The Cincinnati Reds committed three errors and the San Diego Padres were ready and willing to take full advantage of their extra opportunities as they evened up the 3-game series with a 6-4 victory and ended their 5-game losing streak on Tuesday night.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (16-14)
4 8 3
San Diego Padres (15-18)
6 10 0
W: Darvish (1-1) L: Martinez (0-2) SV:Suarez (10)
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The night didn’t get out to the best start for Nick Martinez against his former team. He gave up a leadoff single, then walked Fernando Tatis Jr. The next batter reached on an error fielding the ball by Martinez himself, loading the bases. The tide shifted in the inning after Manny Machado hit a screamer that Elly De La Cruz made a leaping catch on for the first out of the inning. Then Martinez got back-to-back fly outs to strand the bases loaded.

Things didn’t go the way Martinez would have liked in the bottom of the 3rd inning. He gave up a bloop double to Fernando Tatis Jr. Jake Cronenworth then followed up with a bloop single just out of the reach of Jonathan India that Tatis Jr. read perfectly and scored the first run of the game on.

In the bottom of the 5th the Padres put together a rally that saw the Reds defense struggle to make plays along the way. Spencer Steer dropped a routine fly ball that he lost in the lights that led to San Diego’s 4th run of the inning and made it 5-0.

Cincinnati’s offense finally got something going in the right direction in the top of the 5th inning when Elly De La Cruz lined a single into right, moved up to third on a double by Spencer Steer, and then both scored on a single by Jonathan India. That was all they’d get in the inning as they cut the lead to 5-2.

The Padres would get one of those runs back against Buck Farmer on a fielders choice in the bottom of the 6th. But the Reds tacked on runs of their own in the 7th when Jeimer Candelario and Stuart Fairchild hit solo home runs to make it a 6-4 ballgame.

Things continued to go badly for Cincinnati in the bottom of the 8th inning. Justin Wilson entered the game out of the bullpen and the first batter he faced lined a single off of his leg. After being checked out by the training staff he had to exit the game. Sam Moll came on and after hitting the first batter he faced got a double play and a pop up to end the inning. The Reds offense went down in order in the top of the 9th as the Padres evened the series up.

Key Moment of the Game

The 5th inning that got away from the Reds that saw San Diego take advantage and score four runs.

Notes Worth Noting

Jeimer Candelario picked up two hits on the night. It’s his second straight night with two hits, and both games included an extra-base hit.

Cincinnati’s offense didn’t draw a walk during the game. Their defense made three errors.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs San Diego Padres

Wednesday May 1st, 4:10pm ET

Graham Ashcraft (3-1, 4.40 ERA) vs Joe Musgrove (3-3, 6.94 ERA)

24 Responses

  1. Melvin

    “Cincinnati’s offense didn’t draw a walk during the game. Their defense made three errors.”

    Defense has been a problem a lot season so far this season. Only Kd 9 times so I guess that’s an improvement over most nights.

  2. ChrisInVenice

    Flashes of brilliance & then shoddy D tonight.

  3. Indy Red Man

    Positives are Candy looks like he’s locking in a little bit. India has also been productive, but Espinal and Martini aren’t helping.
    Worst game I’ve seen from Steer in LF, but I think he can morph into average out there. I’m strangely confident overall

  4. Reddawg2012

    If Nick Martini is still on this team when the Reds open their series with the Orioles on Friday , it will be hard to think the Reds are serious about winning. Mike Ford is ripping the cover off the ball in AAA. Why not give him a shot? Am I missing something?

  5. Mark A Verticchio

    It’s really hard to believe this team had a winning April, for the first time in 11 years. The problem is it just isn’t sustainable when guys like Martini, Mahle , Fairchild and Espinal are playing everyday. The Reds need Strand, Stephenson and most of all Freidl back ASAP.

    • Tom Noonan

      Espinal has not been bad lately he’s driven in some runs and playing good d. Fairchild has also played good D and homered last night. Martini has been a disappointment.

      We need friedl back and marte too. Not optimistic about mcLain back this year.

      • wkuchad

        Espinal has been bad lately, no matter if you look at last week, last two weeks, or YTD. Between him and Bubba, that’s 83 at-bats of terrible production from two guys that weren’t supposed to be on the team.

        Fairchild has been pretty disappointing so far. I’m surprised at the lack of offense. I thought worst-case, he’d put up league-average numbers. There’s plenty of time for him to improve, but he’ll lose a lot of playing time once Friedl is back.

      • MBS

        Espinal is 7 for his last 24 AB’s, that’s a .291BA. All we are working with are short sample sizes at this point in the year. His defense is also very good.

  6. Justin T

    Who knew Steer had an outfield arm like that though? They looked flat but it’s just what it is. The Reds will win 4 then lose 3 Win 3 and then lose 4. Injuries dont help. I just think back to the offseason and the arrogance that was displayed by the FO in terms of building the team. Everyone knew we needed another bat or 2 but wonder boy didnt think so. I think David Bell has done a more than good job and i am hands down the biggest David Bell critic on planet earth. He is letting them play and not overthinking. Though my patience wears thin w him towards the end of summer, Im still hoping this year is different.

    I agree w the poster earlier who questioned why Martini is still on the team, I think they should keep rotating that spot until someone sticks. Play a backup too long and he shows why he is a backup.

    So many things to be positive about and for once im not needing to make them up in my head. Elly and Lodolo are reasons enough to be excited. My expectations have been adjusted but just know its going to be a frustrating glorious season watching the young guys grow

    • greenmtred

      Good comment, Justin. It seems possible that the Reds didn’t add anyone of greater impact because they’ve committed to the youth movement or because the better available guys were out of their price range. The injuries and suspension have hurt, and things could get better, though McLain is sorely missed and seems like a long shot to contribute much this season. Does everyone think that Martini would go rather than Bubba when Friedl returns? I’m not so sure.

  7. Grand Salami

    Serious question.

    Does Friedl’s return mean less PT for only for Fairchild or does it trickle down to the weakest link: Espinal?

    Steer would get more opportunities to help in the IF. Would the Reds downgrade defense in the IF for a significant offensive upgrade in the batting order?

    • MBS

      To me Martini is the weakest link. That being said if the wanted to go with an all lefty outfield, and place Steer at 2B, India at DH I wouldn’t be mad.

      That would leave Fairchild to sub the OF, and Espinal to sub the inf, and Martini back to AAA.

      • Jim Walker

        Oops! I just got fully awake and rethought this. Per Fangraphs *both* Thompson and Martini are optionable. So neither would be at risk of being lost if sent down unless the Reds needed a 40 man spot which they don’t for Friedl.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m thinking Bubba is the odd man out when TJ returns.

      • MBS

        I could go either way, they’re both one dimensional players. Martini would be a PH, and Thompson a PR. The reason I picked Thompson is he is 5 for 5 in SB’s. Speed doesn’t slump, so he’s a weapon you can count on in late game situations. That being said Martini can lift a ball, but as the 13th man his bat will likely get rusty.

      • Jim Walker

        @MM/ MBS>> IMO the last spot comes down to whether they are going to play musical chairs with Speer bouncing around the infield so Benson and Fraley can play every day vs RHP. If they do this then Martini is likely the late LH bat off the bench and Bubba is gone. If they do not do this then Fraley or Benson is the LH bench bat and Martini is gone.

        Doing my best to suppress my favorable Fairchild bias, it seems like there is suddenly a clear interest in getting him more into the picture. All the TV commentary guys are talking him up and Bell has even given him a shoutout or two in post game comments. With Friedl being a LH bat, this may be a sad harbinger for Martini who they likely think would clear waivers while neither Bubba or Fairchild have (as far as we know).

  8. Mark Moore

    Didn’t walk, made 3 errors, collapsed to allow a big inning … all part of the formula for disaster 🙁

    Onward to the afternoon affair and getting out of San Diego. Hoping to see TySteve and CES again very soon. Glad Candy is hitting a little bit more.

  9. Westfester

    Not taking much from this game other than Yu Darvish is still Yu Darvish. It was a GIFT the Padres pulled him after only 70 pitches. Young players screw up. The best part is this team has the memory of a goldfish. Ashcraft today v. Musgrove. I like our chances to take the series.

  10. 50thyearRedsfan

    I am happy that we are above .500 as a lot of teams with much higher payroll (like the Padres) are unable to reach that level. Our first winning record in April is an achievement and now we have to regroup and find a way to improve as the season goes on, it’s staying above water and in the playoff hunt until that magical time when everything comes together and we find ourselves playing great baseball again like last years winning streak, and hope we are playing our best ball as the season ends because that is when it matters most. We need to make some changes like bringing up Mike Ford for Martini and replacing Bubba with Connor Capel. Players that can’t reach .200 need to go back to AAA and regroup and find their swing. Maile and Fairchild? Two more weak links but who can we replace them with? I was hoping for more from Fairchild since he had a great spring but have been disappointed. Espinal is a career .267 batter and I think we have to give him a little more time but the clock is ticking. As for our starting pitchers I think on a good day each one can be dominant and shut down the opposition and if we can play error free on the bases and in the field we can beat anyone. Overall we need to stay positive and enjoy this winning record and hope for improvement.

  11. Roger Garrett

    Reds are down 3 guys that would have made the team and replaced by 3 guys that wouldn’t have made the team.Add in the day to day injuries that seem to go on way past days and into weeks you get out team right now.The pitching has kept us alive but it will take better health and players to step up that haven’t to make this team better then the rest in our division.For me the good thing is the majority of the team is young so we will see how it pans outs.In the meantime I like the idea of swapping out some guys for some guys down in the minors.

  12. Laredo Slider

    Any target for CES’s return?

  13. JON

    Reds are missing their starting C,3B,1B,CF,2B. The team is going to be a .500 team at best until they are ALL back.

  14. LDS

    I had not expected the game to go particularly well. However, I wouldn’t have expected the Reds to make three errors, and draw no walks. Yeah, nine SOs is an improvement but 9-0 SO/BB is still a problem as is Martini, Maile, and yes, despite consequtive 2-hit games, so is Candelario. I said last week or so that Martini was likely this year’s Dietrich. I’m thinking now that maybe I was unfair to Dietrich. And Martinez? Though he has started in the past, he looks less and less like a starter to me and needs to head to the bullpen. I’m guessing we have another week or so, best case, before Montas is back, meaning at least one more start for Martinez. He’s 0-2 with a 5.46 ERA and an 80 ERA+ and opposing hitters are hitting .300+ from both sides of the plate. At least his control is good or that WHIP would soar. As currently structured, while the Reds can be fun, they aren’t serious contenders to the take the division. The preseason prognosticators (the bookies, Fangraphs, et al) are starting to look pretty close to accurate.

    • VaRedsFan

      He has been more like Vossler than Dietrich.
      Dietrich mashed for half a season. Martini has hit 1 HR since opening day.
      Also 12-72 (.167) since Game 1