top of the 7th inning and immediately ran into trouble. He gave up a leadoff single and a steal. After getting a fly out to the warning track in center that moved Jorge Mateo up to third base, Adley Rutschman doubled in the first run of the game. Ryan O’Hearn followed up with a 2-run home run as Baltimore extended their lead to 3-0.

In the bottom of the 7th inning it was Elly De La Cruz picking up another hit – a double down the line – to start the frame. It was just the second hit of the night against Irvin, and it got the bullpen going for Baltimore. He would strike out Spencer Steer, but with Tyler Stephenson coming to the plate the Orioles went to the bullpen and brought in Yennier Cano. He needed just one pitch to get Stephenson to ground out. It took just two more to get Christian Encarnacion-Strand to ground out and end the inning.

Cincinnati went quietly in the 8th. Craig Kimbrel took over in the 9th and he struck out the side to end the game as the Orioles moved to an American League best 21-11 on the year. The Reds dropped to .500 at 16-16.

Key Moment of the Game

Bringing in Emilio Pagan for the 7th inning. He gave up three runs on four hits and saw the Orioles take what felt like a commanding lead.

Notes Worth Noting

Cincinnati hitters not named Elly De La Cruz went 0-27 without a walk.

Only five balls left the infield on the night for the Reds hitters.

Hunter Greene lowered his ERA to 3.12 on the season. He also got no run support once again.

Buck Farmer threw two hitless innings and lowered his ERA to 3.06 on the season.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Baltimore Orioles vs Cincinnati Reds

Saturday May 4th, 6:40pm ET

John Means (season debut) vs Andrew Abbott (1-3, 3.27 ERA)

52 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Starting pitching continues to be a positive at least.

    • MBS

      For Greene to keep a team like that from scoring when he didn’t have his good stuff working is a great sign.

  2. Melvin

    Most of us would have hoped but not expected EDLC to lead the team in offense so far.


    Still on pace for:

    40 HR
    86 BB
    96 SB
    96 RBI
    136 R
    162 H
    35 2B

    He obviously needs help. The next best hitter (Steer) is down to .246/.356/.439/.795.

  3. Brian

    So, at some point does the hitting coach’s job come into question? Is the teams batting avg even .200? I’m sure it’s higher than that but it doesn’t feel like it. Something’s gotta give and soon. They’ll be 10 games under .500 in the next 20 games if they don’t start hitting. Just horrible.

    • Melvin

      .214 for the team. Only four teams have more strikeouts.

    • redfanorbust

      One point of reason just might be that three of arguably our best hitters have been and continue to be out injured for extended periods and we replace them with Nick Martini, Stuart Fairchild and Santiago Espinal.

      • Brian

        Espinal was nearly a .70 career hitter before the Reds. The guys that aren’t out have all seemed to have regressed at the plate.

  4. Melvin

    Our offense has 7 players under .200., others at .204, .212, and .221.

    Fraley, a part time platoon guy does have a .283/.348/.400/.748 line. Of course he’s no help against LH pitching which every manager we’re facing knows is a BIG weakness.

  5. bug

    Embarrassing, tstl. The Cincinnati Weak Sticks!!! No excuse for those batting averages. Looks to me like most of the players needs to be sent down, and the AAA players brought up. This is more than a team slump. This is incompetence of the highest order. Now watch them score 27 runs the next game,..then be shutout for the next 5 games after that. No clutch players. No smart players. Weaksticks,..the lot of them. The pitchers deserve much more.

  6. Grand Salami

    Fire the hitting coach. Shake something up. The only guy markedly improved worked on his own in the DR all off season.

    • Doug Gray

      This is simply incorrect. Joel McKeithan made two different trips to the Dominican Republic this past winter to work with Elly De La Cruz.

      • Grand Salami

        India, Benson, Maile, CES, and now Steer are all falling short of last years production. Fraley was the outlier and he’s cooling off too. Since when was this team so strikeout prone and struggling to pick up hits? Correlation doesn’t equal causation but it’s worth examining

      • Doug Gray

        That’s a fair question. But your original statement about the only guy improving was flat out wrong.

  7. TR

    Baseball fans and certainly those who have played the game with any intensity know how difficult it is to hit a baseball. I remember, in the fifties, when the popular likeable Dodger first baseman, Gil Hodges, went into a long hitting slump during a pennant race, and religious services were taking note of the situation in Brooklyn. The Reds, as a team, are not in that situation but they need, soon, to combine their overall good pitching with consistent offense.

  8. Grand Salami

    Doug can you do an article on the off-season moves about 1/3 the way through the season? They seem to be the difference in progress right now with three starters out.

    • Rob

      We spent a lot of money in the off-season to improve the team over last year 82 win collapse. Primarily aimed at the bullpen, top end starter, and versatile offensive weapon. The only unaddressed need being the RH power hitting OF, although we did check in on Hoskins and others. A related data point was the absence of offensive help at Louisville. Were they the right adds is a whole different question.

      The setback since late March is the 3 offensive injuries and suspension. We have tried to patch these with Martini, Espinal, Thompson, and India. Not good enough? Some of us think so given the longer term outage of the 2 IFs. I have been an advocate of letting this play out until you fall 6-8 games out of first. Hopefully not sooner than early June. But there has to be a plan for What If. And the plan almost has to be the trade of prospects for 1-2 year mlb bats. Otherwise there is the risk of falling 10 games back and having to make more and bigger changes. There is no doubt that the expectation for this season is more than 82 wins. Can we get there with the injuries or do we need to get some help in here soon?

    • Moon

      Just a quick back of the envelope. Reds have three new pitchers on the roster. Pagan and Martini have ERA’s about 5.50. Suter has an ERA around 3.3. Martini has 4 saves the other two do not have a save. They added Candelario and Espinal to the infield. Candelario is hitting .188 with 3 HRs. Espinal .183 with 1 HR. They also added Bubba Thompson to the outfield. Bubba is hitting .111 with 0 HRs. The rest of the acquisitions are in the minor leagues. You can draw your own conclusions but I would say offensively, so far, the offseason acquisitions have hurt the Reds and have been nothing short of a total failure.

      • LDS

        You forgot Montas who is on the IL Starting to look like a lot of wasted money this off season.

      • Oldtimer

        Martini is DH. Unlikely he has ERA or any saves.

      • greenmtred

        Unquestionably the season is lost. Time to eat worms.

  9. VaRedsFan

    Teams are already starting to poach players from the Marlins.

    Luis Arraez is going to the Padres.
    They gave up a reliever and 3 prospects ( I don’t know their ranks).
    I wonder if India + a few prospects would have been attractive?

    I like India, but I like .300 batters better.

  10. VaRedsFan

    Using probably the best reliever, Cruz, for 6 pitches and 1 out, and then bringing in the worst reliever in Pagan was the turning point. We’ve seen it before though.


    • Jim Walker

      Maybe what Bell knew was that Cruz had the better chance of escaping the 6th with 2 men already on base unscathed; and, Pagán’s best shot was to start with a clean slate even if that meant needing to face at least 3 men and getting 3 outs? 😉

      Why Pagán instead of maybe Suter when the O’s seemed to have an army LH hitters?? I doesn’t know as the long time radio guy liked to say.

    • MBS

      Pagan had a 2.61 ERA for the month of April, and a 3.65 ERA for the season going into that inning.

      To call Pagan the worst seems a bit of a stretch. That being said, he doesn’t seem like a HL reliever, more like a ML guy.

  11. RedsMonk65

    Broken record at this point, I realize: But generally speaking, this team’s pitching is decent enough (with a couple exceptions). However, the hitting/scoring is inconsistent at best and often nearly non-existent. That needs to change. Can’t win if you don’t score — which typically requires hitting the ball.

  12. Doc4uk

    The padres gave up four prospects (none of their top seven) to get Arraez! The reds are in much bigger need nd have plenty of prospects to offer for 27 yo who has two batting titles nd batted over .350 last year .

    Fraley, India, Candelaria , and Maille have all been given plenty of chances to produce. I also am now skeptical that we have seen the best of Steer. Might as well bring up Ford , Hinds, and Capel. They can’t do any worse.

    • 50thyearRedsfan

      I agree with bringing up Ford Hines and Capel, what do we have to lose? If they manage to bat .200 we will be markedly improved.

      • ksdavis

        Hinds is hitting .214 while striking out about every two times at bat. Why do you think he can hit major league pitching?

    • JMO

      haha good lord man, its baseball. Be patient. Long season.

    • ksdavis

      Well I think the Reds are now stuck in the mode – we have the players coming up thru the system – we are going to stay the course. Who knows when MM will be available. I would expect him to be out until September. I saw two grades for the Marlins on this trade – CBS sports gave them a D in the prospects they received. Yahoo Sports thought the Marlins did pretty good. I would have offered Sal Stewart and Reece Hinds to the Marlins. The Reds need offensive help now, before it it too late.

  13. LDS

    San Diego proves itself to be a serious organization, acquiring Arraez. The Reds need to look seriously at Miami and see what can be poached. Luzardo isn’t off to a very good start this season, but likely has more upside than guys like Martinez. Maybe look at some of the other pitchers. Miami isn’t hitting particularly well but maybe one of their OF’ers has potential. And the Reds, as I’m sure Doug will be posting shortly, are releasing Ford and keeping Martini. Seems poorly considered since Martinez has nothing going on. CES isn’t hitting right now and would likely benefit from a trip down the road. Put Ford at first and try it out. Nope. Stand pat and see how many games they can lose this month.

    • greenmtred

      You want to send CES down now? After the scorn and calumny directed at the Reds for not installing him at first base at the end of spring training last year? It occurs to me that it’s possible that we’re seeing with him what we saw with EDLC last season: The pitchers have found a way to pitch to him. In Elly’s case and probably in his, minor league pitchers may not be able to exploit the weakness, so he won’t be able to adjust.

      • LDS

        Possibly. Yes, I thought he should have broken camp with the team last year. But this year he looks totally off kilter. Maybe the hand is a bigger issue than we’ve been told. Regardless, he needs to get his rhythm back and flailing against ML pitching may not be the best solution. Sometimes we all need a step backwards to move forward. A big part of that is often mental, self-doubt, etc. Destroying minor league pitching for a week or two may just be the tonic he needs.

      • greenmtred

        That’s possible, as far as I can see. Apparently the x-rays showed an old break, so who knows whether that might be troubling him. He has had some good contact and bad luck, but he’s key to any success the Reds might have this year. The season is young and the team is by no stretch of the imagination out of contention, but as everybody has noted, they will be if they don’t start hitting.

      • DaveCT

        The criticism of CES is that he swings at too many pitches out of the strike zone. ML pitchers and scouting understand that very well. So, he has an adjustment to make, lest he settle into being a mistakes only hitter. Seems like, so far, the Reds are letting him work this out in the Show. Let’s not forget, CES is also learning to play 1B on the fly as well. It’s the age old dilemma of patience vs. reaction.

      • Old-school

        How do you think this turns out? I saw critiques of him in AAA when he was raking that he was the best bad ball hitter anywhere and that wouldn’t translate to the big leagues. His walk rate is Jose Peraza esque!

  14. Mark Moore

    Apparently Jobu either took a flight to somewhere entirely different and is now stuck there, or he won’t show up with the threat of rain. Hunter battled well, but the boyz didn’t back him … again. I just don’t know what to do except keep watching and hoping.

    • Jim Walker

      Our thoughts seem to have crossed in the ether. See below. You keep on singing for the sake of the song 😉

  15. Jim Walker

    My take on Friday night, courtesy of the Eagles….

    “Time passes and you must move on
    Half the distance takes you twice as long
    So you keep on singing for the sake of the song
    After the thrill is gone” ….
    Glen Frey/ Don Henley

    There is also a line in the song referring to not caring about winning but not wanting to lose which came in a close second when I chose what to post here.

  16. RedBB

    This offense is Putrid. 9 of 13 position players who played last night are hitting .221 or lower and 6 were under the Mendoza line

    • Jason T.

      .214 team batting average which is 3rd worst while the pitching is 15th in era.
      I’d be pissed if I was Greene.

  17. Reddawg2012

    The #GetKralled crowd on Twitter seems to be awfully quiet lately.

  18. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds has faced two pitchers with long scoreless streak this season , the first Ranger Suarez last week and yesterday was Cole Irvin, the result: two 2-hit shutouts losses.
    Few days ago, the Reds played against Yu Darvish who was leaving the IL that day, the result: He tossed 5 scoreless to the Reds. Today they will face John Means who was just activated from the IL and has more than a year without pitching in a real game. Let’s see what the Reds harmless offense can do…

  19. Jim Walker

    Thompson, Martini, and CES could be optioned without the risk of being lost on waivers. For that matter so could Steer and Benson. The Reds also appear to have a “free” 40 man move in Gibaut’s situation. Given this, the lack of action probably speaks volumes about the Reds assessment of anyone in the organization they could bring up.

  20. 50thyearRedsfan

    I have continued to be positive with these lowly batting averages as I was hoping they could get out of their slumps but as the calendar turns to May my patience and that of the other fans diminishes. It is past time to make adjustments. Please try something! Anything!

  21. old-school

    I was at the game and the Orioles are a good team, every hitter in their lineup is a tough out and it would not surprise me in the least if they win the ALCS.

    That said, Ive never been to a game before where righty hitters consistently rolled over ground balls to SS/3b from a lefty pitcher. Tommy John or John tudor was on the mound! Elly gave some quality at bats but there should have been a better “approach” to hitting from the Reds game planners than just swing and ground 4 hoppers to the left side of the infield.

    It made sense to have India DH and play other positions when McLain and Marte and Friedl were in the mix. It makes no sense to DH India and put Espinal in as a regular 2b and lineup regular. I am a fan of India but this is a do or die year for him. Let him succeed or fail without sitting behind Espinal at 2b.

    DH is hard and perhaps India needs in the positional lineup daily to stay engaged in the game. I know years back my son had an arm injury but a good bat so he was in the DH for a modest time to let his arm heal and he couldn’t do it. You have a bad at bat and then sit for an hour to think about. Then you have a good at bat but line out to the CF and have an 0-2 and get to think about it some more.

    I would put India at 2b and let him leadoff mostly in May and see if that helps.

    Bottom line, India, Stephenson, Steer, Candelario, Fairchild, and Elly need to give good at bats against these lefties to win games. Production is not going to come from Espinal, Bubba, Martini or Maile or now Mike ford.

    • DaveCT

      Another soft tossing leftie today, too. It’s almost like ML scouting has figured something out,

  22. Jason T.

    Enough is enough. We’ve had way too many games like this already in this season where pitching has done their job. I’d be pissed if I was Greene.
    When are the bats going to wake up? When are we going to cut down on strikeouts. Are we taking extra batting practice? I mean their pitcher really could have had a complete game based off of his pitch count. Outside of Elly and maybe Steer and Fraley, these professional hitters should be embarrassed. I understand the occasional flop but this is now an ongoing thing. Friedl alone can’t save this ship if efforts like this occur as frequently as they have been.

    • Indy Red Man

      Freidl better come in and be vintage Josh Hamilton immediately…no pressure or anything. Seriously it looks like a wasted year. We’ll be out of it by the time Marte returns but maybe McLain will follow and we’ll atleast know what we have moving forward. They may have to trade pitching in the off-season