The Cincinnati Reds couldn’t get much going offensively as they managed just three hits on the day. They took a lead in the 1st inning but never scored after that and gave up a go-ahead home run in the 8th inning as they dropped the first game in Texas to the Rangers.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (14-12)
1 3 0
Texas Rangers (14-13)
2 8 1
W: Leclerc (2-2) L: Sims (1-1) SV: Yates (4)
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Elly De La Cruz continued to show patience at the plate and drew a 1-out walk in the 1st inning. Spencer Steer did the same thing. De La Cruz would then take third base on a fly out. Steer then stole second base and the throw to second went to the outfield, making it easy for De La Cruz to score and put the Reds up 1-0.

Texas would tie the game up in the next inning when Evan Cater led off with a home run. Both starters clamped down from there. Nathan Eovaldi exited the game after the 6th inning in a 1-1 game.

Graham Ashcraft pitched into the 7th inning, but he gave up a 1-out double and that ended his night as the Reds turned to Lucas Sims to try and get out of the jam. After striking out Wyatt Langford he got Jonah Heim to fly out to end the inning.

Sims returned for the 8th inning and that’s when the Rangers got to him as Marcus Semien hit a 1-out home run that put Texas up 2-1. Justin Wilson took over from there and got the final two outs of the inning to send the game to the 9th with the Reds needing at least a run to keep the game alive.

Kirby Yates took the mound for the Rangers to try and pick up the save. He struck out the first two batters before getting Nick Martini to fly out to end the game.

Key Moment of the Game

The 8th inning home run by Marcus Semien that put Texas ahead.

Notes Worth Noting

Gordon Wittenmyer of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported during the game that TJ Friedl was is set to start a rehab assignment next week.

Elly De La Cruz had two walks and two steals in the game, giving him 17 of each on the season.

Jonathan India had one hit on the road entering the game. He had two of the Reds three hits today.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Texas Rangers

Saturday April 27th, 4:05pm ET

Hunter Greene (0-2, 4.55 ERA) vs Michael Lorenzen (2-0, 2.45 ERA)

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  1. JayTheRed

    Tough loss. Ashcraft pitched so well. Just couldn’t get another run tonight. Hope for better results tomorrow.

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    The Redshave 1 run and only 6 hits with more than 20 Ks in last 2 games combined. Benson, CES and Candy were combined for 0-12 with 8 Ks tonight. I think this offense could be the worst of baseball right now related to how is performing…
    CES, Benson, Candelario and Fairchild are concerns at this moment. Espinal and India have provided literally nothing…

    • Melvin

      “The Redshave 1 run and only 6 hits with more than 20 Ks in last 2 games”

      25 Ks to be exact if I’m not mistaken. Good news is EDLC with four more walks the last two games on pace for 105 and a 105 SB not to mention 112 RBI with with 43 HR. He needs help.

    • Old Big Ed

      They did face Zach Wheeler and Nathan Eovaldi in those two games.

      But I don’t dispute that the bats need to show up. Whatever illness that’s been going around must be bad, because none of them really have shown much after missing 4-5 games with it. I have seen that CES’s “expected” stats are much better than meets the eye, but I am a bit skeptical of the “expected” stats.

      There are a ton of guys who are not hitting:

      Goldschmidt .204
      Lindor .208
      Vlad Guerrero .206
      Arozarena .153
      Judge .178
      Gleyber Torres .192
      The Chicago White Sox .198 (can’t pitch, either; 5.21 ERA)
      Corbin Carroll .202
      Nick Castellanos .178 (.459 OPS)
      Kyle Schwarber .198 (not a slump for him)
      Xander Bogaerts .219 (.586 OPS)

      The Reds are 27th in batting average but 9th in runs scored, so it could be worse.

      • JayTheRed

        I know it is early in the season but if you compare batting averages overall from this year and last year, there is a pretty good size difference.
        No idea why it is happening but there are a lot of players batting .230 or under this year overall. Wish I could explain it, but I am surprised by this.

    • JayTheRed

      Espinal is a big reason for 2 of our last wins we had. Way better option than Barrero. At least Espinal has a track record for better hitting. He is not a bad with defense either.

  3. JB

    Not going to win many games with 3 hits.

    • JayTheRed

      Not going to win every game anyway. Teams that have good pitching are going to beat us. I’ll be happy if we win 1 game against Texas. Our Schedule the next 30 days is rough. People have to realize that we are not going to win several of these games unless the hitting starts ramping up.

      • Rob

        I agree our schedule has no softies over the next few weeks. That said, there are teams in there that we are going to have to beat to win the Division or make the playoffs. Phils were one of these and Pads and Giants are a couple others. I am not so much worried about the schedule as I am our offensive performance minus 3 starters. I have said it and others have too but some of these extra pieces – Espinal, Thompson, India, Martini – need to show they belong. We don’t have much at Louisville especially in the way of middle IFs and OF so Nick better get ready to snuggle up against the telephone. We don’t have middle IF help arriving until July! I don’t know what the negative threshold is but I would think 8 games out of first and 5 games out of second would be close. Not predicting this but I am not going to be stunned if we threaten that by late May.

  4. B-town Fan

    We’ve got an awful lot of players, with batting averages on the interstate, with Martini, Fairchild and Espinal on the off ramp getting ready to join the interstate. Come on guys it’s time to get going.

  5. Indy Red Man

    Hard to believe a team with Elly can be so boring, but they are. A bunch of guys have to pick it up or May is going to be miserable. Cubs and Brewers sure aren’t slumping like this?

    • Indy Red Man

      Connor Capel hit another HR….why not give him a shot?

      • ksdavis

        Either him or Mike Ford. Ford can DH. Not sure where he plays in the field, but you have to give these guys a shot. The good thing is Freidle may be ready by May 10th. Let’s hope so.

  6. Jim Delaney

    Reds are hitting 217 as a team, they will go nowhere hitting like that. They especially are struggling to hit on road. If you take out the games in Chicago vs the AA White Sox, the offensive numbers are frighteningly bad outside of GAPB. I know you like to give guys a legit shot but Reds middle of the hardest part of there schedule. They have to consider making some changes and see if they can strike lightening in a bottle calling someone up. Brewers and Cubs continue to win, Reds could be out of division race by end of May if they don’t start hitting.

  7. Bill

    Bell needs to stop looking to Sims in key situations. He’s not good. Put him in to lose.
    Almost guaranteed.

  8. LDS

    Looking at the schedule for May, the Reds really need to wake up and/or make some changes. Their next “easy” series is May 27th against St Louis, which is almost never easy despite their respective records. Lots of games against the NL West and Baltimore. That’s not an easy schedule. They are already 3.5 GB. Either they make changes, get their act together, or by the end of May, we’ll be missing last year. While EDLC seems to be making good progress, this team is hovering on the edge of disaster. Krall needs to act and soon.

    • greenmtred

      The sky itself is teetering on its flimsy brackets, ready to fall.

    • Tom Diesman

      LOL, pushing the panic button in April with a winning record. Hilarious stuff!

      We’d ask you what you think Krall should do to fix it, but that would be pointless since you demonstrated a day or two ago that you have no clue who is playing OF for the Reds this season.

      I’m sure you’ll be fine with us filing this prognostication in File 13 with the one you made before last season where you predicted the 2023 Reds would 65 games at best and a miracle occurred since we at least 70.

      Keep the doom and gloom coming, I enjoy hearing the Hee Haw dirge whenever I happen to come across your comments.

      • DataDumpster

        Yep, sir. Took me a little while to remember it correctly (I was still at a single digit age then but)
        “Gloom, Despair, and Agony On Me (oooh!)”

      • Jon

        Really, outside of getting lucky in the Mahle deal, what exactly has Krall done with the roster over his time here that leads you to believe that he is the right man to lead the organization to the postseason promised land? Which players has he signed or acquired have substantially improved the team? Candelario has yet to hit as a Red. His bench of Thompson/Martini/Espinal/Maile has been atrocious this season, quite possibly one of the worst overall combination of bench players in the game. Combine that with Fraley being out sick for nearly a week with no corresponding roster/IL move, and that’s a recipe for disaster, especially considering that Elly’s the only batter hitting currently.

        I’m not saying this Reds team won’t heat up this summer and make the postseason. But it’s going to continue to be an uphill battle against the Brewers and Cubs. The Reds’ offense is going through a series of sophomore slumps.

      • LDS

        I like rebuttals from people who don’t look beyond the top line. Take away the sweeps of Angels and White Sox and they have a losing record. San Diego, the Dodgers, Arizona and Baltimore aren’t the White Sox. BTW, The Athletic has a survey of baseball executives. Krall and the Reds FO received one vote, coming in 16th. So, I’m guessing other baseball executives are far less enamored of Krall than most here. Again, Krall has demonstrated that he knows how to cut payroll but hasn’t shown he knows how to build a winning team.

      • Tom Diesman

        LOL. Nice, is that how they do it at the end of the year when they pick teams for the playoffs too? Well they won a lot of games, but they beat up on the last place teams, so we can’t let them in the playoffs. That’s some funny stuff, let’s pick and choose what wins matter. We thought you were a results guy.

        Now for the infamous deflection from the topic since you know you’re not making a bit of sense. Maybe you should explain how the survey you mentioned worked:

        “We asked each executive to rank the top five front offices in baseball and assigned a point value to each position — 10 points for first place, seven points for second place, five points for third, three points for fourth and one point for fifth.”

        So one of 40 baseball executives ranked the Reds in their top 5 organization resulting in them placing 16th. Which means that there are 14 organizations that none of the voters thought of as a top five organization. So not so useful for your argument there is it?

        Keep them coming, we can use the humor around here.

    • JayTheRed

      I’m sorry I can’t agree with this at all.
      Stephanson has been batting better this year, probably just a little unlucky.
      Ellie is Ellie
      I know it would be nice if players were hitting over .200 a few have gotten over that mark in the past week or so.
      Jemier needs to continue to improve. I have seen a little life in his bat the past week.
      Steer even though he is in a bit of a slump has been really good most of the season thus far. We are not even into May yet. People are freaking out by game-by-game stats. Even a week is a short sample size. Give the players some time. 3.5 games back is not that bad. Some people have acted like the Reds are officially eliminated from the playoffs already.

      Take a deep breath. It’s not like the players are not trying to do their best. That goes on the pitching side too. Everyone on the Reds is playing hard. I don’t see players not running as fast as they can on the bases or to get to balls in the field. If that was happening, then you can gripe.

  9. Jim Walker

    When does it get late early? I’d guess that’s the question most of us are pondering about now about the Reds 2024 season. But how about for a player’s career?

    One of my greatest concerns is Will Benson. His K rate for both 2024 and his career to date is moving into the Aristides Aquino zone. For 2024, his current 39.2% K rate is almost 3% greater than Aquino’s highest seasonal K rate (36.8% in 2021) and Benson’s career K rate (32.9%) is only 0.6% lower than AA’s career K rate.

    The better news is that Benson’s career OBP (.333) is still about 5% greater than AA’s career OBP. The pair are basically a wash in career slugging at .439 for Benson and .434 for AA. Benson does it more with doubles/ triples. AA did it more with HR.

    Benson’s current career PA count is 64% of Aquino’s career PA total. What’s the over/ under that like AA, Benson’s apparent breakout season (2023) turns out to be his career year with things going downhill from there? We can only hope for him and the Reds that this is not how things come to pass.

    • MBS

      Jim how can you see so much potential in Fairchild, but are blind to Benson? Benson had the 2nd best OPS of any Reds regular in 2023. He was doing the same thing early this year, and he’s currently in a slump.

      Meanwhile Fairchild has never produced anything more than a AAAA player. I really don’t get it.

      • Jim Walker

        I haven’t been pushing Fairchild this year. He is getting the chance I said he deserved and so far isn’t doing enough with it. This said, the strength I saw in him was that his offense was essentially immune to pitching handedness and his defense was above average.

        I got off my duff and moved from Baseball Reference to Fangraphs where I could put Aquino’s career in serial to comp with Benson’s current career numbers against Aquino at the same number of PAs as Benson currently has. Call it a self cross check if you will. As luck would have it, that break point turned out to be at almost exactly at the end of the 2021 season for Aquino. At that point AA had 485 career PAs to Benson’s current 487 PAs. Here is how their career numbers stack just short of 500 PAs for both.

        K Rate>> AA 31.5%; Benson 32.9%
        BB Rate>>AA 10.1%; Benson 11.1%
        OPS Line>> AA .307/.479/.786; Benson .333/.439/.773
        wRC+ (because Fangrahs doesn’t do OPS+)>> AA 97; Benson 107

        Baserunning (by eye test) I’d rate a push between the two. Aquino gets a huge positive bump on defense. Also Aquino, unlike Benson, was for the most part not protected by platoon use.

        I stand by comp and conclusion that Benson is at a crossroads. His onoing K rate has come down to flatten out his career rate at or below his current career K rate. He has to maintain or improve on his current current OBP and maintain his current career slugging %. These are not the directions he is moving; but, it is not too late for him.

      • MBS

        I’m not arguing that the numbers you put up are right or wrong. I was just pointing out that you have the ability to be optimistic with players that don’t necessarily deserve it. That’s what puzzled me, not your numbers.

        They are trying to make Benson an everyday player, not just a platoon hitter. I think that’s a factor in his poor numbers so far in 2024.

      • Jim Walker

        They are trying to make Benson an everyday player, not just a platoon hitter.

        Exactly and so far his 2024 OPS is higher vs LHP than RHP, .713/.658 which may suggest handedness is not his issue and that neither vs RHP or LHP is he really worth a regular spot in the lineup unless he picks things up.

        Getting back to Fairchild. In 2022 he posted an overall OPS/OPS+ of .800/118 versus all pitching in 110 PAs. His numbers vs NL pitching were even better at .825/125 in 107PAs and all he got was in 2023 the last spot on the roster and eventually more minor league time because the Reds were slaves to platooning and he did not skew high enough to suit them vs LHP.

        This is why I was advocating for him last season. He has gotten more of a chance this year and sadly for everyone not done the job he needs to do at the plate. Also note that recently both Larkin and LeCure have spoken highly of Fairchild and noted that the Reds coaching staff likes his skill set and effort level. So, it isn’t like I was on an island by myself with him. But in the end, you either do it on the field if/ when you get a chance or life moves on.

      • Harry Stoner

        This kind of selective data mining can be fun, but drawing many conclusions from it can be equally specious.

        Comping Benson and Aquino is really off.

        Benson had serious K problems last year, went to AAA and corrected some issues and came back and displayed a lengthy run of productivity.

        Something neither Aquino nor Fairchild has been able to do.

        Benson produced well low in the order which produced apopletic reactions from RLN faithful who demanded he be moved up in the order and bat against LHs as well.

        Maybe, just maybe, despite all the data mining, he just might be more comfortable hitting in the #8 spot?

        Maybe whatever glitch he had in his game in early 2023 has returned and he needs another opportunity to reset? (I’m not suggesting another trip to AAA.)

        But to label this a “crossroads” is a bit over-dramatic for me.

        Aquino failed to reproduce his exciting first month despite multiple opportunities to do so. Even in Japan.

        Despite all the cherry picking of stats, Fairchild is proving to be the future fifth outfielder he always was destined to be. He’ll have a long and mediocrely productive career. I’m sure he’ll play somewhere well into his 30s.

        He hasn’t been the K-Child that he flashed last year, but he hasn’t been providing much clutch hitting either. But his walk the other night in the middle of the Reds late rally was key.

        Yes, he is equally mediocre from both sides of the plate, for those who value that consistency.

        I’m not go with the favored RLN trope: “Benson will be fine!”

        But he, and a host of other Reds’ hitters, need some attention.

        How the organization tolerates all the Ks is beyond me.

      • Melvin

        “How the organization tolerates all the Ks is beyond me.”

        What do you mean? We only had 25 the last two games. 😉

    • Jim Walker

      @Harry>>> I do not think we are all that far apart in our thinking at this point except for why should I believe Benson will suddenly stop striking out at an AA rate (or even higher) when his history dating back to his time in the Guardians (nee: Indians) org indicates Ks have always been an issue for him.

      I would suggest perhaps he “found” something last year at AAA and exploited it well when he returned to MLB; but, then lost much of it over the off season. Most likely some opposition data maven came up with a solution and seeing it work, other teams are picking up on it. And didn’t we spend a season or more saying if AA would just lay off that low slider away, he would be fine?

      Benson cannot hit (or lay off of) a quality slider (or cutter) that starts at the bottom of the zone middle in and drops below the zone with or without movement in on him.

      And who would have said Aquino was at a crossroads at 500PAs. He certainly did not repeat his hot month of 2019 in 2021 but those cumulative career offensive numbers along with his defense were certainly enough to maintain optimism he would “find” himself in 2022, but the self he found wasn’t the self wanted.

  10. GreatRedLegsFan

    Typical Reds’ loss against a good pitcher: poor offense with 12 K paired with another Sims’ lousy outing and his 7.27 ERA. One would like to see other options in the lineup instead of Benson, Candelario or Espinal, but the problem is that there aren’t any.

  11. Indy Red Man

    Win today and they’re on pace for 90 wins.
    Either way 15-12 or 14-13 is pretty good considering their batting averages aren’t high and their eras aren’t low. It turns out Bell is atleast average and if you were to take the evidence to court then you’d lose.
    82 last year and being over .500 this year when most of your players are failing at their job or barely treading water

    • JayTheRed


      Imagine if the guys were hitting like .250ish what our record would be. At least guys are walking more this year in some cases.

      Team needs to tread water until Friedl and others get back from the IL. they are basically doing what they need to do to hang on. Now if the Reds are 8 or 10 games back by the end of May I’ll be more concerned.

      PS. Brewers just lost Wade Miley for the rest of the year. Poor guy has not had good health lately.