Nick Lodolo gave up a leadoff home run to Jurickson Profar. It was the only hit he allowed over seven frames that saw him strike out a career high 11 batters as the Cincinnati Reds topped the San Diego Padres 5-2 to open up a series at Petco Park on Monday night.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (16-13)
5 8 1
San Diego Padres (14-18)
2 4 1
W: Lodolo (3-0) L: Waldron (1-3)
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Elly De La Cruz wasted little time making history on Monday night as he crushed a 443-foot solo home run in the 1st inning. That gave him eight homers and 17 steals in April. He’s the only player to have that many home runs and that many steals in any month since at least 1901 according to Sarah Langs. Joe Morgan is the only other player in history with at least eight home runs and 15 steals in a month (August of 1976).

The Padres would get that run back when Jurickson Profar homered to lead off the bottom of the inning. The game wouldn’t remain tied for that long as the Cincinnati offense went to work in the top of the 2nd inning. Nick Martini singled and moved to third base on a double by Jeimer Candelario. A sacrifice fly brought in the go-ahead run and then a balk led to a second run in the inning.

Nick Lodolo issued back-to-back walks to lead off the bottom of the 2nd. He would bounce back, though, striking out the next three batters to escape the jam. The Reds offense went back to work, plating another run when Will Benson and Spencer Steer doubled to make it 4-1.

With a bigger lead, Lodolo locked in. Over the next three innings he would pick up two strikeouts in each frame and not allow a hit. In the 6th inning, with Cincinnati still holding onto their 3-run lead, Lodolo didn’t pick up any strikeouts but was able to toss yet another perfect inning.

The next inning for the Reds lefty started with some help from Santiago Espinal on a slow roller that he barehanded and got the runner at first. A broken bat chopper to short followed. Lodolo needed six pitches to strike out Ha-Seong Kim to end the inning with his 99th pitch of the game and his 11th strikeout.

Fernando Cruz took over for Cincinnati in the bottom of the 8th and he worked a 1-2-3 inning. The Reds padded their lead in the top of the 9th inning when Santiago Espinal came through with a 2-out single that brought in Nick Martini from second base to make it 5-1.

Alexis Diaz entered the game for the bottom of the 9th, looking to shut the door on the Friars. He would get a pop up to begin the inning before striking out Fernando Tatis Jr. But Jake Cronenworth doubled to center and then scored when Manny Machado singled into right. Things didn’t end there, though, as a grounder to Elly De La Cruz resulted in an error as a high throw got by Jeimer Candelario at first to push the runners to second and third and keep the game going. Diaz took things into his own hands at that point and struck out Ha-Seong Kim to end the game.

Key Moment of the Game

Nick Lodolo clamping down in the 2nd inning after walking the first two hitters and then striking out the side. From that point forward he dominated the Padres.

Notes Worth Noting

Nick Lodolo’s 11 strikeouts set a new career high. He lowered his ERA to 1.88 on the season (24.0 innings, four starts).

We will see if it remains “on-file” or if it’s adjusted or removed due to error in calculation, but at the time of the play in the 9th by Elly De La Cruz, Hawkeye/Statcast registered his throwing error at 106.9 MPH. That’s more than 6 MPH faster than any other registered infield throw between AAA or MLB in the last two seasons. De La Cruz is the only player to top 100 MPH on a throw, topping out at 100.2 MPH last year with Louisville.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs San Diego Padres

Tuesday April 30th, 9:40pm ET

Nick Martinez (0-1, 5.48 ERA) vs TBA

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  1. Reddawg2012

    Always happy to stay up late and be exhausted the next day at work if it means watching a Reds win.

    FWIW, the mighty Atlanta Braves struggled with that Mariners pitching tonight just as much as the Reds did.

    • LT

      I live 30 minutes from Petco park and can’t wait to catch the game tomorrow. A well rested bullpen will be needed to relieve for Martinez. Hope to catch a Hr from EDLC

      • Reddawg2012

        Enjoy the game and bring home a series win!

      • PTBNLK

        Better sit up on top of the Western Metal Supply Co. Building then

  2. Rednat

    despite the error i have been pretty impressed with EDLC at short. i was in the camp of possibly moving him to right field but i think he will have more of an impact at ss. he really covers a tremendous amount of range, almost like having a fourth outfielder. also he can reach up and grab a lot of would-be extra base hit line drives into the gaps with his height.

  3. Melvin

    “Joe Morgan is the only other player in history with at least eight home runs and 15 steals in a month (August of 1976).”

    Pretty good company. Too bad Joe is not here to see it. 🙂

  4. Melvin

    “but at the time of the play in the 9th by Elly De La Cnruz, Hawkeye/Statcast registered his throwing error at 106.9 MPH.”

    No wonder Candelario missed it. lol 🙂

    • Tom Noonan

      Elly was on the edge of the infield grass I think by the time he threw it. Not necessary at all. Something was/is going on between elly and candy. Pure speculation.

      • Stock

        If you think EDLC would risk losing a game because something is going on between hime and Candelario then you don’t understand EDLC.

      • wkuchad

        Why even speculate something like that?

    • MK

      He had to throw it hard because he kinda hot dogged before throwing letting the runner get close. He isn’t the only one around baseball to do it but this shows a reason why not to.

      • Tom Noonan

        It does look like elly took an extra skip before throwing it though I don’t know I’d call it hot-dogging it. But all the same he probably did realize he needed to throw it very hard to get the final out.

    • Jim Walker

      Waiting for someone to suggest they should start using EDLC as an alternate closer 😉

      At the time of the throw, I don’t think anything was going on between EDLC and Candelario. EDLC just unloaded it in an attempt to get the out. If Candy heard the buzz of the ball going by his head/ ear, there might be something between them now 😉

  5. Melvin

    Lodolo looking like an ace. What a pleasant unexpected surprise after injuries all last year. 🙂

    • Jason T.

      He looked so dominant.
      Exactly. After all the injuries I was just hoping for health and optimistic that he could contribute in the small sample size we had but he’s started off like a true ace. He’s just filthy and I’m loving it.

      • Tom Noonan

        Lodolo, Greene, Abbott, Ashcraft are a very good set of starters. If Montas or Williamson can get healthy it’s a tremendous starting staff.

        And with Cruz and Diaz, we shouldn’t lose many games in the 8th or 9th.

  6. Harry Stoner

    Fernando Cruz is turning into a key asset.

    • Melvin

      Yep. Good to know we have another “closer” if need be.

    • TR

      Fernando Cruz is becoming the eighth inning reliever, for now, the Reds have needed.

    • Jason T.

      He’s looked fantastic and I love his energy. He’s an easy guy to root for. It’s been a blast to watch his emergence.

    • Justin T

      With him being so much older for a second year player I decided to look up his minor league stats. The guy has played for more teams than I even knew existed. All over North America. Was drafted as an infielder too.

      That stuff builds character and character is needed to be a high leverage reliever. Shows anything can happen if you have a good arm and finally find a dominant pitch like he had done w the splitter.

  7. Mauired

    The entire pitching staff has been pretty solid for the most part. The offense is a little shaky but I’m starting to think the pitching can keep them in the chase for a playoff spot. And there’s more guys on the way like Williamson, Gibaut, Santillan, and Maxwell. Maxwell is in AA but he’s my darkhorse to help the Reds bullpen later this year. Guy has face 22 batters so far and K’d 14. Only 2 of 22 have hit him. FWIW he regularly throws 100 and looks like he could protect Joe Burrow’s blindside if anything were to happen to his pitching arm.

    • Mauired

      *nevermind on Gibaut. Just saw he is hurt again. Have a suspicion this is ending up as a tommy john.

      • MBS

        Have you been following LHP Bruihl in AAA?

        1.42ERA, 9G, 12.2IP, 12K, 6BB.

        I keep expecting to see him drop off, but he keeps on cruising. MILB he’s a career 3.46ERA, and MLB 4.22ERA in 72G.

  8. JayTheRed

    Had company over and couldn’t watch the game tonight. I felt the Reds had a good shot of winning tonight with Lodolo going. Guy is just so consistently good. I’ve liked him as our ace from the 1st time he was in the majors. Stinks he missed most of last year due to the injury.

    • Mauired

      Yeah they have to keep him and all the other starters healthy. I still think with all the injuries, inning limits, and need to keep everyone going into October, Reds need a six man rotation. Maybe when Williamson comes back. For those worried about bullpen innings. They do have Martinez and Suter able to cover alot of innings.

  9. Frankie Tomatoes

    Nick Lodolo could be a playoff ace if he is still healthy in October. Hope we all get to see it.

    • Rob

      Ace pitcher maybe. Seriously doubt that he will be pitching in September or October though. I would think his innings limit this year would be in the 130-140 range. Isn’t his previous high like 100? That said, I am sure we would push the envelop if in a playoff chase.

  10. Tom Reeves

    Hopefully we’re seeing Lodolo and Greene mature into their dominant roles. There’s probably a few shakey moments ahead for both of them. But it looks like they’re both taking big steps forward.

  11. TR

    It’s real nice to read on RLN about Lodolo and the Reds while having the morning coffee.

  12. Pogue

    Espinal is heating up a bit lately. He’s up to .318 avg over the last 7 games, and his 2 RBIs last night were key to giving the pitching staff some space to play with. He’s 7 for 22 with 2 runs and 7 RBIs in that timeframe.

  13. CFD3000

    Nice win and another great start for Lodolo. He could be huge this year. A bit of a nail biter at the last but good to see Diaz with his fastball back up at 95. And Cruz has been a revelation so far.

    Side note – can someone elaborate on the “Distance Needed” stat for EDLC above?

      • Jim Walker

        Also, the stated distance, 132 feet, is about 5 feet longer than the distance a catcher throws on an attempted steal of 2B.

        At the projected speed of 106.9PH the ball took about 0.84 seconds from its release to cover the 132 feet. That is not much time for the 1B to locate the throw with his eyes, judge its trajectory, and respond by getting his glove in front of it.

    • Stock

      They need the distance to calculate the speed. You need Distance and time it took to get there. They don’t have a radar gun on throws other than the pitcher.

  14. old-school

    Reds clinch a winning April. First time since 2013. The slow start bugaboo is over.
    Nick Lodolo looks like 2017 Chris Sale.
    Reds pitchers retire 23 consecutive hitters from the 2nd to 9th inning and combine on a 4 hitter.
    Elly De La Cruz looks like Eric Davis circa 1987
    Fernando Cruz looks like early 1980’s Bruce Sutter.

    Get the W today and win a road series.

    Go Reds.

    • Jim Walker


      As I said last week, don’t worry or even think about who isn’t available right now because that is wasted energy. Put the best 9 hitters available on the lineup card. Use the available pitchers to the best advantage and come what may.

      Guys will wear down and/ or get hurt; and, they will need help down the line from returnees, developing MiLB guys, or via trades. However getting those guys is not the job of the manager, coaches, or players in that dugout every day. They need to be focused solely on playing each game to their best as the games happen in real time.

      • Old-school

        Well said Jim.
        See who grabs the advantage with guys out and competes with playing time available. Off day thursday so really need to win 1/2 here and finish April and the road trip strong

        Some impressive SP the last 2 weeks and the bullpen has weathered the montas 2/3 inning 2 sundays ago really well

  15. Mark Moore

    Went to bed happy after watching 4+ innings. Woke up very happy to see that Lodolo locked in and controlled the Friars. First one helps a bunch.

  16. RedsGettingBetter

    Doug, the Ks career high by Lodolo is 12 made it on April 8, 2023 against Phillies…
    Great win, just keep rolling and win a series!

  17. Indy Red Man

    2nd 1 hitter in 3 games and Candy actually had 2 hits. Definitely a positive! Martinez has been shaky, but he’s a vet and should have respectable numbers at the end of the day. Just need more bats to wake up

  18. MBS

    EDLC arm strength 106.9 MPH! Put that man on the mound, lol. EDLC is looking much better at SS. I’m still not convinced that’s his future, but he is improving.

    Also am I the only one who’s thinking 8 HR’s, and 17 SB’s isn’t going to be EDLC’s best month of 2024?

    • Reaganspad

      No issue with him at SS. Great range and great arm. I think the error was due to the speed of the hitter. Elly has great learning and work ethic too. If he gets that same play today, he will quickly flick the ball at 92, versus taking that extra step to load up to 106.

      • MBS

        Well there have been a ton of issues, but there has also be a ton of improving. If he plays like he has for the last 2 weeks then we’re golden. I got to see it for a longer period of time before I believe it.

      • VaRedsFan

        The quick-flick (over the 2 step crow hop) would have gotten him easily. But in reality Candy should have caught it.

    • Stock

      I think it was an error only because Candelario was not ready for one coming to him that quickly. I love EDLC at SS. In games I have watched he has turned three texas league hits into outs. When he is the cutoff man he keeps runners at 3B. He is learning but he is an asset at SS.

      He also works harder than anyone so his learning curve is much shorter than other players.

      Example is his strikeouts and BB. It was a huge red flag coming into the year. His last 20 games he has 14 K’s and 14 BB. 17.3% K% is pretty good. 17.3% BB% is fantastic.

      His last 20 games his average exit velocity is 94.9 MPH

      • Brian

        Stock, you told someone above that they just “don’t understand “ Elly, insinuating that you do. You also say that he “works harder than anyone”. I’m curious as to if you’re good friends with him or you’re just blowing smoke.
        Elly obviously has more natural talent and a higher ceiling than anyone but I’d bet that there are some players that work just as hard, if not harder. That’s just something that I can’t gauge as just a fan.

      • Justin T

        I think the results speak to his work ethic. Look how his k % has went down. Look how much his defense has improved already from early in the season. You dont need to know him personally to see the growth already for a young player. He hasnt missed a game yet either, you dont pull that off by goofing off all off season.

  19. Matt WI

    Someday soon we will be calling him Nick Lo-NoNo

  20. MK

    Has there been a better 7-day period for the three young starters(Lodolo, Ashcraft, Greene) than the last 7.

  21. CallowayPost

    I missed his first inning, but stayed up to watch the rest of it.

    Reading the Padres hitters, it was obvious they had no clue what pitch to expect, and were really hesitant to swing the bat. And when they did, their fears were realized. The cutter/curve combo is straight filth.

    For a young pitcher to see himself, in real-time, fooling hitters is one thing…but he and Luke were like dancing partners. They were completely in step with each other.

    Great game.

  22. Indy Red Man

    Reports were that Elly was working hard on the off-season. Harder then Fairchild or some fringe player? Maybe not, but guys with elite talent are still going to make generational wealth just skating by because they’re that athletic. Elly’s not one of those guys. I’m sure he’ll still having growing pains, but we’re watching a superstar.

  23. Indy Red Man

    Cubs no-hit thru 7 and won the game for the first time since 1992. I caught the 9th.
    Pretty remarkable really with all their injuries. They’re definitely getting more bang for their Japan star buck then we did with Shogo. Overall though is it the Counsell effect? He’s a very good manager, but is he a 10 WAR addition? I’m thinking no and maybe it’s good we haven’t played them yet. Our bats really to wake up in time for divisional play

    • Indy Red Man

      Oh and I didn’t know Alzolay got demoted already til I caught the 9th last night. Neris is older and about as dependable as Sims imo. He walked 2 but escaped. Should be interesting

  24. docproc

    I didn’t see any discussion on this thread or the game thread of the balk that led to a run for the Reds (sorry if I missed it).

    I watched the balk several times, looking for illegal hand movements or pauses. Then it finally dawned on me: The pitcher went into the stretch, came set, and then went into the windup. The ump’s gestures to the pitcher then made sense–he was essentially saying, “You can either pitch out of the stretch or out of the windup, but you can’t do both.”

    • Old Big Ed

      With a runner on third, the pitcher by rule need must convey to the umpire whether he will work from the stretch or from a windup. That rule was implemented about 10 years ago, and I had forgotten about it, until I saw it called in another MLB game about a week ago.

      I don’t know what if anything the pitcher said to the ump, but you are right that a brain cramp-induced hybrid wind-o-stretch is a balk.