The Cincinnati Reds made a trio of roster moves today. The biggest one was when they acquired outfielder Peyton Burdick off of waivers from the Baltimore Orioles and then optioned him to Triple-A Louisville. To make room for him on the 40-man roster the team moved left-handed reliever Alex Young to the 60-day injured list. Cincinnati also sent right-handed reliever Ian Gibaut back out on a rehab assignment.

Cincinnati is bringing back one of their own. Well, sort of. Peyton Burdick is a graduate of Glen Este High School and went on to play at Wright State before he was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2019 draft by the Miami Marlins. He saw action in the big leagues with Miami in both 2022 and 2023, playing in 46 games and hitting .200/.281/.368 with six doubles, five home runs, 11 walks, and 53 strikeouts in 139 plate appearances.

Miami traded him to Baltimore in February for an unknown amount of cash, but the Orioles designated him for assignment a week later and he was claimed by the White Sox. Three weeks after that the White Sox designated him for assignment and the Orioles claimed him.

In Triple-A with Norfolk, where the Orioles had a hilarious amount of talent at the plate, Burdick was struggling to hit. Through 16 games he had a .182/.333/.455 line with 28 strikeouts in just 69 plate appearances. He’s struggled to hit for average in his minor league career, posting a .233/.352/.457 line over parts of five minor league seasons that has seen him play in 412 games. Strikeouts have been a big concern as he’s struck out in 30.5% of his career minor league plate appearances despite generally being old for each level he’s played at. In the big leagues his strikeout rate has been 38.1%.

He has shown some power in the minors. And he’s all three spots in the outfield with regularity in the minors and majors (where he’s played 15, 16, and 15 games at each of the three spots).  You can see all of Peyton Burdick’s career stats here.

Alex Young hasn’t pitched this season after being shut down in spring training with a back injury. He was not expected to pitch again until late May, so moving him to the 60-day injured list doesn’t really alter his timeline – it just creates a spot on the 40-man roster for the time being.

Ian Gibaut headed to Louisville for a rehab appearance today. They played a game that began at 11:00am ET and Gibaut completed his outing with a perfect frame that saw him strike out two batters and throw 12 pitches.

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  1. Tim Johnson

    Average outfielder at all 3 positions that can’t hit. Okay?

  2. MK

    This must be a move to create a nice local boy coming home story because other than college his career stats don’t show much positive.

  3. DaveCT

    Three outfielders on the IL at Louisville, with one returning from injury just never listed. This gives the Bats four healthy OF.

    I liked it better in the day when Baseball America came out every two weeks and that was when you’d read about minor transactions. .

  4. LDS

    Like the old Skynyrd song “that smell”. – (paraphrasing) the smell of dumpster around you. It would be nice if Krall acquired someone that mattered.

    • docmike

      It would be nice if people realized that every team in MLB does these kind of roster moves throughout the season. It’s not just a Krall thing…

      • wkuchad

        I agree with you Mike, but this is just DeJa’Vu. Every single minor league addition, LDS makes some form of the same comment. Then someone tells him all teams do this. Rinse and repeat. 🙂

    • LDS

      Except the Reds OF is in poor shape anchored by guys like Bubva, Martini, and Fairchild. Krall hasn’t stepped to the plate and acquired someone to help the team. And yes, all teams do things like this, though it seems to be all that Krall does.

      • Tom Diesman

        You don’t even seem to know who’s playing OF for the Reds these days, much less how they are doing.

        MLB .239 .315 .387 .702
        Reds .246 .337 .395 .732

      • DaveCT

        The Reds outfield in not anchored by Fairchild, Thompson and Martini.

        That is misleading and, at worst, just false.

        The current Reds outfield IS, however, anchored by Steer, Benson, and Fraley. Soon, again, with their best OF, TJ Friedl.

        Your statement that Krall has done nothing is misleading, too, as it implies much more, that Krall lacks quality acquisitions.

        Krall’ has been GM/President of Baseball Operations.since 2018.His acquisitions on the 40-man ML roster:

        Abbott, Cruz, Gibault, Martinez, Moll, Montas, Pagan, Suter, Farmer, Sims, Williamson, Wilson, Young, Maile, Candelaria, CES, EDLC, India, Espinal, McLain, Benson, Fairchild, Fraley, Martini, Steer.

        On the 40-Man, minors:

        Legumina, Phillips, Richardson, Spiers, Hinds, Hurtubise, Soto.

        Krall was Senior Director of Baseball Ops in 2014; Asst. GM in 2015. As a result, from 2014-2018, he was involved in the acquisition of the following 40-Man ML rostered players:

        Ashcraft, Diaz, Friedl, Greene, Lodolo.

        Non 40-Man, Top Minors:

        Arroyo, Balcazar, Cabrera, Collier, Duno, Dunn, Floyd, Jorge, Lowder, Rodriguez

        Further, in response to McLain’s injury and Marte’s suspension, Krall has acquired Espinal and Soto.

        Friedl’s injury, while a negative, is short term. Krall had, earlier, acquired depth pieces like Thompson and Ford, as we;; as Kemp, Harrison. If Friedl’s recovery is not successful, then and only then does it become more critical.

        In fact, Krall deserves credit for NOT panicking and trading the farm for a temporary need. This is also the reason why Krall does not panic when a flu illness runs through the clubhouse.

        What’s this new guy’s name, Burdick? He is minor league filler, as our AAA club has only three healthy outfielders. That is another fact. Burdick will be DFA’d at the first opportunity.

      • LDS

        @DaveCT, neither Benson nor Fraley can hit LHers. Steer? Absolutely solid as Sears. Friedl may or may not be back soon. The Reds need an established ML OF with some power that can play everyday. Krall should have acquired someone this offseason instead of a league average infielder, that thus far hasn’t done much. Or a pitcher who’s had one noteworthy start and is now on the IL due to a freak accident. But if you all are happy with mediocrity, more power to you. Pre-Crete time. You all enjoy.

      • DaveCT

        You are completely avoiding the point.

        You stated the OF was anchored by the subs. That is misleading and false.

        Instead of retracting your statement, you double down and deflect to gibberish about something you have no clue of, what I settle for. That’s projecting your thoughts onto others.

        The team has played 23 games, 14% of the schedule, with serious injury issues (three out of eight starters; three bullpen pieces, and until recently one starting pitcher), and you conclude “mediocrity.” That, again, is projecting your opinions outward.

        For the record, I joined this thread to push back on the statement you made about the reserves anchoring the OF, which is false, and the larger negative take of Krall’s acquisitions, which is also false.

        By doubling down, however, you further drag your positions into being even less tenable. Seems self defeating.

    • Old-school

      You realize this is a human being who busts his ass everyday? My God

      Horrific garbage from LDS


      • LDS

        Effort and results are two different things

      • Old-school

        Referring to the Reds signing a player as stench and garbage is disgusting

        You are on the wrong side of this one but keep digging

        Its a signing that doesnt move the meter at the MLB level? Fair take

        Its stench and garbage is sad

      • LDS

        Dumpster diving old school, simple as that. It has nothing to do with the individual. It is the team strategy. Quit imputing meanings to people’s postings beyond what they actually wrote.

      • Old-school

        Nope LDS

        Stench and garbage are your terms

        You used them and you need to own them and thats not how we refer to baseball players

        Referring to the Reds signing a player as stench and garbage is despicable

        You own that pal

        Youve lost credibility and you wont wont admit you were wrong

        Not surprising in the least

        Keep digging buddy

  5. Greg

    Burdick is terrible.

    Thus endeth my analysis.

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    Maybe the Reds could try Burdick after option Bubba to triple-A. Bubba is just a pinch-runner not being remarkable as outfielder and very poor hitter…

  7. Westfester

    Minor league depth transaction.

  8. Tom Diesman

    Burdick definitely has some holes but there’s some positives too. He’s also hit pretty solid vs LH the last three years, so he might be able to fill in at one of the platoon roles until we get more players back from injury and whatnot.

    Peyton Burdick vs LH

    Year Lvl PA BA OBP SLG OPS
    2021 AA/AAA 107 .214 .346 .472 .818
    2022 AAA/MLB 179 .265 .363 .484 .847
    2023 AAA/MLB 149 .202 .356 .412 .768

  9. Nick in NKY

    Moves like these are not a problem; unless the player is starting every day at the major league level, but then the player isn’t the problem, the office is. Don’t know why people get worked up about these moves.

  10. Indy Red Man

    Good ump gave Elly a shot there. Usually he’d be 1-2

  11. Chad A Donnell

    Here is what I have learned so far…….DaveCT knows his stuff and LDS is Full of …….well stuff.

  12. Tom Diesman

    I believe that Burdick actually went to Glen Este high school.

    • DataDumpster

      Having lived in Cincinnati for about 23 years and my high school playing Glen Este at times and hearing that name almost every Friday on the sports news, I never could quite figure out where this HS actually is! So, there’s that and maybe we will learn something and toss all the other stuff. Minor moves deserve minor comment.