Last night the San Diego Padres picked up the win as they evened up the series at one game each. This afternoon the Cincinnati Reds will look to rebound and pick up the series victory out west. First pitch is set for 4:10pm ET.

Starting Lineup

Cincinnati Reds

San Diego Padres

Will Benson – RF Jurickson Profar – LF
Elly De La Cruz – SS Fernando Tatis Jr. – RF
Spencer Steer – LF Jake Cronenworth – 1B
Jonathan India – 2B Manny Machado – 3B
Nick Martini – DH Graham Pauley – DH
Santiago Espinal – 3B Luis Campusano – C
Jeimer Candelario – 1B Jackson Merrill – CF
Luke Maile – C Ha-Seong Kim – SS
Stuart Fairchild – CF Tyler Wade – 2B
Graham Ashcraft – RHP Joe Musgrove – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Graham Ashcraft 28.2 4.40 1.29 5.7% 21.3%
Joe Musgrove 35.0 6.94 1.66 8.2% 17.1%
Links: Graham Ashcraft’s Stats | Joe Musgrove’s Stats

Graham Ashcraft

The splits for Graham Ashcraft this season tell a story – lefties are crushing him and righties have no chance. It’s an interesting turn of events as for his career it’s been the opposite. Right-handed hitters have an .827 OPS against him in his career, while lefties have managed just a .688 OPS against him. This year in his three road starts he’s allowed just four earned runs in 18.0 innings – much better than the 10 he’s allowed in 10.2 home innings.


RHH 57 11 1 0 1 4 15 .193 .246 .263
LHH 58 19 3 0 4 3 11 .328 .361 .586

Pitch Usage

2-sm Cutter Slider Change
Velo 92.3 96.1 89.3 91.2
Usage 21% 48% 29% 2%

Joe Musgrove

It’s been a rough start to the season for Joe Musgrove, who has an ERA that’s nearing seven. One of the better pitchers in baseball over the last three seasons (3.05 ERA in 459.2 IP), His walk rate has shot up, his strikeout rate has plummeted, and he’s giving up a lot of home runs so far this year. He missed the second half of 2023 with a shoulder injury and his velocity is down ever so slightly, but the drop off in production thus far outpaces a half-mile per-hour in lost velo.

In both 2022 and 2023 he had reverse splits. Right-handed hitters found far more success against him than left-handed hitters did. The biggest difference came in batting average, which boosted both their on-base and slugging percentage to higher marks – but the underlying walks and power output were similar.


RHH 94 26 4 0 6 8 15 .317 .404 .585
LHH 64 19 2 0 3 5 12 .339 .406 .536

Pitch Usage

4-sm 2-sm Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.5 92.4 90.0 81.3 81.8 86.8
Usage 22% 7% 17% 20% 25% 9%

When and Where

  • Game time: 4:10pm ET
  • Where: Petco Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 66°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Mike Ford opts out

After hitting .325/.412/.590 in April while in Triple-A, Mike Ford has opted out of his minor league deal today. The Reds will have to either add him to the 26-man roster or grant him his release. Earlier today we went over the various options that are likely on the table for the club and you can read about that in more detail right here.

Justin Wilson’s x-rays were negative

After being struck in the leg by a comebacker last night and having to exit the game, reliever Justin Wilson had x-rays and they came back negative. In the medical community negative means good. In the real world community that would be chaos.

Elly De La Cruz and learning and adjusting

JJ Cooper at Baseball America spent some time breaking down the improvements made by Elly De La Cruz this season when it comes to what he is, isn’t, and what he used to swing at, and how that’s all led to his impressive start in 2024.

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 18 11
Chicago 18 12 0.5
Cincinnati 16 14 2.5
St. Louis 14 16 4.5
Pittsburgh 14 17 5.0

164 Responses

  1. LDS

    Musgrove is at least hittable. If Ashcraft is on, and maybe EDLC, Steer, or India, they might pull it off. After India, the lineup falls off precipitously, unless Candelario starts living up to the hype we were subjected to on his signing, both here and elsewhere. With 30 games over and done, it’s time to turn it up a notch. Otherwise, the Reds could be hurting by June 1st.

  2. Dennis Westrick

    Never fear! Underdog is here! Underdog in this case is the Reds! Don’t worry Joe! we have just the cure for your high walk rate, low SO rate and an ERA near 7! You’ll be facing a juggernaut of a Reds batting order that has four (4), yes 4, “hitters” batting BELOW 200!

  3. Klugo

    I’m guessing (guessing here) that TySteve and CES continue to sit due to the string of RH pitchers we’ve been seeing coupled with the fact they are most probably not 100% yet. So, I mean, why not? Doesnt explain Fraley though. That one isnt making a lot of sense with the info we have, imo.

    • Mark Moore

      Other commenters were saying Fraley’s illness was upper respiratory, so maybe that is also slowing him down a bit. I don’t think we need to know all their medical details, but some general statements would be helpful … if they are indeed accurate (or we can trust the source).

  4. Dennis Westrick

    For those of us old enough to remember, Sammy Davis, Jr. (of the Rat Pack) sang a song titled The Candy Man Can! Unfortunately for the Reds, their Candy Man (Candelario). last 2 games excluded, Can’t (hit that is). If the Reds FO were in charge of a real business or corporation, they would all be fired for the deal they struck to bring Candelario on board. Hope The Candy Man proves me wrong! I have some Frank’s Hot Sauce at home just in case I have to eat some crow around 7pm!

    • LDS

      Met Sammy Davis, Jr back in the 80s. He was a nice guy and surprisingly curious about what we were doing (technology thing). And everything goes well with Frank’s, even crow. Besides an occasional dish of crow is good for everyone.

    • 2020ball

      Who would y’all be playing more instead? Assuming youve never thought that through, but it sounds like you’d prefer to see Espinal hit more?

      Whether you like it or not, Jeimer has far outhit our bench. But i guess keep whining about stuff without even a thought paid to what the alternative would be.

    • Doc

      Were you saying the same thing about Votto each of the last 4-5 seasons on May 1? Asking for a friend! It appears to me that small sample size only applies to players a particular writer supports. If not supported, one bad game and the player is fish bait.

      • 2020ball

        RLN – Reds fans Looking for the Negative

  5. greenmtred

    Patience is a virtue, Dennis. He’s not an unknown quantity. Maybe he won’t hit at all this season or, more likely, he’ll come close to replicating the back of his baseball card: He hasn’t hit for high average in his career, but he has accumulated a substantial number of extra-base hits. 60 of those from him would be useful and welcome.

    • Dennis Westrick

      At age 71, don’t have a lot of patience! Would like to live long enough to see another Reds WS title!

      • greenmtred

        77 for me and, fortunately, counting. What I was suggesting being patient about is this season which still has well over 80% left to play. Yes, the Reds have a number of guys hitting below .200 right now. But they have for all of their wins and help is, hopefully, on the way.

  6. Dennis Westrick

    At work today, so probably my last post until I get home! Due to work and family obligations over the past 4 days, haven’t been engaged much on this site and just following the Reds game scores on my cell phone!

    As I mentioned when the Reds started their 4-game series with the Phillies, I felt like the 32-game stretch starting on Monday April 22nd and culminating at the end of a 3-game home series against the Dodgers on Sunday May 26th was critical to the Reds 2024 season success (or failure).

    The Good, the Bad & the Ugly through the first 9 games of the 32-game Gauntlet are as follows: The Good – Despite going 4-5 since April 22nd, if the Playoffs were to start today, the Reds would be the 6th seed in the NL and play the Dodgers; The Bad – still have 23 tough games ahead and The Ugly – the Reds defense, especially in yesterday’s game!

    Still a long way to go and it doesn’t look like the Cubs or the Brewers are going to lose the Reds from their rear-view mirrors!

    Again, hoping for the best today and after the next 23 games which would mean the Reds would have completed roughly 1/3rd of the season! Gotta stay close to 500 as the schedule gets easier down the road.

  7. LT

    I know it’s early in the season but this is the type of game the Reds must win. Reds have better record and better SP today, so winning the game and the series against a NL team needs to happen. Go Reds

  8. Indy Red Man

    Let’s play 3 men short for a week and see what happens? What happened to the 7 or 10 day IL? DL somebody and bring up Ford or somebody that can hit a little. Never knew it was so hard to play baseball?

    • Randoxu1

      Couldn’t agree more. This team will always play shorthanded. I don’t get it. You have 1 cather for the last 3 days, this absolutely just mind boggling. Just give 3 games away without even trying to fix the roster with injuries. Makes no sense

  9. Mark Moore

    Almost time to KICK THIS PIG!!!

    My meetings are done. I’m thinking I’ll hang out in my office for a bit while things get underway.

    Let’s escape San Diego with a series win, please.

    • Mark Moore

      If 2024 counts as Year 1 at league minimum, then your math seems to be correct. 3 at minimum plus 3 arbitration plus 3 FA. And he’d still be early 30’s at the end.

      • Mark Moore

        And looking at that page, it doesn’t start until 2025, so that should mean 4 years of FA … 2 + 3 + 4

  10. Lee

    Playing shorthanded a Cincinnati tradition

  11. Mark Moore

    Steer gets us started. And you know how we fare when we score first.

  12. Mark Moore

    So barely outside to a RH hitter is a strike but the similar spot to a LH hitter is a ball. That CerTAInly MaKEs senSE Mr. Chumpire.

    • VaRedsFan

      Umps nose should split the pointed end of the plate.
      Most sit offset from the center….causing those misses.

      • Mark Moore

        It’s the inconsistency between hitters, innings, chumpires, pitches … you name it. The tech is ready. The “human element” argument is way overplayed in my mind.

    • greenmtred

      Excellent application of the font, Mark.

  13. Mark Moore

    Attaboy Stewie!!! That shuts them up for a bit.

    Now get the 3rd out.

  14. VaRedsFan

    Stuey with as good a catch as you will ever see over the wall.
    3 runs saved.

  15. VaRedsFan

    Maile used to be a better receiver of the ball in the pitch framing department. He gave away a few in the 1st.

    He’s now 55th out of 59 catchers in MLB.

    Ty has improved a lot IMO.
    He’s up to 38th of 59.

    • VaRedsFan

      Ty was 60th out of 63 last year.

    • Mark Moore

      I don’t put that all on Maile. This Chumpire is all over the map even with the same batter. Frankly, I think all the “framing attempts” have begun to annoy the chumpires.

      • VaRedsFan

        To me, it’s definitely a skill, and can save your pitcher’s pitches weather the ump is good or not.

        To me Maile moves his glove TOO much. It has to bee a small subtle move to get the call.

  16. Dennis Westrick

    Do the Reds have any pregame meetimg to discuss strategy and the tendencies of the opposing pitcher? So far, they are playing right into the hands of a SP with an ERA near 7 by swinging at everything! Musgrove at 27 pitches thru 2 innings!

    Again, baseball is a thinking man’s game and Bell missed the bus! Only bright spot so far is the Steer HR!

    • greenmtred

      No, I’m certain they don’t have a meeting. Sarcasm font implied. I imagine that MLB pitchers are, by and large, pretty good. Knowing their tendencies and inclinations doesn’t guarantee that you’ll hit them.

  17. Dennis Westrick

    Two innings, 2 walks by GA! Not good for his pitch count and prospects of pitching into the 5th inning or beyond!

    • docmike

      He’s at 35 pitches through 2 innings, even with the two walks. At this rate, he’ll be at 70 pitches through 4 innings. I’m pretty sure his pitch count won’t affect his ability to pitch into the 5th inning.

  18. JB

    Musgroves 12to 6 breaking ball is nasty. Like Jim Palmer nasty.

  19. TR

    A month into the season and the lineup has no .300 hitters and only two above .250.

    • VaRedsFan

      Not many .300 hitters anywhere any more.
      But a bunch over .270 would be welcome. Will take those guys struggling a long time to catch back up the their baseball card.

    • docmike

      Having guys like McLain, Friedl, Fraley, Stephenson, and CES all sitting out due to various medical issues will definitely have a negative effect on the lineup.

  20. Mark Moore

    Keep working around Profar like this and good things can happen. At least keep him off 2nd.

  21. Roger Garrett

    Nothing to say when we just don’t have much of an offense until we get some players back.Better now then later I guess.

  22. Cincy6464

    Interesting article on about Phillies starting rotation being very good this year. GM Dombrowski (paraphrase) “They’re not just throwers, they’re pitchers. We’re working on them going deep into games.” Meanwhile, their average fast ball is 92.4 mph (good for 24th in MLB). Plus a bunch of other impressive stats that don’t include velocity! Good read.

    • VaRedsFan

      Their pitching coach… Boddy? was with the Reds. They let the wrong coach go.

  23. JB

    Seems like Ashcraft going alot of 3-0 counts today. Needs to find that groove but hanging in there so far.

  24. VaRedsFan

    A concerted effort to go oppo on a beautiful swing by Elly for a double

  25. Reddawg2012

    Elly giveth, Elly taketh away.

  26. Matt McWax

    EDLC wouldn’t have made it back to 2nd either, IMO, but the they might have thrown to 1st instead.

  27. VaRedsFan

    Not a wise decision by Elly.
    He knew it too.
    He has to remember that he ca just steal 3rd at any time. No need to risk it there.

    • Mark Moore

      I think he made up his mind to go on contact. Still not happy about it, but …

  28. Mark Moore

    I know we all hate to see Elly get put out at 3rd, but he was going on contact so you get what you get.

  29. Reddawg2012

    Martini couldn’t come through. I’m sure he’ll get ’em next time.

  30. docmike

    With Elly on 2nd and no out, I would’ve liked for Steer to take a pitch there and give Elly the chance to steal. Then he could’ve scored him from 3rd with a grounder or fly ball.

    • VaRedsFan

      Steer’s not the 1st to not take a pitch or 2 with Elly on.

  31. VaRedsFan

    Candy has been about as useless as it gets with the glove this year.

  32. Matt McWax

    Water under the bridge but I wonder what kind of April Mike Ford would have had with the Reds (no Candelario signing).

  33. Ted Alfred

    Geez… Candelario is terrible defensively. What a liability in the field…to say nothing of his hitting issues

  34. Mark Moore

    Candy costs us another base runner?? Not a good look, especially if you can’t hit yet.

  35. Reddawg2012

    Candy owes this team a big homerun. Good lord man.

  36. docmike

    Man, that’s a rough error. Stuff like that causes your pitch count to suffer, on a day when your pitcher is having control problems anyway.

  37. Mark Moore

    5th error in this San Diego series … 😮

    And Ashcraft is NOT doing himself any favors at this point.

    • Mark Moore

      And then the Chumpire blows another one.

    • Mark Moore

      That was close … just couldn’t get it started quickly enough. And as Cowboy is saying, that’s not an easy DP either.

  38. docmike

    Should be out of the inning there, at 72 pitches. Let’s see how much that error costs the Reds and Ashcraft.

    • Ted Alfred

      Well it’s cost them two runs and counting…thanks Candy. How in the heck does he drop that ball from India.

      • Mark Moore

        It hit him in bad place, Ted … right in the glove.

    • JB

      That’s 2 runs on Candy. Really sick of watching this guy.

  39. Mark Moore

    And that just feels like a crushing blow at this point. Pitch count running up way too fast thanks to Ashcraft, Candy, and the Chumpire. Missed opportunities on offense. And Profar is 7 for 11 in this series alone.

  40. dimondfvr

    Five errors in the three games in San Diego. Ashcraft playing with fire, and Profar just lit the blowtorch.

  41. Mark Moore

    This Bizzarro Zone is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    • Mark Moore

      But the “human factor” … 😐

  42. RedsGettingBetter

    I think Bell is going to have his second ejection of this season…

    • Mark Moore

      I would hope so. If he can’t get fired up about this garbage, what will it take to tip the scales?

  43. docmike

    This defense giving extra outs has got to stop. It already cost us last night’s game, now it looks like it might cost us today’s too.

  44. Mark A Verticchio

    Candelario has been a net negative to this team so far, he has been worse than Moose.

  45. Mark Moore

    There you go, Espinal. Worked that AB well and then laced one to the corner.

    Candy … time to atone for your mistake. And they will ALL be strikes on us at this point regardless of what he called them for the Friars.

    • Mark Moore

      Like that … we’ll take that as PARTIAL atonement.

  46. JB

    Nice hit Espinal. Candy gets one run back. Now he owes his teammates one more

  47. docmike

    Well, I guess that makes up for one of the runs, Candy. Still need to see him heat up to provide a power bat

    • VaRedsFan

      I don’t view it as a makeup. If he catches the ball, the Reds are up 2-0 instead of tied 2-2.

      • Mark Moore

        Exactly why I said PARTIAL atonement

  48. VaRedsFan

    Candy canes one to right for the RBI.

  49. VaRedsFan

    Said it last night, but Tony Gwynn Jr, is a great listen on Padre feed.

  50. docmike

    Luke Maile is really bad.

    Like, REALLY bad.

    • Mark Moore

      He’s all we’ve got at the moment.

  51. RedsGettingBetter

    It’s very hard to win a baseball game when the team can’t hit, plays bad defense and doesn’t run the bases correctly…Despite it’s tied right now

  52. JB

    It’s safe to say that Machado is seeing Ashcrafts pitches really good.

    • Mark Moore

      And Profar is seeing EVERYTHING like it’s the size of a grapefruit

  53. Mark Moore

    Took until the 5th to get a 1-2-3 inning … yet we’re still tied. So that’s a positive take … I guess … 😮

    • MBS

      He got another in the 6th, I’d let him go for the 7th. Ashcraft seems to be locked in right now.

  54. JB

    Ashcraft ERA under 4 now. 3.74 . We would be up 2-0 but the Candy Man says not so fast.

  55. Reddawg2012

    We need Elly to take this game over. Just not enough offensive firepower otherwise.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m thinking Elly needs a day off to clear his head. Fortunately, we get that tomorrow and again early next week. Should also get us to a point where Frankie is back.

  56. docmike

    Ashcraft has battled the strike zone all day. Despite that, without the Candy error, he would have thrown 5 zeroes and have the chance for another. Good job for a 4th/5th starter.

  57. JB

    Musgrove and the home plate umpire have 9 ks today.

  58. Mark Moore

    Another 1-2-3 and Graham gives us 6 on a day he struggled and the Chumpire was insanely variable (despite what Thrall keeps saying). That’s 6 innings with ZERO earned runs … but we’re tied and in Candyland anyway for 3 more innings (at least).

  59. RedsGettingBetter

    Aside the control issues , Ashcraft had a solid outing one more time. I don’t know how the Reds could score another run to rely on the bullpen later

    • Mark Moore

      They keep saying 5’8″ or 5’10” … I believe Freddy Patek was listed at 5’6″ 🙂

  60. Mark A Verticchio

    Why can’t one of the boys pinch hit here for Martini?

    • Mark Moore

      Who? It would appear TySteve and CES aren’t quite up to the task. Still don’t know about Fraley, but that’s no guarantee of anything. We’re playing 2-3 guys short at this point.

    • Ted Alfred

      I think Martini is going to be on his way out the door and they’re going to bring Ford up. Other than the first two games of the year he’s been terrible

  61. Optimist

    6 ip, 100 pitches, 0 ER, and the error adding extra pitches – that’s not a #4/5 starter, that’s a #2/3 or edging better. Call up Ford, maybe Capel as well – give them a week or two in place of Martini/Thompson, just to mix things up on offense.

    Barring an unforeseeable bullpen collapse, or Wilson/Gibaut having extended rehab time off, they’re a few days (CES/TySteve) or a few weeks (Friedl) from resembling a good team again.

    Still need to deal at the deadline since Marte and McLain are unlikely to help this season.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m not counting on Ian being back in the near future. Just don’t get a good feeling about what I keep reading. I hope I’m wrong.

  62. Mark A Verticchio

    Marte could help after 80 games if they want to let him try.

    • Mark Moore

      Really depends on how quickly he ramps back up. Don’t forget one Fernando Tatis, Jr. faced the same thing a while back.

  63. VaRedsFan

    Wonder how the manager home plate meeting went in the pregame??

    Shildt: “In 2021 my team won 90 games and made the playoffs and I got fired.”

    Bell: “My team won 83 games and we folded down the stretch, and missed the playoffs….and I got an extension.”

    • VaRedsFan

      “then we lost 100 games the next year, and folded down the stretch again in 2023, and I got 3 more years!!”

      Shildt: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know I guess.”

  64. Jason Franklin

    I don’t understand why you don’t have a guy who can’t hit lefties (Martinin) at least not bunt India over? Am I missing some strategy?

    • JB

      Bell is in the middle of a Saduku puzzle and can’t be bothered.

      • Jason Franklin

        I am not overly hard on Bell, but not having Martini bunt is dumb. With the way Espinal has been hitting, he may have done something with India at 2nd. (Yes, I know Espinal ended up walking, but strategy would have been different for the pitcher with India at 2nd and one out).

      • greenmtred

        Martini may be a terrible bunter. It is evidently not a skill that is emphasized in MLB.

  65. Mark Moore

    Were you paying attention Mr. Candyman? Matsui isn’t exactly dealing at this point.

    • Jason Franklin

      I am really hoping that Candy gets it figured out. Does have an injury or something? Or is he just not that good?

      • Mark Moore

        I keep reading he’s better than what we’re seeing, but I’m more of a “what have you done for us lately” guy. Granted, he’s been hitting more, but I don’t see the consistency against guys like Matsui and the fielding issues are crippling us.

    • Mark Moore

      And we’re back to the whiffing … 🙁

      • Jason Franklin

        I can’t wait until Friedl and Marte are back on the team. Plus CES and Stephenson actually being available to start.

  66. RedsGettingBetter

    Candelario got another chance to compesate his costly error and wasted it

  67. Mark A Verticchio

    Right now it appears he just isn’t very good, wasted millions.

  68. VaRedsFan

    Padres bring in a new pitcher to face Maile.
    Now THAT’S respect.

  69. Jason Franklin

    Kicks imaginary tv set as Maile strikes out.

  70. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds carrying just one catcher since many games… It’s incredible…

    • Jason Franklin

      Hey man, we could have been carrying 3 catchers again this year and it wouldn’t be a problem! 😉

  71. Mark A Verticchio

    The problem is that guys like Martini and Mahle are fair as people that play once in awhile but this week they have been exposed as every day players, which they are not

  72. Roger Garrett

    Don’t even compete at the plate.I know strikeouts matter little in today’s game but we just have to do better.Goodness its just awful.40% to 50% of our outs via punchouts nightly and the hitting coach still has a job is beyond me.

  73. Indy Red Man

    I’m tired of missing 4-5 guys every game. CES can take batting practice then he can DH. Period! I don’t go to a movie starring Daniel Day Lewis and then accept Pauly Shore in his role. I recovered so fast from heavy lifting, etc in my 20s. If you don’t have a broken bone then I expect to see you in the lineup 3 days later. If you can’t go then its because you didn’t want to go and you go on the DL. This is ridiculous

    • Roger Garrett

      I am with you Indy.Its just insane to play shorthanded already down 2 and maybe 3 starters from the start of the season.Try somebody else please.It can’t be any worse then what our last 3 guys on the bench are doing.

  74. JB

    Look at the Padres bunting. Who of thought that was possible

  75. Gpod

    Maile makes me wish for corky miller ….how bad is that

  76. Jason Franklin

    This is starting to look like a slowly sinking ship this game. Too many missing players.

    • Ted Alfred

      Too many bad players….Candy. Hard to overcome his “efforts” today

  77. JB

    We get two guys on and then double k’s. Padres get two on and……

  78. LT

    Cruz playing g with fire. Hope he can pull a Houdini

  79. JB

    Hmm. Fraley in full uniform but couldn’t start.

  80. Indy Red Man

    I’ll watch about 2 innings of Baltimore too if they don’t the normal guys on the field. This isn’t 1957, there are literally a million other things to do

  81. VaRedsFan

    That should do it.
    Cruz didn’t have it today.

  82. Mark Moore

    And that’s a Clete for me … catch you all on Friday.

  83. RedsGettingBetter

    Well this series is lost too… Cruz just throwing fastballs and cutters more than splitters is weird….The Reds should have defeated this SD team but man with this pathetic depleted roster is embarrassing

    • Jason Franklin

      Totally agree on all that. The only good news has been how the starters have been lasting decently long stints when they had the ball (in terms of what is a long stint nowadays). Cruz was due to have a stinker and this was it. I feel Bell probably should have taken him out earlier, but that’s hindsight.

  84. Roger Garrett

    Ballgame but did you notice the bunt to start the inning and then the oppo hit by Profar with 2 strikes.Now we wouldn’t even think of that would we?Cruz didn’t have it and it happens.We won’t change who we are I heard the man say.

  85. Mark A Verticchio

    You just can’t compete for a whole series plus down 3 players. That should have never happened, one or two of them have to play or put one on the DL. The Reds are lucky they won 1 of the last 4 thanks to Lodolo. With the Orioles coming to town if those 3 can’t play it will be a long series, even with Greene, Abbott and Lodolo starting. I am beginning to think the injuries are about to catch up with this team.

  86. Jason Franklin

    Positives from this game: Ashcraft getting groundouts and pitching like a top 3 for the staff. Fairchild robbing another homerun. How many now?

    Negatives: What is small ball? Bad baserunning. Killed by missing players (which happens, I know). Cruz had a stinker but maybe Bell should have taken him out. Martini not being told to bunt.

  87. LT

    As usual, a trip to San Diego ended in disappointment.