Mistakes will often cost you and that’s how things played out for Cincinnati on Wednesday in San Diego. The Padres took advantage of an inning extending error early on, then capitalized on a bases loaded situation late as they put the game away on a grand slam in the 7th inning to take the game and series from the Reds.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (16-15)
2 4 1
San Diego Padres (16-18)
6 8 0
W: De Los Santos (1-1) L: Cruz (1-2)
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Cincinnati got out to an early lead when Spencer Steer crushed a solo home run in the top of the 1st inning. In the bottom of the inning the Padres offense went to work, getting a leadoff single and a 1-out walk to bring Manny Machado to the plate. He got all of a slider from Graham Ashcraft, sending it 403 feet, but Stuart Fairchild was wearing his cape on this afternoon and made a leaping grab over the fence to rob Machado of a 3-run home run.

Things got relatively quiet over the next two innings, but San Diego got things moving again in the bottom of the 4th inning against Ashcraft and the Reds defense. Jonathan India had to charge a grounder and he made the grab and flipped the ball with his glove to Jeimer Candelario at first base, but Candelario just flat out dropped the ball and was charged with an error on what should have been the second out of the inning. A single followed to put runners on first and second. Another grounder led to the second out of the inning, but the error earlier in the inning kept things alive and that led allowed a stolen base to put two men in scoring position for Jurickson Profar. He came through with a 2-run single to put the Padres in the lead.

Cincinnati was able to get one of those runs back in the top of the 5th when Santiago Espinal led off with a double and then scored on a single by Candelario.

Two innings later the Reds were threatening again, getting two runners on via walks, but they would be stranded there after back-to-back strikeouts ended the threat. San Diego got to work in the bottom of the inning when a leadoff bunt landed just over the glove of a leaping Fernando Cruz and dropped in for a single. Jurickson Profar then picked up a single – his 4th hit of the day – and Fernando Tatis Jr. walked on four pitches to load the bases.

That sent pitching coach Derek Johnson to the mound to chat with Cruz. He probably didn’t call for the grand slam pitch, but that’s what Cruz threw as Jake Cronenworth crushed the first pitch he saw into the seats to put the Padres up 6-2. Slam Diego, indeed.

Cincinnati managed just one baserunner over the final two innings as they dropped the final game of the series. San Diego also picked up the series victory, taking the final two games of the 3-game set out west.

Key Moment of the Game

Jake Cronenworth’s go-ahead grand slam in the 7th inning.

Notes Worth Noting

The Reds had just four hits on the day, but three of them went for extra bases.

Graham Ashcraft lowered his ERA to 3.63 with his 6-innings of no earned run baseball.

Cincinnati has an off day on Thursday, which is much needed as it seems their entire bench has been unavailable for a week now and could use the time to get ready for Baltimore on Friday.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Baltimore Orioles vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday May 3rd, 6:10pm ET

TBA vs Hunter Greene (1-2, 3.63 ERA)

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  1. Christopher Barnett

    Tried to watch it, but Bally Sports had other ideas.

  2. Jim Walker

    Derek Johnson may be a good or even outstanding pitching coach; but, he should find someone else to do in game mound visits for him because it seems like his visits so often result in a cookie or 5 pitch walk.

    • Jim Walker

      And it absolutely looked like the guy was sitting on the pitch he got in the location where he got it. I didn’t stick around to hear whether it was a hung splitter (stuff happens) or they were trying to slip a get ahead strike by him off the 4 pitch walk.

      • Reddawg2012

        After DJ made a mound visit during Lodolo’s start on Monday, he dominated for the rest of the game.

      • VaRedsFan

        It was an inside fastball that floated back to the inside corner. Jake C. swung like he knew what was coming

  3. Erik the Red

    When you have 7 out of 9 hitters batting below .221 it is hard to expect much more than a an average team. Still early but the sample size is now 20 percent of the season has now past.

    • TR

      And, after six at home, then back to the west coast for ten games. Someone has to step forward to lead the offense.

  4. Jeff morris

    Reds striking out too much…..When the Reds get overall healthy, they will have to determine their lineup by:

    1. Who can hit consistently and not strikeout
    2. Who can hit left handers decently, instead of not hitting left handers at all
    3. Can they play defense and eliminate the errors
    4. Can starting pitchers be consistent (Hunter Greene)
    5. Can relief pitchers be consistent


      The K’s, 12 of them today! Lets see, if Hunter Greene can put together another solid outings.

      • Melvin

        It almost seems that when we strikeout a lot we lose and when we don’t we win…. Crazy 😉

    • VaRedsFan

      Dodgers had a game 2 days ago where they didn’t have a single strikeout.
      Kind of unheard of in today’s era

  5. Larry green

    Reds playing slightly better than.500 ball which seems about right

  6. VegasRed

    The Reds are playing with one arm tied behind their back. Bring some hitters up and see if a spark can start. Profar is having a career year btw. Wish one of our guys besides Elly and Steed could catch fire.

    • CI3J

      Benson came flying out of the gate in April, but cooled off after about 2 weeks.

      Recently, he seems to be coming out of his slump as he’s fouling off a lot of pitches and not striking out as much. Hopefully he starts to heat up with the weather, because we all saw what he can do last season, and he should be a valuable cog in this offense.

    • VaRedsFan

      CES and Ty will be back Friday.
      While sending them to the IL, would have given them a few bodies for these 3 games, you would have been stuck with the AAA guys for the next 7 if you had.

      Now Ford for Martini is one I could get behind.

      • Old Big Ed

        The Reds were minus 6 regulars over the past few days: CES, Fraley, Stephenson, McLain, Friedl and Marte. The first 3 are likely to be back this weekend, and Friedl will return in a week or so. None of these 3 figured to be out for even a week, and it replacing them all for 10 days with a replacement-level player was not a good option.

        They have a strange April schedule, with only 2 off days all month, plus a rainout against Milwaukee, but had two separate West Coast trips. Days off at home today and Monday will do this team wonders. Elly, who has I think played every inning so far, has had to carry the team offensively, and he needs some down time.

        Oddly, though, if the playoffs started today, the Reds would be playing.

      • Jim Walker

        We hope they will be back Friday. Keep in mind the only source for that was a Bell sound byte to the beat guys; and, he left himself plenty of wiggle room if one or both are not back.

        Here is the quote as reported by Mark Sheldon of MLB(.)com…..

        “I think they’re pretty close,” Bell said. “With the off day [Thursday], I would imagine both guys will start on Friday.”

  7. JB

    Martini had a 2-4 on opening day and a 3-5 against the Chisox. He is 9-67 all the other games. That’s a whopping .134 average. Keeping him over Ford is rediculous. I’m not saying Ford is good or even better but it doesn’t hurt to take a look. We know what Martini is. Can’t keep having 3 or 4 hit games as a team. I can’t blame Ford. He has to be looking at the roster and thinking what the heck. You have 10 guys apparently that are capable to play and 3 on the bench who can’t. IL one of them at least whether they can come back in 6 days or not . They need bodies and Bubba and Martini are not major league players.

  8. JohnnySofa

    The grand slam didn’t bury the Reds today. The paltry four hits did.

  9. Indy Red Man

    Reds are now like every company out there:

    Help Wanted
    Baseball players needed. Show up every day. Try to be average.

    • Jim Walker

      A couple of huge differences>> Pay is $4568 per game with free lifetime healthcare coverage upon your 1st completed day of service. 😉

  10. Reddawg2012

    It’s hard to know where to place any blame. Is there any team in baseball who could be missing 5 out of 9 starters and consistently win games?

    Nick Martini should not still be on this team, so I will blame Nick Krall for that.

    If the Reds were healthy, or only had one or two major injuries, what do you think their record would be?

    • Mauired

      Alot of people were putting Martini in the Reds Hall of Fame after opening day. But this guy is 34 next year and a career journeyman. I don’t know what people were expecting when Reds picked him up after his all star campaign with the Dinos in Korea.

      I said he would be demoted by June with a .200 average. But unfortunately he didn’t even make it halfway. I think this weekend he gets demoted to Louisville and Ford takes his DH spot.

      • Reddawg2012

        I was fine with them trying to ride the hot hand when it seemed like they caught lightning in a bottle, but that is over now. He is clearly not a MLB player. To keep running him out there with Mike Ford tearing it up in AAA is just dumb.

  11. Bill J

    IMHO pick out 8 players and play them at their same position for 2 weeks, it can’t be any worse than it is now.

  12. Jeff morris

    And…big question is can the Reds stay overall healthy. Every year there is somebody that goes on the DL for a long time, and it cripples and hurts the Reds. Cannot be productive and compete if overall you cannot be healthy each year.

    • wkuchad

      It happens with all teams, but this year has seemed especially bad, and it feels worse I think since expectations were higher this year.

      But yeah, hard to survive six starting offensive players being out, and others underperforming.

      The good news: starting pitching is mostly healthy and decent, and two of our three sick players expected back tomorrow (and Friedl hopefully returning soon).

      • Roger Garrett

        Reds are choosing to play shorthanded and to use there back up catcher and there 24th and 25th man every day while we watch the day to day status of starters is just silly.Do we have anybody down on the farm that could be just as good as Stuie,Martini and our designated pinch runner/defense guy Bubba.Surely we do somewhere and why don’t we see what they can do.Can they do any worse?We may not have many bullets left in the gun but can we at least act like we are trying to do something?

      • greenmtred

        The Reds might reasonably feel that putting Stephenson and Fraley on the IL would be counter-productive since they both are expected back in a few days and would have to miss more time if they were in the IL. I don’t follow the minor leagues besides what people say on RLN, so I can’t really weigh in on the question of guys there who are ready for MLB, but my impression is that they’re mostly some time away from ready for the jump. Many of us were morally certain that CES was ready coming out of spring training last year and it seems very likely that the team’s judgment was sounder than ours.

  13. Rod Andrews

    …..and if the Reds get hot and go on a winning stretch, Krall, Johnson, and Bell will again be geniuses. Still too early to judge this team.

  14. Mike W

    Padres have a good manager.
    E.g. Passed on catcher’s interference last night..
    Clearly managing the game and players (e.g. bunts tonight).
    Relieving a pitcher and giving him an atta boy (tonight).
    Bell (e)motionless (except for only the second time late last night).
    STILL can’t believe he brought in our closer (Diaz) in a non closer role. Closers aren’t wired to “not close” and then he’s wasted an appearance. We can still win the division this year, if Bell doesn’t move Elly back down the lineup ever again. Let’s Go Reds!

    • Tom Reeves

      Elly can probably be justified in any of the top 4 spots in the line up. But with this team, I think I put Elly in the lead off. He’s havoc on the bases (mostly helpful to the Reds but he is still testing his limits like Superman). He’s so capable of smashing a home run, getting an infield single, bunting for base hit, or even an in the park HR. He’s scoring something like 50% of the time he’s on base (and that included the TOOTBLANs). I say move him to lead off for the Friday night.

      Steer’s a number 2 hitter.

      And I think Bell was right to keep Benson in the bottom of the line up for so long.

    • greenmtred

      Mike: the question of when to use closers is by no means settled law. The reasoning is that, inasmuch as the closer is presumably your most effective relief pitcher, it makes sense to use him from time to time in high-leverage situations that occur before the ninth inning since a game can be put out of reach in the 7th or 8th.

  15. TR

    Yes. The Reds fastest player, Elly De La Cruz, should be batting in first position. That will give him the most chances to get on base and upset the opposition.

  16. Bill J

    Being old and realizing all it seems anybody cares about are strikeouts and homers but I remember a manger saying leading off you want someone who can get on, batting 2nd someone who can advance the runner, 3rd your most consistent hitter and 4th the slugger. I realize you have to have those players to have that lineup but it would be great if the Reds could.

    • greenmtred

      I remember that, too. And it went on: 5th batter was the poor-man’s clean-up hitter, 6th the 2nd lead-off man, and 7, 8 and 9 were burdens on the batting order that had to be borne. The Reds don’t really have the healthy personnel to manage that right now, and there’s analysis to the effect that it isn’t so cut and dried, though I sure thought it was 65 years ago.

    • Pharmer85

      Agreed. Unfortunately the last Red able to advance a runner- that is, hit behind the runner- was Barry Larkin. It’s a lost art.

  17. 1.667

    At what point do we talk about the hitting coach? He’s a 32 year old with no professional playing experience – not even in any minor league levels. Outside of Steer and EDLC, there has been very little improvement YOY across the lineup. Lots of runs are being scored in wins, but the common thread in every loss is lack of offense. The Reds aren’t losing games 9-8; they are losing 2-1 or 3-2. We are 28th in hits and BA, 27th in Ks, 26th in OBP, and 19th in OPS. If it weren’t for steals and walks, we’d be well under .500 for the year.